More than friends

It is lunch time in the Pound household and as always Kirstie Pound was still in bed. It was the first week of the summer break from school and 17 year old Kirstie was using it to catch up on sleep. Her parents were away on on business trips. It has been at lest two years since her parents have been home at the same time for more than a week and since her parents now thought their daughter was old enough to stay home alone there was no one there to watch her so Kirstie had the rather large house to herself.

Kirstie awoke when she heard the door bell ring. She groaned and got out of bed only just remembering to take off her night time diaper and change into some panties. You see all her life Kirstie has had a weak bladder and bowels, which means she really does need diaper but instead she only wears them at night and in the day wares little kids training panties that she is still small enough to fit into and would also if she knew she would put on a tena pad for safety but none of this works as well as the diapers.

She was now walking down stairs in a long Slipknot tee shirt, white fluffy vampire slippers and a pair of pink training panties that look just like normal panties so can full the untrained eye but are still rather embarrassing as they are pink , frilly and have Winnie the Pooh on them. Her long brown hair was messy and sticking out in every directions and her blue eyes looked sleepy.

She opened the door and remembered who she invited today. Her best and only friend Emily. Kirstie and Emily had been friends since they were 4 years old and met playing in the sand box in there local park. Ever since then they have always been together but this week will be the first time Emily stayed over at Kirstie’s house as Kirstie had tried her best to avoid it.

Any way when Kirstie opened the door she was pulled into Emilys arms. This was one of the biggest problems about their relationship, Kirstie was deeply in love with Emily and had been for a number of years. She has tried to get over her for years now but it’s hard when Emily is so loveable and love nothing more than to snuggle into Kirstie at random times.“Hi there kitten this is going to be the best week long sleep over ever.” Emily squealed calling Kirstie kitten as she always does. She pulled away awwed making Kirstie blush and pulled her tee shirt lower trying to hid her panties. "No don’t hid them there so cute. Since when did my scary little goth like pink Pooh bare panties? " She giggled.

Kirstie was a good bit smaller than Emily, which meant Emily did tend to refer to her as her little goth kitten and other little nick names. “Hi Em.” Kirstie said smiling up at her friend.

“She is so amazing.” She thought smiling up into her green eyes. Emily was very tall and slim but with strong legs from her dancing and had long black hair.

“You just got up didn’t you?” Emily said giggling.

“No Emily I always dress like this when your coming over.” Kirstie said sarcastically and giggled.

“Well go and get dressed we are going out for lunch then we are going shopping.” Emily said smiling down at her.

“Ok bossy boots.” Kirstie said and Emily stuck her tongue out at her. With that there week together began.

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I think you have a good start on a story. However watch your spelling, especially homonyms.
Bring more to us as you get it ready.

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You rock as a writer, you paint a vivid picture with your words, and thanks for sharing.

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Kirstie went up to her room and got ready. She slipped one of the exorbitant pads into her panties, pulled on some black jeans, put a black tee-shit on that had a cactus with a “free hugs” sign on it and brushed her hair. She then came down stairs and found Emily in the living room. “Hay ready to go?” She asked.

“Yeah.” She said then smiled as she turned to her.“Much better and I see the hugs are free.” She said and hugged her. “You would still get hugs from me ever if you chard for them.” She said smiling and Kirstie blushed.

"Um lets go."Kirstie said pulling away and grabbed her car keys and headed out to her car and got in. It tock them 15 minuets to get to the mall. As they got out the car Emily being the the hug loving girl she is took Kirstie’s hand as they walked. They went into into their favourite Starbucks and ordered the cheese plate to split.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in years kitten.” Emily said as they ate.

“Em it’s been 5 days since we last saw each other.” Kirstie said and giggled.

“Yeah I know it just feels like longer and….never mind.” Emily said looking away.

“Hay what is it is something wrong?” She asked.

“No it’s nothing I’m jut being stupid.” She said and before Kirstie could protest she stood up and the happy bouncy Emily was back. “Let’s get shopping.” She said tacking her hand and dragging her in and out of stores.

They were cloth shopping when some girls from their school came up to them. They were "friends " of Emily’s. She only hung out with them because they did dancing to but the girls hatted Kirstie and always tried to separate her and Emily. "Well hay Emily. "One of them said in a bitter sweet voice. They were all dressed in similar slutty outfits. “Oh um Emily you seem to have a freak on you.” The same one said. Her name was Margaret and she was like the queen of the sluts. She was looking Kirstie up and down with a disgusted look on her face.

“Just back off Margaret.” Emily said as Kirstie just looked down. Kirstie would never stand up for herself participially when she thought Emily would much rather hang out with them than a freak like her.

