My body hates me, and you should hate it for hating me.

Sorry, but yeah, for the record this is a copy and pasta from Word so apologies in advance if it the formatting fucks up.

So if you’ve been on the Discord server you’ll know this already, and to a lesser degree you’ll know about it if you’ve been watching the contest thread in the story forum itself but I’ve been in the hospital for a couple of weeks now, and will be here a bit longer so I’m having to use a VPN connection back to my home network to even get on here. Which wouldn’t be an issue if they didn’t have to block the connections during certain times of day because this is a teaching hospital and some of the students and interns have a habit of abusing the guest network :confused:


So starting back on the 6th I started running a fever that was coming and going. Got really bad on the 17th, and my wife had to take me to Fort Smith to the ER. They pretty much determined they didn’t know what was wrong with me and wanted tests done that they couldn’t do (as in, don’t have the equipment to do them) so they had me transferred to UAMS in Little Rock (for those who remember? Yeah, the same place they took my mom back in 2014).

Good news? We know what’s wrong with me. Basically my body doesn’t want to process food any more. They recently got me approved for treatments that will help although I’ll be on some really foul tasting pills for the rest of my life. Bad news: Remember the connection issues? That’s why the contest dates had to be changed. With my connection being horribly unstable (because, heaven forbid they just whitelist my MAC address…) I can’t be on nearly as much as I would like and need to be to deal with some of it.

In fact I know at least one person who is probably wondering why their story didn’t auto-post. The bot died and I haven’t been able to keep my connection stable long enough to fix it. I am about to manually post that story though.

Which brings me to an important detail: If you have PMed me or emailed me and haven’t received a reply since early October, this is why. I will eventually get everything replied to but contest stuff and administrative issues take priority at the moment.

If you have any questions your best bet to is message me through one of the methods given in my profile. Ideally through Hangouts or Telegram. Skype has been pretty fucking flakey of late for me. Email may take a bit longer as I only check those once a day.

Of course if they’d quit giving me shit to make me sleep I might be able to check them a bit more often…

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Sorry to hear that, I hope you aren’t dealing with C. Diff.

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+1 :frowning:

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Sadly, doctors getting complacent is how I ended up in this mess. Because I have other conditions that cause the same symptoms as the early warning signs they didn’t check for the possibility. At least my endocrinologist actually had the balls to admit he screwed up in that regard unlike my PCP.

As the doctor put it on my second day in “C. Diff would be preferable to what you have.”

And now that I think about it, I’ve been told what it is, but not once has anyone actually called it by name…

Oh, on the good and bad news side: I just found out I’m getting kept an extra week longer than I was last told BUT the IT guys finally whitelisted the MAC addresses of my devices so I won’t get constantly disconnected from the VPN during the day. This site is still [semi-legitimately] blacklisted on the guest network, so I can’t complain that they went out of their way to do it. They also whitelisted my Chromecast so my TV is finally useful :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would your insurance cover a nutrition specialist in conjunction /w a treatment (hopefully), also if it is an issue with your gut flora try to avoid anti bacterial products when beginning treat. Unless the attending physician advises otherwise, hope shit works out, figuratively and literally :slight_smile:

Edit: Not a doctor, I just stole this lab coat.

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My diet isn’t the issue. Hell compared to most diabetics I’m a saint when it comes to following my diabetic diet. Don’t get me wrong I have my moments, but I’m mostly compliant.

Just realized that something I thought I mentioned wasn’t: The problem is my body isn’t producing enough of the enzymes required to trigger digestion any longer. The IV based treatments (and the pills I’m starting on in the next day or so) are basically artificial ones. In fact the IV ones I’m on are just the liquid form of the pills. But they had to get things started back up before they could put me on the pills.

The alternative… is not good. Basically if my body rejects the pills (not uncommon apparently) I’ll be stuck with a PICC line for the rest of my life getting regular treatments that way instead. And I have to be honest, if it comes to that, so totally going to die starving, quite literally because I’m not living on IV crap the rest of my life.

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Somehow, I think living would be a better alternative even with a feeding tube. Glad to hear they got your internet situation worked out a little better.

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wow, all i can say is I’ll pray for you. I know some people don’t like that response but it’s all i got so i’ll go with that

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Hope everything is working out well for you on this end, hope you’ve found a manageable treatment option.