My life chapter 2

Chapter 2

On the way to the mall they asked me a lot of questions like how long I had felt like this and that kind of stuff. My adopted mom then asked if I had an particular name as a girl that I would like to be called. I said that I would like to be called Alexis. At this point I want to make something clear to the reader. I’m sure some people will think that my male name is Alex and that I have no creativity. Well I’m going to just say that my names Jon and I was creative just wanted to point that out now back to the story.

Well we finally made it to the mall. I was afraid that people would see me and think I was a freak. Luckily my adoptive parents had thought ahead and had me wear a hooded sweatshirt with sunglasses and since my hair was naturally long nobody could tell if I was a girl or a boy. Which I was very glad about since I didn’t want the people of this community thinking I was a freak. Well soon we were shopping for clothes. My real mom always used to say I had no fashion sense but I think that was just because I was shopping for boy’s clothes. I was doing my best to make it look like I had done this my whole life. I think I was pretty successful but I really don’t know. While I was shopping I noticed that I had a definite predilection to skirts, blouses and dresses. I had always hated jeans and t-shirts as a guy but I did have to get a few pairs and a few t-shirts because my adopted mom said it would be unusual for a girl my age to just have dress clothes. We then went shopping for underwear, which felt a little unusual to me when I tried them on but in a good way. Also we got shoes and make up and hair care products and some hair dye (light brown) and we were ready to go home and start trying to teach me to be a girl.

Over the next few days I learned how to speak, walk, sit and other things like a girl. There was only a week left until I had to go to that boarding school but I was going to get the most out of my time as a girl. One day in particular stands out in my memory. It was the day where I made my first friend as a girl. That morning I woke up and went down to eat breakfast but my parents were gone. Oh well I thought. So once I ate I decided to go out to the local town. It was small and quiet but a peaceful place to live. Hardly any crime, Good schools, the works, I found that as a girl it took me at least 3x longer just to pick out clothes. I don’t know if all girls are like this but I am. That day I decided to wear my beautiful light brown hair in a ponytail. To go with that I chose a plaid mini-skirt with a white cotton t-shirt (If there are any girls who read this please tell me if that outfit would actually work). After putting on a little make-up and a pair of sandals I was off. I liked painting my toenails I find it very fun. My 2 favorite shades which I have several bottles of are pink and this color I’m not sure what it’s called its like a glittery green. The glittery green is what I chose today.

I had never really thought that I had extremely feminine features but everybody thought I was a girl and a cute one at that. I got a lot of compliments and stares as I walked down the street. As I was shopping I noticed this girl in the local bakery where I had stopped for a doughnut. She was very pretty and I engaged her in conversation. We became quick friends and hung out all afternoon. We did the same the next day and every day after till I had to get ready to leave for the boarding school. It saddened me having to say bye to my friends and to go from being a happy girl to a boy again. My adopted parents had actually said that if I wanted to stay here and be a girl at a local school I could and I thought about it but in the end I decided it would be in my best interest to go.

After a long flight from Ohio to California I was there. The place was huge and very modern, but the first thing I noticed was this girl she looked really familiar to me but I just couldn’t figure it out. Anyways once I was given a tour I went to the room I was sharing with two other guys. I could tell right away that living with these two would be interesting to say the least. When I walked through the door I found them wrestling around on the floor. Once they stopped I started talking to them and found out they were old friends who had been roommates for years. I’m going to fast-forward through some stuff because if I gave every detail of every day it would probably be lame.

So the next day was the start of the semester. In my first class was that girl again. At the end of class I approached her and asked her “do I know u from somewhere?” She giggled and said “maybe”. I said, “Tell me how I know you please”. “You’ll find out maybe” she said with a mischievous look in her eye. “Women” I sighed exasperatedly, then giggled a little at the irony of the statement. I wasn’t even sure how this girl reminded me of someone I knew but she did. Well the school was hard but not to sound conceited but my iq is well above genius so I kept up pretty easy and had time for other things. I finally learned how to surf. However no matter what I did I couldn’t get that girl off my mind. It didn’t help that I saw her every day. One day I cornered her in the hall and asked her how I knew her. Before she could say anything a stray strand of her hair came into view… a pink strand. “Haley” I said just barely above a whisper. “Yep” she said. I looked her up and down. She was still short still cute but she was wearing something I never thought I’d see her wearing. She had on a fuchsia blouse with a black skirt. This surprised me for 2 reasons. One the Haley I knew would never be caught dead in anything but pure black clothes. Two she would never wear a skirt. I stood there speechless and she said she’d explain later maybe over lunch between two friends. I said ok. There was the cafeteria at the school obviously and there was one or two on campus restaurants but I had my license so I decided to go off campus.

We went to a pretty casual Italian place. My adopted parents had given me a credit card with an unlimited spending but I didn’t want to take advantage of their generosity so I ordered cheap but I let Haley go wild. We just sat there in silence until I couldn’t take it any longer. “What the hell happened”? “What do you mean?” she asked casually. “I mean you. The Haley I knew would never wear any color but black and never wear a skirt”. “People change” was all she said. I started to open my mouth and she snapped at me. “Just drop it alright”. Ok. So we started reminiscing about the good old days. Then we came to the story of the day we became best friends.

It was a cold day for July. We were in the middle of football practice and the coach wanted to help some of less talented players so the rest of u just kind of wandered around. I was standing on top of a hill when I saw a guy slapping a girl. I didn’t even know at the time it was Haley and I didn’t care that there was 6 of them and 4 of them were twice my size I charged. I took 2 of them down and had them dealt with fast. Then the biggest guy in my school Courtney Clar picked me up and threw me. At that point I cursed myself for having taken off the football pads. As I blacked out I saw six guys charging down the hill at the four guys that were killing me. I woke up in the hospital a day or two later. There I found out that my friends from the football team Drew Mangus aka Dewey, Josh McDaniel, and others had come to my rescue not to mention saved my life. Haley for the time I was in the hospital apologized dozens of times and cried a lot and was there every day. I found out those guys were trying to rape her. We became inseparable from then on. She was a straight Goth and I was a jock/punk we made a strange combination but It worked. Well we finished our meal I had linguini and clam sauce and she had lasagna. We then parted ways for the rest of the day.

My life chapter 2

Two guys are talking about something.

“I’m saying something!” said the first guy.

“Now, I am talking.” said the second guy.

Try to format your writings in that fashion.

My life chapter 2

Thank you very much. I was going for great or really good but good is a step in the right direction. Maybe with chapter 3. Also thank you for the advice Josh. I’ve been trying to format the dialougue better but I’m addmittedly not very good at it. This story has been really easy to write. By basing things off my own experiences I can make a realistic scenes between the charachters which none of you know but still

My life chapter 2

That last paragraph doesn’t really hold together and I’m now confused as to what’s happening with the whole being a girl thing.

Still, you are improving.

My life chapter 2

That last paragraph was just a charachter study. It’s actually a true story of what happened to me and my freind Haley. I just felt like i should add in some history for the charachters. Do you think that was a mistake

My life chapter 2

It needs to be longer. And the last sentence ‘Well, we finished…’ doesn’t really fit at all. It should be a new paragraph and you might want to give us a slightly greater hint that it’s coming.

My life chapter 2

ok point taken. I’ll work on that in chapter 3