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Hello everyone. I’ve been lurking and reading around this forum for a long time, so I figure its about time I leave a mark. More specifically one in the form of a story.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Just a heads up though, i probably won’t update often, seeing as I’m busy cough[sub]lazy[/sub]cough

Evelyn Pierce sat at her kitchen table looking at the picture of her late husband that hung on the wall. The picture had been taken not two weeks before he died in a car crash. It was lovely and formally composed, the last outing they had had together. Evelyn’s husband had died almost two years ago, and since then Evelyn had cut herself off from the outside world. It wasn’t the same without him.

Evelyn and her husband were very into infantilism, or less formal ABDL. He had cared for his little Eva, and she missed that terribly. She couldn’t do any of the childish things she once loved, they only brought her loneliness.

Luckily, after his death money was no longer an issue by any stretch of the imagination. Evelyn’s husband had brought home a steady paycheck from an office job, and Evelyn was an author. One of her books, sold under a pen name, became quite popular and brought in quite some money. Between this, some luck in the stocks, Evelyn’s husband’s life insurance, and suing the drunk driver that had killed him, Evelyn had quite a lot of money put on the side and more coming in from each book.

But, as has been said, money can’t buy happiness.
Evelyn let out a sigh that echoed through her empty house. Then a thought came to her.
‘Money can’t buy happiness, but it may be able to buy some company.’

Jessica Miles sat across the table from Evelyn and looked her over. Evelyn was a cute 26 year old girl, but she could pass for much younger. She barely stood 5’1", had her brown hair in a low ponytail, quite a flat chest, and not an extra pound on her. If Jessica didn’t know any better she may have guessed Evelyn was 14, maybe 16 at most.

Taking her eyes from Evelyn, Jessica began reading the contract in her hands. Jessica was a nanny in need of work, quite badly at this point and would have taken almost any job. Luckily, this wasn’t any job. The job was for a live in nanny. The duties were, but not limited too, cooking, cleaning, and what appeared to be caring for a child. The wage was incredible, with compensation upon quitting (if she worked at least two weeks), and a lot of assistance for insurances. The only odd part was the NDA, to which Evelyn only said “I like my privacy.” Jessica quickly signed the contract and passed it to Evelyn, who looked it over and smiled.

Evelyn put the contract aside and looked over Jessica. She was a beautiful woman in her early thirties, but she had a timeless look to her. She stood at a daunting 5’11", and had red hair that fell just past her shoulders. Jessica also had a few extra, not to make her fat, but did make her appear more friendly. This weight also settled in her bottom, but mostly her chest, both of which had caught Evelyn’s eye for a bit too long.

“I assume you read the contract thoroughly?” Evelyn asked Jessica.

“Yes Miss Pierce.”

“Please, Evelyn is fine. And you’re aware of the NDA and its implications?”

“I am. Although I don’t see the necessity of it” Jessica replied, as much an inquiry as a statement.

Evelyn sighed and began to fidget. This is the part where she lost 3 other candidates. "There is one thing the contract did not mention that makes the NDA a necessity. And after hearing this you may leave if you wish. " Evelyn then told Jessica how her husband had died. “You may have noticed that the contract implied you would be caring for a child, but I don’t have one.”

Jessica had noticed this. There were no signs of a child in the house.

“My husband used to treat me as a baby, and I miss that care and closeness. The short of it is that you would be caring for me as if I was a baby.” Evelyn paused. “If you wish to leave you may. The contract allows you to quit at any time with no repercussions.”

Jessica didn’t know how to respond. It was odd to say the least, but she had taken care of babies before, maybe an older one wouldn’t be so bad? Besides, she really needed the money.
“What does that involve?” Jessica asked.

Evelyn looked up with shock in her eyes. “Bathing, feeding, diaper changes, and perhaps the occasional outing. Pretty much everything you would do for an actual baby.”

Jessica had one last question. “Would there be anything sexual involved?”

Evelyn began to smile. She didn’t expect to get this far at all. “No. I wouldn’t ask that of you.”

Jessica paused. The money was good. Damn good. And she needed it. “Where will I be sleeping?”

