My Padded Life in Nappies

You may have read some parts of this story before as I have been posting and elaborating for years.

My Padded Life

Growing up in England in the 1960’s and 1970’s meant that there were certain sights that were common wherever you went. For me that was the rows of white square terry nappies on the washing lines that seemed to be on everybody’s back lawn. I never thought of the fact that having nappies on the line meant that there was also a nappy wearer in the house as it was just ubiquitous.


I was 5 in 1970 when my parents had my younger brother Ben and so even our washing line had the row of white nappies fluttering in the breeze. I was fascinated by all of it.


Obviously I knew that Ben wore nappies and by the time I was 7 I was getting interested as we shared a room. He went to bed before me but got up after me but didn’t have to get up in the night if he needed the loo as he could just wet his nappy. I hated having to get up as it was always dark and cold and I was scared I might wake my parents and be sent back to bed. On more than one occasion I had wet my bed for fear of getting out and going to the loo as I could still hear my parents moving about upstairs.

We had gone out one day where we caught the bus to go to a park near where my mom used to live, there was mom, me 7, my sister Cindy 9 and my brother Ben 2 in his pushchair with bags and coats and stuff all pushed under the pushchair.

Whilst me and Cindy were playing, she jumped off a swing but landed funny and stated crying. My mom rushed over and picked her up to take her back to the bench where she had been sitting. Mom checked her ankle and said it wasn’t broken just twisted but Cindy was still crying as she had wet her knicker’s a bit but still needed a wee. The problem was she couldn’t walk and the loos were too far to carry her to and then me and Ben still needed to be watched. Mom fixed this the way only moms can, she got one of Ben’s nappies out of the bag, pulled Cindy’s knickers off and pinned a nappy on her bum, she then rifled through her bag until she found some Baby Pants that fitted Cindy snuggly. Cindy then squeezed into the pushchair and me and Ben had to walk by the side.

I was fascinated as I never knew that bigger kids could wear nappies too and not only that but as Cindy was wearing a dress and squeezed into the pushchair I could see her nappy between her legs and also saw it getting darker like Ben’s do when he wet’s it. Cindy was wetting her nappy in a pushchair and I was jealous.

A few weeks later, we had gone out to see one of mom’s friends Annie and her two boys Leo 5 and Simon 3. It was quite obvious that Leo was a big boy but Simon was still in nappies. That is until about 7:00pm when Annie started getting the boys ready for bed and changed Simon’s nappy and put his PJ’s on him and then undressed Leo and put a nappy on him too. Followed by his PJ’s and I couldn’t stop watching.


My dad died when I was 11. This hit me hard, it hit us all hard but I started waking up with wet patches in my bed. I was really worried that I was going to get in to trouble. Ben was now 6 so all of the nappies had gone.

Around this time, Cindy and I had been to youth club at the school and we had been in the swimming baths. On getting out in the changing rooms, someone had left a clean nappy on the side and some of the boys in there were making fun of whose it might be but left it alone. We were all soon back in the main building getting ready to go home when I got the plan to nip back to the now empty changing rom and get the nappy which I did.

I now had a nappy to lie on if I wet but I kept moving about in my bed!

I knew that my mom had some nappy pins in her sewing box so I took a couple of those. I figured that if I folded the nappy in half like I had seen her do for Cindy then pin it on then it would still be under me if I moved. Success.

But some days the wet spot would be quite big and my bed was then still damp so I got a carrier bag out of the kitchen and cut the corners off and then slid it up over the nappy and I’d nailed it. My bed now stayed dry and if I washed the nappy in the shower in the morning and then put it on my radiator under my towel then it would be dry again by the time I went to bed.

The carrier bags were only a single use thing though so I need some Baby Pants. Plastic pants to go over my nappy and keep my bed dry even though everybody called them Rubbers.

I eventually I plucked up the courage to go in the shop in the village to get some Baby Pants. I waited until the shop was empty before going in and asking for a pair. I was asked what size, I didn’t know they came in sizes so just asked for medium. I paid and got out quick.

Fortunately I was a very skinny child and the Baby Pants still fit me although slightly snug and I now had everything I needed to keep my bed dry. Better still I actually quite liked wearing them as they were snug and comfy and made me feel safe. That night as I lay in my bed in my real nappy and real Baby Pants, I felt great. Something that I didn’t feel often as I was a small skinny child who was constantly bullied at school and didn’t really fit in with most of my classmates at home either as I wasn’t interested in football or cricket so didn’t play with them. As I was lying there, I felt I needed a wee and for the first time that I remember, just lay there and wet my nappy before drifting off into a deep sleep.


I had a paper round and a bike so I was able to go to the other villages around us and slowly get more bits and pieces. I found one shop that sold nappies individually so bought a couple of those at a time and then saw that another shop sold XL Baby Pants. Bingo and went in for a couple of pairs.

With the extra supplies I now had, even though I was now wearing a nappy every night and waking up in a wet nappy every morning, I was able to have fun with them as well and started putting a nappy on when I got home from school before going off to do my paper round and leaving my nappy on under my PJ’s in a morning when I got up at weekends. As it was summer, I just made sure to wear my baggy running shorts over my nappy during the day so it was hidden and I made full use of my nappy whilst wearing it.

On one occasion I had cycled into the next village to get some XL Baby Pants called Kintal, I had used these before and was actually wearing some at the time. I went in to the empty shop and waited to be served when a lady walked in behind me with a little girl who was quite energetic jumping and playing whilst we waited. A lady came out and I asked for 2 pairs of the extra-large Baby Pants. Just as I was asking another girl came out from the back and it was my mates older sister Susan who I had met a couple of times at school but where I was a 1st year, she was a 5th year. Susan heard what I had asked for and said she would get them and popped down the stairs at the side of the shop. Just then the little girl behind me asked if my mom had a baby, I getting tongue tied said something about a friend visiting who had forgotten spare Baby Pants and so I was just running an errand. Susan then came back up the stairs and into the shop with a grin on her face. She said these were really good for older boys and then whispered to me to look at the little girl and the way her nappy kept peeking out the back of her shorts which they were. She then said she could see my nappy peeking out under my shorts too, especially when she was down the stairs looking up at me! I pulled my shorts down a bit and paid Susan for my Baby Pants, she told me not worry though as my secret was safe with her.

