My Second Family

Chapter 1

I have been friends with Cameron Field for almost as long as I can remember. We met in elementary school, when we would hang out regularly. Even today, we spend most of our time together. We play on the same sports teams, are in the same classes at school, and have the same interests. Sure, we do have other groups of friends that we socialize with, but the two of us always make time to chill out during the week. Cam’s family is great too. His mother and father divorced when we were in 4th grade. I remember this being a particularly devastating time for him, and he seemed to be depressed almost all the time. Gradually, he returned to his normal character.

Cam doesn’t see his dad too much today. He got a job in a different state, and only visits on holidays and birthdays. Looking back now, I have no idea what Cam’s father would ever divorce his mother. Cam’s mom, Linda Field, is one of the nicest women I’ve ever met. I even joke with Cam that she is the reason I come to his house so much. She never seems to be in a bad mood, and she is even a great cook! Also, I’ve never told Cam this, but I used to have a crush on her! While I’ve moved on from that stage, she is still a damn attractive woman. Cam has one younger sister, Leah. She is sixteen, and pretty much acts in the manner that you would expect a sixteen girl year old to act. She often has friends over, and usually keeps to herself, but she does hang out with me and Cam from time to time. Cam and I definitely are not part of the “in” crowd, but we play sports and have a good group of friends. Leah, on the other hand, is one of the most popular girls in her grade, hence her distancing from us.

While Cam and I have been great friends for a number of years, there is one thing that brings us closer together than anyone else to know: we are both DL’s.

Let me explain. My name is Dan Cousins, and I have been interested in diapers for much of my life. I remember taking diapers from my cousin’s room and trying them on when I was much younger. However, as I grew into my early teen years, my interest started to wane. That is, until these interests were reinvigorated during a weekly trip to the Field residence. I was fifteen at the time, and me and Cam decided that we would have a sleepover, as it was a Friday and neither of us had any other plans for the night. I had just finished changing for the night in the bathroom, and accidentally kicked over the small trash barrel on my way out. As I was picking up the lost contents, I noticed something in the pile that would have been at the bottom had the barrel remained intact. Something white, with other childish colors. Upon further inspection, I noticed that there was a pampers diapers! The Field’s never had any babies in the house, and didn’t have any diaper-age cousins that I knew of. Ordinarily, this would not be enough to attract suspicion. However, the diaper had clearly been wrapped around with a long piece of toilet paper in an effort of disguise, and wouldn’t have been found if the trash hadn’t spilled over.

Suddenly, all my memories of trying on diapers began to flood my brain. I didn’t want to know who the diaper belonged too, I NEEDED to know. As a result, I was pretty blunt when I asked Cam “why was there a diaper in your trash barrel.”

At first he didn’t know how to respond, and I could tell he was going to keep denying the diaper was his, so I decided to take the initiative. “Cam, did you wear that diaper”. Reluctantly he responded “Yes, but I just wanted to try it out!” Cam seemed to be on the verge of tears, so I calmed him down, and told him that I had been interested in diapers myself. “Really!”, he responded. From that point forward, we would always have discussions about diapers whenever we would hang out.

I would just like to clarify that the interest in diapers me and Cam shared never has been, nor will it ever be, one of a sexual nature. As a kid or teenager, friendships are developed almost entirely out of common interests; whether it be sports, music, or whatever. The two of us just happened to share a very unusual interest, which brought us closer together than any of our other friends.

Occasionally, Cam would be able to sneak a diaper or two from his cousin. However, this was a rare occurrence, and they fit very poorly. After many months of wondering and desiring, we eventually gained the courage to purchase our first pack of adult diapers. However, when we arrived at the store, we couldn’t decide who would by them. Eventually, Cam concluded “We are going to need more than one pack of diapers between the two of us. Do you want to buy the first pack, or the next one?” Wanting to get it over with, and realizing I might not have the same level of willingness next time, I agreed to purchase our first pack of diapers. The whole ordeal was pretty embarrassing, I must say. I waited around the aisle for 5 or 10 minutes before the coast was clear, and put the pack of disposable diapers in my hand basked. (It was a cheap pack of store brand adjustable diapers, with the tabs. You have to start somewhere, right?) When I got to the counter, I was visibly shaking, and the cashier looked at me, but didn’t say anything. I opted to go to an older-aged female cashier; who I presumed would be the most understanding.

However, a customer who had just checked out began asking her something about her order, and another cashier came to take over. This one was a young woman who appeared to be in her early twenties; blond hair, and a very nice body. My heart started pounding. She smiled a bit when she picked the package up to scan it, but didn’t say anything. After she rang up the soda and pack of gum I purchased as well, she handed them to me, and asked in a somewhat mocking tone “Do you want a bag for your diapers?” I was overcome with a level of embarrassment I had never felt before, but was able to stammer out an “umm… y- yes please.” Though I was over it by the time we reached Cam’s car, as we had just purchased our first pack of diapers.

From this point on, whenever we would hang out, we would each just put a diaper on under our clothes. It wasn’t exactly “exciting”, but it was comforting. It just made activities like watching T.V and playing video games that much more enjoyable. Cam was the first of us to wet one of the diapers, and I followed soon after. We each put our wet diaper in a plastic bag, which we stored under Cam’s bed, to be disposed of after I went home. We had about ten diapers left, and dived the rest among us to bring to our respective homes.

That brings me to where we are today. I am going over Cam’s house tonight, as I often do on Friday nights. We usually go to Cam’s house, because I have younger siblings who usually occupy my house with their own friends. I was carrying in my drawstring backpack which held a change of clothes, my wallet, my cellphone, my car keys, and three of my diapers. (Of course I was wearing one too). I passed Cam’s dark blue Ford that he just received for his eighteenth birthday, and immediately remembered how jealous I was, as all I got for my eighteenth birthday were some lousy gift cards. I was able to afford a decent car with my own savings, however.
Upon entering his house, I was greeted by Mrs. Field, who insists upon being called Linda. “How Dan, are you doing?” I responded with the casual back and forth, and she told me Cameron was up in his room. I passed Leah on the stairs, who greeted me with the usual “Hey Dan.” Leah had her friends Lindsey over, who also greeted me in the same fashion. Lindsey was the closest of Leah’s friends, and I had gotten to know her pretty well. She was also a popular sixteen year old, with long brown hair and blue eyes. Finally, I was ready to catch up with Cam, after a week apart, and see what the night had in store.

To be continued…?
Questions? Comments? Criticisms? Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Re: My Second Family

Nice set up. Looking forward to more

Re: My Second Family

Ummm……………yes! Please continue. So far its been an easy read and I want more! Normally I might have some legitimate critique but I’m drawing a blank here. Good job!

Re: My Second Family

Seems to be a pretty good start. Not much going on in the story yet though, basic introductions. I will be looking forward to reading more of it.

Re: My Second Family

are you going to continue this?

Re: My Second Family

I the issue with this has nothing to do with the way it was written. It is simply the plot. It seems to be a common issue with these abdl stories. I encountered it in my own as well.

Abdl stories are about wish fulfillment in one way or another. But, at the very least, it is boring to write about a wonderful, perfect experience for very long. Happiness isn’t very interesting to examine. Sure you want the characters to end happy, to have their issues resolved, challenges conquered, but it isn’t what you read about. The simplest example is that most fairy tales end with, “and they lived happily ever after.”

They end there, they don’t continue on for a day or two about how happy, how perfect their lives are now. There isn’t a whole lot to relate two. I have this issue in my own writing too, so hopefully this doesn’t seem like I am slamming you’re first attempt. But there isn’t really any conflict.