Evelyn took her new nanny and led her upstairs to the guest room to put her things away. The house was a 4 bed 3 bath house, which had been quite empty for too long.

After letting Jessica get settled Evelyn began the tour of the house. Downstairs was the kitchen, dining room, living room (complete with a couch, loveseat, large tv, coffee table and even a fireplace), an office area, and a bathroom. Upstairs had a much more interesting array of rooms. There was the master bedroom and bathroom (with a tub far too large for someone of Evelyn’s size), another bathroom in the hall, Jessica’s room, another guest room, and a locked door.

Jessica wondered what was behind it, but the suspense was short lived as Evelyn pulled out a key. As the door opened all Jessica could think was one word; pink. Jessica stepped into the room, blinked a couple times and tried again; pink.

As odd as it was to Jessica, she had to admit it was impressive. There was a pink crib fit for a twin size mattress, covered in pink Disney princess sheets, and with drawers beneath it. On top of the sheets sat five stuffed animals, but there were many more in the corner. Next to the pile was a pink toybox, no doubt full of toys fit for a child. There was a closet in the wall whose door was open, showing off juvenile clothes of all sorts, from overalls to footie pajamas, to dresses a child would wear to a formal event. The in the corner across from the toys was a rocking chair. The last piece of furniture was a changing table, pink, about as long as the crib, but more narrow. The table was fitted with many drawers, no doubt filled with supplies. But the table also had a large gap in the middle, which was filled with diapers of different kinds. This all sat on a pink carpet and was backdropped by walls that were painted pink about three feet high, and off white the rest of the way, the border covered in a print consisting of letters, numbers, blocks, toys, and other things befitting a nursery. Besides all this, the only word Jessica’s mind could grasp was ‘pink’.

“What do you think?” Evelyn asked meekly, afraid Jessica may still flee.

“It’s impressive,” Jessica said, regaining her composure. “No expense was spared. Although I have to say; it’s very pink.”

Evelyn let out her first giggle in two years. It was pink. Just as she wanted it. She had picked out everything in it, except some of the toys, stuffies, and diapers.

“It was a pink nursery for a baby girl. It seemed appropriate,” Evelyn told Jessica. “And that’s the house. The basement and attic are used mainly for storage. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’m aware you’re likely new to this and I want to help ad much as possible.”

“I do have a few questions. First, you mentioned outings before. What’s the money situation in that regard?” Jessica felt guilty asking about money so early, but it would have happened eventually.

“I’ll be taking care of that,” responded Evelyn. “There’s a money box in your room for business expenses. Just leave receipts when you use it.”

“Ok. Second, what do you want me to call you?”

“Eva. It’s childish. And any pet names will be fine too. Whatever you’re most comfortable with.”

Jessica gave a smile and relaxed a little. Eva was less intimidating than Evelyn. “Alright Eva. And lastly, what do you want to call me?”

“I’ll leave that to you. I’d prefer something that a child would likely call you.”

“How about Nanny Jess?”

“That’s perfect with me,” said Eva with content. “It’s getting late and its been quite a day. How about we call it an evening and we can begin all this tomorrow?”

“Alright Eva. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Nanny Jess.”

And with that both women retired to their rooms.

Eva took a long shower, taking care to remove all her body hair for tomorrow, and enjoying the fact that the house was no longer empty. She then proceeded to dry off, brush her teeth and hair, change into her pajamas, and crawled into her bed.

All the while Jessica did something similar. After her shower routine and changing, she sat on her new bed.

‘What did I get myself into?’ she thought to herself. It was money, and she desperately needed it, but changing this woman’s diapers? Treating her like a baby? This was too much, wasn’t it?

Jessica took a deep breath and thought about it. She was still nanny-ing, just for a bigger baby and she would be making Eva happy. If it was too bad she could always quit. Jessica was happy with this conclusion.

Unable to sleep, she explored the room a bit. Everything was empty for her to fill with her clothes and miscellaneous things. She then came to the money box and looked into it. She looked quickly, but there appeared to be about $2,000 in 50’s, 20’s, 10’s, 5’s, and 1’s. For some reason the sight made Jessica relax.

‘I guess I don’t have to worry about money if I work here then.’

And with that thought Jessica went to bed as well.

