My Mother's friend with the heart-shaped glasses

This is a fictional story which takes place in Central Europe. My native language is not English, so you might encounter grammatical and spelling errors, and strange turns of phrases. I’m not sure if I’m Transgender, but I feel more comfortable with taking on a female identity Online, that explains my account name.

Chapter 1
The Party

I’m a 28 years-old Hungarian ABDL college student, and so far, I’ve found no person to whom I could express my fetish desires. This year, a Halloween party was coming up with some of my friends, and after a long period of contemplation, I’ve decided to dress up as a Zombie Baby, with visible diapers and infant apparel. If people who know me see me in baby clothes, so be it, at least they will get used to the idea of adults wearing baby clothes and diapers.

It was the late afternoon of October 31st. I’ve gathered some of my flat cloth diapers, tie-on “snibb” diaper covers, some baby oil, baby powder, and diaper cream in a plastic bag, with some facepaint and fake tattoos to make my body look more like a rotting corpse. (I was born in Hungary in 1990, where and when all-in-one disposable diapers were pretty expensive, and this is the method I was diapered back then. I still prefer this method out of childhood nostalgia).

So, anyhow, I’ve gathered up all of my supplies, and went to the apartment of my Mom’s friend, a 60-year-old woman called Éva, who agreed to host our party.

I rang the correct door with the security system in front of the apartment building, I was let it, and went to the 5th floor with the elevator to Éva’s apartment. She opened the door, and greeted me warmly. She was dressed up as a Witch, her fingernails painted in black and red, alternating after each finger. She had bright, neon-colored green eye shadow below her eyes, contrasted with her black eyeliner. Her hair was in its natural dark brown color, with bright red highlights, somewhat curled and permed. She also had her early 80s-style heart-shaped glasses on, which looked pretty stylish combined with her makeup and clothes.

A gush of warm air and a homely smell radiated out from her apartment, a mixture of the warmth of her heating system, the smell of her cleaning products, and her natural smell. I’ve instantly felt more relaxed.

We greeted eachother and went inside.

“Is anyone else here?” I asked.

“No, you’re the first one to arrive.” she answered. “Would you like a glass of champagne?” she added.

I’ve agreed, at least to quell my anxiety over my costume which I was about to put on. She popped open a bottle of champagne, and poured both of us a glass.

“Isten, Isten!” she said. We clinked our glasses and drank the alcoholic beverage.

The drink relaxed me somewhat, and we started to watch TV, waiting for the other guests to arrive. While we were waiting, she brought in some hors d’oeuvres from the kitchen, open-face sandwiches with butter, ham, cheese, slices of hard-boiled eggs, and horseradish. I’ve thanked her, and we both started munching on some sandwiches.

While watching TV, we both talked about some old experiences we had when I was younger. She mentioned some things from my babyhood, such as how hard it was to potty train me, and how interested I was in diaper commercials when they came on the TV, and I couldn’t stop a certain coldness flooding over me, and my face blanching while she mentioned these things, especially considering the kind of Halloween costume I was about to unveil.

I suggested that we drink another glass of champagne, and she promptly agreed, pouring both me and herself another glass.

She started channel-surfing, looked into the TV guide, and saw that a horror film “A Nightmare on Elm Street” was coming up in an hour on one of the commercial TV stations as a Halloween Special. We both agreed to watch that, and suddenly my phone announced a Viber message with the characteristic “Ding-ding” sound.

One of my friends, Edina, messaged me. She said that their train’s engine ripped the overhead wires, and now they are sitting in the middle of nowhere. A Diesel engine will come and tow them back to the nearest bigger station, from where a bus will take them home, but they can’t come to the party.

“Well, it looks like it will be the two of us then.” Éva said, as I told her about Edina’s message. She looked at my bulging plastic bag, and said that I could get dressed in my costume as there is no sense to be waiting for anything in this case.

I grabbed my bag and entered the spare bedroom somewhat nervously. I put my stack of cloth diapers, the bottle of baby oil, tube of diaper cream, one of my tie-on diaper covers, and the bottle of baby powder onto the bed.

Just as I was starting to arrange them, Éva burst into the room, starting to ask me something. She stopped as she saw what I have unloaded onto the bed.

“Oh, you want to be diapered like a baby? Is that your costume?” She asked.

“I…I thought it would be interesting…” I stammered.

“It is a great idea, you would look so cute!” she answered. “I can help you put them onto you, you know, I’ve diapered you countless times, when you were little!”

I was just frozen there, while she came over to me, and seeing my hesitation, simply told me, “Let me help you.”

She pulled off my T-Shirt and pants, then my underpants.

“Ohh, you are shaved down there, you look just like a little baby!” she squealed.

