My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (Completed)

A/N - Some people have been asking me if I’ve ever written anything original. The answer to that is yes, a long time ago. (I’ve just recently been writing again since Oct, and I started writing fanfics to get back in the habit of writing, but I do want to write something original.) Be warned I was 16 when I wrote this…it oozes with 16 year old…ness. If anyone actually likes this, I can break it out and work on it.

Chapter One: Katie Vs. the Menopausal Mother

Okay it all takes place in a town called Camarillo, California. It’s where all the rich, white kids live, excluding me, the rich part anyway; I’ve got plenty of white to go around.

I wake up to that annoying buzzing sound of my alarm clock, and of course the first thing I do is hit the snooze button, roll over, and go back to sleep. Then my mom comes in and yells at me to get my lazy butt out of bed because I’m going to make her late for work. And it’s not like she even drives me to school, no she makes me walk all the way there in the freezing cold. But, like most middle-aged women, she does not understand this concept of the word “cold” due to her persistent hot flashes.

Oh God, I’ll be so glad when this whole menopause thing will be over with, then I’ll finally be able to ride in the car in 40 degree weather with the heater on like most people instead of the AC.

My mom pops her head back in. “Why are there bottles of air fresheners in your dresser?”
I look over, and to my horror, I left my personal drawer open. Thank God I didn’t have a nightmare last night. I jump up and close it, which causes her to raise an eyebrow in my direction.

“What? You’re the one always complaining that my room smells.”

“You’re right. Besides to get that stale teenager smell out, you’re going to need a lot more then that; your room still stinks. It’s probably permanently saturated in the walls. I feel terrible for the next person who has to live in here.”

I throw my pillow at her, which in turn, she thankfully gets the picture and leaves.

I drag my butt out of bed… eventually, and crept through my room into the bathroom.
After all that typical morning stuff, I stumble out, wet haired and groggy, over to my closet, while stepping over all of the clothes strewn about the floor, and open it up exhibiting my Goodwill collection of attire.

I comb through them for a split second, and examine my choices, which included: T-shirt and jeans, T-shirt and jeans, and another couple pairs of T-shirts and jeans. I quickly select a pair, it being an easy choice considering everything else currently residing on the floor, threw it on, and began the perilous journey of looking for that missing shoe. And what do you know, it was right where I left it, right under my bed along with a stapler, a Frisbee, three miss-matched socks, and of course hidden food wrappers from all those snuck up snacks from the kitchen.

I get up, drop my black and orange Vans shoe onto the ground and stick my foot in. I stand up and examine my room, making sure I haven’t forgotten anything.

My room looks like the typical teenage room, except it looks more like a guy’s room then anything. There’s a bunch of rock band posters pinned up on the walls, a floor (if you can find it) a computer sitting on a desk, (if you can find it) and a night table (something also to be on the lookout for).
Then there’s the overflowing bookcase next to my twin size bed, which is slightly raised to accommodate a good material hiding possession place. You know, those things you have that you don’t want parents to see? What better place then to hide it under the bed? It’s so obvious, parents would think you’re smarter then that and snoop around somewhere else, when in reality, it’s in that detectable place all along and un-discovered.

I take full advantage of this hiding place whenever possible. Oops, did I say that? I mean,

“Cough”…I have nothing to hide…shifty eyes

Alright, moving on, I finally wobble downstairs with my unfinished math homework from the night before tucked under my arm as to hide it from my mom. You know how moms get with that sort of thing, especially divorced, menopausal moms.

So while she’s in the other room I quickly jot down answers while she isn’t looking. C’mon, it’s algebra, who cares? Obviously she does since she caught me and we are yet again having this conversation. A loud, angry conversation I might add. We’ve had it so many times I think I’ve memorized it.

It usually goes a little something like this:

“Katie not again!” bellows my mom. “We’ve talked about this before!”

I watch nervously from behind my bowl of Lucky Charms as my mom paces the kitchen thinking of something to say.

I quickly begin to space out as she goes into her routine speech about how I need to be more like my brother. No thank-you. Thankfully Alex, my “should be role model” of a brother has already left for work. This gives me a computer talk free morning.

Sadly though, not everything can go my way. There’s now the fact that there is nothing to keep my mother from pestering me all morning. Not even a Hershey bar, which reminds me, I need to go to the store and stock up, because around here a bar of chocolate is like a get out of jail free card for when my mother’s in one of her moods.

I once went into Alex’s room to get a pencil and found a whole stash of them in a drawer. Being that he is male, I could only assume they’re for me and my mom.
When I asked him about it, he said it was to tame the monster of PMS.

“Katie! Are you even listening to me?” God I wish I didn’t eat all of Alex’s stash.

“Yeah mom, I’m sorry” I say in one of those “I’m-so-sorry-I’ll-never-do-it-again” tones.

I attempt to concentrate on something else. If my mom asks why I’m not paying attention, I’ll tell the orange juice told me to concentrate on it instead.

I cautiously get up from the table as I watch her go into the next room to grab her stuff for work.

“Bye mom, I’m going to school.” I say as I grab my ten pound backpack and bolt out the front door before she has a chance to reply.

Yes! Freedom is only a couple blocks away.

I drift off to school trusting my feet to get me there, for my mind was so obviously else where.
Thinking always makes a walk go by faster. Not like I was in a hurry to get to school, but only for the meager time I get to spend with my friends before setting off to prison.

When I arrive I immediately seek out my friend Allison, who is always by her locker that faces the secluded back of the school. This is also what we refer to as “make-out alley” because there is a long secluded stretch of lockers that is more hidden away from the rest of the school, and more preferably from all of the teachers.

Ewe, I know what your thinking you pervert. We don’t go over there to make-out. We only hang out there because it is the only part of the school where we can actually hear each other without screaming.

Another reason being all of the other people around here are too “busy” to care what we are doing. So we get to goof off as much as we want.
Every time I go to meet her there I always try and sneak up to see if I can scare her. I never can.

“Trying to catch me again I see.” said Allison with a sigh as she took out her earphones. “Give it up, Katie, you can never scare me more that that does” she said pointing over her shoulder to a couple swapping tongues and gum."

Okay, I have to admit, not even I could find that attractive.

“Aright, I’ll admit that that one is a little on the nauseating side.” I said as I tried my hardest to keep down my cereal.

“That’s because they all are.”

“If you got a boyfriend who would do that with you, I’m sure you wouldn’t be complaining then.”

She just rolls her eyes at me and says “You disgust me, let’s please just change the subject.” She can be such a pain in the butt sometimes.

“Fine, what do you want to talk about?” I say as I slump to the ground with my half “finished” math homework and a pencil and I occasionally fill in an answer.

“I don’t know.” Al says as she dials in her locker combination. I see her pull something out as she openly gapes at it. She can stand there with her mouth open all she wants, but it got me onto my feet faster then you can say “chocolate”. Which was what it was; a small box of chocolate.

“Whoa, where’d you get those?” I ask eyeing it.

“I don’t know. They were in my locker.” She says, still staring dumbfounded at the heart shaped box in her hand.

“Is there a card or something?” She flips it over to reveal a small sticky note attached on the back.

To: Allison Wallts
From: A Lost Love
I know love can be exhausting, but let me take your breath away.

“What the hell?” I say staring down at the sticky note. "Who writes that on a box of chocolate? I mean, writing I love you more then a fat kid loves cake would be more romantic then THAT.

“I’m just curious who they came from.” Al says as she continues to examine the box and note.

“The more important question right now is: are you going to open it?” I ask, begging her with my eyes.

She ignores my question and continues to mutter to herself, “Isn’t it a little early for valentines, it’s still January.”

“Now isn’t the time to play Nancy Drew, open it already. We’ll figure out where it comes from later.”

“No. You’ll eat them all. Besides, someone might like me.” she says, a smile growing on her face at the thought.

“Great. Now will you please open them? You’re killing me” I beg.

“You’ll live.” She says as she tears the plastic off, opens the lid and throws one in her mouth. “MMM caramel.” she says to tease me.

“What? Are you going to make me beg?”

“It’s so chewy and chocolaty!” she continues. I’ll take that as a yes. I scrunch up my face and stick out my hand.“Don’t give me that look! It’s not going to work.” I scrunch up my face some more and look sad.“Arrgh. Fine.” She says and sticks out the box in my direction. I grab a lumpy one, hoping for nuts and stick it in my mouth.

“I wonder who likes you.” I say through a mouth full of candy.

“I don’t know, if anybody. Maybe it’s that quiet guy that sits across from me in World History; I’ve caught him staring at me a few times, but I’m pretty sure it was the answers on my test instead that interested him.”

“Maybe.” I shrug holding out my hand for another piece. She must be really lost in thought; she actually gave me another one without teasing me or objecting. A rare, beautiful moment which I plan on taking full advantage of.

I toss the whole thing into my mouth and bite down; a bitterness springing into my mouth.

“What’s with the face? You eat coconut or something?”

I swallow it down with difficulty; my first mistake.

“No.” I say scraping my tongue with my finger, making an attempt to get the taste out of my mouth. “I think I got a stale one. Whoever he is, he’s a loser. He doesn’t even have enough class to get you a fresh box. Tasted like it’s been sitting in there since last Valentines Day.”

“Weird. Mine tasted fine.” She says, looking back down at the box. “Wait. You just want me to give you another one so you can “get the taste out of your mouth.” If you thought it was that gross, you wouldn’t have swallowed it.”

“Sounds like something I’d do, but really, it tasted funky.”

“Sure, whatever.” She says as she closes the box and stuffs them back in her locker. She closes her door and then freezes.

“What?” I ask as she furrows her eyebrows.

“How did it get in my locker?” she asks, staring at it.

“I don’t know. Maybe it was from someone who previously had this locker. Ooh. An older guy possibly.” I say. “It’s not like we can trust the school to change the combination.” She seems to lighten up at this.

“Well I got to go.” I say as the bell goes off. “I’ll see you at lunch.” I pick up my back pack, and un-finished math homework and walk over to Biology.

I immediately loose interest as the teacher drones on about ameba. I pull out my cell phone and text Jaclyn as I attempt to hide it in the pocket of my jacket.

“What’s up?” I ask, punching in the digits on the keypad.

“I’m in Econ. You?” she responds.

Stupid me forgot to put it on silent mode, so I’m just sitting there pretending to be interested in the life cycles of bacteria when my cell phone rings and the classroom is filled with the sounds of Skillet. Then there’s the usual spin of heads that follows to see who was stupid enough to text during class and forget to turn off the ringer.

I quickly turn around in my seat and pretend to be looking too. I finally manage to slip my hand in my pocket and turn my cell phone off.

I try not to look embarrassed and focus on the teacher’s lecture about keeping your cell phone turned off during class.

It’s not like anyone listens to that, if you look under all the desks, there is usually a cell phone in half of the kids’ hands, I mean who seriously smiles at their crotch?
My lab partner, an awkwardly skinny boy with sandy hair and freckles, leans over and whispers

“Smooth one” in my ear as I begin to turn a bright shade of pink and sink down lower into the floor, willing for it to open up and swallow me in. But of course, to my displeasure, it doesn’t, so I’m forced to stick around and hope Mr. Lenard, the Biology teacher, doesn’t catch on as to why my face is a brighter shade of pink then his tie. Yes, he wears a pink tie, scary huh?

What happened in BED? (World History, we all call it that because we never can seem to stay awake). I have no idea, like always, I was asleep. The poor Ottoman Empire will have to be defeated without me.

Then of course there’s Algebra. We go through the usual routine, I hand in un-finished homework , get chewed out, turn my cell phone back on, get chewed out some more, get cell phone taken away, then go to sleep.

I know I need to be paying attention to this and all, but I’ve got more important issues to waste thought on. Like, how am I not going to get chewed out by my mom when I get home?

Besides there’s a bigger problem (even bigger than my menopausal mom, or the fact that my biology teacher wears pink) I need to focus on. I’ve been having nightmares. I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but lucky for me, it is. The side effects from them are. I’m not going to go any further than that.

Yes! Finally the lunch bell rings. I jump up to leave.

“Katie, can I have a word with you?” I look over to see Mr. Brockson, my math teacher, leaning over his desk with some papers in his hand. “I need your parents to sign these.” He hands me back my recent quizzes that I, of course, failed. “I want them on my desk when class starts tomorrow.”
I want to tell him I won’t be here tomorrow, on the account that my mom is going to kill me.

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (Original)

Okay. This is working for me. Sounds really stream of consciousness. I feel like a real high school girl is telling this story. Keep it going. So far it’s one of the few diaper stories I am following.

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (Original)

Thanks :slight_smile: It’s actually a full length novel, It just badly needs editing and to tone down a bit of the religious parts (I was indoctrinated at that age)

It’s about a teenage girl who wets the bed every time she has a recurring nightmare about her best friend getting killed at school. Despite some heavy moments, it’s mostly a comedy about teenage awkwardness.

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (Original)

Chapter Two: Katie Vs Assyla (Round One)

I’m so thirsty, I think I’d sell my soul for something to drink right now…well maybe not my soul…maybe the kid standing next to me- No, wait, he’s a ginger too, he doesn’t have one either. That makes two of us. Just as well though. I should really lay off the liquids.

I grab a plate of their mutant looking…… I don’t even know what it is. I look over at the beverage stand with longing and walk past to our table.

“Hey, what took you so long?” asks Allison.

“Hey, Al, sorry got held up by my math teacher.” My eyes fixate over onto her Mountain Dew sitting beside her tray un-opened. She notices and pulls it away. Then opens it and drinks in tauntingly in front of me, exaggerating ever gesture to tease me. What are friends for?

“What’s wrong, they run out or something?” Jaclyn asks poking the mysterious looking cafeteria food with her plastic fork.

“Yeah.” I try to say all casually as if it was no big deal.

“Well, it looks like they re-stocked.” She says as she points over to the beverage stand at the pyramid of Mountain Dew cans.

“Great, so you can go buy your own and stop starring at mine.” says Al as she joins in on poking the food on her tray. I swear one day, it’s going to fight back.

“So, did you tell Jaclyn about your little locker surprise this morning?” I ask in an attempt to change the subject. I glance over in Al’s direction as she turns a slight pink color, keeping her head pointed down at her tray.

“Oh. Do tell.” Jaclyn says as she musters up the courage to take a small bite of whatever four legged animal decided to run into the middle of the road today.

Al digs through her backpack and pulls out the heart-shaped box, with the sticky note attached to the bottom.

“Ooh la la. What have we here?” Jaclyn says as she closely examines the item in front of her.

“Read the note on the bottom.” I chime in. “It’s really…interesting.”

“Wow. This guy has obviously never been on a date before.” Jaclyn says as she finished reading the hand written note stuck onto it, and then hands it back it Al.

They start talking about a school trip coming up, while I sneak into my backpack, and grab my journal.

I quickly lose interest in their conversation as I start to scribble down what has been going on these last few nights.

"I really can’t keep it hidden much longer, unless I stop having these dreams. They’re just so weird. In the dream I’m terrified for some reason, and so is everyone else. Then I wake up; but every time I have them, I dream a little bit more. I was almost to the point where I saw what everyone was running away from, and I remember I was looking at something, but then it’s just fuzzy and I wake up. I don’t mind the dreams so much, I actually find them interesting. The problem is that I’ve been-

“What are you writing in there?” asked Jaclyn as she tried to peek over my shoulder. I quickly shut the cover. I’d be mortified if she read what I was about to write. Even if she saw it, I know she wouldn’t tell anybody, she’d tell everybody. Because a person my age doing that, it just isn’t right.

I turn around, finish the sentence and close the book. There, I got it out off my chest and out in the open. Sort of.

The five minute bell rings.

“Oh, how cute. Still can’t get anyone to listen to your problems I see.” A tall, slender, perfectly tan girl with brown hair and green eyes says. Oh look, it’s “Most Likely to Become a Porn Star,” I think while rolling my eyes.

“Buzz off, Assyla!” said Jaclyn, who was staring at her tray as if she wanted nothing more then to pick it up and spill it’s contents down the front of the person in front of her, which was probably true.

That is Alyssa, one of those preppy cheerleading types who think she’s better then everyone else. We call her by her first name backwards. We find it suites her much better that way.

“Bite me.”

