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Alexandyre was finally on the road. The road to anywhere and everywhere and with no intention of going back to the place called home. He had worked for a full year, living at home to save up as much money as he could and eventually bought the motorcycle he was now riding. The bike was a commando-green Russian motorcycle from the end of the Cold War and attached to its side was a matching sidecar, which was the reason he bought it; because everything is an adventure when you’re on a motorcycle with a sidecar. And now, at 19 years of age, he sped down the open road to his future and despite the fact that it was midnight, pitch black outside and pooring down buckets of rain, it seemed very bright. So on he road, unto and through a mountain roads, going with the many twists and turns, when, through this awefull weather he saw the red break lights of a vehicle come into view. Drawing closer he could almost make out what seemed to be a truck of some type, yet before there was any chance to confirm it, he was interrupted by a rather loud screech as the possible-truck sped off like a bat out of hell. Thinking the driver might of hit a dear or something of the sort, Alex slowly deaccelerated and strained his eyes, however as he drew closer and closer, he found himself more and more surprised. Pulling off to the side of the road and coming to a halt, Alex got off his bike.

Before him laid a women, drenched from the rain, almost artistically strewn on the ground. Unlike him, she was not wearing any heavy clothing fit for this weather, no, she was wearing a long white skirt with a matching white T-shirt. Her clothes clung to her slim figure. Two scraped and bleeding knees allowed him to guess that she had been thrown out of the vehicle. She still had yet to notice Alex, sobbing into her hands. Standing before her, Alex waited in silence, waiting for her to notice him, as it was not his wish to surprise her, not knowing what traumatic ordeal she had just been thrown out of.

When she finally realized that there was a mysterious figure standing before her, she quickly recoiled in fear, her vibrant green eyes wide. He couldn’t really blame her for being afraid, as his figure must have looked less than welcoming. Alex was a rather tall guy, 6’1 with a slim, yet semi masculine build, wearing a black riding jacket with drenched jeans, black boots, round riding goggle around his neck and black hair that flatly drooped almost passed his ears and at that moment, like her, his skin was a shade of ghostly white due to the terribly cold weather. Both within the spotlight of the motorcycles headlight, they simply stared at each other for a moment. He stared as kindly as he could into her beautiful, yet scared, green eyes and she stared into his cold, yet welcoming, gray eyes. After a few seconds Alex noticed that her lower lip had ceased its quivering and she no longer looked so scared. Figuring that she had finally gotten used to his presence he reached his hands down to her, offering to help her up. However, in that moment that had passed, it was not that she was getting used to his presence, but that she herself had a realization. Life had beaten her down and tossed her aside and now there was this scary figure with welcoming eyes standing before her. This figure before her was either her savior, or the last torment that she would endure from life, yet in that she found comfort, taking this guys hands would mean her final end, or her long awaited new beginning; no matter what, she was close to the light at the end of the tunnel. And with that she took his hands and was lifted to her feet.

Now face to face, Alex offered forth the first words since their paths connected. " Yo… I’m that good thing that everybody wishes for when alot of bad things happen to them…"

In response the girl gave the slightest of nods and started walking in the opposite direction. Alex was dumbfounded, for he had never thought that she would choose freezing to death over riding on the same motorcycle with him. This feeling of surprise quickly subsided as he realized that she was just picking up a paper bag that was no more than ten feet away. Once back at the bike she tucked it into the sidecar, next to Alex’s single piece of luggage, then climbed onto the back of the motorcycle. Before Alex mounted his bike he took off his jacket and handed it to the girl, who took it but looked back at him confused. To this he simply responded, " I’m half Russian, it’ll take much colder weather to cause me any real trouble."

Seeing that she still hesitated in putting it on he added in, " Come on, the sooner you put that on and we get out of here; the sooner we get to some where warm to stay for the night."

Finally she put it on and Alex got onto the bike, started it up, and told her to hang on tight. She did hang on tight, with her arms wrapped around Alex’ torso their two bodies were pressed together and within a fleeting Alex could not help but realize that this girl was certainly not flat chested. Of course this thought was quickly dismissed as the cold wind continued to bite at his face and torso. To their luck, it only took about 20 minutes to find the nearest Inn and get a room. The Inn itself was a pretty nice place; it looked old, but incredibly well taken care of. Once in their room they set down their luggage, which consisted of my backpack and wet paper bag, as well as whatever was in it. Then they just stood there, both thinking, “what now?”

The answer was clear so Alex piped up… " We need to get out of these wet clothes…Now all the clothes in my bag are probably soaked and i’m just ganna guess that its the same for your bag and whatever is in it, so…" As he spoke he walked over to the closet and pulled out two large blankets, handing one to the girl. " So, here ya go, i’ll change out after you" he said as he motioned to the open bathroom door. With another slight nod she took the towel and walked over to her paper bag and bent over to pick it up.

Now, Alex is no pervert, but this girl was just too beautiful not to stare at. Anyway, when she bent over he noticed something that surprised him quite a bit, he could swear that he could see the outlines of a very bulging adult diaper. He’s not a nosy guy so he decided to just put it from his mind and act like he saw nothing, after all this gal certainly didn’t need anything more on her plate to worry about. Then just as she walks toward the bathroom, bag in hand, it rips. The wet paper bag splits right down the middle and its contents fall out. A quick glance shows Alex that it’s a package of molicare diapers and a bottle of baby powder. It was clear that she was trying very hard to hold it together as she picked up the items and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

If there is one thing that mattered to Alex it’s to be understanding, and this situation was no exception for this personality trait of his. After about 5 minutes the girl came out of the bathroom and Alex proceeded in. Within 10 minutes they were sitting at small table in the room, drinking instant coffee. She was still very quiet, so Alex broke the silence with an introduction. “Hi, my name is Alexandyre Shrader and I have had my share of lifes harsh moments to know that you probably don’t want to talk about it, so how bout we just get some sleep. I’ll sleep on the floor, you can have the bed.”

With that he got up, went over to the bed, tossed one of the pillows on the ground next to the bed, then layed down on his back staring at the ceiling and when he was about to close his eyes, the girl said her first words for the whole evening… " My name is Lucy and… Thank you…"

Chapter 2

Alex ended up waking up pretty early due to the fact that the room was freezing cold. It was no surprise to for him to find out that the heating unit was turned off, since it did not occur to him last night to turn it on, so he turned it on. This, however reminded him that they had wet clothing that needed drying, so with that he gathered up all the wet clothing and headed out to find somewhere in the Inn to dry the clothing. After a good ten minutes he managed to find the wash and dry facilities and then proceeded to load his clean clothing into the dryer, and his, as well as her dirty clothing into the washing machine. That being done, he headed back to their room to try and catch a little more sleep. As he entered the room he could hear that the shower was on and could see that Lucy was no longer in bed, which was probably a good thing, as he had been walking around in his very same damp boxer briefs from last night. Just as he was about to fetch a blanket, the bathroom door opened and Lucy came out.

With a towel wrapped around her and a diaper on, she walked out of the bathroom and there Alex was, stopped in his tracks and clearly stunned. She Just kinda stood there, staring at him staring at her. Her wet brunette hair came a bit past her shoulders, her face and body were no longer ghostly white and nor were her lips purple, but instead she was more full of life and color, not altered by freezing cold weather. But it was her eyes that Alex could not help but look into; those magically green eyes. All this was a bit much was a bit much for him, and he could feel himself starting to get that feeling down below. She noticed almost immediately and this time she was the one to break the silence… " You’re not too bad lookin yourself." she commented with a smile as she walked past him over to the small table. Alex was kind of surprised, as he did not know if she would talk at all today and if she did, he did not expect something like that.
Alex then turned and walked over to the table to sit opposite of her and could not help but smirk a bit as he saw several small bottles of many different types of liquor in the middle of the table. He could not help but think to himself, " Well, that explains alot…"
He let out a short chuckle as he sat down.

“So, what do we have here?” Asked Alex as he picked up a few different bottles and looking at them.

However, half way through inspecting the third bottle Lucy replied to his question… " Are you old enough to drink?" She teased while shooting him a grin and an overly suspicious look…

Alex, not realizing that she was just jokin with him, quickly countered, “Why of-ofcourse I AM!”
She continued to eye him for a short moment…
“…Kind of …” Alex finished, smirking a bit as Lucy returned a big smile and started laughing. She finally managed to stifle the last bit of laughter after about ten seconds.
" You, know I was just teasin ya." She said in a very sweet tone, then continued with a deeper tone, " You look plenty manly from where im standing-I mean sitting…"

Now Blushing a tiny bit, “How many of those, have you had?” Alex asked, motioning to the bottles in the middle of the table.

She did not answer his question but instead put in, " Awe come now, dun go ruinin the fun. For a few hours we can be free of our worries and sorrows…. You’re not going to tell me that I shouldn’t or that it’s unhealthy or something like that, are ya!?" Lucy whined, still speaking in her sweet, yet slightly inebriated voice.

“Certainly not!” Alex replied in an exasperated manner as he stood up from his chair. “Well…It is unhealthy to some degree…” He continued, while walking over to his backpack. He reached into his backpack and pulled out… “Let this rather large bottle of…”

He paused for a second, looking at the label “Rasberry Vodka be proof that I know my fair share about those worries and sorrows you speak of… AND…”

Now back at the table “In times like these, I think its just what the doctor ordered.”


" Well, at age 20 I met this great guy, then we started living together and thats when he started getting a bit rough. From there things went down hill. Until about two weeks ago he was driving us home from the grocery store and he sped through a red light and that was the end of his Ford Crown Victoria. We were then sent to the nearest hospital where he spent one week and was out, and I spent two weeks. He got out almost totally unharmed; I got out with an damaged and altogether uncontrollable bladder. He found out in the truck while he was driving us home and that was it, he was done with me… He threw me out of the truck with nothing but the clothes I was wearing and my paper bag that I had received from the hospital. That’s when you came along." Lucy finished up, tears brimming her eyes.

“That’s terrible… Just terrible…” Alex sputtered, yet before he could continue he was interrupted by her.

“Yeah, pretty fucking harsh huh? Well at least it’s over… The relationship with that bastard, at least…”

After a long pause Lucy piped up, clearly trying to make an effort to cheer back up. “Well, now it’s your turn motorcycle-sidecar-mystery-man.” She barely managed the sentence.

" Oh right…" Alex managed an uneasy smile…

" My story is pretty simple; short really… really short." His uneasy smile disappeared

“Yeah, my story is… Ah… Short lived” He once more managed a momentary uneasy smile, which only lasted for a moment and then disappeared, giving way to a much darker look on his face.

“One day… I came home and I found my Dad, Mum, and twin brother dead… Shot to death.” His voice wavered a bit as he said this and then he continued.

" Mum and Dad died in their beds, both shot in the head while sleeping. My brother… He was awake when whoever did this arrived and was shot 4 times before he died… Aside from me, my sister also lived. We sold or gave away everything that was not of sentimental value and split the money from the house and life insurance down the middle. She went to live with her Fiance, he’s a good man… And after the funeral, I left… Thats when I crossed paths with you…"

For a full minute, which seemed to the two of them like an eternity, there was absolute silence. Just when neither of them could really take the silence anymore… It was interrupted by a hissing noise. At first they both looked at each other confused, then Lucy started to blush madly as she looked down and realized that her diaper was seriously wet, yet luckily it did not leak. She looked back up to see Alex beginning to stand up.

“Where you off to?” Lucy inquired.

“Need to pee.” He replied

“You should try wearing a diaper!” Lucy blurted out.

“Oh, really?! And why is that.”

“Because then we could continue drinking and having a good time throughout the day without interruptions!” She said with a smile on her face.

“I dunno… Will anything bad happen?”

“You might enjoy it.” She said, again with a big smirk on her face.

