My Parents Are Making Me Wear Nappies

I am 14, and my sister is 11.

Two days ago, she and I were hanging out talking about random shit when the subject of her bedwetting came up. I teased her about it, but she got upset and told my mother about me making fun of her. My mother was enraged, she plays favorites and always favors her over me. She shouted to “wait and see what is going to happen.” I thought nothing too much of it and continued on with my day.

The next day I woke up and all my underwear was missing. It was a school day so I had to get dressed in my uniform very soon at that point. Confused, I went downstairs to enquire my mother where my underwear was and was taken aback when I saw my father at the table, as he was usually still asleep early in the morning.

I asked them about my missing underwear, but they told me that they took it all. They said it was punishment for teasing my sister. After asking them what I was gonna wear under my pants for school, they took out a pack of nappies (diapers). They then told me I was to wear them for school. Unable to see any other alternatives I bit the bullet and put them on, and went to school and the day went quite normally. Though, I was constantly paranoid that people would notice my butt being a bit bigger due to the nappy.

I came home ready to interrogate my parents. My father wasn’t home as he had work, so I went to talk to my mum. As soon as I saw her, she asked if I was still wearing a nappy, which I answered. I told her I was sorry for teasing my sister, but she said I had to learn a lesson and saying sorry wasn’t going to solve anything. I asked her for my underwear back at least, but she said I was going to wear nappies until at least October.

My heart sank; there was no way I had heard what I thought I had. I argued but eventually I grew tired and retreated to my room. I checked my drawers and they were crammed with nappies, baby powder and the likes. I almost broke down right then and there after realising how real the situation was. My sister came by to laugh at me of course, though I knew better than to get angry at her.

At tea, the air was awkward and I didn’t want to start a conversation in fear of someone bringing up the fact I was wearing a nappy. My mum did start talking though, about how her day has been. I tried to reach a certain normality by responding to her normally, but she just talked to me in baby talk, trying to mock me I thought. Even my sister at this point was a bit weirded out and left the table without eating much, though if I had left before eating my whole meal I would have gotten done for it.

My mum and dad started talking to each other about me as if I wasn’t there, I assumed that they had a spoken agreement with each other to treat me like this. At first, they were talking about my school stuff and ordinary things which I blanked out as I was trying to eat my tea. My ears perked up however when my mum started talking about my wearing skirts and that she was thinking of replacing my pants with them to make “it” easier. I had no clue what “it” meant but I ate the rest of my food and went into my room.

A few hours after I had a bath I realised that I hadn’t used the toilet all day; keep in mind it was around 12am, so it was unusual I hadn’t gone even once except maybe in the morning. I got up to use the toilet but found it was locked. I hadn’t noticed earlier, but there was now a lock on the door to the toilet. I was bursting for a pee though, so I went to my room and did what I had to do.

I made use of the nappy bag supply that my parents had put in my bedroom to dispose of the waste, though I am kind of paranoid that they will find it so I plan to take out my rubbish in the morning. I put on a new nappy and am kinda waiting for the next problem I am going to face.

Today, my mum woke up fairly early and came into my room to wake me up. She noticed that there was a used nappy in my bin and said to me that she “expected as much” from me. I asked her why she locked the toilet door up and she told me I didn’t deserve the privilege of using the toilet so that I can experience what my sister does first hand plus more.

I told her that I was sorry that I made fun of her but she said that the discussion has ended and that the punishment is not being stopped until at least October. She then asks me to show her that I was still wearing the diaper and she commented on the fact that I was “still dry.”

I then went downstairs to have some breakfast, and my mum followed suit. Trying to annoy her, I asked her if she could make my breakfast and then sat down at the table expectantly. Much to my surprise, she didn’t argue with me at first and made me some cereal. She then sat across from me and started to move the spoon from the bowl to my mouth, offering to feed me.

I decided to not argue and let her feed me, thinking that in the long term she would get tired looking after me. I suddenly had the urge to pee, so I did so in order to gross out my mother. It kinda backfired though and instead she checked my nappy and saw that it was wet and ordered me to lie down.

I did so, and a couple minutes later she came back with a new nappy and baby powder. I instantly realised what was going to happen next and she wasted no time in changing me. She told me that if I needed nappies so much, she would have gotten some for me sooner. She then proceeded to tell me that she doesn’t want me to be changed without either her’s, my dad’s or my sister’s permission and promptly left the room.

She returned with a brand new school uniform, I could tell right away it was a girl’s one, I was kinda freaked out but reached to take it nonetheless. She pulled away and said that she was going to dress me herself. I ended up in a blouse, with the school’s blazer on top. I wore knee-high socks, a pleated skirt and Mary Jane shoes. I didn’t look too ridiculous, my shoulder-length hair and adrogynous looks had people confused before I ever wore a piece of girl’s clothing.

My sister came down the stairs and was kind of blown away by the fact I was wearing a girl’s uniform. To her credit, she wasn’t mean and actually complimented me a lot, though it was kind of back-handed as she complimented me for how feminine I was. By the time we had to leave, it suddenly sunk in how screwed I was at school. My mum drove us there and I was conscious not only about my uniform, but about my nappy. I was scared my skirt would betray me and flash my nappy to everyone.

