More littles with sugar (updated to ch14 1/25/23)

This is truly awesome and I can’t wait for more of the story to come out!!

Ch. 10 The end of the beginning or the beginning of the beginning.

I awoke 2 two feeling one cold and puffy between my legs, guess I wasn’t completely out of the woods yet.

And 2 more curiously, warmth all over behind me. Tina had slept there after coming in to keep me company.

I really don’t get these people. I thought.

She woke up to my stirring. It was still early, the sun was just starting to rise outside and the birds were singing. “Morning” She said sleepily. I mumbled a greeting back. Last night hadn’t put me off to her just made me feel awkward about myself.

“How are you feeling?” She asked as she reached down to check the obviously swollen thing. “I’m ok just worried.”

“What about hypnosis scares you so badly? It had to be over 2 years ago because if not I would know about it.”

I sighed, was I really going to share this with her? "About 5 years ago, I had just moved away from home, I had gotten a big job and was excited to move and start. Everything was going great. Money was coming in. I was living a great life. I met a girl at the bar. She was amazing, pretty and sweet and she liked me. We started dating and shortly after she dragged me to a party. It was supposed to be a make fun of Amazon’s party, we all dressed as faux babies. No diapers of course but you know.

I wasn’t any different, she had come fully diapered and everything. We laughed and said she would get picked up on the way home if she didn’t change.


We danced and drank and had a blast. But as the night went on the crowd kept getting smaller and smaller, figured they were getting tired of the scene and leaving. Well, I decided to try my luck with her, and invite her home. She said she had a better idea. I must have triggered the programming because she started acting weird and got me to start following her.

We went down a hall and I heard a bunch of screaming and yelling about not wanting to be a baby. I got nervous and tried to turn her around.

The programming must not have had a fail safe because she went completely blank. Flat with no emotion at all. I hid away from her and watched. As I did, an Amazon came down the hall. Yelled at her and asked where I was. She had fear in her eyes as the amazon carried her off.

I waited there hiding for hours, the party had been a front for a baby traffiking ring. I listened to littles cry and scream until they were turned. Each going silent in the same way, fading out slowly and eventually turning into incoherent babbling.

I had almost been caught and been nothing but a drooling mindless doll."

I was shaking, and she saw it. She cooed and shushed me until I was calm. “If you watch two Amazon’s get the same thing would it set your mind at ease?”

I had to admit, it sounded odd that any amazon would agree to the same treatment as a little. It was intriguing, “I guess it might help.”

“Dear heart, I will not do anything that is not for our good. All three of us. I’m so sorry that you had to endure that. I won’t let anyone do that to you either. Even if you decide to leave us.”

The way she phrased that last one, it didn’t sound like she meant the coalition. It seemed more like she was referring to Cindy and herself. I’ve only known her for 4 days. How could I be this attached?

“Come on, Cindy will be wanting up and you mister are in a giant squishy diaper. Let’s put some underwear on today, what do you think?” That bolstered my spirit a little. I waddled over to the dresser and grabbed some underwear and some clothes. “Hop up here so I can get you cleaned up first.” She patted the changing table.

10 minutes later we walked into Cindy’s room, me following timidly. She was sitting in bed playing tea with her dolls. The onesie had come loose, seemingly unbeknownst to her and her sagging diaper was clearly visible. “Morning mommy! Hey, no boys allowed!”

“Im sorry I’ll leave!”

“Cindy be nice now. He just wanted to help say good morning.” She went to the girl and put her on the changing table by means of an under arm carry, like she was a foot ball. Cindy grunted and laughed through it all. When it came time for a diaper change I got sheepish and went to read a book. Cindy didn’t seem to care at all.

The day started very much the same as the day before. At least until lunch. Tina made me go to the bathroom right before we left so I wouldn’t have any accidents. Then we were off to the city and offices and everywhere else.

After picking up lunch for three adults. We met Cindy in the lobby of the coalition building. We went to the 3rd floor and onto a balcony, we sat and ate talking a little here and there. My nerves were on end, I was still worried.

Shortly after the meal we walked back inside and Cindy said she had some work to do before she could go home, so she needed to get it done.

Tina took me back in the elevator and to the second sub floor. I was looking for escape routes when Tina took my hand and reassured me. We walked 3 rooms down and into what looked like a waiting room. 4 Amazon’s were in there, and my heart skipped a beat.

“Tina!” One of the male Amazon’s said. “Is this the new recruit we keep hearing about?”

“He is, go easy Gary, the process has gone by way faster than normal, so he’s a little scared.”

Turning to me and bending down, “nothing to be afraid! I have been in the booth 35 times myself.” He seemed to be bragging. “Anyway, Ms Tina here is going to keep you all to herself, you know? Most of us are pretty jealous. You seem like a really good little, if it was anyone but Tina I’d steal you away honestly. Always wanted a son. In truth, with her you’ll be getting the better end of that deal. She’s a first rate mom and a first rate person.” Who was this guy? "He leaned in but never got quieter, “in fact can I tell you a secret?” He blabbed loud enough for the whole room. “If she’d be a little less stubborn, I’d take her on a really nice date.”

“Gary, you wanna be smoothie, that’s enough. I don’t think you’re helping here. In any case we are going into the booth. This guy wants to watch first.” She put her hand to the back of my neck and gently urged me to a door out of the way.

When we entered there were 3 others in there a little and 2 Amazon’s. They only nodded at our entry and kept working.

On the far wall was a gallery window to a single chair with what looked like a camera attached to screen. There was a light on what looked to be a monitor inside the room with us. On looking better it was a word that said ‘execute.’ There wasn’t really much else.

Tina flatly explained, “hypnosis tech has advanced really far with bad intentions, but we can use it for good now.”

“I want you to read the contract before we begin,” she said pulling a single sheet of paper out. It only had 4 sentences on it.

I agree to be hypnotized into never speaking of the coalition to anyone I do not know is a part of the coalition.

I will be hypnotized into the complete knowledge of the coalition.

I agree to hypnosis that will not in anyway alter my perception of reality.

I am of sound mind and under no duress upon signing this, or the hypnosis will not function.

That was it, no more no less.

