Mom's Bestfriend (true)

I was 16 and never had bed wetting problems since I was 3. However I’ve been a dl as long as I can remember. I got a bunch of money giving to me so I went out and bought 10 packages of depends protection with tabs 7 pairs of plastic pants and hid them under my bed. I was wearing every night and even sometimes in the day time for 2 weeks, waking up in the middle of night to use them then going back to sleep.

It was the middle of July so I didn’t have school my parents had to go to court so they asked if I could stay at her friend Eileen’s for a few nights. She said that was fine. Not thinking me wearing did anything to my bladder control I packed some stuff but no diaper in fear of her seeing them.

That afternoon was normal we watched TV and joked around gone for a walk. It was a really nice day. Eileen was like an aunt to me and we didn’t mind sharing a bed. So we lied down watched some TV and fell asleep.

All of a sudden she woke me up kind of startled me. It was 5:00 am. She told me it’s ok but goes to the shower and washes up. I didn’t understand what she was talking about at first as I was really tired. Just then I realized I peed the bed she was in. I started crying I was so embarrassed. She put her arms around me and assured me it was ok. That she didn’t mind. She got the shower going got me to take off my pgs. and give them to her so she could do laundry. I got in the shower and started to panic a little.

When I got out she had laid my clothes with a note on them. It said I went through your bag and got some clothes. You forgot to pack underwear so there’s a pair of brand new panties I had they will have to do until we go get yours. I was kind of shocked she wanted me to wear girl panties. I wasn’t going too argue with her though so I put them on and the rest of my clothes. In a weird way they were actually kind of comfy. I slowly went down stares still really embarrassed about peeing the bed plus wearing her panties.

I went down stairs and she just smiled. She said we r going shopping I need some stuff for dinner. We will stop by your house to grab your own underwear and get breakfast at times. Meaning Tim Horton. I was too embarrassed to talk. We jump in the car and headed out.

in the car she talked about how that kind of stuff happens but she doesn’t want to clean her bed again so just to be safe she asked if I would wear a diaper to bed the next two nights. I agreed. We stopped at my house she came in with me we grabbed my underwear. I was going to change into mine but she told me just to leave hers on as I was already wearing them. I agreed again because I didn’t want to fight about it. We left stopped at times and then continued to Walmart.

When we got to Walmart we got the stuff for dinner and a few other things then we headed to the diaper aisle. She told me to take the cart and look in the shampoo aisle so I wouldn’t get embarrassed. She got a package of tena slips super absorbent and two pairs of plastic covers I giggled kind of. She paid for it all as I went to the car. She came out loaded the truck and we left. Walmart was in two towns over. It was a 45 minute drive. Since I woke up so early I was exhausted so I fell asleep.

We pulled up to the house. I knew something was wrong. I peed again. I started crying. Eileen knew what happened came to the other side and hugged me reassuring me again it was ok. She told me she would clean it later but go inside. I didn’t know what to do so I took off my shoes and waited for her. It was roughly lunch time. She came in told me to take off my shorts. She grabbed the package of diapers took one out and asked if I knew how to put them on. I said no thinking that if I said yes she might start wondering. She grabbed a towel wrapped it around me told me to pull down the panties I did so through them in the wash. She opened the diaper told me so sit on it pull it over my privates while she looked away. I did and told her she turned around re adjusted it taped it up for me. Grabbed a pair of plastic pants told me to pull them up. Just before I got up she told me not to worry about pants because we were just staying in the house.

I got up and asked her why I had to wear one during the day. She said it was just in case and told me not worry. I wasn’t going to argue. The rest of the day was normal. I had a nap and peed yet again this time she just said it was ok she looked at the diaper and told me there’s no need to change it as it can handle another wetting and if it leaks the plastic pants will catch it. We sat on the couch and watched a movie until bed time. I told her I needed to pee and she told me I may as well go in the diaper as I needed a change anyway. So before we lay down she taped up my diaper again for me. I put on plastic pants and went to bed.
All this went on for the next couple days. Of course we had to tell my mom and eventually she figured. It out. She never gave me trouble and Eileen didn’t care. The only deal now is I’m only aloud to be diapered at night and if family comes over or there’s occasion I have to stop wearing 2 weeks ahead to make sure I don’t lose control ever again. Any time I stay over at Eileen’s she just diapers and changes me now. She doesn’t mind and it makes me happy.