“Somebody ought to.” I mumble under my breath. I get up to leave, but realize a moment too late I forgot to zip my backpack back up. I stand there and watch, as does everybody else, as all of my stuff goes tumbling out onto the floor. Ignoring all the amused faces watching me, I grab my stuff, shove it back in, and sling it over my shoulder.

“Aren’t we graceful today?” she snorts. Hey! I was all proud of myself too, it’s already 12: pm and that’s the first thing I’ve spilled all day. I should get Brownie points for that or something.

“It beats being a-.” I yell, but Al cuts me off before I have a chance to finish.

“Will you two stop?” says Allison as she tugs on my arm to leave.

“Oh, nice you got yourself a body guard. Good choice, she defiantly is the biggest of all the girls.” Assyla snorts, a smirk forming across her lips, the same lips that my fist was just dying to smash into her skull. She asked for it. But I know better though. About violence never solving anything you ask? No, no, no. I know better then to hit her in the face.

Al lets go of my arm and steps back next to Jaclyn and I take that as all the go ahead I need. You just don’t talk about a girl’s weight like that…Especially not my friends.

I took my fist and thrust it into the side of her stomach. My defense wouldn’t be very good if she told on me with a broken nose. I leave no trace of ever having hit her. I learned that lesson the hard way once when I broke some boys’ nose, and my hand, in the 5th grade. Plus I got suspended for a week. My mom was furious, but I think my dad was proud.

“You’re… going …to regret this.” She said, after a few choice four letter words, through gasps for air. All her clones came rushing up to help her. We walked away as the late bell was about to go off.

I couldn’t take the thirst anymore. I handed the lunch lady a dollar and bought a soda. I guzzled it down as fast as I could.
“Thirsty?” Jaclyn said sarcastically. So much for no liquids. Well I made it last night, I should be fine. I hope.

After school was over I went to Mr. Brocksons’ class to see if I could get my cell phone back. After enduring his long lectures about not using it during class, I finally got it back. Hurray!

I grabbed a snack from the schools ant infested vending machines, and sat down on a bench. I started looking through my backpack to grab my journal. Then after searching every pocket five times; I realize to my horror that I must have left it in the cafeteria when I spilled my backpack. The chance that it was still there was slim due to the fact that there were people in and out all the time.

I ran in and started looking under all the tables and to my relief it was sitting on a table. Maybe someone just found it on the floor and set it on the table and didn’t read it. I give it a quick glance and stuff it in my backpack.

When I get home the first thing I do is head up to my room and get on the computer, and begin thinking of what I’m going to say to my mom when she arrives. I shudder at the thought.

I go and dump the contents of my backpack onto my bed. The five identical F’s stare up at me and I glare right back. I throw them on my desk for later, and pull out my math book. My mom’s going to kill me.

Five minutes later, after I finish planning my funeral and guest list, I hear a ding sound coming from my computer that I instantly welcome. I’m a procrastinator, what can I say?

Chocolvr88: Hey

SocalKT178: Hey. What’s up, Al?

Chocolvr88: Thinking about that nature trip for Bio this weekend.

SocalKT178: Oh. I totally forgot about that.

Chocolvr88: Sounds fun, minus the biology part. At least we will have the nights to ourselves.

SocalKT178: Nights?

Chocolvr88: Yeah, it’s a weekend long trip at the lake to “study” the environment.

SocalKT178: Oh, right. I Forgot about that.

Chocolvr88: Oh. Did your mom tell you yet?

SocalKT178: Tell me what?

Chocolvr88: The weekend of our trip, my mom is also going away, except she is leaving a day before we do, and coming back a day after we do. So I’m staying at your house the day before and after the trip. Our mom’s already discussed the details on the phone today. So we will get a weekend together.

SocalKT178: Oh, wow. That’s cool.

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! And some more no’s! If I somehow survive my
Menopausal mothers’ wrath, I could possibly die from embarrassment.

“Katie, I’m home!” my mom yells from downstairs. I grab my quizzes, head downstairs, and prepare for the worst.

“Oh, Hi mom.” I say trying to act casual. As casual as a person can be, knowing they could soon be very well carried off to the backyard in several pieces in large, black trash bags anyway.

“What’s wrong?” she asks. I must not be very good at this. I see the insides of some Hefty bags in my future.

“Oh, nothing is wrong, per say. I just have something I need you to sign for me.” My hand, shaking slightly, slides them over across the tile counter tops towards her. I clench my teeth, and wait for the nuclear bomb to be dropped.

“Any second now, she’s probably just thinking of something to say to the police when Al notices I’m not in school anymore.” I tell myself as I peek through my tightly closed eyelids at her facial expression. And to my surprise, my GREAT surprise, did she not look as if about to kill, mutilate, or slaughter me in any form or matter.

Good-bye Hefty bags!

“Oh, are these the math quizzes I heard about?” she asked calmly, putting them back down on the counter, and digging through the refrigerator.

“Yeah…How do you know about them?” I ask, blood beginning to come back into my face. But wait!

What if she’s planning on lowering my guard, luring me into a false sense of security?

“Your math teacher called me earlier and told me to make sure that I get them from you.” She said, pulling out a bag of chicken from the freezer, and to my displeasure, a large knife.

“Oh, right.” I say, my eyes instantly following the knife that is firmly clutched in my mothers’ hand. She watches me with some amusement, as my eyes, never letting the eight inch blade out of my sight, follows her from one side of the room to the other.

“Umm…it’s for the chicken.” She says, motioning to the pieces simmering over the stove top. “How can you already be failing math? It’s not that far into the semester.”

“I don’t know it’s hard. I don’t get it.” I say, the dreaded topic rearing its ugly head into the kitchen.

“Then why don’t you just get someone to help you with it? Alyssa always had an A in it, I’m sure she would be more then happy to help you.” What is it with moms and not keeping up with the times?

“Mom, I haven’t been friends with Alyssa for three years. The only place she would help me is right over a cliff.”

“If you would just be nice for a change, I’m sure the two of you would catch up in a flash.” I don’t even answer that one. I just go into the kitchen and look for something that has chocolate in it.
I settle for a small cup of chocolate chips, grab my quizzes and head back up to my room. I can’t believe I got off so easily!

After dinner I spend the next couple of hours doing homework and talking on-line until I felt too tired to do anything but sleep.

I go to the bathroom and get ready for bed. I start to wonder if I’m going to have any more nightmares. Maybe, if I’m lucky, that was the end of it. Then I’ll have nothing to worry about this weekend or when Alison comes over.

I crawl under the covers and hope for the best.

It’s the next morning; I say good-bye to my mom and head out the door. The closer I get to school the more I get chills running up and down my back. Every one of my muscles tensing up; I feel scared for some reason. I get closer with every foot step, continuing my rapid heartbeat.

I start to become afraid, but I go forward anyway. The hairs on the back of my neck start to stick up, and I know that something’s seriously wrong.

My feet take me to mine and Allison’s spot behind the school. My heart is beating faster and faster the closer I get. I’m at the turn and I stop. I wipe my clammy hands on my pants. What am I so afraid of? I’ll turn the corner and see Al there smiling when she sees me, then we will hang out like we always do. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

I turn the corner and see Al, but she’s not smiling, not even close. She’s not even alone.
There beside her, a man, possibly middle aged with a hand gun squeezed tightly between his fingers. I follow his hand with my eyes to see where it’s going, straight at Al’s head. His finger rested on the trigger. My brain shuts down in hysterics; I stand there staring at the two of them.

A bead of sweat forms in my hair and slowly makes its way down my face.

Al looks up, tears and streams of sweat sliding down her pale, white face. I find my voice and scream Al’s name. The man looks up at me, his eyes bore into mine. They seem so hollow, so lifeless.

He turns his attention back to Allison, and asks her a question. A simple yes or no question. My brain does not calculate the question. The only thing I know is the desire of her to say no. A simple one syllable word will either save or take her life. Please say no, please say no.

She doesn’t hesitate with an answer.

“Yes.” She replies.

I watch as if I have no choice. A short motion of his finger seems to take an eternity. As if watching it in slow motion, he pulls the trigger. My ears explode with the sound of the gun blast.

My heart also explodes as I stand and watch my best friend fall to the ground. Eyes open gaping up at me. Her blood freely pouring from her skull onto the pavement below. A sick feeling rises up from my stomach as I watch her lying motionless on the ground. Dead.

I feel dizzy as my feet give way, and I fall, but I don’t stop. I just keep falling. I hear a voice tell me “Go to the bathroom before bed.”

“Katie!” I hear a different voice calling me, but I can’t place it. I hear it again. “Katie!?” I finally distinguish it as a women’s voice. I feel a cold hand touch my forehead. Reality starts to slowly set in as I realize I’m safe in my bed. My nice, warm, wet bed.

Not again!

Even my dreams are making fun of me.

I realize that my mother was trying to wake me up.

I try to open my eyes but they burn, so I keep them shut. I move slightly to let her know I’m awake. I try to make a noise out of my mouth, but nothing comes out. My mouth is completely dried out and my throat burns.

“Katie, are you alright?” She seems truly concerned. I must look like crap; more so then I usually do in the morning. Then I realize it wasn’t the morning. I turn my head and squint up at my alarm clock. It reads 3 AM, and my bedroom light is on. I’m covered in sweat and still feel feeble and bewildered.

I look up at her for an explanation, but instead of explaining why she’s in my room in the middle of the night, she gently places her hand on my forehead again. It feels so nice and cool on my burning face.

“You’re hot.” She says. “Stay down; I’m going to go get the thermometer.”

I shift my legs to check to see if I did what I think I did.

I did.

This is completely distressing for someone my age.

My pajama bottoms were now uncomfortably wet and stuck to my legs. I reach into my personal drawer and pull out a towel and slide it under my covers. I was surprised to see that it instantly zapped all the energy out of me. I lay there and tried to catch my breath.

My mom walked in and took my temperature. 103.8 Fahrenheit. It never gets that high. Well at least if I get caught, I’ll have an excuse for this one.

She goes back down stairs and a second later reappears at my bed with glass of water and a bottle of Advil.

I struggle to sit up; as I make sure the blankets are securely around my waist. I instantly feel dizzy and take a sip of water. The cold rush of water felt so soothing on my dried out throat. I take some Advil and lay back down, fighting to stay awake.

I manage to make a half understandable question come out of my mouth.

“What happened?” I ask, a burning feeling engulfing my throat.

“I was going to ask you the same thing. I heard you screaming, and when I came to see what was wrong, you were twisted and turning in your blankets. I tried to wake you, but you were yelling something that didn’t make any sense. Something about a bathroom.” I feel relief as I realize that wasn’t my mother telling me this, but if it wasn’t her, who told me to go to the bathroom before bed? Oh, well as long as my mom doesn’t know.

“I’ll stay home with you tomorrow, we need to watch-”

I didn’t catch the rest, I fell back asleep. At least I didn’t have any more nightmares.

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 2)

Chapter Three

When I woke up the next day I was shaking all over and felt like I had just got run over. I made an effort to lift my head up and see what time it was. 1pm.
I don’t think my mom noticed my little accident, or any of the others from these past two weeks.

I look around to make sure she’s not around. I grab one of my blankets and keep it tightly around my waist and wobble over to the door, close and lock it.

Thankfully I’ve been keeping towels under my sheets, so my mattress was okay. I grab the dirty sheets and stuff them under my bed, with some of the others. This is getting embarrassing. No, embarrassing would be just once, but after the fifth or sixth time, it’s just sick and wrong.

I change into some sweat pants, throw the rest of the evidence with the others, grab the air freshener and spray around the room. I’ve almost used a whole bottle in two weeks. Believe me I never normally have this problem. It’s only been happening when I have these nightmares.

Thankfully no one has figured it out yet, although I’m sure my moms wondering why all of the sheets are disappearing.

Okay, so I lied…a little. I do have something to hide under my bed. About half the households bedding , that’s what.

As soon as I feel better I swear I’ll do some laundry. I better do some soon; I’m running out of places to stash the evidence. Great I say to myself as I open the door and crawl back into bed. My life as a 15 year old bed wetter.

As soon as my head hits the pillow I instantly fall back asleep.

When I awake again, my mom is in to check up on me. She says I’ve been asleep all day, and that it’s already 5PM.

She takes my temperature again, it’s down to 102.4 but it’s still high. She feels my skin and tells me I’m dehydrated. Hmm, I wonder why… I feel a little bit better and am able to sit up without getting as dizzy.

For the first time I think about what I dreamed the night before. It sends chills up my back. It was so real. I pictured Allison lying on the ground, and the look on her face, I couldn’t get her face out of my head.

I remember her being asked a question, but I can’t remember. I begin to feel tired again and I lay my head back down on the pillow.

The words suddenly made sense and the question fully formed in my head.

“Do you believe in God?” was the question and Allison said yes. I passed out again. I finally had a dreamless, peaceful, dry nights sleep.

I wake to my mother calling my name again. She’s leaning over me with a cold wet wash cloth, which she places on my throbbing face. My temperature has risen again to 104.8 Fahrenheit and I feel like I’m on fire.

“I called your dad; he is coming to take you to the hospital.” She says. Whoa, I must really look like crap. She refuses to talk to my dad; I’m always the one who has to talk to him.

All I know is that I feel like crap. I’m shaking hard, and my head is throbbing. I have no idea what in the world is going on, but I don’t really care right now. I just want to go back to sleep.

Next thing I know, my dad’s in the room. He takes one look at me and jumps back. Once he gets over at how bad I look, he comes over and asks how I’m doing. I really can’t talk; I can’t even lift my head off my pillow without the room starting to spin. I grunt to let him know that I’m alive.

“What’s her temperature?” He asks my mom.

“It was a high 104 an hour ago, let me take it again.” She says as she sticks the cold thermometer in my ear. 105.3

My mom starts to pace, while my dad waves his hand through his hair, or what’s left of it anyway.

“Can you get up?” my mom asks me. I fight to get my head off my pillow, but instantly let it fall back as everything spins. I shake my head.

My dad comes up and in one motion picks me and my sheets up. There glued to my body with sweat. Thankfully that’s all.

My head rolls over onto his shoulder as he carries me down the stairs and lays me back down in the back seat of his car; my mom watching nervously behind us. They both pile into the front seats.

I notice all the sweat on my dads’ shirt from where my head had been. He’s probably grossed out, and never plans to wear that shirt again.

It was weird seeing both of my parents together in the same car, let alone sitting next to each other. It was the quietest car ride I’ve ever been in.

By the time we got to the hospital I was completely passed out in the back seat. They must have carried me in there because the next thing I remember is them trying to sit me up in a chair. Being that I wasn’t all there, I instantly start falling forward out of the chair. My mom runs up and pushes me back in and holds me there. I don’t think my dad has any interest in touching me anymore, so he sits down and lets my mom do it. At this point I don’t thing I’ve ever felt worse then I do right now. I start to drift back to sleep as I listen to the clock tick.

I let my head rest on the chair next to me as I gaze over at the other people in the room. A nine year old boy holding an ice pack to his foot, probably from soccer practice or something, and a big boned lady which I could only assume was his soccer mom in the seat next to him yapping away on her cell phone. I didn’t really care to hear anymore of her conversation about what the girl at the office called her yesterday to whoever had the displeasure of being on the other end of the phone, so I rolled over and faced the other way, didn’t really like that either, so I finally settled for facing the receptionist before falling back asleep.

My mom leaves to go talk to the lady at the front desk. Sometime later, my name is called by one of the nurses. My dad picks me up again and follows the nurse into one of the rooms where he lays me down on the table. My mom comes in shortly after and sits in a chair.

The lady we followed starts digging through the drawers and pulls out a thermometer. She sticks it in my mouth and it digs in under my tongue.

I really hate those tongue ones. Not only do they poke you for a full thirty seconds of discomfort, Alex has also scarred me for life with those.

When I was about the age of seven or eight, I caught the flu that was going around. Alex, being the evil older brother he is, thought it would be funny to tease me while I was sick. After having rummaged through the drawer for the thermometer and sticking it in my mouth, he pleasantly walked in and started laughing. Me not knowing any better, threatened to hit him if he didn’t tell me what he thought was so funny. He then happily informed me that that I just stuck the rectal thermometer my mouth. Me being old enough to know what a rectal thermometer was, but young enough not to know any better started freaking out, until my mom came in and reassured me that it really was the tongue one. Ever since then I have despised anything that took my temperature that wasn’t inserted in the ear.