Inside the other room an Amazon I recognized from the other room walked in and sat in the chair. An attendant from our side of the window walked over hit a button, the screen flashed twice and the amazons body relaxed, all except their eyes, which were glued to the screen. Then she woke up and walked out of the room. The next amazon came in sat down and repeated the process. “That’s it?” I exclaimed, a little miffed there wasn’t more to it.

“Haha, so you’re saying it’s ok?” Tina asked.

I wasn’t really sure to be honest. I was expecting cartoons and diapers and people crapping themselves, but nothing happened. We left the booth and into the waiting room where all four amazons were again.

“Nothing to it champ!!” Gary exclaimed. “You got the stones to do it?” It felt like a pep talk from hell. I realized though that I was. So I solemnly nodded my head. Tina reached down and hugged me, she had the biggest smile I had ever seen on her.

Gently she asked, “are you really ready?”

I decided I was and put the paper on an end table, using the pen there I signed it. If I lost my mind at least I wouldn’t know it. “I’ll be with you the whole time.” Tina promised and we walked in and sat down, me resting back on her chest, it felt like home. She grabbed my hand, and the screen flashed and my eyes reacted looking up.

And then Tina said we were done. Nothing had happened though. I was confused but I wasn’t dumb enough to argue.

Leaving the room, the other 4 were still waiting. Gary, ofcourse, gave away the surprise. “Party time! Welcome to the family!”

Tina responded by smacking his shoulder, “can you go 5 minutes without blabbing something? This is why we have to have hypnosis.” The last was aimed at me.

Everyone seemed so happy, and it was catching I felt the excitement. We left the room together and down a different hall. We took 2 turns and opened a double door.

Inside the sound of applause exploded out. There was a sign hanging from the ceiling that said ‘welcome family,’ turns out there really was a party.

I tried to hide behind Tina but she pushed me in, talk about betrayal, hah. Cindy and the waitress from the bakery were waiting for me. Both dressed as little girls, neither dress hiding their obvious diapers. Cindy had a box of nice candies for me, and the waitress who introduced herself as Carrie had some of her cookies.

Tina bent down, “it’s tradition that the initiated get gifts from the people they know in the coalition. I have one for you too.” She pulled a small bottle around in front of me, it read B.A.S.S. and the pill was yellow. “I actually have 2 but this is the one my heart says it’s time for. I’ll explain later, but for now, it’s time for a party!” With the hypnosis I had been given a full history of the organization. I now knew how it had started as a few amazons that really wanted babies but couldn’t bear destroying a little to get it, they had menauevered and even blackmailed to get what they wanted. Tina had been there from the start. She was one of the most influential members. No wonder no one argued with her and people feared her.

My mouth watered. It made me nervous but also excited. The green ones still made my body tremble, the blue one made me want to run and hide. But this one was yellow.

Tina got Swept up in congratulations on another fine job and questions of how did she do it?

I wasn’t given much time to think about it, Carrie and Cindy dragged me to the littles table where we had all sorts of cakes and good looking food to pig out on, and we all did. I noticed quickly while I wasn’t the only one dressed as an adult, I was the only one not wearing a diaper.

It was A party, we danced sang and played, I even got to dance with Cindy. Who claimed to enjoy it profusely. After a while, I was sitting surrounded by other littles all talking at me when Tina bent down behind me. “The doctor wants to see us now. Can I carry you? It’ll be faster getting out of here.” I nodded my approval. " scooping me up, she held me on her hip expertly and we left quickly. She was in a hurry, walking fast and only nodding at people who talked to her. “Cindy is going to stay with Carrie tonight.” She did it like I should be expecting something but it didn’t click with me.

I was carried the distance to the clinic quickly, no short legs to have to wait on made the trip faster. I was still on quite the sugar rush so I was ready to get down and move, once in a room I launched into story after story while Tina grinned and laughed through each story. Which only served to keep me going until the doctor walked in.

“Are we being impatient, Tina?”

“Yes” She responded flatly, and the doctor didn’t argue.

“Hello young man, do you remember me?” I nodded from behind Tina. “You can come out, I just want to see how well you are healing.” I moved slowly, and he waited patiently.

After a few pokes prods and tests, scans and the such he stood up and looked at Tina. “I think it’ll be fine, but I’d like you to wait, it could be CLOC if you dont.”

Tina responded with a smile and a “I think its inevitable that will happen. I can’t give up now.”

“Then it’s in your hands, Tina. I don’t think it’ll do any damage but there is a slight chance.”

Tina paused, “I understand.”

With that we went out and left the coalition headquarters.

We headed to Tina’s home, I found myself thinking about why Cindy was going to sleep at a friend’s. I asked Tina what CLOC meant. “It’s just fancy doctor talk, but we can talk about it later.” She seemed distracted. She wanted something. It reminded me of my desire for the pills. It was incessant but only when I knew it was coming.

“Tina, are you ok?” She almost choked.

“Dear heart, I’m perfectly fine. I have wanted something for several months and it seems close and it has made me want to hurry. I’m sorry if I made you worry in the midst of it.”

I couldn’t wait to ask, “can I know what it is?”

“Remember there are 4 pills,” she began, " the first 2 you’ve seen, green and blue, they are purely for pleasure. Nothing more, the other 2 have other effects. My gift to you is the yellow pill, more commonly called the bond pill." I went on alert again, she continued unaware of my concern, "the pill doesn’t alter your thoughts or even have a permanent effect. Instead it amplifies what already exists. It makes your emotions for someone ten times more than they had ever been. If you hate them, then you will likely try to kill them. If you love them then you’d die for them. If you’re indifferent then they would litteraly mean nothing to you.

It is also the only one with a companion pill. They are meant to be taken in pairs. I will take the other."

My mind reeled, what was she saying? She said it would make me love her but not, but if I did I would love her a thousand times more. “So you’re going to make me love you?”

“No no, my dear heart. I want to show you how much I love you. As well it’ll show you how much you do or do not love me. Usually, this is months into a relationship, but circumstances and the fact I want to keep you all to myself have sped up the game a bit.”

“I’ll do it,” she slumped a bit in relief, I was curious myself. Now that I knew what she was planning, I wasn’t really worried she’d hurt me, but I was curious at how this would affect us both. What if we didn’t really have that mother son bond as strong as we thought?

