My Babysitter Says it’s Okay!

So, I had one paragraph of the sequel sitting there for months and in the last few hours suddenly had inspiration.

My Babysitter Says it’s Okay!

Chapter 1

“Honey, you know how your dad is going away for work?” mum asked at dinner one night. You looked up from the spaghetti and nodded. “Well, we weren’t originally going to do this, but I’ll be going with your dad.”

Your forehead creased in though.

“Isn’t it like, five days?” you reply, recalling what had been mentioned ages back.

“Yes,” you dad added tentatively.

You can’t imagine that you parents would leave you alone for five days. You look curiously between them, trying to figure out what is up.

“Five days babysitting would normally be expensive, but I was able to talk with Elizabeth —” your heart immediately swelled. “— and because of how much of a breeze she knows you’ll be and because she’ll also be babysitting some other kids at the same time, she was happy to do a discounted rate.”

You can’t imagine that even with a steeply discounted rate that your parents could afford five days of babysitting. It’s not even school term, so it’s not like you’ll spend eight or nine hours at school and travelling to and from it.

“That sounds… expensive,” you suggest hesitantly.

“Well, it’s only at night and Elizabeth will bring around some other kids to babysit at the same time — and Liz is just down the road from us, did you know?” You nod. “So, if there’s any trouble you can pop on over.”

“Oh,” you say,” as you think about it. That makes more sense from a cost perspective. Still, it probably wasn’t easy for Liz to arrange around all this.

Mum looks at you curiously.

“Is there a problem?” she asks with confusion.

“Nope,” you say, shaking your head. “Liz is nice.”

Better than nice. It was hard to describe what you actually felt about her.

Your parents smile at it all coming together.

“Now, Liz told me to tell you that she’s the babysitter , so don’t feel like you’re responsible for the other girls and boys she’s looking after.” Your dad nods approvingly at the relayed comment. “Of course, she’s a guest so treat her as such, but you don’t need to run around helping her look after them.”


It’s strange to be in the car with your parents packed for their trip while you are not. Even though you didn’t need to be supervised during the day, your parents still felt that they should hand you off to your babysitter, so you were spending literally less than two minutes in the car so they could say hello to Liz and confirm any last-minute details.

As you got closer to her house though you begin to worry. There was worry about what Liz might think, worry that she might have changed her mind since the month or so ago that she carefully taped up your snug nappy and let you drift off to sleep cuddled into her side. Maybe she thought you were much younger and knew the truth now? Maybe she just reconsidered, that she thought it inappropriate?

You weren’t sure as your dad brought the car to a stop and all three of you climbed out.

“Nice gig,” you dad comments. “Uni student?”

“Yes,” your mum replies.

“She must have housemates then,” your dad comments slightly wistfully.

Dad sometimes mentioned how much fun his uni days had been.

You follow your parents up to the front door and try to stand discretely to the side as your mum knocks. You can hear the voice of a child shouting something and a few moments later Liz opens the door, a small boy standing behind her looking curiously at the three of you.

“Elizabeth, it’ good to see you again.”

Liz gives you a wide smile for a moment before turning to your parents.

“It’s good to see you as well,” she replies before introducing herself to your dad. “This here is Alex,” she says introducing the little boy. “Say hello, Alex.”

“Hi!” he says enthusiastically.

You smile as Liz’s bright eyes turn to you.

“Hi Alex,” you reply.

“Any last minute changes?” your mum asks.

“Nope, we’re all good.”

Mum and dad nod.

“Just have breakfast in the morning and dinner in the afternoon with her,” mum prompts.

Liz nods

“Well, I do hope your daughter will be around more than that. She was a breeze to look after last time. She’s welcome to stay here all the time if she wants.”

You blush faintly at Liz’s reassuring words.

“Oh — that might be too much,” says mum but Liz waves her off.


After a round of goodbyes, Liz leads you into the house.

“Need anything?” she asks you.

A nappy is the first thing that springs to mind, but you don’t dare say it.

“Um — a drink, I guess?”

Alex is in front of the TV. Out of the waistband of his shorts, you think you can see a pullup. Given he looks to be less than five, it’s not that strange.

“No problem,” she replies, waving for you to follow. In the kitchen, she goes to the fridge. “Water, fruit juice perhaps?”

“Juice sounds okay.”

Liz pulls a fruit box out of the fridge, but instead of giving it to you, she wraps her arms around you in a hug. It’s nice and you quickly reciprocate. It’s comforting and you hope feverishly that she’s put you in a nappy again.

“Are you feeling okay after everything?” she asks as you separate.

Liz pulls the straw off the side of the box before inserting it for you.

“Yeah, it was — um — thanks, again, for everything. It was — it was really nice,” you say, the words tumbling out of your mouth.

Liz smiles widely, she eyes shining as she gives you the prepared fruit box.

“I’m glad. I really do like seeing you happy, sweetheart.”

You squirm slightly at her words, a light blush on your face. It does make you hopeful Liz will nappy you.

“Alex will be with us until five-thirty when his dad picks him up, then we can get some dinner. Okay?” You nod. “Then we can figure out sleeping arrangements. If you want, you can stay here; I have several beds set up in the spare room for babysitting. But your mum and dad offered to let me stay in your spare room.”

A strange thought at the idea of being babysat in an actual room Liz set up for it sounds appealing in a weird way, but —

“I didn’t bring any clothes or anything with me,” you say.

Liz laughs.

“That’s okay. How about we head on over to your place later and figure it out then?”


Liz’s smile makes your heart swell. It’s a pleasurable but a confusing mess, but almost on autopilot you hug her again. Liz rubs your back comfortingly as you do.


Liz lets you lean into her side on the couch as she taps away at her laptop. She’s doing her university work. Liz is studying chemical engineering of all things. It looks hard, with lots of chemistry and calculus. You weren’t even sure what calculus was, other than it being really hard.

“It’s not so bad when your can use software to solve it,” she explains when ask how hard it is. “But for pure math A and B , we were only allowed a graphics calculator.”

You were familiar with those and how it was expected you’d use one in school next year. Still, it sounded interesting.

“Will you still babysit when you graduate?” you ask, trying to not let your worry show.

Liz laughs.

“Don’t worry, I’ll still be here,” she says, clearly knowing what you were thinking. “I might do a postgrad, so that’s more studying, but even if I don’t, I’ll probably still do some babysitting. I enjoy looking after little girls and boys like you two too much not to.”

The words make you feel warm. Even if there’s no nappy, being looked after makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

About fifteen minutes later, Liz exclaims, “Oh no, Alex! You were supposed to tell me if you needed to go to the loo.”

Liz wasn’t angry and didn’t sound too exasperated.

Looking at Alex laying on the floor, you can see a wet cuff mark on his shorts. As Liz puts her laptop on the coffee table, you shift so she can get up.

“I didn’t wanna,” says Alex as Liz pulls him to his feet.

On his front, the leaking pullup is more obvious, leaving a slight wet splotch on his t-shirt. Liz looks at you, smiling like she’s trying to not laugh. You blush, knowing what Liz is probably thinking.

“I know you don’t wanna , but your daddy wants you to potty train. So, you can’t just go in your pullups like this.”

Alex pouts but lets Liz lead him out of the loungeroom. It takes a surprisingly long ten minutes for Liz and Alex to come back. Alex is clearly in a fresh set of shorts and t-shirts. Liz takes her spot on the couch again and lets you resume your place at her side. Another cartoon later and Alex’s dad arrives to take him home.

“Now, I’ve not gotten anything for dinner for the next few days, because I thought you might like some input. So, I was thinking we can get takeaway tonight, and then tomorrow we can do a big shop together.”

“That sounds good.”

“And, do you want to have lunch with me too? I know your parents said just breakfast and dinner, but you’re welcome to be here all the time if you want, sweetie.”

Liz looks hopeful, a soft smile on her face. You wanted to anyway, but that just seals the deal.

“If it’s no bother.”

Liz laughs.

“It’s no bother sweetie.” She looks thoughtful a moment. “So how about we go get some food and then swing by your place so we can decide what we’re doing tonight?”

Liz leads you out to her car. Across the back seat are three sets of child seats. You momentarily wonder what it would be like to be in one of those again before you hop in the front seat.

“That’s — um —” you try to say.

“A lot of safety seats?” she asks with a laugh. You nod. “They are a legal requirement for everyone seven and under who aren’t at least 145 centimetres tall.” Liz sounds like she has memorized that by rote. She glances at you with a knowing smile. “And children over that age but still under that height are recommended to use them.”

It occurs to you that you may very well fit in those seats if that’s the case. You chew you lip almost tempted to ask. Again, Liz seems to know what you are thinking when she quietly laughs.

“Now, we also need to get some milk and some bread for breakfast tomorrow — and my coffee — so we’ll go the supermarket before dinner. Is there anything you fancy?”


Liz shrugs. “Pizza works for me.”

The shops were open until seven so it’s still quite busy when Liz pulls into a free spot. Just across the road from the supermarket is the pizza place.

“Lets order the pizza first then we can pop into the shops.”

Liz takes your hand as you wait for the traffic to clear. It’s slightly embarrassing but nice to be lead safely across the road. Your order doesn’t take long as Liz orders a half and half pizza and then it’s back across the road. At the other side she lets you hand free but seems to smile reassuringly at you. You wonder if she means it’s okay to keep holding her hand, but you’re not sure.

Part of you wants to go past the baby isle as some sort of subtle but deniable statement that you would like to go back in a nappy, but baby section is literally on the other side of the supermarket from the refrigerators or the bakery section. But, after grabbing a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk, it’s your lucky break when there’s a stack of nappies at one end of a nearby isles with a “ on special” sign above them.

There not the right size but you almost without thinking glance at Liz who catches you eyes with a soft smile. You quickly blush and look away — at the nappies. You’re suddenly acutely aware of the other people about.

“Come on, I forgot something else,” says Liz.

Before you even look back at her, she’s taken your hand again, dodging the shoppers milling about leading you to the other end of the supermarket.

“I didn’t press, sweetie,” she says kindly as you walk, “but I was hoping you would ask. I should have guessed you would be too nervous to ask .”

She wasn’t wrong, though you do wish she had pressed the matter. It would have been… easier if Liz have broached the topic. It was hard to say the words, that you wanted to be treated like a little girl again, to run about carefree wearing a brightly coloured nappy under your dress. It sounded so nice, but you knew it was not something you were supposed to want.

Knowing you weren’t supposed to like this, your nervousness rose as the baby isle drew near, your heart thudding away. You found yourself looking about.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” said Liz reassuringly. “No one is going to follow us about, trying to figure out if you want to be a little girl again or not.”

Liz was probably right, but it still gnawed at you.

As you reached the baby section, Liz slowed. You barely looked at the nappies before looking around again for anyone watching. It lasted about five seconds before Liz stepped around you, set the shopping basket on the ground, and put two hands on your shoulders.

She does not comment on your fidgeting, instead asking, “What ones do you want? Any type you want, consider it my treat.”

But what will the person at the checkout say when she sees Liz buying nappies with you?

“Don’t you — um — have some at home.”

“I don’t have very many in your size. My other big girl in nappies, her mum normally supplies them.”

Liz’s presence behind you is reassuring, so after several deep breaths, you manage to focus on the shelves. There are a dizzying array of options and you’re sure most are too small.

“Um — what size?”

“Six, sweetie. Though, we will have to get something bigger in the future for you. But I can order those when we have to.”

“And it’s not too much?”

Liz giggles quietly.

“I babysit because I like to. I’m babysitting you because I want to.” You’re still not sure, and soon Liz suggests options. “I can get you some pullups if you want to do it yourself.”

You didn’t . You knew that, even though that was weird. But was it any weirder than wanting nappies?

“No — um — are tapes okay?”

“Of course.”

Wanting them, but not sure what to pick, you point at a brightly coloured packet with a six on it.

“See? That was easy,” says Liz happily. Stepping around you again, she pulls the packet off the shelf. “The cartoons look pretty cute, don’t they?”

They did.

“Yeah,” you breath, as the enormity of what Liz was doing for you hit.