My mum explained that she had called my teacher ahead of time and explained one or two things to her about why I was wearing a girl’s uniform. I was panicked and asked if she told her about my nappy wearing, and she said she did. I was mortified, and still am. I also had no idea how my mum managed to convince my teacher that everything was chill.

At school, I got mocked for wearing a girl’s uniform, obviously. Guys would mockingly cat-call me and call me the usual slurs. That said, I think they got bored after a while, and whilst I did get my fair share of being made fun of, I also received a bunch of compliments from girls which was an ego boost, despite the strange circumstance I found myself in.

I wanted to try and go to the toilet at school so I didn’t have to use my nappy, but I didn’t get to the point where I thought I needed it. When my mum came to collect me and my sister, that is the moment I had the sudden urge to poo. I whispered to my mum that I needed a poo, and if she could let me go back to the school to go to the toilet quickly. She refused, and told me that I had a nappy on for a reason so I should use it. On the drive home, I pooped myself, and my sister pulled back my skirt, gagging and shouted out that I did it.

I started to bawl my eyes out, my mum passed a dummy to my sister and told her to “give that to your baby brother so he doesn’t get upset.” My sister commented that I was more like a little sister now, which I didn’t appreciate but I let her put the dummy in my mouth because at the end of the day, I am fond of my sister, she is a nice person.

Admittedly, the dummy did calm me down a lot and when we were at home I was completely calmed down. It was kind of amazing, though I would never admit that for obvious reasons. My dad came and greeted us, he picked me up like a toddler, with one arm tucked under my now smelly butt, and transported me inside.

I was laid down on some sort of changing mat and my mum told my sister to change my nappies for 20£ in pocket money. My sister obliged, but it was probably the most embarrassing thing that has happened so far through these couple of days, and that is saying a lot. She was obviously repulsed and gagged a lot but made sure to talk to me in baby talk and tried to comfort me. Honestly despite the embarrassment, I felt like it was the closest we had ever bonded.

After my nappy change, my mum told me I could go play in my room now. I told her that I needed a drink, but she interrupted me and said I had to speak like a baby until October. I was really thirsty at this point, so I asked “can i pwease have a dwink mummy?” in the cringiest voice I have ever done in my life. She said “that’s a bit better” and I went in my room to play some video games and wait for my drink.

However, my room was completely changed, there was not a gaming console in sight. I am lucky I still have my phone at the moment. Instead of video games and books, my room was filled with baby toys, and my bed had been replaced with a large crib that could weirdly fit me. My mum came in and gave me a baby bottle full of milk, and told me to enjoy my drink. After she left, that’s when I started writing this, as quickly as I could. Idk if I will be allowed my phone for any longer.


Who is your favorite writer or what is your favorite book?


fav book - The Wind Singer (and it’s 2 sequels.) It is what got me into reading in the first place.

Okay! Cool! Good answer! You know what you like, and while I’ve never heard of the Wind Singer, I did a quick search, read a couple pages and yes, it does seem like it’s an actual book with good merits as far as writing goes.

I’m not trying to be elitist, it’s just that all good writers are first good readers. Part of being a good writer is reading a lot of other writers in any genre, and paying attention to the tricks and word choice and descriptors that they use. Every good writer is a mishmash of tricks and phrases and techniques of other writers that they’ve read and blended together into their own preferred style.

So my first question when I’m looking to support or analyze a piece of text is “Who is your favorite writer or what is your favorite book?”. If I get a B.S. answer like “I don’t have a favorite” or “I like comics” but then they can only name “Spider-Man” as opposed to a particular storyline or author, or “I like books about war” without giving me the titles or examples, it shows that they’re not really enthusiastic about reading and it shows in their writing.

Writing is like any other activity. First you spectate, then you participate.

You can’t be the next Michael Jordan if you’ve never watched a basketball game. You can’t be the next Van Gogh if you’ve never looked at a painting, and you can’t be the next Stephen King if you’ve never cracked open a book, sat down and read.

Your answer shows that you’re a good reader.

There are things about your writing that show you’re a good reader, too. You’ve got a good use of varied language and vocabulary that I’m seeing. Your grammar and spelling look pretty good too. (As someone who makes a lot of typos, I’m particularly forgiving of this sort of thing.) I love classic turns of phrase like “my heart sank”.

The biggest problem with this piece that I’m seeing is you’re telling the readers what happened without showing us.

There’s almost no dialogue, or descriptors and is basically one giant summary of events. This happened then this happened then this happened then this happened then this happened, and there’s no particulars. We don’t know what the teasing sounded like. We don’t know what was said most of the time. We don’t know why in a supposedly normal world not unlike ours that diaper punishment and forced cross dressing is acceptable. I didn’t know until close to halfway through that the main character was a boy. I don’t know how he was mocked. I don’t know anybody’s names beyond mum and dad.