The car was nearing the house, my heart pounded. I grabbed Tina’s hand, I wanted her touch, she squeezed it back.

Once again I was back on the changing table, naked head to toe this time. The pill sat over my head and its partner next to it. It was similar in size but a different shape, more oblong.

The diaper change was different this time, slower less rushed, it seemed she wanted to savor the moment. The oil and powder, she made small talk and booped my nose. Poked my belly button and genuinely made me feel like a kid again.

I giggled the whole time, I realized she was stalling not savoring. I hoped she wasn’t nervous.

She had put an insert in the diaper which served to make it thick enough I literally could not walk, it was either waddle horribly or crawl. Apparently, I was going to need it. If this went really well it would be hard to change me, she had said.

I made a complaint that only got ignored. While I was only diapered, she had removed her shirt. Sitting in front of the giant she opened both pills, “are you ready?” She asked.

“So, what happens when, you know, it takes effect?” Tina responded, “it won’t be a trance like the others have been, instead it’ll be a mental enhancement. You’ll seem more focused on me and me on you. That’s why Cindy is spending the night. It’ll be hard for us to focus on anything else.”

I hesitated, "how long are the side effects?

“The effects will likely last most of the night. The diapers will be needed for a couple days.” I shuddered, this might be worth it. On the other hand, we may try to kill each other. She would win definitely, but I really doubted that outcome.

She took my head in her hand and raised my chin to look her in the eye, “are you ready?” How could I say no. I nodded and swallowed, I felt a hand go down the back of my diaper and something slimy went in my rear.

She then immediately took her pill.

“Let’s toss the dice my dear heart.”

My last clear moment of thought was “I really like it when she calls me that…”

Ch. 11 Bonds of steel or not even Hercules could break that.

It was like a flower opening. My understanding of Tina was completely wrong. I could feel her heart. It was like we had been linked. Like a shining star that represented her emotions toward me erupted in front of me.

It was glorious.

I had never known anyone could care for me like that.

My eyes began to water up. I burst into sobs, what teen girls call ugly crying. I couldn’t believe I had treated her so badly, her intentions could only be pure with that emotion. How could I be so mean? “I’m sorry” I choked out.

I was in her arms, my skin to hers. My head resting on her chest, her heart was beating so perfectly. I don’t even remember her picking me up. She bounced and shushed my crying, all while crying herself. “I’m so sorry.” I choked out again.

“No baby, it’s ok, I see now. It’s ok. Shhhh, you are mine now, shhhhh, I won’t ever let go, shhhhhh shhhhh.”

I calmed a little, enough to realize for the first time Tina was becoming my world. My emotions were there too. They weren’t nearly as prominent but they were there. I couldn’t let her go. My arms wrapped around her neck. I was never going to let go.

She was patting my bottom and swishing me. Cooing and shushing my tears. I could do nothing for hers.

It had been like a dream. His skin to hers, she had learned that contact helped. He was holding her neck.

She had braced for there to be almost nothing there, for even a little bit of indifference, but this she couldn’t have expected. Cindy had loved her but not nearly as much as she had loved Cindy. This was indescribable.

The pill forced the body to create thousands of times its usual pheromone output. Causing those near to experience the emotions you were outputting. Then it used the adrenal system to amplify what you felt, increasing brain processing in the area of emotion and a host of other things. The effects created a wonderment of emotions and effectively caused you to know all there was to know about what could not be said between 2 individuals.

Being more experienced with the pill she could sense it all. Cindy’s pain had been prominent and hard to bear, but this poor thing’s fear was so overwhelming, no little body should be able to hold something so big. It had utterly shocked her.

Something had happened though.

His emotions for her were there, but his fear had almost drowned them. Miraculously though his fear had melted to almost unrecognizable, but his love had grown to replace his fear.

She had had to sit down. It had made her knees weak. How could that happen? Her only guess was that he saw what she was and all those worries and doubts were erased. Without them to hold him back his heart opened to her. It felt like a miracle.

Tina had cried tears of joy.

She was glad she had both drank and made him drink the water, they were both crying heavily. It had been almost an hour already and neither showed signs of stopping.

This poor boy, her poor baby boy. He was hers as surely as the sun rose and set. Surely as she lived and breathed.

My senses started to calm from the overload. I wasn’t sure how long it had been, but the sun had set before I opened my eyes.

My eyes were still bleary and watery but at least the sobbing had stopped. Never had I been so happy and sad at the same time.



I wouldn’t call her that again


Mommy had sat down and held me, her eyes were red too. She’d cried as well.

“M… mo…”

“It’s ok, my baby.”

“Mmm… mommy?”

She pulled me back close and I could feel her warmth grow.

“I have food coming, my dear heart. Are you hungry?” I nodded my agreement against her chest. I didn’t want to leave her glorious smell or miss hearing that heartbeat.

What was this? She had said it amplified what was there. It made you realize what you already had for another.

“Mommy, can… can I…”

She tried to encourage me,“it’s ok dear heart, you can say whatever it is?” Her voice had grown even more soft and loving.

“Can I say I love you?”

Taken back, mommy’s eyes began to water again, but I could feel the joy so I didn’t fear I had screwed up. “Oh dear heart yes you can, you never need permission for that.”

“I love you” She replied “and I love you more.”

He could make her smile in the darkest night, in the rain, surrounded by wolves.

Their stomachs were growling, she wished that the delivery bot would move faster. Something so dumb might ruin this moment. She’d deserve it for not being patient.

They needed a distraction. Clean up a bit and get some clothes on she thought. She carried him without asking to the bathroom where she plopped his padded rear on the counter and gently wiped his face, cleaning his snotty nose, and cleaning his eyes up. Then she let him do her face. It had made them both laugh.

The food alert came about 3 minutes before they were done, so she carried the baby to get the food and get setup. She had pulled out the high chair because she wanted to be closer to him than a booster would allow.

Putting him there, she prepared the food.

Soon they had eaten. She had fed him most of it, which he had seriously enjoyed. He had become so carefree at that moment. Not over thinking it all, he had laughed when she had tapped his nose with the spoon getting pudding all over it. In the end he may have been wearing more than he ate. Mostly because of his shenanigans rather than babyish eating.

