my story

Let me start off by saying my name is Zachary im 16 years old and im from Delaware. I could go on and on about myself but i wont now here is my story. I am a teen baby and diaper lover and my parents don’t know this and i want to keep it that way. But they found out about my love for diapers one day when i was sitting in my bed in nothing but my diaper on and my mom walked in. She said what the hell are you wearing? I blushes and said a diaper she said well since you like acting like a baby you will be treated like one! I was shocked my mom had just told me that she had me lay down and then she changed my wet diaper and i went to sleep for the night next day when i woke up it was Saturday and i was happy because there was no school. So when i woke up my diaper was wet my mom came in my room and said awww my baby wet his diaper lets get you changed she layed me down and changed me then she gave me a baby bottle and then she told me that she had to go outta town til Sunday so there i was in my diaper and drinking from a baby bottle and then she said she hired a babysitter to look after me while she was gone for the weekend i was shy so i just sat there and blushed 10 mins later the door bell rang i said omg who could that be? My mom answered the door and there was this pretty girl her name was Sarah she was 5/7 had a nice body looked like she worked out alot she had black hair blue eyes she was white wow she was so pretty she looked at me and said awwww this is such a cute baby. My mom left and there i was with my hot babysitter i sat on the couch and she said is the baby hungry and next thing i no she lifted up her shirt and i was sucking on her boobs. Wow did it taste good as well but then i wet my diaper was wet and she said awww its i will change you she took me in my moms room then she took of my diaper and i got a boner she said awww you sure do have a big peepee and then with that said she got out some baby oil and played with my dick til i cumed she cleaned it all up and then she put a new diaper on me then she put me in my crib for the night and kissed me goodnite.

The end

my story

Did you even bother to read what was posted to your first ‘chapter?’

Obviously you didn’t, because you forged ahead with your own notion of what it means to put together a story. This is an outline at best, and not anything worth our time and effort reading and critiquing. Go back, re-write it, expand it, and for the love of God USE PROPER GRAMMAR, SPELLING, PUNCTUATION, AND SYNTAX!!!

If you’re truly as old as your story claims you to be–this is apparently a narrative from your own eyes–then there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for the way you have done things. If you cannot grasp these basic concepts, do not post anything for us to read until you can format it in such a way that we will receive it with willingness to read.

What you’ve posted so far is pathetic. Redo it before you embarrass yourself further.

my story

Here’s a question: are you bored and just fucking with us or are you honestly this dense and incompetent at writing?

This story makes me cry

Now I know this is my first post here and nobody knows me (unless you have been to diaperboys). However, it is these kinds of stories that actually make me think that even I have a chance at writing a good story and that is not a good thing trust me.

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my story

Ok I will have to admit it now. My 5 year old niece tells better stories than this excuse for space… Listen to what advice is given and you will get better.

my story

I can’t get pass the first line! This is bad!!
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :? :? :? :? :? :cry:


I got as far as the talk about playing with the person’s boner and then I couldn’t read anymore because I thought I had gone back to reading deeker stories.

But I mean your characters mean absolutely nothing to me. Why on earth should I care about them? I mean for that matter what do they look like? Do they have read hair? Do have blue eyes? How old are they? Or are these people just a big massive blob of nothingness? You need to describe your characters and your setting a lot better then your doing.

For example you said “Now this is part 2 of the story i just wrote i hope you all enjoy it the babysitter took me to her house it was a really nice house when we arrived she said that she wanted me to be her baby and she would be my mommy.” Why is it such a nice house? Can you give the reader a description of the house? For example the house had beautiful old style almond wood that was smooth to the touch and silverware the that was so beautiful that it gleamed in the moonlight.

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my story

I am so sorry that I must agree with the other posts.
This is a very poor excuse for a story and a complete waste of time.
Please study other stories, read the comments and I am certain better things will come from your pen

my story

em stay in school buddy, its a good place to be

my story

Oh shit, you did it again.

I hope you’re proud of yourself.

This might seem a little mean, but:

Oh oh

I know I am new Nemo but can I co-sign the grievance?

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my story

Hmm, so a few people give you an honest bit of suggestions, you ignore it and create something even worse.

Well, that officially makes you worth less than a hay-penny here.

my story

I’m just posting to say that it’s pretty sad that this story has 13 posts, while all seven of Neekolah’s new story, which is one of the best I’ve ever read, has about 7 replies combined. People should be ignoring this story and giving Neekolah the props deserved.

my story

Sadly Soxfan, that’s about par for the course here. The better stories will get responses, yes, but the worse, far worse stories will get more attention, because it is in our collective interests to verbally flog people who don’t seem interested in posting something we would consider worthy of our attention.

