My True Experiences

These begin in 90s & times in my life when diapers came into my life.

I am an only daughter & child of my mom, but she had frequent boy/girlfriends stay for a while every so often she picked up at the bar. With that childhood of emotional neglect, she still provided food & shelter from consistent employment as a nurse.

A couple of people that stayed did sexually abuse me, which is when I began my bedwetting. My mom only put a plastic sheet on the mattress, as to buying me diapers. Aside from that I was an average girl that was 6 years old, because I did a good job of keeping it all in.

Approaching the end of the school year, my friend Megan invited me to come over for a sleepover, which I agreed. So when I got home I told my mom & she said no problem. With my bag I walked down the street to her home, walking alone was no big deal then.

When I arrived her mom, Darci, told me she was in the living room watching TV, so I joined her on the couch. After a while Darci comes in the room with a diaper & wipes in hand, then tells Megan to lay on the floor & changed her (Pampers) diaper.

While changing her, Darci explained that she likes wearing diapers again, that is when I told her I wet the bed, so she said I will be diapered that night. I asked if I can wear one now, so she went to get one, then diapered me.

I am still good friends with & she has been wearing them 24/7 for about 3 years now & uses Abena M4s.

2nd Experience - Christmas Vacation

I stopped bedwetting by this time. When I was 10, my Aunt Kayla & her two daughters, Jenna (age 7) & Kara (age 9), spent Christmas with my mom & I.

When they arrived, Kayla brought in the bags & gifts, as the two girls went to the living room to play. I joined the two, but I sat on the couch & watched TV & they played with their dolls.

As they played I heard the familar crinkle sound, which was only confirmed when their mom came in the room with diapers & wipes. Seeing her change their diapers & with their age really intrigued me alot then.

Watching so intensely, Kayla noticed & asked if I want to wear diapers again. I just blushed & slightly smiled, so when she was done changing their diapers she went to go get another diaper. This brought back feelings & thoughts from the sleepover when fully diapered.

I ended up spending the whole vacation from school, which my mom did not care I was wearing diapers again. I wished my mom was more affectionate then. When they left, my diaper wearing ended as well. The girls wore small/youth Tranquility. Eventually they got potty trained fully.

This post is final & complete!


You can add on to the story as a reply, though I wouldn’t necessarily say it fits in “Completed Stories” if you’re still adding to it.

Now as for content, I think you’d do well to slow way, way, down and flesh out some of these events. What you have here almost seems like an outline to a story. Most of these sentences could be expanded into several paragraphs; some even into whole chapters.

Your Experiences are what these events meant to you, how they affected you, what you enjoyed about them, all the little details you noticed that others might not. What you have is just a little more than a list of events. Sure, some of them sound nice, but I wanna know about what made them special to you.

The main reason I wrote the way I did is because all I have is a flip phone, so it’s very time consuming as to a computer. When I am able to get a computer, I will do a lot more. This post is complete

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