Moving Forward Chapter 11 !!!(The Adventure Advances)!!!

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Demyan and Alexandyre continued to stand in place until the lights of the small convoy were lost to the distance and the darkness of the night.

“We must move as fast as possible comrade.” Spoke Demyan resolutely, as he began swiftly towards the one vehicle that had not gone with the convoy escorting Lucy. Alex quickly fallowed suit and got into the passenger side of strange looking green jeep. Upon getting into the vehicle and hearing the sound of its powerful engines start, it was clear to Alex that this was Demyan vehicle. As they drove from away from the restaurant nothing but the sounds of the vehicle disturbed the overall silent atmosphere. After about an hour of driving up steep mountain roads Alex spoke up. “I have never seen a vehicle like this, may I ask what it is?”

“UAZ 3907 Jaguar, from the last years of the Soviet era, it is an unstoppable jeep.” Demyan responded with seeming pride.

“It certainly seems to live up to the unstoppable part; we are driving up these heavy slopes at amazing speeds…” Added in Alex, who all the while was fighting off the urge to ask where they were headed, knowing that it was probably a pointless question. The awkward silence that fallowed Alexandyres comment must have said it all, as after about ten minutes Demyan spoke up once more.

“All I can tell you is that we are going where no other type of vehicle can.” He spoke, his eyes showing a calm excitement.

The two of them drove for another good hour, their path constantly traveling further up the mountain until they finally slowed to a crawling speed and the wheels of the jeep scraped the pavement, shifting as Demyan turned the vehicle off the road and into a deep ditch. The heavy lurch surprised Alex a great deal, but not as much as the sheer power of the vehicle as Demyan shifted gears and the powered their way out of the ditch and onto heavily overgrown off road terrain. It was a good fifteen minutes before the jeeps headlights displayed what seemed to be a very well hidden dirt road. After leaving the main road and making their way into this heavy forest they continued battling uphill, their vehicle jolting and lurching as though it were fighting with the ground its self. After about two hours of this driving they met more civil terrain, almost that of a real road.

“I now understand what you meant when you said “where no other type of vehicle can”” Said Alex to the calmly driving Demyan.

“Well that is half of it comrade.” Replied Demyan with a small smirk.

As the fallowing hour passed the vehicle bucked about as they continued up and started to see small patches of snow. By the time the hour had passed the patches of snow had become common place and the steep incline that they had been driving up seemed to level out ever so slightly. Suddenly the vehicle made another massive jolt and the ground became even. They had reached a plataeu of sorts, the thick trees and wild undergrowth began to thin out. Demyan slowed the vehicle down to a halt and the lights of the vehicle reflected off of the massive lake before them. The water calm and the night sky dark; were it not for the sound of the engine Alex was sure that it would be easy to become lost in the peacefulness of the atmosphere. Surprise struck Alexandyre as the vehicle began to move, slowly, forward once more.

“Ah comrade, why are we driving towards the lake?” Alex asked Demyan, a hint of urgency in his voice.

“Vehicle unstoppable…” Stated Demyan in return, as the car began to enter the water. Sure enough, to the smiling Alex’ great relief, the strange jeep could swim. Alex could not help but let out a short chuckle. Their travels in the water was not with great speed but after a good half hour at what must have been about ten mph, the headlights unveiled a mass of land ahead of them. Alexandyre could not help but feel a great excitement within him, thinking to himself that there couldn’t possibly be anything more awesome than climbing up the untamed side of a mountain in a ridiculously cool jeep finding a lake on a plateau of land, hidden by the forest of the mountain, and then driving in the awesome jeep across the lake to a mysterious island… This was all too much for him to contain as he just sat there trying to act calm, while clearly emanating awe and excitement. Finally he spoke up… “Demyan… This is way too cool…” His eyes still fixed on the island ahead…

“I know comrade… I know…” Demyan relented with a smirk, his eyes also fixed on the island ahead.

The Island came closer and closer, its shoreline bordered by a extended thicket of trees leaving only one small area clear and they were headed right towards it. There was a lurch as the wheals of the jeep caught the ground and they drove ashore and into the small cave-like opening among the thicket of trees. After ten minutes Demyan brought the vehicle to a stop.

“This is it.” He stated, as he opened the door of the jeep and got out. The headlights stayed on for a few seconds after they had both exited the jeep; long enough for Alex to barely make out a very large mass in front of them. Once they had turned off he could not help but notice the star filled night sky, absolutely clear. This was the only sign to him that they were no longer in the thicket of trees, as everything but the sky above was now shrouded in absolute darkness.

Demyan had left the jeep with a flashlight in hand and proceeded to disappear. Alex did not notice, he was too busy looking up at the sky, at the stars. Eventually the sky began to change colors and the stars started to fade as the sun began to rise and though still very dark, as time passed, the figure of Demyan became more visible. There was a building that he had gone into, the silhouette of the environment slowly revealing the surroundings. Alex could not help but jump ever so slightly as it all just lit up; Demyan had turned on the ground lights.

Alexandyre stood in a state of shock and awe, his eyes wide and his mind doubting what they were seeing. He stood silent, unable to talk, too busy looking at the awesome aircraft before him.

“Oh? Your face tells me you know this jet.” Commented Demyan with a smile as he approached Alexandyre holding two flight suits.

“Mig 21.” Alex gasped out, still heavily astonished.

“That is right my friend, now suit up. We must go while it is still slightly dark.” Said Demyan as he handed Alex one of the flight suits.

Lucy’ travels had been extremely uneventful, lacking all the great deals of conversation that Alex and Demyan had shared. For the entire duration she did not fall asleep. She did not talk. For the most part all she did was think of Alexander, which brought a smile to her face. Other than that for short moments throughout the trip she found herself very thankful of the amazing capacity of the diaper she was currently wearing. This type that they had bought seemed more bulky and thick than the ones she had been wearing before. They were harder to hide normally and impossible to hide in what she was currently wearing. However regardless of these thoughts, this long trip had brought her to like them a lot. She thought her diaper was saturated just a few hours into the trip. But time and time again she was very grateful that it seemed to absorb all she threw at it, only growing bigger and bigger. In the last hour before her convoy arrived at the port she did find herself reluctantly thinking about the fact the walking in it could be slightly embarrassing and possibly difficult due to how saturated it had become. Once they arrived and she was escorted to the ships boarding station, she was relieved to see that it was so early in the morning and that there were almost no other people around. As she walked she could definitely tell that she needed a change. She had to make a conscious effort to walk normally and keep her legs together so as to not waddle, which she succeeded in doing for the most part, only gaining a few odd glances from rare person present as she boarded the ship.

She was escorted by the ships captain. He was a bear of a man, standing at about six and a half feet tall with red hair and a Scottish accent. In the twenty minutes that it took for him to get her to her room he had introduced himself telling her that his name was Cory and that the room that she would be staying in is the finest his ship had to offer.

“Well my beautiful lass, this ere’ your room.” He said with a small bow; it was obvious to Lucy that he was making a great effort to speak clearly through his heavy Irish accent.

Lucy smiled with appreciation for his clear efforts to be polite and gentlemanly; him being a something of a giant, it seemed slightly out of place. “Thank you very much Cory.” Lucy returned sweetly as she opened the door.

“Er miss, will ye be expecting any guests?” The Captain asked politely.

“No welcome ones.” Lucy responded with a more diminished smile, her voice still sweet.

“I see. I will see to it that you are not disturbed, so dun ye worry.” Stated Cory seriously as he turned to leave, shutting the door behind him.

Lucy was surprised to find all her luggage already in the room. Though she was surprised a great deal more by the room itself. With very large closets, kitchen, bathroom, and bed, the room looked as though it was literally meant for a queen. For Lucy, this place redefined what she thought luxury to be. On the door of the closet near her bed there was a note:

Dearest of Customers,
We were notified of your needs and have made sure to provide you with the best quality of supplies known to us for your needs. We deeply apologize if any desired product has not been provided. If this is the case please let us know so that we may procure it for you. We wish that everything is pleasing to you and hope that if anything is not, that we hear from you.
Cruise Elite Private Services.

Inside the massive closet she found four small isle’ of different types of diapers, enough of each to last her the entire voyage. Upon seeing this her attention was quickly drawn to the one she was wearing. She brought her hand down and felt the front of it, amazed that it had gotten so big and held so much. When Lucy walked across the huge room, she did so with a slight waddle, with nobody to worry might see her she did not bother to make the effort to walk normal. As she walked she couldn’t help but notice how weird it felt, but on some level good; the soft, warm, heavily flooded and extremely thick diaper pressing with every step. Lucy disregarded it, thinking that it’s probably how it felt to wear really comfortable panties, although, of course, she could not even remember the feeling of underwear against her skin. Once at the door she was pleased to see that there were four heavy locks on it, all of which she locked. Then she went back to the closet and looked through all the different diapers until she found the same kind as the one she was wearing at that moment. “Abena X Plus.” She read out loud to herself, as she walked across the room to the royal bathroom to take a shower.

Both suited up and ready for flight, Alex was the first in, sitting down in the back seat of the Mig 21. He was still getting the passed the shock of seeing this jet up close and had yet to move on to processing that he was sitting in one, when Demyan shut off the surrounding lights and got into the front seat of the aircraft, closing the hatch once fully secured.

“Make sure that you are secured comrade; this is the king of Mig 21’s… All of them.” Said Demyan through their helmets voice system. Finally coming to his senses Alex took a few deep breaths before proposing a question he felt important.

“Uh, Demyan, when we are seen in US airspace, and they send their f-16’s and f-22 what will we do?” He asked, his voice level, but certainly hinting at nervousness.

“Well if that happened then we would try to avoid conflict… If that fails,then… Conflict.” Demyan said trying to sound logical.

“Is there any reason why that would not happen?” Asked Alex, still with a hint of worry in his tone.

“Because Mig 21s are almost fifty years old and are now being bought and sold to flight enthusiasts, and this one is registered as tourist transport. They will ask for our identification and I will give it to them. Once they know, so will the Corporation. Really my friend our biggest worry is once we have left the US. But even then comrade, we have the KING of Mig’s!” Replied Demyan, sounding increasingly pleased with his words towards the end.

“As a matter of curiosity, what makes it the KING?” Alex put forth, now sounding curious.

“It has never been beat!” Said back, his voice cheerful and proud.

“Has it ever fought?” Asked Alex

“No.” Demyan replied, still cheery not having got the point his passenger was trying to make.

Moving Forward Chapter 11 !!!(The Adventure Advances)!!!

This was a fun chapter to read, and I’m looking forward to the next one! Demyan is making quite the claim saying that his aircraft is the “KING of MiGs.” I’ll bet Aileron’s ‘Wraith’ could give it a run for it’s money :wink:


My comrade RT, i am sure that it would be an airfight to echo out the ages :slight_smile: echo out the ages my friend.

Moving Forward Chapter 11 !!!(The Adventure Advances)!!!

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Moving Forward Chapter 11 !!!(The Adventure Advances)!!!

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