Oh I got him back though, for the next couple days, whenever he put his drink on the counter I would take a swig while he wasn’t looking. Yeah, he got the flu right along with me. Hehe, chemical warfare.

Thankful for when it finally beeps, she takes it out and looks at it, then writes something down on her clip board.

She leaves saying that the doctor will see me shortly. I know better then to believe her, it’s the emergency room, and nothing’s a short wait. Well for me it was, I fell asleep, and instantly saw the doctor come in and try to wake me up. Why can’t you people let me sleep?

He tells me I can sleep all I want when I get home, but for now he needs me awake.

“Can you sit up?” he asks. “I need to feel your glands.” I sit up with difficulty and wait for the spinning to stop. I cling tightly to the sheet wrapped around me for support. His hands feel like ice as he feels around my throat.

He reads the chart he brought in with him and informs my parents that I have a 105.4 fever and swollen lymph glands, whatever those are.

“It’s a viral infection, and there’s nothing we can really do for it. You just have to wait for it to pass as miserable as it might seem, although we do need to do something about the fever.”

I lie back down and let them talk not really caring about what’s going on until one word catches my ear. Shot.

This really isn’t my day, first this and now he wants to stick me with a needle. I hate needles!

“Okay, it’s just a little shot.” I tell myself, until he comes back with it, and I see the size of it. That is, was, and will ever be the biggest needle I ever have, or will ever see.

I give a quick glare toward my parents as he approaches me with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. If I wasn’t so sick, every nurse in a ten mile radius would be holding me down right now. I guess having a 105 fever takes the fight out of people, because nothing but that could get me to agree to them sticking THAT into my arm…at least I hope that’s where he’s planning on putting it.

“It’ll only hurt for a second.” He tells me.

I’m back in my bed, and my mom is bringing me some Advil. No, not for my fever, it’s for my ass.

Why are all doctors such liars?

My right buttcheek is painfully throbbing and is slightly swollen. Not to mention the purple and green 2 inch bruise all around the puncture wound and to top it all off, I didn’t even get a sucker. Last time I got a shot I got one, although I was also only seven. I guess you’re disqualified after you’re ten or something.

At least my fever broke. I have never sweat so much in my life, must have lost at least five pounds; half of it being on my dad from having to carry me around.

He left a half hour ago claiming he was in desperate need of a shower. Oops…

Good news is I’m not contagious so Al is coming over to visit me. For the first time in two days, I’ve finally gotten out of bed.

After I took some more medicine I convinced my mom that I felt much better and that she doesn’t have to stay home with me.She’s thankfully out at the grocery store, which gives me a chance to do some laundry.

I went into my moms’ room, grabbed the hamper, and went through all the stuff under my bed, the stuff I didn’t tell you about.

Making sure Alex didn’t sneak in first, I check around the house and in his room. He’s not there. My mom probably told him I was sick, so he’s probably going to avoid me like the plague.I don’t mind this due to the fact that when we were little whenever I was sick, he would read to me out loud from the TV and microwave manuals to make me “feel better”. For this reason and this reason alone, I would never, ever pretend to be sick.

I grabbed the laundry basket and snuck down to the basement to wash them. Being that I have no clue on earth how to do this, it took me longer then I thought. I have learned this though. Don’t mix red pajamas with white sheets. White sheets no more. Oh well, I think they look better pink anyway.

I managed to get all the clothes back in my room, and the sheets back under my bed. My mom won’t be too happy when she realizes I turned a bunch of our sheets pink.

The door bell rings and there is Allison with homework for me… great.

“Hey, heard you were really sick?” she says, staying at least three feet away from me.

“Oh, yeah, I had a 105 fever.” I say, taking a step closer.

“Ouch. You’re okay now though right?” she takes a step closer to the door.

"Yeah I’m better, but I now passionately hate doctors. Look what he did to my ass! " I say pretending to bend over while Allison probably begins wondering why she’s even friends with me. “Oh well, least I’m not sick anymore. Let’s go up to my room.” I say, motioning with my arm up to the stairs.

“Oh, great. Germ land.” She says sarcastically.

“You’ll live. Don’t worry I washed all my bedding.”

“Sure you did.” I pulled one of the pink sheets out from under my bed to show her which quickly convinced her.

“Okay, I believe you. Only you could do something like that. Wait… Why did you do that?”

“What do you mean?” I ask as I watch her hesitantly walk in.

“Why would you do your own laundry? You never do it, AND after being sick.” She looks at me suspiciously. “What are you trying to cover up?”

“Nothing. I’m not hiding anything.” I get those chills. That kind where you’re hiding something and just got caught kind.

“Sure. Did you spill some of that food are you’re always sneaking up?” She says sarcastically. I give her the look. The drop it look. “Oh. Right, that. I get really embarrassed when I get blood on my sheets too.”

Yes! She thinks it’s that, close call. I wait a few seconds for the color to come back to my face before answering.

“Yeah, I hate those surprises.” I say. “So did I miss anything at school?”

“Not really. Jamie says he missed you at math. He stopped by at our table at lunch for a couple minutes. Him and those other guys he always hangs out with, the one with the glasses and cow licked hair, and the really small one, the one they call ant.”

“Oh, Anthony. Yeah, they’re pretty weird.” If you can believe it, even weirder than us. Jamie was one of my guy friends, well okay, my only guy friend. The only guy that isn’t afraid I’d kick him in the balls or something. We’ve been friends since 6th grade. I’ve secretly had a crush on him for half that time, but being that he is male, he is oblivious to this.

“Hey! Maybe one of them gave you the locker present.” I say pushing the power button on the computer with my toes.

“So are you excited about the weekend?” Al says, ignoring my question.

Excited? I was dreading it. Two nights in a cabin full of other people sleeping on bunk beds. If I had another nightmare while I was there… I couldn’t even think of what would happen, if that happened. Maybe I can just ask my Biology teacher tomorrow if I can be excused from going. I can always just say I’m still not feeling well.

“Can’t wait.” I mumble back as I plop down on my bed after checking my e-mail, which, of course, was pointless. “I had a scary dream about you the other night.”

“Oh, about what?”

“Well, I was at school, and I was going over to your locker. For some reason I was really scared. Well anyway, I go over to your locker to find you, but there was a guy standing next to you pointing a gun at your head. I have no idea if he worked at our school, was some random parent, or what. He asks you a question, but I couldn’t figure out it at first. You answer “yes” and he kills you. It seemed so real and it was so gory. Like something out of one of the twenty-five Halloween movies.”

“That’s creepy. Why do I have to be the one to die in your dreams? Why isn’t Jaclyn getting her brains blown out with me?”

“Because you’re the one who believes in God.”

“What?” she asks sitting up.

“The question he asked you was if you believe in God, and you said yes.” I say up to the ceiling.

“Oh, wow. What else happened?”

“After that is when I woke up sick. I felt like I was falling and I woke up with my mom looking at me like I was half- crazy. She said I was yelling in my sleep.”

“Yeah, you do talk a lot in your sleep.” I just wish that was the only thing I did in my sleep nowadays.

“The weird part is that isn’t the first time I’ve had that dream. I’ve had it three other times already, and every time I have it there’s a little bit more happening.”

“That’s freaky, so how’s about keeping me alive in your dreams?” she says, getting up and browsing through my overflowing book case.

“Ha, yeah I wish I could.” Really, she has no idea how much I wish I could.

“What happened last time you had the dream?” she asks while picking one of the many books off the floor and reading the back cover.

“Well the same thing except, I hadn’t gotten to you yet, the last thing I remember in the other one was I turned the corner and saw something. I couldn’t remember what I saw when I woke up. I’m guessing it was you that I saw.” I say, still having a staring contest with the ceiling.

“Interesting…” I look over to see what she’s talking about, me or the book, which happened to be quite a weird one. The book I mean, not me, although sometimes I too can be a weird one.

“Hey Al?”

“Yeah, what’s up?” she asks, looking up from my mini library of teen fiction.

“You wouldn’t really say yes would you?” There was a long pause. “Al?” I look up at her; she seems to be lost in thought. I lay back down and waited for an answer.

“Yeah, I would.” A million thoughts go through my head, and so do a million words to call her. I keep them to myself; she’s my best friend, if she wants to believe in it, then fine. I just wish she wouldn’t be willing to throw her life out for it. I settle for a simple explanation.

“Why would you say yes?” I ask, tearing my eyes away from the ceiling.

“Because I do believe in God.” She says, attempting to find somewhere to put the book in her hands away, but then just settles for the floor with everything else.

“Well yes, I know you do, but why are you willing to throw your life away for it? It’s just a religion.”

“I’m not religious. I believe in God, that He sent His son to die for me and that He rose on the third day. That’s it.” That’s what Al said, but all I heard was “Wah Wah Wah Wah, Blah Blah Blah” Like one of those teachers off Charlie Brown. When Al starts getting preachy, ANYTHING is more interesting to me than listening to her.

“Sounds like a religion to me.” It was weird to see Allison serious about something. Usually the best way to describe her is A.D.H.D on steroids. She is the most energetic person I have ever met and probably will ever meet. To see her stand there and be serious for a change was starting to freak me out. “Let’s get something to eat, I’m starving.” I say In an attempt to change the subject.

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 3)

I like these sorta teen/parent bedwetting comedy/drama stories, and this
one is pretty interesting so far, thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 3)

It’s the next morning; I say good-bye to my mom and head out the door. The closer I get to school the more I get chills running up and down my back. I feel scared for some reason. I get closer with every foot step, butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. I start to get nervous. I go forward anyway.

The hairs on the back of my neck start to stick up. Something’s seriously wrong. My feet take me to mine and Al’s spot behind the school. My heart is beating faster and faster the closer I get. I’m at the turn and I stop. I wipe my clammy hands on my pants. What am I so afraid of? I’ll turn the corner and see Al there smiling when she sees me, then we will hang out like we always do.

There’s nothing to be afraid of.

I turn the corner and see Al, but she’s not smiling, not even close. She’s not even alone.
There beside her, a man with a hand gun squeezed tightly between his fingers. I follow his hand with my eyes to see where it’s going, straight at Al’s head. His finger rested on the trigger. My brain shuts down; I stand there staring at the two of them. A bead of sweat forms in my hair and slowly makes its way down my face.

Al looks up, tears and streams of sweat sliding down her pale, white face. I find my voice and scream Als name. The man looks up at me, his eyes bore into mine. They seem so hollow, so lifeless.

He turns his attention back to Allison, and asks her a question. It’s a simple yes or no question.

“Do you believe in God?” he asks in a commanding voice. I stare at Allison. Please say no. Please.

“Yes. I do.” She responds, no fear present in her voice. My eyes lock in to what’s happening, unable to steer them away. There is an ear shattering sound of a gun blast, and I see Allison fall to the ground. The blood seeping from her head, forming a small black puddle. Her blank stare looking right at me, her green eyes digging straight into mine. A mixture of sweat and tears fall from my face.

He looks up at me. He comes closer. My heart feels as if it will pop right out. He comes right into my face.

“So what is your answer?” he demands with the same forceful voice.

“No.” I say barley audible.

“Good answer.” He says. “But now that you know it’s me, I can’t let you go.”

I start shaking as I try not to throw up. He raises his arm and I fall, down and down. I hear a voice again, “You should go to the bathroom before bed.”

“Katie.” I hear a female voice call out my name. “Katie.” I hear it again, not quite sure where it’s coming from. “Katie, wake up.”

I realize that I’m back in my room, and my mom is trying to wake me up for school. I rub my eyes and find them wet. I figure I was crying. To my displeasure I realize my eyes aren’t the only things wet.

I look up and see my mom waiting for me to wake up.

I don’t understand, I did go to the bathroom before bed. Apparently that’s not the only time I went.

“I’m awake.” I grunt up at her. That doesn’t seem to convince her much so I sit up careful to keep the blankets tightly covering my lap. It seems to convince her a little more.

“Hurry up and get dressed, it’s already past seven.”

Me being a prisoner to my own bed can’t do this until she leaves. I fake the appearance of getting up, which to my relief pleases her enough to leave, with of course the door wide open.

I wrap my blanket around my waist and make a run for the door and close it. I better be able to get out of this trip or I’m screwed.

I stash away the mess, do a quick sheet change, get dressed, and spray the area with air freshener. I run downstairs, grab a pop tart and head out the door.

Okay, Allison is spending the night tonight. Absolutely no liquids! I don’t know what I’d do if she or Jaclyn found out. This is embarrassing enough with out any one knowing. To top it all off, how am I going to get away with it, during a weekend with all the girls in my class? Al is smart, and could probably think of something, but I don’t have the heart to tell her. I’ll just fake sick and I’ll have nothing to worry about.

When I got to school I go meet Al like always. Just Al. She takes one look at me, and gets on my case.

“What’s wrong?” she asks. “You look freaked about something.”

“I’m fine.” I lie as I try to lighten up. “Jeez you’re already packed?” I ask pointing at her duffel bag sitting up against the wall.

“Well yeah, my mom’s leaving this afternoon; I’m going to your place right after school.” Al says while she searches her locker for any more mystery gifts.

“Oh, right. I haven’t even started packing.” And if I can help it, I don’t plan on it either.

“Once the biology part’s over with, we’ll be free to do whatever. That’ll be fun.” Normally I would be just as excited about it as she is, but giving the circumstances I’d like nothing better then to stay home. I go along with her and pretend to be excited.

“Well, I might not go; I’m still feeling kind of… bleh.” I say, faking a cough for emphasis. She gives me the yeah-I-don’t-believe-that–for-a-second-look.

“Yeah, you weren’t even sick with a cough. All you had was a fever.” She says a slight hint of disappointment in her voice after finding no trace of secret gifts or letters.

“Well fine, then maybe I still feel a bit feverish.” I say as I look for a place to sit without squashing a million ants in the process.

“Oh please, it won’t be that bad, sure we may have to walk around all day looking at flies and weeds, but we will get nights to hang out and stuff. It won’t be so bad.” Yeah well, you’re not the one with the body that’s acting like a five year old.

Hey, maybe this is normal. Life is on this cycle nobody wants to admit. Once you hit 15 or 16 your body recycles and you start acting five until you hit mid twenties. That would explain why some teenagers are so immature. Then it happens again in your 40’s, but nobody will admit it, so they slap it with the label of “Mid Life Crisis.” And by the time it happens again, you’re just too old to care.

Hey. I can dream.

Once first period ends I approach the Mr. Lenords’ desk.

“Can I help you with something, Katie?” he asks.

"Yeah, actually there is. I’d like to be excused-"I begin to say, but am cut off mid-sentence.

“Katie, if it’s about the trip, I don’t want to hear about it, you’re going. You’re not the first person to come up and ask me to be excused from going.” He says with a bored voice.

I’m dead. I am so dead.

On my way to World History I passed Assyla. She was looking abnormally happy for some reason, and when she saw me, she gave me this really creepy smile. It’s almost like she knows something… I’m being really paranoid now, I know.

The rest of the day went okay, I’m really behind with school work, but what else is new?
The nice part was when I went to gym. It’s Friday, so we usually have to run the mile, but when she asked why I haven’t been at school, she excused me from running. Yes!

I got to sit on a bench for 45 minutes and watch all the sweaty, red faced kids go by as they all stare jealously at me. I noticed that she came nowhere near me, the entire time. Oh well, I took the extra time to catch up on homework and think.

I know it was just a dream, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a dream that clearly before. Usually when I dream I will only remember tiny bits and pieces, but with these dreams I remember every tiny detail and emotion. Maybe I’m just making a big deal out of nothing; maybe this is just my bodies’ way of getting me to lay off all the caffeine.

I’m just about to go to my last period when I run into Assyla. She’s doing her usual routine about me, and I place my fist into her in the usual spot in her stomach where my dad showed me.

Since my parents have divorced, my dad has nothing holding him back from showing me his favorite fighting moves on the count that my mom isn’t in the picture from keeping him from doing so. It really has come in handy though. Except right now for instance I forgot to look for passing teachers first and got busted mid punch. I got a detention. Thankfully that’s all. At least Assyla got one too, for provoking me in the first place.

