Mud Pies for Little Liars (Illustrated)

I know what you did.

The text had been rattling around in Indiana’s head for three days. Just those words, from an unlisted number, attached to a picture of a water bottle. To anyone else, it would have been a curiosity. Unfortunately, Indiana recognized that water bottle.

They’d taken it with them to their final exams.

They’d used it to cheat. Writing answers on the inside of a fake label, and peeking at them when they took a drink.

And somebody knew.

So far, their anonymous text hadn’t come with any threats. No promise of action. But Indiana knew that, with just a little effort, whoever had texted them could destroy their life.

They had their current job purely as a result of their stellar grades. Without the grades - the grades they’d achieved by cheating, Indiana would be fired instantly. Without the job, Indiana would have to move back in with their family. Their family was well meaning, at least, but it would be a hard fall to go from independence in a nice part of town, to crashing on mom’s couch.

The text had been building in Indiana’s thoughts. Every day, wondering when their doom would come. Wondering when they’d get a phonecall saying that their degree had been revoked, that they were going to be fired.

Nothing happened, until the third day. Parking on the street, they walked into their apartment building, took the stairs up, took out their key, and…

“Hey, Indy.”

“Sandra,” Indiana said, raising an eyebrow. It was a girl from her graduating class. Indiana barely knew her, but their memory was at least enough for recognition. “How are you?”

“Oh, you know. Had to move back in with my family after I couldn’t find a job.” Sandra held a duffel bag over her shoulder, shifting her grip on it. “How’s the cheating?”

Crap. ” Indiana stared. “I… what do you want?”

Sandra shrugged her shoulder. “Let’s go inside. Where’s your key?”

Indiana took out the key, holding it up. Sandra snatched it from her, stuck it in the door, and opened it up.

Waltzing inside like she owned the place, Sandra inspected the nice place. “So this is what it looks like when you get a job in our field, huh? It’s pretty nice. It’s nice that you didn’t get narrowly edged out by just one person too many having better grades than you.”

“Look, Sandra…” Indiana said, frowning. “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”

“Maybe you didn’t.” Sandra dumped her duffel bag on the ground. “But I do.

Indiana swallowed.

“You cost me the job I’d been gunning for for three years,” Sandra said. “But more importantly, you faked it. I spent six months wondering how a slacker like you did better than me when I spent every waking hour studying that shit. You know how stupid that made me feel? Knowing that someone else could beat me with zero effort?”

“I’m bad at test taking, it’s not like I didn’t know the material-” Indiana started to say. “Um…”

“Well, good news. You do exactly what I say, I’ll give you the bottle back and delete the photo.” Sandra grinned, maliciously. “The moment you disobey, I’m sending the evidence right to the university and you’re out of here at square one. Good luck even getting permission to retake the test, not that you could pass it.”

“But-” Indiana started to say. “I-”

“First thing’s first.” Sandra crouched, digging in her bag. “You’re a liar. And everyone knows the punishment for liars. Where’s your bathroom?”

“Um…” Indiana pointed.

“Well don’t just tell me, we’re going there,” Sandra said, walking the way she’d been directed. Stepping into the bathroom, she held up the bar of soap, ran it under the tap to get it wet, and said, “Open your mouth.”

Indiana obeyed, though it could have just been that they were gaping. Sandra popped the bar into their mouth, making them gag, and then she giggled.

“Spit that out, I’ll send the photo,” Sandra said, reaching up and grabbing Indiana’s hair. Pulling hard, she dragged them over to the corner of the room and shoving their face right in the corner. “Now, stay. I’ll tell you when you have permission to leave.”

Indiana winced at the hair pulling, trying to keep their tongue from making contact with the soap, holding it in place with their teeth. They could hear Sandra walking around the apartment, doing… something. Opening drawers, checking the fridge, just generally making herself at home. Indy was pretty sure they even heard the coffee maker turn on and go through a full percolation.

All the while, it was a struggle not to choke on the soap that was filling their mouth.

They weren’t sure how long passed. Ten minutes? Twenty? Eventually, though, Sandra cleared her throat. “You can turn around and spit out the soap.”

Indiana did as they were told, mostly just glad not to have the bar of soap filling up their mouth anymore. Gagging, they spat on the floor a couple times, just trying to clear the taste from off their tongue.

Sandra chuckled. “I’ve made a few changes around here that I’ll tell you about later. First, though, I think you need a lesson in just how juvenile and immature your choices were. Strip.”

Hands shaking, Indiana obeyed, pulling off their shirt and bending to untie their shoes. Sandra just stood there the whole time, reveling in her revenge as they got down to just underwear.

“That too,” Sandra said, rolling her eyes. “Everything comes off. I’ve got some new underwear for you.”

For a moment, Indiana did the mental math on whether it was worth it or not, but they really couldn’t afford to lose their job. Slipping off their underwear, they stood in front of Sandra, totally nude.