She bathed him afterwards. They played some simple games, she tickled him until he begged her to stop, read books with his head on her chest, cuddled and watched cartoons. As the effects were beginning to wind down, she didn’t want to miss the opportunity, so she sat down with him and breastfed him. Neither talked during the prep, both knew what was happening and both were excitedly expectant.

The moment would go down for both of them as one of the best moments in their lives. Perfectly in sync and able to understand each other’s desires for just a few more minutes, he suckled and she held him. In the end he fell asleep again, almost as if drugged.

He was awake then he was asleep.

He fell off the latch even though his mouth kept working at it. She wiped the drool from his lip and placed him in bed as the last of his emotions drained out. She couldn’t help but think, “what would she call him when he had been officially adopted?”

I was certain when she offered the third contract to me I would say yes. Historically, it had weeded out more people than anything else.

I couldn’t imagine life without mommy. How could I turn her down after tonight?

She was breastfeeding me now, I was staring into her eyes.

I could feel the full effects of the pill dwindling. I could tell I was tired, my body done.

At Least I was warm, she smiled at me and that was the last thing I remembered as I drifted off to blissful sleep.

It had been a good night, but all good and bad things come to an end.


I love the story. The concept of the pills are amazing. Of course the Amazons figured out a way to take their part of the bond pill orally and apparently not get caught up enough to wet themselves during the process lol. Just my own curiosity that doesn’t need an answer, but I am curious if any of the Amazons that have joined the coalition has tried the other two pills that was first introduced and if any of the Amazons at the party were diapered or adopted by another Amazon. Like I said, just my own curiosity’s that doesn’t need answers. I’m enjoying this story greatly. Thank you so much for it.

Ch.12 The Good the Bad, and the New or Balance is Key

It wasn’t a surprise waking up a bit of a mess. It was a surprise to realize I was in mommy’s bed. She must have brought me here after I fell asleep. It was warm and super soft, so I was pretty pleased to be there.

I could hear her breathing, it was a comforting noise. I remained as still as I could so I didn’t wake her. I needed a few minutes to think.

Last night had been amazing, but in the midst of it all I hadn’t been able to digest everything that had happened.

The first thing I noticed was that Mommy had felt completely overwhelmed by anything I had felt. It wasn’t that I didn’t have feelings or emotion, they just weren’t nearly as strong as hers. She had been learning who I was for 2 years, it felt a little unfair for me. In that light, I had seen all she hadn’t been able to say.

I became aware of my fear of her, of all amazons truly. But How could such a loving and compassionate being hurt me? How could that level of care even exist? It was still hard to imagine even after seeing the truth with my own eyes. It had made me remorseful, it broke my heart that I could be so mean as to mistrust her.

What was harder to understand was that I believed it all. Which is what changed everything. That belief had been like a hammer to all that supported my fear. In that moment I lost all my fear of her, why should I fear her? The resounding silence in my mind was my answer. Even if she reduced my mind to a drooling pitiable and pathetic baby, it could only be for my good.

Whether it was something I wanted or not.

What did I want? I wasn’t as sure today as I was yesterday.

My stomach protested the late morning wake up, by announcing its desire for food. It served to wake mommy up, who reached over and drew me closer. “Are we hungry?” She must have read my mind because she went straight to lifting her shirt. I latched greedily, I tried hard to make sure I didn’t use teeth but I’m not sure how much I bit her. If I did she never even blinked. After a short while of feeding I couldn’t get anything else, so I just kind of sat back a bit.

Mommy seemed surprised, “are you done? You didn’t seem to be finished there.”

“I think I drank too much,” I said obviously with a disappointed sound.

“Haha, you actually managed to empty one of mommy’s breasts. I thought I might need to move to morning feedings. You and Cindy both like to fall asleep before you ever finish.” Resettling us both in a better position she held me up to her other breast and I laid in her arms and drank my fill.

It wasn’t just that I was hungry, or that the act of breastfeeding created such a moment, or that it tasted fabulous. It was intoxicating to drink from her. Her milk was like candy to me.

When I had finished she rubbed my squishy rear and decided it was time for a change.

“I’m going to dress you up a little more to my liking today. I hope you’ll be ok with it. We won’t be going anywhere except to get Cindy and maybe dinner.” I mean, who was I to argue, right? She had just fed me using her body, and I was anxious to please her. I nodded my agreement, she ruffled my hair, put me on her hip and down the hall we went.

Back in the room I had been using she laid me down and quickly cleaned me up. Taping a new diaper on, it was blue with little pony-like cartoon creatures on it. “this one will not come off without help, I just like the cutesy designs, it’ll make that tushie even cuter.” Her voice kept moving closer and closer to baby talk. “Remember the side effects probably will keep going today, there’s a price for what we got last night.” That made me wonder what it had cost her.

“Did it cost you anything?”

“My system is stronger and so it has effects just not the same, but you don’t worry that little head of yours ok?” As she finished her work she went to the closet and pulled out a pair of short-alls and a light blue shirt.

I was gonna look like a 5 year old, oh well I had agreed. The shortalls had crotch snaps and everything. When she had finished her labors she smiled and plopped me in front of the mirror in the bathroom. I did look younger, I’m sure to her eyes I was now exactly what I should be. It was a little disconcerting.

She handed me a toothbrush and told me to brush while she got dressed.

We ended up downstairs and back in her office type room again, me on the desk and her in front of it.

“I’d like to keep talking about what you want today, then tomorrow I’d like to discuss why and what I want from you. Does that sound fair?”

I nodded, “I know we talked about a lot of what you want to do but what about what you want. Do you want a family of your own? Do you just want to be alone? You’ve always been alone as far as I’ve seen but is that something you like?”

I thought hard for a moment “I guess it has never been an option to have friends or family, you could disappear at any second or they could. You never know what happens to them or what will be the end for them. That’s a kind of pain I never wanted to cause someone.” A faint spark of hope ignited in me, “but who wants to really be alone? I mean really really. My own parents vanished without a trace, I haven’t heard from them in years.”

Mommy interrupted my train of thought, “do you miss them?”

I stopped for a moment, “yes and no, they raised me and did what they could, they kept me safe until I could do it myself. I’d like to be able to say thanks at least.” She typed away for a minute then looked back at me. “What do you think became of them?”

