My first story.

Hello, this will be my first story! If you notice any grammer mistakes please let me know. I have a disability that can make me over look such things.

Now on to the story!

Amelia was already balling her eyes out before she even made it to the entrance of the school. She had tried her hardest to avoid this fate. She had tried getting good grades. But in the end it was all for nothing.

She longingly thought back to when she was in middle school. To before girls where forced to be treated like children under the kawaii act. It had started with simpke things.

Clothing for girls had become more and more childish. Until even the most mature outfits where addorned with princesses and other childish paraphernalia.

Then came the movies, tv shows, and animes. All presenting girls as children. Even news stations had gone with the trend. forcing thier female newscastors to dress and act like children at threat of loosing thier jobs. Which for women around the country having a job had become a distant dream.

Nanites had come out only a year later. She still shuddered at the memory of joining 9th grade only to loose her athletic frame as part of the state laws. Being turned from a 6’2 basketball player. To a small petite but cuter version of herself.

As if to throw salt on the wound shed been forced to wear a pink subdress and carry a teddy bear around as part of her school uniform. She had fought for every inch of independence. But like everything in her life so far the choice had been taken from her.

She struggled and fought against the caretakers. Dressed in thier pink dresses and white aprons. They where the lucky few girls who had taken the deal to take care of children which now included amelia.

“Someone wiigly today” one of the caretakers said while the other one chuckled. “Do you need to make a stinky?” She said in a patronisingly sweet tone. While she dragged amelia through the entrance. The room they entered into looked like the interrior of a childrens ward of a hospital. With pink covered walls addorned with animal prints.

Amelia tried to beg. But her mouth wouldnt stop sucking on the pacifier. Instead fresh tears started going down her face. A figure aprouched from behind a desk dressed in a sultry nurse uniform.

“Well hello there sweetie. I’m miss anna.” Anna said to amelia.

Warning: sexual content ahead.

The nurse started by stripping amelia down as the caretakers held her in place despite her muffled protests.The clothes were placed inside a disposal bin. Afrerwich She was dragged over to a medical station where basic medical checkups where done all the while the nurse would occasionally coo at her. Telling her what a “good girl” she was.

It was when they dragged amelia to the adjacent room that her eyes went wide and her struggling began to take on renewed vigor. The room looked like a medical room with its white walls and clean smell.

But in the centor of the room was what amellia dreaded. A large metal chair with pink cushuining. Adorned with arms restraits at the arm bars and leg bars. The leg bars formed a V and within the open space of the V sat a chair and a small table. The table had multiple small needle like objects with tiny black bars the size of a small finger nail on there ends.

She knew those to be micro vibrators. A punishment often inflicted on girls when they turned 20 by either thier parents or assighned boyfriends if tgey refused to act like the children society saw them as.

Amelia had been lucky to avoid that fate since she had been studying to become a nurse. Before the profession had become male only like many other jobs. Now she would get to experience it ever day of her life.

She struggled aa hard as she could. Panting and sweating as she did. But the effort was in vain. They simple chuckled and coo’d at her as the force her into the chair. She still struglled even as her arms and legs where securely restrained. Her naked body going up and down as she struggled her eyes wide and panicked.

“Aww I know this part is scary. But it will feel reaallly good okay?” Amy said as she began to lubricate the tools. And without preamble got to work.

The pleasure was like nothing amelia had ever felt before. As each of the micro vibrators where placed at the pleasure points in her body. The pleasure was such that it was almost painful in its intensity. She gasped, moned, and struggled as wave against wave of plesure rocked her body.

Eventually it was too much and she passed out. She awoke to find herself seated in a high chair. At some point a pink disposable diaper had been placed on her. She wimpered as she still felt a buzzing of pleasure. Not enouogh to cuase a release. But still string enouogh to be unpleasent.

Amelia looked around noticing that she was in some kind of changing room. The walls where filled to the brim with packs of pink diapers. 3 other girls sat in identical high chairs. They too were only in pink diapers. They each had a nurse feeding them cakes and chocolate. Girls where rarely if ever allowed to eat meat. Amelia still missed meat though.

After a while her own nurse came in and smiled brightly at her. “Your awake sweetie! Well we got onnnneee last thing to do.” She said as she placed a cake and some bars of chocolate on the food tray.

“Your gonna make a stinky!” She said with cheer much to Amelia’s horror.

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The entire process was not fun, at least not in amelias mind. The nurse shovled pieces of cake and chocolate into her mouth. Between each bite she shoved a bottle of milk into amelias mouth to keep her from being able to talk. It was a never ending tide of milk, cake, chocolate.

“Sweetie just let it allll out. Your gonna keep being fed until you do.” Amelia’s stomach hurt. She needed to poop since the nanites in her body kept her from being able to throw up. She struggled as sweat glistened over her mostly naked body.

Once the nurse was done with the first plate, she put the pink pacifier back into amelias mouth. “Babies don’t talk after all” amelia thought glumily even as she struugled against her churning guts.

The nurse came back with another set of plates and quietly began to feed amelia. Amelia tried to not eat the contents but she physically couldn’t just as she couldn’t stop herself from sucking on pacifiers.

The nurse smirked predatoraly “you know youve been such a good girl crying and eating. I think you deserve a little treat.” The nurse pressed a button on her sleeve as amlelia squeled in terror as her the nano vibrators turned on. Every second she spasmed as she orgasmed over and over again. Her panicked moans turned into wails of despair as her stomach pushed realeasing smelly brown lunps into her diaper.

But the nano vibrators did not stop. Even as the nurse placed her on a changing table she was still forced to cum over and over again. Eventually she passed out from the never ending pleasure. Her nurse having already changed her diaper.

The nurse smiled. It was so nice to enforce the dependecy laws