I kind of wish she didn’t though, now I have to spend an extra hour with her.

By the time my last period finished I was exhausted, but I figured I could sleep when I got to detention, like I usually do when I’m in detention. Which is about, every three days.

Assyla was already there, so I take the seat farthest away from her as I can. This is difficult being that she purposely chose the seat in the middle so she could harass me.
At this point I really don’t care, besides there’s some other people in here I can hide behind. I rest my head on the desk for a few minutes.

I jump up realizing that Al is waiting for me, and that I forgot to tell her that I’ll be in detention. I ran out before the person in charge (who happens to be my World History teacher) got a chance in telling me to sit back down.

I figure she’s by her locker. The closer I get the more chills I get running up and down my back. I start to sweat, and my hands become wet and slippery. I feel my lunch start creeping back through my esophagus. I can’t decide if it’s from being scared, or from the cafeteria food. I figure it’s a little bit of both.

My heart starts to race as I get closer. My worst fears coming alive as I turn the corner to find Al in the presence of HIM. He holds the gun at her head. I notice a tattoo of a snake on his left arm.
I stand there staring at the two of them. A bead of sweat forms in my hair and slowly makes its way down my face.

Al looks up, tears and streams of sweat sliding down her pale, white face. I find my voice and scream Als name. The bald man looks up at me, his eyes bore into mine. He turns his attention back to Allison, and asks her a question. It’s a simple yes or no question.

“Do you believe in God?” he asks in a commanding voice. I stare at Allison. Please say no. Please.

“Yes. I do.” She responds, no fear present in her voice. My eyes lock in to what’s happening, unable to steer them away. There is an ear shattering sound of a gun blast, and I see Allison fall to the ground. The blood seeping from her head, forming a small black puddle. Her blank stare looking right at me, her green eyes digging straight into mine. A mixture of sweat and tears fall from my face.

He looks up at me. He comes closer. My heart feels as if it will pop right out. He comes right into my face.

“So what is your answer?” he demands with the same forceful voice.

“No.” I squeak.

“Good answer.” He says. “But now that you know who I am, I can’t let you go.”

I start shaking as I try not to throw up. I try to think of what my dad told me about what to do if someone comes up, but I can’t remember. All I see is a gun coming toward me, its owners arm lifting, and then darkness but the last thing I remember seeing was Alyssa standing there, but for once, after seeing me get hurt, she wasn’t smiling.

I’m falling. I continue to fall, I feel myself hit something hard. Something cold.

“Katie! Katie?” I hear a voice yell.

“I’m sorry!” I scream at the top of my lungs. “I should have listened to Allison. Give me another chance! I’ll make things right I promise!”

“Katie?” It yells again. A male voice. A person! I feel a hand touch me and I jolt awake, shaking harder then I ever have. A dream! I can’t believe it! It was only a dream! A second chance! I have never been so grateful in my life. Life! I’m still alive!

I open my eyes, I’m in a classroom? What am I doing in a classroom? Detention. I’m still in detention! I’ve never felt so happy to be in detention.

I look up and see HIM. The guy from my nightmares. And he’s touching me. I scream at the top of my lungs and kick, but he’s pinning me down. I fight to get free and call him every possible thing that comes to mind. I end up getting an arm free and sending my fist into his face. He lets go and steps back and clutches his face. Someone else steps up and pins me down.

I yell at the first guy with all my might. “How could you kill her?! How could you kill Allison?! What did she ever do?!”

“Katie!” someone calls. I look over and face the person who was holding me down. I recognize him from World History; he sits three chairs away from me. “It’s okay.” He continues, trying desperately to calm me down. “It was just a dream.”

I look around and realize I’m on the floor. Everyone is gathered around me. Scared looks on their faces, they probably think I was having a seizure.

I feel to dizzy to get up, so I squint because my eyes burn to keep them open. There are tears all over my face, judging by the look on everyone’s face I must have been crying. I must have been crying hard.

I look back over to the guy I thought to be the gunmen, and to my horror, realized he wasn’t. It was just one of the teachers who got stuck in charge of us.

Uh-oh… I just punched my World History teacher.

Yeah, I have a feeling THAT’S going on my permanent record, not to mention the fact that he’s probably going to fail me on purpose now.

Mr. Stinkly, who I just punched in the nose, is on the phone with someone. He’s talking about me.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with her! One minute she was sitting there and the next she was rolling on the floor crying and screaming nonsense!” He sounds angry and scared at the same time. I want to tell him that I’m okay, but I don’t even know myself if that’s true or not.

I guess I should probably apologize first.

He continues to yell at the person at the other end of the phone. “I don’t know how to do that! I’m a history teacher not a paramedic! Just get the school nurse over here now!” He slams the phone down and takes a deep breath. Both of his hands are over his face. “I’m never volunteering for detention again.” He mutters to himself.

Yeah, I don’t blame him. Deranged, psychotic, flailing girls aren’t usually in the job description.
I try to control my breathing, and not sound so much like I’m suffocating, for their sake more so than my own. It’s too late though; I’ve freaked them all out. Beyond freaked is more like it. Nobody says a word, they just stare.

I feel so hot and sticky, so… wet.

The blood rushes out of my face, I slowly shift my legs. Wet.

I slowly move my head, ignoring the throbbing, and look down. Thank God! I was wearing my thick black jeans. The ones my mother dissaproves of so much. No one can see my little accident as long as my jacket keeps me covered. I pull my jacket down some more, just in case.

“Katie, good you’re awake.” says Mr. Stinkly, but everyone refers to him as Mr. Stinky because he has really bad breath. “The school nurse is on her way.” Mr. Stinky announces.

Good, maybe she can check out your nose.

“I’m okay now.” I say as I try to get up. Things begin to feel dizzy and he pushes me back down.

“She says I need to keep you lying down until she gets here.” I don’t argue with him, one of the reasons being that I don’t want him to talk. Seriously man, have a Tic Tac or something, have a whole pack of Tic Tacs. Instead, I just nod and lay my head back down.

“Anything I can do for you?” Mr. Stinky asks. Yeah, there is! Stop talking! I look around and everyone is still looking at me.

“Can you get rid of the kids?” I ask getting annoyed with everyone staring at me like I was some psychopath. Although, if I was acting like I was in that dream, they probably have every right to think so.

“Hey, all of you! Out!” he tells them.

They all eventually leave, moaning and complaining. I’m probably the most interesting thing they’ve ever seen here. It’s not everyday some girl goes mental in detention and socks the person in charge in the face.

“Hey Mr. Stinkly, have you seen Katie anywhere, she was supposed to meet me after school and she never- Katie?”

I look up and see Al. I was wondering if she was looking for me. “Why are you on the floor, are you okay?” she asks coming over.

“Allison, would you mind visiting Katie some other time, now isn’t a good time.” says Mr. Stinky.

“No, its okay, she can stay.” I say, somewhat relieved she’s here. It was getting kind of awkward just the two of us. That and he creeps me out, I thought for sure he was the guy from my nightmare; he just has this…resemblance. But the guy in my nightmare was balder than my dad and he had a tattoo on his left arm.

Mr. Stinky has a full head of brown hair, and doesn’t exactly seem like the tattoo type. I don’t think they hire teachers with tattoos here anyway.

“What happened?” she asks looking down at my blood shot eyes.

“I don’t know, I remember sitting at my desk, then all of a sudden I’m lying on the floor, in front of six people.”

“Lying doesn’t do justice, screaming and rolling around would more likely cover It.” says Mr. Stinky, grimacing as he tries to touch his nose. Rub in the guilt why don’t you.

“What happened to your nose?” Al asks, noticing his scrunched face of pain.

“Your friend here throws quite the punch.” He says, making a poor attempt at hiding the bitterness in his voice. Al shoots me a dirty look.

“You punched him?” Al asks looking at me with bewilderment. One of the kids who were listening outside poked his head in.

“Punched. Ha. We had to hold her down from ripping him apart.” He laughs.

“Leave. Now!” Mr. Stinky says in a bored voice.

“What was I saying?” I ask out of curiosity, and to change the subject before Al rips ME apart.

“Well first, you started fidgeting in your chair. Then that’s when you started screaming. We came over to see what was wrong, and you started crying and begging us not to kill Allison.” Al shoots me another look; I guess I’m going to have to explain later.

“Around this time you just tipped right out of your chair and started flailing around on the floor. We kept calling your name, but you kept on twitching and screaming. Then when we tried to wake you up you screamed something about a second chance, and that you should have listened to Allison about something.” He says, in the same bored voice, continuing touching his nose.

I have to turn my head and roll my eyes. I didn’t even hit him that hard, I was only able to get my left arm free, and I’m right handed. It’s not even close to bleeding.

“Wow, I knew you talked in your sleep, but this?” said Allison with a face full of concern, but also with “You’ve-got-a-lot-of-explaining-to-do.”

The nurse and principal come rushing in with a stretcher.

Oh great. So much for not causing a scene, but I guess it’s a little too late for that.

I try to tell them that I feel better now, but they don’t listen. They talk to Mr. Stinky for a minute about what happened. The principal strokes his beard for a minute, and then tells the nurse to take me to her office for an examination.

Mr. Stinky and the nurse put me the stretcher, and walk me over to the nurse’s station.

When I am evacuated from the room, I am met with a round of applause from the people waiting outside. I guess punching a history teacher is considered cool. The principal shuts them up pretty fast though, by offering them some more detentions.


Attracting all the eyes of people walking in that area I close my eyes and pretend to be dead. Al walks along the side of us, giving the eye to whoever comes in for a closer look.

They set me down atop the bed and the nurse shoos out Al and Mr. Stinky.

“Hey, thanks for your help, Mr. Stinky. I’m really sorry about your nose, I didn’t mean to punch you, and I thought you were someone else.” I say, not realizing at first that I said that out loud.
He raises his eyebrows at me, mutters something about how he’s late to meet his brother, turns around then leaves after accepting a bag of ice from the nurse for his nose. The nurse is trying to hold back her laughter and Al is full blown laughing.


She shoos Al out, who is pretty much tearing up at this point from laughing.

“So, would you like to tell me what’s really going on?” she asks me, chomping on some mint smelling gum.

“What do you mean?” I ask, totally not expecting this.

“What really happened earlier?” she asks again. I wish she’d stop staring at me, she’s making me nervous.

“I had a nightmare, no big deal.” I say, totally lying. She grabs a chair and sits down next to me.

“Do you know what R.E.M. sleep is?” she asked me.


“It’s what it’s called when the mind is dreaming. I take it that dream you were having wasn’t your average dream.” I nod, wondering how she knows this, well if the whole flailing around hasn’t already given that away. I haven’t exactly seen anyone else collapse during class yet.

“How did you know, minus the whole flailing around on the floor part?” I ask.

“It takes the body an hour of un-interrupted sleep to start the dream cycle, ‘Mr. Stinky’ as you put it, said you only nodded off for a minute or two until you started acting weird. How many times have you had these nightmares?”

“Five or six times at least.” I say, staring at the wall behind her.

“Are they all the same?”

“Kind of, it started off as walking to school with a weird sensation in my stomach, then kept progressing the more nightmares I had.”

“Are they scary?”

“Yes. Somebody Kills Allison and then kills me.” She seems to be thinking, so I let her and just sit there awkwardly until she snaps out of it and asks me another question.

“Do you know the person who does this to you?”

“No, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before. I thought it was Mr. Stinkly, so that’s kind of the whole thing with me punching him. I guess I was a little disoriented when I woke up.” She nods sympathetically and continues with her interrogation.

Yes! Who knows? I might actually not get in trouble for this! And I can say I slugged a teacher, among the many other people I can say I’ve hit! Sweet!

“Where does this happen?”

“Here.” This seems to startle her. “I was going to go meet Allison at out usual hang out spot, but when I get there, he is with her.”

“Do you think he is a student here?”

“No, he’s a bit older, more like in his early 40’s, late 30’s, but don’t take my word for it, I’m really bad with ages.”

“Does he have anything against you or Allison?”

“I don’t know, He was after Allison because she believed in God, and he killed me because I saw him do it.”

“Do you think Allison is his only intended target?”

“I’m not sure. He didn’t say anything about killing anyone before, or if he had any more targets.” I say, fiddling around with my jacket.

“Isn’t Allison the president of the Bible club here?”

“Yeah, something like that. Do you think it was like a hate crime or something?”


“Well it doesn’t really matter.” I say “It was just a dream after all.”

“Do you really believe that, Katie?” I pause for a moment and think. I really thought I was dead; I was shocked when I woke up on the classroom floor.

“I guess not.” I admit, but what else could it be?

“Anything else been happening because of them?” I debate telling her, but who wants to admit something like this? I instinctively pull down my jacket, which she notices. She raises an eyebrow at me, and I look away.

“Would you mind taking off your jacket for me?” she asks. The blood rushes from my face, leaving it pale white, well, more paler than usual, if that’s possible.

“No thanks, it’s kind of cold in here; I’d rather keep it on.” I say, continuing my examination of the floor. This jacket is the only thing from keeping her from seeing the “other thing that’s been happening.” I rather not go there.

“I can turn on the heater for you.” She says, pressing the matter further. Much further from my comfort zone.

“It’s alright; I’d be more comfortable with it on anyway.” I say as I begin counting the tiles on the floor.

“You know if there’s something you want to ask me, I won’t tell anyone, it will stay between us. No matter how embarrassing it might seem.”

“I don’t really have any questions.” I say. I’m such a liar, of course I want to know why this is happening, and I’ve even been looking on-line. But I just can’t seem to find anything.

She seems disappointed in me. Oh well.

“Then why won’t you take your jacket off? Are you trying to hide something?” Of course I’m hiding something, when am I not hiding something?

I know she knows, how, I have no idea, but my guts telling me it’s not a secret anymore. I look down to make sure my jackets still covering, which it is. Then how does she know? Maybe they all noticed when I was flailing around, maybe it wasn’t covered then, and he told her. I fidget uncomfortably at the thought of a group of juvenile delinquents knowing something like that.

The embarrassment of it starts to take hold of me as a tears start to form in my eyes. I slowly sit up and rest my hand on the zipper.

What am I doing? Someone, please stop me! I look up at her one more time.

“Everything will stay between us.” She says reassuring me. The more I pull at the zipper the more tears come out.

Seriously! Now would be a good time!

I take a deep breath and just do it, revealing the wetness in my jeans. She gets up, sits down next to me, and pulls me into a hug. I officially loose it then, and just let myself cry in her arms.

Yeah, pathetic huh? Even for me.

After a few minutes, I try to pull myself back together. I mean, there has to be at least an ounce of dignity in me left over. I mean hey, I’ve got a reputation to protect. I send in a good percentage of work for her, all those bloody noses and black eyes don’t heal themselves.

I hate to know what she’s thinking right now. The weird girl who pees her pants and cries in random peoples arms is the girl who beats everyone up? You’re joking, right?

I wipe my eyes on my sleeve, and zip my jacket back up.

“C’mon, I’ve got some dry clothes in the back you can change into.” She walks into a closet type room, and I silently follow. In a white plastic bucket was a large assortment of different clothes. I figure this must be the lost and found. She says I can pick out whatever I want, that they’ve been here forever and to please get rid of some of it for her. But that there was nothing for me in the line of under wear but a pair of guys boxers. She promises there new, so I take them. Anything’s better than this.

I find a pair of jeans around my size and a nice sweater I couldn’t resist. I quickly change and put my old clothes in a bag and stuff them in my backpack. I come back out, and take a seat back on the bed. She comes back over and sits next to me on the bed. She pulls me into another hug, and tells me it’ll be okay.

“Does it only happen when you have those dreams?” she asks. I nod my head, not really wanting to speak. For some reason I just want to stay there, with her arms wrapped around me. It feels…safe. I finally figure I better ask her.

“What am I going to do, I don’t have any control when I have these dreams, and I’m starting to have them during the day now. I also have to go on a camping trip tomorrow with the tenth grade class for the weekend. My Biology teacher won’t let me out of going. If I have a nightmare while I’m there.” I don’t even imagine what I’d do or what could happen. But she seems to get the picture.