Alex’ expression looked uneasy, like he was looking for the inhibitions that the alcohol had weakened. But Lucy was not going to leave it to that; she got up out of her chair and walked to Alex, stopping a foot away… “Pleeaase!”

" Oh come on now, that’s not fair!" Alex said gesturing at her vibrant green eyes, her c-cup towel bound chest, and her rather well used diaper.

" All is fair in love and war." She pined in.

" Oh? And which one is this?"

" War" Replied Lucy with a big smile.

The understanding part of Alexandyre clicked in at this moment and he realized that she really didn’t want to be the only one here in a diaper, that she must feel kinda out of place. Really, if it would make her that much happier, how could he refuse. Besides can’t knock it till you try it… Right…. Alex thought…

" In that case… I guess you’ve won." Alex relented with a smile to Lucy, who already had a diaper in hand. With that she went into action, she laid out the diaper on the bed and baby powdered it, then turned to Alex and said " Ok, i’m ganna turn around and you’re going to take off your briefs, lay down on the diaper, and pull the front up, then I will tape it."

Alex chimed in, “I am sure I am fully capable taping it up.”

To this Lucy quickly returned, " Trust me when i tell you that it is alot harder than it looks. Besides, why not let the pretty gal do part of the work."

" Fine, well then turn around" Said Alex, and she did.

So he did as told and she taped up the diaper nice and tight…

" You’re right, it really is not that bad."

" See, no need to be a big baby about it!" laughed Lucy as she returned to her seat and Alex returned to his.

Quickly swallowing the vodka that was in his mouth Alex retorted, " I most certainly was not!"

" Ok ok, it was joke." Relented Lucy.

They continued talking and drinking until they both passed out next to each other in bed.

Chapter 3

Lucy was the first one to wake up and found herself amazed at the fact that her diaper had not yet leaked, yet even more surprised that was she by the fact that Alex was sleeping right next to her. It was in that moment that He then awoke and it took him a moment before he realized that this was not a dream. It was his splitting headache that tipped him off that he really had been spent the whole previous day drinking with this beautiful women. Course to him She was more than that now, she was Lucy, A girl he definantly could see himself really liking.
Alex spoke first… " Lucy…"
She immediately looked at him waiting for him to continue. " Your towel is loose… " Said Alex pointing at her overly exposed chest. Her eyes grew a bit wide with surprise and started making frantic movements to correct this, when she just stopped, something about Alex had caught her eyes. Then She spoke to Alex…

" Alex…" This time it was his turn to look into her eyes, waiting for her to continue. " Your diaper is leaking…"

With that they both simultaneously jumped out of bed and turned around; looking down they both realized that what the other had said was true. Lucy immediately went about fixing the problem, once again wrapping the towel around tightly around her and blushing madly as she was quite embarrassed. This embarrassment quickly subsided as she looked down at her chest and thought to herself, ’ Well, they are perfect.’ With a big grin on her face she then turned around to see Alex briskly walking around the room in his absolutely saturated diaper, his head darting back and forth as though he were looking for something. Lucy could not help but laugh. This of course caught Alex’ attention. “This is not funny!” He proclaimed in a very loud but strained whisper.

" Oh come on -" Said Lucy, putting a great deal of effort into trying to finish her sentence without breaking into another bout of laughter. " look at yourself! You can’t tell me that it’s not funny."

Not having to give it much thought Alex returned, " Yeah well… Help me look for my briefs will ya."

" OK, ok" Returned Lucy with a smirk on her face.

Alex and Lucy looked around the room " They have got to be somewhere around he -" But Alex was cut off from finishing his sentence by his right foot that had ran into something. He looked down to see that he had just knocked over the bottle of vodka that he had apparently set down next to his chair; the remaining contents of the bottle quickly spilled onto the floor. “Damnit all!” cursed Alex.

“What?” Asked Lucy, from inside the bathroom.

“I just knocked over the Vodka and a lot spilled out onto the onto the floor before I could save it.” Replied Alex.

Lucy walked out of the bathroom with a roll of paper towels in hand. Ready to aid Alex in this disaster she walked over to him. He was standing near the site of the catastrophe with the bottle in hand, now with the cap back on, examining the damages; there was still one third of the bottle left. ‘It could be much worse,’ Alex thought to himself.

" Oh shit!" exclaimed Lucy, as she went to try and dry the floor.

“Really?! I thought you were only urinary incontinent.” Joked Alex.

“You’re really going to regret makin fun of my having to wear diapers.” Said Lucy, almost as though she felt sorry for Alex.

“Yeah, i’m sorry that was in really bad taste…” He returned, feeling kinda bad for saying such a thing. “Yeah, again, sorry; that was re-” But Alex found himself interrupted as Lucy pulled her arm out from under the chair, no longer holding a wet paper towel, but hooked to her pointer finger, a soaked pair of boxer briefs… She stood back up, looking at Alex with pity in her eyes…

" Aww, shit…" Proclaimed Alex… “Now that’s just plain ironic…” Finished Alex, with a pained smile on his face. Lucy couldn’t help but stifle a laugh or two for which she was about to apologize, but was cut off by Alex as he started chuckling to himself while shaking his head, “Well, I deserved that. Even though I’m not pleased with the situation, I certainly deserved it.”

After few seconds Alex piped up. “Ah that reminds me, our clothes are still in the Inn’s washer and dryer down the hall.” He then made for the door and just as he was about to open it…

“Wait!” Belted out Lucy, in surprise. “You’re going to go out there in nothing but an overly saturated diaper?!”

" Yeah, I’ve never been one to care much about what other people think." Replied Alex in an informative manner. " Heck if some stranger who I will never see again gets a laugh or two off at my expense, thats their deal. Besides it’s not like I have much of a choice."

Then just as he was about to leave he stopped, “Then again, I’d rather not draw too much attention.”
So he walked over and grabbed a blanket to wrap himself in. With that, and a smile, he walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him. As he neared the Inn’s laundry room, he heard a lot of snickering. He stopped and looked around, yet saw nobodies door open, nor anyone around. As he turned back towards the laundry room he discovered the source of laughter. There, outside the laundry room entrance, stood a group of 6 teenagers, two of them with their arms full of clothing, yet not just any clothing, but His and Lucy’s clothing.
Their eyes were all wide with surprise…
" I think that you have my friend and I’s clothing there in your arms." Spoke Alex, motioning to the two individuals holding their clothing. However instead of responding, they just began laughing hysterically. Now one would think that laughing that hard would make it hard to run away, but these guys certainly weren’t affected as they turned on their heels and zoomed off, granted two or three of them had to use the wall to keep from stumbling as they ran down the long hallway and eventually out into the lobby. Alex could have pursued them, but it would have been difficult and there was not much he could have done when he caught them. After all, he was not about to beat up some teenagers over some prank. These thoughts went through his mind as he walked into the laundry room to see if they accidentally left anything. Sure enough, there was a… Alex picked it up and looked at the label.

" ‘C-cup Victoria Secret "Very Sexy®
NEW! Secret Embrace™ push-up bra’ "

Alex read out loud… Well, Alex thought, he had to agree with the people at Victoria Secret. This purple bra would Certainly look sexy on Lucy. Course he couldn’t imagine why she would need it, after all, as far as he could tell she was extremely blessed with ample cough but rather perky cough breasts. As he walked back down the hall to their room he could not help but let his thoughts stray to her vibrant green eyes. However his thoughts were then interrupted by the sound of distant laughter behind him. He turned around to see the some of the clothing snatchers lookin at him through the glass door of the lobby. Man they were really gettin a kick out of him. ‘Apparently the joke ain’t over’ Alex thought and chuckled to himself.

Alex entered the room and shortly after, Lucy came out of the bathroom, having taken a shower and re diapered herself. Without bothering to say anything Alex walked over to her and handed to her the only surviving garment from his expedition.

“Where is everything else?” Inquired Lucy.

“Short story even shorter…” started Alex, taking a breath before continuing. “Our clothes were stolen by a group of teens who thought it was the funniest thing in the world…” He said as he lay the blanket back on the bed.

“Ok, well then what exactly are we going to do? This is a joke I would rather not be at the end of.” Commented Lucy.

" No worries, I’ll think of something, I always think of something." Alex said, then frowned. “But first, I really need to get out of this diaper and take a shower.”
That being said, Alex walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Once finished with his shower Alex found himself confronted with another problem…
“Ah, Lucy…” Spoke Alex from the door.
“Yes?” Replied Lucy sweetly
“I have a bit of a problem.”
“I know, the solution is already spread out on the bed and powdered. I’ll turn around and turn back around to help you tape.” Said Lucy
“Well actually, I was ganna ask you to pass me the vodka briefs.” Said Alex in a slightly hesitant manner as he came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him. He walked passed the slightly horrified looking Lucy and picked up his vodka soaked briefs up from the ground. Lucy finally spoke up as he was just about to put them on.
“Where is your common sense?” Questioned Lucy.
Stepping into his boxer briefs and about to pull them up, “You know, if there is one thing I have found, it’s that common sense is not that common.” He replied as he pulled up the briefs and then proceeded to take off the towel. Lucy still had a slightly horrified look on her face as she watch Alex walk back to the bathroom to return the towel. he was about half way when he stopped in his tracks. His face went from ‘know-it-all grin’ to an ‘Oh, what have I done’ frown. Lucy couldn’t help but burst out in laughter as she stood up from the bed, walked the two steps over to the momentarily stunned Alex and leaned over so her face was right next to his. “I’ll bet that kinda burns” She chided.
“Just as stupidity of this level only should.” Was Alex’ response.
Satisfied, Lucy shoved Alex toward the bed and turned around. With one action he pulled off the briefs and jumped out of them, then situated himself on the diaper and signaled Lucy that he was ready for her aid. Lucy turned around and was about to tape it up… " You know, it would probably help your irritated skin to put a bit more baby power down there." Lucy said in a ‘for your own good’ sort of way.
“Yeah, you’re probably right; you wanna hand it here.” He replied while holding out his hand.
“Why not let me do the honors” Piped in Lucy
“Oh” Returned Alex, with a raised eyebrow.
“Yeah, you’ve seen me half naked, why not return the favor.” She said with a smile “Besides, I’ll probably make less of a mess with the powder; been using it longer.” She added with a wink.
“Well when you put it that way…” Said Alex with a smile as he plopped on his back and started staring at the ceiling, giving her free reign.
“That’s quite a ‘tool’ you’ve got there.” Commented Lucy with raised eyebrows as she finished up the powdering. “I’ll bet you were really popular in high school.” She said with a grin to Alex as she finished taping up.

“Nope, never got far enough to do the deed. Everyone who wanted to gossiped too much or was involved in a bunch of high school drama. Gosh those are two things that I hate. I can’t stand it when people talk behind each others backs, so really I steered clear of most people in high school. Most social interaction that I got was through a bunch of jokes and pranks because they thought that I was shy.” Alex chuckled as he said this. “Boy were they wrong.” Finished Alex as he got to his feet with a smile on his face.

“Speaking of jokes…I would love to hear your plan for how we come out on the winners end of this prank.” Lucy said, gesturing to their lack of clothing.

“There isn’t much I love more than showing jokesters who their Jokin with.” Said Alex with a smile. He continued “We road into this place in pretty poor condition. I think we should ride out of here on that chariot like a god and goddess, in the Greek sense.”
Lucy watched, still a bit confused, as Alex walked over to the closet and pulled out two big white sheets.
“Oh jesus.” Was all Lucy could say through a big grin as she shook her head back and forth.
Alex turned towards her with an equally big grin “Oh yes…” he said and then pointed to his backpack, " In the front pocket there is a small emergency box, inside there should be a needle and thread."