“Oh come on your not actually going to stand up for that bitchy little emo are you.” Margaret said glaring at her.

“Yeah I am she happens to be my friend so just fuck off bitch.” Emily said. Kirstie had never really seen Emily angry it was a little scary.

“What did you just call me?” Margaret said in shock.

“A bitch. It’s a female dog or can also be a good word to describe a slut like yourself.” Emily said and Margaret saw red. She went to slap Emily right across the face but Kirstie stepped in front of her tacking the hit. Now Kirstie may be small but if you try and hurt Emily she will kick your ass. She pined Margaret to the wall.

"If you ever try and hurt Emily again I swear to God you will regret it."She said. Emily was a little shocked by the outburst. She put her hand on Kirstie’s shoulder.

“Come on Kirst she isn’t worth it.” She said and Kirstie let go of her and walked up to Emily. As she was walking though Margaret noticed a smell coming from Kirstie and smiled evilly. She jumped forward and pulled down Kirstie’s jeans exposing her once pink but now yellow panties and making her fall over. Her pad had failed and leaked all over her panties.

“Look at the little pissy pants not so tough are you.” Margaret laughed as her friends tock photos and others around her started to laugh. Emily just looked shocked and didn’t know what to do. Kirstie managed to stand up and ran to the bathroom pulling her jeans up as she did it. Emily ran after her worried.

“Kirstie.” Emily called as she came to the bathroom. She heard crying coming from one of the stalls and she knocked on the stall door. “Kirst?” She asked.

“G g go go away.” Kirstie sobbed. Kirstie hadn’t cried in front of any one in years.

“No not until I know you ok.” Emily said. Kirstie still wasn’t opening the door so Emily got into the stall next to hers and climbed over the side into Kirstie’s stall. What she saw upset her. There was Kirstie who normally acted so confident curled in a ball her wet panties visible with a bruise forming on her cheek. Before Kirstie could tell her to go away again Emily scoped her up in her arms and sat down rocking her like a baby. “Shh Kirst it’s ok” She cooed.

“What are you doing her don don’t you want to be with your friends?” She asked.

“Kirstie you are my friend hell your like my sister. They aren’t my friends not after what they just did to you is your cheek ok?” She asked and cupped her sore cheek gently in her cold hand soothing it.

“W why do you want to hang out with a freak that pissed herself?” Kirstie asked.

“Your not a freak your fun and I don’t care that you had a accident it’s fine and you are also the most sweet and caring person I know. No one else would have jumped in for me like that.” Emily said.

“No one else would have stood up for me I wasn’t going to let her hurt you.” Kirstie said and Emily smiled and wiped her eyes.

“Right come on no more tears lets get you cleaned up.” Emily said and Kirstie blushed. Emily noticed she had some spare panties and a pad and out of no where she just cleaned her up and redressed her. She would ask about the accident latter she thought. The girls both headed back to Kirstie’s house.

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Kirstie had calmed down but was in a slight state of shock all the way home. ‘Did that just happen?’ She thought. As Emily drove them home and told Kirstie just to relax. When they arrived home Emil led Kirstie into the living room and sat her down. “Do you wanna talk about what happened?” Emily asked and Kirstie shock her head looking down. “Ok sweetie I understand now smile ok we are going to order some pizza and relax and watch some movies ok.” Emily said squeezing Kirstie’s hand gently. Kirstie nodded and smiled a little. “There that’s better isn’t it now you go get some blankets and I will order pizza and make pop corn I brought some horror movies.” She said.

Kirstie ran upstairs and got some blankets feeling more relaxed. Once the pop corn was made and the pizza arrived they both sat on the sofa to watch Paranormal Activity, which Kirstie hadn’t seen yet. Kirstie was sitting at the far end of the sofa away from Emily. When Emily looked over at her she frowned. “What you doing all the way over there silly come closer.” She said and pulled Kirstie close into her rubbing her back smiling. Kirstie just blushed bright red but couldn’t help but relax into her arms.

They had finished the pizza after about 5 minutes of the film and were now sitting with the pop core between them. Kirstie was almost sitting in Emily’s lap now. Both of the girls loved scary movies and very rarely got scared by them but this seemed to be one of the few movies that makes Kirstie jump. Kirstie jumped at the movie and Emily pulled her closer so she was actually sitting on her lap. As Kirstie was smaller than Emily she fit perfactualy in her arms. She jumped and hid her face in Emily’s chest. Emily rubbed her back and rocked her gently until the movie was over once the movie was done Kirstie realized what she was doing and pushed away from her blushing. “Um s sorry.” Kirstie muttered.