Like I know what happens to these characters but I don’t know anything ABOUT them or their personalities or their history. I’m reading a summary. I’m reading a book report. I’m reading a reddit post. It’s all the facts of a book report and none of the flavor of a story.

I would recommend you stop. Go back, and read the Wind Singer, and see how William Nicholson uses words and dialogue and descriptors to flesh out his fictional world and what he does to give you a feeling for his characters and draw you in. It doesn’t even have to be the whole book. Find your favorite parts and examine.

Most of those paragraphs could be turned into full blown chapters that tell a larger and more intricate story where we understand or at least know more about the characters beyond the vaguest summary of events. Slow down. Figure out how to present it as a story like you’re writing the movie, not like you just saw the movie and you’re telling me in short sentences what I missed on the car ride home.

Alternatively, if you’re making the choice you made to represent a boy on his phone hurriedly typing out what he can before he gets caught, make it SHORTER! Give it that guerilla feel by posting it in quick updates and purposefully misspell and shorten stuff like you do when you’re texting in a hurry.

Break up the story into smaller chunks and simpler text, like he’s trying to text out the story in bits and is looking over his shoulder and every minute or so he freaks out because he’s trapped in a crib and is terrified that his psycho parents are going to walk in on him with contraband.

Give a message in a bottle feel. Make it feel even more like he’s talking to the audience.

Help! My parents are making me wear nappies! If you get this message send help. My name is [message redacted]! I live at [message redacted]! Please! I don’t deserve this! I just teased my little sister about her bed wetting! It’s what big brothers do! 1.

I didn’t expect my parents to freak out like they did. I thought I’d just be grounded or something. But I woke up and my undies were gone. They’d taken them!2

That’s my feedback.



You could have fooled me.

I hate to break this to you, but, no, I really don’t have a particular book or writer I would consider a favorite, but my filled to capacity 8th gen kindle touch would say you are in fact being an elitist asshole.


We all have to start somewhere. You definitely have a solid use of mechanics and language. Now all you gotta do is use that to strengthen your storytelling and flesh out your style. Go back and read your favorite books (or just your favorite scenes) and both enjoy them as well as analyze what makes them work as well as they do for you.

Then rip them off.

Try it yourself. Experiment and make mistakes. Go where your muse leads you. Don’t be afraid to start small. Small isn’t inherently bad. Big isn’t inherently good.

Your first attempt was close to 2000 words again.

Try that again, but instead of a whole series of events, experiment with making it a single scene. A single conversation. A single event. A few moments in time. It doesn’t even have to be THIS particular story posted above. Just work with your pacing and detail and dialogue.

Kink wise if your brain just wants to skip to “the good stuff”. Practice writing stuff describing someone getting their clothes ripped off and then re-diapered for the first time. Write in more detail what it’s like for them to lose all their dignity and the emotions and they’re feeling and the random thoughts that are flying through their head. Write what’s being said to them and how it makes them feel. Or is nothing being said to them and that silence is creeping them out?

Or write their sense of outrage as two people talk over their head as if their not there.

Or them trying to hide their underwear beneath a skirt when they’re not used to wearing a skirt.

Try writing about the desperation of being forced to wet their pants. Go with the sensory stuff if that’s your thing or the emotional stuff or both.

It’s better to write 2k words in good detail about only a few things and have your readers feel like they’re there with your main character and going through the experience with them than to write the same amount and talk about a bunch of things and your readers feel like they just read a wikipedia article.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but if you started a post with something akin to: “I’m trying to write just this one scene in my head, instead of an entire story” I’d be supportive of it. Kind of like drawing a single panel in a comic book. It’s not a full comic book, but I also don’t mind judging the one picture on its own merits as long as I have the context that it might eventually be part of something larger.

But I’m rambling.

Have a nice day. I wish you well. I hope you continue to write and have fun doing it as you improve.

Break a leg.


My apologies. I didn’t mean to offend you. I stand by my opinion that good writers are well read and the best quick advice I can give to people is to tell them open up a book they love, analyze what they love about it and try to copy other authors’ tricks, word choices, phrasing, framing, etc.

It’s just that “What’s your favorite book/author” is a quick barometer I’ve learned to use because a lot of bad writers don’t read anything at all.

If you have the time, I would welcome a suggestion on how to better phrase that sentiment.


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Let me break down the core issue for you. That last sentence basically says “If you don’t have a favorite book/writer you’re inferior or broken.”

Not everyone is capable of forming the kind of emotional attachment to a specific book or writer to have a favorite, and quite frankly, implying that we’re not good writers or enthusiastic readers because of it is outright bullshit.


I absolutely see your point of view on it and you’re right.

In my attempt at explaining my shorthand, I made the false equivalency of “emotional attachment is the same thing as being an enthusiastic reader”. That was not my intent.

It’s why I apologized above.

Obviously I did not effectively communicate that to you. Again, apologies.


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I like the plot that the boy is punished by his parents to wear diapers and women’s clothes and treated by his sister as a younger sister, but I do think the story develops too fast. It seems that the protagonist doesn’t reject skirts and diapers very much, and everything seems logical. I think if you increase the description of the plot details and heart, it will make this story better. Come on!

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