“Who knows? They were crafty and sneaky, not much chance they got caught by anything unscrupulous. I can count on one hand the number of times they came home after an attitude adjustment.”

“Interesting, what about your job, do you like having one?”

It was hard to think about after the last encounter with Mr. Handicraft. “I like seeing people, it’s my one link to others in the world. I’ve never really made friends there, for the same reasons as before. It wasn’t bad though.” She typed away again.

“What about your life do you like the best?” What was I supposed to say to that? After the cataclysmic events of the past 5 days, I’m not sure what life I had to return to. Thinking about it, my life had been so bland, mostly running away or hiding or trying to outsmart the amazons in my life. I said as much.

“I’m not sure my life is even there anymore, or what I enjoyed. I always wanted more but what could I have if it could just be taken from me. It was easier just to keep my expectations down.” I realized that the way I was talking I never expected life to go back to how it was. “I mean yeah you had some basic assurances, like you wouldn’t be picked up off the street without it being illegal. But if an Amazon got it into his or her head you could be declared unfit pretty easily. Mr. Handicraft said he was going to do that.”

Her anger flared up,“HE SAID WHAT?!” I got up and thought about finding a hiding spot. It had been reflexive, but it was plain to see how much it had affected mommy.“Don’t worry dear heart, I’m not upset with you. That man has overreached himself. I don’t think he’s good enough for the penguins though. Maybe we will have him reassigned to a more appropriate place, a place for someone who needs to learn to follow directions and learn their place.” I just stared at the floor.

“Baby, you have done nothing wrong” She said, holding my chin in her hand so I had to look her in the eyes.

That was the moment my stomach decided to let go and tell the world how much mommy’s milk had done for me.

“Haha, well I guess we need to take a break. Run upstairs. I think I have enough for now.”

Well that had been terrifying, I was beginning to think mommy was not a person you crossed lightly. Doing so might be the worst decision of your life.

“That fuing rat baard,” Tina thought. He’d make an awful baby but she was going to do it.

After changing her baby, she let him play video games while she worked. That had gotten him back to that youthful state again.

The side effects of the B.A.S.S were still wreaking havoc on her emotions. For amazons it affected the balance in their systems. If you spent the whole pill happy, you’d struggle not to be sad, joyous then you’d be angry, basically the emotions you didn’t use became like a hammer for you. So when Charles got brought up it was all she could do to keep herself from finding and killing him. Luckily it was better each passing minute.

What worried her most was that the pill had gotten stronger each time. Only a few more and she may need 4 or 5 special ops If she was triggered to keep her from hurting someone. Even then that might not be enough.

Maybe that insufferable Gary, he had matched her on her worst days. Then again he may be the trigger.

As clever as he thought he was, he could be annoying beyond reason. His skills in every area were quite strong, the problem was he knew it.

Logging into her credential with the state she found Charles’ extradition hadn’t gone through, it was sitting on pending, perfect! She changed the orders to request he be left in the coalition’s care. With it pending he would already be confined and in custody. That means he could be dealt with tomorrow. It would be a joy to deal with him.

Now she just needed a nanny for a few hours that would deal with her baby properly.

Logging into the coalitions website she decided to use a tweener she had gotten for Cindy once. She was available, and apparently she had a lot of fun with the littles.

Huh, there was a new update to her profile. ‘Possible leaks, keep in pull ups, likes to take them off.’ Well, Tina thought, there shouldn’t be too much to handle I don’t think. Sarah was her name, she liked babysitting for money. Her age had been set at 15. Tina made a mental note to call her daddy and find out what that was all about.

Scanning her profile just to see what was there, liked shopping at the mall, wanted to be a designer. The coalition had gotten too big for her to know everyone but those she was involved with she tried to keep tabs on.

Sending another 4 or 5 emails to handle the details for tomorrow’s change of plans, she settled in and caught up on communications she had missed

Tomorrow was a new day for new fun, but today, well it had all its own issues. It was getting to be time to go get Cindy.

“Time to go get Joshua ready,” testing the name in her head.

Ch. 13 Old habits die hard, or People need to learn to move on.

They had gone to pick up Cindy from Carrie’s house. Apparently they had done makeup and makeovers. Cindy looked like she had put the whole kit on her face. I didn’t tease her, I wasn’t sure how it’d go over, plus she was so proud of it.

Carrie’s dad walked us out to the car, “Well it looks like it went well.” He was saying. “At least judging from the current state.” I hadn’t been paying attention but I figured they were trying to talk over my head, so I just listened and didn’t interrupt.

“For sure,” Mommy replied. “In fact better than anticipated, maybe even one for study.” He sighed, “you always find the best ones, and manage to get the biggest messes.” He laughed a little and mommy did not smile in the slightest. That angry look from before had come back a little and she was a bit scary again.

It passed almost as fast as it came on.

Once we got in the car and strapped into our seats, mommy said she needed to run to the clinic. It would only take a few minutes. The doctor wanted to see her.

Once inside, she left Cindy and I for a few minutes and then came back with a bandaid on one arm. She had had blood drawn or a shot. This was my fault I thought, she had taken that pill for me, she was dealing with the side-effects and had even needed the doctor. I’d have to apologize again tonight.

Mommy wanted to go to dinner out so we decided to walk to a nearby place that was known to cater to both amazons and littles.

Mommy ordered for us and we had a tasty dinner with fruit and chicken tenders and those weird noodle things again. I had never seen them before but I decided I’d ask about them. “They are proteins that counteract aging. It doesn’t make you younger but it makes you feel younger.” She said it matter of factly and moved on.

After we ate mommy decided to get ice cream and we set off walking. It was a nice night so there were lots of people walking in the streets. We held mommy’s hands so we didn’t get lost.

Out of the blue I heard a familiar voice exclaim, “oh my word! I have been worried sick about you.” I felt a hand grab my free arm and turn me around.

Bella Carter! Could I never be free of her?

She held my arm like a spoiled child that refused to leave a store. There was no escaping it. “Let go of me!” I yelled at the bimbo.

“Why are you dressed like that? Did someone adopt you? Did you agree to it? Of Course not, you wouldn’t do that to me. You want to be mine even if you don’t know it yet.” I started to yell for mommy, but I really didn’t have to because she was already there.