I woke up one Saturday morning with an ache for the toilet but I was nice and snuggly in my bed wearing my nappy that was already wet when I made the decision to just fill my nappy and sort it out later. After a little push. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that, it felt terrific. A little while later when there was nobody upstairs, I snuck to the bathroom to get sorted. I pulled my nappy off in the shower, dumped what I could in the loo and then showered everything off including my bum until it was all clean again. Wringing the nappy out as best I could the going back to my room to hide it under my towel and put the Baby Pants behind the radiator to dry.

I had my routine sorted and built up a collection of nappies Baby Pants and pins that I kept locked in an old sideboard in my bedroom. Every day, home from school, upstairs uniform off, nappy Baby Pants and play clothes on before going back out to do my paper round. I would then come home for tea, do my homework, go back downstairs to watch some telly before going back upstairs to get ready for bed and a clean nappy as well. Sometimes I would even put my PJ’s and a clean nappy on earlier and come down to watch telly dressed like that and nobody had any idea what I was doing. Or so I thought.

On one Sunday, me and Cindy had gone out on our bikes to go to a park a few miles away. Whilst cycling I had a major wetting but tried to just carry on as if nothing had happened. However Cindy asked why 2 wet marks were on the bottom of my shorts at the top of my legs. As usual I was tongue tied but Cindy realised that my bum looked too big so I must be wearing a nappy, not just wearing a nappy but wearing a wet nappy. We stopped by the side of the road and a gate entry in the middle of nowhere and admitted that I was wearing a nappy. She asked why and I just said because. She said she thought my bum had looked funny on a couple of occasions as home, kind of like a nappy under my PJ’s but she just dismissed it. Now she knew better.

I grabbed the bag off my bike and hid behind the hedge to change my nappy, fortunately I had planned that I might need a change and had brought spare with me. I was struggling a bit so Cindy said that provided I’m covered up then she will help with the pins which she did a better job than me, she even held my Baby Pants open to step back into and pulled them up over my nappy. The wet marks on my shorts soon disappeared as it was a warm day. She reminisced over the last time she wore a nappy as a little girl but then I reminded her of the swings, she said oh yeh but she was only wearing it but I told her that I still remember her wearing it and saw her wet it too. She just shrugged and then said come on then Baby, let’s get going.

I had come home from school on one Tuesday and went upstairs to get changed as normal, nappy and shorts on and out to do my paper round. As I was coming home again I felt the urge for a number 2. This was not unusual and so just did it in my nappy while putting my bike away. I knew I was quite safe as I did it quite often and everybody was always busy doing something at this time of night so just snuck through the house and upstairs to my room to change without really being noticed.

As I got upstairs my mom was in my room sitting on my bed waiting for me. Quick thinking I turned round to go to the loo but she said she needed to talk to me first. I had been cornered and worse still I was wearing a wet and poopy nappy.

I went in to my room and she told me to close the door and then she coaxed me to sit on my bed next to her. I felt my mess pressing in around my bottom, not uncomfortable yet somehow familiar. She then started to tell me what she knew and she knew a lot.

  • She knew I wore a nappy to bed every night as she had come to tuck me in more than once and seen it when the covers were pushed off me in my sleep.
  • She knew I had a wet nappy every morning and washed it in the shower as she recognised the shape of a wet nappy under my PJ’s.
  • She knew I tried to dry my nappy under my towel on the radiator as she had been taking them to wash and dry and then put back under my towel while I was at school.
  • She knew I came home and put a nappy on before going out to do my papers as she could tell by the bulges and shapes of the nappy under my clothes.
  • She knew I usually had filled my nappy when I got back from papers as she could smell me.
  • She knew that I got ready for bed early so I could change my nappy at the same time as she could hear me.
  • She knew that I was wearing a nappy when I came down in my PJ’s to watch telly as she could see it, both the shape of my puffy bottom and could actually see the nappy through the leg holes of my shorts when I was lying on my front in front of the fire to watch telly.
  • She knew that I was wearing a nappy in the morning at weekends as moms can smell and spot wet nappies from miles away.
  • She knew that I was wearing a nappy at the weekends as I never seemed to go to the toilet and had the unmistakeable nappy bulge under my clothes.

I wasn’t nearly as good at being sneaky as I thought I was. I then noticed that there was a pile, an actual pile of nappies sitting on top of the old sideboard rather than hidden inside. She went on that she knew I was having a problem since my dad had died and that she was here for me if I needed her. I was tearing up not knowing what to say so saying nothing.

She asked me if I had been wetting the bed to which I just nodded, she said that made sense then. She asked me if I was wetting during the day to which I shook my head no. With a big smile on face she turned to tickle me and then said ok then Mr. Poopy pants what’s this then as she prodded my padding. She said it’s OK, don’t worry. We will get through this together. She then picked me up and lay me across her lap. Completely unexpected but a manoeuvre I had seen her perform many times before when my brother was little and she was changing his nappy.

She had my shorts off in a flash leaving my now obviously wet and poopy nappy on display. She lifted my legs and pulled my Baby Pants off before unpinning my nappy and wiping my bum off with the wet part of the nappy that had been at the front. She then took a clean nappy and lay it on my bed before taking a second nappy and folding it half placed on the centre of the first nappy. She then folded the front edge over making a truncated triangle shape and placed me on top. A quick dusting of baby powder and the nappy pulled up between my legs. She pinned the nappy nice and snuggly on each side and the pulled a larger pair of Baby Pants over my nappy. I could feel straight away that the nappies were not my normal ones as these were much thicker and softer. Now sorted, she told me to just put my PJ shorts and T-shirt on and come down for tea.