----------- 15 MINUTES LATER --------------

Lucy and Alex stood opposite each other admiring their work. “These Toga’ are either pure brilliance, or absolute madness!” Mused Lucy
“I like to think it’s a mixture of both, ending in not but pure awesome.” Proudly exclaimed Alex. “By the way you truly look like a goddess.” He added.
" And you, like some mighty Greek ruler." Returned Lucy.

Packing all their things to leave was easy, all Alex had to do was get the bottle of Vodka and put it back in his backpack. Lucy stood by the door with the heavily taped together paperback in hand. Alex was surprised however, when he was putting the vodka into his bag and checking to make sure that nothing, save for his clothing, was missing. He was surprised by the fact that aside from his metal box that was at the bottom of his back pack, which he checked to make sure nothing was missing from, there was Lucy’s purple bra, and all that was left from the mini bar wrapped in a towel. Pleased, he then zipped up his backpack and took it up by its top most handle, joining Lucy at the door. As they entered the hallway Alex could not help but comment with a chuckle, " you really took that Greek goddess thing serious."
Lucy gave a big smile at him before replying, “Wearing a damp bra can be about as irritating as a wet diaper.”

Alex, remembering that his vodka briefs were still in the room on the floor, left a big tip before they left.
As they exited the Inn, they noted their fortune as the day was a sunny one and they truly did fit the picture. The group of six guys who had pranked them were still waiting around, probably to get another big laugh at the guy and gal who’s clothes they had taken. They were actually leaning on the fence next to Alex’ chariot. While Alex and Lucy walked over to the bike, all this group could do was stare in surprise, half of them even had their mouths open.
Alex and Lucy put their respective bags in the side car and mounted their his chariot. However just before they rode off on the motorcycle, Alex stopped, turned to the group, which still had the clothes at their feet, and said one sentence. “Can’t touch this.”
And then they sped off on the motorcycle leaving the group of boys to simply stare in awe. About half a mile later Alex pulled off to the side of the road because it was dangerous to drive when they were laughing so hard.

Once they got a hold of themselves they were back on the road Lucy posed a question to which she was curious of the answer. “So, Alex, what is in that metal box at the bottom of your bag? I’m just curious.”
Alex thought for a moment before responding, then he did… “Ten thousand dollars, as I did not know when I would next have access to my money, which is in a bank account in Switzerland.”

Lucy was a little blown back by this, as she thought his leaving was more spontaneous, not so planned.
“Wow you really planned out this mysterious vacation of yours.” Lucy added in.

“Actually, my hand was kinda forced by the death of my parents and my brother. The truth is, this is not just a vacation, because I don’t really intend to go back.”
There was a pause before Alex spoke again… “Lucy, I was wondering, do you have anything to do or anywhere to go?”

Lucy was a bit sad at hearing this question, as she had really enjoyed meeting Alex…She tried hard not to sound sad when she spoke “No… I- I don-”

Alex interrupted quickly, finishing her sentence, “Don’t? Because if thats the case then I- well it’s been a lot of fun and i don’t -” Alex was having severe trouble finding a way to phrase it and not stuttering in the process, until he finally just blurted out, " Wanna be my sidekick in this adventure? I mean cus everything is an adventure when you have a motorcycle with a sidecar."

Lucy was really happy to hear that their time together was not over. " Why can’t you be the sidekick and I the main character?" She replied.
Alex responded quickly, " That’s cool, as long as I get to be the one driving the motorcycle."
At this point they were both smiling, happy that their adventure was not over yet… And it certainly wasn’t….

Chapter 4

The scenery had long since changed, no longer did they ride the beautiful mountain roads, but now farmland surrounded them. The two of them had been riding for hours. To Alex, this area and just about all they had past through up till this point were new to him. For Lucy, however, they were familiar. “We aren’t going to stop in this next town are we?” Inquired Lucy.

“Just for Gas, we are running a bit low, although it is getting a bit late, the sun will set soon. If you would like we could stay at a place there for the night.” Replied Alex.

“Nah, lets just get the gas and continue on riding through.” Answered Lucy.

Within twenty minutes they had reached town. Both of their stomachs were telling them that food would be a good idea. “we should probably stop to get some food soon” Put forth Alex.

Lucy responded “Yeah, there is a good Chines place about a mile away, if you would like to try it out.”

“Oh, you recognize where we are?” Asked Alex

“Yeah, I lived about 5 miles east of here with him.”

“Ah, I see. Well then, we will just get some food, gas and pass through here.” Commented Alex.

They walked into the Chines restaurant and got a booth together. They really got a lot of stares, what with them wearing their makeshift togas. Lucy was a bit nervous and it showed. “Lucy, really, please you’re safe with me.” Said Alex leaning forward.

“You know, I’v mentioned him dozens of times, yet never his name.” Commented Lucy, as they ate.

“I figure you’ll tell me if or when you like.” Counter commented Alex.

“Well, his name is Garek.” Said Lucy… “I fell for him because he was a really mysterious guy. That really turned me on back then.” As Lucy spoke, she looked kinda sad from where Alex was sitting… To him, her looking sad… It just did not seem right. Her eyes, they were just too damn beautiful to be lookin sad…

“You know Lucy-” Interceded Alex with an aire of sarcastic arrogance. “I can be quite mysterious too, For instance, you don’t know how old I am. And if you were to ask, well I’d be liable to tell you that it were a mystery.” Finished Alex with a grin on his face and one or two nods of his head up and down.

Lucy couldn’t help but laugh and pose the question. “So how old are you?”

Alex, in an effort to seen mysterious answered “How old are YOU? Oh wow, me answering a question with a question, now isn’t THAT mysterious?”

By this point, their serious faces were utterly failing them as they laughed. And then between her laughter, Lucy put forth, “What if I told you that I am no longer attracted to mystery men?”

Alex immediately stopped laughing and quickly spat out his response, “19! I’m nineteen yours old.”

With that, they both broke into laughter again. Finally as it started calming down, Lucy managed to speak, “You know, where I come from, they call THAT whipped.” She joked.

“Whipped – Roped in, Potato pataato.” Replied Alex, then becoming more serious he added in, “Ok, ok all joking aside. Truth is, I’m a real open book, so to speak. Only real danger in asking me a question is that I’ll tell the truth.”

“Oh, I hadn’t noticed…” Lucy said with a heavy degree of sarcasm in her sweet voice.

The two of them then went on to finish their meals and left the restaurant. “Now, where around here is a gas station? This chariot needs gas.” Asked Alex.

Within minutes their chariot was pulling into the gas station, which was well lit on this dark night… There was only one other vehicle at the gas station. Lucy hopped off to pump the gas and Alex leaned over and retrieved some cash from his backpacks front pocket to hand to Lucy. As he handed it to Lucy he looked up and saw her beautiful green eyes wide with what seemed a mixture of horror and surprise. Something was wrong…

Alex immediately spun around, all the while leaning heavily to retrieve something from the sidecar. As he did so he heard the voice of a man in front of him shout for him to stop. Alex’ eyes risked a glance up, the man was tall, dressed in a suit and reaching for something within his jacket and the last thing Alex was going to do was stop. This man was faster than Alex, pulling a Beretta 9mm from inside his jacket milliseconds before Alex pulled his own gun from under the hood of the sidecar. The two pointed their respective guns at each other for a moment before the man in the suite spoke. “Lower the weapon, I have information you need…”
This man was clearly skilled with his weapon, and certainly had the chance to kill him…But what if he is just cocky… The what ifs plagued Alexandyre’s mind, and it showed in the slight shaking of the pistol in his hand.
“Come here, we need to talk…” The mysterious man said as he motioned to his truck.

When the man did this Alex heard a gasp come from behind. He didn’t know if Lucy’s gasp was out of fear or not, but thats what he was going to guess. Alex’s instincts told him not to leave Lucy, thus he acted accordingly and got off the bike, all the while keeping his now much more steady hand trained on the mystery man.
Seeing that Alex was not about to go anywhere, but to Lucy’s side, he lowered his gun and said what he had to say, right then and there.

“They already put a hit out on your sister, but it was called off. As it seems that you made the right connections with somebody back home who is rather persuasive. But what that person does not know, that I do, is that they have already paid a few hit men to come plug you. I am one of those people. I am however going to be turning the job down.” He paused before he continued.

"Your brother fought with a madness I’v never seen before, even after I had shot him three times, he got back up the moment I started for your empty room and practically smashed my face in… He died to protect that door to your room, not knowing that you weren’t there and I can’t help but respect that. "

Still a bit confused…“Why are you telling me this? and how the hell do you know who I am?” Alex desperately demanded. All this information was a bit much for Alex…At this point his eyes were wide with shock, his breathing was heavy and all his muscles flexed.

“I am telling you this because you were kind enough to pick up her from the side of the road after I threw her out. And I recognize you because you look like your brother.” Answered the man. The man then continued, “I will not answer anymore questions, but i will tell you this. You can come for me looking for revenge, but trust me when I say that it will be pointless. Just survive, take her and survive… That Soviet Tokarev TT you have there is an ancient piece of machinery, but it will do the trick, have it ready…I don’t know how long you have before they come. Some of them are better at tracking than I am, some are worst.” With that the man turned around and started walking back to his truck.

Now, Alex’ breathing had gone from heavy to a loud rasping. He tried to walk back to his bike but instead staggered forward, dropping the gun as he did so, yet still managed to get his outstretched right hand to the left handlebar before he stumbled to the ground. Not only his mind, but his body too, found it all so revolting… The very bile of his stomach rose up and he vomited near the front tire of his bike…Everything was spiraling out of control… Everything seemed so blurry. Alex looked around, blinking rapidly. To him everything seemed so sad… Utterly sad… He looked up again, this time at the sky, this time with tears in his eyes. The tears made it hard to see the stars… Just then something blocked the stars entirely… No not something, but someone… Lucy… Her vibrant green eyes…They too full of tears… The thoughts entered his mind… It seemed so wrong for her beautiful eyes to look sad. His eyes locked with Lucy’s.
Now his senses were coming back. His breathing slowly returned to normal and his body stopped shaking… With Lucy’s help, he got back to his feet. Alex quickly regained his form, his grasp on the world and its events, for a while there, he had thought he lost them.

After picking up the gun and putting it back in its place, under the hood of the sidecar, he once more mounted his bike, Lucy fallowing suite. Together they road off, together, back on the road. After leaving town it was another hour before they found a place to stay the night. During that whole silent ride, Lucy held herself tightly to Alex…

The Hotel they arrived at was pretty nice. They walked together down the hall to their room… Just as they were about to enter Alex paused and spoke the first words between the two of them for over an hour… “Lucy… I’m sorry you had to see that…It finally hit me that they are truly dead…Before now, I had not shed even a single tear…So once more, I’m sorry you had to see that.”

“I’m not.” Replied Lucy. The two of them just stood there for a moment outside their door…

“I am glad.” Finalized Alex as opened the door with a very tired smile on his face…

The two of them clearly had different priorities once in the room. Lucy took her bag and went into the bathroom. Whereas Alex took the Tokarev out of his pocket and set the pistol on the nightstand before grabbing two of the Hotels glasses from the tiny excuse for a kitchen, filling one of them up with Vodka and heading back to sit on the bed. He gulped it down relatively quickly, pouring himself another, which he drank as well. He was on his third glass when Lucy came out of the bathroom, fresh diaper and towel wrapped around her, she briskly walked over to Alex and relieved him of his of his half full glass with a, “Wow there Chief… How many of these have you had?”

“Two and a half and with the full intention of making it three.” Alex replied with a small grin as he motioned for his glass back…

“Jesus…” Lucy said, thinking to herself that she was not gone for more than six or seven minutes.

Over the next twelve minutes Lucy finished off his glass of vodka and started to notice the quickly becoming inebriated Alex shift back and forth in his seat.