"Hun there is nothing to b sorry for it’s been a wile since you let me cuddle with you like that remember when we were little we always used to cuddle now you always seem so shy. "Emily said squeezing her hand.

Kirstie blushed and moved back more. "Um it’s getting late we should get to bed."She mumbled and Emily frowned but nodded. They headed up stairs and Kirstie went to her room Emily following. “Oh um you can sleep in my parents room.” Kirstie said. She hated doing this but she knew if they slept in the same room they would end up cuddling and she also didn’t want her to know she wore diapers at night.

“Oh um ok sure night then.” Emily said looking kinda hurt. She turened and went into Kirsties parents room. Kirstie frowned she hated upsetting Emily. Kirstie got into her room and pulled out a changing mat of her wardrobe and a very babyish diaper, some powder and wipes. She got undressed and lay down on the mat. She wiped herself and rubbed in some baby powder lifted her bottom up and taped a diaper on just as the door opened and a now very shocked Emily entered.

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Emily stared at Kirstie in shock and Kirstie stared right back her diaper in full view. She had got her diapers off the net. They were just like a baby diaper and had hello kitty all over them. She tells herself she got them cause they work well and she isn’t got at putting cloth diapers on but the truth is that she loves the babyish feel of the diapers.

After staring at each other for a wile Kirstie flinched like she had been hit by lightening and pushed away from her trying frantically to hid her diaper but ended up just spilling baby powder all over herself and Emily. Emily seemed to come out of her shock as well and saw that her friend needed her comfort now so without a word Emily hugged Kirstie tightly and rocked her in her arms like a small child. Kirstie couldn’t help but cry into Emily’s shoulder. “Shh shh it’s ok sweetie I’m here shhh.” Emily cooed in a all most motherly voice but Kirstie couldn’t stop crying. “Hay come on now we agreed no more tears.” She said softly and brought Kirstie’s face up so she was looking her in the eyes and said. “It’s ok” and whipped her eyes.

“Don don don’t you want to laugh at me me?” Kirstie whimpered.

"Kirstie I didn’t laugh at you at the mall and I wont now. " She said. “Now clam down and tell we what all this is please you know I won’t judge you.” She said still holing her close.

“O ok I I’m……incontinent.” She sobbed. “I ware pads and training panties in the day and diapers to bed but I really should ware them all the time but but there too hard to hide.” She whimpered.

"Why didn’t you tell me hun we used to tell each other everything I could have helped you with this"Emily said looking a little hurt.

“I I was scared you wouldn’t want to hang out any more.” She whispered.

"Kirstie look at me I will never ever stop being your friend your like my sister ,no you more than a sister to me"Emily said tacking Kirstie’s face in her hands.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered.

“It’s ok was this why we were sleep in different rooms?” She asked.

“Kinda.” She mumbled.

"Kirst what do you mean by kinda?Be honest with me. I feel like we are drifting a part you are being so secretive and shy with me what’s wrong!?"Emily cried all most in tears herself.

“Emily I can’t tell you I’m sorry.” She whispered.

“Kirstie I have a right to know why I’m not allowed to properly hug my best friend. Kirst we never used to be like this you used to love it when we cuddled up on the sofa to watch a movie hell we used to tack bath together what has changed!?” Emily cried her tears starting to fall.

Kirstie couldn’t stand seeing Emily cry she just couldn’t “I love you!” Kirstie blurted out looking down and everything went silent. For what seemed like years they just sat there Kirstie looking down at the floor and Emily looking at her in shock before Emily slowly started to move towards Kirstie. She tock one of her hands in her own and with the other lifter her face up to look at hers and then their lips met. It was light, gentle and most of all full of love but seemed to end too soon.

“I love you to.” Emily whispered as there lips parted but there faces were just inches a part. Kirstie’s eyes over flowed with tears and Emily look concerned. “What’s wrong?” Emily said looking worried.

“I have wanted to hear that for 6 years.” Kirstie sobbed and lunged into her now lieing on top of her with her diapered bottom in the air.

Emily smiled and stroked her hair as Kirstie buried her head in her chest.“So I’m guessing you started loving me when you were 9 and hit puberty early.” Emily said playfully.

“No I have always loved you I just realized it then” She said into her chest and Emily giggled.

“You are controlled by your hormones.” She said playfully teasing.

“Hay your not allowed to teas your girlfriend.” Kirstie said but blushed realizing she just said she was her girlfriend.

"Girlfriend huh? I like that but don’t kid yourself I will always teas you. "She said and patted her diapered bottom. “By the way I think that you in diapers….are the cutest thing I have ever seen.” She said and Kirstie kissed her again.

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Keep on writing!

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Might want to check spellings and grammar. Other than that, it’s good and I would hope to see more soon.