my new life...story of an lg/ab girl

This is the story of a young woman who gets treated the way she acts by her husband.
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-little baby girl

I heard my phone ring and I see it’s my husband, John. I pick up saying, “What?”
“Well, hello to you too darling.”
“What’s up?”
“I need the house for the weekend so could you possible stay at one of your friends’ houses?”
“Sure…why do you need the house for the entire weekend?”
“I just need to have a little me-time”
“Okay, well are you okay? Is there anything I can do for you?”
“No baby, just make sure you come home for dinner on Sunday at 6 okay?”
“Of course. I’m stopping by the house now to get my things and I’ll see you Sunday.”
“Okay. I’m still at work. Bye babe, I love you.”
“Love you too.”
Well that was weird, I thought. What did he need the house for? “Me-time” my ass.
Even with those thoughts I went and got some stuff for the weekend and stayed at my girlfriend’s house.

I had a lot of fun with my friends that I didn’t really think about John’s weird attitude as per our last phone call. I had given him space and hadn’t called him all weekend and he didn’t call me. I was just starting to remember how odd his request was to have to house to himself for the weekend as I parked my car in the driveway of our house at 6:10. I’m usually a stickler for being on time but there was a lot of traffic coming from my friend’s house. I got out of the car and I see John waiting at the door and he holds it open for me.
“Well, look who decided to show up.”
I kiss him on the lips and say “I’m sorry hun, there was so much traffic on the highway.”
I start to make my way to our bedroom but John stands in my way and grabs my arm.
“Jenny, we need to have a talk.”
Well that doesn’t sound good. “Okay, what’s going on?”
“This weekend I have had a lot of time to think and make some changes around the house. I’ve been thinking about your immature behavior. You act more like a child than an adult. Your childish behavior and mannerisms have gotten me thinking about how you should be treated.”
Okay….? “What do you mean how I should be treated?”
At that, he chuckled. “Well honey I can’t treat you like an adult if you act like a child, so this weekend I have decided for the time being and until I decide that you are mature enough, you will treated as a baby.”
Upon hearing this, I am kindof shocked. He has to be joking. He can’t just treat me like a baby, I’m twenty four years old.
I kind of laugh at him as though this is some huge prank and say “Okay, yeah whatever.” and I start to push by him to go to our room.
This time though he blocks me and won’t let me through.
“John! Move! I need to unpack my clothes!”
“Jenny, I am not joking. I am going to be treating you like a baby from now on.”
John suddenly slaps me across the face and says, “Little girls do not talk like that!”
Then he grabs me and tries to carry me to his chair in the living room. I try to kick and squirm my way out of his grip, but even with my athletic 5’5" 125 lb build, I am no match for his 6’2" muscular strength. I am yelling and kicking and putting up a good fight until he forcefully lays me down on across his lap and pulls down my pants and starts spanking me.
Soon I stop kicking and I start crying because his spanks hurt. I go limp in his lap and as soon as I do, he stops spanking me.
“Finally.” he says. “Now we can get you dressed for dinner.”
I’m in a daze now because I am exhausted from crying as John pulls up my pants a little and carries me to our spare bedroom.
“This is going to be your new nursery sweetheart.”
He opens the door and I see a baby’s nursery. Except that everything is bigger. And everything is pink and white. The theme of the room is Disney Princesses and almost everything has a Disney Princess on it.
John carries me over to the pink changing table and lays me down. He straps a stomach restraint on me to keep my belly down and then hand restraints for my hands to both corners.
I try to plead with him, “Please John, don’t do this. I promise I’ll act like more of an adult. Please don’t diaper me, I’m not a baby.”
He doesn’t answer anything I have said, he just bends down and grabs something and then I see it’s an oversized pacifier and all of a sudden it’s in my mouth. John had put a stretchy band around it so that once it’s in my mouth, he could pull the band over my head to make sure I couldn’t spit the pacifier out. Then he started to talk.
"My little baby I don’t want you to change who you are. I love that you are childish and now I get to take care of you as a child. But as the new baby of the house you have some rules you need to follow:

  1. Diapers are to be used for their intended purposes and you may not use the toilet at all. Unless I try to potty train you and you are wearing pull ups, you will be allowed to use a training potty but that’s it.
  2. You are also not allowed to change your own diaper. You’re only a baby and babies don’t change their own diapers.
  3. You will call me Daddy because that is what I am to you from now on, your Daddy.
  4. You will speak only in baby talk.
  5. If you are naughty you will be spanked or punished.
    Nod your head if you understand."
    Tears were rolling down my face as I nodded my head.
    “Okay then baby, let’s get you into your first diaper!”
    He picked up a very large diaper with baby prints on it and lifted my butt and slid the diaper underneath me. Then he got some diaper cream and rubbed it onto my burning butt and in my diaper area. He looked at my diaper area and stated,
    “I’m really happy that you love getting Brazilian waxes so much because it makes keeping your diaper area clean so much easier.”
    Then he got the baby powder and sprinkled it on my diaper area. The smell reminded me of my actual childhood and how I had used to change diapers when i babysat in my teenage years. ‘How ironic’ I thought, ‘that the babysitter is now the baby.’
    Daddy then taped the sides of the diaper on. Then he bends down and picks up a pair of pink ruffly plastic panties and he holds them up so I can see them.
    “Now won’t my little baby girl look so adorable in these plastic panties?”
    I started to cry through the pacifier because this was too embarassing. Daddy slides the plastic panties up over the diaper and then undoes the restraints and takes the strap off my pacifier. He lifts me up into his arms so that my head is on his shoulder and my legs are wrapped around his waist. I am crying softly into his shoulder and he rubs my back and says, “It’s okay baby, everything is going to be okay.”
    Then, Daddy sits me up on the changing table and bends down and goes through a drawer to find the biggest onesie I have ever seen. It’s white with pink on the sleeves and Disney Princesses on it. Daddy pulls the onesie over my head and then tells me to stay still. He walks away and then comes back with a hair brush and two hair things. He makes a part down the middle of my head and brushes one side of my hair into a pig tail and then does the same for the other side. He steps back and takes a look to see if it looks good and exclaims,
    “What a pretty little baby I have!” With that, he picks me up and carries me over to the huge mirror in my nursery.
    I take one glance at myself and think, Who is that big baby? and then I realize, oh wait, that’s me.
    I looked over me and Daddy’s reflections. His handsome features stand out against my childish ones. He was holding me on his hip, as any parent with an infant would do, and my huge diaper was blatantly obvious beneath my onesie. I turn my head away and start to sob, humiliated by what I looked like.
    Again, Daddy comforts me by rubbing my back and I feel a little better. He carries me to the kitchen and I saw there was a new addition to the table, a huge red high chair. Daddy explained to me that this would be my new seat at meals as he undid the tray area, sat me down and then locked me in. Then Daddy came over with a big pink plastic bib, that said “Daddy’s girl” on it and tied it around my neck. I felt so babyish and helpless sitting in a highchair with a bib tied on, wearing a diaper and onesie that I just lost it. I was crying and thrashing and kicking to try to get out. I kept saying, “GET ME OUT!” and “I’M NOT A BABY!”. Even though I was upset, I didn’t use anymore curse words for the fear of being spanked again. Daddy just stood and watched and I continued this for about ten more minutes until I was too exhausted and too cried out to yell and kick anymore. My face is tear streaked and I was sniffling. Then Daddy comes over with a wet towel and starts to wipe my face a little. I struggle like any baby would do to get away from the towel but he over powers me. When he’s done he looks at me for a few seconds before asking, “Are you done?”
    I look up at him and say “Yes” very quietly.
    “Yes what?”
    “Yes daddy.”
    “Good. I suspected that that would happen because Babies are supposed to have temper tantrums. But now it is dinner time and I’m going to feed you your dinner. You are going to eat some baby food and some adult food because I know you need your nutrition. Sometimes I will feed you and other times I will let you be a big girl and feed yourself. Tonight after your immature behavior I am going to feed you. You’re going to be having peas and macaroni and cheese.”
    Daddy goes over to the cabinets and gets two jars of baby food peas and then a baby plate with mac and cheese on it. He gets a rubber coated baby spoon and scoops up some mac and cheese and says “Open wide!” I open my mouth and Daddy gets some in my mouth and some on my face.
