Mr Carter's Boy

Please note: This is just part of a much longer story I wrote for a fetish magazine in the UK. The subject matter is gay and I know that’s not to everyone’s taste. However, it does include diapers so I thought I’d share it but if it offends you then I am sorry. However, I hope it doesn’t. :wink:

Mr Carter’s Boy

Mr Carter is a PE teacher and loved by many of the boys who had been his students. He loved his boys but was not stupid enough to make a move whilst they were still his students. However, once they left school and shared a similar interest with their instructor they visited him in his home regularly. One such lad had a slightly different relationship with his former tutor but one that he relished at every meeting.

Philip Pearson was a real cutie; short ginger hair, pale and slightly freckled features and some very seductive lips… and unbelievably boyishly looking. Whilst at school he was none too bright and a bit timid. He tried hard but just wasn’t in the least academically gifted. For all the poor boy’s lack of qualities he did have one that he was most proud of, he was completely and utterly in awe, some might call it an obsession, with his glorious gym teacher. Even from being in Year 7 at school Mr Carter was the one master he tried his best to impress. He loved the teacher’s manliness and the thoughtful way he always spoke to, and seemed to understand, his shyness. However, once he had left school he missed the big man’s influence on his life and took to going around to see his ex-teacher for advice.

On one of these social (rather than sexual) visits to see Mr Carter, Pearson brought with him an ornately carved piece of wood shaped like a small cricket bat that looked exquisite. Mr Carter was surprised to see such a work of art and enquired as to who had made it. When Pearson said it was he himself Mr Carter encouraged the boy to develop this talent further. However, before doing so he light-heartedly suggested that the bat should be christened first. Pearson didn’t quite know what his teacher meant but went along with it. The young shy lad was stunned when Mr Carter dragged him over his knee and proceeded to smack his jeans clad arse with the beautifully made instrument.

This was the start and although taken aback Pearson felt the warm glow to his bum cheeks and experienced the hardening of Mr Carter’s cock under his hips. He rocked himself against his teacher’s legs and as he was smacked felt his own cock hardening. Much to the boy’s distress Mr Carter suddenly stopped his playful beating and let the lad think about his situation for a couple of minutes in silence. He was still spread invitingly over the man’s knee, feeling the sensation of his arse warming up he wriggled some more, enjoying the feel of his teacher’s thick cock under him. He loved the fact that he had given his teacher a stiffy. After a couple of minutes of inaction Mr Carter pushed the boy to the ground, whipped out his cock and got the surprised lad to suck it with the promise of more spanking later.

Once again, the ever observant Mr Carter had revealed a need in the lad that he hadn’t necessarily thought much about before. Once the teacher had deposited his first load down the ginger boy’s throat, he took up the bat once more, pulled him over his knee and proceeded to spank him with more vigour. Pearson’s mind was filled with all manner of thoughts but the main one was how much he deserved to be punished by this man who he so looked up to. It made him remember when he was a little boy and his father had smacked his little bare bum when he’d been naughty. How sometimes he’d been mischievous just to have that experience from his disciplinary father. But when his dad had died and he’d been left with only his mum to look after him, he always did his best to be a good boy and help out his constantly grieving mother. He’d put all his young desires away and it was only when he felt that first smack of the bat to his pert little arse that they all came tumbling back. He missed his father and even missed his father’s discipline, which he knew was always administered for a reason and with love, never anger.

This was how it had all began between Mr Carter and Pearson. Over the next few months Pearson got into his submissive role and loved getting his bum beaten. To begin with he was ordered to wear a jock strap for his beatings. The white straps emphasising his pale butt to perfection and a real turn on for the teacher. In fact the harder his ex-gym master spanked him, the more the young lad got out of it - often coming while over the knee of his hunky beater. Mr Carter loved the way the lad’s pale arse brightened to a rosy glow and the way the poor lad wriggled under his ‘punishment’.

Pearson was a strange but acquiescent lad who took it further still by wearing a diaper after he’d had his butt severely spanked. He liked being treated as a naughty little boy and the diaper, after receiving his smacks, made him even more embarrassed and childlike. He also loved the way the fullness of the thick fabric hugged his genitals, made his legs spread wider and changed his whole perception of himself. The diaper helped him feel small and vulnerable but felt chastened and loved all at the same time. The teacher was never one to interfere with a lad’s burgeoning sexuality and saw his role as that of support for his pupils so they could experiment and experience everything that their minds dreamt up.

However, Mr Carter had convinced Pearson to develop his woodworking talent to make more bats and paddles… and a host of other punishment implements. Here Mr Carter proved (if anyone was in any doubts) that he wasn’t just a user of his ‘boys’, he helped Pearson create a business. Having sold the initial paddles at a great profit, Mr Carter had encouraged his little ‘baby’ to produce more and sell the things over the internet. Mr Carter set up a site for the lad and helped him understand how to do business using specialist sites and free internet advertising. Soon, 'Pearson’s Products of Punishment’ were in great demand and he was soon making all manner of both large and small equipment for specialist dungeons. It was uncanny how inventive the lad’s mind had become designing and developing some incredible pieces of apparatus. Cleverly concealed pinions, counter leavers, restraints… rubber and plastic implements inserted into some of his more elaborate contraptions were, to some, both a challenge and an inspiration.

He would toil away alone in his workshop almost all the hours possible, often just dressed in the diaper and plastic pants that Mr Carter, at Pearson’s request, had clothed him in after each punishment session. Mr Carter regularly sent him home after their encounters wearing his diaper and colourful pants with only the briefest of shirt to cover them. Pearson loved this humiliation and the more outrageous the plastic pants design; colourful or childish or with rows of frills, the more excited he was. After a session with his teacher he was always fuelled with the need to work and while the glow to his taut little bum lasted, he worked hard to produce his latest contraption.

These sessions had been going on for well over two years and the Triple P business was booming. But each week, the time that he met up with Mr Carter was sacrosanct. He wriggled out of his outdoor wear, got his arse spanked, stuffed and spanked again before being placed in another pair of kiddie style pull-ups (after all he was only small himself) and those telling plastic waterproof pants. He looked so damn cute that Mr Carter often thought that if he’d been into exploitation, and more of a user of his boys, he could have made a fortune from such images. Pearson’s small frame, pale body, shy but wide eyes and naked, except for an outrageously frilly pair of baby waterproofs, he knew would have had an appreciative audience out on the World Wide Web.

However, that wasn’t the way Mr Carter operated, no paper trail, but he was keen that his boys should be free to express their sexuality in any way they felt fit. So Pearson’s little preference was happily encouraged and indulged to both parties total enjoyment. Had Mr Carter ever gone round to Pearson’s small garage/workshop he would have been impressed as the diaper wearing ginger boy worked with speed, intensity and accuracy to produce the goods that made his business very successful. He sweated while he worked and loved the way the plastic often moulded itself to his bum and genitals making the fit tight and snug, a constant reminder of his place in the world… but only for Mr Carter.

Callers were not encouraged but whenever Pearson needed a break from his intense and intricate work… he shoved his hand inside his diaper and fondled his latest gizmo, a lockable penis restrictor that he’d fashioned out of bits of metal, that stopped him from getting an erection. He loved the pain he felt when he thought of Mr Carter. The mere mental image of the gym teacher always made his cock throb with a burning intensity, making him desperate for the next meeting when his ‘lord and key-master’ released his cock for a couple of hours as he got his arse thrashed and he was allowed to come… sometimes!

Then it was back in to a thick diaper and made to waddle home. Pearson was never happier and it showed in his work as he produced even more wonderful contraptions for his list of fervent and important customers.