My Crush Is a Bedwetter?(On Hiatus)

Hi uh, this is an old story I was writing a while ago. I never really finished it, although I do intend to finish it some day. It’s also posted on Wattpad under the same name, and it’s somehow my most popular work.

Just Some Background

Hi! My name is Kyle, and I’m heading into my junior year in high school. Here are some basic facts to know about the people in my story,


16 years old

Avid gamer and reader

Kind of a nerd.

Friends with Lily, Dan, and Paul.

Lily(my crush):

16 years old

Sister to Dan

Likes reading and drawing

Friends with Kyle, and Nicole.

Dan(my good friend):

16 years old

Lily’s brother

Likes games and reading

Very judgmental at times

Friends with Kyle, and Paul.

Paul(my good friend):

15 years old

Likes games and music

Very good listener.

Friends with Kyle, Paul, and Nicole.

Hope this isn’t too much exposition or anything, just wanted to provide some background for my characters.

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Amongst The Corridors and The Classes

Sigh. Another day of school, with more classes and more subjects. The brightest things throughout the day were my friends, my crush, and my favorite teacher, Mr. Kiye, who taught Chemistry. With most days, I never even saw any of them aside from passing through the corridors and lunch, along with recess maybe. Me and Dan had English next, and were talking about a battle in CODE we had played the day before, where the other team destroyed us.

After we reached class, my eyes settled on her…Lily, my friend’s sister and the girl I loved…she was always quiet in class and if I was lucky, I’d get a wave. After another assignment was completed during class, Mrs. Rixton, let us have a break for our hard work and efforts.

Dan wanted to hang out that weekend and I had an idea that had been in my head for a while now, but which I never had the courage to ask. I brought it up slowly to him, as to not startle or surprise him, “Hey dude, you know how you wanted to hang out this weekend?” I asked, he responded with a quick yeah and continued playing his game, Sword Knights. “What if we did a sleepover or something, don’t you have an extra mattress somewhere that you were talking about?” After I mentioned that, he looked at me with a hint of confusion, since I had never stayed over at his house before, and a hopeful shine in his glasses.
“Sure, let me ask my mom real quick, why don’t you ask my sister if she’s alright with it?”

After a couple of minutes of inner turmoil, I stood up against the wall of force asking me to sit back down, and that it was a terrible idea. Lily was talking with Nicole, who was usually pretty friendly about letting people have privacy in conversations. As I walked up to her and sat down in a chair closer to her but not to close, as to not seem creepy, I started to ask her, “Hey, Lily, would it be alright if I slept over this weekend at your house?” “Sure,” she replied.

It was a success, Dan’s mom approved of the sleepover, Lily seemed alright with it, and we even managed to convince Paul to come over too, since he was also a good gamer and was always willing to help me get closer with Lily.

This would be the best night ever.

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A Night To Remember (Part 1)

The day had come, and to be frank, we were all ready for a great night of games, talking about girls, and bantering amongst ourselves.

I arrived at their house at around 5:45, and stumbled onto his family cooking and doing some last minute cleaning. Lily’s mother and father were both older, but very polite and kind-hearted, but their dad wasn’t home that night, since he worked overnight for a company as a guard. Dan was vacuuming the carpet when I came in, and when I came back from putting my stuff down, was wiping down tables and chairs, the mattresses were already set up, so I could easily put my stuff away.

I walked into the somewhat cramped kitchen and saw Lily washing rice, while her mother was mixing a salad and cooking fish. I asked if there was anything I could help with, and she asked if I could bake something, and of course, I obliged. Dan has explained to me before how when his family had tried my baking before, they had loved it, I even ended up giving Lily my recipe. This time, I made a different desert, which ended up with me making a run to both the local supermarket, and the Asian corner store for ingredients.

After I came back, Lily had already finished cooking the rice, and asked if she could help me bake the desert. This had surprised me, as usually she was very quiet about her helping people, and normally didn’t have to ask if she could help them. I obviously let her help, and she ended up doing most of the baking herself, I just helped and guided her along. We went from using a hand mixer to sifting baking soda quickly, and soon, it was in the oven.