My brother and sister joined us at the table. Ben never said a word, smirk or grimace but Cindy was grinning like a Cheshire cat as she obviously knew I as wearing quite a bulky nappy under my shorts.

Mom did not get into a habit of changing my nappy and just left me to it but she had put a bucket in her bathroom and told me to put my nappies in there after I washed them in the shower and she would sort them. As I was wearing 2 nappies a day in the week and 4 at weekends and sometime doubled them up as well, that was nearly 20 nappies a week and there were soon more white terry squares hanging on our washing line again just like our neighbours. I just had a pile of nappies on the sideboard in my room to be used as required.

I became aware of this looking in the gardens and seeing that not everybody had nappies on the line, it was just mostly those with babies and toddlers but also no. 5. No 5 wasn’t a baby, it was Kirsty and she was 2 years younger than me but her mom still had nappies hanging on the line!

I started to notice Kirsty more when she was out playing in the cul-de-sac and even noticed that once or twice she looked like her trousers were padded with a nappy. Whilst I was watching her I felt an unexpected squirt of pee in my nappy and it made me feel good. That year on New Year’s eve, me and Cindy were asked if we could baby sit so parents could go out. Cindy went next door to watch 4 year old Lucy and took Ben with her. I was asked if I could watch Kirsty.

Mom told me to get ready for bed before I went, she had left my clean night things on my bed, that way I could get straight into bed when I got home. I was just expecting clean PJ shorts and T-Shirt but there were also 2 clean nappies and a pair of my Baby Pants on the bed. I soon got dressed and ready to go.

About 7:00pm I went to no. 5 and I was let in by the dad, he said that Kirsty’s mom was just upstairs getting her ready for bed and then they would be off. A few minutes later I saw Kirsty coming the stairs in a Minnie mouse nightshirt that came down to her knees and I also caught a glimpse of her pink plastic pants covering her nappy as I could see up the stairs and under her nightie, again I got the unexpected squirt of pee in my nappy. Kirsty’s mom went through the list that Kirsty had to be in bed by 9:00, there was pop in the fridge and biscuits for later in the jar and to go Cindy if needed anything else and then they were gone.

We started out watching telly and Kirsty came and sat by me but she kept looking at my shorts and then finally asked me

“Are you wearing a nappy under you PJ’s?”

I was not expecting such a direct line of questioning so I asked her the same question

“Are you wearing a nappy under your nightie?”

Kirsty was bored with the telly so sat on my lap looking at me and asked if I would play with her. With her sitting on my lap I could feel the bulk of her nappy and the smooth plastic of her Baby Pants on my legs. I put my hand under her bottom to reposition her and my suspicions were confirmed. I then tickled her sides a bit to get a response and she just giggled so I did it a bit more and she giggled more and started to squirm about. We were having fun and then she said it

“If you didn’t stop tickling her then I’m going to wet myself”

I felt a bigger squirt of pee in my nappy and then I said

“What, in your nappy?”

Kirsty was wriggling on my lap as I tickled her and then I felt her nappy get warm on my legs as she flooded it. Expecting her to be upset by this so I stopped but she persuaded me to continue

“Oh don’t stop now just when we are having fun”

Then she started tickling me back. Now I am also very ticklish and was trying to get away as I knew I was going to wet myself too. But as I was struggling to get away from the tickle monster, my shorts got pulled off just as I was losing control and a big dark patch formed on the front of my nappy as I wet myself, just as a dark patch had formed on her nappy between her legs from wetting herself. Kirsty laughed at me and said we are even now as I pulled my PJ shorts back on but we weren’t even as I could feel that I had also pooped a little too, not enough to smell but enough to feel the poop between my bum cheeks.

We had our pop and our biscuits then I took Kirsty to bed about 9:30. As she got in and I tucked her in she said

“Thank you, I’ve really had fun tonight and I hope you can be my baby sitter again as you are a real Baby sitter.”

I told her

“It takes one to know one”

then kissed her on the head and left closing the door behind me.

I settled down to watch some telly and nodded off as I knew the parents were not due home until about 1:00 am. About 11:00 pm though I heard a muffled cry from upstairs and went investigate. Kirsty was still in her bed and gently sobbing and then it hit me, she had pooped. I was unprepared to handle this so got Kirsty out of bed, grabbed a couple of clean nappies off of her pile and went out to find my sister. It was cool dry and dark outside and very quiet but we made our way across the cul-de-sac and knocked on no. 9.

Cindy opened the door being a bit surprised to see us there but then I explained that we had a bit of a problem and Cindy said to come in and she would sort us out. She had just changed Lucy and put her to bed and Ben was fast asleep curled up in the armchair. Cindy got Kirsty to lie on the changing pad and pulled her nightie up exposing her nappy, Cindy lifted Kirsty’s legs and pulled her Baby Pants off then unpinned her nappy and wiped her down front to back. Whilst doing this she was chatting with Kirsty saying

“This is not the first time we’ve done this is it”

and making Kirsty giggle. Cindy was Kirsty’s normal baby sitter but it was felt it was better for Cindy to watch the younger ones and for me to watch Kirsty. Kirsty then started singing out

“Gary’s wet his nappy. Gary’s wet his nappy.”

Cindy asked how she knew that and she then told Cindy that I had been tickling her and made her do a wee in her nappy, so she then tried to get me back and my PJ pants got pulled off and she saw me do a wee in my nappy too. Cindy decided that was not fair as I was bigger so both Cindy and Kirsty grabbed me and started tickling again, I knew I was now flooding my nappy but also felt as I pooped too.

It finally came to an end and Cindy asked how I was doing and I said I was fine but Cindy now wanted to check me as she was all set up for changes. She pulled me over and with two fingers felt my nappy under my Baby Pants and found me to be very wet as well. With Kirsty watching, Cindy guided me on to the changing pad and raised my legs to show my nappy off. Cindy then pulled my Baby Pants to my ankles and unpinned my nappy. It was at this point we all realised that I had pooped as well but Cindy and Kirsty just laughed at the big baby as Cindy cleaned me with the front of my nappy, got me to lift up to pull the nappy from under me and then slide a clean one under me. She put me down and pinned my nappy on, slide my Baby Pants up then got me to stand up whilst she checked there were no stray bits of nappy sticking out. I then put my PJ shorts back on and I took Kirsty home. I put Kirsty back to bed and went down to finish my pop and watch the telly where I promptly fell asleep.