I was totally in shock and couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. But on the other hand, I was excited that one of my deepest desires was finally coming true. I’ve always wanted to be diapered by someone else, even in my childhood after I was potty trained, and Éva, my Mother’s friend, who always looked after me and took care of me as long as I can remember when my parents were busy, seemed like the most natural choice.

“Ohh, cloth diapers, and tie-on plastic covers. How cute and fitting. Nowadays, there are all-in-one disposable adult diapers around, but you chose the technique with which you were diapered back when you were little. You really want to remember what it was like to be a baby, don’t you?” she said.

Before I could answer, she professionally folded out the PVC diaper cover onto the bed, and folded a cloth diaper onto it in a triangle-shape, with a more bulky area in the middle.

I was in a daze by this point, and simply laid back on the bed, onto the prepared diaper. Without saying another thing, she squirted some diaper cream from the tube onto her finger, and massaged in into my buttcrack, onto my scrotum, into the fold between my thigh and the area between my legs, and onto the area above my penis.

Next, she powdered me all around my diaper area, she folded the “triangle” diaper onto me, tucked the thicker bulky part into the front, and folded another cloth diaper, folded into the shape of a rectangular pad over me, reaching from my butt to my abdomen.

Next came the plastic diaper cover, which she folded onto me, and tied it at my hips with knots.

She patted the front of my diaper, and said: “Now you are ready. Wow, I’ve never forgotten how to diaper you all through these years.”

I was still in a daze: My Mom’s friend just diapered me professionally, just like when I was 2 years old. How long I’ve desired for something like this to happen to me. And how here I am laying in front of her, with my PVC covers tied around me, holding my bulging cloth diapers.

She acted totally unfazed from the experience and we eventually returned to the living room, watching TV while spreading out onto her bed.

While laying there, she applied my fake scars and darkened skin patches onto me to complete my “Zombie Baby” image, and snapped some pictures of me with her phone.

“A very creative costume, and it fits you really well!” she said while kissing me on the cheek.

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” eventually came on the TV, and we were watching the film, while laying on the bed in various positions.

Eventually I started to become sleepy, and was feeling very relaxed: Her apartment was very warm, I felt very safe and nurtured around her, her bedsheets, pillows, and covers smelled very familiar and comforting, and were also soft. I eventually wound up laying back on a pillow, with my diapered butt in her lap, her laying her hand on my diaper.

But before I could fall asleep, I wanted to watch the end of the film, and on top of it, I needed to go pee. She noticed my uncomfortable expression, and the tensing of my body, and asked me what is wrong.

“I want to see the end of the film, but I have to pee.” I said.

“Hellloooo?” she said, drumming her fist against my diaper. “You have a diaper on, just like when you were a baby. I’ve made sure to cream and powder you up well, so you won’t get a rash. Just wet yourself like when you were little. I’ll change you, when your diaper is full.” she said.

I was again both shocked and excited. This was again something I’ve always desired, and suddenly it was happening to me. As she finished talking, she simply laid her palm back onto my diaper.

I was no stranger to wetting my own diapers in the privacy of my own room, but I’ve never done something like this before since my potty training.

Nevertheless, the alcohol in my system, and Éva’s nurturing behavior brought me to a “now or never” state of mind. I relaxed my body, sighed, and started peeing.

It felt so relaxing and self-expressing to wet my diaper in front of Éva. I also let out a loud fart as my insides relaxed. Éva let out a small chuckle at that and must have felt my diaper warming up under her hand.

Eventually, the stream stopped, and I let out a long sigh.

“Feels good, baby?” Éva asked me with a smile.

“Yes, thank you.” I answered.

“You’re welcome.” she said, and patted my diaper.

Eventually the film ended, and we both felt sleepy. The original plan for the night was that I would sleep with my friends in the spare bedroom, but Éva offered me to sleep with her, just like when I was a baby. We both climbed into bed, she turned the lights off, and plainly told me that she always knew I wanted to wear diapers. I again blanched at this revelation, but she said that after I was potty trained, she saw me looking at diaper commercials on TV with a very intent and focused look full of desire, that my Mom told her that I was caught sometimes trying to make makeshift diapers out of household stuff and I was very reluctant to let go of my babyhood toys.

She reached out and guided my hand to her hair, saying that I always liked running my fingers through either my Mom’s or her hair while falling asleep.

I felt like being in Heaven. I was openly in a wet diaper in front of Éva, she was babying me, and I was warm and safe in her apartment, lying in bed with her with all of the familiar and comforting, homely smells around me. It didn’t take long for me to fall into a very relaxing and deep sleep. For the first time in many years, I truly felt and slept like a baby.