“I know about the trip, and I’m going there as well, nursing duties call I suppose, but you’d think they’d live for two days without me.” She sighs." Katie, if you ever need to get away from whatever happens, or if you just want to get away, come see me. Same with school, if another episode happens, I’m here for you." She looks at me, her eyes full of kindness before getting up and reaching in one of the cupboards for something before coming back and handing it to me. My eyes grow wide and I start crying again.

“You don’t have too, but it will help hide it.”

“I …am…not…wearing a diaper!” What is she trying to do, throw salt in the wound? Kick me when I’m down?

Maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing, now I have someone to open up to. But let’s just stick to one person. That’s humiliating enough for about… a lifetime perhaps? I’m not adding to it, so I get up and leave, making sure to leave the peace offering behind.

“Thanks, but no thanks” I say. She gives me one more hug, and I leave to find an impatient Allison waiting for me.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve been out here? Jeez, what did she do to you in there, give you a C.A.T. scan?”

“No, we just talked.” I say, feeling myself begin to space out.

“What meaningful conversation could you possibly have with the school nurse?” she asks, rolling her eyes.

“Speaking of talking, I really need to talk to you when we get back home.”

“About what?”

“Your favorite subject.” I say as a hint of a smile escaping my lips.

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 4)

Awwwwe! she made a friend, and i wonder how Alyssa reacted to all this?.
Please continue and thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 4)

This is really, really interesting. The pace is slow, but the action frenetic within the examination of plot points.

Color me intrigued. Your writing style is very engaging and vivid.

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 4)

I do like the way this is going, you are one of the few authors on this site, that know how to properly ease in the diaper content. Keep up the good work. : ;D

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 4)

A/N Just a warning that the story gets a bit religious from this point on. I had planned on pretty much taking it out, but I didn’t realize how much it played into the story line so I’m leaving it in more for character development purposes. If you don’t like it, just skip over it. I had wanted to be a christian fiction writer back when I wrote this, if my past self read what I wrote in Just Let it Out, she’d probably have a heart attack lol

“What happened to your pants? You’re wearing different ones.” Allison asks, pointing down to the faded blue pair.

“Oh, I guess I rolled around in something sticky on the floor, there was a mysterious green colored substance down my leg.”

She raises her eyebrows at me, but doesn’t pursue it. Why does everyone keep giving me that look? Am I that bad of a liar? I’m sure I could’ve come up with something better, but I couldn’t think of anything good that fast. Why can’t she be as oblivious as Jaclyn? That would definitely help me out a lot.

When we get back to my house I grab some popcorn and shuffle Al into my room. I close the door and drop down on the floor with Al.

“So what’s up, what do you want to talk about?” she asks. Just my luck, when I want her to be oblivious, she knows something’s up, but when I want her to know, she pulls a Jaclyn.

I take a deep breath and try to remember the awful feeling of my dream, the large amounts of fear, guilt, shame, and the overwhelming gratefulness when I woke up. I thought for sure I had died. It wasn’t one of those dreams were subconsciously you know your asleep and dreaming. It was so much more than that. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such strong emotions in a dream before. I sit there for a moment and try to concentrate on all those emotions that are driving me do things right this time. I realize I must be one of the luckiest people in the world. Not everyone gets a second chance to re-do life.

“I want to talk about God.” I say. Allison immediately sits up straight; I
can tell she’s been waiting for this moment for a while.

“What do you want to know?” she asks dead serious. It’s almost scary.

“Everything.” I say “everything you’ve been trying to tell me for the last three years.” She seems lost in thought for a moment; I can tell she’s trying to find the best things to tell me.

“Why the sudden change of heart?”

“I had a dream that really freaked me out, a continuation of the ones I’ve been having, except this one was…different.” I continued to tell her about all the dreams I’ve been having and all the emotions I’d experienced in them. I told her everything, except the whole leakage problem.

I sit there in silence, waiting for her to say something, anything. It takes her a moment to leave her thoughts and come back down to earth. She finally snaps back.

“Wow, those are some freaky dreams.”


“I think there’s a purpose to them though. I think God is trying to get your attention.”

“Well He did a swell job of it.”

She began to tell me things, things I already knew but never fully understood. She told me things like how God sent His son to die for me and everyone, and how He would have done it anyway, even if I was the only person. She told me that He knows everything I’ve ever done, but still loves me no matter what. For the first time, these things started to sink in. That He understands how I feel, how embarrassed and scared I feel. The little insecurities in the back of my mind, He knows them all.

I’d always known these things, but I never truly believed them. I knew all the stories from being forced to go to church and whatnot when I was little. It just never really sunk in. I began to believe them, but was I ready? I’ve tried for years to convince people that I didn’t need help, that I was fine on my own. Was I ready to throw that all away and admit that I needed help?

“Are you okay?” Al asks.

“I think so.” My mind is spinning with so many questions.

“Do you want to pray?” She’s looking straight at me, he green eyes staring straight into mine. I look away; I’m not sure what to do at this point. I know in my heart everything Al has told me is right, it’s not that I don’t believe, I’m just sort of afraid. I’m too ashamed of myself to do it; I’m too scared to face God.

“I don’t know if I’m ready yet.” I say.

“It’s your choice; I just don’t want you to make the wrong one.” I realize at this point, she really is looking out for me. I always just thought she wanted me to think she was right. Now I know it isn’t like that. I have the best friend anyone ever could ask for. It’s always been about me, not her.

She’s been trying to get me to see it for my own good.

“Thank-You. I’ll be ready when the time comes.” I know I don’t have much time left, but this just doesn’t feel right for me yet."

“Will you do me one favor though?” she asks.


“When the time comes, will you come get me?”

“I wouldn’t do it with anyone else.” For once, I wasn’t lying. She scoots over next to me and pulls me into a giant hug.

I have no idea how long we stayed that way, and I didn’t care. I just wanted to stay wrapped in my best friends’ arms. All the things that have been happening just seemed to melt away. We stayed that way until my mom came up and knocked on the door.

Thanks mom…

We let go of each other and went to see what my mom wanted. She came up to help me pack. I dry my eyes on my sleeve and open the door to let her in. She comes in with an armful of my clothes and dumps them on the bed.

“Jeez, mom, I’ll be gone for two days, not two weeks.” I say as I stare at the mound of about every article of clothing I own.

“I just want you to be well prepared.” She says, pushing past me to my closet to pull out a traveling bag.

“Thanks, but I’ll take it from here.” I say as I go to shoo her out. “Now.” I say as I stare back at Al. “You’re scaring me. Will you please stop being all serious and whatnot and go back to being queen A.D.D?”

Al helps me pack as we talk some more until we are both exhausted and ready for bed. I climb into bed as Al makes a place for herself on the floor.

I lie down and let my mind wander about all the things that she told me and about my embarrassing moment in detention. At least the school nurse was cool about it, for some reason anyway. I really, really hope no one else noticed.

I wonder if it’s possible to die from embarrassment, I have a feeling I’m about to find out.
^ - ^

It’s suddenly dark. I try to look around to see what has happened, but I can’t see anything. The room explodes with a bright light, which forces me to shield my eyes. There’s now fire all around the room illuminating it. I squint around trying to figure out what’s going on. I start to take in the room, it’s huge, at least a mile in each direction, or more. I couldn’t see where it ends. It almost looked like a giant…courtroom. It hit me fast and hard, like that piano that always falls on Donald Duck. I hear a voice call out my name. A strong, powerful, no- nonsense voice. The voice of God. I feel nothing but guilt and fear. I feel so transparent.

The knowledge that He knows everything begins to overwhelm me. He proves this by showing me things of my life. Sins. Everything I have ever done, that makes me cringe thinking about, even the things I once felt proud of, makes me now feel ashamed. I can’t look up for the feeling of shame is to strong. I only deserve to look at the floor, but only because it is the lowest thing to look at.
Tears are flowing freely from my eyes. I feel as even they are trying to get away from me. I have never felt so ashamed of myself; I even want to leave myself. I start to feel envious of my tears.

“Katie.” He says, no compassion in his voice, I realize it’s too late for that, I had my chance and I blew it. He shows me all the times Allison has tried sharing Him with me, and all the times she has invited me to go to youth group with her. How every time I change the subject and make up some lame excuse that I already have plans. How could I have been so stupid? How could I not have seen the truth, it was right there in front of me this whole time, and I was too stubborn to see the truth. After all this time I always thought they were the stupid ones wasting their lives, when in reality they got the last laugh. I was being the one who wasted forever in return for a few short years. I just want to scream and yell out at my stupidity.

It’s too late. It’s over. I lost. I burn.

I’m burning! Everything is dark and dry! My eyes burn! I go to close them but I can’t! My eyelids are gone! I’m forced to stand there while dry, hot, dirty wind blows straight into my eyes.
I look down at the rest of my body and realize my clothes are gone!

“Well, at least no one else is here,” I tell myself as I look in every direction, but see nothing but dry, desolate, dessert in every direction as far as my eyes could see.

I take a step, in an attempt to find someplace to get out of the heat, but am forced to stop as a wave of pain shoots through me.

Boils the size of tennis balls have sprouted all over my skin and the bottoms of my feet. I cry out in pain, I need to get off my feet! I cry out in frustration and pain, there no way I can, I can’t sit down, the boils are everywhere. I’d only be sitting on them.

I stand still, praying by some miracle they’d go away, but they don’t. The pain worsening with every passing second that I remain standing.I see a figure walking slowly towards me, I desperately look around for a place to hide, but all that meets me is dry, open, desert.
I look over to see who it is and see…my mom?

She walks up to me, rage displayed across her face, and begins to inform me that she wishes she never had me. That her life would have been so much better without me, and that her and dad would still be married. That she was embarrassed of ever having me as a daughter. What? What’s going on?

I look back over at her, but she’s gone. My dad has taken her place.

“Worthless child.” He says. “Alex was always so much better then you.” I start to cry, but the tears are…acid! They burn a hole down the side of my face. It immediately pops the sore on my face and they start to bleed. The pain is excruciating.

The more pain I feel the more I want to cry, but the more I cry the more it hurts. I look up and see Al there.

“You were always such a horrible friend. You think you’re right about everything, but you’re not. You deserve what you’re getting, I tried to tell you otherwise, but you’re too stupid to know any better. I don’t know why I even bothered with you. .”

No! This can’t be right? Al wouldn’t be down here. As soon as I realize this a horrible creature takes her place. It comes closer, growling, and frothing at the mouth. The eyes are just black pits, its body wrinkly and gray. I look over and see more coming. They start climbing up me, ripping open the sores on my body. I start screaming at the top of my lungs.

There are five or six on me as I try to fight them off, but they just keep coming. They’re completely covering me, until I can’t breath, they climb over my eyes, and on to the top of my head, until you can’t even see me. I fall down, and continue to fall.

“Go to the bathroom before bed!”

“Katie?” I feel a hand touch me and instantly awaken to my room. Allison is standing over my bed wearing a concerned expression on her face. “Are you okay?” she asks. “You were screaming. Were you having another nightmare or something? You were really starting to freak me out.”

I nod and look down at my boil free skin. I wipe the sweat that’s falling down the side of my face with my arm and sigh with relief. It was just a dream. A dream! Oh no!

I move my legs slightly under the covers and silently gasp in horror. I’m stuck. My mom’s going to be in here to wake us up any minute. I can’t get up with Al in the room.

“Yeah. I did.” I say trying to act normal.

“Oh, well it’s time to get up, we’re leaving in like forty minutes or something.” She says walking over to her stuff in the corner.

“I’ll get up in a minute.” I mumble, hoping she goes downstairs.

“Sure you will.” She says sarcastically as she grabs the end of my blanket and begins to pull it down. I quickly grab the other end up as fast as I can.

“Al, no, please don’t.” I beg as I pull the blanket back over my lap. She stares at me from my response and raises her eye brows at me.

“What is it that you don’t want me to see here?” she asks suspiciously, eyeing me curiously.

“Nothing. Please just don’t.” I plead. “Could you just give me a minute to get dressed?”

“Hmm…You insist you’re not hiding anything, but you won’t take the blanket off, and you want me to leave…Okay…” she says and she turns her back and walks towards the door. I heave a sigh of relief, but she quickly turns back and before I can stop her, grabs the blanket off me and throws it to the floor.

I hang my head in shame and wait for her to notice. It doesn’t take long.

“Oh…My…God!” she stammers.

The room goes awkwardly quiet. I throw my hands over my lap, and slowly look up at her. She doesn’t seem disgusted, just surprised. Really surprised.

“You wet the bed?” she says slowly, not believing it was true. “I can’t believe it! You wet the bed?”

I don’t say anything, I can’t. There’s no excuse for this. It’s pretty obvious. My cheeks must be on fire. I jump out of bed and change without a word, as she stares silently at me. I feel her eyes on the back of my neck following me from place to place.I take the sheets and stuff them under the bed with the ones from previous nights. I wrestle with a clean sheet as I attempt to put it on the bed and not cry. She doesn’t seem to notice this; she’s to busy looking under the bed.

“Al, please don’t.” I mange to whisper. She re-appears with a strange look on her face.

“There’s more!?” she asks in disbelief.

I nod as tears start to fall. I don’t think this could get any more embarrassing.
I sit on my bed as tears start to silently make their way down my face. I turn my head as I notice Al watching me.

“Don’t cry.” She says. I don’t listen to her. I hear my mom coming to get us up; I quickly wipe my eyes and pretend to be intently interested in what currently resides under my finger nail, making it a point to avoid Allison’s gaze at any cost.

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 5)

Awwwe! poor Katie, also argh! cliffhanger! i can’t wait for ghe next chapter.
Please continue and thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 5)

It was definitely the most awkward car ride I’ve ever been in. We both sit in the back in silence the whole way there. My mom keeps asking us if we are okay.

“Fine.” I say a little too quickly.

When we get there, I go join the rest of the group. Jaclyn spies us and makes her way over past the rest of the half- dead looking kids.

“What’s wrong?” she asks at the sight of the two of us staring at the ground, trying to avoid eye contact with each other. I walk away and wait for it.
Jaclyn screams and that’s the sign that Al told her what happened. I keep my eyes down as they start to re-fill with tears.

I bump into someone and look up. It’s the school nurse. I start to cry even harder.

“Katie, what’s wrong, what happened?” All I manage to get out is a couple high pitch squeaks. She takes my hand and guides me over to a secluded bench away from the group. “Are you okay?” she asks, chewing more mint flavored gum. Obviously not lady. I just shake my head and wait for myself to calm down.

“Allison spent the night last night. I had another nightmare, and she ripped the blankets off of me when I refused to get out of bed. She found out why I wouldn’t get up the hard way.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” She says as she gives me a big hug. Why is it that hugs is can make things seem so much better? “What did you dream about?” she asks. I told her about the weird things I had experienced during this dream. “Wouldn’t it have been better if you took what I offered you?” She asks gently, but not in a I-told-you-so, way. I mumble something unintelligible as a response while looking down at the dirt, before swallowing my pride, or what’s left of it, and ask for another.

“Sorry, hun, I don’t have anything like that with me. Those were for the Special Education class.” Great, so now I’m special ed.

Mr. Lenord, my Biology teacher, calls me back over while waving his arms in the air. Okay, I get it, no need to cause a scene.
I thank the school nurse for all her help. She gives me one more hug before I go back and face my friends. She should really be the school shrink instead or something. I try to take deep breaths as I walk back over to the rest of the group.

Mr. Lenord gives the usual speech about what, and what not to do on this trip. The usual stuff, don’t do drugs, don’t drink, no personnel display of affection. We got the message, not like he didn’t explain it all a hundred times before in class. Not like anyones going to listen. I mean about the whole display of affection thing, not the whole drug thing.

“Does anyone need to go to the bathroom before we leave?” he asks. Jaclyn comes over and elbows me in the ribs.

“We know Katie sure doesn’t.” she says winking at me. Allison buries her face in her jacket to keep from laughing. I ignore her and pretend to be interested in what he has to say. He begins to read off the bed assignments. I end up getting Jaclyn as my bed mate. Allison elbows her in the ribs and says, “Your turn.”

We walk over to the cabins as I hear Jaclyn chanting “Please be bunk beds, please be bunk beds.” To mine and her relief they were.