I was awoken by noise light and movement, the parents had come home and it was 01:30 am. Kirsty’s parents had come home and my mom had come over too, to take me home. I was carefully guided out of the front door and across the cul-de-sac to our house in a sleep like state and mom took me straight upstairs to bed. It was like I was still inside a dream but I felt as she put two fingers in my Baby Pants to see if my nappy was wet. I was a little wet but I heard Cindy tell mom that she had changed me a couple of hours ago as I was wet and had pooped. Mom then kissed me on the cheek and went out closing the door behind her and I fell back into a deep sleep.


I woke the following morning feeling very refreshed but also in a very wet nappy. Even so, I went downstairs to say good morning to everybody and have my breakfast. I sat on the floor in front of the telly watching cartoons and eating my cereal. Mom came in a little while later to say we were going to see Annie and the boys. I was told to get a shower then get dressed in the clothes mom had put on my bed. I went up into the bathroom and sat on the loo then went in the shower and rinsed my nappy and Baby Pants out before wrapping my towel round me and taking my wet things to drop in the bucket in mom’s bathroom. I then went to my room where I found my shorts and shirt on my bed on top of a couple of nappies and Baby Pants. I soon had the nappy pinned on with the Baby Pants pulled up and my clothes on over the top hiding everything.

When we got to Annie’s it was still morning and although the boys were up, they were still in their PJ’s and I could also see that were both still in their wet nappies even though Leo was now 9 and Simon was 6. Again I felt as I spurted a little pee into my nappy. Completely unfazed by this, Ben and I just joined them on the floor playing with Lego bricks and making things to be broken down and made into something else. Annie then took the boys upstairs to get them dressed and then they came back down again. Simon still obviously in a nappy and Leo in his big boy pants and shorts. We were still playing with Lego’s when Leo went behind me and started giggling, My Shorts had ridden down and my T-Shirt had ridden up exposing the top of my nappy and Baby Pants and he was pointing at me and singing

“Gary’s got a nappy on”

Annie told him to hush as not 20 minutes ago she had been taking his wet nappy off too.

Annie and my mom were sat talking and Annie was telling her the Leo was just wet at night but Simon had some developmental delays and was still wet day and night. Mom then went to tell Annie that I had been wet at night since losing my dad and quite often wet in the day but never at school! My mom had no issue with my wanting to wear nappies so she just let me.

We carried on playing for a while and then we all went to the park. All running around and climbing everything in sight. We then went into town.

Whilst in town we went to a burger bar for lunch and we all drank loads of pop as it was free refills. Following that it was back to the park on the way home. Whilst playing, Leo wet his pants, too much pop. I was also wet but I was wearing a doubled up nappy and I’m fairly sure Simon was wet too.

Later in the afternoon we finally walked back to Annie’s. Annie went upstairs to change Simon and clean Leo up. Annie brought Simon down in a clean outfit and Leo tagged behind in just a T-Shirt nappy and Baby Pants. Mom asked Annie if she minded whilst looking at the stairs and Annie said of course not. Mom then told me to come with her and I followed her up the stairs to the boy’s room where there was a changing pad already on the floor. Mom knelt down on the floor before beckoning me to lie on the changing pad. Grabbing my ankles, she lifted my legs and pulled my shorts off completely and then my Baby Pants. She then unpinned my wet nappy and pulled it from under me. She got some baby wipes out of her bag and wiped me down before sliding a clean double nappy back under my bum. Nappy pulled up between my legs and pinned into place she then got me to stand up and step back into my Baby Pants that were pulled up and checked for escaping nappy in the leg elastics. Shorts pulled up and T-Shirt pulled down, we went back downstairs to continue playing. Leo no longer laughing at me if my nappy showed as he had no shorts over his nappy.

This pretty much set the routine for the next few years, I was mainly wearing a nappy out of school but I could also be a big boy if I wanted or needed to. Mom also settled into the routine where I was looking after my own nappy changes but she was still washing and drying them for me. On a couple of occasions she would change me, like the one time I had the flu and didn’t have the energy to get out of bed and then on another time on my 13th Birthday where she changed me in the living room on the floor in front of the fire as we were going out for the day.


That year, we also went on holiday with another fiend of mom’s and her family. Uncle Dave, Aunty Sylvia, Grace 11 and Leo 2. We were staying in an old cottage that had loads of bedrooms but no indoor loo. Me Ben and Leo shared one room then Cindy and Grace shared another. I did not pay too much attention when we first arrived as we were just playing outside on the beach and helping unpack the cars. The beach at the front of the house was called a tidal beach and it was unsafe for us to go very far onto so we had to stay by the cottage. Uncle Dave set up a chemical toilet in a bedroom to save anybody going outside at night. Glad I didn’t have to use that as I was staying in my nappies for this week. Obviously being only 2, Leo was also still in nappies.

The first morning I was already awake when Aunty Sylvia told us to come down for breakfast. My nappy was wet but not leaking and Leo looked to be in the same state as me. Ben had to make a quick stop at the Porta Potti but my mom was in there and Cindy was waiting to go to in front of him. I went downstairs where Grace was sitting cross-legged on the floor and I could see under her nightie that she was wearing a wet nappy too. That familiar squirt in my nappy again.

We had breakfast and then I went upstairs to get dressed. Mom had laid out my shorts and T-shirt for the day with double nappy and Baby Pants underneath. She knew me too well with what I was going to wear. There was also a light yellow bucket in the room with a cartoon Donald duck on the front. Mom came in whilst I was getting dressed and started helping me get my Baby Pants on over my nappy that I had already pinned on. She told me the bucket was for my used nappies and to just put them in there as she had put some Nappisan in there already to soak my nappies in.