“Good. Now, turn around and bend over.”

“Wh-” Indy started, before catching themself and obeying.

A second passed, they felt a little pressure, and then something a little pliable and cold pushed its way up inside them. They straightened, yelping. “H-hey! What was that?”

“A bit of ginger root,” Sandra replied. “Now lie down on the bed.”

The ginger tingled uncomfortably, but at the moment they had more pressing concerns, Held in Sandra’s hand, plain as day, was a large, fluffy, white diaper. Lying back, they spread their legs without needing to be told, knowing what was coming next.

“No more big kid underwear for you,” Sandra said, slipping the diaper under their waist and folding it into place. “And, just so we’re clear - You won’t be taking that ginger out with your hands. If you want it out, you’ll have to push it out.”

Indiana swallowed as the tapes were secured, sealing them into the padding. While they examined it, twisting their hips to see how the elastic responded, Sandra bent to her duffel and came up with a T-shirt that read ‘I’m Baby’.

Tossing the shirt at Indy’s face, she said, “Put it on.”

Indy obeyed. “Um… so are you going to take photos of me like this or something?”

Sandra was digging in her bag, and came out with a leather collar and leash. “Not at all. We’re going for a walk.”

Fear entered Indiana’s expression. “No. No, no way, not while I’m wearing this-”

“Fine.” Sandra set the collar on the bed. “That’s it then.”


Sandra was already leaving the room, taking out her phone. Typing in a number, she punched it in, waiting for the other end to pick up.

“Wait,” Indiana said. “No, hold on.”

“You already said no,” Sandra said, covering the mic with her hand. Once someone on the other end spoke, she lowered her hand, and said, “Hello, I’d like to speak to the dean, please? Yes, I can hold.”

“No, I’m sorry,” Indy pleaded. Their ass was starting to tingle uncomfortably from the ginger, but they tried not to think about that. “I’m sorry. We’ll go for the walk.”

Sandra raised an eyebrow. “Will we, now?”

“Yes! Please, don’t tell them!”

A few heart-pounding seconds passed, and Sandra put down her phone. “Then put on your collar, baby, and we’ll get going.”

The collar clicked into place. It was too tight, choking Indy a little, but Sandra didn’t let her try and loosen it. She just took the end of the short lead, gave it a little tug, and laughed when Indiana almost lost their balance.

With the collar and lead, blackmail was almost irrelevant. Sandra could pull them around almost helplessly, and if they struggled, they’d just be choked. They were pulled out the door, and Sandra paused to lock up with their own key, smirking as she jerked on the leash just to make Indiana more uncomfortable.

Once the two of them reached the bottom of the stairs, she snapped and pointed on the ground. “You’ll be crawling on all fours.”

By this point, Indiana’s back door was starting to really burn, and they didn’t have any more energy left in them to argue. Dropping down, they got on their hands and feet. With just a diaper and no pants on, it was uncomfortable to have their knees on the ground, but Sandra wasn’t offering much of a choice. She just pulled on the leash, dragging Indy out onto the sidewalk.

It was difficult to keep up without trying to stand. Sandra was walking just fast enough to make it troublesome to get into a consistent pace, which was probably deliberate, because it gave her an excuse to jerk on Indy’s lead. In the middle of the afternoon on a cool day, not many people were out, but ‘not many’ didn’t mean ‘none’, and they certainly got a couple odd looks as people walked the other way or drove past on the street.

Getting to a corner, Sandra said, “How’s your bottom feeling?”

Indy sucked in a breath. “W-what the heck did you put in there?”

“I told you,” Sandra snickered. “Ginger root. Burns, doesn’t it?”

Whimpering, Indiana nodded.

“Well, here’s the deal, cheater. While you were in time out, I did a little remodelling, and installed some cameras. I shut off the water to your toilet, because you’re not going to be needing it for a while.”

“But you said-”

Sandra snapped her finger, interrupting them. “I said I’d delete the photo when you did exactly what I said. Road’s clear, let’s go.” She jerked on the collar and Indiana yelped, crawling forward, their exposed diaper waving in the air. “And, to be clear, I’ll delete it eventually. But first, since you like cheating so much, you’re going to do something for me.”

“What’s that?” Indiana asked, taking deep breaths as the burning in their bottom got worse.

“You’re going to get me a job,” Sandra explained. “You’ll be writing my resumes and contacting the job centers for me, plus you can use that cheater magic of yours to really sell the deal. Fake referrals. Come up with real ones, for all I care! But until I get a job that pays at least as good as yours, in the field I studied my ass off to learn, you won’t have any potty access, and you won’t have any privacy. I honestly don’t care how long it takes you - I’m curious if you’ll start to lose your potty training after too long in diapers, really, but that’s up to you. Once I’ve gotten my first paycheck, and I can move out of my parent’s place and into a nice apartment like yours, you’ll be free.”