“I don’t know who you are, or what you think is happening right now, but you will release him now.” She was scary again.

Bella looked at me then back at mommy, “you called her mommy?” She was taken aback by this revelation. “No, no, no, no, no, no, he belongs to me. He always has.”

“I hate you.”

“Oh you’ll regret that you little troublemaker.” She rared back and slapped me so hard I couldn’t see for a second. Then, without warning her hand on my arm just disappeared. I looked up and mommy had her in a hammer lock. She didn’t stop there, she spun and flipped Ms. Carter into the air. It had seemed effortless.

Mommy walked over and placed a hand on Ms. Carter’s neck and the woman screamed in pain.

“You listen to me and you listen well. One, you will never touch him again unless he or I say you can. Two, you will under no circumstances consider hitting him ever again.” Ms. Carter tried to get up again, mommy wasn’t having it. She grabbed her by the arm again, this time instead of flipping she twisted. There was a nasty crunching sound that anyone who heard it cringed at.

Ms. Carter was done. She layed on the ground holding her arm, which had a second elbow. “Why would you steal him from me?” Mommy responded, “he was never yours. Be smart, let him go, forget he ever existed. If you keep at it, you will regret it.”

With that we went on, mommy walking a little too fast for our legs, we struggled and stumbled along trying to keep up. Cindy fell first, skinning her knee. She sat down crying and mommy picked her up, comforting her, apologizing over and over for walking too fast. She seemed like a another person at that moment.

We managed to get to the ice cream shop in one piece aside from Cindy’s knee, which mommy cleaned up and put a spray on.

We got our order and sat at an isolated table. “Mommy needs to say she’s sorry, to you two. I should have handled that woman better,” I thought she handled her fine. “There will always be amazons after you 2 and I should be more aware of them. Don’t worry though mommy will always protect you two, like a momma bear. Roooooaaarrrrr” raising her hand like she was going to pounce on us, the last had made us both laugh.

The tension eased and we ate our ice cream watching people go in and out.

“You know what we need?” Mommy asked. “A vacation!”

“Yay, I love vacations.” Cindy squealed. “We can go to the water park! or ooh ooh how about we go to the river!”

“I think we need a proper vacation, little girl!” Mommy laughed, “it’s been too long. You and I haven’t ever had one.”

Growing more serious, “We will go soon. How about the beach?”

I didn’t know how to act, was she involving me? It felt like it but how? Why? She and I had no tangible link yet. It was certainly coming though. He considered the diaper he was in and the fact he hadn’t seen a third contract.

Mommy summoned the car to us so we didn’t have to walk back by where that infernal hippo had tried to take me. We rode to mommy’s home, Cindy dozed off, and when we got there mommy carried her to bed, and met me in the kitchen afterwards. “You ok dear heart? I know she has harassed you before.” I could only nod. Don’t worry if she ever bothers you again, it’ll be the last time." I nodded again. “Come on, let’s go play a game before bed.” Before I could go though she slipped my pants off and gave me a very invasive diaper check. “Need to change that too.”

Tina was finishing up her charge’s diaper change, using a little extra oil tonight. He seemed to handle it better than before. As well he handled that moron of an Amazon better than before.

Tina blew a raspberry on his tummy and made him make that adorable laugh again. She couldn’t get enough of it. It warmed her heart again. That pill must finally be letting go. She could feel the joy that her little ones brought her again. She smiled and her heart filled again. It had been a hard day. Putting the soon to be named Joshua in his onesie, she kissed his forehead.

“Mommy?” He asked. “I want to learn to be as strong as you.” Her timid little boy wanted to be a fighter? She gave him a confused look, “why?”

He shrugged, “because I want to protect people too.” She laughed at that, “my little precious warrior, with the heart of gold. I think you are something else.”

He fell asleep in her arms tonight. Resting on her shoulder. She held him for a long while after. Cindy would never have slept on her like this. She wished the girl would cuddle more, but what are you going to do? She was too adventurous and curious. Free spirited even.

Tomorrow was going to be a hard one and a bit of a shocker for him, so she didn’t want to put him down just yet. She would offer him the third contract. By now he had to know it was coming soon. The effects of the yellow pill should be wearing off on his system too. This had moved so fast. She was certain though. He would perform his part perfectly, she knew he would.

The third contract, it was the most dreaded part of her job. Normally she would spend a month trying to get a little to trust her, another with spending nights and meeting Cindy and other littles and Amazons, it could take as few as 2 months sometimes as many as 3 or more. By the time she got them to spend nights over she would have started to move them to other amazons, the ones that would be adopting them but she still visited to help build their third contract.

The third contract was so important. It was almost a living will. It was about what they desired for their lives. The little would literally give her all she needed to know about them. Likes, dislikes. Hopes, dreams, loves, hates, everything laid out and bare. She would arrange it into lines and promises then the contract would be written out. Plainly so their little minds could understand.

Then the amazon would put requirements behind them. Things like an age, a set of behavioral patterns, any hypnosis requirements, so on and so forth. Almost all required the final pill, the red pill also called the P.A.S.S. It was so called because it was permanent. The use of it would rewire the brain chemistry to not create extra stress hormones allowing the littles to act as they are, as babies. It also removed their continence, resulting in CLOC, complete Loss of control, Amazons liked this because it made the little permanently dependent on the Amazon. She was going to require it of her Joshua, as well his name would be changed. She wanted a clean cut from the old to the new. It was easier that way.

She had some extra work to do tomorrow. With the whole contract she had to fulfill the bits she needed to fill asap. In the end she would have him.

It would be hard to send him home first. She knew he wouldn’t like it. It was the rule. One she had made and had insisted on all recruiters follow. No questions asked.

Yes, tomorrow was going to be busy, and hard.

“She was raped, by 3 men who claimed to care for her.” The boy was persistent and it had gotten on her nerves, so she answered. Apparently at some point he stumbled on the blocker hypnosis Cindy had required early on. He had asked Tina 3 times since Cindy had left this morning to go to work.

He had stopped in his tracks after that. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have pushed.”

“No you shouldn’t have, that’s not respectful behavior. The other side to it is since she does not know, so you can’t tell her. Understand? Ever!”