I finished getting dressed before going downstairs. Once everybody was ready, we got in the cars and went to another beach where people were already setting up their windbreaks and sub-bathing.

We did the same and then whilst hiding between mom and the wind break, I slid my nappy and shorts off together in one big lump and pulled my swimming trunks on quick. The girls already had their bathing costumes on under their clothes, very sneaky I thought. We spent the day at the beach, running in and out of the waves and building sand castles. We soon made some friends on the beach, there was Tara 14, Amy 7 and Jessica 4. They were also on holiday for the week with just their mom Jane. They were staying on caravan Holiday Park very near to our cottage and had the same beach at the front of them.

I soon found myself wanting a wee and was thinking about how to get my nappy back on. Mom saw me lean over to get it but she just said that if I need a wee then just go into the sea and I then did that, making sure that the water at least covered my trunks then nobody would know. I’m fairly sure the girls were doing the same but who knows!

When it was getting time to leave, we all had to go and stand under this cold shower to get the sand off and then run back to our space to get dried off. I was freezing and shivering but mom helped dry us off.

Leo was laid down on a towel whilst his nappy was put back on and then mom told me to lie on the towel by the windbreak so she could do my nappy. I was a bit reluctant but mom said nobody will notice if we are quick and we will never see these people again anyway. As usual, mom got her way and she soon had me pinned into a clean double nappy and I stood up so she could pull my Baby Pants up. Just as she was doing this, Tara, Amy and Jessica came from behind the windbreak and stood watching. I pulled my shorts on quick and then they asked if we were going to be here again tomorrow. Mom said she didn’t know yet but they were welcome to come and play if we were here and they wanted to.

We started heading back to the cottage and stopped at chippy on the way for tea. I had pie and chips instead of fish. I don’t like fish because I can still remember when I was little and got a bone stuck in my throat, I had to eat bread and butter to move it, haven’t eaten any fish since.

When we got back to the cottage, we could see the caravan park on one side of the lane as the cottage was on the other. The very last caravan right opposite the cottage had a big deck out the front and sitting on the deck was Tara Amy and Jessica with their mom Jane. We started waving to them and then they started waving back.

We got out of the car and the girls came over asking if we could play for a bit before bedtime. The girls already had their nighties on and mom said we could come back out after we were ready for bed. Grace and Leo’s mom agreed and we were all shooed inside to get changed.

As usual, my nappy was wet but not soaked but I slid my nappy and Baby Pants down my legs and then fished the nappy out of my Baby Pants so I could take the pins out and then put my nappy in the nappy bucket. I got a clean double nappy pinned on and went for white opaque Baby Pants to cover it. This followed by my PJ shorts and T-Shirt. My shorts were quite baggy but you could still tell that I was wearing a nappy especially from behind with my big round bum.

I went downstairs to wait with Ben and turned to see the girls coming down in their nighties. I caught a quick glimpse up and saw the unmistakeable bulk of a nappy and Baby Pants that Grace was wearing under her nightie. I felt the now usual squirt of wee in my nappy.

We all went outside where the other girls were waiting for us and we formed a big circle in the sand and started playing catch with a tennis ball. I was quite good at this for a change and was jumping everywhere to catch the ball. So was everybody else but poor little Jessica was a lot smaller then everybody else and kept falling over flashing her underwear at everybody. It didn’t take many seconds to realise that she too was wearing a nappy.

We had being playing for about half an hour when the girl’s mom came over to say potty break. Tara announced that all the big ones had to go to the toilet and all the babies should stay with Jane. Cindy Tara Amy and Ben all took off in different directions to go to the toilet leaving Me Grace and Jessica with Jane. Jane looked at me quizzically and asked if I didn’t need the toilet too. I said that No I was ok. Jane then realised what her girls had been saying in the car and asked if I was the big boy in a nappy. She then answered her own question when she noticed my nappy sticking out above my shorts where my T-Shirts had got tucked in.

“Ah, Ok”

She said as she looked at my midriff.

Jessica had been listening to this conversation and asked me

“Have you got a nappy on your bum?”

I just smiled at her and Jane who was chuckling and said

“Yes I have and I’ve think I’ve done a little wee too”

Jessica was giggling, Jane was giggling and even Grace was giggling.

Jessica then asked Grace

“Have you got a nappy on your bum too?”

Grace still giggling said

“Yes and I’ve also done a little wee, have you done a wee in your nappy?”

Jessica stood for a moment thinking and then said

“I’m doing a wee now.”

Squirt, my nappy was getting wetter and then I said

“Me too”

As I started to flood my nappy.

Jane stood there smiling and shaking her head gently and then said

“Ok, but let me know if any of you need changing.”

Jane then walked over to our parents who were sitting outside the cottage and introduced herself. She was soon sitting with the adults enjoying a glass of wine together and chatting about what they had been up to and what they were planning.

We spent the rest of the week in pretty much the same vein with Jane and the girls coming over in the evening to sit with the adults while we played in the sand. Tara and Amy never questioned me as to why I wore nappies and just accepted that I was a big boy in nappy. However Jessica was always asking me

“Have you done a wee in your nappy?”

With Tara and Amy trying to hush her up!

On the last day as we were packing up, Jane and the girls came over to say goodbye. Tara came over and told me to come with her for a moment and we went behind the cottage out of site. She was wearing a rainbow coloured summer dress and gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek. I put my arms around her too and let my hands slide down to her bum where I could feel something odd, it was padded, just like mine. Tara was wearing a nappy and as my hand slipped a bit further down, I could feel the smooth plastic of her Baby Pants. Squirt as I felt a squirt of wee in to my nappy.

Tara then went on

“Yes me too but not all of the time like you and not outside if I can help it”

She then said

“Are you wet?”

And I said

“I am now”

Tara smiled at me before planting another kiss on my other cheek and said

“I only need them when I fall asleep and because we’ve got a 3 hour drive to get home, mom said that I will probably fall asleep so should put my nappy on, Amy and Jessica have got there’s on too”

“The only problem is that now I’m here with you I think that I may have wet already.”