They were most of the way down another block at this point, and Indy was starting to stagger. “I don’t… I don’t know how to do that.”

“Then you’d better learn, baby,” Sandra said. “And another thing - You are not allowed to change your diapers at home without my permission. Heck, for that matter, you’re not allowed to wear pants at home. I’ve got cameras everywhere, so I’ll see it if you try.”

Sandra giggled as she watched Indy squirm at all her rules… or possibly because of the looks and giggles that strangers were casting their way… or possibly because of the ginger that was currently burning horribly in their bottom.

“And when you’re out and about, I will be texting you for proof that you’re diapered, and if you don’t respond every single time I do, I’ll be coming around for some more punishment to make sure it really sinks in that time. You think that ginger is burning now?”

Indy whimpered, nodding.

“Imagine having that in while I spank your ass with a cane,” Sandra warned. “There’s no cheating on this one. Try and use the potty, I’ll find out, and your career ambitions will go bye-bye. Understand?”

“I understand,” Indiana conceded. “Ow, ow.”

“Your choice about how long that ginger stays in, by the by,” Sandra snickered. “Your diaper will be awfully stinky once you push it out, though. And… hey, well would you look at that.”

They were three blocks away from home, by an open field that would have made for a good park, if anyone had bothered to build something on it. Most notable to Indy, though, was the large puddle of sloshy mud that had formed by the sidewalk, probably from rain runoff.

“I think this is where we’re going to part ways, baby,” Sandra said, unclipping the lead from Indiana’s collar. “I’ll be staying in touch. And, well, if you want back in your apartment, you’re going to be needing this.

Reaching into her pocket, Sandra came out with Indy’s apartment key. Holding it up, she tossed the key right into the pile of mud, where it sank down and vanished instantly.

Indiana’s eyes widened, and they jumped in the direction they’d seen the key land, reaching into the mud and fishing for it. No luck.

“Huh?” they said, feeling around on their hands and knees. It had to be in there somewhere, but they couldn’t feel it. Sloshing to the side, they tried another spot, hands searching through the muck, their bottom burning more and more with each passing moment.

Someone driving by pointed their phone out the window and there was a flash as they snapped a photo before speeding off. Even aside from photo evidence, Indy was aware of Sandra’s gleeful grin as she watched them struggle, and of the passersby around the open field, staring their way, trying to puzzle out why an adult in a diaper was playing in the mud.

They wanted to run home, but without a key, it’d be pointless. They’d be locked out of the house…

But they couldn’t find the damned thing. Getting more and more desperate, they looked through the mud, pawing for the little piece of metal that would let them back into their apartment, back into… well, not privacy, given Sandra’s cameras, but at least they wouldn’t be in public.

Mud was everywhere, on their arms, splattering their shirt and diaper, completely covering their face and legs. They were a complete mess.

“Where is it?” They mewled, helplessly. It just wasn’t there. They were having trouble breathing with the choker collar still around their neck, making the search seem all the more hopeless.

“Tsk tsk,” Sandra said. “Even my dog doesn’t fall for the whole ‘fake throw’ trick.”

Turning around, Indy sat down in the mud, staring up at Sandra. In her hand, she was holding up a shiny, metal key, and on her face she was wearing the most malicious grin that Indiana had ever seen.

“You want it?” Sandra asked.

“Y-yes,” Indy said, blushing so hard they were worried their face might catch fire.

“You reeeeally want it?”

Indy squirmed in the mud. If their face felt hot, their bottom was positively on fire. “Yes!”

“Then push out that ginger and let me see your face as you crap your pants, cheater, ” Sandra ordered.

It was going to be inevitable, anyways. Indiana couldn’t stand the burning much longer. Face completely red, just about ready to cry from the embarrassment, Indy leaned back and pushed.

Not much effort was required. Their body was happy to get rid of the plug-shaped piece of ginger, and clear out the heat by expelling all the muck it could. Mush, as soft as the mud that clung to their clothing but a lot warmer, stickier, and the smell hit their nose almost instantly, making their blush deepen even further.

The diaper swelled as they filled it, making the interior of their padding as dirty as the outside. Even if the brown stains could be mistaken for mud, the pervasive stink couldn’t really be ignored, and worst of all, the burning sensation hadn’t gone away. They knew it had to fade, but how long it would take to fade had yet to be determined.

They sat there, in the mud, in their messy, exposed diaper, totally defeated.

Sandra cackled with laughter, dropped the key on the sidewalk, and waved her hand goodbye. “Well, I’m going to get out of here before your stinky diaper makes me gag. Feel free to keep making mud pies if you want, I don’t care - though maybe make them outside of your diaper, so the rest of us don’t have to smell you. Once you text me three complete job applications, I’ll give you permission to change. Ta ta, my stinky little cheater baby. I’ll be seeing a lot of you.”
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Illustration by SnowPowder: Mud Pies for Little Liars (Illustrated) Mud Pies for Little Liars (Illustrated)