My response.

I was 20 years old working a depressing call center job. Miserable people, only out for themselves. But I didn’t know this day one. Day one, I filled in a questionnaire about health concerns and other likenesses. The supervisor assured everyone of its concern for the needs of their employees, so for medical conditions I wrote “incontinent”. Timid, but eventually handed the paper back in. Not only was my clearly written condition never addressed in private, it was never acknowledged. No one cared for this disability. When I took 5 extra minutes to change my diaper in my car I was only ever met w/ hostility and curt dialogue. “Okay”. No more extra time changing my diaper. Totally agree. Every day following , I would use the same diaper all shift. By the time I left in the evening, my chair was soaked (cloth cushion). I left shortly after so I could enjoy my 21st birthday w/out any though of that emotional void. Until this post, I haven’t thought of them since. It’s almost been one year since that job, too glad I left.

Re: My response.

Not really even sure to say to this. It sucks? Glad you left? I guess it’s fine if it’s just you expressing something into the void that is the internet. shrugs