Liz had been right; going through the self serve, no one gave the pair of you a second glance. Once the car smelt of pizza and you were on the road home, Liz patted your leg and gave you a reassuring smile.


Letting Liz into the house, you carry the box of pizza into the lounge and leave it on the coffee table before heading to the kitchen for some plates. When you come back, you spot the bag of nappies on the sofa next to Liz. She’s looking at you expectantly.

“Want to get your nappy on now?” You glance at the box of pizza. “It will only take me thirty seconds to get you in your protection, baby girl.”

You blush and can’t help but squirm pleasurably at her words. You silently nod and before Liz takes the plants and sets them down for you.

“Lay down on the carpet then.”

It’s far from uncomfortable, but you guess with the pizza waiting, this will be quicker. Liz kneels down at your feet and tears open the packet, unfolding the nappy and setting it aside.

“Lets get your shoes off too,” says Liz, undoing your shoelaces for you.

You relax and let Liz pull your shoes off you before she folds your dress up and tugs your underwear down.

“Bum up,” she orders as she slips the padded nappy under you before folding it up and over.

Your heart is beating faster, knowing this is what you want. You wonder how long this can go on for — the whole time she’s babysitting you? You hope that, and more.

The nappy feels secure around your as she tapes you up and then pulls your dress down again. It suddenly hits you as she pulls you upright and your fall into her chest, your eyes suddenly streaming tears. Liz pats you on your back.

“You okay, sweetie?” she asks with concern.

You wetly nod into her chest and after a few moments slowly look away, looking up at her thankfully with a tear-streaked face.

“Thank you, for doing this,” you say.

Liz brushes your hair behind your ears.

“No need to thank me, sweetie.”


Chewing your pizza only five minutes later, you let the warm flow fill your nappy. It’s strange to eat and pee as you leaned into Liz’s side, but you realise it’s going to be your comfortable life for the next few days. It’s good to be in a nappy and wonderful that Liz will look after you. Only one thing remains, however: why .

“Liz… can I ask you something?”

Liz laughs.

“Of course.”

You ponder the actual words for a moment.

“Why — um — why let me do all this?”

Liz quietly sighs.

“At first?”

You nod; that was one of the questions.

“At first, you were a girl clearly in distress and I wanted to help you. I think we can both agree that a nappy was better than wetting your school uniform?”

That was right you think as you nod.

“After your other accident,” Liz continued before slipping an arm around you and squeezing comfortably, “you seemed to get more comfortable with the idea. You smiled and — truthfully — I thought you looked super cute in your nappy.”

You blush at her words. The messy nappy had been really embarrassing… but looking back, Liz may have been right about feeling okay. Liz’s words had been comforting and you began to ignore your messy nappy. It was almost fun actually looking for the key with her. Still… cute?

“It wasn’t that cute,” you quietly say.

Liz laughed again.

“Oh no, I thought it was cute. You’re a cute girl and an even cuter little girl.”

You look up at Liz disbelievingly, but her expression says everything. Her smile is reassuring proof she really thinks it’s cute. You snuggle into her side happily with the thought on your mind.

“You seemed really happy once I got you in a clean nappy.” Liz happily sighed. “And you were very affectionate.” Her arm around you tightened again. “You still are, sweetie.”

After a few minutes, you let Liz put another slice of pizza on your plate. As you eat, Liz starts talking again.

“I know a girl as big as you probably shouldn’t be in nappies, but I think you’re old enough to decide that yourself.”

“I — I want this,” you declare.

“And I’ll happily keep you dry as long as you want, sweetie.”


Eventually, you decide to spend the night at Liz’s.

Tomorrow, relatively early, a parent would drop a pair of twins off for the morning. Liz also needed to finish up some uni work. So, you grabbed some pyjamas and clothes for tomorrow (having to put undies back when your remembered) and got in the car with Liz with your wet nappy. You were already out of the driveway when you also remembered you could have sat in the back.

Liz directs you to one of the beds in the spare room. The sheets are clean and brightly covered, and taking a seat on it, it’s clearly comfortable, but there’s the crinkle of a mattress protector as you do. Liz lets you stay up another hour watching TV, before she gets you in a fresh nappy and your PJs.

“Thanks, Liz,” you say quietly as she tucks you in.

“Goodnight, sweetie — and thanks for letting me look after you.”

Liz gives you a smile before turning the lights off and closing the door.


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I really like your stories. They are really cute. But I wonder if you plan to write a sequel to “The Padded Summer at your Girlfriend’s Auntie’s”. It was my favourit.


Can’t wait to see more, I love your stories :slight_smile:


I meant in the sense that having loads of separate threads is cluttered.

Maybe. Truthfully, I’ve done basically nothing on that in ages.

Part of my thing is writing scenarios I can believe actually happening. In that story, the characters are at an age where it’s a bit less believable, so my interest in writing waxes and wanes.

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I really like this story. I prefer reading ones with the word nappy in. Thanks for sharing this story

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My Babysitter Says It’s Okay!

Chapter 2

Some time during the night you had woken with a full bladder. There was that moment’s annoyance at having to get up and go to the loo before remembering that you’re all safe in your nappy. Soon, you manage to relax and wet yourself. The wet warmth hugging you, you slip back off to blissful sleep.

The next time you wake, a hand is softly brushing your cheek.

“Wake up, sleepy head,” a soft voice calls out.

Groggily, you open your eyes to Liz smiling at you. Despite the sleepy haze, you manage to smile back.

“Morning,” you say quietly.

Snuggling more deeply into your covers, you close your eyes and try to grab a few more moments sleep.

“Nope, you’ve got to get up, sweetie,” says Liz. “I’ve got to get you all ready for the day before the twins get here.”

Liz pulls back the covers a bit, letting the cool air hit you. You squirm, blinking up at her as you grumble. But Liz is all smiles. You sit up on your wet nappy.

“Want a change right now or do you want brekkie first?”

You consider it for just a moment.

“Food first,” you reply.

“Alrighty then.”

You follow Liz into the kitchen before she says, “Take a seat and I’ll get everything ready.”

Sitting down, you can make out the outline of your nappy under your PJs. You also feel you could go again. So, as you wait you relax and wet your nappy some more. You can hear the crinkle of the plastic and feel it swell further between your legs.

Liz had a few different choices in cereal available, including your favourite, so you pour some of that into a bowl as Liz picks the healthier option.

“Good nights sleep?”

“Yep!” you happily reply.

“That’s good to hear.”

Smiling and feeling content, you start sipping on a few spoonfuls of sweet, cereal flavoured milk left in the bowl.

“The twins I’m looking after this morning are Ella and Louise,” says Liz as she stacks the things in the dishwasher. “They’re six. They’ll be here until about lunchtime, then overnight I am looking after Erica while her mum works a night shift at the hospital. So, we’ll have some free time this afternoon to do some things.”

“Sounds good,” you reply. “What can we do?”

“Well, we need to do a proper shop. Afterwards we can go do something — the movies perhaps?”

You weren’t sure what movies were on at the moment, but you like the sound of that, so you make a positive sounding hum.

“We’ll think about it,” Liz continues with a smile. “Now, lets get your ready for the day.”


Liz turned the hot water on for you, making sure the shower wasn’t too hot before leaving you to your shower. Standing in front of the mirror and seeing the top of your nappy peek up from under the waistband of your PJs makes you feel really small. Knowing Liz is there for you, it’s a nice, warm feeling, and makes you feel safe and secure.

When you’re done, all wrapped up in a towel, Liz leads you to the spare room you stayed in and sits you on the bed.

“What do you want to wear, today?”

You’re not really sure, but it sounds nice to have Liz pick for you and you’re curious what she will pick.

“Oh — I dunno,” you say unsurely, hoping she will suggest it.

“Hmm,” Liz hums. “How about I pick, then?”

You smile brightly, nodding at her. Soon Liz has pulled out a pair of denim shorts and a simple t-shirt.

“It’s going to be pretty warm today,” she tells you.

Liz is right, so the shorts make sense. But you’re worried about people seeing your nappy; your t-shirt isn’t exactly long.

“I — I’m just worried… about people seeing.”

Liz’s expression softens.

“Aww — okay, sweetie,” she says, clearly thinking. “I’ve got an idea. I’ll be back in a sec.”

Soon, Liz is back with something else.

“This is one of mine,” she says, holding the soft pink tee up. “It’s pretty big so you won’t have to worry about your nappy peeking out over your shorts.” It did seem pretty adorable. Oversized clothes were cute in a dorky way. “Don’t worry, no one will know this little girl needs her protection.”

You squirm at her description. It’s embarrassing, but it makes your feel pleasurably warm.

“Maybe we can do some shopping this afternoon too? Get you some more appropriate things if you’re in a nappy?”

“Okay,” you quickly agree.

To top it off, Liz grabs your sports bra. You don’t have loads of bust, but the sports bra is in no way shapely and almost makes it look like you’ve got none. It’s strange that after trying so hard to look bigger, Liz could erase it with some clothes choices — and to think you were enjoying it!

So, laying back on the bed, Liz quickly gets you nice and secure in your dry nappy and then helps you get your sports bra over your head. As she is pulling out a few hairs caught under it for you, you realise that normally being this naked in front of someone would be embarrassing, but Liz is so motherly that it doesn’t feel weird.

Next, she slightly unnecessarily lets you hold onto her shoulders as she holds your shorts open to step into. Doing up the button for you, they feel a bit tighter than you remember, but not uncomfortably so. Still, looking down, the plastic of your nappy sticking out of the top is obvious.

True to Liz’s words, standing in your shorts and oversized pink tee, you don’t see any particular signs of a nappy. The only possible sign is you think your bum looks slightly bigger, but you doubt anyone else knows your bum that well and the tee covers it up — mostly.

“Now, we’ve got some time, so how about I do your hair?”


You’re having fun on Liz’s game console in front of the TV when the doorbell chimes. Over your age-appropriate game, you can hear voices at the front door. There’s definitely a younger female voice, and adult’s you don’t recognise — and of course Liz. You pause the game and sit up cross-legged on your padded bum when you hear the front door close.

Two girls about half your age step into the lounge, with Liz a step behind them.

She introduces you before saying, “— and this is Ella and Louise. Say hi, girls.”

“Hey,” you greet with a wave.

The two girls are identical twins, but couldn’t look any more unidentical . One is dressed in a sundress with her hair in two long pigtails like you, and the other is dressed in a tee and shorts like you are, her hair a pixie cut. You think they both look super cute in their own different ways.

“Hi,” the more tomboyish of the pair greets with a smile. “I’m Ella.”

Her sister smiles, but less enthusiastically.

“Why don’t you three play some games together? I know that game does four players,” says Liz, her smile turning to you and the controller in your hands.

Ella joins in immediately as you switch to multiplayer, but Louise just sits and watches for a bit. You’re not sure why she isn’t as friendly. You doubt you did something, as she was unfriendly to begin with, but you don’t know why.

“Do you want to play?” you ask as you and Ella finish a round (which you won).

Louise looks hesitant before going, “ Okay ,” and taking a controller.

It’s a pretty easy morning as the weather outside heats up. Soon, Liz has refreshments for the three of you, encouraging you to drink up before returning to her laptop on her dining table. Every so often you can see her watching the three of you over the top of the screen, a pleased smile on her face.

Eventually, the milk at breakfast and the drinks start to run through you and you become aware of the need to go. In your nappy, you should just relieve yourself and be done with the tiresome business, but with Ella and Louise almost next to you, you begin to worry that they might notice the crinkle as your nappy expands or the tinkle of liquid. It seems Louise has the same idea, however.

“Gotta go to the toilet,” she says as a game finishes, getting up.

Seeing a chance, you ask Ella, “Do you want to see what’s on TV?”

She shrugs ambivalently.


So, you grab the remote and start going through the channels, turning up the volume as you do. Then, carefully listening for a sound, try to pee your nappy.

It’s not super easy like you’d hoped, your nerves getting to you. But after a few stops and starts, your peeing freely. Laying on your stomach in front of the TV, wetting your nappy feels different as the flow seems to want to go forward. You worry for a moment about it wetting the front of your shorts, but the protection does its job, absorbing your pee.

“Louise is grumpy,” says Ella as your flow begins to slow.