“I’ll bet somebody could really use a diaper change.” Lucy said in the sweetest voice she could manage…

It took the drunk Alex a moment before answer. “Are you trying to patronize me?”

“Why of course not” She replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Oh, ok…” Alex responded as he fell back onto the bed, the vodka was really hitting him hard at this point.

Lucy took off his very wet diaper off and taped another on. Then after throwing away the used diaper, she turned off the lights and climbed into bed with Alex who was already well on his way to a full night of sleep… Once she was in bed Alex, in his last moments of consciousness pulled her close to him and she in turn put her arms around him, then with a very content look on his face Alex managed two words before passing out.“Thank you.”
They both fell asleep in each others arm that night, both in desperate need of lots of sleep after that days many trials.

Chapter 5

Alex woke up a very surprised individual, for somehow, he had wound up in bed with Lucy… This thought alone caused many question marks to pop into his head. Somehow, he was in bed with Lucy, her head rested right next to his; he could even feel her breathing. Her body slightly pressed against him, his right arm positioned under and around her body, coming out near her shoulder. Lucy had yet to wake up and Alex laid there on his back in bed, his mind wracked with the previous days events. Alex wanted to curse himself, as he could remember all the events of the previous day up until he poured himself his first glass of vodka; then everything was hazy for him. His face clearly displayed his frustrated confusion as he continued to focus on trying to remember what took place.
His in depth focus was, however, interrupted by a warm gust of air being blown into his right ear.
Lucy had woken up to see a very confused looking Alex. She could take a lucky guess at why he was confused and decided to toy with him a bit, to this end, she began by blowing into his right ear to interrupt his failing attempt to remember last night. Her action was met with a flinch from the momentarily shocked Alex, fallowed by a blank look on his face.
“Aaah-” Alex began, “Hi.”

Lucy couldn’t help but laugh on the inside and show a big smile on her face as she saw his reaction. But she was not done with him yet… “Hi” Replied Lucy with a sweet chirp as she pulled herself closer to him, pressing her body more up against his.

This action caused Alex’ eyes to grow wide and his cheeks to burn red. Alex just laid there, paralyzed for a moment before his body jumped into an upright position, pulling his arm out from under her and almost taking the towel with it. He quickly turned to her with a face that conveyed a very undecided franticness… “Wha-wha-trrr-ya doin!?” Alex sputtered.

Lucy could barely keep her laughter from bursting out her overly smiling mouth; “You looked like you were having trouble trying to remember something, so I figured I would help you out.”

“We didn’t do anything l-last night did we?!” Alex finally managed.

“What do you mean? We did lots of things.” Said Lucy, with a big smile.

Alex just sat there for a few moments and Lucy just smiled right back before her constitution failed her and she broke out in hysterical laughter, holding the towel in place with one hand and pointing at him with the other.

“Y-y-ou” Lucy attempted through her bout of laughter, “yo- you-” she was still having trouble getting it out through all her laughing, “drank th-thn passed out.” she said, then continued laughing.

Slowly getting over his state of astonishment, “That was…” Alex paused for a moment before continuing, “not nice!” He tried to feign seriousness, but failed, as he just felt really relieved.

“No, but it was downright hilarious!” replied Lucy, now calming down.

“Yeah, it was pretty funny…” Proclaimed Alex with a small chuckle, “you really had me goin.”

“I know.” Lucy beamed as she got out of bed and headed over to Alexandyre’s backpack, holding the towel in place as she did so. From it she pulled her purple ‘very sexy’ bra. Alex took this as his que to turn around and give her a moment of privacy.
“Done.” Lucy chirped.

With that Alex turned around, seeing Lucy in her toga. Her bra was slightly visible from under the bed sheet toga. Alex looked into her magnificent green eyes, “Have I told you yet, how absolutely beautiful you are?”

“Yes you have, though this is the first time with words.” Lucy replied with a smirk on her face as she took a seat at the table. Alex blushed a bit as he sat opposite to her at the table.
“Well…” Alex paused, as though he were waiting for something to reach his mouth. His eyes locked with hers; he continued, “Well…Yeah…”

“Having trouble speaking Romeo?” Lucy inquired.

“Only if you are Juliet.” Alex replied, his eyes still locked with hers. He then continued “Are you Juliet?”

“Ha ha, well the answer to that question lies with Father-Time.” Lucy replied with a curt smile.

“I guess I’ll just have to be patient for the courtship theme.” Alex returned with a subtle smile.

“Yeah, because until Father-Time gives his consent I’m just the main character in this adventure, and you my motorcycle driving sidekick.” Said Lucy with a playful look of regret on her face, pouting lips and all.

Despite his best efforts, the pained look of sadness that took over Alex’ face was unavoidable. "About, that… "

Lucy jumped in. “Neither of us want you to continue that sentence.” Her voice no longer playful, but serious. Her eyes and voice had changed to a tone of a stern sincerity… “I want this adventure to continue. I realize what that means, and I do have some questions. But I want it to continue.”

“It feels selfish to say it…” Started Alex; his face and eyes reflecting happiness, but his voice uneasiness. “I’m really glad to hear you say that.”

There was a pause before the silence was broken by Lucy.

“Besides, your so young.” Lucy chided sweetly. “What kind of adult would I be if I let you run off on your own.”

“What’s this?!” Alex scoffed. “You’re only a year or two older!”

“That would be four years, Chillun.” Lucy retorted with a look of gleeful pride on her face. “Oh by the way, from now on you are to call me ‘Miss.’”
With that they both displayed heavy grins before breaking into laughter that lasted a good twenty seconds before they calmed down and things became quiet again.
This silence continued as Alex got up from his chair and walked over to the window. He looked outside; seeing that the world was still waiting for them to proceed Alex turned back to Lucy and spoke once more; his tone confident with an underlying sense of excitement. “The morning sky is gray; Lets try n outride the clouds.”

Lucy returned a big smile as she got up from her chair. “That line you just spoke, it was almost poetic.”

With a smile Alex replied as he walked toward her. “Oh, you are surprised Miss Lucy? I dare say that I might make a good Romeo after all…” He then proceeded over to his backpack and she to her bag and together they left.

On their motorbike they sped off. Their Togas blowing in the heavy wind. It was nearly noon and the wind only grew stronger and the clouds darker…

“Road signs say we are about forty miles away from the nearest city… If there would be a good time to answer any and all of your questions, then I think that time would be now; while we are moving.” Alex said back to Lucy, who was holding onto him as they rode.
“Why were your parents killed?” Lucy began softly.

“My parents were both corporate lawyers; however they did not work for, but against corporations.” Alex replied, with a sense of pride in his voice. “Together, their goal was to grapple with the very worst of corporations and make them truly responsible for their actions. It is my best guess that the order was handed down to kill not just them, but my whole family. They were failing to win the legal battles and tried to end my family’ lives. They managed to kill my parents and my twin brother, but my Sister and I still exist as loose ends that they seem to want to tie up.” As Alex said this, not just his strong voice, but also his tensed muscles made it clear that he was far from resigning himself to this end.

“That means that they would be going after your sister too, doesn’t it?” Lucy put in, concerned.

“After my most of my family was killed, there was only one thing left for me to do. That was to make sure that they could never reach the only other surviving member, aside from myself; my sister.” Alex took a deep breath and then continued. “The corruption that corporations had wielded would most certainly have had no trouble dealing with her and I even with the witness protection that the police wanted to put us under. Even with the help of the law enforcement agencies, I could still not be sure of her safety. So I went to the only people that could match the powers of corruption held by the corporations and stand toe to toe with them.” Alex let out a short chuckle before continuing once more.
“The fact that this bike and my gun are Soviet made is no coincidence. I bought them from a former KGB agent who now holds a very high position in the Russian mob. It was to him that I paid a great deal of money to make sure that my sister and I could attempt to disappear. And even if we were discovered, she is out of their reach. The man whom I bought this bike and gun from said that he admired how far I was willing to go for my sister. He said that the journey ahead of me could never be a smooth one and that he would do all that he could to ensure her safety so that I would not have to look back. Our meeting ended quickly and he bid me farewell, giving me that bottle of vodka as a gift.”

“It must make you happy to know that your sister is safe.” Lucy said.
“It does. It makes me very happy.” Alex responded, as he looked up at the still very dark clouds… " We are coming up on a big city in about ten minutes, when we get there we should get some clothing." Alex said with a smile.

Lucy replied with a confirmatory squeeze, her arms draped around Alex. “Yeah…”

The rest of the ride was quiet. The two of them stopped outside of a Target store, at which point they got off the bike and went inside. “So who’s shopping shall we do first?” Lucy inquired.
“How bout yours.” Alex responded. And with a nod they headed off into the women’s clothing section where Lucy picked out a few long skirts, some plain T-shirts, and some socks. Soon Alex found himself fallowing Lucy into the intimates section, at which point Alex handed Lucy a few hundred bucks and signalled, with a smile, that he was going to go do some shopping for himself. After finishing up her shopping in the intimates section and picked up another package of molicares before paying up front and heading out to the bike. Lucy had just put her stuff in the side car when two faint cracks met her ears; then a third, which was louder. Fallowing the third were faint sounds of screaming as two fearful customers ran from the store. There was then a fourth and fifth crack, much louder than the previous and accompanied by the image of a sprinting Alex who had just made it out of the second set of doors and onto the parking lot and was sprinting towards Lucy. The glass of the doors behind him shattered as another crack resounded in the air. With this crack Alex faultered, barely managing to stay on his feet as his sprint came to a very fast stagger as he reached the bike, pulling his Tokarev from the side car and toppled back against the bike as he spun back around firing multiple shots at a man who was just then walking out of the store through the broken glass door. The man dropped to his knees as he let off what was left of his clip in their direction, narrowly missing Alex and blowing the glass cover off of the bikes speedometer. Seeing that the man was about to reload Alex climbed onto the bike, Lucy fallowed quickly, getting on and trying to examine the wound. This was made difficult as they sped away due to the black fabric of Alex’ new, yet now ruined, suit jacket. It was clear that the bullet had entered into his upper left arm, but too dark and wet with blood to know exactly where.
“How do you feel?” Lucy asked hurriedly.
“I feel like I could use a few glasses of vodka… But then I feel sick to my stomach because I realize that we are all out.” Responded Alex with a pained smirk on his face.

Chapter 5.5

“I am going to get us to the nearest place to rent a room, but you will have to do the room renting. When you do-” Alex winced from the extreme pain in his arm, or was it his shoulder; he didn’t know, but he did know that it was starting to hurt like hell. He decided to chance a look at the wound. “What the heck are ya doin!?” Alex urged, as he saw Lucy’ hand pressing tightly around where the wound appeared to be.
“Calm down Murcutio, I am trying to reduce the blood loss.” Replied Lucy, in a matter-o-fact sort of way.
“What’s this Mercutio stuff?! I am a bit far from my poetic end don’t you think?”

“Well that depends on how far away we are from a place of rest.”

“A place of rest?! I hope you mean an Inn; yes, we are about two minutes away from a place to stay.”

“Very good Mercutio, then we are three minutes away from a very painful salvation involving a very hot piece of metal and this wound.”

“Jesus women! ‘Place of rest’ , ‘salvation’ , ‘hot metal!?…’ ‘Mercucio!’ You ganna finish me off?”

“Well now, me pressing on this wound doesn’t seem so bad now does it?” Lucy remarked as they arrived at the Inn.
“Not as long as I can be Romeo again.” Alex returned with a smirk, still with traces of pain on his face.

Lucy proceeded to get off the bike and retrieve a wad of cash from Alex, at which point she went inside, up to the front desk and paid for a room. She then came back outside and Alex fallowed her to the room, his backpack held in his right arm. Lucy led the way into the room.

Alex went into the bathroom to take off his ruined jacket and examine his wound. Meanwhile Lucy had turned on a burner of the Inns pathetic excuse for a stove and went about trying to locate a metal object she could use to cauterize Alex’ wound.

“No worries you can be Romeo, though I must say you’re not too poetic at the moment.” Lucy yelled into the Alex who was preoccupied examining his wound.

“Well Miss Lucy, let me assure you that this wound and its pain looks and feels extremely poetic.” Alex replied with a clear strain in his voice.

"Really?! Said Lucy as she popped her head into the bathroom. “Oh, ouch, in one side and out the other…”

“Yeah I got lucky that it did not hit an artery.” Proclaimed Alex.

“Yeah, and lucky that it went in one side and out the other.” Put in Lucy.

“What the heck are ya talkin bout?! This hurts loads ya know.” Said Alex.

“If it didn’t we would have had to dig the bullet out.” Lucy said with a wink as she left the bathroom and signalled the shirtless Alex to fallow. Alex did fallow, and as he did so he was surprised to see what was left of the minibar out on the counter next to the stove burner upon which lay the Tokarev pistol, the handle over the main part of the burner.

“I don’t know what you are doing, but I really hope you took out the bullets.” Exclaimed Alex.

Lucy confirmed that she did with a nod and pointed to the clip and a stray bullet further down the counter. She then signalled Alex to sit down on a chair next to the counter.

“At this point, I am going to guess that you once studied as a nurse, or you’re Victor Frankenstein’s daughter.” Put in Alex as he watched Lucy pull the cap off of one of the tiny bottles of what looked to be bourbon. Lucy then proceeded to smile kindly at him as she sat down on his lap. Alex clenched his teeth and fists together as the pain of the alcohol over his wound wracked his body in a wave of pain. As Lucy did this, the look on her face was of genuine pity as she went for the second bottle and proceeded to pour that onto Alex’ wound, then the last and third bottle. Alex was rasping heavily as though he were trying to gasp for air while being swallowed by pain. Just as he began to conquer the pain; it was then that Lucy, holding the barrel of the gun using two oven mitts lifted it from its place on the stove burner.
It was this next step that pulled a yell from Alex’ throat and caused his body to writhe in his seat. All said and done, Lucy placed the gun back onto the stove. The smell of burnt flesh replaced the fresh air, and remnants of burned flesh remained on the once rustic shine of the Tokarev pistol, and Alex now had a Soviet red star branded onto both sides of his upper arm. His body body still writhed a bit from the pain throbbing from his left arm. Lucy got up from his lap to get a cold wash cloth and apply it around the wound, however before she got a chance, Alex who was light headed from blood loss and delusional from pain staggered over towards the bed, collapsing just short of it.

When Alexandyre awoke, he was covered in sw

Chap 9 takin a while.

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Moving Forward (up to Chapter 9!!! Finally Here!!!)

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Lucy was wearing nothing more than her new dry diaper and her ‘Very Sexy’ purple bra. It took Alex a few moments to get his eyes in focus and when he did he was pleasantly surprised. The first thing he was Lucy’s vibrant green eyes, his head no more than a foot away from hers. Despite the rest of her appearance, Alex could not pull his eyes away from hers, they were just so damn beautiful. Lucy was only half way wrapped in the beds respective blanket.
Alex’s focus was broken by Lucy’s lips, they were moving and she was speaking. “How do you feel?”
“You look like a goddess, wrapped in golden silk sheets, except the sheets aren’t silk; probably cotton, and they aren’t gold colored either, more like a faded brown. None the less, very attractive Miss Lucy.”

“I think that the blood loss has gone to your head Romeo.”


“So how does that arm of yours feel.”

“Well now that you’ve gone and broke the amazing concentration that I was dedicating to those eyes of yours, it hurts like crazy. A very harsh throbbin pain of sorts.”
“I am sorry.” Lucy said, with a sense of true sincerity to her voice. “It was the only real option we had since going to a hospital seemed a bit out of the question.”

“No worries, it was not so awful, what with you sitting on my lap at the time… That was nice.” Alex’ face looked happy as he reminisced, before he was met once more with an overcoming blackness and passed out. It was a while until he once more woke up, his body taxed heavily and his mind thinking too much of Lucy.

When Alex woke up again it was mid day . The clouds were cleared and the sun was shining, however, while this was all well and nice, the throbbing pain in his left arm seemed to catch his greater attention. After all, Lucy was no longer laying right next to him. Alex looked to his wound and was not surprised to see a formerly white wash cloth draped around his upper left arm. It had lost its pure white color to a yellowish red taint which had undoubtably come from the blood and puss exiting his wound. After removing the cloth it was clear to Alex that the bullet wound had been handled well and that it was now the serious burns on his arm that hindered him.
Something nagged at the back of his mind that he could not quite place. After a few moments he realized, and questioned, where was Lucy? Considering the whole scheme of things, this was a worrisome thought.
“Lucy?” Alex tried to yell out, only to find that his throat felt and sounded as though it had been torn to shreds. And Alex knew exactly how this came about, recalling when Lucy applied the extremely hot steel handle of the gun to his wound. The recollection of this caused a shiver to pass down his spine, as it was not a very pleasant thought to him. Quickly deciding that it was best to put it from his mind, he made another attempt to rasp out Lucy’s name, yet this attempt was no better than the first. Seeds of terrible possibilities of what could have happened to Lucy began to take form in the back of his mind. These thoughts drove Alex from the bed with some heavy breathing, the pain in his Left arm help no priority in his mind when compared to the growing seeds of terrible explanations as to why Lucy was not in the room.
A slight groan came from the edge of the other side of the bed. This spurred Alex into action, diving onto the bed to discover the sounds origin… Sure enough, it was Lucy, sleeping on the ground at the foot of the other side of the bed.
One of Lucy’ eyes drowsily opened seeing Alex’ very relieved face, eliciting tired, but very serene looking smile on her face.
“Go back to bed.” Lucy mumbled.

“Nah, I’m done sleeping. The bed is all yours now.” Alex began, but seeing no real movement from Lucy he continued, “come on, the ground can’t be that comfortable.”

“When you’re this tired, anything works.” Lucy returned in a monotone voice.

“Then let it be the bed.” Alex finalized.

“Fine.” Lucy grumbled back, as she rose up from her position on the ground and rolled onto the bed, falling asleep almost immediately.

Alex was very relieved to know that nothing had happened to Lucy, that she was well and sleeping peacefully on the bed. But the feeling of franticness that he felt when he thought her not there and the possibilities of what had happened to her were still recent in his mind and while that feeling and those thoughts were proven false this time, it was now very clear to Alex an to what the future could bring. It was thoughts like these that rang in his head over and over. After retrieving the gun from the kitchen and placing it down on a small table next to him, he took his place resolutely, sitting down in a nearby chair, watching over Lucy as she slept, in dire need of a good sleep. His right hand lightly touching the steel handle of the gun. She had taken care of Alex, and now it was his time.
Alexandyre sat there, watching Lucy sleep and after two hours time, silently watched her awake. Her vibrant green eyes gazed at him and she uttered forth… “You look dangerous.” Lucy said with a smile on her face and in a clear sarcastic tone and then continued. “Sitting there in nothing but a diaper and with your right hand next to an empty gun.”
Upon hearing the first bit about his current attire, Alex could not help but smile back with a chuckle. But the second half about the empty gun. That made him feel like a total idiot; how was he to protect her with an empty gun he thought to himself. How could he have been so ridiculous as to not check for bullets. Frustrated with himself, Alex got up from the chair to go retrieve the bullets; it was clear he was not all that pleased. But it was not clear to Lucy as to why. Worried that she had offended Alex, she fallowed up with a heart felt “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say anything hurtful.”
Hearing this Alex came back into the room, now with bullets in the gun with a smile on his face and sincerity in his eyes. “That was me being angry at my self, not you, or what you said.”
“Why?” Lucy inquired.
“Because I was watching over you for the past few hours with an empty gun within my reach and the full intention to use it on anyone who should want to hurt us. But that would not have gone over well with no fucking bullets.” Alex finished; clearly unhappy with himself.
There was a short pause before Lucy walked forward, enveloping Alex in a hug and giving him a tight squeeze before backing off, looking him up and down and saying, “Lets get you changed out of that diaper.”
“But I didn’t even wet it.” Alex responded questioningly.
“Maybe you didn’t wet it per-say, but while asleep, you sweated up a storm.” Lucy returned with a smile on her face.

Compared to earlier, his strength had gone a long way in returning to him and though still far from his norm, he knew that it would be enough to heft the gun in his good arm, as well as possibly drive the motorcycle. And given a need based situation Alex was confident that he could find it in him to even use his injured arm to its previous capability for a short while. However the problem before him was an odd one, for he never really knew how to change a diaper in the first place, and this was not a need based situation since he had the ever so beautiful Lucy in front of him to do it for him.

Alex resigned himself to lying down on the bed carefully, “Only because I’m injured.” He muttered to Lucy.

“Oh Alex, come on, even if you weren’t you wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of doing it right.” coerced Lucy in her sweet voice.

“True true.” Resounded Alex in return as Lucy set about readying another diaper.

After Alex was changed Lucy took the liberty of leaning over Alex on the bed, checking his wound to see how it was coming along. Her chest right in front of his face, “I like this view.” Alex commented bluntly with a smile on his face.
“I’ll bet you do.” Lucy sweetly responded as she unwrapped the cloth from his arm, this of course meriting a cringe of pain from Alex.

“Sorry.” She put in.

“That’s alright, how’s it look?” Asked Alex.

“Pretty good, though why don’t you look for yourself?” Said Lucy

“I’m preoccupied…” Said Alex off to the side, not diverting his eyes from the view in front of him.

“You’re the worst.” Lucy proclaimed as she got up from the bed with a smirk on her face. “Look at the wound.” She said at last.

Alex craned his head and examined it, " Ack! I’ve been branded a communist… Literally."

He chuckled at this for a moment or two while Lucy shook her head at him. “Seriously though, you really did a great job Lucy.” Said Alex, looking directly into her vibrant green eyes as he did so.

With that Lucy leaned forward, and gave Alex a kiss on the cheek, before rolling over onto the other side of the bed and turning off the light.
“We should try for a few more hours of sleep before we get going.” She said as she pulled the covers over her.
“What about this wound, should I wrap it back up?” inquired Alex.

“No, it needs to heal in out in the open now.” Replied Lucy.

“Sure thing Nurse Lucy…” Alex paused before continuing, “that sounded perfectly kinky.”

“Good night Alex.” Lucy said, sweetly emphasizing the ‘Good night.’

Moving Forward (up to Chapter 9!!! Finally Here!!!)

Chapter 7

Alexandyre woke up to a throbbing pain in his arm and an erratic clicking at the entrance door. It was clear that somebody wanted in and was currently picking the doors lock. Adrenaline pumped into Alex’ veins as he reached over and picked up the gun in his injured left arm, ignoring the pain as he carefully rolled out of bed. Slowly and silently he padded across the room, placing himself against the wall near the door’ hinges. His heart pounded with suspense. The lock on the door clicked out of place and the door handle slowly turned. The metal chain of the door latch slapped up against the hard wood door as it was drawn tight, keeping the door from opening more than a few inches. It was clear that whoever was on the other side of that door did not know that Alex was standing there, as the individuals hand crept through the opening seeking the head of the latch to pull it loose. In this moment, it was the thought of Lucy that spurred Alex into action. With all the speed that he could manage and all the power he could put into it, Alex raised his leg and threw his whole bodies force behind it as he slammed it into the door. There was a muffled crack that came from the mans arm fallowed by a stifled cry of pain from the other side of the door. Then there was a loud crack of another kind; a bullet fired off through the door and grazed the right side of Alex’s torso, causing him to stumble back from the door in surprise. The mal-intented individual must have thought that his one shot had finished off his target, as he did not fallow up with another. But no, Alexandyre was far from dead or dying. He was surprised and had let off the door, but now had re situated himself up against the wall and was lifting the gun in his left hand.

Lucy had been spurred awake when Alex smashed the mans arm. Her vibrant green eyes grew wide when she heard the gunshot and saw blood draw from Alex’ side. And now she watched Alex, who had stumbled back a step or two after being shot and now positioned his body flat up against the wall before lifting his left arm, gun in hand and a grim look on his face. The first shot from his Tokarev was louder than she had suspected, causing her to jump with surprise. The recoil of the gun; the shock wave it sent through his arm and the resulting pain was well displayed on his face. Yet despite this pain, the first shot was fallowed by another and another and another after that; by the end a total of five shots had been fired through various areas of the door.

Amidst the silence that fallowed Lucy and Alex could hear the abnormally heavy footsteps of the man making his way from their door into the parking lot. His pace was not consistent and clearly hinted at a severe injury. By this point the two of them had fully realized the gravity of their current situation and went straight into action gathering their things. It was a lucky thing that most of their stuff had never been unpacked in the first place and that which had to be packed could easily be thrown into bags. Lucy tossed over to Alex his pair of black suit pants and one of her plain white t-shirts. Alex made his best attempt at putting the pants on, but was having a great deal of trouble. His body was now wracked with adrenaline, yet had nothing to do with it but to reflect upon what had just happened. The result was that his hands were shaking a great deal, making it very difficult to button these pants of his. In frustration he let them drop to the ground as he put on the shirt Lucy had handed him.

Lucy watched Alex as he pulled up the pants that she had handed him, noticing how heavily his hands were shaking. It was clear that he was trying to keep things together mentally, but frustrated. She couldn’t help but really admire him for this attempt. After all, he was no super soldier or agent; just a nineteen year old doing his best. She truly liked that about him. She watched him let his pants drop to the ground in frustration and proceed to put on the white t-shirt that she had handed him. The shirt itself was a tight fit on him and did well to accent his semi masculine body. The crimson red of his wounded side invaded the pure white t-shirt immediately. Feeling sorry for Alex and realizing how much he was trying to keep it together, Lucy walked over to him, slowly bending over and grabbing his pants that he had let fall to the ground in frustration. She pulled them up over his diaper, zipping them up and then buttoning them.
“Thank you.” Said Alex, glancing into Lucy’ green, sympathetic eyes, with his own uneasily confident eyes. Lucy simply nodded in return with a smile on her face. With that they quickly picked up their bags and walked out the door at a fast pace into the parking lot. They tossed everything into the sidecar once they reached the bike. Sirens sounded in the distance and the two of them knew that they would be heading out with great speed. And thus they did, Lucy all the while holding one of the hotels wash cloths to this new would that Alex had incurred. They zoomed down the road with a great deal of speed, only stopping and slowing down when they must.

Within about thirty minutes they finally came to a stop in a pharmacy parking lot, at which point Lucy quickly got off the bike and ran inside. Alex on the other hand, was doing his best to think of their next step. This proved extremely difficult for him, as he was now dealing with two painful injuries and a very suspenseful situation. Though even given the many barriers of thought, he finally managed to come to a conclusion. He would call his Russian friend, as this was the only person who could at least give him advice, while truly appreciating the gravity of their situation. Alex pulled out his suite jacket from one of the bags in the sidecar. No longer wet, the blood resembled a mud stain on the black jacket. He put on the jacket and with this conclusion in mind, Alex walked up to the nearby pay phone and dialed the personal number that he had been given. As he dialed the number, Alex could not help but find himself with an extreme affection for the word ‘comrade’ and how truly awesome it was. This was the thought that rolled through his mind as the phone rang. Finally someone on the other end picked up. There was silence, so Alex spoke first. “Comrade, it’s me, the one who rides the Soviet motorcycle with the sidecar.”
The voice on the other end of the line responded in a deep and heavy Russian accent. “Zdravstvuite tovarisch, I must say that I have been eager to find out how your adventure has been going.”

“Well Comrade, it has been hard going.” Began Alex before continuing, but was interrupted.

“Oh, I know. Have I told you, that I myself escaped Russia as a former KGB agent while the Soviet Union was still in power.” Started in the Russian voice.

“No you did not.” Replied Alexandyre.

“Well I did, and from what I know about your whereabouts, your attempt at escape truly reminds me of my own… Are you injured Comrade? You’re breathing is heavy.”

“Aye, been shot twice, both far from fatal but very painful. One in the arm and one in the side, but I managed and have made it thus far-” Alex tried to continue but was once more interupted.

“Ha ha, you know I had been shot six times before I managed to make it to the US. I am sorry, but I can’t help but reminisce, hearing of your adventure.”

“About that, I was wondering if you had any advice for me. Maybe-” But Alex was again cut off.

“I do Comrade. Get to the Malgrave main road and at the six mile marker keep an eye out for an off road trail, it should be accessible using your bike, and it will lead you to something of a safe house. A personal location of my own. You may use it, on the condition that you tell me all about your tale if you survive it comrade…” The Russian went on to talking about the layout of the location. Meanwhile, Lucy made her way out of the Pharmacy with basic medical supplies seeing Alex on the phone, she walked over to him, arriving near by as he hung up the phone.
“Who were you talking to?” Asked Lucy sweetly.

“His name is Mikail Molotov. He is the one whom I bought the bike from…” Alex said as they walked away from the store. He glanced at Lucy who was looking around them to check for any nearby listeners.

“Well!?” Lucy questioned her eyes looking straight into Alex’. Now at the bike, Lucy placed the newly purchased supplies into the sidecar, then got on the bike, taking up the bloodied washcloth and once more applying it to the wound. Alex started up the bike and waited until they were on the road before filling the ever so curious Lucy on the details.
“I called to ask for advice, which I got plenty of. Now Miss Lucy, how would you like to join me in staying at a lovely log cabin for a while?” Alex said back to Lucy with a smile.
“I would love to stay in a lovely log cabin, but…” Lucy paused, then continued in a soft, yet serious, voice . “Alex, we need to treat that wound and we need to do it soon. A hotel might be our only choice depending on how far away this pending paradise is.”

“What nonsense! I am simply letting the wound get some fresh air.” Alex proclaimed, a pained smile on his face. “To be honest Miss Lucy…” His voice turning serious, while still maintaining a smirk on his face. “I really think that this is our best and only option.”

“But your wound-” Lucy put in, but was interrupted by Alex.

“I’ll manage; I have to… The hotels were never very safe. If we go to another one, we will be sitting ducks and I don’t think we will be so lucky to escape with just one minor injury.” Alex finished, gesturing to his injured side as he did.

“Where is this place?” Lucy inquired, her voice still containing a note or two of concern.

“About a hundred and sixty miles from here. So at this speed I would say about two and a half hours.” Replied Alex.

About an hour into the motorcycle ride, the day began its slow progress unto a dark night. After two, it was pitch black, with the heavily vacant road lit up only by the motorcycles light and on both sides of the road was heavy forestry. Soon the six mile marker was visible and Alex slowed down the motorcycle. With the two of them keeping an eye out they spotted what must have been the off road path to their destination. The motorcycle, built for the Russian Siberian, was certainly capable of riding down the path, but for a car it would have been a real challenge. After about an hour down this rough path and deep into the forest the safe house slowly came into view.
The house its self could not quite be called a log cabin. Because while the side walls were comprised of very large and thick logs, the skeletal form of it was concrete. Even the slanted roof was of heavy stone tiles. In all the structure looked like it had stood for the past hundred years, yet still represented the stability of a very small fortress….

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The door of the domicile was heavy and vaultlike, with a steal keypad to gain entrance. They walked through the doorway, both of them looking for a light switch of some kind. Eventually Lucy found it and the lights came on. There was a clear contrast between the stronghold like features of the outside and the very upper crust, albeit somewhat dusty, features of the inside. After a bit of exploration of the house they could both conclude that it had a very warm feeling to it, which was of course bolstered after they had a fire started in the fireplace. The floor was of a dark wood, with the exception of a patch around the fireplace, which was stone. This fireplace was situated on the opposite end of the middle floor of the house, and in front of it was what they discovered to be a very comfortable couch. There were stairs that led downstairs to something of a supplies locker, which once more required the access key that his Russian friend had given him; it was the same as the front door. This was the case for all the steal keypads, which were situated on both sides of every door in the house. Inside the supplies locker was a great deal of weaponry, including ammo for his tokarev and a few kevlar vests, one light and two much heavier. From this area Alex took a desert eagle, ammo for his Tokarev, and the two heavier vests, one for him and one for his dear Miss Lucy.
The second story of the safehouse was accessed by a spiral staircase and led to three separate rooms. One of these rooms was nothing more than a lounge room and provided access to a small balcony that jutted out of the front of the building. The other two were bedrooms. Altogether the only things that took away the warm feeling of the house were the windows that were all barred and the respective glass had wire running through it, as well as all the metal keypads to gain access throughout the house.
Lucy and Alex, both very happy with their very nice vacation house, met up on the ever so comfortable couch in front of the lit fireplace. Lucy set about helping Alex get his shirt off so she could dress Alex’ wound.
“I’m not surprised that you are eager to get my shirt off.” He stated with an air of snooty arrogance and a joking smile on his face.

Lucy could not help but sweetly smile in return. “You know, I think it is cute how for the whole ride, and even now, that you try to act all manly and sit up straight, even though this wounded side of yours must hurt a lot and I can’t imagine sitting up straight helps much.” Lucy commented, maintaining her smile all the while.

“Heh, you noticed… You’re right, I want to hunch over and groan in pain over this wound, but you’re here, so instead I will continue to take it like a man.” Alex finished, with a big smile on his face as he looked into Lucy’ vibrant green eyes. There was a look of glee in her eyes as she set about wrapping a bandage around Alex’ torso to cover the wound, making sure that when she was finished, it was nice and tight and would not come undone.

" I don’t know what I would do without you." Alex said.

“Probably bleed to death.” Lucy replied. They both chuckled for a moment before Alex stood up from the couch and started walking over to the spiral staircase. “My dear Lucy, why don’t you see what we have for us in the kitchen, while I am going to see if there is any clothing for me to snag of my Russian friends.”
Twenty minutes later Alex came down from upstairs in a black pin-striped suit, looking like a real mobster, whereas Lucy had spent that time preparing for them a nice spaghetti dinner. The two of them sat down to dinner, drinks already poured and the meal ready to eat. Alex could not help but notice that to his direct right and Lucy’ left, was a smaller table, with a small TV on it, which was turned on, but only displayed a black screen. Alex made an inquiring look to Lucy. “I tried to find a power button for it, but there is not one, so I just let it be.”
Alex nodded, with a big smile on his face, glancing up into Lucy’ eye before looking down at the meal before them. The two of them ate in silence, both feeling a very content peacefulness. After the meal they once more retired to the couch in front of the fire. All the curtains were drawn, as well as the front door locked and the two of them felt very secure and happy in each others arms on the couch, simply enjoying their being together.
They sat together like that for nearly an hour before an awkward beep caused Alex to jump a bit with surprise and look behind him. One thing caught Alex’ immediate attention. The small TV… It no longer showed blackness on the screen. It now displayed a parked car with one opened door, yet nobody inside. A shockwave of fear ran throughout his body as he quickly stood upright, waking up Lucy in the process. He put on the kevlar vest and grabbed his Tokarev before responding to Lucy’ confused look. “Some one’s here…” Alex said resolutely. It was in this moment that a realization rampaged through his mind mercilessly. Yes, the curtains were drawn and the windows were barred. And yes the entrance door was locked. BUT the balcony window was without bars or wires and the door to that room was not locked as he had opened it when he went in… While Alex stood there, Lucy put on her vest.

Alex’ eyes grew wide with this realization and he bolted up the spiral staircase with any and all speed that he could manage, Lucy fallowing up behind him. He ran to the door, opened it and ran into the room, gun in hand and ready to bring action to any invader. But the action was instead brought to him… Four bullets smashed through the glass balcony door and slammed into Alex’ chest, stopping him dead in his tracks and causing him to drop his gun as he struggled to not lose his footing. He had lost his gun, Lucy was right behind him, and this dark silhouette was in front of him.
Reacting in the moment Alex charged forward, using his left arm to hit the gun out of the way as he fallowed through with the rest of his body, slamming hard into the silhouette that now appeared to be a man. The force of the crash was intense and caused the mans body to hit the stone railing behind him hard. And now they grappled with one another. Alex using his left hand to try and keep this mans right gunhand away, and sent his right arm flying forward, hand balled into a fist, into this mans throat. The mans eyes grew wide as he sputtered for air. He responded quickly though, and with a great deal of force bashing Alex’ injured injured right side with his left arm, causing Alex to become lost in the excruciating pain for a moment, which was all this man needed to break his gunhand free and bring the barrel of the gun pressed up against Alex’ stomach. Quickly regaining the sense of the situation, it was clear to Alex that this was bad. If he took a shot at this range the armor probably wouldn’t stop the bullet and if he was taken down now this man could hurt Lucy.

Lucy had turned the corner and found herself in the doorway of the room watching Alex charge forward at a figure on the balcony outside after hearing four gunshots. She saw Alex nail him in the throat and then saw him get pounded in the side. Something terrible was about to happen and she was ten feet too far away to do anything to help. But Alex’ next action was carried out with what seemed like the instinct and power of an animal not ready to resign.

Alex, realizing his options, took action. Every muscle in his body rang with resolution as he bent his legs and brought his body up with all the force that could be managed, powering them both over the stone railing of the balcony.

Seeing this, Lucy ran out of the room and down the staircase, making her way to the front door as fast as she could…
The first to hit the concrete ground below was the intruder, slightly breaking Alex’ fall. Alex had still hit the ground hard, and looked around, dazed, trying to gain his bearings. One of his eyes showed nothing more than a dark red, while the other seemed to work fine. He looked around taking note that the intruders body was not moving. He was about to make sure that the man was dead, but then saw the door of the safehouse open and Lucy appear in the door way. He staggered toward her and was only five feet away when gunshots sounded off behind him. One bullet thudded into the door frame, causing wood splinters to fly in all directions, the second bullet had hit Alex in the back near his right shoulder and caused him to stumble through the doorway. The third and last bullet before Lucy managed the door closed, hit Lucy in the stomach.

Lucy had been shot in the stomach… The fact that she was wearing a heavy kevlar vest made no difference to Alex… That fucker had shot Miss Lucy! The fact that Alex himself was heavily injured, that his torso felt like it had been hit by a Mack truck, that his left arm burned with the pain of usage, that his head throbbed, that he could only see out of his right eye and altogether his whole body was wrought with the pain from the fall off the balcony; none of this mattered. The man outside had just shot Lucy… He would die… Alex staggered over to the fireplace, taking from the mantle above it the Blunderbuss that hung there for display. When Alex made it back to the door and swung it open, there was hell to pay.

Before him stood the man, pointing his gun at Alex, but it was too late for him. Alex had already raised the his ancient hand cannon in his right arm and pulled the trigger. The sound of the Blunderbuss firing off was horrendously loud. In every sense of the word, this man who had shot Lucy, was dead. The spread-shot hit him and his body pitched back and hit the ground with a terrible force. The weapon fell from Alex’ hand and his arm fell lifelessly to his side. The recoil of the gun had caused him to stumble back and also dislocated his right arm from his shoulder.

With Lucy’ help, Alex stood up straight once more, and then together they put the corpse back in his vehicle, and then drove it out back of the stronghold, out of site of any curious eyes. During all of this Alex could not help but be amazed at how strong Lucy was being. She was keeping it together better than he was. Once back inside Lucy helped Alex to the couch where he painfully laid while she made sure that ALL the doors were locked, including the one to the balcony…
Lucy approached the couch with what was left of the basic medical supplies in hand. She stopped right in front of the couch where Alex lay, taking a moment to look him up and down. She had to blink back tears, her vibrant green eyes taking in the image of Alex laying there in extreme pain, his body having sustained terrible amounts of damage.
“You know Miss Lucy… I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He managed, his voice strained.

Lucy bent over Alex, beginning to clean his head wound…. She responded sweetly with a smile on her face, “Probably bleed to death.”
With that Alex passed out.

When he woke up again, the first thing he felt was an amazing amount of pain in his right shoulder, and the first thing he heard was a loud ‘POP!’ sound, as Lucy had just popped his arm back into its shoulder socket. He could not help but let out a loud grown of pain.
“I know, it hurts and I’m really sorry darling but we had to pop it back in soon.” Lucy said sweetly, her voice and eyes full of sympathy.

Alex surveyed the rest of his body; it seemed that lucy had already taken the liberty of stripping him down to his underwear. His torso was heavily bruised from all the bullets the vest he was wearing had stopped.

“Hurts? what are ye talkin about, I’ll just get up and walk it off.” Alex blurted out making a real effort to get up… “Shit… I can’t move… It hurts too much.”

Hearing this Lucy could not help but burst out laughing.

“Oh sure, make fun of the injured guy! While your at it why don’t ya go to the local hospital and laugh at some poor kid with cancer.” Alex sputtered out.

“Oh, i’m sowy Alex, I didn’t mean to hurt your feewings.” Lucy said, her voice dripping with pity and a big joking smile on her face as she leaned closer to Alex.

“Jesus women, you really know how to torture a a guy.” Alex said, his cheeks turning red.

“I know.” Lucy responded with a big smile on her face.

There was a short pause before Alex spoke again. “Umm, hey Lucy… I really have to use the pisser… But I can’t move…”

“I know, already prepared.” She said with a smile, pulling a diaper out of her bag. She then proceeded to pull off his underwear and diaper him.

“Hey Lucy. How are you feeling after taking that bullet to the stomach.” Asked Alex with a real sense of concern in his voice.

“It hurts, but not that bad, afterall, I was not shot nearly as close as you were.” Replied Lucy.

“I am glad.” Said Alex. “You look tired Lucy… You should grab us a blanket and then fall asleep on this amazingly comfortable couch.”

Lucy fell asleep first, whereas It took Alex a good two or three hours before his body finally shut down and went to sleep. But in the end they fell asleep together on that oh so comfortable couch, both extremely tired and in desperate need of sleep.

Moving Forward (up to Chapter 9!!! Finally Here!!!)

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Moving Forward (up to Chapter 9!!! Finally Here!!!)

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Chapter 9

Sorry for the long wait people. I have been having a really hard time with work lately. Anyway, the story is going to be taking very big turns soon. I really hope you enjoy this chapter :slight_smile:

Lucy could tell that Alex’ body was doing what it could with what little time it had thus far to recover. It had only been one day since they had been assaulted in their miniature stronghold and his breathing seemed to be becoming less eratic and heavy. Lucy had been awake since 8:00am in the morning and had been coaxing Alex on and off unto sleep after he would wake up in pain, coughing and sputtering. He would then fall asleep for two or three hours before it would happen again and Lucy would once more do her best to help him to sleep again. It was now 7:00 pm and she knew that his body would need food soon. Thus she began cooking some stew, which turned out to be beef stew. She figured that it would be the best thing that she could make for her healing Alex.

When Alex woke up about an hour later, the smell was intoxicating. Something delicious was being made and despite all the pain that wracked his body, the pangs of hunger rang true. His eyes grew wide as his body creaked up into a sitting position, the pain latent and his body stiff. But none the less he was determined to make it to the table; his legs were, lucky for him, the only part of him that was not heavily injured. These were his thoughts as he tried to force himself up from the couch. Finally he managed his way up and teetered in an up right position for a few seconds before slowly making his painful way to the dinner table.

Lucy heard a rasping noise behind her and turned around, seeing Alex making his way robotically to the table, his eyes showing a determination to make it.
“My food is either that good, or you are that hungry.” Lucy commented with a smirk.
Alex’ face grimaced with pain as he took another step towards the table, only managing a rather vigorous nod in reply. At this Lucy could not help but chuckle as she filled two bowls with the beef stew.
“So, which is it Lucy? Were you a world class chef, or a nurse?” Alex inquired,wincing a bit while attempting at a smile.

“For someone who has spent the last ten hours groaning and moaning in a painful sleep, You sure seem happy.” Lucy put forth.

“Why of course, I just spent the last ten hours dreaming of you… Hence the moaning and groaning.” Alex casually responded. At that Lucy almost choked on her food with a magnificent look of surprise on her face, which Alex could not help bursting out in laughter upon seeing. Lucy leered at Alex, A subtle smirk on her face. His face quickly cringed with the pain that his laughing had brought his chest.
“You know, it’s a good thing that you are injured because otherwise I would feel obligated to hurt you.” Lucy managed through her hidden smile.
“Well if thats the case, then I should become injured more often, because you creep into my dirty mind just about every night Miss Lucy.” Alex proclaimed, barely managing it through bouts of laughter. With that Lucy’ fortitude failed her and she too broke into laughter. Hers was a higher sweet pitch, while Alex’ was more like a loud chuckle mixed with a cry of pain.

“Actually to be honest Lucy. I don’t think that I got more than about three hours of actual sleep during that time. In truth, it was the food that brought me to rise from that cursedly comfortable couch.” Alex added in finally toning down.

“Oh, I know, who do you think was coaxing the poor wittle Alex back to sleep when he would wake up every two hours.” Lucy jeered with a big smile on her face.

Alex’ cheeks burned slightly red, “Wow, just wow… Sparing me my pocketful of dignity I see.”
“You know it!” Lucy chimed in, her face and vibrant green eyes beaming all the while.

Alex finished up his bowl of stew quickly, as it was delicious and he was hungry. Lucy also finished her meal quickly and set about cleaning the dishes. As Lucy got up, Alex was a bit surprised to see her in a state very much like his own. In a shirt and diaper, except he was without the shirt. The two of them shared a very similar state of being as well, soaked. But at that moment they were both busy, as it was cold, thus Alex would start a fire in the fireplace. And they had just eaten and Lucy was doing the dishes. On his way to the fireplace Alex commented, “I would help with the dishes, If I thought that I would be of any help.” His voice slightly down trodden.

Lucy did not respond immediately, she felt a little sorry for Alex; she knew this was all pretty harsh on him. “You can do the dishes tomorrow.” Lucy responded with a smile, finished with the dishes and walking over to the fireplace, where he was try to start a fire. It was slightly clear that in his injured state that it had turned out to be a greater challenge than he had expected. But giving up frustrated just was not Alex’ way and he did light that fire what good.
Taking a few steps back he slowly allowed his body to creep back into the comfort of the couch. At first he cringed with pain, then with a sigh of relief.
Lucy came into the room with a board game in hand. the game of ‘LIFE’… Alex could not help but chuckle at the simple sight of the game, “Ok, but I will have you know that in that game I always end up with five children living in a trailer park with a 25,000 dollar income. Needless to say, I have never won.” Alex finished with a slight smirk on his face. Lucy could not help but laugh at this as she set up the game. They then started the game. It was about a half hour through when Alex was already living in a trailer park with a 20,000 dollar income and they were both consumed with laughter as he received his fourth child. Suddenly Lucy stifled her laughter looking at Alex, who had a questioning look on his face. “You’re leaking.” Lucy commented, barely managing to not laugh as she did.
In this moment two things happened. Alex jumped up from the couch and in the process, stepped on a stray game piece, which led him to falling over the game as well as Lucy.
“Are you ok?” Lucy asked through her bout of laughter down to Alex.