That’s the end of the first chunk. I just hope the format didn’t mess up.

Feel free to comment, criticize, and the like.

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I don’t usually like commenting on first chapters but the premise seems interesting. I’m glad for the rush through the monetary situation. She’s loaded, and in a way that could theoretically happen. In and out. Otherwise… Not much to say… It’s only chapter one so can’t talk about character, plot or much else really.

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I really like where this is going. It could have a really fun direction. Thanks for writing it.

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for what my cents is worth I really liked part one and hope you will continue I am writing something close except she had won a lotto ticket.

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I love it so far, it’s setup perfectly: gets the intro out of the way. I can’t say much else this early on, though.

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I’m keen to see where it goes. :slight_smile:

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I liked that sex wasn’t a condition of the arrangement

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Thanks everyone! I’m pretty much writing this story for myself. One of the things I like personally is realism. I don’t want trite characters or people acting out of character (such as a regular nanny agreeing to sex as part of her job). In also leaving room for the characters to grow organically rather than by deus ex machina.

Hopefully I’ll update before long and hopefully you guys will enjoy it.

Note: if anyone can come up with a better name for the story please let me know. I couldn’t think of one then decided it wasn’t important enough to keep thinking.

Have fun!

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The title actually drew me in, I think it works. :slight_smile:

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The title’s fine for now, maybe you’ll think of a better one as the story develops. Nothing has happened to really inspire a title so far.

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Hey guys! I stopped being lazy for a while and managed to write some more. Still a little slow going, but it’s progressing. Feel free to comment, criticize, make suggestions, whatever. Anything is appreciated.

As morning came around, so did Eva. She had always been a morning person, but never this early. Still, she was awake and restless, so she decided to get on with her day. Eva had a small, quick breakfast of cereal and milk then proceeded to write a few chapters for her book. The book itself was slow going, and often was a chore to write, but that tends to be how the story starts.

As 8:30 rolled around, Eva had made some progress on her outline, some more character ideas, and another chapter. There were three reasons she stopped. First, she felt it was good to move at a continuous pace; it was a marathon, not a sprint. Second, her breakfast was beginning to catch up with her. Eva was in no immediate danger of wetting herself, but she was due for a trip to the little girls room. Lastly, she had been taken aback by the sound of movement in the house. Not used to her Nanny yet, the noise gave her a fright.

Jessica woke up and was out of bed a little before 8. Although she was not at all a morning person, being a nanny had set her internal clock for early. Figuring her charge would likely not be up until 9, she prepared herself for the day ahead (as best she could) and stepped out of her room at 8:30.

As she left her room, Jessica noticed that Eva’s door was open, and, upon checking, also noticed Eva was not still asleep.

Jessica made her way downstairs cautiously, half expecting Eva to pop out and startle her, and the other half still wary of being in a new house. Fortunately, Jessica made her way to the kitchen without any indecent, but this did leave her wondering where Eva was.

Putting the thought aside for the moment, Jessica started making pancakes for herself and her charge.

A few minutes later Eva was drawn from her office by the enticing smell of food. Deciding to put off using the bathroom for now, she quickly made her way downstairs towards the source of the smell.

“Good morning Nanny,” Eva said as she entered the kitchen.

“Morning Eva. How did you sleep?”

“Pretty good. I did wake up early though. I felt a bit restless.” Eva sat down at the kitchen table and began kicking her feet. “I did get some work done though. How did you sleep?”

“I slept well, thank you for asking.” Jessica brought a plate of pancakes to the table and sat down across from Eva. “So what’s the plan for today?”

Eva gave a pause. “I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it.”

“Then how about we finish breakfast, get you into some clothes, and go from there?”

“Sounds good,” said Eva, and with that they dug in.

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I hope you get more inspired soon!:):slight_smile: lol I like your story already better then I did my own lol

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Hey, I really enjoyed the story, do you mind continuing?
If not do you mind if I continue it for you?

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For some reason, being asked if someone else can take over made me want to write something else. I guess I’m protective of my OC’s.

As breakfast was being finished, Eva and Jessica approached a point that both were nervous about; how were they going to progress? Eva felt it would be best to ease her Nanny into the dynamic, too much all at once would surely be overwhelming and the last thing Eva wanted was to scare Jessica off. Eva decided to, seemingly out of character, take the lead.