“Huh?” you ask, unsure what Ella is talking about.

“Louise — she hoped you’d be more girly .”

You frown.

“I am girly,” you insist.

Ella shrugs.

“Louise doesn’t think so.”

From her tone you’re pretty sure she doesn’t care, but you defend yourself anyway.

“I — I normally wear dresses and stuff,” you explain. “It’s just hot today.”

“My sister is weird about it.”

You frown slightly, wondering why.

Your nappy now warm, you try not to squirm too much as your turn to a cartoon on the TV and push the thought from your mind. Not long after, Louise is back.

Every so often, you glance at both Ella and Louise, wondering how girly or not they really were. Like, Ella looks a bit tomboy, but she’s still obviously a girl. It’s a bit unfair to say you’re not very girly just because you wore shorts today.

You glance at Ella again.

It suddenly occurs to you that after seeing Liz’s yesterday charge in a pullup and hearing about the girl slightly younger than you in a nappy, you’d just assumed most of the girls and boys Liz cares for need nappies, but glancing at Ella, you notice her underwear peeking up from her shorts. It should be obvious given Louise just went to the loo, but it only just hit you properly.

Oh well.


Over the morning, you, Ella and Louise talk (mostly Ella). Their parents are divorced and both work irregular hours, so they stay with Liz to bridge the gaps. You suspect that maybe it’s also so that their mum and dad don’t have to speak to each other.

Louise gives you a small wave and Ella a big wave when their dad picks them up. He seems busy but not mean as he rushes them out.

“I’m going to have a quick shower and then we can get you in a clean nappy. Okay?” You nod. “Then we can go and get some lunch, and do some shopping.”

Liz doesn’t take long before coming back in some casual clothes, her wet hair tied loosely back. She pulls you up off the floor by your hand and leads you to your room for a change.

“No leaks?” she asks.

“Nope,” you reply with a pop.

At least you didn’t think so. Your shorts were a bit tight though after your wet nappy swelled.

To your surprise, Liz only pulls your shorts down to your knees before changing your nappy. It’s surprisingly efficient as she slips a clean nappy between your legs and tapes you up. She stands you up before pulling your shorts up for you. Then she sits you back on the bed and gets some socks and shoes on your feet.

It’s weirdly nice to have Liz do your laces up for you.

“Now, as all girls under eight years old and one-hundred and forty-five centimetres need to be in a child seat, I think it’s best you sit in your seat today. Right, sweetie?”

Liz’s voice pleasurably teasing, you squirm. You have no desire to correct Liz — and besides, the height requirement probably was right.

“Ah-huh,” you eventually say.

Liz smiles widely.

“I should have put you in your seat last night, but we’ll definitely be using it from now on.”

You absently nod along. However, there’s a question you want to ask. You nervously chew your lip.

“Um — how… big do you think I am?”

Liz puts on a show of thinking, tapping the corner of her mouth with a finger.

“Oh — definitely not as big as you pretend to be,” she replies.

You blush, give her a shy smile. It was nice to be looked after.

After grabbing some warm weather supplies like a drink bottle for each of you, Liz leads you to the car. She opens the back, passenger side door and touches the buckles in the child seat before turning to you.

“It’s a bit toasty, but you won’t burn yourself. Now, up you get so I can adjust your seat.”

Liz holds your steady as you climb up into the back and take a seat. It’s not super comfortable however but that is quickly fixed when Liz adjusts the headrest and the straps. The seat has lots of straps; two loops that your arms go through and two more that go up between your legs over your still dry nappy. They all join together at the front with a click. The child seat feels secure as Liz backs out of the driveway, the aircon going full blast.


You’d never tried the food Liz has bought before. You couldn’t even pronounce it properly, but it was Vietnamese, consisting of a bread roll filled with various things. It was really delicious and slightly spicy. An enjoyable lunch, eating together with Liz in the shade of the tree.

“So, we can either see a movie first and then go shopping, or we do the shopping first and see a movie later tonight. We can also get you some more appropriate clothes,” Liz said as she finished hers. “We can’t leave the shopping in the car for long in this weather, and if we do the movies later it will be with Erica.” You’ve got food in your mouth so you look questioningly at Liz. Liz gives you a small smile. “The girl I’m looking after tonight,” she clarifies.

You swallow your food.

“Ohh,” you say, remembering the name. “Is that okay?”

“It’s no problem, I just wasn’t sure if you wanted to see a film with anyone else.”

You shake you head.

“Nope, that’s okay.”

Liz looks thoughtful for a moment.

“Now, I wanted to tell you about Erica.” Liz’s words seem focused. Her words are not unkind or abrasive, but you can tell it’s important, so you pay a bit more attention. “She had an accident when she was smaller, and since then she’s had to be in nappies.” Liz was sad as she explained. “She’s really sweet and really smart, but sometimes she gets really sad about being in nappies.”

You heart fell as Liz explained it. Here you were, feeling safe and secure in your nappy, feeling happy that Liz will look after you. But you never really thought about the fact that other people maybe wouldn’t enjoy it like you did, that they might not like being looked after. You also had the chance to be bigger if you wanted to, you could stop this if you really wanted it to stop.

“Will — will she always need them?” you ask, almost scared of the answer.

Liz gives you a small shrug and a sad smile.

“Maybe. The doctors think that in time and with lots of work, she can probably not need them during the day, and maybe even at night.”

You nod slowly, feeling terrible for the girl. Seeing you expression, Liz shuffles around the table and puts an arm around you. You lean into her. After a few moments, Liz makes a small exclamation.

“Lets get you cleaned up,” she says, spotting your hands.

They were only a little bit messy from you lunch, but that doesn’t stop Liz from taking a napkin and wiping them off for you, before cleaning you face too.

“Back to what I was saying,” Liz continues, smiling down at you kindly. “I was hoping the two of you might be fast friends.”

You feel warm at the idea. You felt terrible for her, and already wished to make her feel better, even thought you hadn’t met her yet. Being her friend sounded like a wonderful idea.

“Okay!” you say, your voice already sounding brighter. It seemed like a really good idea.

Liz smiled widely at you.

“Now, if you two are friends, I hope you don’t mind if I tell Erica about your nappied bottom?”

You still, a moment of panic flashing through you before you realise how silly it would be for Erica to care that you are in nappies too. Still, it will be slightly embarrassing, but that seems like nothing to make this girl feel comfortable. You squirm.

“O-okay. You can tell her.”

Liz pulls you into a hug, rubbing you back comfortingly.

“I think Erica will feel loads better if she’s got a friend in nappies too.”

You nod into Liz’s chest, making a muffled agreeable hum as you do.


Liz’s idea of more appropriate clothes was things that were more practical given your nappied state. The first were some sports shorts that you could wear over your nappy under your dress if you were worrying about it being seen, then it was several dresses in bright colours.

“How is that?” she asks as she helps you with the buttons.

It feels like something you would have worn when you were younger. They weren’t cut like the dresses you had bought as you had gotten older, trying to look older. The bright colours and rainbows accentuated the fact they were for a little girl and not someone who is in highschool.

Standing in front of the mirror, you do a small twirl, catching a glimpse of your slightly wet nappy as you. You try not to think about people seeing, telling yourself that you look so young right now that if anyone could normally recognise you, that they wouldn’t at the moment. You turn to Liz, smiling brightly.

“I like it!”

Liz smiles back.

“You look very adorable in it.”

Deciding this will soon be in the buy pile, Liz holds up another piece of clothing.

“Like the colour?” Liz asks you.

A one piece with long sleeves and legs, it’s in a strawberry red colour. You’re not sure what it is, but it looks soft.

“Yep. What is it, though?”

“Some PJs,” Liz replies before turning it around. The zipper is really long, going all the way to on leg. “It makes changes easier.”

“Oh,” you reply, blushing faintly. That makes sense.

“Want to try them?”

After a moment, you nod, taking the offered garment.

Going back to the change room, you manage to get the button on the back of the dress undone before pulling it up over your head. Setting it aside, you pick up the red PJs. For a moment, you were about to put it on with the zipper at the front before you noticed the tag indicating it was around the other way.

Stepping into the legs, you realise it’s quite stretchy, the fabric hugging you skin. Threading your arms through the arm holes. You reach for the zipper and pull it up. It’s a bit strange to zip up from one leg and it takes a moment to get the zipper over your nappy. You can’t get the zipper much further than half-way up your back, however.

You peek out the change room door.

“Um — can you help me?” you ask smally.

“Sure thing.”

You turn around as Liz opens the door, letting her pull the zipper up the top. Then she takes you hand, leading you out to the mirror. You blush as you realise how obvious your nappy is under the tight PJs.

“How’s that?” she asks.

You squirm. It’s comfy, but the fact people might see is embarrassing. Still, there’s no one about right now.

“It’s nice,” you rely, thinking about it. Really, it’s embarrassing now, sure. But, at home? You suddenly realise that the tightness also helps support your nappy slightly, which is also nice. Looking closer in the mirror, you feel cute about it. “I like it.”


“There’s still choc chips!” you say as you drop to your knees.

At the back of the bottom shelf, you can see a single packet.

“Oh — good,” comments Liz as you pull it out. “I think that’s everything for cookies.”

Sitting upright, you take a moment to wet your already sodden nappy some more, squirming as you do. This is nice and easy.

Getting up, you drop the packet into the trolley. You were about to asks what else you needed to get when you feel your t-shirt being tugged up. Looking back, Liz is smiling softly as she pulls back the back of your nappy.

“Still clean,” she says. “But we’ll have to get you changed when we get back.”

It’s embarrassing, but it is nice to know Liz is looking out for you.

There are only a few more things to grab and then — waddling slightly — it’s to the checkout. As you help her put the things on the conveyor belt, Liz grabs you a lollypop from sweets rack and adds it to the groceries.

“As you’ve been so good this morning,” she says, handing it to you as she wheels the trolley towards her car.

You’re happily sucking on the lollypop as she does the buckles up. It feels tighter in your wet nappy. Soon you are home, helping Liz take the food inside. As soon as it’s done, she takes you by the hand and lays you on your bed. You’ve still got the lollypop as Liz changes you into a fresh nappy.

“Now, checking the list your parents left, we’ve got to go and water the garden, right?” Liz says as she does your denim shorts up.

That sounds right.


“Hmm — lets get you in some sunscreen then. It’s certainly a good idea if we’re going to be outside in the sun.”

Liz holds you hand as she walks you to your home. As you do, you can feel your bowels move. Normally about now you would be thinking about using the next convenient toilet, but you don’t really want to. Still, the messy accident you had not withstanding, you had never messed your nappy before. You were pretty sure Liz would be okay with it, but you still worried.

Your worried thinking does not go unnoticed by Liz.

“Something the matter?” she asks as your homes comes into sight.

You chew you lip nervously.

“It’s — it’s okay to go in my nappy, right?” you ask worriedly.

Liz quietly giggles.

“It sure is — why did you think I checked you for messes earlier?”

You smile shyly at how obvious that was.

“But if you want, I can take you to the potty.”

You shake your head. You’re pretty sure you didn’t need that. It seems silly anyway because then Liz would have to get you out of your nappy and then into another nappy afterwards. Being embarrassed was okay, because Liz was always there to comfort and hug you, telling you everything would be okay.

“Don’t every worry; I’m not going to be upset that you acted your age. Okay?” she explained.

Nodding in understanding, Liz’s words reassured you as you approached the house. The two of you momentarily pause as Liz grabbed the mail from the mailbox, then headed towards the house.

“We’ve got to water all the pots at the front and back,” you explain, pointing at them. “Then we have to set the lawn sprinkler.”

“How about you do the back while I do the front?”

“Okay,” you readily agree.

Liz has your house key, opening the front door for you.

“Do you want to grab anything?” she asks, setting her bag and the mail on the lounge-room table.

“Um — maybe?” You’re not sure.

“Why don’t you take a look?”

Agreeing, you head to your room. Standing there, thinking, you feel your bowels move again. Suddenly, you mind turns to that, wondering if you could go right now.

“I’ll be out the front!” Liz calls as you hear the front door close.

You were also alone, so you would be less embarrassed as you did your business.