Paul arrived about 10 minutes later with chicken and drinks for everyone. Paul’s father was the manager of a local store and was alright with him bringing alcohol and soda for parties. When the table was set, the drinks were chosen, and all of us were ready to serve ourselves the enormous meal we had made, Lily pulled me aside, and lead me to her bedroom.

Only good things can happen here, I thought.

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A Night to Remember (Part 2.)

Her bedroom was beautiful to me, with her bookshelves and her desk facing towards a window, with light blue and green curtains to cover them up, and with her bed in a corner of the room. A strange package stuck out from under her bed, with something protruding out of it, which she quickly nudged under her bed. Her bed had blankets on top and a cute light blue sheet to cover the bottom, it was also covered with stuffed animals, such as a small frog that I got her, and her favorite, a big cat plushie that she slept with almost every night.
When she sat down on her bed, something crinkled, but I put it down to just a spring or something growing older. We exchanged a few jokes and started talking about school, and books that we both liked.

After the line to get food had diminished, we left her room to get food. Shortly after, she left to sit with her mom on the couch, where she finished quickly and went into her room, where she closed the door quickly. I hoped I hadn’t offended her from earlier on accident, and concluded that maybe she just wanted some peace and quiet. After we all finished eating, the oven went off, and out came a beautifully made desert, with a golden brown top without being overcooked, butter mochi. Everyone came and took some and they all seemed to like it, everyone except Lily, who was still in her room. I felt that it would be wrong of us to enjoy a desert she made without her. So I knocked on her door.

At the time, there was no response, so I started knocking slightly harder. Still no response was heard from her. “Is it okay to come in?” I asked, and only then did I get a response, “Yeah, sorry I didn’t hear you earlier, come in.” I opened the door, and was surprised with what I saw.

She was lying down on her bed, and appeared to be reading a book. She was wearing a shirt, but no obvious pants or shorts, and her underwear, which looked significantly thicker than regular underwear, and had a significantly more childish design. Only when she turned to look at me did she realize who I was, and it was at that moment where I realized what she was wearing, “Kyle? I didn’t knowitwasyouIthoughtyouwereDan.” She looked on the verge of tears, and it was obvious her bladder hadn’t held up either, as the design from the front of her diaper started fading. She quickly stood up and ran to the bathroom in her room, and promptly locked the door. Part of me wanted to check in on her and see if she was okay, but the other part told me to leave her alone and give her space. I could hear a slight sound of crying behind the bathroom door, and promptly closed the door to her room and left.

“She said she wasn’t hungry,” I lied, to Dan and his mom, which I guess they both believed. And after a night of gaming and talking, it still was on my mind…the thought of my crush, a girl so perfect in my eyes, wearing a wet diaper.

I wonder where this could go…?


Lily’s Diapered Past and Present

(Lily’s POV)

“Why do these things always happen to me? Why can’t I ever just be happy with a boy I like? He probably thinks that I’m a baby since I have to wear diapers at night. He probably thinks I’m a freak for having an accident…I’ve never had one like that before…I’d be a horrible girlfriend” thought Lily. This was a common thought for her as she spent more time with Kyle, she slowly, overtime, started liking him more as their friendship continued. But this, this was a whole new level to their friendship, he knew about her diapers and her bedwetting secret. School was starting soon, and she still had to get ready.

Stripping off her wet diaper and pajama pants in a single motion, she started searching for newer clothes. She quickly chose a pair of skinny jeans to go with her normal school uniform. She really hoped she didn’t run into him today, or at all really, but if she did, she hoped he wouldn’t bring it up to her. Her mom called, “the school bus will be here soon! Go! Go!” And as she and Dan scrambled out the door, and to her bus stop, her mind started wandering again.

(Kyle’s POV)

As the bus pulled up to my bus stop, I got in and sat in my usual seat. I laid my head against the window, I just couldn’t get that image out of my mind. Lily, my crush, a smart and beautiful girl, wearing and using diapers. It seemed off, yet he knew it was real. He slowly began to realize something, he liked the thought of her wearing diapers. It made her seem more cute in a way, just her in a diaper, reading a book or something. I don’t know why, but it almost felt sort of cute to see her in a diaper. “Begone thoughts” thought Kyle as he saw the bus approach Lily’s and Dan’s bus stop.