Chapter 2
Anett and Diane

I woke up the next morning feeling completely relaxed. I noticed that I’ve drooled all over my pillow and was hugging a part of my blanket. My wet diaper was kept nice and warm under the covers, and my penis was semi-erect from the sensation. I also felt that my bladder was full.
As I stirred and sat up a little, I saw that Éva was sitting up at the end of the double bed, watching TV, still wearing her nightgown.
She looked at me, and gave me a smile.

“Good morning, babe. Did you sleep well?” she asked me.
I climbed out from under the blanket and sat down beside her. “Yeah, it was very relaxing, I really did sleep like a baby.” I replied

She giggled “You should’ve seen yourself fall asleep. After about a minute of stroking my hair, you started babbling around incoherently and was out like a light.”
“I also drooled all over my pillow, I hope you don’t mind.” I said, pointing at the wet pillow.
“Oh, no problem, dear, it just shows how well you slept.” she replied in a kind voice.
“How’s your diaper holding up? Did you wet during the night?” she asked as she ran her hand along my diaper cover, feeling around for wetness.
“No, but I have to pee right now” I said.
“Well, just let loose then. It should be able to deal with it, since you only wet once. You know, when you were little, morning diaper changes were always dangerous. If I took your diaper off too soon after you woke up, you let loose with a huge fountain of your morning pee all over the place. In time, your Mommy and I learned to let you play around still wearing your night diaper for a while, and after you’ve had your release, it was safe to change you.” she said with a smile.

I opened my legs a little and pushed my crotch forwards. Éva looked on with a smile as she saw me preparing for a pee.
I relaxed and my morning pee burst out with a fierce stream. I felt it soaking the layers of cloth strapped to my crotch and warming up my diaper. Éva chuckled at the strange, faraway look of concentration in my eyes.
The stream dwindled, then stopped, and I sighed. Éva again ran her hand over my diaper, and saw that it didn’t leak.
She stood up and went to the kitchen, and prepared two cups of coffee for us. I put my coat over my diaper and pyjama top and went out with Éva to the balcony.

We were conversing, slowly sipping the coffee, and smoking a cigarette.
After about 10 minutes, I felt a stirring in my belly. The coffee and cigarette combo started up my digestion, and I felt a few cramps as poop rushed into my rectum. I felt that it was a big load, and was at least partly diarrhea.
I quickly stood up with a pained expression on my face and told Éva: “Sorry Éva, I really really have to take a dump. Quick, help me take my diaper off!” my stomach gurgled and gurgled ever louder, and sweat broke out on my forehead.
Éva took a drag from her cigarette and said in a calm voice: “Oh, you silly baby. If you have to poop, just do it. Your diaper is already full of pee, and I was about to change it anyway. I assure you that I have no problems with cleaning you up from a poopy diaper.”

I debated in myself whether to do it. I really wanted to poop my diaper, but I was still worried what it would be like to have Éva deal with the aftermath. Meanwhile my cramps were getting ever more painful, and it was getting very difficult to keep my butt sealed up tight.
“The balloon is full Dávid, the pressure must be immense, you are about to blow. Just open the valve and be done with it.” Éva said in a more stern voice.
Well, after hearing that I let loose right where I was standing. Three waves of semi-liquid shit burst out into my diaper accompanied with a lot of farting, and some more solid stuff.
The “balloon” fully deflated and I lowered my shoulders, relaxing.

“Feeling better?” Éva asked with a smile.
“Much better.” I sighed.

A moment later, the smell hit us. “Come, let’s get inside and get you cleaned up” Éva said.
The mess was spread all over my diaper area, and I had to waddle a little to walk with it inside my diaper. It stank pretty bad, but Éva seemed unfazed by it.
I sat down onto the bed, and felt it spread out even more.

“Just wait here, and I’ll get a fresh, clean diaper onto you in a minute.” Éva said and left the living room.
“Put a new diaper on me?” I thought to myself. “She literally wants to change my diaper, not just help me clean up?”
Up to this point, I never thought that Éva would want to put another diaper on me, that she didn’t just baby me because of my costume last night. But before I could ask her about it, she already left.

As I was sitting there in my poop, the doorbell suddenly rang.

I heard Éva walk over to the door, unlock it, and open it.
“Oh, hi Mom, sorry we have arrived early, there was a change of plans, and my phone was busted.” I heard a familiar female voice say.
“Hi Anett, hi Diane!” I heard Éva answer. “No problem, come in my dears.”

“Shit!” I thought. This was possibly the worst moment to be sitting here in a poopy diaper. It was Anett, Éva’s daughter about the same age as me, who was studying in France, but seems to have come home for a visit, and Diane, Éva’s roommate.

