My Summer 2003- chapter 2

Dear Diary,
How do I tell her, its such a long way to move, but it’s a better job opportunity for me, running the company well a new branch of the company, I would be an idiot to not take the job, everything is arranged but actually buying a house which I have like 3 months to do with a £1,000,000 budget, what will she say will she hate me or not, I’m so confused


Chapter 2

“Mum you haven’t told Auntie Jasmine and those about my little problem have you?” Amber asked nervously when they were taking off.
“No baby and if all goes well they wont find out” Emma answered
“Thank you” Amber said before heading off to sleep.

They arrived in Florida at roughly 3pm local time, and Jasmine, Emma’s sister and her children Robert aged 18, Pexii aged 15 and Mia aged 13 met them there. They would be there for a month.
Mia and Amber had this strange connection, although they were cousins, they were both born on exactly the same day of the same year at almost exactly the same time, in 2 different time zones.

“I’m so glad you could come and see us this summer” Jasmine said giving her younger (by 2 hours) sister a hug, and “Who’s this?” She jokingly asked looking at Amber
“My Amber, you have grown so much” Jasmine observed.
Whilst Mia was struggling to grab one of their large suitcases off of the conveyer belt amid giggles from passers by and the odd comment of how cute.

Amber and Pexii got reacquainted whilst Robert stood there being antisocial, he was annoyed, Him and a few mates where going on a road trip this summer and were leaving later today, but his mum had made him come on meet his aunt and cousins from the airport first.

“Ready to go then?” Jasmine asked when they had collected their belongings.
“Wait I need the loo” Amber said.
“Ok, now where are they?” Emma asked
“Over there” Jasmine answered ".

Mia whispered some thing into her moms ear, “Ok then lets go” Jasmine said
Amber who was walking behind Mia noticed a strange puffiness in her butt, but didn’t say anything. She was also shocked when she was led in to the baby changing room behind Mia
“Mom” Mia said seeing that They had been followed in “Oh sorry sweetie but you need changing and if they are in here as well it probably means so does Amber” Jasmine said
“Yes sort of” Emma said, “I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to tell jasmine and Mia” Emma whispered to Amber
Amber was too embarrassed to say anything so just nodded.

“Amber has started to wet the bed, and she felt it would be better if she wore a DryNite whilst on the plane incase she fell asleep and wet” Emma finished,

“Well that’s nothing to be embarrassed about hunnie” Jasmine said to Amber “I wet the bed until I was 15” She added, only Mia new that about her mum.
“Oh crap I haven’t got any knickers in the carry on or more DryNites I am so sorry” Emma said “You could go and get some out of your suitcase but I think I packed the right at the bottom” she added feeling really guilty
“But aunty jasmine sent the other to ahead to the car with the luggage” Amber cried “and my DryNites wet and feels icky” She added through tears.

“I am so sorry, you can’t keep that on because you could get a rash and you chose to wear a skirt to day so you can’t not wear any underwear” Emma said trying to avoid saying what was on both of their minds.
“There is really only one option left” Jasmine said softly
" I know" Amber said some what embarrassed, she looked at Mia just laying there in a Diaper, not really bothered, “Fine, just don’t tell the others please” Amber said after a minuet or 2.
Emma picked her up and lay her on the changing table “I am really sorry” she said as she placed a diaper on her hugely embarrassed 13 year old.
15 minuets later they were all in the car, Jasmine and Emma in the front Pexii and Robert in the back and Mia and Amber in the pull out seats in the boot.

“So why do you wear diapers?” Amber asked Mia when she was sure they wouldn’t be over heard. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to” she added
“I just like to wear them” Mia said after a minuet, realizing that she would find out sooner or later.
“Oh ok, well I can sort of see why you like the diapers” Amber said “They are kind of comfortable” She finished.
“You like them?” Mia asked.
Amber was silent for a few seconds but then said “yes, but don’t tell please”
“Our secret” Mia said

Jasmine and Emma were glad to see them bonding but decided not to let them know just yet that they heard every word they had just said, Emma sat in silent for the rest of the journey thinking over what she had just heard and what the next step should be. Fortunately Pexii and Robert had headphones on and didn’t hear
when they arrived at Jasmines house, Emma had thought of a plan of sorts she would not ask if Amber wanted out of the diaper but leave her in it until she asked herself.

By bedtime Amber had not come and asked to be taken out of the diaper.
“Amber, can I ask you a personal question?” Emma asked as she was tucking her daughter into Mia’s old bed
“Yes mommy” Amber said
“Why didn’t you ask to be taken out of the diaper when we got here?” She asked
“I don’t know” Amber replied, she didn’t like lying to her mum but was too embarrassed to tell her the truth.
“Are you 100% sure you don’t know?” she asked, adding “you know I love you no matter what you chose baby don’t you, you do not need to be embarrassed to tell me anything”
“No its not the reason” Amber cried, “Its just that the diaper felt nice, warm and comfy” She added through tears.
“Don’t cry baby, there is nothing to be ashamed of” Emma said
“I know mom” Amber said drying here eyes.
“Do you think that I could maybe carry on wearing diapers please?” Amber asked extremely embarrassed
“If that what you want baby then of course you can” Emma said kissing her daughter on the forehead “Anything you want baby, now its for you to go to bed, now your sleeping in Mia’s room ok”.
“Ok, mummy” Amber said as she walked off towards the door with Mia written on it.
“WOW” Amber said as she walked in, the first thing she saw was the Disney princess wallpaper and then she walked a bit further in and turned round to see the over sized crib and changing table.

End of chapter 2- chapter 3 up soon