As we went back round to the front of the cottage, I could see the unmistakeable bulge of nappies under both Amy and Jessica’s dresses. Squirt of wee again and I was getting quite wet.

Al of us kids sat cross legged on the floor in a circle facing each other to say our goodbyes. My shorts were very short and very baggy so my nappy could easily be seen up the legs of my shorts. Tara Amy Jessica and Grace were all in summer dresses and could easily see all of their nappies too. So out of 7 kids aged between 4 and 16, only 2 were not wearing a nappy for the drive home.

And I thought I was the only one.


I left school and started at work and college. I still needed a nappy at night as I still woke up wet most mornings. I had started to be better during the day and didn’t always put a nappy on as soon as I got home normally leaving it until bedtime. Ben and Cindy never commented as it was just the way it was. I had had some kind of nervous breakdown when my dad died that had left me with enuresis and a weak bladder.

That year I upgraded my bicycle to a moped and was soon zipping around everywhere and that was also the year that we moved house to a new city. I now had my own bedroom as mom thought it best I have a bit more privacy. Ben had never said anything but mom thought it best.


I had my motorcycle test 3 weeks after my 17th Birthday. I now rarely wore nappies during the day and never on my bike for fear of a crash and trying to explain to a hospital why I was wearing baby nappies. On the day of test though, my nerves got the better of me and I made a wet stain on my jeans before I even left the house. My noticed this and just said

“You’d be better put your nappy on as you seem as though you are going to wet yourself anyway. I’ve left a clean nappy and Baby Pants on your bed.”

Yes I was still wearing Baby Pants. The Kintal XL size easily covered my bum and double nappy and I could even just squeeze my jeans over. My nappy was covered and hidden unless you know what to look for.

I took my test and thankfully passed first time and could feel myself wetting my nappy as I went back to my bike after my test. On getting home I had two half-moons on the backs of legs where my nappy had started to leak. Mom saw this and then asked

“How did you get on?

And I told her

“I passed”

With a big grin on my face.

“Aw well done”

She said

“Looks like you need a nappy change, just go and lie down in your spot by the fire and I’ll be back in just a sec.”

Not really knowing what she meant I just did as I was told but took my bike boots off first so just now being in my jeans and T-Shirt. Mom then came in holding a pile of nappies and Baby Pants and then knelt down by me and unfastened my jeans and pulled them off whilst saying

“You are my clever big boy but you are also my clever baby and my clever baby needs his nappy changed.”

She then pulled my Baby Pants off and unpinned my nappy giving me a wipe down with it at the same time. She then got two clean nappies and with the usual fold and slid under my bum they were pinned into place. I was told to stand up so I could step into my clean Baby Pants and those were pulled up and my stray nappy bits tucked in.

“Just for today, you’ve earned it.”

She said.

I was just left in my nappy and T-Shirt for the rest of the day even though we were sitting outside on the patio. We were fortunate though as nobody else could see into our garden because of the way mom had landscaped and planted it. That was apart from the neighbours at the side of the patio who we got on really well with. That was Pete and Mary with their kids Dawn 15, Paul 12 and Bella who was 3. Bella was still in nappies and they were usually fluttering on their washing line as were mine on our line.

Mary had come over to the fence holding Bella and asking

“Hi, how did the test go then?”

I could see her looking at my nappy but she never said anything

I said

“I passed, but I had a little accident on the way home”

“What, did you crash or in your nappy?

She asked


I said

“I had a little accident in my nappy.”

She said


She then asked

“Any chance you could pop over and sort the video out for me, there is only me and Bella here as Pete and the kids won’t be back for a couple of hours.”

I quickly pulled some baggy shorts on and hopped over the fence and into their living room and soon got the video working again so Bella could watch her cartoons.

Bella came in the room to watch me and then said

“Have you got a nappy on your bum?”

Mary came in behind Bella and said

“Yes he has got a nappy on his bum just like you do and his mommy had to change his nappy because he did a wee just like you do too.”

I was looking quizzically at Mary wondering how she knew and she saw the look of surprise on my face and said

“I’ve seen the nappies on your washing line and have just put 2 and 2 together, am I wrong?”

Shaking my head in disbelief and shock, I had been outed again as I felt my bladder empty into my thirsty nappies.”



I had a proper accident and not in my nappy this time. I crashed my bike and injured myself quite badly. I had come off my bike on a bend whilst out with a load of mates. I had hit the curb, 2 road signs, a chain linked fence and an apple tree. An ambulance eventually got there and I was taken to hospital.

  • I was unconscious with serious head injuries
  • I had a broken femur (Thigh Sylviae)
  • I had a broken humorous (Upper arm Sylviae)
  • Abdominal injuries
  • Broken ribs

The surgeons wanted to put plates on my arms and legs but the consultant decided it was too risky to give me an anaesthetic. They then realised that my abdominal injuries were internal bleeding so after a clinical decision not to operate as I was too poorly, they then had to operate on my abdomen anyway.

I regained consciousness 3 weeks later with no idea where I was or how I got there.

My leg was on traction in bed, my arm was in a cast and I had been catheterised.

Over the coming weeks in hospital, I eventually started getting my head straight although to this day do not remember the accident. After 8 weeks I was discharged with my leg in a hinged cast from my waist to my ankle. I could sort of walk on it but only with crutches as I had my cats removed from my arm I was still very weak and very skinny. I was able to get back up to my bed using the crutches and the bannister and taking one step at a time and very slowly.

Believe me, the first thing I did on getting home was to try and get my nappy on but could not get the Baby Pants over the cast. Bugger!

Two days later I fell off my crutches with a loud clatter.

Mom picked me up and took me back to hospital where they x-rayed me to check what I had broken and fortunately is was just my humorous. I was put back into a plaster cast which now meant I could not use my crutches and was forced into a wheelchair. On the way out of hospital, mom nipped into the disabled living shop and came out with a pee bottle and something in a bag.