Making up your mind, you chew your lip as you squat. It’s your last chance to back out, as you if you go any further there will be evidence of it in your nappy. But, you remind yourself, it shouldn’t matter; you’re a little girl, you’re safe and looked after. The nappy is there for a reason, and it’s okay to use it. You’ll feel a lot better when you’re not having to worry about the impending mess.

Closing your eyes, you imagine yourself even smaller than you currently were, straining only slightly as you push your mess into your nappy, barely giving it any thought as you coloured in the colouring book. You can feel the poop quickly hit the padding of your nappy, tightly held in place you’re your shorts. It quickly spreads, first front and back and then to the side.

Relaxing a moment and taking several deep breaths, you can already smell your messy nappy, but there’s more to go, and you strain more expelling it out. There’s some noise as you do, the warm mess cupping your behind. Soon, if fell like you’ve gotten it all.

Standing up, you squirm, feeling much better. The messy nappy isn’t bad, you remind yourself. In fact, it’s much nicer than having to worry about the loo or anything of that other silly business. Not to mention that soon Liz will want to look after you.

Suddenly, you remember you had some cute socks. So, waddling slightly from your messy nappy, you head to your chest of drawers and dig through the sock drawer. You had liked the socks when you received them as a Christmas gift, but had been too embarrassed to normally wear them. But now, the animal print socks in bright colours seemed just right.


Singing some song that you couldn’t really remember the lyrics for to yourself, you go one-by-one watering each pot. It’s not hard as all you had to do way spray enough water to fill the pot to the rim, and then the water would slowly sink into the soil. The weather was warm and you wouldn’t want to be here all day, but not se scorching you did not dare go outside.

“All done?” Liz asks, coming around the side of the house.

“Yep, almost!” You only had a few more to do.

Once you are done, you turn off the water and go around the front. Liz already has the sprinkler out on the front lawn, all attached and ready to go.

“How long should it be on for?” she asks you.

You shrug.

“An hour I guess?” You think for a moment. Normally it was a bit less than that, but it was really hot today. “It’s a bit hot.”

Liz turns the timer to an hour and turns on the water, waiting to see how energetic the sprinkler was before turning the pressure up a bit. It doesn’t take long to find the sweet spot where the lawn was completely covered but little water was where it was wasted.

“Did you find anything?” Liz asks.

You nod. “I put it in your bag.”

As Liz heads inside to grab her bag and lock up, you take a seat on the steps, feeling your messy nappy squish under you. It’s a small surprise for you as you had basically forgotten about your messy state while you watered. But that’s okay, you think as you wet your nappy a bit more.

As the door is locked closed, you get up before Liz takes your hand and starts walking you home. Your waddle is slightly different with a poopy nappy, your messy nappy sticking to your behind instead of swelling between your legs, but it’s not hugely different.

“So, what did you find?” Liz asks.

“Oh — um — I found my animal socks. I also grabbed some hairclips I’ve not used in ages — they have flowers on them.” Your voice is laced with excitement. You like all of these things, but had worried about people thinking you were a kid if you wore them. But now, it clearly did not matter. “I also found my bunny-ears hoodie, but it’s a bit warm for that.”

Liz laughed lightly.

“Yes, it is.”

It’s not until you’re back in the airconditioned comfort of Liz’s house that she gives you a small, inquisitive smile. You blush, looking away, letting her pull up your t-shirt and pull back your nappy.

“Well, it’s a good thing you’re in your nappy, sweetie, otherwise you might have made an oopsie in your undies.”

That did seem right to you.

Probably because of the mess, Liz gets out a plastic changing mat to set on your bed. You lay back, expecting Liz to pull your shorts down to your ankles, but instead she starts unlacing your shoes before pulling your shorts right off.

Noticing your curious look, Liz explains, “It’s a bit harder when you’ve made a messy like this.”

As Liz cleans you up, you wonder if you could be like this forever. No small part of you wants to abandon being grown up completely, and another much larger part of you wants to abandon it for a while. It’s much easier when you didn’t have to worry about all this stuff.

“Bum up,” Liz asked, bringing you back to the present for just a moment as she slipped a clean nappy under you.

Then you wouldn’t have to worry about homework, or who broke up with who and if you can still be friends with both of them without hurting someone, or what mean gossip was going around or… any of that. You could just be a little girl again, being looked after by Liz.

“Can — can I try one of those new dresses?” you ask, as Liz tapes your nappy up securely.

Liz smiles widely, leaving the shorts next to you on the bed before helping you up. Following her into the lounge, dress in just a t-shirt and a nappy, you find the clothes still in the shopping bags on the couch. Liz pulls them out of the bag.

“Which one do you want?” she asks you.

You’re not sure as you like all of them. After more than ten seconds of thought, Liz picks up the bright orange dress with rabbit prints on it.

“How about this one?” she asks. “You will look very cute in it.”

There’s a beat before you giggle.

“But you said all of them were cute!”

“Yep, so I did.” Liz just smiles, waiting.

“Okay, that one.”

Taking off your t-shirt, Liz helps slip your new dress over you before doing up the buttons at the back. It’s sleeveless, but close to the neck. But ending at your knees, you’re not sure it will always hide your nappy. You contemplate it for a moment.

“Want some shorts?”

You shake your head, making up your mind. It’s just you, Liz and — soon — Erica. No one who will think it’s out of place for you to be protected.


“Well, how about we start making those cookies?”

Smiling brightly, you skip behind Liz into the kitchen.


Took a bit longer than planned.

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This is a wonderful story I look forward to more content on the story and additional chapters I love the way it’s going and I hope she becomes more of a baby as time goes on!

I love this story keep it up please

My Babysitter Says It’s Okay!

Chapter 3

Liz pats down your dress, getting the flour out of it. As she does, you giggle from behind the cookie-dough covered spoon. Realising that Liz hasn’t had any, you scrape the bowl some more, offering the wooden spoon to her.

Liz hums a moment before going, “Well, okay. Just a bit,” and eating the bit of cookie dough. She hums pleasurably and smiles at you.

Once the bowl is mostly clean, Liz helps you load it into the dishwasher.

“Smells good, doesn’t it?” she asks.

It does, you think, as the wonderful smell of baking choc-chip cookies fills the kitchen.

“Yep,” you happily agree.

Liz pulls out her phone, glancing at it.

“Well, Erica will be here soon. Why don’t you go play some games?”

Easily agreeing, you head to the lounge and continue from where you had left off. Lazing comfortably on the couch, soon you are having fun playing as a bandicoot that jumps on boxes and runs from angry swarms of bees while trying to find a crystal.

Liz seems to be doing things around the house. As she goes by with a basket of laundry, you momentarily look up, about to ask if she wants some help when she shakes her head with a smile.

“Nope, keep playing,” she says before pausing. “You know, you can get to the secret purple gem route if you jump on those nitros.”

You frown at Liz. That… didn’t seem right. In fact, it seemed like a quick way to get a game over. But…

“Really,” she says reassuringly. “It unlocks a secret route.”

Cautiously, you try exactly that and find that it is actually true. Laughing quietly, Liz wanders off again. By the time you’ve gotten the purple gem and the clear gem, there’s a knock at the door. As Liz gets the door, you listen out. You can hear Liz having a conversation with a woman, though you can’t make out the details. Soon you hear the door close, and a few moments later a nervously frowning girl pops her head into the lounge room.

“Hi!” you greet her with a smile. “Wanna play?” You hold up the controller.

Several moments pass with the girl looking worried at you. Truthfully, you’re a little bit worried too, as you know Liz plans to tell the girl that you’re in a nappy as well. The building awkwardness is brought to a halt as Liz places her hand on Erica’s back and guides her to the spare couch.

After introducing you, she introduced the girl with, “And this is Erica.”

You give her a small wave before Liz leans closer to Erica.

“You shouldn’t worry about it, because she’s in a nappy too,” whispers Liz, loud enough for you to hear.

Erica goes wide eyed, looking at Liz in surprise as you blush and shyly smile back at her. There was no going back now.

“R-really?” Erica asked.

You nod, making an agreeable hum as you do. But Erica still seems shocked, so before you can talk yourself out of it, you let your dress slip down your thighs from your reclined position. Just enough that Erica won’t doubt that you are nappied as well.

“Do you two need a change?” Liz asks.

You didn’t think so, so you shook your head.

“Not right now,” Erica replies quietly.

Liz gave her a reassuring smile.

“Well, the cookies will probably be done soon, so why don’t you two play some games together and I’ll bring some through?”

Liz leaving the pair of you alone, you sit more upright so there is space on your couch and give Erica a curious look.

“So, want to play?” you ask. “I’m not sure this does two players, but we can find another game — or you can play for a while.”

“Um.” Eric seems unsure, so you get up and drop into the seat next to her, offering her the controller. “Okay.” She says after a moment.

As Erica starts to play, you look her over. She’s pretty and is a few years younger than you, but not by much. She’s wearing a cute sundress and she has a stud in her ear. It was sad how worried she had been at your mere presence, but you hoped she would feel safer now that she knew you both needed nappies.

“What does the clock mean?” Erica asked, gesturing at the TV.

“Huh… I dunno,” you admit. “Why not see what happens if you spin it?”

Shrugging, Erica did, starting a timer and turning some of the boxes yellow with numbers on them.

“That’s weird.”

“Yeah,” Erica agreed.

But it didn’t take long to figure out that the number boxes froze the timer and that it was some sort of timed game mode.

“See, a time trial,” said Erica as she finished the level.

The time — well — was kind of terrible and was way behind the times on the score board. But, as Erica said, the words time trial could be found at the top of the screen.

“Want to try again?” you suggested.

Erica pauses a moment and then smiles.

“Yeah, that sounds fun.”


The cookies are chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Fresh from the oven, they are still warm and smelled amazing. Everyone made positive noises as they ate one each. Liz had asked that the game be paused while eating, however, which made sense as you didn’t like grotty controllers either.

Erica had seemed to relax as she got engrossed in the game, which was nice, and eating cookies with you and Liz, seems to maintain that.

“Erica, would you like to see a movie tonight?” Liz asks, having finished her cookie first.

“What movie?” she asks curiously.

“Just a moment,” says Liz ash she jumps to her feet. In a few seconds she is back with her laptop and was looking up what films were showing.

There were a few options. One was an action film you had planned to see, but Liz gave you a small and a small shake of her head when you suggested it.

“I don’t think that’s appropriate,” she said lightly.

Well, it did make sense; If you’re going to be a little girl in a nappy, you were going to be treated like one, and that film wasn’t for little children. The only other film that caught your attention was an animated film with lots of singing. You had seen the first one so seeing the second one was something you would enjoy. Erica seemed slightly embarrassed by the choice, but soon agreed.

“Alrighty then!” said Liz. “Now, we don’t need to be in the car for another hour, so why don’t you two keep playing?”

“Did you like the first one?” Erica asks bout half-an-hour later.

“Yep!” you reply, barely giving it any thought as you try to beat Erica’s time.

“Oh,” she replies quietly.

It’s not until you finish the level a fraction of a second too slow that you glance at her and wonder why she asked.

“Didn’t you?”

Erica shrugged ambivalently, but after a few seconds replies quietly, “I liked it.”

“Oh… so what’s the matter then?” you ask curiously.

Erica chews her lip nervously before answering.

“It’s… for kids.”

You’re immediately sure what to say. Sure, it’s for kids, but you’re both kids — even when you’re being bigger you’re still a kid. If you enjoy it, why does it matter?

“So?” you ask. “You like it…”

“But I —” Erica stops, looking unsure. “I — I don’t want people thinking I’m a baby.”

You frown, not sure what to say.

“I don’t think you’re a baby,” you tell her. “Liz doesn’t either.”

Erica gives you a small smile before you offer her the controller for her turn on the game.


“Lets get you two changed before we go, okay?” says Liz soon afterwards.

As you get up you can feel the warm plastic of your swollen nappy touch your inner thighs. It was getting easier to go in your nappy and you felt more and more secure in it. You didn’t even worry if it would leak. Compared to you, Erica got up slightly gingerly.

“Pullups still giving you trouble?” Liz asks kindly.

