My First Diaper Experience

My first wetting experience started in the middle of my second to last year of high-school (I was 15).

It all started when my boyfriend had an “accident” and had asked me to help him change,so as any good boyfriend would I helped him
“Dylan” Charlie said “Could you get my diapers out of my bag,please”

“Of course,my special flower” I replied,hastily rushing through his bag

Accidentally,I pulled two out and dropped them on the floor,they made a slight crinkling noise.He pulled them both under the stall door then pushed one back under “Here,try this on”

“I can’t … I I’m sorry” I blushed

“Of course you can” Charlie whispered,opening the stall door

I blushed even harder and again denied

“Pleeeease” he moaned,handing me the colored diaper

“Fine,only for you” I whined, stepping into the stall.

A few minutes later I opened the creaky stall door,blushing and holding my t-shirt down to cover it.
Charlie smiled and looked down at my diaper “It looks good on you”
“T…thank you” I chuckled

Charlie had a yellow stripe down the front of his diaper as he pulled his pants up.
We headed off to class after the break bell rang.

In class I had to go to the bathroom,so I put my hand up
“Yes” Ms Brown retorted

“Please may I go to the bathroom” I smiled

“You are like everybody else in this room, aren’t you?” She snapped back fiercley

“Yes,why?” I anxiously answered

“Then you are not allowed to go to the bathroom during lessons” she roared

I lowered my head on to the desk and started to sob quietly
“Use your diaper” Charlie nudged

“No,I don’t want to wet myself” I whispered back

“You will enjoy it,trust me they are extra absorbency diapers,I just forgot to change mine” he answered back
I trusted him and I let out a little dribble into the soft,comfy diaper,then I broke the dam and exited all of my bladder.
I squealed silently as the pee sat on the behinds of my legs

“Did you use it yet” Charlie questioned

“What do you boys think you are doing,get out of my room the both of you!” Ms Brown boomed.
We packed our things and headed outside

“Go to the headmasters office,immediately!” she squawked,opening the door


"Zip it " she calmly said,pushing us out of the room

“She is the worst teacher ever” Charlie argued

“Definitely,why do you think she was so harsh?” I replied,patting my warm,wet bottom.I was starting to get used to wearing diapers(even though this was my first one since I was a little boy),they were so soft and comfy.I linked arms with my boyfriend and walked down three flights of stairs to the principals office,since the elevator was broken.

As we arrived at Mr.Heather’s office I began to feel week in the knees and I wet myself again.Charlie knew I was doing it since I was making noises like ‘mmm’, and 'ahhh.He patted my hair and quietly said “Good boy”.Charlie un-linked his arm from mine and innocently knocked on his door.

“Come in” Mr.Heather said loudly “Oh look it Charlie and Dylan from 10th grade,why have you been sent here”

I plucked up the courage to reply “We were talking in class”

“Well you know the rules,if you are sent to the headmasters office you have an hour detention”

Charlie and I both pleaded to try and get out of it but he stuck us in an hours detention after school.4th and 5th period passed as we were waiting in ‘anticipation’ for the detention given out.As we strolled into the detention classroom I had a sudden urge to poo and as I tried to hold it in little farts slipped out and eventually I had evacuated my bowels into the seat which held my pee.A silence fell as Mr.Heather walked into the classroom.Everybody’s eyes turned to the headmaster from what they were doing.

“You all know why you are here,if anybody tries to escape the will be temporarily excluded, is that clear” Mr.Heather questioned

Everybody in the classroom,including Charlie and me replied with a simple ‘Yes,sir’.

“Good,have fun” Mr.Heather sarcastically commented as he exited the room.Another teacher came ino the room to supervise us and then I started to do the thing that got us into this mess,talk.

“Charlie” I nagged,feeling the bulge in my pants “I think the diaper is leaking”

The front of my pants were wet and there was a very small puddle on the chair I was sitting on.

“Yes,your diaper has leaked” Charlie smiled

“You said they were extra absorbant!” I quietly raised

"The diaper you are using is full,you have used it a lot today and you haven’t changed"Charlie said in a calming tone “Miss,Dylan has had an accident”

I blushed a beet red color and tried to sit down but Charlie stopped me,giggles arose from the whole classroom and then a chant started ‘Dylan Pissy Pants’

“I will change you” he whispered in my ear

Astounded at this, I jumped out from his grip and ran out of the classroom sobbing,Charlie ran after me and found me sobbing in the boys bathroom.

“Sorry” Charlie shrugged “I shouldn’t have embarrassed you”

“It’s alright” I sniffled,picking myself up

“Tell you what,to make it up to you why don’t you sleep over at mine for the night,my parents are on holiday” Charlie smiled,opening his backpack and getting a rainbow pacifier out "Iv’e got an idea of what we could do.