Neekolah has been producing quality work here for the past couple of years. We can rely on her posts to be clear, coherent, and enjoyable, whereas these newcomers need to be reminded, often with scathing responses, that we have standards and that we expect them to be adhered to. That is why this fellow has more responses than Neekolah. Unjust, yes, but for a reason.

my story

Nighthawk is right. “any publicity is good publicity” make something fuc*ed up and a lot of people will post

my story

A further reason is that Neekolah’s takes longer to read; it takes 20 seconds to slam this crap.

But I am checking out her story and will comment on it eventually.

my story

Note to self… Must post crap to get attention…

(It is a good thing i don’t write for attention.
Though i cant say that i don’t like it.) :slight_smile:

This is not to sell short your effort at posting a story; no, indeed there are hundreds of viewers of these stories that we all post and most of them never make such an effort. However it is to remark upon the sad paradox that can most certainly thwart the drive and moral of many writers who put a great deal of effort into posting 10 page chapters or writing that took them forever to come up with and even longer to put into words.
That paradox is one wherein those who put massive time and effort into their storys are dwarfed by the responses to stories that had most likely taken much less time and effort.

I would say that there are enough of these to comprise one full story. That is to say that with the rate that these come out, and the time and effort people take to reply to them (one or more times), that they could have read and replied at least once to a full blown multi post story.

To say that a story post must be awful because it got 20 replies (though common) seems to me, as a writer here, more like an excuse than a logical conclusion(i dont know about the rest of y’all).
If the posts were heavily constructive, by up beat people who honestly seem like they wish to help the person improve, then great. But such does not seem the case. Furthermore, it is hard for a author to gauge how many of the “viewers” of their story posts, actually read it all the way through. Truly the only reliable gauge is the replies to our story posts.

So then it should be understood, how disconcerting it can be to see our method of gaging whether or not there is much of a point in continuing our story, telling us that there really isn’t, comparatively.

RT writes what could almost be considered its own genre, it is so rare. Yet he receives only 6-7 posts per chapter, and always from the same few dedicated fans (special tribute to them). That is ridiculous.

In all cases it is very rare for a continuing work to get more than 8-15 responses.

I guess what i am saying is that one should not say that it all makes total sense… Because it does not seem like it from where i stand… Then again i could just be a luny.

my story

Therein lies the downside of posting stories to a forum, Ambivaalense: regardless of the quality of the writing or who the author is, inevitably readers will begin to prefer one sort of work over another, or one author to another. Stories geared for what can be called “mass market consumption” often receive the most views, and the most responses. These authors then acquire, not deliberately, a following that could be few or many. Other authors who post stories that still have the same mass market appeal–diapers, of course–probably don’t make diapers and dealing with diapers the center of the story, and thus might receive fewer views. It’s no offense to the author in question–indeed, I’ve seen it time and again–it’s just that what the reader was looking for in a post wasn’t quite what they wanted to find, and so they fell away.

my story

When there’s a good story posted, let’s imagine that 60% of people who read the first chapter decide that they’re interested enough to carry on (or maybe the first couple).

That means that after chapter one, your readership has almost halved and thus your comment base.

Then add the fact that, given that people here tend not to actually give writing tips etc, there are only a limited number of ways to let an author notice that you’re reading the story without just posting ‘Oh good. Cool.’ 100 times.

I’m not saying that it’s fair, but this is why full length stories get fewer comments.

my story

I felt compelled to add my $.02 to this.

It is human nature to speak louder when we don’t like something than when we do. This would explain why there are more negative posts.

I try to keep a dialog open with the folks that regularly comment on my posts so that I don’t lose sight of what they are liking about what I’m writing. This is important to me, and that may be the difference here. I get the impression littlezackie has no interest in what others have to say whether it’s constructive or not.

Unfortunately, littlezackie wrote what I would call a description of a part of a story, and when he did get feedback that talked about specific problems, he completely ignored it and preceeded to post another part more difficult to take than the first.

I have to disagree with the comment about folks tending not to give writing tips. I have read many here that weren’t obnoxious or downright ugly. In fact there were severeal posts that definately tried to give constructive advice about part one of this particular “story”. Regrettably, this person decided to ignore it.

I came to this forum primarily because there is input, even if it is really frank at times. But the biggest reason I came is that the folks that tend to post this type of thing generally don’t do it more than twice. I can read great stories like Searching for Michelle, without having to wade through tons of what we saw in this post.