“How about we go to the movies today?” Eva asked.

“That sounds like a plan,” Jessica responded, being careful not to make her relief apparent. “What would you like to see?”

“I’m not sure what’s playing. How about you look up what’s playing that’s appropriate for a little girl and I’ll go get dressed?”

Jessica wasn’t quite sure what to say. On one hand she wasn’t looking forward to the awkwardness of tasks like dressing Eva, but on the other she was being paid to do a job. Jessica also felt that diving in head first would be the best way to get used to this, but decided that, for today at least, to follow Eva’s lead. “I’ll do that. Will you be OK getting dressed all by yourself?”

Eva felt a tingle in her chest when she heard that. She missed this feeling. “I’m a big girl,” she said, trying to sound like that held at least some truth. “I can handle dressing myself.”

Jessica stood up and quickly started clearing the table. Eva, remembering she didn’t have to help, enjoyed the feeling more before scurrying off. Without a second thought, Eva went to her nursery to pick out her clothes for the day.

Jessica cleaned up the table, quickly put the dishes into the dishwasher, and went to the computer to look for a movie. She quickly went to the computer and looked up movies in the nearby theaters. Jessica found a new animated children’s movie that should be too bad for adults as well. She got some cash from the box in her room, grabbed her purse, and waited by the door for Eva.

As Eva entered her nursery, she wondered what she should wear. She quickly stripped off her pajamas and began looking through her clothes. First she needed to decide on her underwear. Eva considered this and decided “underwear” might not be the appropriate word to use. She was currently considering a variety of big girl undies, such as pull-ups, training pants, and even panties (which were barely touched).

Eva decided on a pull-up. They could easily handle a light wetting from her, and possibly even a heavier one if she was lucky. Eva took the pull-up and stepped into it, and pulled it up to her crotch, enjoying something she hadn’t done in a while. She gave her “big girl undies” a gentle rub on the front and a pad on the behind before moving on to the rest of her outfit.

Eva quickly decided on a pair of pink overalls embroidered with a butterfly, a white tee shirt, as well as socks and sneakers. On her way out of the nursery she grabbed her cat-eared hoodie and rushed downstairs, excited for the movie.

A quick chapter/chunk/what I managed to muster enough energy to write.

Feel free to comment, criticize, and the like.

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Yet another good chapter and a good spot to start to unravel the story. From this point in the story u came take the story in multiple directions but I kind of see where this is good but I want to see where u take it soplease keep up the good work. Please continue I want to read more

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Thanks for continuing the story. I’m looking forward to see where it’s going.

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Another Chapter! Making slow progress, but progress none the less. Comments and critiques appreciated as always. Make suggestions as to what should happen next. If I like it I may include it!

As Eva came rushing down the stairs, Jess couldn’t help but stare. Eva looked like a child, maybe no more than 8. She may have been the same height as the average 13 year old, but the clothing took off a few years as well. Jessica looked at Eva’s crotch, wondering what she would see, but realized that most diapers wouldn’t be apparent on an “adult.” Jess also laughed internally at the word “adult” because of the face that this one in particular didn’t want to act like one.

As Eva reached the bottom of the stairs, Jess recomposed herself. As odd as this was, Jess was the adult, and she needed to act like one, even if that meant acting like Eva was a child, or even a toddler.

“Are you ready for the movies?” Jessica asked, curious as to how Eva would respond.

“Yes, Nanny Jess!” Eva tried to contain how excited she was, but utterly failed at it. It had been so long since she was little and she was excited, to put it mildly, to be little again. “So what are we seeing?”

Jess thought about it for a second. “A movie,” she replied. “And it’s one I’m sure you want to see.” Jess may have been a little weirded out about the idea of her “child” being 26, but it was hard not to fall back into the role of nanny regardless. “Do you have everything you need?” Jess meant this to mean ‘Is there anything else you want to bring with you? Such as a pacifier, a bottle, a change, or the like?’ She couldn’t guarantee that Eva would understand or even respond appropriately (she was a child after all), so she waited for a response.

Eva thought about this. “Yep!” she replied.

