My name is lu... relddot?

I just thought I’d let everyone know I changed my username from ludib to relddot. I use this name on a few other places so there’s a chance some of you might recognize me. Not much else have changed about me. On here I’m just the usual ABDL who enjoys reading good stories and writing them. I guess one thing is different, but it’s not very obvious. Renko might notice that my IP-adress have changed quite dramatically as I’m currently living in Australia and I’ll be staying here until Christmas if things don’t change.

I’m also working on a new story. It’s been in its planning stage for some time and I think I have a comprehensive enough outline now. I’ve written a few scenes and I hope I can get a the first chapter out soon. This one might turn out better than my previous ones as I’ve actually took the time to plan it out properly (hopefully it won’t have a similar ending as my last halloween story had…).

That’s it for now. I’m looking forward to be more active on here again soon!

Re: My name is lu… relddot?

Hi there. First of all, I know it’s none of my business, but I’m often curious about why people pick the online names they do. That said, I have to say I’m a little curious about your previous user name, ludib. Is it somehow derived from the latin ludere (to play)or ludum (game)? And also, is there a deeper reason for switching to “toddler” spelled backwards or is it just me misunderstanding your second sentence (and “relddot” is the name you also use elsewhere)? Other than that, welcome back. :slight_smile:

Re: My name is lu… relddot?

Oh, I wish I remember! I didn’t have a ABDL username back then and so I was forced to come up with something new when I registered. It might have just been something random. And my new name is just toddler spelled backwards, I thought it was a bit fun. Maybe there could be a deeper meaning? I have to think about it…

Since my last post, I’ve written 3000 new words on my story! If I keep up this phase I might have a finished first chapter sometime next week.