When we got home, Mom Cindy and Ben all moved the furniture round in the living/dining room by pushing the table up and against the wall and then brought my bed down and into the room so I didn’t have to try and get upstairs. I also had a screen on castors that could be pulled by the side of my bed if I needed some privacy. Mom said something to Cindy and she left the room whilst mom guided me on to my bed and started undressing me. I was too worn out to care or pay any notice until Cindy came back holding a couple of nappies and pins.

I said to my mom

“I’ve already tried that but I can’t get my Baby Pants over my cast”

Mom just told me to hush and lay me back down as she finished undressing me. She then got the two nappies and folded as usual, slid them under my bum whilst easily lifting me to do so. The nappy was pulled up between my legs and pinned in to place. She then got the object out of the bag that she had bought with the pee bottle, they were popper plastic Baby Pants, Baby Pants with poppers at the sides so they could be undone. These were unfastened and slid under my nappy, pulled up between my legs and fastened back together. Mom then gently checked that my nappy was tucked in to my Baby Pants and put one of my sister’s nighties over me as it was easier than my PJ’s.

I lay back nice and comfy, back home and in my nappy with my mom. Without even realising I need to go, let a little wee out anyway.

The following day, mom had got me up and changed my nappy for me whilst giving me a bed bath. Clean nightie on, she was able to get me into the wheelchair and took me out onto the patio in the morning sun and left me facing the fence and listening to the radio whilst she went back in to do something.

Sometime later it was starting to get cooler and I called for my mom but she didn’t hear. I was getting a little uncomfortable as I need a no. 2 and I was unable to move myself. Just then Mary appeared at the fence holding the now 4 year old Bella and I knew from the nappies on the line and the bulk between her legs, Bella was still in nappies. I felt a squirt of wee as I saw this and was quite content that some things don’t change.

Mary asked

“How you getting on then, it’s nice to see that you’re back as I noticed your nappies back on the line.”

I blushed a little but still fidgeting, Mary noticed and said

“I can see that you are a bit uncomfortable and have seen enough little ones fidget like that to know why. Your mom has put you in a nappy for a reason and she wouldn’t put you in a nappy if she didn’t expect you to use it!”

I thought for a second then let my bladder go followed by my bowels.

Mary said

“That’s better then”

as she could obviously see my nappy getting wet up my nightie with how I was sitting.

And then Bella said

“Is Gary wetting his nappy?”

As she could obviously see as well.

Mary phoned my mom to say I need her and my mom appeared a few seconds later to say that her and Cindy had found an old photo album and had lost track of time looking through it.

Mary told her I probably needed changing and was moved back inside and to my bed where mom then changed my dirty nappy for me without any complaints.

The following day Mom me and Cindy went out shopping with me in my wheelchair and nappy. We stopped at a sports shop and got me some baggy tracksuit bottoms with poppers at the side and we were able to get these over my cast and cover me up a bit better.

I had some mates come round a couple of weeks later and they persuaded mom to let them take me out down the pub. Mom took me down in the car and got me out into my wheelchair, she had made sure to change my nappy just before we left so I had a nice clean double nappy and Baby Pants on under my tracksuit bottoms.

I was taken down to our usual pub where everybody knew us and I was given plenty of space with everybody telling me that they were glad I had made it through. Being part of a gang of mates all riding motorbikes, we had lost a few friends and fortunately I wasn’t one. One of my ex-girlfriends, Cassie was there and she said

“I’ll look after you.”

And she was quite happy to push me to the next pub when it was decided we were moving. Cassie asked

“Do you want to go to the loo first”

but I said

“I’m OK at the moment thanks”

This surprised Cassie as I was always going to the loo when we were together. Cassie asked again

“Are you sure?”

and I said

“I’ve already been”

Cassie was really curious now and I had dropped myself in it. Cassie asked

“How does that work, I’ve been by you since your mom dropped you off and I know you haven’t been in the toilets yet”

I called her closer and told her

“I’m wearing a nappy and I went in my nappy”

Then I saw a wave of realisation pass over her.

She leant over me and pushed her hand into the top of my nappy to see if I was wet, feeling some dampness, she said

“I’ll help you at the next pub if you’ve got clean nappies with you as they have a disabled loo”

Cassie pushed me to the next pub and straight into the loos locking the door behind her. She got me to stand whilst she undid my tracksuit bottoms, popper Baby Pants and wet nappy. She wiped me down with baby wipes and then put two nappies together on my wheelchair and got me to sit down whilst she pinned it on. She then got me to stand again whilst checking the nappy was on tight enough then popper Baby Pants were put back on followed by my tracksuit bottoms. With a gentle tap on my freshly padded bum I was back in my wheelchair and then into the pub.

Around 9:30 it was getting late for me so Cassie took me back to where we had agreed that mom would pick me up.

When mom arrived she got out and thanked Cassie

“Oh thank you so much for taking him out and looking after him”

Cassie smiled and said

“No problem, I’m doing pre-nursing at college anyway and we’ve covered some of this in theory so a chance at a practical was good. I’ve changed his nappy and his wet ones are in the carrier bag where his dry ones were.”

Cassie stood looking very pleased with herself.

Cassie then helped me in to mom’s car and helped mom put my wheelchair in the boot, she then came to my door and kissed me on the cheek saying

“Until next time”

And then bouncing off down the street back to the pub and our gang.


I’m now 20 and I’ve still got a 26” waist and can still wear baby nappies and Baby Pants. Since my accident, it is now obvious that I don’t just like nappies but I need nappies. Again I am wearing a nappy for bed every night and it is wet every morning. I still come downstairs first thing wearing my wet nappy while I have breakfast and will quite often wet it again whilst doing so. We have now discovered disposable nappies and the biggest I have found are Peauduce Babyslips. I can get away with a single terry nappy and a disposable nappy as a liner. This way if I catch it right, I can pull the disposable nappy out a slide a new one in without having to change completely and the disposables are so absorbent, but they do swell up as I found out with my jeans. I had put my new double nappy combination on and then my jeans and was quite convinced it was very discreet.