I stood up in panic, but before I could do anything the two women came into the room. There was Anett, with her blonde hair and green eyes, and a shorter young woman with black hair and blue eyes, who was Diane. I’ve never met Diane before personally, but I recognized her from Anett’s Facebook posts.
“Hi D-” Anett started, but suddenly stopped as she took in the scene. The smell of poop filled the room and I was sitting there on the bed, bulging cloth diapers wrapped around me, the diaper cover tied at my hips.

Diane’s cheeks blushed and she stared transfixed at my diapered crotch.
Éva came into the room, and explained what was going on, Anett immediately showed a face of recognition and translated it to French for Diane.
I was fluent in English and only spoke a little French, but I could pick out some words.

Diane came over to me, kissed me two times on my cheeks, and greeted me in English with a wide smile.

“Hi, I’m Diane, nice to meet you.”
“Hello, I’m Dávid.” I said, blushing.
“Are you ABDL?” she asked.

I was shocked, how much did she knew about these things? What kind of first impression I was making?
There was no point in denying it, with the visible evidence, so I quietly answered: “Yes, I am.”
“Well, me too! Those are pretty diapers you are wearing! Pointes à nouer, very retro.” she said with a laugh.

Anett also came up to me, and hugged me. “Hey, no problem Dávid, I’ve been aware of ABDL ever since I got to know Diane more deeply. I don’t mind that you are one. Diane here also wears diapers around me in our room sometimes, she even sleeps in them.” she said.
“ABDL. So that is how your love of wearing diapers and being babied is called.” said Éva.

I never expected these turn of events, and although I was still feeling somewhat confused, I became more relaxed.
“Come on, let’s change you!” Éva said and came over to the bed with cloth diapers, a clean diaper foil, a bowl of warm water, some rags, diaper cream, and baby powder.
Diane asked Anett whether she can help, and Anett translated to Hungarian for Éva. “Can Diane help? She wants to learn how to use cloth diapers with the tie-on cover. I wouldn’t mind helping you either.”

“Of course you can. It’s not a problem for you Dávid, is it?” Éva said.
“No, it is not.” I said in a weird voice. I liked the situation I found myself in, but was still feeling a bit strange about what was happening around me.
“Very well, I will do it slowly and show you what must be done. Anett, please translate for Diane.” Éva said.

“First you put a towel onto the bed, to catch any accidents. Then, you put the opened diaper foil onto the towel.” Éva did as she said, and Anett translated to Diane, who looked on intently.
“Then, you put a cloth diaper folded into a rectangular shape onto the foil. Then you put another cloth diaper, folded into a triangular shape with a more bulky area in the middle, like this.”

I laid down onto the prepared diaper.

“Now, you untie the knots on his dirty diaper cover, and open it up.”
As she opened the diaper cover, a strong smell of poop and ammonia wafted out from my crotch. Anett grimaced and waved her hand in front of her nose, but Éva and Diane didn’t seem to care.
Diane said something to Anett in French, I caught “odeur de caca” (smell of poop) from it.
“Before you take the baby’s diaper off, check if he has a little boner. If he does, it means he has to pee. Hold the diaper on his willy for a minute, so he pees into the diaper, not on you.”
I blushed a little, and Diane giggled as Anett translated for her.
“Now, you pull down his diaper, and use it to wipe some poo off of him. You ball the dirty cloth diapers into the dirty cover and put it to the side.”

Anett gave another nauseous grimace as she looked at my crotch and butt caked in poop. Diane just stared, her mouth slightly open.

“Now you dip the rag slightly in the warm water, and clean him up with it” Éva did just that and cleaned up my diaper area completely.
“Now, you apply some diaper cream to your fingers, and cream up all of his sensitive areas.” Diane was now looking at me as if her eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.
“Now, you put some baby powder on him, then finally, you fold the triangle diaper over him, tuck the sides into the front, fold the rectangular diaper over the triangle, bring up the front of the diaper cover, and tie it in knots at his side.”
“And voilà, you have a nice, clean, comfortable baby.” She finished with a smile and patted the front of my diaper.

Both Anett and Diane smiled at me, and gave me an encouraging thumbs-up.

“As for the dirty diapers, you shake off excess poop into the toilet, and put them into a bucket with a lid, which is filled with water mixed with vinegar. When the bucket is full, you put them in the wash. It is better to soak the PVC covers only in water, and hand-wash them, as the vinegar could weaken them, and the washing machine could tear them.” Éva said as she brought the dirty diapers and cover into the bathroom.

I sat up on the bed, enjoying the sensation of my clean diaper.
It felt so good to have such open and accepting friends.

We started talking, telling each other about our recent experiences in our lives, what went on in Hungary and France, and how was life for Éva.
I also had more private conversations with Diane, exchanging our ABDL-related experiences, while she taught me French, and I taught her English and a little Hungarian.

By far, this felt to be one of the best days of my life. I was looking forward to what will happen next, after all it still wasn’t noon yet.