“Don’t even think you’re getting the top bunk.” she informs me with a playful smile. We drop our stuff off on our bed, when Allison comes up to me.

“Want to go for a walk?” she asks. Not really, but I agree anyway. The first few minutes we spend in awkward silence as we walk around. Allison finally breaks the ice.

“So what’s been happening?” she asks as she looks ahead at the lake.

“What do you mean?” I ask, knowing perfectly well what she’s talking about.

“Well, what’s been making you do… that?” she says, still avoiding eye contact. “I mean you’ve never had that little problem before…right?” she asks, meeting my eyes.

“No. It just sort of started happening whenever I have nightmares.” I say as I turn my head and stare at the ground.

“Sorry about earlier. I was kind of in…shock.” I nod, still keeping my eyes on the ground.“Well you got to admit, it’s kind of funny, it’s not everyday you find out your best friend secretly wets the bed. I’ve been wondering why you’ve given up soda, and why there’s all those air fresheners in there.”
I look over and see her laughing. I laugh for a second to, a nervous laugh at first, but then it turns real. We both end up laughing as hard as we can by the time we get back, tears flowing from both our eyes. I look ahead to see the school nurse, who gives me a smile.

“I swear, it’s just when I have nightmares. It doesn’t happen during a regular nights sleep.”

“You must be having a lot of nightmares, you have a pretty good collection going on under your bed.” she says.

“Oh please,” I say, “That’s not even counting all of the sheets I turned pink. And there’s also yesterday during detention.”

“You’re joking, right?”


Al leans up against a tree, attempting to catch her breath from laughing too hard, but it’s usually pretty easy to get her to do, considering she laughs at everything.

“I can’t believe you peed your pants during detention.” She laughs clutching her side. I try to act serious for a moment.

“What am I going to do about tonight and tomorrow? If I have a nightmare, it’s going to be next to impossible to hide it from everyone. There is like ten other girls in our cabin. Most people already know about my little episode yesterday. Especially because Assyla was in the same room with me. There probably waiting to see what kind of crazy things I do this time.”

Which reminds me, why was she in my nightmare last night? What does she have to do with any of this? Hopefully nothing.
It’s a nightmare enough without her presence.

“So, what did you dream about this time?” she asks, crashing down near a patch of trees.

This is the first time I’ve had time to settle down and think about it. I sit down under a tree and let the wind blow my hair into my face. I replay the incidents in my mind making sure all of the information is correct, and proceed to tell her what happened.

“Wow.” She says. “And I thought your last dream was scary.”

“Yeah, but you want to hear the really weird part?”

“It gets weirder?” she asks in disbelief.

“I keep hearing a voice that tells me to go to the bathroom before going to bed.” Al falls over laughing.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. Even my nightmares are making fun of me.”

“Well, you should listen to it then.” She said trying to keep a straight face. “What’s with you and the nurse? Normally people our age don’t exchange hugs with their school nurse’s.”

“Oh. It’s because she found out about my little problem yesterday… She’s been cool about it.” I say, feeling my face turn a deep shade of red.
My face has been this color a lot lately, if I blush anymore, I think it might permanently stay this way. I shall forever walk my days on earth looking like I fell asleep at the beach.

“How did she find out? Was it during your CAT scan?” Al asks poking me in the ribs.

“No. She was wondering why I kept pulling down on my jacket, so she made me take it off. It was one of my most embarrassing moments having to sit there and show her what I was trying to hide. She said she would keep it between us and I told her about the dreams I’ve been having. Well, I take that back, it WAS the most embarrassing moment, but I think this morning takes the lead.”

“Oh, were you crying because when you came back out your eyes were all red.”

“Oh, yeah. When she made me unzip my jacket, she came over and gave me a hug. That’s when I officially lost it.” I say as I stare back down to the ground.

“Oh. So that’s where you got those clothes. Yeah, the floors aren’t THAT gross.”

“Yeah, but I had to wear boxers for the rest of the day.”

“That’s where they came from? I saw them on your bathroom floor this morning. Your brother doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to wear boxers with Spider-Man on them. And why would your brother even be in your bathroom.”


“What were you guys talking about this morning?” Al asks. Just to tease me of course.

“Hmm. What horrific thing could have possibly have happened this morning?” I say sarcastically

“Hmm….I wonder what would happen if I de-blanketed you tomorrow morning.” She says, sporting a devilish grin, which to me, resembled a gremlin.
And no, I’m not talking about Gizmo.

“Don’t you even dare!” I glare at her. I just want to get through this…phase with as much dignity as I can muster. But by the way things are going; I don’t think I’m going to have very much of that by the time this trip ends.

“Relax, you know I wouldn’t do that to you,… in front of other people anyway. No guarantees about doing it front of Jaclyn for our own amusement. We can’t totally let you off the hook”

“You’re evil. You know that?” I say as I get up and punch her in the arm. “Just don’t tell any more people. I know you already told Jaclyn, she’s been teasing me all morning.” I mumble.

“Sorry.” She says massaging her arm “But we have to. If you think we’re just going to sit here, knowing our best friend wets the bed, you’re crazy. It’s been the best thing that’s happened since Jaclyn threw up on Bugs Bunny at Magic Mountain.”

“Will you two stop bringing that up. That was three years ago. It’s behind us, far, far behind us.” Jaclyn says as she walks up and joins us on the ground. “Let’s tease Katie instead.”

“Sorry. You came too late, it already happened.” I said. “So if that’s behind us…then this morning is behind us too…right?” I ask hopefully.

“Awe darn. Let’s start over then.” Jaclyn says, ignoring my pleas to put this behind us.

“Or we could change the subject!” I suggested hopefully. “As funny as my lack of self-control is, isn’t it getting old?” Al and Jaclyn exchange glances and sigh.

“Sorry ,Katie, but this is one of those moments that will forever go down in history.” Says Al as she starts examining a pinecone.

“I wish I was there.” Jaclyn sighs as she too started playing with the pinecones. She takes a glimpse at her hand, which is now sticky with pinesap, and throws it over her head. She then takes a can of soda out of her backpack and wipes her hand on its condensation.

“No you don’t.” says Al as she too ditches the pinecone and rubs its sticky sap on her pants. “Awkward…so very, very awkward. And don’t even get me started on the car ride up here.” I sigh and stare at Jaclyn’s soda, then back at my own Root Beer absent hands.

“Don’t give her one.” Jaclyn says to Al as she picks one up to hand to me. “I have to share a bed with her.”

“A bunk bed.” I quickly remind her. “The top bunk, which you have by the way, is the only thing you would have to worry about. We are sleeping on two separate mattresses. And it’s only 11:00 something in the morning. It’ll be long gone by the time we go to bed.”

“Yeah, but hey, why take any chances.” She says. I look up at Al, who sees this and takes a long slow drink of her own.

“Stop doing that!” I snap. She smiles back.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist.” She says. I roll my eyes back at her. Do any of them really pay any attention to the effect this subject might be having on me? Of course not.

“Well I’m going to go in the cabin for a minute; I’ll see you guys later.” I say as I get up and make my way back over to cabin 32.

On the way, I pass by Mr. Stinky as he heads over to the make-shift cafeteria. I give him a wave, but he doesn’t return the favor.
Seriously, get over it man, it was just a little bop in the nose. You’ll live.

“Finally, a minute to myself without getting made fun of.” I say to myself as I fall back onto a bed. Which, I got to say, wasn’t the greatest decision I could have made, considering these mattresses were as hard as rocks. At least I brought towels; it will make it a little more comfortable.
I pull up my backpack off the floor and start digging around in it. “Oh no”! I moan as I re-search my bag for the fiftieth time.
I forgot to bring towels.Not like they would keep anyone from seeing, but to simply save the mattress from a horrible, wet fate.
Can rocks even stain?

I glance over and notice all the dead bugs in the windowsill, and it begins to gross me out. I turn the other way and stare at the rows of the empty, metal, black, bunk beds.

Maybe I should be concentrating more on the dreams themselves and less on their side affects, as heinous as they might be. Why am I even making such a big deal about this? They’re just dreams after all, right? No big deal, but then why does my mind consider the possibility of them being so much more?
Even if they were more than just dreams, that doesn’t explain why I’m wetting the bed. THAT I could sure do without. I mean I can’t find a logical purpose for it, if these dreams are trying to tell me something, I’m sure they would do a perfectly good job without the whole leakage problem.

What if they’re trying to warn me about something that’s going to happen? What good would that do? We’re both going to die.
Wait! That’s it! I have to change it! I have to do something that will change the result. What though? I could always grab a teacher. Yeah, that should work. Instead of wasting time gawking at him, I’ll tell someone. Who should I grab? Who’s the closest? Mr. Stinky! He’s got some pretty good biceps for a History teacher. He isn’t that far away either. There, if it ever happens in real life, I’ll go get Mr. Stinky

There’s something that’s been bugging me about him though, even more so then his breath anyway. He just…resembles the guy from my nightmares so much. Well, okay, now not so much, but when I first saw him, I saw the guy who was going to do this. It was him. Maybe I’m just taking things out of hand; it was just a dream after all. I’ve seen Mr. Stinky around school before, my mind just somehow managed to throw him into all of this.
Besides, it couldn’t be him anyway. The guy from my nightmare is as bald as Mr. Clean. And he’s supposed to have a tattoo of a snake down his left arm. Just because Mr. Stinky’s only employed part-time doesn’t mean they’d actually hire him with that tattoo. This school has a pretty strict dress code.
Although, now that I think about it, I’ve never seen him wear anything but long sleeves. Maybe they hired him as long as he keeps it hidden.
I have to get this off my mind, this is crazy. History teachers don’t do stuff like this, and history teachers don’t have tattoos. Well, teachers like Mr. Stinky anyway. He just doesn’t strike me as the tattoo type.

Okay, next time I run into him, I’ll just ask him to show me his arm. Okay, so I can’t at exactly be all…" Hey, show me your arm. I want to see if you have a tattoo." I’ll think up an excuse to ask him later.Now, besides the weirdness of asking if he has a tattoo, I know I definitely can’t go up to him and ask if he wears a wig. A little on the offensive side. I could always pretend to be swatting at invisible bugs or something and “accidentally” hit him in the head.No, I think I’ve hit him enough for one lifetime. I guess I’ll just ask Al, that’s like, her favorite teacher. She’s always doing stuff for him. If there was any weird thing going on with Mr. Stinky, she’d know.

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 6)

Okay, after walking around for six hours looking at dirt, and the things that grow out of it, you’d think we would all be exhausted.
Of course not, now is the time that everyone has been waiting for, the time we get to ourselves. Two sweet fun filled, Biology free hours with my friends.
I’m starving; I just hope the food here isn’t going to be anything like it is at school. I’m in luck! No surprise something or other, no mystery meat, just good old-fashioned hot dogs. You can’t possibly screw up hot dogs. They neither look nor taste hideous. Just pure left over cow compressed into a tiny stick like shape drenched in ketchup with a Root Beer.

Yep, that’s right, a Root Beer. I’m feeling pretty confident tonight. And after walking, which felt like forever, I had to drink something.
Besides, I think I’ve finally gotten this whole thing sorted out. I’ll go to the bathroom before bed, and I’ll think about what I want to happen in the dream. I’ll be at school, get that uneasy feeling in my stomach, and go get Mr. Stinky. Who will in turn come rushing over to save his favorite student, Allison. He’ll see that dude with the gun and go mid evil on him until he drops it in defeat. Unless of course it IS Mr. Stinky with the gun.
Hmm… this could be more difficult then I thought.

After spending all afternoon looking at plants and lake life, e.g. worms, beetles, and mosquitoes. Ones mind begins to wander. Well wandering won’t really cut it, more like running as far and fast as it can. Anything to get away from things like the scientific names of weeds.
No joke, he stood there and talked for 20 minutes about a dandelion.

“Katie, come back to earth will you?” asked Al as she waved her hand in front of my face. Apparently, hot dogs aren’t all that interesting either.

“Smooth one, space case.” Jaclyn says sarcastically motioning her hand towards my side of the table. “Look what you just did.”
I snap out my trance long enough to realize I knocked over my soda at some point and that there was now a stream leading from on the can, onto the table, onto my lap. And I was just thinking about how good this night has been so far. Proof that nothing lasts forever.

I run up and grab some paper towels, cringing at the thought of all the ants my pants are going to attract tonight. I come back and attempt to clean up the last remaining stream that hadn’t yet made it on to my clothing.

“It just doesn’t feel like home until you manage to spill something, thanks, Katie.” Says Jaclyn as she watches with amusement at my pathetic attempt to mop up, which was just making things worse. Go figure.

I glance over at Al, who is, of course, snickering at me. She looks up at me and laughs even harder. “It’s a sign.” She giggles.

“Huh?” I ask, not really paying attention.

“Yeah, lets just hope that’s the only river you’re going to be making tonight.” Says Jaclyn. I glare at the both of them, trying to hide the embarrassment that dwelt within.

“Shut up. Someone might hear you.” I mumble. This of course, only causes them to raise their voices higher. I quickly flash them both my hands, which is tightly formed into a fist. This shuts them up. For now anyway.

I sit back down, at our now sticky table and glance down the rows of tables. My eyes happen to shift over to the staff table where the school nurse returns my gaze. And what do you know? She’s laughing at me. She apparently had the pleasure of witnessing my little soda spillage, but then again, who didn’t?
I smile back to her and look back down at my tray.

“Seriously, what is going on between you and the nurse?” Jaclyn asks through a mouth full of hot dog.

“Why, what’s wrong?” I ask slightly offended. Jaclyn being well…Jaclyn, does not see this and continues on.

“Well nothing is wrong per say, it’s just weird is all. We all saw you this morning having a moment together. It was freaky, like something off of a Hallmark card.”

“What, we were just talking.”

“Really, because what I saw was you two sitting on a bench, with her arms wrapped around you and she was patting your back. While you had your head resting on her shoulder. Looked pretty Hallmarky to me.”

“So what? She’s nice.”

“Allison was text messaging me for like a half-hour trying to figure out what happened to you yesterday. You went in to her office, and never came out.”

“I was only in there for like ten minutes.” I say finishing off the last of dinner. I see a bunch of people get up and head over to the front; they must have put something out for dessert. Please be something with chocolate in it! What luck? I see someone walk by with a piece of chocolate cake. I instantly run up to the front to get some. I almost didn’t even care that it tasted like it had been sitting out all week.

Mr. Lenord gets up and announces that we have an hour to go get ready for bed until lights out. We get up to leave but are stopped by no other then Assyla and her clones.

“Nice performance in detention yesterday. It almost made it somewhat enjoyable for me, until you woke up that is.” She sneered as she gave me a smirk. “Everyone’s wondering what you’re going to be pulling on us tonight.”

We ignore them, which for me is surprising because normally she’d have a bloody nose by now. Guess I’m just too tired to care at the moment.
We walk back over to our cabin and go over to out assigned bunk beds and start getting ready for bed. That’s when we notice something unusual; we were the only ones in here. I go peek out the screen door and notice all the girls in a circle around Alyssa talking in whispers. What was so weird was that most of these people weren’t in her little crowd. Me, Allison and Jaclyn were the only people not over there. I point this out to them and we all stand by the window and wonder who they were trashing in their little gossip circle. They soon disperse and we head back over to our beds, pretending not to have taken notice of their little circle.

You can hear people talking and giggling, but once they enter back into the cabin, all goes awkwardly quiet for some reason. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I could have sworn everyone was looking at me. Like they were waiting for me to do something crazy. Al leans over to me and whispers, “What was that all about?”

“No idea.” I whisper back, but I have an idea, and it’s probably right. They were talking about me.

I try to shake it off as I climb into bed, trying not to hit my head on the top bar. The blankets that were given to us were thin and itchy, doing a poor job at warming us up. I’m sure it was no help that the door was only a screen, which allowed the fresh cold air to present itself into our room.

I stare, envious of the others who thought to bring a sleeping bag with them. The lights go out soon after and my thoughts drift back over to the dreams. I worry about it for only a minute as my body tells me it would rather sleep then think.
I throw my jacket back on as I make my way over to school. It’s extra cold this morning for some reason. The tiny hairs on the back of my neck stick straight up and I start to shake. I stick my hands in the pockets of my jacket to keep them warm. I don’t really feel all that cold, but I have goose bumps going all up and down my arms and legs. A nervous nauseated feeling rises up in my stomach, as I get closer to school. Something isn’t right. I instantly realize what’s going on. It’s happening.

