Mommy and Daniel (mild adult material)

This is a little story that popped into my head last night, hope you enjoy.

Standing there, among all his closest relatives, Daniel’s embarrasment grew and grew. His mistress had commanded him into humiliating situations before but, none with such dire consequences as this. If any of his family discovered his secret, he wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to face them again. He shifted his weight to his right leg and the crinkle from beneath his trousers sounded like a twenty-one gun salute…to him.
Three of the women at the gathering had toddlers, either with them or at home. Daniel was determined to avoid these woman at all costs. His mistress however, would not allow that. She immediately headed over to his cousin, Amanda, dragging him along by his shirt collar. As they approached the woman, carrying her 28 month old son in her arms, Mistress whispered into Daniel’s ear.
“If you leave my side, little boy. I will pull your shirt over your head, exposing your rubbers for everyone to see. Do you understand?”
“Yes mistress.” he wispered back
She kissed him gently on the cheek and said, “Good boy.”
Amanda greeted them casually, as she moved the toddler from arm to arm. His mistress began the conversation by asking how Amanda’s family was doing and what progress there had been in the “toilet training” front. Amanda went into detail how her “little man” was nearly trained and rarely wet his diaper anymore.
“It must be a load off your mind to know you won’t have to change diapers soon.” Mistress said, smiling
“Oh my yes. Once Jason is potty trained, I hope not to change another diaper until I have grandkids.” Amanda laughed and began bouncing Jason on her hip.
“I’ve got a friend who’s son is almost schoolage and still has no intrest in training.” Mistress said, patting Daniel’s padded rear to emphsize the point
“She better get on the ball then.” Amanda said, looking shocked “Most kindergardens won’t even take kids in diapers anymore.”
As Mistress nodded in agreement, Daniel thought he saw an evil look cross her face for a second.
“What about night-time training” She asked
Amanda must have picked up on the vibe as she grinned and said, “Well, the boys of this family have a habbit of sleepwetting long after they’re day-trained. In fact, I seem to remember a certain young man who wet his bed when he was thirteen years old. Isn’t that right, Danny?”
Daniel blushed for a moment before retorting, “Yes, and I seem to recall a young lady who couldn’t sit down for two days for putting my hand in warm water as I slept and making me wet the bed.”
Now it was Amanda’s turn to blush. “Yea, my parents were not very happy with me when they discovered my little joke.” She put on her best sad puppydog face " I just couldn’t help myself. I remembered how cute you looked when your mom would diaper you before bed. When you stoped wetting, I was heartbroken."
The conversation eased Daniel’s nervousness. The continued talking with amanda until suddenly, she got a surpirsed look and began patting Jason’s bottom. Amanda sighed then looked up at Mistress and Daniel. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to excuse me for a few. I seem to have a wet bottom here that’s begging to be changed.”
All three of them looked at the toddler, no asleep on his mother’s shoulder. Mistress and Daniel nodded as Amanda wandered off, to finda seculded place to change the sleeping child.
Inconspicuously, Mistress slipped a hand down the back of Daniel’s pants, rubbers and, diapers. “Hmm, seems MY little boy is still dry…for the moment.”
Daniel’s whole face turned red as his anxiety meter jumped to it’s former level. He quickly glanced around the room, hoping that no one had heard the remark. He jumped suddenly as he felt her hand then brush the front of his trousers. She frowned when she felt the tent forming there. Casually, she lead him to the back of the house, to his old bedroom. After he moved out, his parents had turned it into a storage room. She pulled him inside and locked the door before turning to face him.
“Little boy? What did I tell you before we came here tonight?” Her voice displaying her anger
"Daniel looked at the ground. “Little boys don’t make tents in their diapers.” He spoke as if he was reading it off a cue card.
“And yet, here you are, clearly doing exactly what I told you not to do. What should I do with you? You’ve obviously disobeyed me so, I have to punish you.” She turned toward the door, thinking A second later she turned back to Daniel, “Give me your pants, we’re leaving!”
Daniel stared at her, shocked. Sure, he’d been out in public in his diapers before but, only where nobody knew them and NEVER around ANY of his family. His eyes started to water as he began unbuckling his belt. Mistress watched Daniel obey without hesitation, even knowing it owuld probably cost him his family. Tears began forming in her eyes and she regretted being so harsh with him. She pulled daniel into a gentle hug as she rubbed her baby’s back. She spoke soothing tones into his ear as she guided his hand away from his belt.
“Oh, you’re such a good boy, baby! Mommy is so proud of you. You did just what mommy told you, even knowing what it would cost you.” She said softly, still rubbing his back “Now, I think you can keep your pants on sweetie. Mommy would never hurt her baby like that. You still need to be punished for disobeying however.” She thought for a moment and then said, “I want you to sit on the floor, suck on your thumb and wet your diaper for mommy, just like any baby does.”
Daniel’s eyes dried almost instantly and he gently kissed Mistress on the cheek. Suddenly, he plopped down onto his padded rear and popped his thumb into his mouth. Mistress watched as he closed his eyes and relaxed. As she looked on, the bulge beneath Daniel’s trousers shrunk back to normal size. Seconds later, the pitter-patter sound told her that Daniel was now one very wet baby. He opened his eyes and looked up at her, never removing his thumb from his mouth.
She smiled and put her arms under his to help him stand up. She glanced at Daniel’s crotch. The now soaked diaper made his condition much more noticable. Daniel saw this and gave her a worried look.
“Don’t worry sweetie. Only another mommy would be able to tell that you’re diapered. We’ll try to avoid them but, we only just got here. We have to stay for a little while more. You don’t want your family to think we’re snobs. Do you?”
“Mo, youw wight.” He said, the thumb in his mouth garbling his words
She giggled as she pulled his thumb out of his mouth. She reached into her purse and removed a tissue then, wiped his face and hands. She put the tissue up to his nose and said, “Blow for me sweetie.” Daniel blew his nose and Mistress wipped it for him. She tosed the soiled tissue into a nearby trash can. Taking his hand with her own, she guided them both back to the party.
They mingled and chatted with Daniel’s family, carefully avoiding the mothers of small children and babys, as they might notice daniel’s diapered condition. Two hours passed and mistress could see that Daniel was uncomfortable. He figited and squirmed but, it wasn’t until his stop studdenly. He looked in pain for a moment, then relieved the next. She was shocked as she saw the back of his pants expand. Daniel has POOPED himself! At that point, she knew it was time to go.
Quickly, she and Daniel made their excuses to his parents, gathered their things and, made for the exit. As they reached the door, Amanda passed them. She took one look at Daniel, sniffed the air and, smiled. She turned to Mistress and said quietly, “Take care of your little boy. You don’t want to leave a baby in a poppy diaper for too long.” Daniel and Mistress both blushed as they hastily retreated through the door, smiling all the way. Amanda, still holding Jason, waved goodbye to them as they walked to their car.

Re: Mommy and Daniel (mild adult material)

A good stand alone story, but I hope it is only the first of many chapters. Please bring us more.

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I’ve got a bunch of stories that I’ve toyed around with and a few finished ones. I think at one time I posted them all here but, since this forum is basically new, I’ll repost them soon as I can.

Re: Mommy and Daniel (mild adult material)

I really enjoyed this story, though I felt like the end rushed the pace a little bit. I liked the pace in the first half of the story better, where we felt the awkward shame that Daniel did. By the end, its just briefly mentioned, and the story ends.

Otherwise, great story.