He made his promise. “Now we need to get ready to go to headquarters. I have some work to do there, Sarah, the nanny I set up for you will be there and you 2 will have a great time until I am finished, then I have a big job for you.”

“What job?” He asked.

“Excuse me young man, did we not just get reprimanded for pestering mommy?”

“Sorry mommy, I’m kind of excited to get to help.”

They got ready and headed to the offices, when we met with Sarah seemed to get along with the little guy right away. Tina had to make sure she was doing as she had been told, “spin” she said and twirled her finger, the girls face went red and a little annoyed but she did as she was told. Mommy checked her pants, the girl was wearing a pull up. “Good girl, keep it on or I’ll send you home in something locking and much worse.” Mommy had warned Sarah. Sarah’s face was horrified and was redder than the hair on her head. “Do you need a spare?” She shook her head. Something told Tina she was going to have to diaper a teen later. Hopefully not, Sarah seemed to be embarrassed by the whole thing.

She had willingly walked into the scenario though. Her daddy and her had not felt close enough, so they had devised a plan to work in intermittent accidents. It was designed to be a secret for her to keep with her daddy so they could feel closer. The triggers for it were complex so it wasn’t really a common thing, the girl didn’t know what they were and they would trigger an hour after the event.

So Tina helped out by giving the girl a hug and placing her hand on Sarah’s left shoulder. That put her on a countdown to an accident. Hopefully she went potty soon otherwise….

Sarah seemed jovial and took my boy off to play and have fun, she had said something about making crafts. He was in over his head with this one, haha.

Tina though had another mission.

She headed down to the 4th subfloor. Not even the state was aware of anything past the 2nd.

Once there she headed through the double doors into a space they called the dead zone. It was designed to block all cell signals, all noise, there were no wires that went between the 2 rooms. Literally it was a space of about 15 ft by 15ft where no electronic thing was. The rooms beyond were completely isolated from any system, not even the internet made it here. Power was run by a generator on the surface.

Using the fingerprint and eye scanner simultaneously took some getting used to but once you did, it only took 2 or three tries each time.

The hall beyond was lined with 5 holding cells, usually mostly empty, today if she was right 3 were filled. One had a certain Charles Handicraft.

Her heels echoed down the hall as she walked. The prisoners must have heard and they came to look, when he saw her, he began to beg. “Please, I won’t tell anyone anything l, I’ll go live in a jungle or a desert, yeah yeah, no one lives in a desert I can’t tell anyone anything if I’m there. I’m begging you to let me go. I’ll give you whatever I can, everything I have.”

She almost smiled, there was no reason to torture the man any further though. He was about to be taken care of forever.

Going into the room at the end of the hall she entered a sort of chamber that seemed out of place. It looked for all the world like you might torture someone here. 4 chains hung from the ceiling, a hard slab was on the wall, and a grate in the middle of the floor, no visible cabinets or drawers.

The part that made it purely psychotic was that there were no corners or edges in the room, everything flowed or bent instead. It messed with the mind some.

Tina didn’t stop there, she walked straight to a side and ran her finger down a line she couldn’t see. The door slid back separating itself from the wall and then tucking itself away.

Going through the door, Tina was in a booth a lot like the one 2 floors up. Except this one had 10 workstations, no littles, their minds did not need to see what would happen here.

Gary, of course he was there. Cheerful as always, “you know I love to watch you work.” He had a rare serious moment next, “also there is nothing in the world I like more than to watch awful amazons get what they deserve.”

Tina never acknowledged his comments, instead she simply began to prepare “is Charles prepared?”

“Yes ma’am” came a reply from one of the amazons.

“Excellent, have him stripped and moved in. Is my suit prepped?”

“In the dressing room, ma’am”

“All right then, we will begin in 20 minutes.”

A chorus of “Yes ma’am” followed her final statement.

She left the room via what looked like a closet. In fact it was a dressing room. It had a suit that would allow her to control the rooms’ deeper functions.

It was skin tight and covered her whole body, a face shield was all that let anyone know it was her. The final thing she grabbed was a black bottle.

There was a 5th pill. Not many in the world knew it existed. All in all about 40 people. Soon to be 41. It was different from all the others, it was not a reward.

It caused pain, hallucinations, it had one goal. Destruction, slowly and painfully. Oddly enough it actually was the last pill invented. It destroyed the brain pathways to good memories and serotonin receptors. The pill left no good thing for you. It was believed you could not even feel loved, even if you could perceive that you were loved.

This was a final resort, you only found yourself here if you found the ire of about 10 people or you were truly scum of the earth.

The bag of supplies she had requested lay in the corner. She inspected it, it was all there. He had put her baby in a living hell he had had no escape from. Tina was going to return the favor.


I can’t wait to see what happens to him. I half expected mommy to either spank that Amazon for hitting her baby or break her nose lol. I’m glad she didn’t lose control of her emotions though.

Im not gonna lie usually am not this dark in my stories but it fits the personality i want Tina to have.

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hello, usually i don’t really like the diaper dimension, but this story shows a different point of view, interesting and more respectful of people. I’m waiting for what’s next.

When it comes to the diaper dimension I don’t mind dark, even some other non-diaper dimension stories I don’t mind it being dark. As long as it’s well written (or a diaper dimension story good or bad lol) I’ll read it. Yours has many interesting aspects and has a new view to the diaper dimension and as a bonus it’s written well. No matter how light one tries to make their story, especially a DD story, there’s always a dark part in the world that’s created. Even if it’s not written into the story. In my opinion I believe you can’t have light without the dark. It’s the way of life. There will always be someone that goes against the light.

I can see in this world that you created that the group that started the coalition had to do many things that even they probably didn’t like or want to do, but knew it had to be done in order to make their part of the world better. No matter how strong you are that will mess with you in some form or other.

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Im not super stoked about this chapter.

Theres a lot of triggering things so be warned.


Ch. 14 Death is a sweet relief or Sometimes life is excruciating.

Tina had only been in this room a handful of times. Even more, she had only used the black pill 3 times. Cindy had been hurt by 3 men.

A lot of third contracts added a “removal of past entanglement” before the contract could be finalized. Things like debt usually topped those lists, but Tina liked to think she added a line a little more eloquent than most. “Remove any threats to a future happy life.” That translated to anything that could ever harm her little from the past. She had handled the minor nuisance last night, it had been fortuitous that that mindless bimbo had found them. It was unfortunate it was handled in front of the littles.

