Music used to torture Gitmo inmates.

What the shit?!

Did they seriously defile an entire music industry by using it for the complete fucking opposite of what it was intended to be used for? I’m sorry but this happens to be probably the most disgraceful, distasteful, horrifying thing I’ve heard in YEARS.

I haven’t been this pissed off in a LONG time.

Re: Music used to torture Gitmo inmates.

To me it is.

Re: Music used to torture Gitmo inmates.

I have no problem with it.

Re: Music used to torture Gitmo inmates.

I belived they used Barney in Afghanistan. Personally i’m against torture in general, but I dont really see what should set musical torture apart.

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Where in the world did I imply that it’s music I like? I’m not a fan of Pearl Jam or R.E.M, but it still doesn’t mean I think their music should be used as weapons. And for that matter, what in the world made you assume I -don’t- like Manilow? Two completely wrong assumptions in one setting, great work.

Re: Music used to torture Gitmo inmates.

It’s the irony of using expressly anti-war music that gets me.

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Umm…I DID answer your question, several times in fact throughout this thread. Music as a weapon is bad, for you to ask something to which the answer is already provided is a horrible display of redundancy and pointlessness that I believe I’ve already stated elsewhere that I despise, but if you must have an answer to satisfy a pointless endeavor, then I hereby state- Yes, I think using Barry Manilow in that instance in the link you provided, as a punishment for noise violators, is wrong and completely undermines the original purpose of music as a whole.

And I really don’t believe that you like Barry Manilow. You just say that to help you avoid the point in question.

I didn’t say I like him either. So much absolutism with people these days, it’s both absurd and kind of amusing. Well, I don’t always need to be absolute on a subject, I have the capacity to neither dislike or like something and remain in a neutral territory of undecided, apathetic or a more casual “it’s okay.”

But again, this argument has absolutely nothing to do with who I like or dislike, and this’ll be the last time I state I don’t discriminate who I argue for. That means if I have to defend the Jonas brothers or My Chemical Romance of all fucking bands, I will. And yes, for the record, I think those two bands are the most terrible bands on the earth.

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…I’m sorry but that is literally the worst semantics argument I’ve ever heard. How the hell did the word “Completely” become an adjective that reverses an opinion of something? There’s virtually no difference between “Wrong” and “Completely wrong” other than emphasis or to point out whether one is wrong in certain areas or all areas of their point.

If I say you’re completely wrong to assume I don’t like Manilow, that does not, and never will automatically mean I do like him. There is no way I’ll accept that as an argument.

Calling something a “completely wrong assumption” is in and of itself an absolute.


Re: Music used to torture Gitmo inmates.

Yeah ok, don’t care anymore.

I’m gonna get back to the thread at hand. I didn’t come here for a semantics argument to begin with.

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But… Jaks… according to Aerosmith, Music is the Weapon.

Sorry, but really, I don’t see this as much different than playing something you know will annoy your parents. Though maybe that is just me. I enjoy trying to annoy my Dad… which is harder than you’d think. I ended up getting him into X-Japan and B’z. Maybe I just enjoy the challenge.

Though, I think what they are really doing is using SOUND as a weapon. Music just being a slightly more tolerable form of sound. Maybe not… I’m shaking like a leaf, and I just took a Xanax, so I might have missed something.

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Aerosmith is neither the soul creator or definer of music, and despite the fact that I like Aerosmith, that doesn’t mean I agree with that sentiment.

Sound and music are rather different concepts, and if it were just a matter of sound used to torture people, wouldn’t they just use a Fire Alarm and an LRAD?

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No, but they made the 1994 arcade light-gun shooter: Revolution X

It was a joke, relax.

Also, I’d say music is a subcategory of the concept of sound, since without sound you can’t have music… also you’re probably suffocating.

Also, military intelligences aren’t always. Also, they may find it annoying and decide that is why they are subjecting it. Sorry, Vickie, I didn’t read many posts with the caffeine shakes. I’ve also gone from caffeine high to caffeine crash, so I’m still probably not making sense, but I’m stupid so I’m posting anyway. At least to announce the joke.

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