(Dan’s POV)

To say this weekend had been interesting was an understatement. For one, we had a sort of family dinner, with my friends, and it was the closest I’ve felt in a long time to my family and friends. I know Kyle definitely enjoyed it, but he’s almost guaranteed to be confused with some of the events.

So…some backstory. My sister, Lily, has been a bedwetter since as far as I can remember. It started off as something that my parents and her thought would just go away as she grew older. However, by the time she was 9, it was pretty clear to the doctor that something was up, and after some visits to other doctors and to a children’s hospital, he diagnosed her with a light form of urinary incontinence. Basically, this meant that she would be frequently having accidents at night when it would be harder to control. He also gave her a monthly prescription of some pills for vitamin D supplements, and a list of exercises she could to hopefully strengthen her bladder. She worshipped those exercises, and would take the supplements without any reminders. It was only after about a year later, when she was 10, that our parents started getting concerned. She still woke up with a wet bed almost every night, even with the pills and the exercises. They suggested to her that they buy a sheet protector and some form of “nighttime underwear” for her bed, and for her sake as well. To think that she’s still using that same underwear every night, this time with maybe going once or twice a week.

Maybe it was around this time that I should have been a better brother to her. At the time, we had a shared room, and it always felt weird to have our room smell of piss and some type of air freshener every day. I used to tease her about her “underwear” some nights, since it always felt like she had the attention on her for having a problem she couldn’t control. When middle school started for me and Lily, I screwed up. I couldn’t understand the work, and when I would ask for help, I would be humiliated by the teachers at my school. This lead to a sort of tables turning, where I started receiving more attention for my grades over her bedwetting. Maybe she started feeling jealous? I’m not sure, but she would be condescending at every opportunity about my grades and overall school performance.

Now, she’s much nicer about it, sometimes a little condescending to me about school work, but normally being a reliable person to ask for help sometimes and to talk to. When she heard Kyle and Paul were coming over for dinner, she seemed a bit more anxious and nervous than I thought she’d be. She seemed kind of fidgety, and worked fervently to clean her room and make her sheets look nice. I know Kyle has a crush on her, but the way she was reacting made me question if she liked him back. I could tell they had fun together making the dessert, and talking with each other. I didn’t even mind, even though it was supposed to be more of a friend’s thing. However, after he went to ask her something, he came back looking sort of shocked and confused. He claimed that “she didn’t want dessert” and that he was ready to play when we were. I could hear my sister crying through the walls for a while, and honestly, I felt shitty. I guess I should’ve warned her, and maybe I should have just made sure that I avoided the possibility entirely. Now, she seemed distant and kind of upset. Last night was the first wet bed she’d had in a while, she claimed it was an accident, but my mother suspected otherwise. She fell asleep without her diaper and ended up soaking through the protector. Right now, currently, we’re heading to the bus stop, and I’m trying to figure out how to tell one of my best friends that my sister needs and wears diapers.

(Sorry this is sorta a long chapter for me! I apologize in the lengths between posting, school and life have kept me busy. Thanks for reading!) - Joker

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A Remarkably Awkward and Terrible School Day

(Kyle’s POV)

After the bus arrived at Lily’s and Dan’s bus stop, Dan came to sit by me. He seemed sorta nervous too, and I was honestly kind of scared how he would react. He could get mad about stuff easily, or he could tease me for being a “perv” for all eternity. But for now, he settled with “Rough day yesterday, sorry”, and decided to doze off on the ride to school. Paul’s stop came next, and he was feeling talkative, so we talked on the way to school, and expressed our normal jokes and petty insults. By the time we finally arrived at school, I had enough time to think about all the things I would have to explain, and how to fake an entire presentation in a matter of hours. I got to work quickly.

(Paul’s POV)

“Wait, so you’re telling me your sister still wears diapers, and Kyle was a creep?” Nice try, I thought, you can’t expect me to believe that. Or at least the first part, second one makes sense kind of. This was not what I was expecting today, I was expecting more school work, and at least one more long-ass project before school was over. Not me finding out that Lily, an otherwise respectable person, wears diapers to bed every night, and uses them. To me, it was kinda like finding out someone’s darkest, most hidden secret. I didn’t want to know it, but now I do so that Dan can explain it to Kyle without Kyle feeling like shit about it. I’d see him next class anyway, it’d be easy to ask then.