Erica nods, but doesn’t speak as you follow Liz. Entering the room, Erica goes for a box, pulling out a pastel pink pullup as she does.

“How about you wear a tape-up for the movie?” suggests Liz. “That way you don’t have to worry about leaks.”

Erica blinks at Liz in surprise before glancing at you momentarily. She seems slightly embarrassed before answering with a small, “Okay.

You both stand there for a few moments as Liz gets two nappies out for the two of you. You’re not sure who should go first, and a shared glance at Erica reveals that Erica seems to feel the same way. Liz makes up your mind for you.

“You first, sweetie,” she says, taking your hand and guiding you to the changing mat set up on the bed.

It’s slightly embarrassing; you had never been changed in front of anyone before. But Liz’s presence is reassuring to you, so you let her guide your bum to the bed and lay back. She flips your dress up over you and makes quick work untapping your wet nappy.

Despite the embarrassment, you glance down to find Erica watching, but she quickly looks away when she realises you have seen her, going red in the face as she does. That too is embarrassing, but surely, it’s nothing Erica hasn’t seen or experienced? It makes you feel a little bit better you decide, as Liz folds the nappy up between your legs and tapes you up securely.

You’re slightly curious as you and Erica change places; how does she get the pullup off? Will Liz pull it down her legs? It seems strange compared to being untapped, but the notion is quickly dispelled as Liz tears the sides of Erica’s pullup and upfolds it like a tape-up nappy. As you realise that you’re doing the same thing Erica did, you look away, squirming in embarrassment in your dry nappy.


You probably wouldn’t have if it was with anyone else, but as the music starts, you can’t help but sing along. You know all the lyrics (to this song at least), and you find yourself simply not caring what other people thought. Glancing at your side, Liz is smiling at your enthusiasm, while around her you can see Erica looking torn. She is biting her lip and you wonder if she’s trying not to sing.

You catch her eyes and mentally try to encourage her, but after several seconds give up. Instead, you get to your feet and slip past Liz and Erica, only to sit in a free seat with a slightly wet noise on Erica’s other side. Erica finally gives in and joins along with you singing. You laugh and take her hand.

Her voice is really pretty and getting Erica to join you in singing was making you feel giddy. Remembering how nervous she had been when you had first met her, you promise to yourself that you will be her friend.

Erica is still holding your hand as the film ends and the cinema slowly empties. Having drunk a big soft drink during the film, your nappy makes you waddle slightly. Looking down, you can see Erica waddling as well. The sight makes you giggle lightly. Erica looks at you quizzically. You lean closer to her.

“We’re both waddling,” you whisper.

Erica blushes but as the same time shyly smiles at you.

“Did you enjoy that, girls?” Liz asks as she leads you back to her car.

“Yep!” Erica replies enthusiastically to your surprise.

You squeeze her hand reassuringly, glad that she’s feeling better. It’s not until you have to get into the car that you separate. Liz does Erica up first, despite Erica having started doing her own buckles up She’s slightly embarrassed to have Liz do her up, so when she glances at you, you smile widely at her. Liz soon comes around the other side and buckles you up safe and secure in your own child seat.

It’s not long before it feels like you need to rest your eyes for a moment, and then you are woken by Liz unbuckling you. Slightly confused, you look around the car and realise you are at Liz’s home. A yawning Erica is getting out of her own seat before Liz helps you out of the car.

“It’s definitely time for bed,” says Liz as she unlocks the door and holds it open for the two of you.

Yawning yourself, you wander towards the bedroom, but Liz soon catches your hand.

“Teeth first, and then I’ll get you into a dry nappy for bed.”

Alongside Erica you brush your teeth. As you finish up, Liz pops her head in.

“Do you want to go to the loo before bed?” she asks.

It takes a moment for it to click that she is asking Erica. Erica shakes her head.

“I’m okay.”

It’s not until you are in your bedroom waiting to get into a clean nappy that you realise that Liz was talking about messy accidents. Maybe it shouldn’t surprise you, but now that you think about it, you understand that Erica doesn’t normally have messy accidents, and certainly not in her pullups.

You take a seat on your bed and spotting Erica standing awkwardly, you pat the spot next to you, prompting Erica to take the seat. As she does, you hear the plastic crinkle of the mattress protector. She’s apparently as tired as you feel as she leans against you slightly. You could almost fall asleep here.

“I might as well change you there,” says Liz, prompting you to sit up straighter.

Realising what Liz is saying, you glance at Erica who shrugs ambivalently and lays back on your bed. Deciding that is doesn’t matter, you lay back next to her and close your eyes for just a moment, only to snap awake as Liz untapes your nappy and the cool air hits you. Glancing to your side, you can see Erica is already in a clean nappy.

“Bum up,” Liz says quietly as you obey.

She pulls you wet nappy out from under your and replaces it with a fresh, dry nappy. You relace, planting your bum on the nappy as Liz dusts you with some powder. It’s comfortable and you feel very safe laying here. So much so that you almost drift to sleep again before Liz folds the nappy over you and tapes you up securely.

“Come on, no sleepies yet!” she declares. “We’ve got to get you two into your PJs first.”

As you and Erica get up, Liz slips an arm around each of you and gives you both a hug. With Erica at your side and Liz’s arms around you, you feel comfortable and cared for. There’s lots of love and kindness right here for you. Again, you wonder if you could fall asleep like this, before the moment is over and Liz smiles kindly down at both you.

“What do you two want for PJs tonight?” she asks. “It’s a bit warm, so maybe just a t-shirt?”

Liz is right, because it is warm. If you were around anyone else you would be terribly embarrassed that someone might notice your nappy under your tee, but it’s hard to worry with Liz looking after you and your new friend who is just as protected as you are.

“Okay,” says Erica and you nod along with her.

Liz goes to the chest of drawers and opens one.

“Nope, those are Alex’s clothes,” she says, reclosing the drawer and checking the next one. “Here we are: we seem to have collected quite a few of your clothes,” says Liz with laughter in her voice.

Liz then pulls something out: a very purple t-shirt with a rainbow on it. It’s very cute and you look expectantly at Erica. You’re not sure what you thought her expression would be, but embarrassment was not it. But before you can express your perplexion Erica turns to you. You smile encouragingly at her.

“That’s pretty!”

Erica blinks in surprise at you before she gives you an embarrassed smile. Meanwhile, Liz looks like she’s trying not to laugh, her eyes sparkling.

“O-okay,” Erica soon agrees.

“Turn around, sweetie,” says Liz.

Before Erica can reply, Liz instead steps around her and stars undoing the button on the back of Erica’s dress. Squirming slightly, she lets Liz help the button and then Erica pulls her dress off. Standing there in her nappy, Erica looks expectantly at Liz as Liz holds the t-shirt open for her. You’re not sure what Erica is waiting for before she accepts Liz’s help getting her arms through the holes and the t-shirt over her head.

Erica’s face is flushed slightly in embarrassment as she turns to you, but she really shouldn’t be because she looks downright adorable. You give her a bright smile.

“I think all of your clothes are in your bag, aren’t they?” Liz rhetorically asks you as she opens your bag.

Soon she is stand up with a pink t-shirt in hand.

“Lets get you out of your dress,” says Liz.

You let her undo the button at the front before holding your arms up and letting Liz pull your pretty orange dress up over your head. Erica glances at you as Liz does, her eyes finding your sports bra. She’s slightly surprised but also curious, and you blush slightly as you realise that Erica didn’t notice you had boobs.

Meanwhile, Liz looks at you questioningly so you shake your head and put you arms up again, letting Liz pull your elastic sports bra off. It’s slightly embarrassing, but Liz didn’t say anything that morning and you are all girls. You’re not dressed in just your nappy for long anyway as Liz helps you get your arms through the holes in your t-shirt and over your head.

Just dressed in a nappy and t-shirt makes you feel very small again. Liz then gives you a brief hug before kissing you on the forehead, adding to the wonderful effect.

“All ready for bed!” Liz pronounces as you nod happily.

The plastic mattress protector crinkles as you get into bed. Looking to your side, Liz is pulling the covers back for Erica. You can see Erica’s nappy visible under her t-shirt as she gets in. Now all tucked in, you hear Liz ask Erica something quietly to which Erica nervously chews her lip and then nods. Liz just smiles before kissing Erica on the forehead as well. Erica looks happy but embarrassed at the motion before Liz comes over to tuck you in as well.

“Sweet dreams, you two,” she says as she turns off the lights and closes the door.

With a new friend and feeling safe and secure in a dry nappy, it feels like no time at all before you drift off to sleep.


Someone is saying your name. You are about to call out to ask who is there when you open your eyes to the dim light. Rolling to face the voice, Erica is sitting on her knees by your bed, looking pensive.

“Morning,” you mumble tiredly, trying to give Erica a smile.

“Sleep well?” she asks to you nods.

Erica doesn’t say anything else however, but it’s obvious that she wants to talk to you. It doesn’t feel cold, so you shuffle up your bed slightly and sit upright, before pulling back your covers slightly.

“You should sit with me,” you tell her.

Erica mumbles a quiet thanks as she stands up. Her wet nappy is obvious underneath her t-shirt before she slips into bed next to you. Squeezing your thighs together, you can feel your own wet nappy and distantly recall having been woken by a full bladder last night before filling your nappy and going back to sleep.

Taking Erica’s hand, you cuddle up next to her.

“Wanted to ask something?”

“Yeah,” she replies.

It’s comfortable and you can wait. It’s maybe twenty or thirty seconds before she speaks.

“Do you… like Liz treating you… small?” she carefully asks.

You squirm slightly, trying to put your thoughts together.

“I do,” you reply with a happy nod and a smile.


You give Erica a slightly surprised look. Isn’t it obvious?

“It’s nice,” you reply. “It’s nice when Liz looks after me.” Erica frowns at your reply as she chews her lip in thought. Erica seems to think it’s strange, but last night you can remember Erica’s pretty voice as she sung along with you to the music, and later how she had smiled as Liz helped her get ready for bed. It’s strange that she thinks it’s strange.

“You don’t… worry —” Erica shrugged unsurely “— that people will think you’re a baby?”

Well, sort of. Having someone say it nastily to you would hurt, but Liz knew that which is why she reserved the smaller affection for when other people weren’t around. You trusted Liz to take care of you.

“I don’t mind it when it’s Liz,” you reply. But after a moment’s thought, you add, “I had fun with you last night.”

Erica gave you a brief happy but embarrassed smile at the admission.

“I liked it too,” Erica whispers.

You lean into Erica’s side and you can feel the slight force as she does the same.

“I trust Liz,” you explain. “That’s why I like it that she looks after me. I —” You pause, trying to find the words. “Did you not like it?” you eventually settle on.

“It was embarrassing,” Erica quietly replies.

You sit up slightly to look at her. She does seem embarrassed, but also conflicted.

“I — I find it embarrassing too,” you admit. “But because I trust Liz and I trust you, it’s good embarrassed.”

Erica looks thoughtful as she slowly nods.

“So… you don’t feel bad… because — um — you know no one is being mean about?”

You nod enthusiastically. Erica’s explanation is better than how you thought you could have explained it.

“Yep! It’s nice when Liz looks after me, and I don’t have to worry about stuff!” you say quickly, your enthusiasm leaking through.

Though clearly still embarrassed, Erica giggles at you. She’s super cute and you’re glad to have her as a friend.


Liz was still asleep as you crept into the lounge and started the game console. Turning down the volume as to not wake her, you and Erica play a game together chatting easily as you did. But eventually the topic turned pretty sad.

“Never?” you ask with surprise.

Erica seemed embarrassed about the fact, shifting uncomfortably in her seat. She shook her head causing you to frown sadly. It was panful to know. It didn’t seem right to you.

“I’ve always been… too worried about someone — you know — discovering my nappies,” Erica explained.

“Oh,” you reply sadly.

You’re not really sure what to say before realising that while you hurt, Erica no doubt hurt more, so you put your arms around her and hug her tightly.

“So, you’ve been to a sleepover?” Erica asks, smiling thankfully at you.

“Yeah, a few,” you reply.

“So, no one found out about your nappy?”