I need to save Allison, I can’t waste anymore time. I run to the school as fast as I can. Instead of turning right, I turn left and sprint toward Mr. Stinky’s classroom. I barge in, not bothering to knock. I pause for a moment as I try to take in gasps of air.

“Are you alright?” says a middle aged women with brown curly hair. She’s looking up from the stacks of paper on her desk."

“Where is Mr. Stinkly?!” I ask, trying not to raise my voice

“Oh, he already left.” She says, going back down to her paper work. “Is there anything I can do for you?” she asks not looking up at me. She doesn’t seem like the type to believe me. I don’t have much time. It’s a long shot, but here it goes.

“My friends in danger! I need you to call the police.” I say, trying to remain calm. This gets her to look up.

“Why? What happened?” she asks, her voice rising with concern.

“My friend! I think she’s in danger! There might be a guy around the school with her. He has a gun and he’s going to kill her.” I say, my voice rising with each word. She stares at me for a minute, a puzzled expression across her face.

“You think? There might?” she asks. “Did you hear someone talking about this? How do you know?”

“I dreamt it.” I say, realizing how stupid it sounded the moment it came out of my mouth. But I don’t have time to worry about it. I need help. She raises her eye brows at me, not sure whether or not to believe me.

“You…dreamt it?” she asks, sounding as if talking to a crazy person.

“Yes! Now come one! I need help!” I yell, motioning for her to follow me.

“Yes…you do.” She says slowly, her feet staying in place. “Maybe you should see the nurse.” She says moving around the desk to write a note.

“I’m not joking!” I yell in frustration. She doesn’t seem to believe me. I storm out and yell at myself for wasting time talking to her, and sprint toward the crime scene.I hear the ear-splitting blast of a gun that was fired close by.“I’m too late!” I cry out. I curse the curly haired lady with every word I can think of.

I turn around and see Alyssa coming this way to investigate the source of the noise. She walks past without looking twice; I see her jaw drop and her perfectly tanned face go paler than mine. A slight whimper escaping her mouth.

“Nice of you to join our little party.” Says the hollow voice I recognize as the shooters.

I hear another gun blast as I see Alyssa’s’ body drop to the ground. I start screaming as tears rush from my eyes. I hear footsteps coming this way. I’m frozen to the spot, unable to move. I see him look this way. My heart begins beating wildly.

“Oh, hello.” He says so innocently. He lifts up his arm, the arm with the gun in it. “Good-bye” I hear as I feel myself falling and I start to scream.

“Go to the bathroom before bed.” I hear as I continue to fall.

“Katie?” I faintly hear as I roll over and open my eyes.

There stands the whole group of tenth grade girls around my bed, excluding Al and Jaclyn, who are still asleep in their own.Alyssa stands at the foot of my bed. What’s going on?

“Having another nightmare are we, Katie?” she asks with a hint of excitement in her voice. I hear the word nightmare and freeze. Please don’t tell me I did what I think I did…again. I did. Oh crap.

“Well, were you?” she asks again. Not seeing where this is going, I nod. The girls start giggling amongst themselves. Is there something I’m not getting here? I, having no clue what’s going on ask

“What do you want?” She holds up some printed pages they have clearly been copied. She clears her throat for all to hear. Al and Jaclyn wake up and look to see what’s going on. She lifts the pages up to her face and begins reading out loud.

“I really can’t keep it hidden much longer, unless I stop having these dreams. There not exactly scary dreams, just weird. In my dream I’m terrified for some reason and I get chills running up and down my back. Then I wake up, but each time I’ve had them I dream a little bit more. I was almost to the point where I saw what was freaking me out so much. I remember looking at something, but it’s just fuzzy when I woke up.”

My face goes completely white as chills run up my back. I can’t believe it! She’s reading my journal! Al must have sensed this too; I see her hop off from her bed and come near mine. Jaclyn hangs her head from the top bunk to see what’s up. Alyssa gives me another evil looking smile and continues reading.

“I don’t mind the dreams so much, I actually find them quite interesting.” DON’T SAY IT! Please you have to have some form of a heart, please don’t say it! “The problem is I’ve been secretly wetting the bed because of it.”


“Awe.” Alyssa says in a fake sympathetic voice. “Is Katie wetting the bed?” I don’t say anything. I can’t. I’m in so much shock. She tosses the pages onto my bed.

“That IS what you wrote, isn’t it?” The girls start giggling loudly. “Well, if you’re not going to answer, we might as well have a look for ourselves.” She has to be joking. She wouldn’t do that, would she? She can’t possibly take this any further she had her laugh. She can’t be that mean. Could she? She gives a nod to the girls on my left and they each grab a piece of my blanket. I cling tightly to the piece that I have.

“Awe, what’s wrong Katie? You’re not trying to hide something, now are you?” she said with a malicious grin. Why is she doing this to me? “Ready girls?” Before I could do anything to stop them, they grabbed the blanket and pulled it right off of me.

The room exploded with laughter seconds after. The only thing my brain could comprehend was the word run. I jumped out of bed and ran as fast as I could, making sure I plowed over some girls on the way.I didn’t bother changing, or fixing the sheets. I just ran.
I don’t know how long I had been running for, or how far I’d gone. I wasn’t really keeping track. All I wanted to do was distance myself from them as much as possible. I eventually got tired from running and stopped to catch my breath.

That’s when the reality of it began to sink in and I began to cry harder then I ever have before. I looked like a mess. My eyes were all blood shot; my hair was everywhere, and worse. I was still in my wet pajamas from the night before.I needed some place to hide; somewhere no one would find me. Being that I’m on a lake, there weren’t too many places to choose from. I went to the only place available. A porta-potty. I must have been in their for at least an hour. I lost track. All I know is that I’m never coming out. At least my pants are drying.

Sure, it smells like poop, but it’s better then being out there, I guess. I’ve never hated anyone before, sure I’ve despised people, but never truly hated anyone. Up until now anyway.

It’s been at least an hour and I’m still crying. I need someone to talk to, but I don’t want to leave. For some reason the things Allison told me the other night start to unravel themselves in my mind. I try to push it out, I’m really not in the mood to feel any more worthless than I already feel, but for another strange reason it keeps jumping back in. I’m to emotionally exhausted to keep fighting it, so I let it come in. I thought it was going to make me feel even lower, but strangely it doesn’t. It almost made me feel…better.

Sure, I cherish the idea of someone loving me unconditionally like the next person, but it just seems too good to be true. There’s just something about it that’s drawing me to it though, something I can’t really explain.

“Katie!” I hear someone call my name. I sit up for a second and listen. Nothing. I must be hearing things; maybe the fumes are getting to me. They should have a warning on these porta-potties.

Warning: Poop, harmful to humans if inhaled. Enter at your own risk.

“Katie, where are you?”

Okay, that time I know I wasn’t hallucinating. It sounded like Al.

“Please come out!” yelled Jaclyn. About time they came and looked for me. I’ve only been sitting in a porta-potty for the last two hours getting high off poop fumes. Seriously, my brain cells could be at high risk right now. I peek out the air hole at the side and watch them come closer.
Wait, I see three pairs of legs, there’s two pair in jeans- which are obviously Al and Jaclyn- but who’s the third? Defiantly not a student, they’re wearing stockings. I look down at my pajama bottoms, which are still noticeably wet. Oh great, I can’t go out there looking like this, although fresh air is sounding really tempting right now. I hear a knock at the door.

“Katie, are you in there? Open up, it’s Allison.”

“I can’t,” I moan back.



“By the way.” Jaclyn chimes in “We brought you some clothes.”

Okay, that catches my attention right away. I stick my hand out the door, hiding the rest of myself inside. I bring my hand back inside after each article of clothing is handed to me and quickly change.

“Now will you come out?” Al asks. I ponder it for a moment, but in the end, the need of fresh air convinces me to leave. I open the door and step out, the sudden brightness temporarily blinding me. I gladly inhale the cold, fresh air as it welcomes me to the outside world.

“Breathe much?” Jaclyn asks sarcastically as I start coughing and choking.

I finally manage to control my breathing long enough to spit out a “Not if you’ve been in a porta-potty for two hours.”

"God, stop being a baby, you were only gone for a half-hour. "

Note to self: get a watch.

Al elbows her in the ribs. I finally notice the other person standing next to me; it’s the school nurse. Al grabs my arm and leads me over to a picnic bench a few feet away, leaving Jaclyn and the school nurse by themselves. I laugh silently to my self as I hear Jaclyn trying to start an awkward conversation with her.
“So…yeah…you’re a nurse.”

Me and Al sat down facing each other.

“Are you okay?” she asks.

“No, not really. I’ve just been humiliated in front of the entire tenth grade class.” I say looking down at my hands. She doesn’t say anything for a few minutes, but what do I know, it was probably only thirty seconds.

“I’m really sorry that happened.” She says her bright green eyes boring into me.

“It’s alright.” I lie, my voice squeaking, giving it away. “It could have been worse; they could have been armed with camera phones or something.”

“Well actually…”

I lay my head on the wooden bench trying not to even think about it. Could this day get any worse? How in the world could she do that to me, aside the fact that we’ve been mortal enemies since sixth grade, but still? I swear, she has no heart. How did she even get my journal long enough to read it, let alone PHOTO COPY IT!!!
It’s my fault, really, how could I even write something like that down on paper? Did she sneak into my backpack when I wasn’t looking? The only time I ever take it from my backpack is to write in it, but I do have a habit of dropping it.

Wait! I spilled my backpack that day I punched her, I lost it and found it in the cafeteria. She must have spotted it, photocopied it, and then put it back to make me think no one found it. Oh, she’s good, but she’s not good enough. I will find a way to get her for this.

“Was that the only part of it she read, let alone, photo copied?” I ask.

“Well there was a little bit more, there was a part about…Jamie.” She sighed, not meeting my eyes.

No! Please not that part!

“It wasn’t…the day dream…was it?” I ask, secretly knowing what the answer is going to be. She doesn’t look back up; she continues to stare blankly at the ground.

“You’ve got to be joking! She can’t possibly humiliate me any more in one day.” I say as I clench my hands tightly to form fists. “She wasn’t going to um… tell him was she?” She nods her head.

“She went over to the guys’ cabin right now.” Just my luck, I’m so not writing in a journal anymore.

“She’s dead!” I yell as I pound my fist into the bench, which only made it start throbbing, plus I think I got a splinter.

“What are you possibly going to do?” Al says trying to calm me down.

“I don’t have to do anything; all I have to do is sit back and let something happen.” I say as I try to painfully rip the splinter out of the side of my hand.

“What are you talking about?” she asks noticing the gleam in my eyes. Usually I only get that look when I’m about to do something really stupid or dangerous, or sometimes both. Like say, punch someone twice as big as me, as I sometimes like to do. Did I mention that my extracurricular activity happens to be detention?She quickly notices this and tries to shake what I’m planning out of my head.

“It doesn’t matter.” I finally say, “It’s not real anyway.”

“Why, did something more happen in your dream?”

“Yeah. Instead of trying to find you, I went over to Mr. Stinky’s classroom to get his help, but some lady was in there instead. When I told her what was happening, she tried to send me to the nurses’ office. So I went over there myself but I was too late. Alyssa hears the gun and goes over to figure out what happened and runs into him. This part almost made it worthwhile, until he finds me anyway.”

“You wouldn’t really do that, would you?”

“Do what? I didn’t do anything.” I ask, somewhat puzzled.

“Exactly. You wouldn’t just let her die would you?”

“It’s not like I can do anything about it.” I say starting to get annoyed.

“What if you could do something? Would you?”

“No, not really.” I say as she jumps up on her feet.

“So you would just let her die?” she says, raising her voice.

“What don’t tell me you’re taking her side?” I say as I jump up too.

"Katie! You could have the power to save someone’s life and you’re not going to use it?

“No, and besides. IT’S NOT REAL!” I say unable to keep the anger out of my voice. I can’t believe it, after all Alyssa did to me today, she’s going to go and take her side.

“For all we know it could be! I think God’s trying to tell you something.”

“Enough with that crap! It’s not real! Get that through your little head. It’s just some stupid religion for people who aren’t loved enough so they have to go make up something that does!” I scream at her.

“You know that’s not true! You were freaked when you woke up in detention. You know it’s real. There is a God, and He loves you, if you would just see that-”

“Allison!” I scream at her “I don’t want anything to do with your ‘God’. I hate your God! In fact you can take your God and shove it right up your-”

“Katie!” Jaclyn whispered at me as she grabbed my arm. She shook her head at me. I knew then that I’d gone too far. Jaclyn bags on Allison all the time about what she believes, and if she even thinks I pushed it… I stare up at Alison…but it’s too late.
I can see she’s upset. More upset then I’d ever seen her in a long time. I could see tears start to form in her eyes. Now I’d done it.

"Al I’m so-"I start to say, but then stop. I stand there watching as she takes off the other way.

“Nice one.” Jaclyn says sarcastically as she punches me in the arm. Jaclyn runs to go catch up to Allison, with the school nurse in close pursuit, leaving me standing there alone. At first I didn’t really care. I was pissed. She needed a dose of reality. Didn’t she…?

I walk back to the cabin by myself. Every one else was already out with the tour by the lake. I figured I’d join them in a minute, but first I must dispose of some evidence. I sprint back over to where I had been sleeping the night before, but to my surprise, find it already cleaned up. The mattress was already flipped over and the sheets crammed under it.

Al must have done this… She’s definitely the only one brave enough to. If someone else had my little problem, I definitely would not be the first to volunteer to clean it up. I lie down on my sheetless mattress and sigh. She’s so sweet; I just wish she wasn’t so clueless.
I mean, I have every right to be mad at her. She saw what Alyssa did to me, and she is still going to take her side. And it’s not like that would even happen. I wouldn’t even have a chance to let her die. The dreams aren’t real, they’re just dreams. Even if they were something more, there is nothing I can do to save her. I’m either already dead, or about to die. Even if I weren’t hurt, I wouldn’t go over to help her. I’d help Allison.
I can’t believe I’m even thinking about this. They’re dreams. That’s all they’ll ever be. It’s just my mind playing tricks on me.

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 7)

Very intense! i eagerly await more, thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 7)

Only thing I can say is that I don’t really think you need a religion warning. This kind of subject matter is something seldom touched on in this area. It’s almost taboo amongst the taboo. But c’mon, weird things get written here, I’d certainly hope no one would judge you because of the content of your story.

I urge you to continue.

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 7)

I’m kind of surprised it’s taboo among taboo to be honest. I had really thought hard about posting this story and I wondered why anyone would even want to read some preachy annoying story that doesn’t really have anything to do with ab/dl and I realized it does have a lot to do with it.

For me personally, my little self and my beliefs go together. I always imagined god as “daddy” and going to him was like being a little girl going to a parent with both of you knowing you did something wrong and expecting to be punished. Instead of getting scolded etc he picks you up and holds you in his arms rocking you and telling you he loves you anyway and forgives you. Pretty ab to me haha

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 7)

Well I only said taboo because that’s what I’ve gathered from around the net.

As for that view of things, I can’t day I’ve ever heard that before. Though I’ve definitely heard the analogy of being a child in God’s arms, many a time.

More power to you, dude.

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 7)

So I took it a…little farther :stuck_out_tongue: I’m weird like that. It’s not something ever talk about.

I know what you mean though. Social suicide

Re: My Life as a Teenage Bed Wetter (ch 7)

Ch 8 (Very very edited, but if anyone wants to read the original, I’ll send it to you or just say the hell with it and post it)

I need to take my mind off this. I get out of bed and walk over to join the tour group. Yeah, I know. I 'm desperate. I was in no hurry to face anyone there, my friends, or anyone else for that matter.I arrived ten minutes later as the Biology teacher was explaining the structure of an insect. I stand quietly in the back, hoping no one will see me. But of course they do.One head turns around, whispers to the person next to them, then all the heads spin. Giggles erupt from the crowd at the sight of me. I look down trying to hide the fact that I was blushing.