How the f*ck do you tell someone that what they did is okay, when they don’t believe it’s okay. It’s semi-impossible already to explain to Kyle that what happened was an accident, it’s even harder to explain it when he feels horrible about it. He’s already scared of Lily’s reaction, now he has to worry about Dan’s judgement as well. On the other hand, this is funny as hell, you have Kyle pissing himself at the thought of both Lily and Dan reacting, and then you have Dan, just being “oh yeah it’s fine, he didn’t do anything with her, and I’m 90% sure he didn’t mean to do it.” Welp, time to let Kyle know of his untimely death.

Friendly reminder, do not start off a conversation with your worried friend with, “so, on the topic of your untimely death.” He will only panic more and break down more and more mentally. After the slight mental collapse, he listened to what I said, and told me he’d get back to me tonight, since he still has to process some stuff in his head. I left him alone, bad things tend to happen when Kyle is worried or scared.

(Lily’s POV)

Is it just me, or is Kyle more afraid of me than the plague currently? I guess it makes my job easier for me, but still, I gotta tell him at some point. It’s great that he gave me space, and all that fun stuff, but the thing is, I sorta want to tell him. “No Lily, you don’t want to tell him, then he’ll think you’re a baby, and he doesn’t want to date a baby.” I thought silently to myself, I didn’t even notice him walking by, and by the time I saw him, he had rounded a corner and was gone. “Sometimes, accepting that the people you like and care about make mistakes is harder than liking and caring about them” she sighed, bringing some of the first words she’d actually spoken at school. He wasn’t perfect, and neither was she, for that matter, that was a blunt acceptance she had come to terms with. She decided to text him later today.

(Kyle’s POV)

I saw Lily in the hall today, she wasn’t seemingly making any action to avoid me, so I just continued on my way. I hope she doesn’t think I’m a creep, or worse. Look, I know she’s upset and frustrated but not mad at me, but that doesn’t mean I should invade her personal thoughts and her private life. Then again, I guess I already took a step too far. I guess I shouldn’t have even entered that room, or given her time if anything. I want to tell her how much I care and that I don’t mind if she’s a bedwetter. But it’s hard sometimes, especially when your crush is a bedwetter.

(Roll credits! Nah I’m joking, sorry this took so long to put out. School and work have not been kind to me recently, thanks for reading! -Joker)

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The Sound Of Awkwardness and Crushes. (Part 1)

(Lily’s POV)

It’s only 7:00, way too early to be laying in bed contemplating my existence, and my search history. Mostly the latter, but still, I’m really scared. Even after watching videos on how to be calm when talking to people, and even talking with Dan a bit, I’m nervous. He said not to be worried about it, that Kyle is understanding and he’s just as scared as me. I took a shower to attempt to calm my nerves, heck, I even used the lavender soap to make the world seem a little better. After my shower, I slid my underwear on, purple butterflies and flowers tonight, my favorite. I took a quick glance at the clock on my bookshelf, 7:20, it read, it’s now or never. I sighed as I opened up my phone and got ready to text Kyle. To my surprise, he sent one first.

(Kyle’s POV)

I’m an idiot, I quietly sang, I hope this works. I opened the phone and texted Paul. “Hey dude I need your help I gotta tell ya something”, to my surprise, two minutes later, “Oh yeah, what’s up?” We exchange our normal conversations and pleasantries, then I told him, “can I tell you something? You won’t tell Dan, or Lily, right?” “Sure dude” I sighed, this was the make or break moment I guess, I hoped he didn’t judge me too harshly. “So uh, um, you know how I sorta walked in on Lily by mistake? And saw her wet herself?” “Kinda? That was like 8 hours ago.” I guess I should’ve expected a response like that, Paul isn’t exactly known for his sympathetic nature. He followed this up with, “Get to the point” I took a deep breath, here it goes, I thought, “That was honestly one of the cutest and hottest things I’ve ever seen, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.” “That’s fucked up man” My heart dropped, I guess he was right, then came another text “nah I’m joking jk jk” that was a relief. “Dude it’s cool, just if you wanna see it again, make sure she’s ok with it, and knock louder.” Heh, I thought, she’ll never talk to me again probably, I probably gave her an embarrassing experience for a lifetime, and she probably hates me now since I walked in on her. I checked the time on my phone, 7:19, “now or never, I guess,” said the voice inside my head. And I sent one of the most awkward texts of a lifetime.

