Moving on

well it seems I am moving on from my bachelor lifestyle I have held since I moved out on my own at age seventeen.

Four years of the bachelor life has been fun, I have done things my way and liked it for a bit.

Found a beautiful woman I am in love with and she is moving in with me after the semester ends in December.

We discussed it with her parents, bills and all that. She is the youngest so they were worried.

I told them flat out.

I have been paying my own bills and the sort since I joined the navy at seventeen.

It will be a new experience and I am excited, we have an ideal date for our wedding in the next year or two.

We plan on having the parental wedding, so we can make the folks happy, and then having a pagan wedding.

A hand fasting which will be performed by a dear friend of ours.

This semester cannot end soon enough for me.

Re: Moving on

I shudder to think what anal handfasting may involve.

Congratulations mate; sounds fantastic. Scary to think you’re getting married at my age though! I’m definitely not there yet…