Now she’d deal with this last one. She really didn’t like the black pill. It was a bit horrific. In the end most did not survive long. When everything good to you was seared away you were left in a state of disbelief. Even knowing what would happen didn’t change anything.

She watched as they chained a naked Charles above the grate. He was still pleading to be released. He was a slob. It would be easier for her if she only saw those things. The bad side of him.

They had finished and left him in the room by himself. The 20 minute deadline was only 30 seconds away. She prepared herself, reminding herself of what he had done.


The counter went off and without a word she walked to the door and opened it. To Charles it would look like she had made a door appear and then disappear again.

“Hello, are you ready to begin?”

He looked back and tried one more time. “Please, I swear, I’ll do anything. I’ll even kiss his feet. Whatever you’re going to do to me. I promise I’ll make it up to you… and and him I will.”

“Handicraft you despicable, insufferable man. If I thought for a second those words meant anything you wouldn’t be here.” Setting her bag on the table, she reached in for an inflating pacifier.

His eyes widened, “I haven’t done anything to be made into a baby. This is illegal!” He was getting desperate.

“Don’t worry no one will complain when I’m done with you.” She walked around him surveying her prey. “You don’t really get what you’ve done so, I’ll explain.”

"You were told not to bother him. To leave him be, to act like nothing ever happened to him, you were told powerful people were looking into him, that nothing mattered more than he not be molested.

You didn’t succeed at that one command did you?"

He tried to answer but she stopped him with the pacifier. Giving it the flip it needed to activate. All he could do was beg with his eyes now.

"You took what I told you was precious, you planned to take him from me didn’t you?

You were going to declare him, to strip his mind, WEREN’T YOU!??"

He became frantic. Obviously she wasn’t supposed to find out about that.

She made a fist in front of her, rotating it she raised a few inches. Charles fell over and the chain raised him to waist height.

She walked to her bag and removed 2 more things. “You’ve likely never seen these things. One you’ll recognize I’m sure.” Holding up a giant folded diaper. His eyes widened and he began to thrash. “Oh that is the least of your concerns, Charlie.” The nickname seemed to stun him. “Two,” she held up a red bottle. “This is something we like to call the permanent pill. In the end you will be making,” holding the diaper up, “number one very full.”

He lost it again doing anything he could to be free. She motioned and a portion of the wall slid out, it was a large slab. Walking towards the slab she continued to motion and the chains flew Charlie over and dropped I’m on the slab. She spread her finger causing the chains to go rigid and hold him in place. He grunted in pain. Tina thought she needed to be careful, or she may rip an arm off.

She set the pill in his eye line, unfolded the diaper and slid it under him. He began to sob.

What a weak ba**ard, Tina was done being there with him.

“You put my baby through a situation very similar did you not?” She opened the pill bottle and held it up. “Are you ready to feel what that’s like?” Without hesitating she rammed it in his rear, taped the diaper shut and watched.

He looked ridiculous, what a man baby he was. If she had shrunk him it would have been a better image, but there was no reason to.

After a few moments, his eyes widened. It was done. His last meal was about to come charging out. He was already urinating. She made the fist again and ra8sed him up again. Without any wait he completely filled the diaper. He wasn’t an Amazon. He was a pathetic piece of trash.

Tina remembered the others she had done similar to. They, at least, she could have had pity on. They had already been shrunk
and were looking like children. This was not the same to her mind.

He stopped struggling and just hung there sobbing.

Retrieving the black pill, she motioned one more time and sat Charlie on the edge of the table. The delivery method was different with these, it was an auto injector that went to the brain. Without a word she pushed the pill to his neck and let it go. She watched it drain into him.

“You only have a few seconds before you can no longer feel pleasure or hope. Remember this, you put him in a place where he was destitute. I only repaid you in kind.” She turned and opened the hidden door and walked out. As the door sealed the hallucinations began, and so did his screams.

Tina, back in the dressing room, head in hands as she sat in the chair. It wasn’t in her to enjoy that. She did what she must though.

The only thing satisfying in the whole scenario was that she would have her boy.

She really wanted him right then.

He could always make her smile.

She wanted to wait until Charles had been moved off. He would be sent off to a place where he would have everything until his life eventually ended. No one could explain it. Any user of the black pill eventually just died, they didn’t have a heart attack they just laid down and died.

She changed and sent a note to the desk to have the suit recalibrated and cleaned. It had been a little off.

Gary must have been waiting because he came through the door in less time than it took to send the note.

To his credit, He didn’t say a word, just went and held Tina. She wanted to hate him at that moment. In truth she usually wanted to punch his lights out. “They’ve taken him off.” He said, “it’s safe to come out. Can I walk you back upstairs?” Tina nodded solemnly.

As they walked the scene replayed in her head as Gary tried his best to distract her. It wasn’t until he started talking about how well Cindy had been doing at work that he succeeded. She was glad for the report, that girl could always get herself into trouble trying to be useful.

There had been more than a few blistered backsides for that exact reason.

There was the time she decided to mow the lawn and killed all the flowers.

She once used the blender to make a smoothie for her and somehow got a banana stuck to the ceiling.

That girl was a class A mess.

They arrived at the gathering room where Sarah said they’d be, and sure enough there they were, a big mess of uncooked macaroni noodles and glue.

I had spent the better part of time with Sarah playing in a sandbox, the sand was sticky so we were making a castle, but everytime we got it about finished it would fall over. Sarah would laugh, I’d sigh and we started over.

Eventually she asked if I’d like to make something for mommy. Well of course I did! So we started gluing macaroni onto a piece of wood.

I thought it looked atrocious but Sarah just praised it all up and down.

That was when mommy found us, she knelt next to me and kissed my forehead. “How was it?” I lifted my artwork up and only 2 pieces fell off, better than I had honestly expected.

“Oh, I love it! I’ll hang it up tonight.” I felt like she was making fun but the way she looked at it, I began to doubt myself.

“Yay,” maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. I was fine with it either way, she was happy.


I loved it. I love seeing an Amazon in diapers and making a big mess in them. Though I don’t really care for shrinking them first or in this case the black pill, but he definitely deserved it.