It was unclear to Jess what this actually meant. It could be a child’s assurance (which meant nothing) or it could be that of an adult (which was comparable to a safeword, meaning nothing more was acceptable). Jess decided she should speak up about this. “Big girl time now; if I cross a line, what would you say?”

Eva was shocked at herself. How could she have come this far without making a safeword? “Red light,” she said. “My safe word is red light.” Eva was glad Jessica caught this before it became an issue.

“Ok,” Jess replied. She then patted Eva’s butt to figure out what she was wearing. To Jess, a woman with more than a few years of diaper experience, it was clear that Eva was wearing a pull-up. “Should I bring a change for you? Just in case?”

Eva, feeling a little more free since a safe word was withing reaching distance, replied “No! I’m not a baby that’s gonna wet themselves.”

Jess, feeling quite a bit similar to Eva, made a judgment call. “How about we pack you a change, just in case?”

Eva began to blush. It had been too long since she had been in this position. She wanted to say yes, but she was nervous. Just as she was about to respond, Jess spoke up.

“Take me to your room, and we can pack a change.” Jess held her purse, grabbed Eva’s hand, and waited for her response.

Eva, meanwhile, was flooded with emotions. She wanted Jess to take her up to the Nursery, force her into a diaper and a skirt that hid nothing. She wanted Jess to take off her bra and give her a laxative. She wanted so many things, but Jess was the acting dom. So instead of letting her emptions take control, Eva led Jess, with some vigor, to the Nursery.

As Eva and Jess went into the Nursery, Eva was still suppressing her need to use the potty. She was playing the child, and this child didn’t like the potty. Well, didn’t like the potty for now at least. As the two of them entered the Nursery again, Jess couldn’t help but notice just how pink it was once again.

Jess began to take another look around the room, looking at all the stuffed animals, looking at the diaper pail, and browsing the closet, almost embarrassed to look at what Eva was doing.

Eva, on the other hand, quickly went to her changing table, grabbed one on her favorite print diapers, as well as travel baby powder and wipes, and offered them to her Nanny. “I don’t need them,” Eva asserted, well aware of the pressure in her bladder, “but here you go.”

Jess slipped them into her bag. Before going, she gave it a second thought. “Maybe we should bring you a change of clothes too. We can leave them in the car, but it would be good to have them. How about a long skirt?”

Jess smiled internally. It was nice to have a caretaker again. And this one, being an actual caretaker, thought like one as well. Eva scurried to her dresser and grabbed a skirt that would cover a diaper, but not go past her knees at the same time. “Like this?” Eva asked innocently.

Jess was familiar with this tone of voice. It was when a child was trying to get away with something. She held up the skirt and examined it. It was black and white in a checkered pattern, but somewhat short. Jess held the skirt up to Eva, realizing it would just be long enough with a diaper. “Are you sure this is the one you want?”

Eva started to blush. She didn’t think Eva would realize how long the skirt was so quickly. That’s what you get for picking a caretaker with quality. “I’m sure,” she responded. “Now lets hurry,” she said, tugging on Jess’ hand. “I don’t want to miss the movie!”

Jess thought for a second, thinking if there was anything else she needed, “Do you have a changing mat?”

Eva gave a small frown and pulled a rolled towel from her drawer.

“Maybe we’ll get you a new one, but this will do for now,” said the Nanny, becoming more comfortable with her position. Jess interlaced her fingers with Eva’s. “Let’s get going, shall we?”

Eva gave a grand smile as both of them headed towards the car.

Make suggestions as to what should happen next. If I like it I may include it! And the comments, good or bad, keep me going. I like knowing people read this!

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Good to see you. Cool that you are continuing to work on it.

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I’ve been reading and apologize for not replying until now:

  1. It’s a shame about the loss of her husband; may he RIP
  2. Something I’d like to see is that she either have an “accident” either upon arrival to the theater or during the movie with the results being some form of scolding to child-Eva along with a change in the middle of the ladies’ room; your call though
  3. It’s good they established something in terms of letting Jess know when Eva starts getting uncomfortable with how something’s going


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Still enjoyable. Try to leave spaces between paragraphs, it greatly improves readability.