It suddenly occurs to you that Erica doesn’t know that you’re in a nappy just because you like it. You’re lost as to what to tell her as you realise that erica might feel even more hurt if she knew. You don’t know what to say, but need to say something.

“Before nappies.”

It wasn’t really a lie… but you weren’t sure Erica would see it that way. Still, telling Erica might hurt her, so you try to use that to push the worry away.

“Oooh,” she replies in understanding, but does not press for more information.

Soon Liz is up.

“Morning,” she greets you.

“Morning, Liz!” you reply back.

“Morning!” Erica adds.

“Sleep well?” You and Erica nod. “No leaks?”

“Nope,” you both reply.

“Your mum will be here soon,” Liz directs to Erica. “Do you want a quick breakfast or do you want a change now?”

Erica glances at you and you shrug back. She thinks for a moment.

“Can I have breakfast at home?” she asks.

Liz chuckles.

“Want to keep playing?”

Erica glances at you again and smiles before giving Liz a nod.

“Alrighty. Lets get both you dry so when your mum picks you up, Erica, you’re ready to go.”


Unprompted, Erica gives you a big hug as her mum arrives to pick her up. Her mum looks a bit tired — Erica had explained to you that her mum is a nurse and she worked night shifts — but she is visibly surprised at Erica’s and your interactions. Then, regretfully, you part and wave goodbye.

“Don’t worry, I’m looking after Erica tonight as well,” says Liz consolingly, as she takes your hand and gives it a comforting squeeze.

The fact does make you feel a little bit better.

“Lets get you some breakfast, kiddo.”

Breakfast is similar to yesterday as Liz explains what has to be done today while you eat.

“I’ve got to go into university for a little while this morning,” Liz explains.

“Oh,” you say, wondering what it’s about. “Am I staying here?” you ask.

You knew you could look after yourself for a while, but it felt wrong. Liz said she would look after you and you weren’t sure what to do with yourself all alone. Liz quietly giggles.

“Of course not!” she replies. Liz reaches over as she speaks and ruffles your hair. “I definitely can’t leave a little sweetheart like you all by herself.”

You smile thankfully, your worry evaporating as you both return to your food.

“So, did you have fun with Erica?”

You smile widely and bounce slightly in your seat, a sudden rush of enthusiasm coming to you.

“Yep! I like her a lot!” you proclaim. “She’s really smart and really kind and really pretty.” You’re gushing, but you really do like her and want to be a good friend to her.” Recalling the feeling as you held her hand and happily sang with her along to the music in the movie, you keep gushing, “Erica’s voice is really pretty.”

Liz has her own wide smile on her face.

“I’m very happy that you two got along.”

You’re so lost in the daydream that Liz surprises you with a warm hug. It makes you drop your spoon on the table with a clatter, but Liz’s small laugh tells you that it’s okay, so you turn slightly in her arms and hug Liz back. It’s comfortable and warm to cuddle into Liz’s soft chest. You’re not entirely sure how to describe what you feel Liz is to you. She’s motherly, but not your mother. Perhaps a close and caring aunt might fit, or perhaps a very kind big sister?

Regardless of how hard it is to put how you feel to words, you know that she is there for you and that is what matters.


Because it is really busy in the city, Liz decides that the best way to travel is to take the train. That makes sense: that’s how you met Liz after all, and you were pretty familiar with the train. But this is the first time you had travelled with Liz, dressed as the little girl you currently felt that you were. Liz had picked the clothes, and you were confident that you looked very pretty and super adorable. It felt liberating in a way: all those older worries and fears could be brushed aside because you trusted that Liz could protect you.

You are not precisely sure how young you actually are right at this moment — Either as you look or feel. Erica was only a few years younger than your real age, but right now you were certain you looked a lot younger than she did. Erica also tried to look a lot older than she was, a bit like you did as well, adding to the effect. It was perfectly fine for Erica to do that, but having some idea as to why, you do wish that she didn’t have to worry about it.

Leaning against Liz’s side, you wonder if you could sleep on the train. After the slightly late night at the movies and your early talk with Erica, you felt like you could have a little nap. Ever observant, Liz catches your thought.

“Something worrying you, sweetheart?”

You squirm in your still dry nappy. Liz had changed into it after your shower just before you have left home.

“How long until our stop?” you ask.

Liz got on quite a few stops before you normally did, so you weren’t exactly sure.

“Do you mean how long until our train arrives?”

You shake your head and squirm slightly at not being understood.

“Can I… nap on the train?” you ask quietly.

Liz smiles comfortingly.

“Of course — and in that case, I think you’ll have plenty of time.”

Your train soon arrives. There are only a few people at the station with you who hop on and the train is relatively empty — the benefit of travelling mid-morning. Liz takes a seat in a deserted bay and pats the spot next to her as she puts her bag with your nappies and her university stuff in it at her feet.

“You can put your head on my lap if you would like.”

You had thoughts about sleeping against Liz’s side, but that did sound like a better idea. So, you shuffle down the seat and lay down. Liz helps you, guiding you so that your head ends up in her lap. There’s not heaps of leg room, so you pull your legs up to your chest just a little bit and close your eyes.

Liz quietly giggles and you look curiously up at her before you feel her hand straighten out your dress, covering up your nappy. Feeling grateful and once again being shown that Liz is looking out for you, you close your eyes. Liz’s soft hands brush your hair as you fall asleep.

“Come on, time to wake up,” says Liz quietly.

Opening your eyes and looking around, you can see there are a few more people on the train. You also feel the need to go, which you easily do. You had been in a nappy long enough now that you felt confident in the protection it offered.

“Are we there?” you ask as your nappy fills.

“Almost, our stop is next.”

As you sit up on your warm nappy, Liz slings her messenger bag over her shoulder and pulls you to your feet, guiding you to the doors. As the train decelerates, she grabs a handrail with her free hand and holds onto you, stopping you from stumbling.

“Sleep well?” she asks.

You make an affirmative noise. It did not feel like you had slept long, but you do feel more refreshed now.

As the train came to a stop, the audio system warned everyone to watch their step before the doors opened. Liz helps you as you skipped across with a giggle.

Skipping — now that was something you hadn’t done since you were little… like you were now. You were a little girl. So little, that what would your friends think? So little that you needed a nappy and to have your hand held. So little, that you would be almost unrecognisable.

It did not matter, did it? No one would think that it’s strange to see a little girl laughing and giggling. So, making up your mind, your hand slips from Liz’s and you start to skip. A giggle escapes your mouth as you skip down the middle of the platform before you reach a bank of empty seats. You jump up onto them, and — arms wide for balance — you try to walk down the lengths of their backs.

As you carefully take each step, you can feel the cool breeze on your legs and the silky plastic cover of your slightly swollen nappy brush your thighs. Reaching the end, you jump down to the ground. There’s a small clapping sound causing you to look back to find that Liz is cheering you on as she quietly laughs.

“Great job!” she says. “I see that the nap did you some good.”

As you squirm happily at the praise, Liz takes your hand again and walks you out of the station.

AN: This took a while as I was working on other things.

In other news, I have a few new ideas I am taking a crack at:

I have a deaging story where a mean girl ends up in the care of someone she once bullied (it’s not a nasty story, as I don’t do that). I was trying to think of a story where someone is unwillingly diapered, but does not stray into what I feel is squick. Getting the balance is hard and with my outline I think I have gotten there?

I also have a short story about the reader insert being the flower girl at a wedding. Just something short and adorable.

I am also looking at a Matilda fic. I came across another persons’ diaper Matilda work and I wanted to do my own.

Of course, I am also slowly working on my other stories, in between all the other things I have going on right now. Also check out my AO3 where I have some other diaper stuff!


Always love your stories!

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My Babysitter Says It’s Okay!

Chapter 4

“Hey, Liz!” called out someone. Liz turns, one foot in the elevator.

“Amy!” Liz replies. “How are you?”

Looking back yourself, a pretty girl is jogging up to the two of you. She stops in front of Liz and gives her a short hug.

“Good. How’s the report Professor Goodman gave us going?”

“It’s getting there,” Liz replies. “Going up?” she asks gesturing with her free had at the elevator.


The three of you get in. Liz and Amy punch a floor number in — sequential floors, one after the other, and the doors close.

“Babysitting?” Amy asks.

“Sure am,” Liz replies before introducing you.

“Hello,” you reply with a small wave.

Amy squats down to your level, a smile on her face.

“My name is Amy.”

“You’re Liz’s friend?”

“Sure am!” she replies brightly. “We met in our first year of university.”


“Yep.” Amy nods. “What’s it like having Liz as a babysitter?”

You take a deep breath.

“She’s really great! She’s cool and really nice,” you say gesturing with your hands despite still holding Liz’s

Liz and Amy both laugh.

“Oh — you are so adorable!” says Amy.

The words are surely making you blush, but Amy just smiles more widely. Soon there is a ding.

“Bye!” calls Amy. You look up to see her give you a wave so you smile and wave back. She points at Liz. “I’ll call.”


You had to sit around as Liz had her meeting with her supervisor. It sounded very complicated as Liz explained her progress on her thesis. It wasn’t long before Liz got your phone from your bag for you and gave you her headphones so you could watch some videos. So, sitting crossed legged on the carpet, you easily passed the time. There were some messages from your friends that you had to try hard to think big to reply to. You loved your friends, but some of the high school drama reminded you why you enjoyed being a little girl so much.

As you relaxed and filled your nappy some more it occurred to you that you should have given Erica your phone number. The thought that you forgot when you were trying really hard to be her friend makes you fidget slightly, and then you suddenly realise that maybe your nappy was crinkling — maybe even when you had wet it! You wouldn’t have been able to tell over with the headphones.

You glance up at Liz’s supervisor, a woman perhaps a decade older than Liz. At your look, she gives you a brief smile before turning back to Liz as Liz explained something. If Liz’s supervisor noticed, she didn’t care or think badly of you. It really did not matter, did it? It was reassuring to realise that.

You go back to your phone. It’s some time latter that you are surprised by Liz lightly tugging the headphones off. She’s squatting next to you.

“Ready for some lunch?” she asks.

“Yep!” you reply, feeling a tad hungry.

Liz wraps the cord for her headphones up for you as you slip your phone into the side pouch of the nappy bag where it will be safe.

“I’ll see you in a week or two,” says her supervisor.

Liz nods.

“I’ll make an appointment.”

You don’t remember her name, but she gives you a small wave as Liz takes your hand. You wave back with your free hand.

“Anything you want for lunch, kiddo?”

You thought about it.

“What is there?”

“Well, there are a few different things on campus,” Liz explained. “Say, do you need a change?”

You resisted the urge to look around and see if anyone is listening. As you kept walking, you realised that you were only waddling a little bit.

“Maybe after lunch?” you reply.

Liz quietly laughs.

“Well, there’s a sushi place, a Bánh mì place —" you give Liz a confused glance. “Like what we had for lunch yesterday.”


“There’s also fish and chips on the way back to the train station, but if you want that we’ll have to wait a bit as I need to stop by the library before we head home.”

As you come to a halt at the elevator and reached out to push the button, you thought about it.

“How about we get sushi?” Liz suggested. “Then we can have takeaway for dinner with Erica.”

A slightly surprised expression crosses your face. That was a good idea, you thought, because then Erica gets to enjoy it with you.

As the elevator dings and the door began to open, you bounce on your feet.


Liz smiles as you step into the empty elevator.

“Ground floor,” she says as your reach out and push the button marked “G”.

As you turn to look back at Liz, your hand still in hers, she gives you a curious look.

“Turn around, sweetie.”

You don’t know why, but do so anyway. Liz the pulls up your dress before dropping it again. You turn back curiously.

“Just checking,” she replies. “Sometimes little girls don’t know that they need a change.”

Liz gives you a knowing smile. It was embarrassing, but it did seem right; Liz was there to look after you. Besides, you didn’t often ask for a change, usually waiting for Liz to prompt you. Actually, now you thought about it, had you ever asked for a change? Even when you had your first messy accident, you had not asked. Liz had suggested what to do and directed you.

“Okay,” you say again as you stand close to Liz’s side.


The sushi was nice. Liz had even offered you some of hers. It wasn’t a type you had tried before, but with her kind encouragement, you gave it a shot. That too was good. So much so that you traded your second roll with Liz for it.