Charlie waved the pacifier about and slowly,I began to follow it then I grabbed it from my boyfriend and started to suck on it,I looked like a baby and felt like a baby.I had my pants around my ankles whilst we were walking to Charlie’s so that made me look even more like a baby,pants around my ankles,a diaper and a rainbow pacifier.On the walk to Charlie’s house I had to pee again so using the already leaky diaper I peed.The warm liquid trickled down my leg and into my shoe.I felt slightly aroused and a little fainty.He saw this and swept me off my feet,he ran to his house,opened the door and placed me down gently on the changing mat that was laid out.

“We don’t want you getting a diaper rash now do we?” Charlie puffed

He ran upstairs,shuffled around a bit,then he brought two large diapers with building blocks which spelled out ‘BABY’ printed on them,some baby wipes,a bottle of baby powder and a bottle of baby milk.

“W…what’s the milk for” I asked,slightly aroused

“I will change you,feed you then put you to bed,you have been a very naughty boy,leaking in your diaper” he tutted.

Charlie ripped the tabs off of the bulging diaper and lifted my legs.He pulled the diaper out from underneath me and blew a raspberry on my stomach,I giggled just like a little baby.Slowly and gently,like a mother would,cleaned my genitals with a baby cloth and wiped my dirty bottom from all of the sticky,brown mess that I had made.Then,he pulled one of the diapers from the floor,opened it up and slid it under my backside.He powdered me then fastened the straps and tickled my tummy and again,I giggled like a little baby.

“Wait right here,daddy is going to get your jammies” he cooed

A few minutes later ‘daddy’ brought down some pyjamas to change me into,he was in nothing but a diaper with a yellow streak down the front,I breathed deeply then pinched myself to see if I was dreaming,I wasn’t, he was my boyfriend afterall.However,I pinched too hard and I started to cry.
“What’s wrong with my little baba eh?” He questioned,picking up the bottle of milk “You hungry?”

I shook my head and managed to fumble a few words out like ‘ouchy’ and ‘arm’

“Lets get you dressed for bed,then you can have your bottle” Charlie continued

Not knowing what to do,I started crying and throwing my arms about like a baby having a tantrum.

“Shh shhh,its alright” he lulled,picking me up “mommy will be home in a few minutes to see her special little son”

As I tried to talk I was shocked by the fact that whatever I said,nobody could hear what I said, like baby talk.As I calmed down daddy produced a little white pacifier and started to stroke me on the head with it before plopping it into my mouth,the other pacifier had fallen out when he had swooped me off of my feet.Daddy put me down and stared at his watch “Mommy’s a bit late” he murmured before looking me in the eye and saying “Sorry,pal”.I tried to verbalise a sentence saying ‘Don’t worry daddy,it’s fine’ but all that came out was muffled goos and little giggles.

“Why don’t I put some music on?” he asked

Immediately,I nodded my head to confirm I wanted to listen to the radio.He played a series of networks and not one of them suited my taste in music.

“Looks like we have a fussy listener” he babbled turning the knob to the right to find a new channel.The new channel was a baby channel with nursery rhymes and calming songs.I nodded my head and mumbled a ‘Thank you,daddy’

“I’m home!” a woman shouted,my instincts were telling me that this was mommy

“Who’s this little fella” the woman (mommy?) said in an almost singsong voice

“He’s our little baby boy hun!” Charlie said,holding his arms out for me to latch onto.He checked the wetness indicators,little blocks that spelt out ‘BABY’ to see if I was wet and surprisingly I was,I hadn’t felt that I needed to go to the bathroom yet I lay there in my sodden Bambinos.It was almost as if it became a routine,I hadn’t purposefully wet the diaper yet I had changed the color of the building blocks on the front of the diaper to a cloudy yellow.

“Mommy will sort your diaper out” Mommy said picking up her boy and tickling his nose “Somebody’s wet”

Mommy took me upstairs to what looked like a nursery and gently placed me down on the changing station,I giggled as mommy blew a raspberry on my open stomach.She tickled the back of my legs before undoing the tabs on the Bambino I was wearing.Quickly,she pulled it out from underneath me,balled it up and threw it in the diaper genie.With the same swift precision she placed down another Bambino diaper,adding fresh baby powder and did up the tabs.For some reason I had started to giggle and mommy caught me in the act,eventually laughing herself

“Stay here” she cooed as she went to the closet door to try and find a snug onsie that would fit

''I’m not going anywhere" I thought “I couldn’t jump down because the changing station was so high,plus mommy would shout at me if I tried”

Mommy waddled back over from the closet with a pale blue onezie with crotch buttons ‘Very babyish’ I thought and giggled

“Lets get you ready for beddie weds” she chuckled “Arms up,like this” she gestured to me,I complied and felt the most soft onezie in all my life,I babbled on with the paci still in my mouth.

