My summer of 2003

Many of you will remeber this story, but the characters had diffrent names, it was slightly diffrent and the first chapter was slightly longer but its basicaly the same. I finaly got some time to myslef to try and re-write it and i hope you like it better than the original.


Dear Diary

It happened again last night, that’s the 5th time this week and its only Saturday, why is this happening to me I don’t drink late at night not after I wet the bed 8 times last month. I think my mum knows now as well, when she came to wake me this morning I think she could smell it, what am I going to do I can’t believe I have started to wet the bed again, I am going to have to tell mum, but I am really embarrassed to.
What should I do?


Hi I am Amber I am 13 years old I have short reddish hair and green eyes, I live in a little town called Godmanchester in Cambridgeshire, England and, I attend Ramsey Abbey college and have I just finished school for the summer, 7 whole weeks of no school and next week we are off on holiday to see some relatives, my mums sister and my cousins in Florida, we don’t get to see them much as we live like 3 thousands of miles away from each other, I wish I lived there I hate living here, it’s so boring nobody likes me here and I hate school, school sucks.
My mums name is Emma and my dad, well the least said about him the better, her ran away when I was 2 so I don’t really know much about him, except that he ran of with out old next door neighbor.

Chapter 1

It was a bright sunny morning and Emma and her daughter where heading out shopping to day for some new stuff for their holiday “Are you up yet?” Emma called to her daughter.
“Yes mum I’m up, I’m just going to have a shower” Amber called back.
“Ok, but don’t take to long I want to leave soon” Emma called back.

After a quick shower Amber went and got dressed and went down stairs for some breakfast.

“Morning baby, sleep ok?” Emma asked.
“Yes like a baby” Amber answered.
“Well eat up and then we can get going” Emma said, putting a plate of bacon eggs and beans in front of her.
“Ok, we just shopping in Huntingdon?” Amber asked.
“No, where going to Peterborough, it’s got more shops and a better chance of having everything we need” Emma answered

Half hour later they were in the car heading towards Peterborough along the A14

“Can we get food from Macy D’s?” Amber asked when they had finished getting every thing on the list, which included some new cloths bathing suits towels sun tan lotion and other stuff you may need for a holiday.

“I suppose so” Emma said changing direction to walk to the restaurant in the town centre. "What do you want? She asked
“A happy meal please” Amber answered, she new they were made for younger kids but she just loved them.
“Thought so” Emma replied with a laugh.
So they went and ordered their food, waited for it to come and since it was such a nice day they decided to sit outside and eat.

“Mum can we talk” Amber said sitting down on the sofa later that night.
“Of course baby, what’s the problem?” Emma asked
“Well err… lately…I’ve been…” Amber said trying to tell her mum the problem, hoping that her mum would already know and not make her say it.
“Is this about your little night time problem” Emma asked.
Amber just nodded not looking at her.
“Its ok baby don’t worry about it, it is just a phase you are going through it will eventually stop” Emma said comforting her daughter.
“I know but I hate waking up in a wet bed and Pyjamas every morning” Amber said now crying.
“I know baby, I actually wanted to talk to you about this, but I didn’t know how to bring it up” Emma said, “I know you are probably not going to like this, but it is the only solution that I can come up with for now” Emma said getting up and walking over to a bag in the corner of the room.

“I want you to wear these” she said puling out a pack of DryNites for girls.
“Diapers?” Amber asked “You want me to wear diapers?”
“No baby, not diapers, just protective undergarments” Emma said trying to lighten the situation.
“Same thing” Amber remarked.
“I suppose sort of, but you said your self that you don’t like waking up in a wet bed, and these will help” Emma replied.
Amber just sat there not saying anything, just staring at the ‘protective undergarments’.
After about 5 minuets of total silence on her part whilst her mum tried to convince her it was the best thing, she relented and agreed to try them.

So after Amber finished her shower she went to her bedroom to find her night things neatly fold on her bed with the dreaded DryNite on top.
She put it on then went down stairs as she still had and hour and a half before bedtime.
“Are you wearing it” Emma asked
Amber nodded pulling down the waistband of her PJs to show the waste band of her DryNite.
“There, that’s not so bad now is it?” Emma asked.
Amber didn’t say anything even though she agreed.

Almost a week had passed since that night and every morning she had woken up in a wet DryNite, tomorrow they were off on holiday, they had a 2 hour drive to the airport that their flight left from and they had to be checked in 2 hours before their flight which was at 10am, so they had to leave by 7:30 a.

Amber knew that she would probably fall asleep in the car as she had not got much sleep last night as she was waking up every few hours, the only plus side was that one time when she had woken up she needed the loo and as a result did not end up wetting the DryNite that night, so decided that just in case she had better wear another DryNite on the car journey
“Mum, just to let you know I’m going to wear a DryNite on the car ride and plane, as I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and I probably will on the way, ok” Amber said nervously.

“Oh thank you for being so grown up about it Amber” Emma said “I was so going to suggest to you, that maybe you should do that, but I wasn’t going to force you” Emma said giving Amber a hug.

“Wake up baby we’re at the airport” Emma said waking her daughter up.
“Already?” Amber asked
“Yes, we need to check in, in half hour, so let’s get our stuff and go inside” Emma said getting out the car and opening the passenger door for her daughter.
They got there stuff out of the boot, locked the car and headed inside the airport, they had parked in the long stay underground car park.

2 and a half hour later they were boarding the plane.
“Watch out Florida here we come” Amber and Emma said at the same time causing them to both burst into a fit of giggles.

End of chapter 1

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i think i recall reading this before but i like it so i hope u continue with it.

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yes you do recal reading it before as i stated at the very top of the post lol