As you ate, the food reminded you that tonight Liz had said that you could have takeaway. You wonder for a moment what kind before remembering that Erica will be there and she will probably want her say. She was really nice… and it was really sad that things were hard for her. At least she had Liz, and now you are trying to be her friend.

“Something wrong?” Liz asks you with concern.

“You blink at her for a moment before realising that it must have been obvious in your expression. You wonder where to start before going for what is easy.

“Just sad about Erica.”

Liz gives you a sad smile.

“I know it’s sad, but maybe you can make her feel better? Maybe think about how you can make her happy?”

You nod firmly with an agreeable “Ah huh!”

You had already thought about trying to be her friend, but Liz’s prompting made you think more about it. Squirming in your wet nappy, you try to find the words.

“Did you know Erica hasn’t been to a sleepover?” you say.

Liz is faintly surprised before frowning with concern.

“Oh — no, I didn’t.”

“It’s really sad,” you say, only to realise that your eyes were suddenly very wet.

It hurt her Erica so much, and she was so nice. It hurt knowing that. Liz suddenly gets up from her side of the park bench and comes around to sit next to you. She puts a comforting arm around you and lets you lean into her side before pulling her food towards herself with her free arm. You’ve still got food to eat, but your throat feels constricted, like you are about to sob. You feel hungry, but don’t think you can eat any more.

Perhaps noticing your distress, Liz abandons eating as well to hug you with both arms. You bury your face in her side.

“How about —” Liz starts with, dragging out the how. “— you and Erica have a sleepover tonight? We could stay at your place and the two of you can have the sleepover in your room.”

You still, the idea racing through your mind. It… was a good idea. A really good idea. Wide eyed you pull back and look up at Liz who is smiling down at you.

“Oh,” you manage to say. It felt like an obvious idea. “Yeah,” you say with more confidence. You smile, the sadness melting away. You could do this!

Liz quietly giggles before looking thoughtful.

“How about we ask if Erica can cover over early as well? I might even be able to look after Erica until tomorrow afternoon, then you two can have more time together.”

That idea just added to how you were feeling.

“Okay!” you quickly say. “We’ll do loads of stuff. We can play games and do our nails and — and…”

You lost your train of thought as lots of different ideas for fun things to do flooded your mind. You didn’t know where to start. You’re bouncing in your seat again when Liz laughs and gives you a brief hug which stills you, before she returns to her food.

Feeling loads better, you take tentative a bite of your own as well and with your worries quelled, you soon finish your food.

“When can she come over?” you ask, hoping it’s as soon as you are both back home.

“Hmm,” Liz hums. “Her mum might still be sleeping.” Liz pauses in thought. “I know: how about you call Erica and ask her if her mum is up?”

Your mood drops slightly and you feel slightly awkward.

“I-I didn’t get her number.”

“That’s okay, I’ve got it,” immediately replies.

She grabs her bag off the ground and places in her lap before retrieving both of your phones. After handing yours to you, she unlocks her own phone and reads the number off. Then you add Erica to the name spot on your contact list and push dial. It only takes a moment for Erica to pick up.

Hello?” she asks.

“Hey, Erica, it’s —” you reply, giving her your name.

“I didn’t give you my number!” she says accusatorily, but with a distinct note of laughter in her voice.

You can’t help but smile.

“Yep. Liz gave it to me.” You try to focus on the point of this call. “I was talking to Liz — talking to her about sleepovers — aand Liz had this really cool idea.” Erica makes a curious noise. “My parents said that Liz can look after me at my house if she wants to, so she suggested that we have a sleepover.”

There’s a beat and then, “Wait, really?” says Erica excitedly.

Her excitement at the idea warms you heart and you happily squirm. Liz is looking on amusedly.

“Yep!” you reply. Trying to get your own excitement under control, you continue, “She even suggested that we ask if you can come over early and that tomorrow, you could be picked up later, so we can spend the day together.”

I — uh —” replies Erica, sounding slightly lost. “Mum might not like it if it’s expensive…” Erica sounds worried and your face falls.

“Well — um,” you try to reply, but it’s not something that you had considered. You had not considered that babysitting cost money, or that her mum might not be able to afford it, or that she might not want to pay.

You turn to Liz for help, but you’re not sure that she would have heard what Erica had said. She had noticed your distress, however, and giving you a reassuring smile, holds out her hand for the phone. Trusting Liz can fix anything, you hand it over.

“Hey, Sweetheart. What’s the matter?” she asks. There’s a pause and the distant sound of Erica speaking. “It’s going to be all okay. You can tell your mum that I won’t charge her a cent more.” The words reassure you that everything will be okay. “It’s no bother. It might be a problem if I’m looking after some very naughty children, but the two of you are easily my sweetest charges. I’m very happy to look after the two of you at any time.” Liz pauses and listens before laughing lightly. “Really.” Another pause. “Let me hand you back. Hopefully we’ll see you soon.”

Eagerly taking the phone, you put it up to your ear again.

“So, we’re seeing your early?” you ask, straight out of the gate.

Erica giggles from the other end of the line.

“Maybe, just got to wait an hour or so for mum to get up.”

“Okay — and then we can have a sleepover!”

Yeah,” agrees Erica, amazement in her voice.

It’s sad Erica hasn’t had one before, but it’s also super cool that you get to show her. You were going to make it amazing.

“So, what will we do?” she asks tentatively.

“Ooh — so many things,” you reply. “Makeup and hair and nail painting! We can play games and watch some movies and-and eat lots of pizza and chips!”

At your side, Liz is smothering a laugh with her hand. You give her a curious look and she leans in close to your ear.

“Your enthusiasm is very adorable.”

Her words make you blush. It’s not until Erica calls your name that you snap back to reality.

“There’s loads of other things too,” you finish slightly lamely.

It sounds fun.”

“Ah-huh,” you reply.

“Finish your call soon, sweetie,” says Liz slightly loudly. “We’ve got to get you changed and I have to get to the library soon otherwise we might miss our train.”

I’ll let you get going,” says Erica having clearly heard Liz. “See you soon. Hopefully?”

“Yeah, really soon,” you agree.

As you hang up, Liz is looking through her nappy bag. You can see pastel pink of several nappies and a bottle of powder.

“Mind if I change you on the grass?” Liz asks.

You blink in surprise before looking around nervously. You were at the edge of a park and the grass was lush and green. But it was also a park with other people about. Not many, but still some.

“If you want, we can find a change room, but I don’t think you have to worry, because no one is going to look to closely at a little girl getting her nappy changed.”

Liz’s soft smile is comforting and reassuring. You trust Liz and you trust that she’s right. Your worry dims. Besides, there aren’t many people about, and no other children.

“Okay,” you say smally.

Liz gives you a bright smile and takes your hand. Perhaps to ease your worries, she leads you a short way from the pathway that ran alongside the benches you ate lunch at and the small number of other people. As Liz sits on her knees and opens the nappy bag, you sit next to her and watch her work.

First, she pulls out a clean nappy and sets it aside, then the bottle of powder. Next is a nappy bag for your wet nappy which she pins under the bottle of powder so it doesn’t blow away. It’s foresight that you knew that you did not have, but that’s why Liz is looking after you, isn’t it?

As Liz pulls out the packet of wet wipes, it snags on another packet which then unsnags and falls back into the bag. It takes a moment to comprehend that is was a brand-new dummy, all sealed and clean. You doubted that Liz had gotten it for you — she probably kept several on hand for the very little girls and boys she looked after, but for a moment you wondered what it would be like to have your own. Would it be nice?

“Lay back, sweetie,” says Liz, having not noticed your pondering.

Dutifully you lay back and stare up at the clear blue sky. It’s a bit too bright, you realise as you squint, before you simply close your eyes. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your legs as Liz pushes up your dress before the cool breeze as Liz untapes your wet nappy.

Content with being looked after, you turn back to the dummy and wonder if the sucking motion would be nice. You can imagine yourself cuddled up to Liz, almost drifting off to sleep as the motion sooths you and completely relaxed, your nappy fills with warm liquid.

Another thought enters your mind, about what a dummy replicated: nursing. It seemed weird, but at the same time it seemed nice. You could imagine nursing as hands softly rub your back and your nappy fills. Would it be sweet? Would it be too weird, so weird that you could not? You weren’t entirely sure, and besides, you weren’t quite that small. Small enough for a dummy perhaps, but maybe not small enough for that.

As Liz tapes you up, you decide to ask Liz about a dummy. Maybe not right now — because you needed to be a bit bigger to give Erica an awesome sleepover — but maybe tomorrow?

“There, all dry,” pronounces Liz, pulling you upright into a hug.


The university library was huge. You had never seen a library this big before and it had the strange smell of books. It wasn’t bad, but it was odd. Liz had not taken long to find the two books she needed and then checked them out. Conveniently, the books fit easily between your spare nappy in her bag.

“Sorry, we’re in a bit of a rush,” she says quickly, brushing a man about her age off as she led you by the handout of the library.

You both had to walk quickly to get to the train station on time. If you missed the train, it would be ages before another arrived and then it would be ages before you could see Erica. But as the train station came into view you could feel your insides moving. Now really wasn’t a good time for a messy nappy. With all these people about you didn’t think you could bear the embarrassment, not to mention that you would probably need to stop to do so.

Liz swiped her train card and led you through the turnstiles and then it was up a flight of stairs to cross to the other platform. Looking up, the computer screen hanging from the room showed an estimated arrival time two minutes from now.

“Oh good,” says Liz. “That was very close, wasn’t it?”

“Yep,” you say quietly with a nod.

You squirm uncomfortably at Liz’s side as your body remind you again. You can feel that you need to pee too, but you are worried that the motion might make your go messy too. Ever observant, Liz notices your potty dance.

“Something the matter, sweetie?”

You squirm again.

“I — I need to go…” you say quietly, before dropping even quieter. “… go messy.”

“Oh.” Liz thinks for a moment. “I can still take you to the potty if you want. We don’t have to catch this train.”

You frown. You don’t want to miss the train, because then you will have to see Erica later. Maybe… you will be able to hold it? At least until you and Liz get off? In the distance you can hear the approaching train.

“N-no. I’m… okay.”

Liz squeezes you hand.

“You sure?” Liz asks kindly.

You nod more firmly. It will be okay, you tell yourself.

“Alright then.”

As the train comes to a stop and the door opens, Liz leads you onto the train. Despite the impending accident, you skip over the gap. Looking around the train, you can see that it’s not very full, but there are still people around. Perhaps because of your distress, Liz leads you to some seats away from other people.

“Feeling better?”

You shake your head, but Liz doesn’t comment. Instead, you lean into her side and try not to think about it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any easier as the minutes go by. You can feel the uncomfortable motion inside you and in a way it’s worse being in a nappy because you know you won’t be having an accident. All the mess will stay in your nappy and a mess in a nappy is not an accident.

As you look up at the computer screen stating what stop is next, you realise that there is still a long way to go until home, and it begins to set in that you won’t make it. It’s funny in a way, to think that you had been on this train line the first time you had used your nappy since you were very young. It had been uncomfortable holding it in and going in your nappy had been a relief. You have a similar feeling right at this moment, but unlike last time, you are already prepared.

It would feel better to just go…

You glance around the carriage worriedly. There are a few less people around and still no one else near you and Liz.


You look at Liz, before looking away.

“I — I don’t think I can hold,” you say quietly.

“Do you want to get off at the next stop and find a loo?”

You frown again, chewing your lip nervously.

“No,” you say, despite the doubt in your mind.

“Well, if you are going to go, I think that you should just get it over with. Then you’ll feel loads better,” Liz suggests.

It’s sage advice, you think, and you find yourself nodding without even thinking about it. But Liz is right, you should just go.

“Don’t you worry; I’ll still be here to give you cuddles, even if you are in a poopy nappy.” You give her a small, grateful smile. “Why don’t you sit in my lap and I do your hair? Then you can just relax and you’ll be able to show your pretty hair off to Erica.”