Me and mom had gone out for the day as she wanted to go to the garden centre and I went with her. I had wet a few times whilst walking about when I realised that my jeans were getting tighter. I stopped to look in a mirror and there was no mistaking the outline of my nappy front and back with how it was swelling, it looked like triple nappies and inflated balloon in the back of jeans.

Mom just laughed and said

“No one will notice and no one will care if they do notice”

so I just went along with her.

We got back to the building and mom told me to wait there whilst she went back to the car. She came back a few minutes later holding my rucsac that doubles as my Nappy Bag and led me into a disabled toilet.

In no time at all mom had me on the pull out changing cabinet and took my jeans off me. She then picked my legs and pulled my Baby Pants off before unpinning my nappy and pulling it down. The terry nappy was still dry and just my disposable very wet and swollen. Mom pulled this from under me and balled it up in to the nappy disposal bin. She then got a clean disposable from my Nappy Bag and positioned it under me and up between my legs before pulling my terry nappy back up between my legs and pinning it in place. Off the table and standing up while mom pulled my baby pants up and tucked the edges in and then my jeans were pulled up. I was back to being discreet inside 2 minutes. Moms are good at this.

As New Year’s eve came round, mom told me that we had been invited to another of her friends to see the new year in. On the evening we were to go, I went up to my room and mom had left me a shirt, trousers, two terry nappies and baby pants. I looked at her and them my pile of clothes as she went past and she said two terries have more capacity than the disposable and don’t swell up as much. She then came in and pinned them on me followed by my baby pants. I finished getting dressed and met her downstairs and then we were off with my obligatory nappy bag on the back seat.

On arrival we went in and started all of the normal welcomes and introductions. I was a bit bored at first and sat in the study reading a book as there was nothing else to do. Then another couple turned up with their daughter Clare. Clare was thin as a rake and looked about 12 although when we were introduced, I was told she was 17.

The most remarkable thing for me though is that Clare was wearing skin tight bottoms and she looked like she had a discreet nappy bulge front and back. I felt my old famous squirt of wee in my nappy as I was looking at her. Clare was very shy and hiding behind her parents initially but we eventually started chatting.

We moved into the small study to get away from the adults and just chatting everything and nothing. I kept glancing at her slight bulges in her pants and I think she was doing the same with mine. We had been sitting on different chairs but after getting some nibbles and drinks from the buffet, we returned to the study and sitting together. She was hesitant to drink the coke I had got her, she said

“I shouldn’t drink that because it makes me wee”

I smiled at her as I took it away and put it on the side,

“No problem”

I said

“You don’t have to drink it you don’t want to in fact you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want”

Clare blushed and looked away from me

“There is one thing that I want to do though”

She said

“What’s that?”

I asked

“I want to kiss you”

Clare replied

“That’s easy then”

I said as I leant towards her and softly brushed our lips together.

Squirt as I went in my nappy, I wasn’t expecting that but it was nice.

We leant in again as we slowly built up the kisses and the connection with each other and our arms around each other. I felt as her hand slowly slid down my back and under the back of my shirt. I was ready for the rejection as she felt the top of my baby pants and the terry nappy within but she just hugged me tighter, I could feel her fingers feeling between my Baby Pants and my nappy. Squirt as I went in my nappy.

I then let my hand drift down her back to the back of her blouse, Claire kissing me more passionately even with what she now knew as my hand descended down and then under the back of her blouse to the back of trouser waistband and then I felt it, the soft smooth plastic of a disposable nappy sticking out the top of her trousers.
I jerked as I had a massive squirt of wee into my now damp nappy.

Clare felt it and asked

“Are you ok?”

I just gazed into her eyes and said

“Yes, more than OK.”

“What was it”

she asked.

“Nothing really, but it’s taken care of”

I replied

“Come on, tell me”

She pushed

“Just a little unexpected reaction”

I countered

“Did you just wet your nappy?”

She asked

“A little”

I confirmed

“and you”

I enquired

“No, I just can’t get to the toilet fast enough when I need to go and so I keep wetting my knickers. Normally I just wear a pad for school but they aren’t very good and leak a lot so mom gets me nappies for when we go out, they are really slim and discreet until they get wet and then they expand.”

As I looked at her sitting there nervously I could hear a feint hiss and looked down to see her rapidly expanding nappy in her trousers.

Squirt Squirt Squirt, then a steady hiss as I was now wetting my nappy too completely without control.

“Are you wet too, was that what I could hear?”

She asked

“I am now, you stay here and I’ll find your mom. That will save you having to walk in front of everybody with your nappy showing”

I told her.

I got up and went into the main room where the adults were, quickly found Clare’s mom and whispered

“Clare needs a hand.”

Clare’s mom came back with me and they went upstairs carrying a bag. They came back 5 minutes later with Clare obviously in a clean nappy as it was discreet again. Clare’s mom asked me

“Do you need your nappy changing too?”

but I just shrugged it off saying

“I’m OK thank you.”

I asked Clare

“How does she know I’m wearing a nappy?”

Clare shrugged and said

“I told her, I told her we were kissing and my hand was on your back and I could feel your nappy and Baby Pants and then we were still kissing even though I knew and then your hand felt my nappy and you and you jumped and then you wet your nappy.”

I smiled, I had to love this girl.

Mom then appeared and told me to come with her and I was lead upstairs to the bathroom. Mom came in with me and locked the door before undoing my trousers and getting me to lie on the floor. My Baby Pants were pulled off my nappy and my wet nappies unpinned and removed. Balled up in to a carrier bag inside my nappy bag, two more clean nappies were pulled out and pinned in place. I was stood up and my baby pants pulled up followed by my trousers.

“That should see you through”

Mom said as she followed me out of the bathroom and back downstairs.

I met back up with Clare in the study and she asked

“Has you mom just changed your nappy too?”


I confirmed, oh yes.