(Lily’s POV)

“Hey uh, how’s life going for ya?” The words of Kyle never cease to amaze me with both how predictable they can be, like now, or how random they can be, also like now. I think it’s sorta cute, the way he talks, he has kind of a monotone voice, and to be honest, when he puts expressions into his voice and tone, it’s really funny and cute. I felt my chest tighten a bit, it’s sorta funny, how nervous I am, like a child asking for something. I replied, “good so far, how’s it been for you?” His response kinda hurt in a sense, “pretty alright, just been thinking about a lot of stuff lately”. It hurt in the sense that my presence was just a small factor that he brushed aside, or maybe that he was downplaying the scale of him walking in, on accident. He sent another message, “hey um, I kinda wanna tell you something, are ye busy by any chance?” This made my heart stop, I was so scared that he would tell me that he hates me, or that he thought I was a baby. I quietly typed out a response, “sorry I’m a bit busy, I’ll text ya later when I’m free tho, gtg!” It was still early, I thought, time for me to think a bit.

(Kyle’s POV)

I’m so screwed. She definitely hates me, she brushed me off after two texts. I guess this is what I get for being a creep and a perv. I feel terrible. I mean, she did say “later” but that could mean in an hour, or two or three days from now. It’s kinda obvious how nervous she is, but I hope I didn’t accidentally hurt her. . . I just wanted to keep it casual and then lead up to it, but hey, that didn’t work very well. Imagine actually being good at talking to people. Heh, I can only wish. Maybe one day it’ll work out, and she can be happy, but I don’t think it’ll be me. Might as well wait and see if she does text back.

(Lily’s POV)

I laid in bed, and I felt relaxed and comfortable as I found the perfect position in my bed. This was only disturbed when I started to fidget, I was really beginning to regret drinking tea earlier…I could walk across my room and go to the bathroom…or I could use my underwear since it can hold it. “No…don’t do it, it’ll leak again like last time…” says the voice inside my head, but this time, I was prepared. I sighed, as I rolled over, removing myself from the bliss of my covers, and reached under my bed for another diaper. I stood up next to my bed, and took a deep breath. It felt weird, I was going to slide another diaper over my current one so that it doesn’t leak. I silently slid my legs into the new diaper and eased it over my current diaper. Much bulkier and thicker than my regular ones, but it would definitely be able to hold an accident or two. I exhaled sharply as I let go into my diaper while standing up next to my bed. It grew warm quickly, and actually felt nice for a little while. All of a sudden, I felt like crying. I, a 16 year old girl, had just used her diaper on purpose so she wouldn’t have to leave her bed. The warmth and dampness of the diaper quickly turned into a cold and clammy cover of my bottom and stuff. I stripped off the first diaper and just slid the second one on, I quickly hid the diaper in an area where I would remember to take it out of my room tomorrow and throw it away. Only then did I breathe a sigh of relief, until I looked at the clock. “10:21?” I thought to myself, “How did time go by so quickly?” I then remember that I should probably text Kyle back. With that, I lay in my bed, preparing to text Kyle.
I hope he’s still up…

(Ayyyy, another chapter, sorry if this one isn’t as long as other chapters, but I hope you enjoy it! -Joker)

(Ok, so this is where I ended. I have my reasons for why I stopped on Wattpad, and honestly, I’m not sure when I’ll continue it. If you have any suggestions or tips, I’d be happy to hear them. Thank you! - Joker.)


Wow! This is one of the best stories I’ve read in a while! I really loved the characters, their relationship really made you fall in love with them. Please keep up the good work!

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Hi! Thank you very much, and I’m really happy you enjoyed it. Interestingly enough this was based off an irl relationship that ended rather messily, so I’m happy that the relationship between the characters seems genuine to you.