    He continues to do that for the whole plate until my face is all messy with macaroni and cheese on it. He chuckles at me and says “Well I’ve certainly got a messy baby on my hands!” Then he opens up one jar of peas and scoops it up and feed it me like the mac and cheese. After he finishes feeding me both jars, Daddy cleans my face up with a towel and he takes off my bib. Then he takes the dishes to the sink and gets two bottles out of the fridge. He puts them both in the microwave and then cleans up the table before unlocking me from the high chair and picking me up. Then the microwave beeped to let us know the bottles were ready.
    Daddy carries me to the couch and he sits down with me and puts my head in his lap. He says, “Okay baby girl, it’s time for your baba. Open wide.” And he stuck the bottle in my mouth and fed it to me. It was warm milk which actually tasted okay. As soon as I had finished the first bottle, Daddy had the next bottle in my mouth ready for me to drink. It was hard to finish because I was so full from dinner and the first bottle but I managed. After I had finished it, Daddy had grabbed a dish towel and put it on his shoulder and then picked me up so that my stomach was facing his and my head next to his with my legs locked around his waist. Then he started to rub my back and all of a sudden I felt this gas bubble come up from my stomach and then I hear it.
    The loudest burp I had ever heard before.
    And it had came from me.
    Daddy laughed and said “Well baby you must feel a lot better now!” He put me down on the floor on a soft pink blanket that he had laid out and told me to play with some of my toys before bed time.
    Everything was starting to sink in again, like before and I was getting angry that I was being treated like a baby. So I start yelling again,
    “Stop it!!! I am NOT a baby!”
    I start ripping out my pig tails and undoing my onesie. I am nearly at my diaper when Daddy comes over and picks me up. I am fighting and struggling with him but he still manages to get me over his knee and he starts spanking me. I start crying instantly but he keeps at it for another two minutes. When he’s done I am bawling my eyes out, crying so much that’s its hard to breathe. Daddy has me in his arms trying to comfort me. I try to say “I don’t want to be a baby.” but I am crying so hard that only half of that sentence comes out. Daddy picks me up with my head on his shoulder and my legs wrapped around him and he starts cooing at me saying that everything will be okay as he rubs my back. My crying decreases and soon I’m only sniffling.
    Then Daddy sits me on the couch and then kneels in front of me.
    “Sweetheart. I know right now this is hard for you, but this isn’t a punishment. I am doing this for you. I want you to be treated the way you act. If you acted like a twenty four year old girl all the time then I would have never done this to you, but you don’t. I know that instead of going out to the bars with your girlfriends, you’d rather stay in and watch animated movies with me and snuggle and suck your thumb. I know that you spill your drinks when you pour them and that you always drip food on your shirt. I am not using these examples as a means of divorcing you as my wife, but as a way to get closer to you and treat you the way you should be treated. You might not like this now, but I think you are going to eventually love this baby treatment and all of the attention that I will be giving you. I know it’s a lot to take in all at once and I’m sorry I didn’t ease you into it but I think that even though you don’t know it yet, this is what you really want.”
    Besides the occasional sniffle, I had stared at him with my mouth wide open.
    “Now, unless you have anything to say to me,” I shook my head no “I’m going to get you ready for bed. You’ve had a long day.”
    With that he picked me up and carries me to the Nursery. I am limp in his arms as he lays me down on the changing table. He fixes my onesie and then leaves me there as he lowers down the side of the crib rail. Then he comes back to where I’m laying and sits me up so he can brush my hair out. Then he grabs the pacifier and puts it in my mouth. I immediately start to suck on it as he picks me up and carries me to the crib. I start to whine because I want to stay with him but he says
    “Baby, you have to use it tonight to get used to it. And Daddy’s bed doesn’t have a plastic sheet on it for you in case your diaper leaks Maybe tomorrow night, if you’re good all day tomorrow, you can stay with me. But you will be spending a lot of nights in here so you have to get used to it.”
    With that he lays me down and kisses me on the top of my forehead. He gives me a soft stuffed pig which I grab instantly and covers me with a soft pink blanket. He gives me another kiss on my forehead and raises the railings. He looks down at me laying there and with a smile he says,
    “Good night my beautiful baby girl. I’ll see you in the morning. I love you.”
    And he turns the light off and leaves the room.

Re: my new life…story of an lg/ab girl

First impressions, it’s really cliche. There are a hundred others just like it. It’s also written kind of strangely. I can’t decide if it’s written in first-person or third-person.

Re: my new life…story of an lg/ab girl

Thank you for the constructive criticism. I was planning on making the 2nd part a little more interesting so i’ll see how that turns out. And it’s in Jenny’s first person perspective.