“People, can I have your attention once again? Just because Miss. Devo here was late is no excuse for laughter, it’s not that big a deal.” Mr. Lenord said.

“She’s only late because she couldn’t stand the thought of showing her face again” one girl said which only caused more laughter.If Mr. Lenord wasn’t here, I know where my fist would be right now.

“What may I ask is so funny here?” asked Mr. Lenord.

“Nothing!” I shout out before anyone has a chance to say anything. More laughter.

“Well obviously something is funny here. Katie, since you seem to be the cause of all this, would you mind explaining to me what appears to be so funny?” he asked.

“Yeah, Katie! Tell us all what happened last night.” Alyssa chimed in.

“Nothing.” I mumble as I stare at the ground, avoiding eye contact with anyone.

“Oh? What happened last night that everyone is so keen to talk about?” he asked.Why can’t teachers just mind their own business? Seriously.

“If she won’t say what happened, the rest of us will gladly spill.” Alyssa said taking full advantage of the situation. I don’t say anything; I just continue my examination thorough of the ground.

“Well?” he asks. “Who would like to share? Since this appears to be so much more interesting then the life cycle of a beetle.” I can’t believe I’m thinking this…but. Please, I want to hear about the beetle. Pleeeeeaaaaaaassssseeee. Talk about the beetle!I look up at Alyssa and give her one of those haven’t-you-already-humiliated-me-enough-for-one-day-looks. This only appears to have only egged her on since without missing a beat she responds with

“I will! Katie wet the bed last night!” The crowd explodes with laughter once again. I won’t run away. I won’t run away. I won’t run away. I won’t give them that satisfaction. I look up as the laughter starts to die down.

My biology teacher simply raised his eyebrows at me and says, “Katie, aren’t you a little too old to still be wetting the bed? No wonder you tried to get out of going yesterday.” Okay, that’s two people I now hate. If he was trying to make people laugh, it worked. And okay… I ran away. But c’mon, isn’t that reason enough? And you know what Allison and Jaclyn were doing after he said that. You want to know?

Laughing. Yeah that’s right, they were laughing just as hard as everyone else there.
At least this time when I ran away, I didn’t go hide in a porta-potty for a half-hour. I just hid in the cabin. Which I guess, wasn’t really hiding, but it got me away from everyone. I am seriously having the worst day of my life, no the worst week. No even better, month. Ever since I stated having those stupid dreams, my life has been going downhill.

First I’m wetting the bed, which is bad enough. Then I get a 105 fever, and then have to be taken to the emergency room, only to get a huge needle shoved into my ass, oh yes, that was highly pleasant. Then I’m flailing around on the floor during detention, which I then am humiliated by school nurse by forcing me to show her my wet pants. Then Allison finds out, and then Alyssa tells AND shows the entire tenth grade class, well girls at least, which is just as bad as guys and girls. I get into a fight with my best friend, and then once again publicly humiliated. I don’t think I can take much more of this.

Maybe a walk will help. Try to get my thoughts and whatnot together. I don’t know how long I walked for, possibly two hours at least (A.K.A. half-hour)
which pretty much got me no where, just tired me out some.I should really go apologize to Allison…I guess. But what if she’s doesn’t take it? What if she still mad at me. Okay after that last bit back there, she has to at least feel somewhat sorry for me. I mean, how much more embarrassing could it possibly get?

“Katie, why aren’t you with the group?” I look up to see Florence Nightingale sticking her head out one of the buildings.

“Oh, hi.” I say looking back down at the ground. “Some stuff happened and I had to leave.”

“Would you like to come in?” she asked. Not really, seeing as this whole walking thing is getting me nowhere, I accept. I walk in to a small little room with just a bed, chair, cabinet and sink. I sit on the bed and she grabs the chair, spins it around and sits down facing me. We just sit there for a moment in silence until she finally says something.

“Allison told me what happened this morning.” She starts this usual conversation and my eyes go to their usual place. The ground. “Allison is only trying to help you; you should go easier on her.”

Okay, this I wasn’t expecting. I was expecting something more around the lines of " I’m so sorry that happened, Alyssa’s getting expelled." Yeah, that’d be nice. But no, I’m the one getting scolded, after everything that’s happened. Go figure.

“Right, after everything that she’s done today, she’s taking Alyssa’s side on it. That’s really helping.” I say unable to keep the sarcasm out of my voice.

“I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about her trying to tell you about God. She told me about it when we were walking to find you this morning. She seemed so excited that you were making progress.”

Ugh not you too. I just shrug my shoulders and continue examining the floor boards.

“She really does have your best intentions at heart, and you just blew up right in her face.” I look up, shocked at what she’s saying. “You really should give it another chance.”

I simply shake my head and say. “It’s not my sort of thing.”

“It’s your choice.”

“I guess, but I still don’t understand why I’m having these dreams, let alone the…um…other thing that’s been happening because of them.”

“I’m sure it will be revealed to you when the time is right.”

“You can’t possibly think there’s a purpose for all this?”

“Actually I do, I think there’s a purpose for everything.”

“Look, part of me does want to believe all this, but a bigger part of me says it’s a load of crap.”

“Then let’s focus more on the part that does want to believe it. I know deep down inside, you know we’re not alone.”

Okay, she’s starting to sound like something off of the sci-fi channel. This is getting too weird. But yet, there’s just something that’s keeping me here, curiosity maybe, I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s giving me goose bumps. She notices this and places her arm on mine. That’s when things really start to get weird.

I’m having flash backs of all the things that’s been happening in my dreams, except from the look on Florence Nightingale’s face, she sees it to.

First I’m at the school and I see the guy ask Allison the question, she says yes and gets killed. I say no and also get killed, I see Alyssa standing behind me.
I’m then in front of God, having to replay the awful feeling of guilt and shame. He shows me my sins, and then I’m sent to hell after he shows how I didn’t accept Him. I feel the pain of the boils and the acid, and the things that are said to me. And then it stops.

I look up and I’m lying on the floor. My head is throbbing; I figure I landed on it. I look around to see what happened. I feel shaky again and am covered in a cold sweat. I look up at Florence, who managed to at least stay in her seat without blacking out.

“Katie, are you alright?” she asks as she stretches out her hand to help me off the ground.

“What happened?” I ask in a shaky voice as I sit back down on the bed.

“Did I just see what you’ve been dreaming?” she asked in a dazed sort of voice.

“Well, what did you see?”

“When I touched you, I saw the school then I saw Allison lying on the ground, then I saw all of these…creatures.”

“Yep.” I say, “That’s the one.” She sits back down and thinks for a moment. She seems just as pale as I am which is saying something because I usually look whiter than Casper.

“Those aren’t normal dreams.” She says finally, almost in a whisper. “Katie, I think it’s trying to tell you something, you need to listen.”

I know this is true, I’m just, I don’t know. Now that this has refreshed itself into my mind, I feel more afraid than ever.I know what their trying to tell me is true, it’s just… I don’t want to admit they’re right I suppose.

“So… what happened out there that made you leave?” she says, bringing up the one conversation I wish she wouldn’t.

“Another public announcement of my lack of self control, and Mr. Lenord only made it worse.”

“It’s not your fault, this isn’t normal what you’ve been experiencing, and maybe it’s just freaking your body out or something. Or maybe, there’s a point to it all. You never know.”

“Okay, I doubt that, but they don’t know that.”

“Are you even friends with these people, or care about any of them?”

“Well, no.”

“Then there’s no point worrying over it, it’s not like your trying to impress these people.”

“It’s still the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“I know your right. If it will make things easier, you can sleep in here instead.”

“CAN I? YES! THANK YOU!” I say, practically screaming from excitement." I was planning on sleeping outside, but this is so much better. I will be eternally grateful."

“No problem, there’s some blankets in the cupboards over there. Just do me one more favor.”

“What?” I ask, expecting some embarrassing request to clean up afterwards or something.

“Have Allison stay here with you and work things out with her.” Phew. That’s it.

“Ha okay. If she will ever talk to me again.” I say, relieved she has not chosen to embarrass me like every one else has.

“Don’t worry about it, she will.” She says, giving me a reassuring smile.

“Thanks again for everything Mrs. Uh… nurse person.” I say, as I realize I don’t even know her name.

“You can call me Amanda.” She says.

“Oh okay. Thanks for helping me through this. It means a lot to me.”

“No problem.” She says as she flashes me another smile. I smile back and leave to go find Allison.I look in the cabin, but it looks like they aren’t back yet.
I try to sit and wait, but I get to antsy and nervous, so I decide to go out and look for her. I walk down the path that leads down to the lake, making sure to keep my mouth closed as I rehearse in my head what I’m going to say to her.

I see them of at a distance, so I take a deep breath and walk over that way, taking my sweet time getting there.I make an attempt at sneaking by people to get to Al, but it doesn’t quite work out that way. Once I’m spotted, the crowd erupts with laughter, which instantly signals to Al and Jaclyn that I have arrived. Great.

“Glad to see you’ve made it back, Miss Devo, we were just discussing the different nutrients that are found in this soil.”

Well to bad I’m going to miss that, really, I would have loved to stick around and listen to you talk about dirt, but I have much more important maters to take care of.

I make my way over to Al, pushing past (a little harder then necessary) the people who are standing there snickering at me.

“Al, I need to talk to you.” I whisper into her ear. She doesn’t respond, she just stands there and pretends I’m not there. “Al really, I really need to talk to you.”

“Well to bad, I’m busy.” She snaps back.

“I want to apologize.”

“Fine, well start talking.” She says, still looking toward the front.

“Not here.” I say as I point back in the direction of camp. She gives me a look of uncertainty then looks back towards the front. Allison is the kind of person who would never break the rules, so she must have been pretty bored if she was willing to sneak out and follow me back to camp, which somewhat surprised me. We walk back to camp in silence and I lead her back over to our bunk beds.

"Look Al, I’m really sorry about what I said. I didn’t mean it."She looks down and doesn’t say anything.A signal to keep going. “Look. I’ve been thinking about what you said all day, and I think you’re right. Al, I’m really sorry about what I said earlier, I swear I didn’t mean it, I’ve just been under a lot of stress from the whole nightmares and whatnot. Then the thing that happened this morning.”

“It’s okay, I forgive you.” Al says after thinking it over for a few minutes as she pulling me into a hug, which I gladly accept while we hang out talking the rest of the evening until Jaclyn came looking for us. I had really almost expected a long drawn out fight with me ending up groveling for forgiveness. Thankfully she’s not one to hold a grudge.

“Well when you two are done being all sentimental over there, dinners being served now, so if anyone cares, I’m going to go get some food. Unlike some people” Jaclyn says as she glares at me. “We had to walk all day so I’m starving.”

“I would have gladly walked instead of being under the conditions that I’m in right now.” I point out.

“Oh yeah, by the way, I’m pretty sure they’re going to pull the covers off you again. So unless you somehow gained some self- control over there, I’d sleep somewhere else tonight.”

“Yeah, I already got that taken care of.” I say.

“What sleeping arrangements or self control?”

“Sleeping arrangements. Amanda’s letting me sleep in her work station tonight.” I say as I get up and starting packing my bag back up.

“Who’s Amanda?” Al and Jaclyn ask at the same time.

“Oh, she’s that person I’ve been talking to.” I say as I get up.

“Please don’t tell me you’ve been having hallucinations with those nightmares of yours.” Jaclyn says as she raises her eyebrows at me.

“No. She’s the nurse person.” I say as I cling to the railing of the bed for support as I make an attempt to walk.

“Oh. You mean Florence Nightingale?” Jaclyn asks.

“Yeah. Something really weird happened when I was in there talking to her today. She touched my arm, and then we both started seeing bits and pieces from my dreams. Then I woke up on the floor.”

“You really are a psychopath, you know that?” Jaclyn says impatiently by the door waiting for us to get ready for dinner.

“Oh, by the way, she says I can stay the night only if you come with me.” I say to Al.

“Oh, well no offense or anything, but there’s no way I’m sharing a bed with you.”

“Don’t worry. It’s too small to fit both of us in there, one of us is going to have to sleep on the floor.”

“Hey I’m doing you a favor. I get the bed.”

“No way it’s mine.”

“In your dreams.”

“In my dreams, you don’t get the bed, you get the body bag.” I point out.

“Ha, let’s not go there.” She says. “And besides, so do you.”

“Which means both of you will be dead, which leaves the bed completely open for me so I won’t be stuck in here with whoever it is that snores. Didn’t you guys hear her last night?” Jaclyn asks halfway through the door motioning for us to hurry up and continue our conversation on the way. “Are we ever going to get to eat or what?”

“Okay okay, we’re coming.” I say as I try not to think about what’s going to happen when I get there. “I didn’t hear anyone snoring last night. I fell asleep pretty early.”

“Ugh. Lucky, it took me forever to fall asleep.” moans Al. “At least I won’t have to deal with it tonight.” She smiles as Jaclyn gives us both a glare. When we walked in, it was normal enough. No one, as usual, paid any attention to our existence. Just the way I like it. Sure, there was the occasional wise crack, like for instance when we were in line. The poor bored people who got stuck with kitchen duty, making a feeble attempt to entertain themselves when they pass out their assigned item.

“Juice for you, Juice for you.” They said as the line moved on. I recognized one of the girls from my cabin. Oh great.
“Juice for you.” She said as Jaclyn passed down. “No juice for you.” Is what was said when I passed. I pass by without argument, not wanting to start anything with that subject. She continues her little chant to the lucky people who get something to drink. Well, the lucky people who don’t happen to be me anyway.

So we go sit down at a table near the back, then something even more surprising happens. Jamie and some of his friends come and join us.

“Hey, what’s up?” he asks me. This surprising me so much, I start choking on my plastic fork.

I’m sooo good at flirting.

After him hearing what I wrote in my journal, I thought he’d never speak to me again. I manage to hold on to what little dignity I had left and say hi back.

“Look, I heard what Alyssa did to you, and we’ve come to help you out.” He said getting to the point.

“What do you mean?” I ask. What could he possibly do to help me? And more importantly, WHY would he want to help me. He flashes me a smile, a smile that says nothing short of revenge.

“What are you planning?” I ask cautiously.

“Oh, just a little something.” He says, trying to sound all innocent and whatnot. “I need to know what she likes and fears.”

“Umm she hates bugs, values her hair with her life, and for some reason has a strange addiction to Pringles.”

I look over at Al who I thought for sure was going to say something against it, but it’s been a surprising day. She seemed totally into it.

“You can put bugs in an empty can of Pringles.” She threw in, which just about shocked everyone at the table. “What? Stop looking at me like that. I have an evil side too you know.”

“Okay, that’s a good one, any other ideas?” he asked.

“Well we have to do the whole hand in warm water thing.” Said Jaclyn, it’s only ironic that she wets the bed."

“Does that even work? Well whatever, her hair has to go down.” I say. “Let’s put shaving cream in it, it will turn it into a rock.”

“Sweet.” He said. “We need something big though. All the girls in your cabin we’re involved. Let’s hit them all. Except of course you three.” He says, pointing toward us.

“Let’s take all their bras and underwear, dip them in starch, and put them outside in the cold. They’ll turn hard as a rock.” Al said with an evil grin.

We all blankly stare up at Al. Where is she coming up with all this stuff? Has she been holding this evil side inside her all this time? She ignores our stares and continues. “We can name tag them, then throw some embarrassing underwear up there and put their names on it.”

This is really getting scary. I think I’m rubbing off on her. Even Jamie seemed shocked, and he’s the one always going around joking saying there’s a little bit of evil in everyone.

“When good girls go bad.” Jaclyn said in a dramatic voice.

“Okay everyone needs to do something. We need someone to get bugs, someone to get shaving cream, an empty can of Pringles and.” Jamie said trying to not laugh “A bra fetcher. And no, not you two.” He sighs towards Anthony and Josh.

" Fine. We’ll get the bugs." Moaned the guys in disappointment.

“I’ll get the bras.” Jaclyn said with a malicious grin on her face as she got up and ran back to the girls’ cabin.

“Okay, me and Katie will sneak into the kitchen later and get the shaving cream and starch. Al you can find the Pringles can and warm water.”


“Okay, we’ll all meet outside by the oak tree at midnight with all the supplies.”