“I know,I know,I love you to” she winked at me “Time for your bottle”

Mommy picked me up and took me back downstairs on her hip,one hand underneath my padded bum and one hand against my back,keeping me upright.As we got downstairs,my boyfriend was playing with a few toys.For some reason,I decided it was right for me to have a tantrum because my ‘father’/boyfriend was playing with toys and I wasn’t.I started wailing and waving my arms about like a madman.

“What’s wrong?” Daddy asked as he reached out his arms to grab me. “Are you hungry?”

I shook my head and continued to wail when Daddy said “Is it because I was setting up some toys for you?”

Slightly I nodded my head and began to talk in baby gibberish silenced by the paci I had in my mouth,Daddy held me,laid me in his arms and wiped away my tears.He picked up the bottle of milk that was on the floor and started to nurse me with it.My little arms reached out and grabbed it.A huge smile struck on both of my ‘parents’

In unison,the both said the same rhetorical question “Aww is our baby boy feeding himself”

After I had finished my bottle Mommy picked me up and burped me,for every burp I did I got a praise like; ‘Good boy’ or ‘just a few more’.After my five minutes of burping,Mommy took me upstairs to the room where the changing table was,Daddy followed.Mommy looked at the blocks that spelled out ‘BABY’ and noticed they had faded.Without knowing,I had wet myself.I was proud yet slightly disturbed by it.I had started to like wearing diapers but I still felt a little dirty.Mommy opened up my diaper,the nice,warm smell of fresh pee surrounded me instead of the stench of ammonia.She pulled out a different diaper this time,on the front in pastel were giraffes,zebras and all sorts of African animals,this was a Rearz Spoiled ‘Safari’.She quickly pulled the sodden Bambino from under me and with the same swiftness put the Rearz underneath me.Gingerly,she sprinkled baby powder all over me,then rubbed the sweet smelling powder all over me.Daddy jumped out of nowhere and scared me,Mommy hadn’t fastened the diaper on properly and she got a faceful of pee.I giggled as she frowned at her new ‘wet’ look.

“Char… Daddy,why did you frighten him?!” Mommy quietly shouted

“I I I didn’t mean to sorry” replied Daddy concealing a smile.

“Well,I suppose it made Mr here giggle” smiled Mommy fastening the Rearz and pulling the pyjamas that Daddy brought up off of the hanger.It was a pale blue onesie with three plastic buttons on the crotch,very babyish.Mommy undid the crotch buttons and slid the onsie over my head.“Peekaboo!” Daddy shouted when my head popped through.I chuckled then I let out a big yawn.

“Somebody’s tired” Mommy whispered as she sat down in the huge rocking chair that occupied the left corner of the room.She rocked back and forth,singing nursery rhymes, gently until I fell asleep.Mommy stood up and shuffled over to the adult sized crib.Slowly she laid
me down and calmly said “Goodnight fella”

I stuck my thumb in my mouth and began to suck “Night Night” I thought to myself

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It will be a few weeks before I post the second part of my story

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Could you please have some spaces after commas and full stops/periods? It would make it a lot easier to read.

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You started sentences with capitals, and used paragraphs. You used separate lines for each speaker. Those are good things.

Spaces, periods, and run-on sentences. I see no improvement in that from your other story. Work on this. There are plenty of online sites that help with grammar and punctuation. It might not seem like a big deal, but it breaks the reader’s concentration on the story. It breaks the flow of the narration, pulls the reader’s attention out of the story and places focus on the mechanics of the story. You want the reader to enjoy the ride, not become focused on your grammar and lack of punctuation.

As for the story itself: Characterization and exposition. Develop your characters more. What are they feeling as the events happen to them? Describe the setting. This doesn’t have to be done in vast detail, but a few details sprinkled in helps set the scene and immerse the reader in the story experience.

Slow your plot down, flesh things out. This reads more like a story sketch than a full fledged story.

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That would be a bad thing for their other story if there was seeing as how this story was posted 4 days before that one was. :slight_smile:

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You got me there ;D Note to self: pay attention to post dates in the future. Well, the OP’s skills haven’t atrophied, so that’s something.

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I’m going to re-write this story,flesh it out,make it more appealing and make it easier fir the reader :slight_smile: