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Chapter 10

When it was finally time for them to leave, they had both already replaced their clothing with everything they could from the ‘walk in closet,’ which, while it was everything they could fit, was not even a small percent of the overall amount of clothing in the room. Well dressed, they hit the road in style. After about fifty or sixty miles Lucy put forth her question. “Just how far is this place?”

“Well it’s not close, about another hundred and fifty miles. Needless to say, we will be stopping to get gas, and to get refreshed, very soon.” Alex responded over his shoulder.

“Lets make it this next exit, my diaper is not going to hold much more.” Lucy said into Alex’ ear. In response Alex nodded his head, taking the bike onto the exit.

Once on the road again it was many hours unto a magnificent sunset and was dark by the time they had arrived at the restaurant.

The night sky was clear, and the moon full; as though it was staring at them. But it was not alone in its devoting its attention to these two. This was something Alex had noticed about thirty minutes before they arrived at the restaurant. As they got off the bike, he continued to notice as the car that had been behind them this whole time just happened to park a few spaces over.

The look in Alex’ eyes must have said it all, as Lucy matched his quick step as they made their way to the entrance, opening the doors where they were greeted by a suited liaison. This man, took a good look at the two of them before ushering them across the main room and to the furthest back table, as far away from all other guests as possible. He did this all without saying a word.

“Apparently we were expected.” Alex said to Lucy with a smile as they seated themselves opposite of one another.

“Very expected.” Lucy nodded in agreement, as a bottle of wine was set on the table.

After setting down the bottle of wine, the waiter then turned to Alexandyre. “Sir, may I see the left breast pocket inside your jacket.” The man spoke with very watered down Russian accent. Not nearly as thick as their mutual friend. Alex complied and opened his jacket, at first thinking that he was being checked for a weapon, but then found himself corrected when he saw a patch with the Hammer and Sickle contained within a red star. At the tip of each point of the red star were numbers. The top one had the number ‘two’ fallowing it; the number ‘one’ was at the end of the remaining four tips. The very last detail on the patch was the letter ‘s’ that was located between the handles of the Hammer and Sickle. With a confirming nod the waiter went on, “Of course comrade, we had to make sure… I am sure that you understand from the name of this Restaurant, you and I share a very important acquaintance.”

“Yes we do.” Alex said with a smile, before continuing. “Before you even saw the badge you knew who we were?”

“That is correct Comrade.” Responded the waiter.

“May I ask how?”

“We knew that you were coming. We knew that you would be appropriately dressed. And we knew that the girl wears diapers. Needless to say my dear, you are very beautiful, but that dress is not very good at keeping a secret.” Explained the waiter, his voice accommodating. He then continued, “Oh yes, Miss, should you need to use the facilities, let me know and I will make sure that they are empty for your privacy.”

Lucy red in the face at his answer smiled at him and with a nod, “Thank you.”
With that the waiter left the table. Lucy, still red in the face, shifted in her seat. She was certainly wet, but did not know how wet. Looking up she confirmed that nobody was watching, then proceeded to lift the front of her dress, trying to be as discrete as possible as she did so. She found herself very surprised; her diaper was extremely wet and looked as though it had already absorbed a lake or two. ‘No wonder they were able to tell,’ Lucy thought to herself.
Despite her greater efforts at being discrete, it was pretty obvious to Alex, as he was sitting right across from her. With a warm smile on his face he looked into Lucy’ vibrant green eyes, “I will let him know.” Alex said as he got up and walked over to the waiter.

“May I ask your name comrade?” Started Alex.

“My name is Demyan sir, how may I help you friend?”

“Miss Lucy will be needing to use the facilities-” Alex began but was cut off by Demyan, who caught the attention of a nearby waiter and then said something in Russian to him.

“It is done sir. I notice that you have no supplies, shall I retrieve them for you?” Demyan put forth.

“I was just going to retrieve my bag from the bike.” Alex said, this time interrupted by a motion to pause from Demyan.
“Sir, please allow me to get it for you.” He said his voice becoming very quiet as he continued. “Let us not risk your safety now that you have gotten here.”

Realizing that this man was far more than just a friend of a friend, or a restaurant liaison, Alex looked him in the eyes and nodded in confirmation. “Very well comrade.” Alex returned as he made his way back to their table.

Sitting down once more across from Lucy, Alex looked her in the eyes with a reassuring smile. “The facilities have been reserved for you, and our friend Demyan is getting our bag.”

“Thanks darling.” Lucy chirped with a smile, as she picked up the menu’ from the table, her eyes still on Alexandyre.
Alexander smiled right back at her, “You called me “Darling,” does that by any chance mean that father time has given his consent?”
Lucy couldn’t help but almost laugh, her face beaming as she responded. “Yes, father time has given his consent. I am now your Juliet, and you, my Romeo.”
Alex then began to chuckle. Lucy, confused just eyed Alex waiting for an explanation. After a few seconds he then explained, “For two people in a situation like ours. We are abnormally happy.”

With a big smile he too opened his Menu. When he looked down he found that there was more to his than to Lucy’. Inside his menu was a rather large envelope. Just as he was about to open it, their bag was set down on the table by the waiter.

“Comrade… Two men in a black car seemed overly interested in me… Or shall I say, me retrieving your bag. I heard them get out of their car. I believe that they will be joining us and that you should join Lucy in the facilities while we take care of them.” Said Demyan, his tone low and serious.

Had this been anyone else, they probably would have argued to seem manly, or to save face in front of the big Russian guy. But Alexandyre had already been shot, threatened, shot, beaten, and then shot at again and again, and he had killed a guy. At this point he figured that getting shot at again was not going to build anymore character than it already had. With that in mind he nodded in consent to the Russian Waiter and the two of them made their way over to the women’ bathroom that had been reserved for them.

Upon entering Alex started, “My father used to say that you could tell how fancy a place was by the quality of their bathrooms… By those standards, I won’t be surprised if a 2 oz. steak costs a few hundred bucks here.”

“Well Romeo; not the most poetic of observations. I’ll bet this place would put hospitals to shame in sanitation.” Lucy commented as she walked into the center of the rest room looking around. She had forgotten for a moment why they were in there, not noticing any difficulties walking that could be caused by her very thick and saturated diaper as she did so. However, this was momentary, as she was quickly reminded of the reason when she saw what was either a really nice padded changing table, or a rather high up large bench for extremely tall people to sit or lay on; in either case, it was no fold out piece of junk. Realizing once more that she desperately needed to change her diaper, she could not help but blush ever so slightly, what with Alex now being present.
He of course noticed that she was a bit red in the cheeks and spoke up, assuming that she was slightly embarrassed by his presence. “If you would like Miss Lucy, I could wait in one of the stalls until you are done.” He said with a slight smile and understanding eyes.

A big smile grew on Lucy’ face in return and her vibrant green eyes glimmered. “Oh my dear Romeo, you misunderstand my blushing. I was just thinking that you should change me.”

This time Alex’ cheeks turned a slight shade of red, as he did his best to contain a smile within a smirk, which failed in his reply. “Oh my dear Juliet, you probably don’t misunderstand my blushing; I would be very happy to.” He spoke as he walked over to her, pulling the supplies out of their bag while Lucy got up and lied down on padded white table.
Lucy took a deep breath as Alex placed his hands on her legs and slid them up until the flowing red dress was above her waist so he could change her. When he removed her thick, wet, diaper; Lucy found that she had braced herself in vain, as this place did not assault her with cold air. A slight tingle traveled down her spine as Alex wiped her clean; gentle, yet thorough. When he was done, she lifted up her bottom and he slid a fresh diaper under her. He pulled front up, making sure that it was comfortable and snug as he taped the two sides of it. Despite it being very thick, when he was done, the diaper fit the contours of her body perfectly, as though to compliment her form.
Lucy looked down smiling and seemed a little surprised. “For someone who has never really changed a diaper, you do an amazing job. I guess that’s the difference when you get changed by somebody else.”

Alex beamed back at Lucy, “I think that’s the difference when you get changed by somebody else who really cares about you.” He said, gazing into her vibrant green eyes as she got off of the table; her red dress flowing once more over her legs.

Lucy seemed like she was about to say something when a knock on the room door sounded. “Sorry to disturb, Demyan say all ok for you know.” Said the extremely thick Russian voice on the other side.

“So much for poetry in the moment.” Alex stated with a slight smirk. Lucy just wore a big smile, her magical green eyes fallowing him as she walked past him to the door. Alex threw away the old diaper and taking a deep breath fallowed right behind her. “Now for that four hundred dollar steak.” He commented as the bathroom door closed behind them.
They took their seats back at their table, both of them looking around for a sign of action, or any real disturbance for that matter, but neither saw anything out of the ordinary. Lucy looked back over to Alex, “You are right. It is funny; that we are so happy in a situation like this.” She said sweetly, then continued in a tone of curiosity, “Now what do you think is in that there envelope?”

Alex reached for it and picked it up, but just as he was about to open it his attention was caught as Demyan appeared at their table. He himself looked slightly dishevelled, the vest of his outfit showing a few small crimson stains and a red dot on his right cheek right below the eye. “Sir, the… Disturbances have been taken care of. They were sent to kill you, of course.” The waiter said calmly.

Alex’ smile disappeared, his face becoming one of seriousness. “It’s just a guess, but they probably aren’t feeling too lively to finish their mission.”

“That would seem to be the case Comrade.” Demyan replied, the very smallest of smirks breaking through his statue like straight face.

“Demyan, I have a question or two I would like to ask.” Alex began, receiving a welcoming nod from the waiter. “Well first off my friend, you’ve got something right here.” He said, gesturing to the Russian the location of the red dot, which Demyan brushed with his fingers, looked at it, and smirked again. Alex continued, “Would you happen to know what is in this letter?”
Lucy listened and watched, still with a slight smirk on her face.

Demyan then began explaining. “Inside that envelope is a ticket to the best ship cruise we could find that will be sailing from here to the coast of Southern France.”

Lucy’ smile left her face. “Only one ticket?” She said, her voice containing a hint of concern.

“That is right Miss; A single ticket for you. I will explain.” The waiter responded with a sigh before he went on. “Mikail has arranged for Lucy to take the ship, and for you Alexandyre, to go by air. Then you two will meet in Lorraine, Europe. This is by far the safest way for the both of you.”

“Why can’t we go together in the plane.” Lucy asked, sounding a bit desperate.

“Sorry Miss, but its because it is not a plane and there are not enough seats.” The waiter responded pointedly and then continued. “I understand that this is not happy to you Miss, but this is the best way to ensure both your safeties.”
Demyan went on explaining the finer details of their getting to Europe, that all their stuff would be loaded onto the ship with Lucy, that they would have escorts to their separate modes of transportation, and then finished off by telling them each others cell phone numbers and the exact building that they would finally rendezvous at.

Both Lucy’ and Alex’ faces grimaced as they were each handed a cell phone. They both looked at their phones, which were identical and, while very fancy, seemed very durable. They then looked into each others eyes, staring at one another, their faces displaying a pained confidence, as they both understood that they would have to suffer being apart for this little while to ensure that their adventure together could continue.

Demyan interrupted their gaze, picking up the two menus on the table and as a result received two questioning glances from Lucy and Alexandyre. “As you could probably tell from your being fallowed here; time is up. They have your trail and soon will realize that they have lost another two of their hired men. Aside from that, the ticket is for a ship that is leaving for Europe early tomorrow morning. Your escorts have arrived and the distances the two of you still need to go will take all night for them to drive; simply put, there is no time for food.”

Slightly startled by this change of pace Alex spoke up trying to grasp for seconds more with Lucy, “Umm… Lucy and I will go get our stuff from the bike then.”

“The bike and all the stuff with it has already been loaded by Lucy’ escorts. As for you sir, it is best if you bring as little as possible.” Demyan said, once more very pointedly.

Lucy and Alexandyre suspiciously glanced at one another. Seeing this Demyan spoke up once more. “There really is no time for this. When we were…” He paused, “interrogating the two men who fallowed you, we found them to be wearing wires. That means that somebody was listening nearby…” The waiter paused once more, taking a deep breath he was interrupted by the ring of a cell phone before he could say anything more to the two of them.

It was the cell phone that Alexandyre had been given. Alex opened it and slowly brought it to his ear. A familiar thick Russian accent came through. “Have my friends yet to arrive Demyan?”
Alex could not help but smile slightly as he heard Mikails voice. “Demyan has already given us the phones Comrade.” Alex pointed out.

“Ah hah! Alexandyre, my friend, I am glad to hear your voice again.” Sounded the voice happily.

“Is there any reason why you wouldn’t have heard my voice again?” Alex asked, a bit confused.

“I called the safe house before this… Unwelcome visitors answered the phone. It was… A blast.” The Mafia Boss replied, no longer sounding happy.

“I am sorry that I have caused you so much trouble Comrade.” Alex put forth, his voice serious, and his body growing more tense with the situation.

“Do not be. My friend, your Journey is something I have appreciated a great deal… You have the phone, so you must know the plan. Please accept this help and allow me the honer of playing a small part in your journey; allow me to watch over you both for this short while.” Said the thick Russian voice. His voice calm and peaceful.

Alex bowed his head a little as he responded through the phone. “I am very grateful; you are a true Comrade.”

With that he closed and pocketed the phone. Lucy’ eyes looked intensely into Alexandyre’.

“Lucy… I think you feel it too. The situation has caught up with us; it’s getting ready to surround us. If we don’t get out now, they will have us.” Alex said, his voice grim, his face solemn, but his eyes looking into Lucy’ with the same intensity.

“We will meet again in Lorraine… That sounds poetic in itself my dear Romeo.” Lucy responded with a smile, as she got up from the table, the bag in hand and ready to fallow Demyan to their escorts.

Through the back door of the building they walked. “Please sir, we have no time left; not even for farewells.” Spoke Demyan as the three of them came to a halt. Before them were multiple vehicles with multiple escorts. Both Lucy, and Alexander knew that this would be a very long two weeks apart; two weeks being the time that Lucy’s cruise ship would take. Lucy was walked over to a black sedan and ushered to get in, but before she did, one last gaze into her and Alexandyre’s eyes was ventured. There, in that last gaze, they both found true meaning, for which they would even suffer being apart. With that Lucy got into the vehicle and the small convoy drove away.

“May I ask why so many escorts accompany Lucy?” Asked Alex as he stood next to Demyan, both still unmoved.

“I think that Mikail assumed that she is most important to you; that you care more for her life than your own.” Demyan replied calmly

“Heh, Mikail is a great judge of character.” Alex finalized with a lamenting smile.

Moving Forward Chapter 10 !!! Sorry for the wait!

Thanks so much for posting another wonderful chapter. The thing I like the most about this story is its dialog it really adds to the setting.

Can’t wait for the next one, Keep it up.

Moving Forward Chapter 10 !!! Sorry for the wait!

honestly i kinda like the way lucy and alex are growing together…… though a little fast under normal circumstances with all theyve been through they could easily of known each other for a life time so i think its very fitting.

Moving Forward Chapter 10 !!! Sorry for the wait!

Man, I fail at being on time. For reals yo.

Sorry I didn’t get to this faster Comrade Ambivvy, since I told you I would review this by the end of the day (like 2 days ago) it would totally be on time for me to do it now.

So then…

I liked this chapter quite a lot. I know it’s been a long time since your last post, but I don’t know how much time you actually spent on this chapter in relation to the others you have written thus far. That said, it feels to me like you spent more time on this one. There weren’t many errors in grammar or spelling that I could find (except for fallowed… it’s spelled followed… despite how it sounds) but then again I’m not really an expert either.

Got more diaper content in this story too, which was welcomed. Alex and Lucy are becomming more close and intimate, which is pretty cool. I mean, I knew it would happen eventually, but I didn’t know how it would happen, y’know?

I am curious as to where the plot will go from here. They are leaving the country? And also…

If it’s not a plane, what is it? Or is it just not a plane per se, like as in a jet or a rocket ship or Aile Strike Gundam or something? Of course, as the resident ‘air combat story writer guy’, I have to ask, what is it? PM me :smiley:

Moving Forward Chapter 10 !!! Sorry for the wait!

it totally has to be a gindam XD.

my guess though is its some old school societ fighter set for 2………seeing as how hes getting help from the kgb and all.


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Moving Forward Chapter 10 !!! Sorry for the wait!

Tun: a brewer’s vat, equivalent in size to fours hogsheads.

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