MY Friends Part 2

As I said, this is part 2 to the my friends saga.


After MR roberts finished talking to everyone he said he needed to get some mathematical supplies and would be back in 5 minutes. after the door slammed, I turned round to face the class. this was the moment of truth…

Everybody was looking at me with varying faces. some quizzical, some shocked, but none mocking. For a second I though everybody had accepted my condition and were ok with it. well, when I said everybody…

‘So, Jay, you think your more special than all of us?’ mocked Louis.

I was slightly stung by his remark, but then I recovered a degree of my composure.

‘come to think about it Louis, your the most special one here’ everyone laughed, apart from Louis, whose’ toddler like brain was struggling to fit the pieces together. he clicked.

‘You insulting me Carson? saying I look like a retard?’

‘No, no, that would be insulting to retards’

The class howled with laughter

Louis at that point, looked fit to burst. he grabbed my collar, and threw me against the wall. The sudden shock basically opened my bowels. My stance changed immediately from ‘ow this really hurts’ to ‘I’m crapping my diaper and you know it’. I crouched slightly as the seat of my diaper filled with a very wet and mushy accident.

I couldn’t have imagined a more embarrassing situation. Farting in front of the queen would be better than this.

Everybody was quick to pick up on my accident. once Again, tears in my eyes, I scanned the class. but once more, no faces seemed mocking, only supportive and caring. and of course…

‘hey everybody look! the whiddle baby pooped his pants’ Louis shouted. The whole class Class, shocked beyond belief at Louis’s cruelty, scowled at him in unison so powerfully that their scowls could have melted steel. While Louis was congratulating himself on picking up the douche bag of the day award for the 286th time running, Elliot Pessary, a powerfully built yet friendly brunette, picked Louis up and threw him over his desk.
Louis then did something which nobody, well, everybody was expecting. He burst into tears and ran out of the room.

I was still leant up against the wall, disgusted with the mess in my diaper. Nick came over, and asked ‘are you OK?’

I said ‘yeah I smell kinda but the thing is, this is totally going on face book, right?’ everyone chuckled. A few friends even came up to me and said how well I treated Louis’s bullying. I walked (waddled) off to get my diaper changed. 10 minutes later I was back and the maths lesson carried as on as usual.

At break, we all emptied out into the playground. it was fairly difficult to play running games and stuff like that with my diaper on, but I was content just sitting on a bench and watching my friends play.

Nick came and sat down next to me.

‘You alright after what Louis did to you?’

‘Yeah, I’m used to it even before the accident’

‘Louis is so dumb, it’s not even funny’

I kno-’

In mid sentence, I realised that I was wetting my diaper. Nick noticed too, as he heard a faint dripping sound.

I turned bright red. ‘I’m sorry’

‘It’s OK, I’m used to stuff like that’

‘You are?’

‘Yeah, My brother Shaun, he has autism and as a result he was wearing a diaper until he was 8, we would be watching a movie and he would shout I’M PEEING!’.


‘I know, you wouldn’t tell that at a dinner party’
we both chuckled, but then the school bell rang, meaning we had to come inside and continue the lessons.

by the way, all of the teachers knew of my condition, because my mum mailed the headmaster and the he mailed the teachers

in speech, we were given a project to do a 2 minute speech about anything. I did ‘Space shuttle columbia’. then it was Louis’s turn.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, for my speech today, I am going to talk about people who are incontinent’

I felt the colour drain out of my face.

‘People who are incontinent have no control of their bowels or their bladder and are pussies. They are gay and they should be ignored by everyone. A good example of this is Jay. he is incontinent and a whining faggot. nobody likes him and everybody likes me. thank you’

I looked at MR wilson, who looked so angry I really though he was going to have a major heart attack. If I’m honest the embarrassment of Louis’s speech was almost worth it to see (and hear) the teacher explode at Louis


Louis already had tears in his eyes as he was lead, although to be more accurate dragged out of the room.

Everybody was looking at me, to see how I would react

I said ‘I don’t think he’s going to get a B+ now’ everybody laughed. just then the bell rang, signalling lunch.

from then, we didn’t see Louis at all. as a result the day passed without incident (all there were plenty of ‘accidents’).

As I was walking back from school, I heard a familiar voice

‘Hey, Jay!’ Nick shouted. ‘Do you want to come round to my house tomorrow after school?’


‘OK, see you there’

‘Bye Nick’

I walked home, Thinking Back to how nervous I was this morning. Well, friends wasn’t a problem now, and I doubt Louis would be much trouble After his chubby little butt had been smacked to oblivion. everything worked out after all.

OK, the truth is, I was originally hoping to get this story into several chapters. I never thought of a plot at all, Just sort of thought of it on the go. I kind of accidentally tied the story together pretty well at the end. So this will probably be the last you hear from Jay carson. but you never know…

so, how do you think I did for my second ever story.
let me know below.


Re: MY Friends Part 2

The story is devoping nicely.
However, you might want to go more into detail on Jay’s feelings and the reaction of the class. You also need to pay attention to spelling since that does make it an easier read. Keep trying and I am certain you will have a good story to post.

Re: MY Friends Part 2

You have an awesome story so far, thanks as always for sharing, and please keep up the fantastic work.