My Girlfriend and I

I was at home when it happened. My baby sister was playing on the floor and my girlfriend was sitting with me on the sofa, supposedly watching Dr Who. She was actually more focused on the baby.
“Something wrong?” I asked. “Hmm?” She replied distractedly. “Well, from the way you were staring at the baby, I thought you were trying to set up a physic connection”
She paused. “Sam, you love me no matter what, don’t you?” “Of course” I replied, worried. I’d never known her so solemn. “Can I tell you something?” “Anything, Ria.” “Well, I…I…I like to wear nappies and act like a baby girl sometimes. I guess I was just wondering if…if you’d like to be my daddy sometimes.”
I didn’t really understand, never having experienced the ABDL community before. “What would that involve?” I asked. “Well, feeding me bottles of milk, bathing me, playing with me, putting me to bed, and…um…changing wet and messy nappies.” “Do you have your own bottles and nappies and…things?” I asked. “Of course” she replied. “Then whenever you feel like it, just give me a ring. I’m happy.” “Thanks Sam, you don’t know how much this means to me” she said with a contented look.

A couple of days later Ria phoned me. “Hi, can you come over in half an hour? My parents are out. It’s about the thing we talked about.”

Re: My Girlfriend and I

After I hung up, I took a deep breath. Despite what I had told Ria, I wasn’t sure if I was actually fine with this. Surely it wasn’t normal. She was taller than my mum, for gods sake! Where the heck did she actually get diapers to fit her? I had a younger cousin, who had wet the bed up to about 12, and I was struggling getting him into his night time diaper when I babysat. Well; here we go, I thought to myself.
It only took me ten minutes to get there, but I had a severe shock when I arrived. Ria answered the door in nothing more than a t shirt and a wet, sagging diaper.

Sorry for REALLY short update, but going to be without internet till about beginning of February, so wanted to get something written because…well, because I’m bored. Can’t write any more, catching an aeroplane.

Re: My Girlfriend and I

The Internet is probably a detriment to getting anything written. It’s best to write in word processor software, which does require the Internet, than to try to type in the browser. If you work on the story every day, you can have a longer update when you do get Internet. I never post a story update unless I have at least one thousand words. I usually wait until I have 1500 or more words.

Honestly, your two updates together do not contain a significant amount of story for even one post, let alone two. Also, please do us the courtesy of starting a new paragraph every time you change which character is speaking. This is a very basic rule. I only run in to violators of this rule when I read diaper stories.

While you are without Internet this month, try reading some fiction books. Look at how fiction writers write paragraphs that have dialog and description. There is a certain rhythm of dialog, description, and plot. It’s not a formula you can learn, but you will eventually get the feel for it if you are aware of the elements of fiction writing when you are writing.

As for length, it’s not really fair to our reader to give a paragraph long scene… Invest at least a 1000 words on a scene. Do description, have dialog, advance the plot. Read books. See what how the professionals tell a story.

Good luck in your writing endeavors. Keep practicing. Write everyday. Try to write 1000 words a day. Eventually you will get better. I have bunches of stories that I started and wrote only a few paragraphs when I was first starting. Eventually I powered through and managed to write something that someone would want to read. At my community college I was even able to submit stuff to the literary journal and they don’t publish everyone who sends something in.

Re: My Girlfriend and I

Having said all that, something is better than nothing!

Thanks for the story so far, and please keep going!