That seemed like a nice idea. Your worries melting away, you try to get up and shuffle onto Liz’s lap, but as you do, Liz lifts you, helping you up. Liz’s lap is comforting as she puts her arms around you and briefly hugs you. But as she lets go, you squirm uncomfortably as your bowels voice their unhappiness again. Liz makes a soothing sound as she brushes your hair.

“Just relax and I’ll have your hair done in no time.”

You take Liz’s words to heart and almost immediately your mess begins to poke through. For a moment you tense uncomfortably, but remembering Liz’s reassurances, you manage to relax. Liz’s fingers through your hair as she bunches it together and starts to braid is further calming. As she works, you don’t put much effort into relieving yourself and instead sit there, squirming ever so slightly.

You can feel your mess slowly creep out of yourself, but remembering that it did not matter, you go back to just enjoying Liz’s pampering. Though, to your surprise, you notice a quiet wet tinkle as you realise that you are wetting your previously dry nappy. Liz is right. You should just relax. You had a nappy on, all ready to protect you, and you shouldn’t worry about holding back. Especially not if it’s uncomfortable.

It’s a new feeling to go like this in your nappy. It’s sort of like sitting on the potty, but you have the reassuring warmth of Liz right there for you. Though, on the potty, you don’t have your mess cupping your behind. It’s not a feeling you were completely used to yet, but it wasn’t bad — other than maybe the smell, but Liz didn’t seem to mind.

As you think that you had done most of your business, Liz shuffles slightly, reaching for her bag.

“I know I’ve got some hair ties somewhere,” she says, going through one of the pockets. “Ah huh!” she says triumphantly, pulling several out.

After securing one pigtail, Liz moved onto the other half of your head.

Once Liz is done, you stand up, reaching over your shoulders to grab each of your pigtails to inspect them. They’re very neat, much neater than you could have achieved by yourself. They’re also very cute.

“Want a photo?” Liz asks.

“Yep!” you immediately say.

Instead of grabbing her phone, however, Liz holds up your own. You have a bright smile on your face as Liz takes several. Done, she holds the phone out so your can inspect them, taking a seat next to Liz as you do. You squirm slightly in your messy nappy, but push the matter out of your mind to look at the photos.

“That one’s the cutest, I think,” says Liz at your side.

You’ve got your arms loosely behind yourself as you smile serenely. There’s no worry in your face, just happiness and contentment.

“You think?”

“Yep — but I think they’re all cute.”

Squirming happily, you look through all of them, before you look up at the sound of a phone.

It’s apparently Liz’s as she retrieves her phone.

“Elizabeth speaking,” she introduces herself. “Hello, Ms Andersen. Did you have a good shift last night?” You perk up at that, wondering if this might be Erica’s mum. “That’s good to hear.” Liz pauses, nodding at several points. “That’s right. They seemed like fast friends.” Liz glances at you and gives you a brief smile. “I’m very happy that Erica has found a friend that she can confide in too.”

So, it was Erica’s mum, you realise.

“Yep, she’s in nappies too,” Liz continued. You momentarily glance around again, but no one is nearby or paying attention. “That’s the plan. Would you like me to come pick Erica up?” You perk up again as you realise that you might get to see Erica’s home. “It’s really no bother. It’s certainly worth it to see Erica happy and so worry free — We’ll be home in about twenty minutes, so lets say forty-five minutes?”

As Liz says her goodbyes, you can feel your elation rising knowing that you’ll see Erica very soon.


You waddled a little strangely with your packed nappy, but before long you’re used to the slight change needed in your gait. So confident that you are, that you let go of Liz’s hand to jump up on top of a low brick fence and walk along it, arms out to balance yourself. It’s not super narrow, but you hadn’t practiced doing this in ages. It is fun, though.

Looking back at Liz, she’s watching out for you only a few steps away.

“That’s really good, sweetheart.”

You give her a bright smile.

“Do you wanna try?”

Liz laughs.

“Maybe another time. If I try we might be here for ages — and we’ve got to get your poopy bum changed before we drive to Erica’s.”

Your eyes go slightly wide at the realisation before you jump down and take Liz’s hand. Despite your shorter legs, you are eager to get home quickly and tug Liz’s hand to go faster, which makes Liz laugh.

“My, you’re eager, little one.”

You pout slightly petulantly back which just makes Liz laugh more.

Getting home, you wait impatiently as Liz finds her keys, but recognizing your urgency, leads you straight to the bedroom.

“We’ll definitely need the changing mat for this,” says Liz as she retrieves it from her little wheeled trolley of changing supplies.

The changing mat is just a slightly padded sheet with a plastic outer layer, adorned in a colourful animal pattern. Liz sets in on the bed which you sit on as Liz get your dry nappy and the wet wipes.

“Bum up,” says Liz. “We don’t want any mess on your pretty dress, do we?”

As you comply, Liz pushes your dress up to almost chest height. You can feel the slightly cool plastic of the change mat on your back in the gap between your nappy and dress as Liz untapes your nappy and gets to work. First, she wipes down your front before you pull your legs up and Liz gets most of the rest.

“Bum up again.”

Then she removes your messy nappy from under you and wipes a little bit more before replacing it with a clean nappy and powdering you as you relax and let Liz finish. Before no time at all, Liz is taping you up securely and helps you straighten your dress.

“There, all ready to have your sleepover.”

With that and smiles all around, it’s into Liz’s car. It takes about twenty minutes before you enter an unfamiliar suburb and pull up to an equally unfamiliar house. Liz comes around to your side to open the door for you and undo the buckles.

You then follow Liz up the garden path where Liz knocks on the front door. A few moments later, Erica opens the door slightly to peer out.

“You’re here!” says Erica excitedly as she opens the door more and steps out to hug you.

Over her shoulder as you hug her back, Erica’s mum appears in the entranceway. She looks far less tired than when you had seen her this morning and is smiling fondly as yours and her daughter’s interaction.

“I didn’t catch your name, this morning,” says Liz’s mum kindly, prompting you to introduce yourself. “My name is Ingrid.”

“Hello,” you say with a small wave.

Something about it makes Erica giggle at your side, and Erica’s happiness is infectious.

“Come on in,” says Ingrid, stepping aside.

“We’re going to my room,” pronounce Erica, taking your hand.

“Some coffee? Tea?” Ingrid asks Liz.

Leaving the adults behind, Erica leads you through a loungeroom and down a hallway. On the door is Erica’s name, written in an arch with those letters you can stick to things. Following Erica inside, you look around.

The room isn’t far too different from your own. There are some posters on the walls of bands and even one of a beautiful woman with a surfboard at the beach. There’s a desk and computer to one side and on the screen, you can see Erica was looking up things about sleepovers which you can’t help but smile at. Erica’s bed covers are randomly patterned in white and pink, and her bedroom window opens out to the back garden which is slightly overgrown but quite pretty. Next to her bed is a slightly bulging backpack.

All in all, it’s a normal bedroom. You decide that you like it as you turn to Erica, who is standing there awkwardly, visibly worried that you might not like it. But before you can reassure Erica, she blurts out, “I — I like your hair.”

There’s a beat as you try not to, before you start laughing. Erica looks torn between worry and laughing herself, so you grab her in anther hug. You can feel Erica shake with her own laughs as you do.

“Liz did it for me,” you explain.

Separating, Erica leads you to her bed where you both sit.

“She’s really good at stuff like that,” says Erica as you make an agreeable noise. Erica looks thoughtful for a moment. “Sometimes she does my hair to cheer me up. She’s really nice.”

“She did mine to cheer me up,” you say before pausing thoughtfully. “Well, actually to distract me from worrying about stuff.”

“Yeah. I guess it does that too.”

“Liz does really good cuddles.”

Erica nods, a wide smile on her face before reclining back on her bed. Sticking out the top of Erica’s jeans is Erica’s pullup visible. Spotting you looking, Erica blushes faintly and brushes her t-shirt down before you lay back yourself next to her, with both yours and Erica’s legs over the side of her bed. You can heat the slight crinkle of Erica’s mattress protector as you do before you lapse into comfortable silence.

“Can I ask you something?” Erica asks a few minutes later.


“Have you… ever had an accident in your nappy?” Erica asks carefully.

You blink up at Erica’s ceiling. Before the embarrassment of your answer hits you. Squirming slightly in your mostly dry nappy, you think about what you are going to say before deciding to just admit it.

“That — that’s why Liz did my hair,” you admit quietly.

You can feel Erica turn her head to look at you, but you’re not sure you can look back.

“Oh,” she replies, taking your hand and giving it a comforting squeeze.

But you feel guilty, because it wasn’t really an accident, was it? Sure, you hadn’t intended to do it there on the train, but otherwise you were okay with going in your nappy.

“It wasn’t really an accident,” you try to explain with a shrug, glancing at Erica as you did. You can see her eyebrows raise in confusion as you give her a guilty look. “Liz said I could go in my nappy, but I —” you say in a whisper. “— I just didn’t want to go on the train.”

You’re worried that Erica will hate you for it, but you can’t lie to her. But rather than anger, Erica frowns in thought.

“Like, always?”

You shuffle awkwardly.

“Just with Liz.”


You can’t hide your worry on your face as Erica visibly thinks, before her eyes turn to you and she looks momentarily surprised. Squeezing your hand more firmly, she shuffles close to your side. It’s only then as your nerves calm that you realise that your breath is shaking. But with Erica at your side, you soon feel better.

“How come?” she asks.

That was a good question, one you might not have entirely understood yourself.

“It’s nice?” you offer, your words feeling a bit lame through your embarrassment. You shrug unsurely from your position on Erica’s bed. “It’s nice not worrying about… that stuff. I don’t have to worry about it, because Liz is there to check on me.” It seems really embarrassing to admit this; it just feels so silly, but at the same time it means so much to you. It had seemed a bit silly to admit this about wetting, but messing your nappy was another level. “It’s okay to go in my nappy, because Liz will look after me.”

You dare to glance at Erica who is staring at you in faint surprise. As she realises that she is staring, she looks past you, chewing her lip, before blushing and fidgeting nervously. She rolls on her side towards you.

“I had an accident at New Years,” she explains. “Mum was working, so… Liz took me to see the fireworks.”

Erica pauses again, her nerves leaking through on her expression, so you squeeze her hand and give her an embarrassed smile. Erica might be flushed red, but she smiles back gratefully at you.

“I had to go to the toilet, so Liz led me to the toilet. But there were — like — thousands of people in the park to watch the fireworks and only one toilet.” Erica frowned at the idea. It seemed just as ridiculous to you, and not the funny kind of ridiculous. “The line was huge and everyone wanted to go before the fireworks started.”

Erica looked so sad as she continued. It was heartbreaking to see and you could feel your eyes watering. Suddenly, Erica’s expression turned to surprise before she let out a sad sounding giggle.

“It’s my story, I’m the one supposed to be crying,” she says without any heat.

A muffled laugh escapes you at the ridiculousness — the good ridiculousness — of it. Erica gives you her own, now slightly wet, smile before shrugging.

“Waiting so long in line, eventually I couldn’t help it. I was so embarrassed that I ran off. I — I didn’t go far before I —” Erica shrugged and looked away, her voice dropping to a whisper. “— Before I went in my pullup. It was really embarrassing, and I wasn’t even done when Li caught up, but she just held my hand as I pooped in my pullup and gave me a hug.”

Erica fidgeted, looking uncertain, perhaps unsure how to continue.

“I felt humiliated and I wanted to go home straight away. It seemed crazy that she would want anything to do with me after that, let alone hug me, but she did.” Erica smiled sadly. “She told me that we could go home if I really wanted to, but told me how she thought that no one would notice it and how the fireworks were very soon, and that everything would be okay.”

Erica gave a wistful smile as she looked off into the distance before chuckling quietly.

“She was right; we got to watch the firework and then Liz took me home and got me cleaned up.”

“That’s like what happened today,” you explain before shrugging. “So… you get what I meant? About Liz and being looked after.”

Erica looks uncertainly at you.

“Yeah… but I don’t think I want to be embarrassed like that.”

“Hmm,” you hum. “Whaaat… about if it’s just you and Liz?” you ask. “What about Liz and me?”


You squeeze Erica’s hand.

“Well, it’s okay if you do,” you tell her.

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