My mistake at daycare (age 7)

When I was young, around 7, and in 1st grade, I went to a daycare center called Candy Cane College. My mom (divorced from my no good father) worked during the day so my brother and I had to go to the daycare. At the daycare, they had a large outside play area, which included two swing sets. One swing set was for the very little kids (4 and under), the other was for everyone else. One day during the summer of 1975 (my birthday is late in the year), a bunch of the school-age kids were outside playing while the preschoolers and babies were taking naps. I wanted to swing, but the “big kid’s” swing set was full, and nobody wanted to share, so I went to the “little kid’s” swing set and started playing on it. I was swinging for a while when one of the “teachers” (a lady who watched us kids) came out and told me to stop playing on the “little kid’s” swing set, so I got off.
About an hour later, after lunch, everyone went outside again, and again, the “big kid’s” swings were full, so I went to the “little kid’s” swings and played there, forgetting that I wasn’t supposed to. Sure enough, the “teacher” came out and told me that if she saw me on the “little kid’s” swings again, she would treat me like one of them. Now, something you need to know, my mother already knew about my diaper desires, and was dead set against her oldest child going back to diapers and babyish behavior, so I saw this as my big chance. I waited for a few minutes, until the “teacher” went back inside, then I got back on the “little kid’s” swings and started swinging. Not long after I started, the “teacher” came out. I pretended not to hear her coming up behind me. She yanked me (Yea, they did things like that back then) off the swing and drug me inside the center. The next thing I know, I’m getting a lecture about listening as she puts me on the changing table and pulls out one of the large disposables, (Pampers, old style with tapes). Before I can get a word in edgewise, she’s got me diapered and sitting in the playpen with the babies, OUTSIDE!!
Being 7, I didn’t think ahead and realize that the other kids would see me in diapers, nor did I think about what my mother would do when she came to pick up my brother and me. I was never so embarrassed. The other kids teased me for the rest of the time I went to the daycare (2 more years, though it felt like 20 to me). My mother was steaming mad when she came to pick us up at 4pm. She hauled my butt out of the playpen and grabbed my brother (4yrs old at the time). All the way home she yelled at me and swore that I’d regret my decision. That night, she left my brother and me at our grandparents, along with a bag of diapers and instructions to treat me just like I wanted, as a baby. The next morning, our grandmother dropped us off at daycare, also with instructions to treat me like a baby. That was one of the worst days I’ve ever experienced. Again, I was teased, and taunted all day long, and I had to take a nap with the babies, in a crib! By 4pm, I was ready to give up diapers forever (though I now know I couldn’t have done it). Mom came to pick us up and in the car was a baby seat that mom had borrowed from a friend. When she got us home, she took me upstairs and into her bedroom. Next to her bed was the crib that my grandparents normally used when my cousins visited (I’m the oldest of the grandchildren, my brother is next). My mom told me that for the rest of the week (about 3 days) I would be a baby and she would make sure that I never forgot how embarrassing it was to be a 7yr old baby.
After that week, I was a whole lot more careful about how and when I decided to act out my fantasies. My mother found me out a few times after that week, but never repeated the punishment again, usually I just got yelled at. Well, that’s my tale of how I spent four days as a baby, at age 7yrs old.


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Re: My mistake at daycare (age 7)

it’s not a horrible story I suppose… but there are a few things that bother me.
realism is not something that typically bothers me in a story but your entire plot is… ridiculous at best. somehow I doubt that anyone would decide to diaper a seven year old because they were caught swinging on a set of children’s swings. it’s doubtful they’d even notice or care.
the mother’s reaction is also blown way out of proportion. even if she knew about his desires to be an infant again, what kind of parent would make this sort of decision.
finally, your writing style isn’t terrible but you could use some work. I’m not entirely sure how to give any criticism there though… all I can say is keep trying. potentially, you could become a decent writer. I wish you the best of luck…

Re: My mistake at daycare (age 7)

Well, for the record, this IS a true story, whether or not you believe it actually happened, is irrelivant. First, the teacher’s reaction was knee jerk response that she was forced to go through with or lose credibility with the kids (we were a very smart bunch). That particular punishment was not as uncommon at that time as most people think. It was much more humiliating then than it would be today. We were expected to be “little gentlemen and ladies” and grow up as fast as possible. As for my mother’s reaction, well, you have to understand that my mother raised my brother and myself (we weren’t exactly angels either) by herself. My behaviour, as far as my developing fetish went, bordered on the obsessive. She had a particularly stressful week at work that week and was not in the mood for my, as she put it, “infantile behaviour”. The daycare teacher’s punishment was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’ve seen my mother in all sorts of states but, that day, I think her face actually turned red when she saw me in the playpen. I’m very lucky that my mother never took her considerable frustration with me, out on me physically (she rarely if ever spanked me or my bother). My mother is 5’ 1/2" tall and weighed about 180Lbs at that time. She was very strong and still very sensative. She was so terrified of hurting us, that she found unusual ways to punish us instead of spanking.

Again, whether you believe this tale of my youth or not, it doesn’t matter to me. I put this here to entertain those with similar intrests, and that’s all

Take care,