“Well, I did just land on the entire game, as well as you, which makes this the very best ending to this game that i have ever experienced. Though I must say that the plastic pieces jabbing into me are really taking away from the moment.” Alex replied, his voice a bit gruff.
Lucy helped him up off the game board and motioned for him to lay down on the couch. Lucy quickly changed Alex, then noticed that her own diaper was heavily saturated and really needed changing.
She then came out of the bathroom with a fresh diaper on. “I think it is safe to say that I won that game.” Lucy jeered with a big smile.
“Are you kidding I was just about to make a comeback!” Alex beamed in return.
“Really, you sure?” Lucy inquired.
“No, not even close… I had nothing.” Chuckled Alex in response. Lucy couldn’t help but laugh at the fake look of sadness on his face.

“Whats next, candy land?” Lucy put out smiling.

“Oh god no, I hate plumpy!” Alex blurted out with a smile, clearly trying to look serious, but failing horribly.

This time the game went very different, it had been an hour, with a great deal of laughing involved, and Alex was but a few squares from the finish. Lucy would have already won but got sent back to plumpy and lost her lead. It was now the last move that would determine it.

“You have got to be kidding me! Back to the Purple Plum Candy of Doom!” Alex whined as he moved his piece back to plumpy. Lucy burst out laughing at his misfortune as she moved her piece to the finish line. She looked at Alex who was making the sourest face he could. This caused her to laugh even harder. “You really have the worst luck.”

“I know!” Alex agreed, wearing his fake frown. “Poor me!”

The two of them fell asleep with one another on the couch. The next day, when they woke up the day went by nicely, Now that they had played all the board games in the house they found themselves taxed for finding something entertaining to do, thus they started looking around the stronghold for something else. Between the two of them they finally found a gold-mine of entertainment. On the upper level of the house was not so much of a walk in closet, but more of a room that seemed to fulfill the function of a closet. The room had eight isles of clothing, compactly stored and fitting in two large chests at the opposite end of the room purely dedicated to socks, underwear and various styles of gloves. It was not even a lot of cheap clothing, but a bunch of fancy suits, which were of varying sizes and even more amazing dresses made of silk and fabrics of the like.
The two of them spent a while trying on various types of clothing, before Alex finally spoke up. “This is wrong.” He said resolutely. “We have all this awesome clothing, yet nothing to do but look absolutely sexy in it.”

“Somebody sounds humble.” Lucy commented with a smile.

“There is no sounding humble when you look this good.” Responded Alex as he adjusted the collar of the black Zoot Suite that he was wearing. Once done checking out how he looked in the mirror, he turned his head to see Lucy and found himself looking at a representation of true beauty. Lucy was wearing a dark, deep green dress. The dress went down to mid-shin level with her right leg partially exposed by the dress’ cut, which ran all the way to her upper thigh. The silk dress spared absolutely no detail, flowing about her body as though it were liquid. This of course meant that her diaper was pretty obvious; its lines pretty clear for anyone who looked.
“I thought I looked good…” Alex commented, clearly entranced. He continued, “But you look… beyond amazing…”
“This is my favorite too.” Lucy smiled at Alex.
Alexandyre opened his mouth, about to comment more on Lucy’s attire, but was interrupted by a ringing noise coming from downstairs. It sounded much like a telephone. Alex headed downstairs and sure enough there was a phone attached to the wall to the left of the fireplace that he had dismissed as an antique, and it was now ringing. Alex picked up the very large phone piece and put it up to his ear. A thick Russian accent sounded from the phone, “If this is not who I think it is, I have four men about to blow down the front door and execute you.”

“But then you would not get to hear of my adventure.” Alex calmly responded.

“Of course I had to make sure.” Spoke the Russian Mob boss.

“Are there really four men outside?” inquired Alex.

“No.” Responded Mikail.

Alex laughed, “What would you have done if it were my killer who answered the phone?”

“There is a brick of C4 inside the telephone.” Responded the Russian curtly. Alex became dead serious, no longer chuckling. The Mob boss continued on, “From your question I take it that you were visited by someone… But clearly survived.”

“Yeah, a guy came around. I was wearing one of your heavier kevlar vests, was shot multiple times, but came out alive.” Alex started.

“Haha! You must tell me this story in more detail comrade.” said the Russian voice.

Alexandyre continued. “He tried getting in through the balcony, shot me a few times as I charged him, we struggled for a while until I pushed us both over the side. He hit the ground first, slightly breaking my fall. Getting up from the ground, I bolted for the front door, which Lucy had just opened, getting shot in the back, I stumbled through the doorway. In that moment, one of the bullets hit Lucy in the stomach. She was wearing a kevlar vest, but I went ballistic none the less and ended up using that weird gun above your fireplace to finish off the bastard.”

“Ha ha ha! You used the blunderbuss! It actually fired!?” Mused the Boss loudly.

“Yeah, that thing dislocated my right arm!” Alex responded.

“I will send someone to take care of the body comrade. Your adventure entertains me greatly. But it will end soon if you do not leave that place.” The Russian voice sternly commented. He then continued “When you leave, which should be soon, it would be your best interest to stop by restaurant by the name of “Mikails,” It is very fancy restaurant, so you will want to wear appropriate clothing. Upstairs there is a great deal of clothing that I am sure would be found fitting for you and your women…” The Russian went on to detail the location of the restaurant to Alexandyre, who listened intently to the instructions provided.

Lucy all the while had noticed her diaper to be in desperate need of changing, luckily the dress she was wearing made it extremely easy to change. When she finally came downstairs, she found Alex just hanging up the phone.

“Lucy, you look so absolutely amazing; what do you say to some fancy dining?” Alex put forth, his voice a bit too serious to have been a simple inquiry about how they should spend the evening.

Lucy’s vibrant green eyes contained a hint of concern as she responded. “Sounds like a great idea Romeo.” Lucy stated with a smile as she turned around and began packing her things.

Moving Forward (up to Chapter 9!!! Finally Here!!!)

Aha! I’ve been waiting for an update on this story. I’d say “it’s about time!” but I’m guilty of long delays myself :lol:

This chapter was pretty good. Not too much happened, which was kind of a nice break in all the violence. The board games were pretty entertaining, but from my experiances, I don’t play board games with girls. They OWN at them. Impossible for us guys to get ahead, ahaha.

There were a few mistakes here and there, and I think your flow could use a little bit of work. Sometimes the way you phrase things sounds awkward, but I know you were rushing to get it done so you could post. I do the same thing.

Keep it up comrade!

Re: Moving Forward (up to Chapter 9!!! Finally Here!!!)

more please

Re: Moving Forward (up to Chapter 9!!! Finally Here!!!)

There’s more in another thread, but his story is far from finished. I’ll poke at him with a pointy stick next time I catch him on Steam.

Re: Moving Forward (up to Chapter 9!!! Finally Here!!!)

Just in case you didn’t find the other chapters :wink:

Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13

Re: Moving Forward (up to Chapter 9!!! Finally Here!!!)

Missing something, chapter 5.5 ends halfway of a word / sentence, does anyone have the complete chapter?


Chapter 5.5

“I am going to get us to the nearest place to rent a room, but you will have to do the room renting. When you do-” Alex winced from the extreme pain in his arm, or was it his shoulder; he didn’t know, but he did know that it was starting to hurt like hell. He decided to chance a look at the wound. “What the heck are ya doin!?” Alex urged, as he saw Lucy’ hand pressing tightly around where the wound appeared to be.
“Calm down Murcutio, I am trying to reduce the blood loss.” Replied Lucy, in a matter-o-fact sort of way.
“What’s this Mercutio stuff?! I am a bit far from my poetic end don’t you think?”

“Well that depends on how far away we are from a place of rest.”

“A place of rest?! I hope you mean an Inn; yes, we are about two minutes away from a place to stay.”

“Very good Mercutio, then we are three minutes away from a very painful salvation involving a very hot piece of metal and this wound.”

“Jesus women! ‘Place of rest’ , ‘salvation’ , ‘hot metal!?…’ ‘Mercucio!’ You ganna finish me off?”

“Well now, me pressing on this wound doesn’t seem so bad now does it?” Lucy remarked as they arrived at the Inn.
“Not as long as I can be Romeo again.” Alex returned with a smirk, still with traces of pain on his face.

Lucy proceeded to get off the bike and retrieve a wad of cash from Alex, at which point she went inside, up to the front desk and paid for a room. She then came back outside and Alex fallowed her to the room, his backpack held in his right arm. Lucy led the way into the room.

Alex went into the bathroom to take off his ruined jacket and examine his wound. Meanwhile Lucy had turned on a burner of the Inns pathetic excuse for a stove and went about trying to locate a metal object she could use to cauterize Alex’ wound.

“No worries you can be Romeo, though I must say you’re not too poetic at the moment.” Lucy yelled into the Alex who was preoccupied examining his wound.

“Well Miss Lucy, let me assure you that this wound and its pain looks and feels extremely poetic.” Alex replied with a clear strain in his voice.

"Really?! Said Lucy as she popped her head into the bathroom. “Oh, ouch, in one side and out the other…”

“Yeah I got lucky that it did not hit an artery.” Proclaimed Alex.

“Yeah, and lucky that it went in one side and out the other.” Put in Lucy.

“What the heck are ya talkin bout?! This hurts loads ya know.” Said Alex.

“If it didn’t we would have had to dig the bullet out.” Lucy said with a wink as she left the bathroom and signalled the shirtless Alex to fallow. Alex did fallow, and as he did so he was surprised to see what was left of the minibar out on the counter next to the stove burner upon which lay the Tokarev pistol, the handle over the main part of the burner.

“I don’t know what you are doing, but I really hope you took out the bullets.” Exclaimed Alex.

Lucy confirmed that she did with a nod and pointed to the clip and a stray bullet further down the counter. She then signalled Alex to sit down on a chair next to the counter.

“At this point, I am going to guess that you once studied as a nurse, or you’re Victor Frankenstein’s daughter.” Put in Alex as he watched Lucy pull the cap off of one of the tiny bottles of what looked to be bourbon. Lucy then proceeded to smile kindly at him as she sat down on his lap. Alex clenched his teeth and fists together as the pain of the alcohol over his wound wracked his body in a wave of pain. As Lucy did this, the look on her face was of genuine pity as she went for the second bottle and proceeded to pour that onto Alex’ wound, then the last and third bottle. Alex was rasping heavily as though he were trying to gasp for air while being swallowed by pain. Just as he began to conquer the pain; it was then that Lucy, holding the barrel of the gun using two oven mitts lifted it from its place on the stove burner.
It was this next step that pulled a yell from Alex’ throat and caused his body to writhe in his seat. All said and done, Lucy placed the gun back onto the stove. The smell of burnt flesh replaced the fresh air, and remnants of burned flesh remained on the once rustic shine of the Tokarev pistol, and Alex now had a Soviet red star branded onto both sides of his upper arm. His body body still writhed a bit from the pain throbbing from his left arm. Lucy got up from his lap to get a cold wash cloth and apply it around the wound, however before she got a chance, Alex who was light headed from blood loss and delusional from pain staggered over towards the bed, collapsing just short of it.

When Alexandyre awoke, he was covered in sw


Stay wet and happy

Re: Moving Forward (up to Chapter 9!!! Finally Here!!!)

he was covered in sweat and wearing nothing but a diaper. Lucy was next to him on the bed.

Ambiivy still exists

Just fyi, i have grabbed up all the remnants of old writings that i had written for the next chapter in the series; thinkin ill put em together and see if i can Move Forward in this story.

Re: Moving Forward (up to Chapter 9!!! Finally Here!!!)

Well it’s about time 8)