My new mom is a kangaroo

The main character of this story is a guy named Pavel. He was 21 years old thin build and 180 centimeters in height.
One day he was walking in the park breathing fresh air. Suddenly, he heard a gentle female voice behind him and turned around.
He saw a pink plush kangaroo with a bright belly twice its height with a big chest and a bag on the belly.

  • Hi my name is Amida, and you?
  • me? My name is Pavel.
  • Very nice. Why do you look so scared?
  • I’m really a little scared. Well, do not be afraid of me silly, I will not do you any harm. Now mommy will put her new son in her bag and we will go home.
  • What are you doing? I don’t want your bag and you’re not my mom.
  • What a naughty boy. But mom knows how to calm him down.
    Amida, cooing gently, took Kicking Paul into the cradle and pressed her to her chest.
  • Now mommy will feed her breast and you will fall asleep baby.
    She sent her nipple into Paul’s mouth. But he began to resist and tightly closed his mouth.
  • Resistance is useless silly.
    She massaged her breasts and sprinkled a fountain of milk. Paul held his breath as much as he could. But in the end he still had to open
    a mouth to take a breath of air and at that moment a nipple was put in his mouth. And a stream of milk splashed into his mouth.
    His resistance was crushed. When her milk touched the taste buds. This taste was just divine. And he began to suck the breast.
    And he did not notice how he fell asleep. Amide smiled and put it in her bag. And she said to herself. Well now we can go home.
    Paul woke up in some room. looking at her, he realized that it was a child. And he was lying in a big cot and a diaper on it.
    Oh who is this we woke up. He heard a familiar voice. Looking to the top, he saw his kidnapper.
  • Are you probably wet?
  • Now Mommy will change your clothes.
    He wanted her to ask where he is and why the diaper is on him. But as soon as he opened his mouth she put a pacifier with a strap into his mouth and fastened it behind the back of his head.
    He tried to protest, but only a lowing word came out of his mouth. You better not resist baby. And then she spanked warned.
    She gently took him in her arms and carried him to the changing table. Putting it on the changing table and took from the bottom shelf everything you need to change the diaper.
    She lifted his legs and put a new diaper over the old one and lowered her legs. She undid the old diaper and raised her legs again
    one paw threw the old diaper in a bucket. She took out a damp napkin and began to wipe it clean. She then took out the baby powder and powdered its bottom and
    balls with faucet. Dropped her legs and fastened a fresh diaper. Now dress my baby gently cooed it. And got out of the closet which stood at
    changing table jumpsuit kangaroo plush. Now you will become my kengurenk she gently cooed. Pavel saw the jumpsuit nervously began to suck on the nipple.
    Amide, holding in her jumpsuit, went to the changing table on which Paul lay and nervously sucked the nipple. Opening the zipper on the jumpsuit, she began to wear
    him on paul. Paul thought to resist but remembering the warnings decided not to risk it. Amide first shoved his legs into his trouser legs with sewn booties
    which resembled the lower paws. Then she thrust her hands into the sewn sleeves that resembled her front paws. She closed the jumpsuit with a zipper before
    put the hood on her head, she unbuttoned and pulled a nipple from his mouth. Paul tried to ask Amide what was going on? But from his mouth came the baby talk.
    He looked scared at Amida. Little kenguryat do not know how to speak she gently cooed. With these words, she wore a hood and took it to the cradle
    and brought it to her right breast. Now we feed our baby she cooed and gave him a breast. Pavel immediately sucked on the nipple and began to drink milk eagerly.
    When he emptied the right breast. Amide put it and gave the left breast. Paul sucking his left breast began to fall asleep. When milk is over in the left breast
    He was already fast asleep. Amide gently tore him from his chest and put him deep in his bag. Now you my kenguryonok with a radiant smile cooed she stroking
    bulge in the abdomen.
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I notice the user name is in Russian, so perhaps this story outline was run through a translator? And the kangaroo certainly is original. I haven’t seen that before.

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Thank you for the praise. The original of this story was indeed translated from Russian into English via googol. I will reveal the secret. This story was inspired by a couple of biographies of monster moms who were deviantart.