Momma knows best with a new chappie!

Arella stood in the ruins of Azarath, shaking her head, and wondering about her daughter. Lately she had been thinking Raven’s childhood, and how little of it she was a part of.
When Raven was born, she was whisked away almost right away, Arella was not permitted to hold her own daughter.
breast milk was pumped for raven, And Arella was only allowed to watch Raven from a distance.
it wasn’t unlike the girl hit age 12 that she was told that Arella was her mother, and she was allowed brief visits with her.
“Hello? Raven’s Mother?” Came Starfire’s voice.
Arella was jolted out of her daydream and turned around to see Starfire.
“It’s just Arella.” she said, shocked to see anyone but Raven here.
“Oh, Sorry….Just Arella…I am worried about your daughter.” Starfire said moving forward.
“My god, she is clueless…” Arella thought then forced a smile on her face.
“Just say Arella.” She corrected. “Now whats wrong with Raven, and how are you even here?”
“I may of copied a teleportaion spell Raven showed me. But Raven herself, is wound way too much, and is unable to relax. but with the nature of her powers, this is leading to a dangerous event correct?”
Arella gasped and nodded.
“Too true. even if she’s meditating to control her powers, she needs to relax as well.” Arella said, taping her chin.
“Go back to the tower…and Tell raven that I’ll be arriving shortly for a visit.” Arella said with a smile.
Starfire clapped her hands, and went back into the portal she had created.

“She’s doing what!?” Raven yelped.
Starfire gulped and shrugged,
“She said she was coming to visit…” Starfire said.
Raven put a hand to her hand and sighed.
“Oh lord…” she grumbled, and then dashed to her room.
“You tell the others to make sure the tower is spotless before she gets here! I have to get my room into shape!”
Raven yelped.
Starfire gulped and then went and got the others cleaning, while Raven looked around her room.
“Oh shit…” she said said.
she had told her mother that she had brighten up the room, which was a lie.

Arella showed up soon after, and Raven was shifting about As if she had ants in her tights and then had a tight smile.
“Hello mother.” she said.
“Hello to all of you! Beast boy, you’re getting quite big! Cyborg, Looking shiny. Starfire, Robin…I heard about you two, congrats.” Arella said with a smile, as she walked in with a bag.
“And Raven-”
“Oh just get it over already! You think I’m a fecking disgrace, you want me to be more like you, i like the dark too much. Forget this, I’m out of here!” Raven snapped and then stormed off, leaving Arella and the titans looking at her retreating figure in shock.
“I warned you…but this is worse than I thought.” Starfire said.
“Indeed. if she’s this wound up, it’ll take all my power to relax my girl.” Arella said.
“And I Have the perfect way.”

Raven stayed in her room the entire night, inviting death to any who tried to bring her out.
Arella worked with Starfire on a special spell, and warned the others of the after effects.
there was argument over whether this was the right thing to do, but if it helped Raven,they were willing to go though with it.
Once Raven was asleep, Arella cast the spell, which slowly worked it way into Raven’s room.

The next morning, Raven would grumble in her bed, as sunlight came down on her face.
“ugh……no light…” Raven grumbled, reaching for a pillow to pull over her face.
she was annoyed and slightly confused, since her windows had thick velvet curtains on them to prevent sunlight from leaking in when she didn’t want it.
Reaching out with her hand, Raven went to shut them, but nothing happened.
grumbling worse, raven sat up and gasped as she noticed a few things.
First, Her curtains had been replaced with white ones with balloons on them, and they were wide open. Secondly all of her dark and Gothic things were gone from her room, and in their place was girlie toys and Dora the explorer posters.
Thirdly, Her walls were painted yellow with Pink bunnies on the wall.
fourthly, There seemed to be a fully stocked changing table in the conner of her room, and finally, when she had sat up, she heard a crinkle.
Tossing back her now pink Barbie blanket, raven looked down, now in only a thick white diaper.
“What the fuck!” She yelled.
Her door opened up, and raven blushed as she seemed frozen, Arella and Starfire walking in and seeing her only in a diaper.
“Awww, she’s awake.” Arella coo’ed and moved towards raven.
Starfire walked over to, and Arella sat on her left, while Starfire took the right.
“She seems confused.” Starfire said.
“Well, I can’t blame her.” Arella replied and then stoked Raven’s hair.
“What the fuck!” Raven asked.
“Tsk, such language…” Arella said and then popped a paci into Raven’s mouth.
Raven spat it back.
“What the fuck!?”
“She seems fond of that phase.” Starfire noted.
“What the fuck?!” she said one last time and pointed down to the diaper.
“Raven…You need to be silent and calm down.” Arella said.
Raven turned to her mother and went to slam her with magic, but nothing came.
“You’re a wreck. you’re anger for no reason, bitchy and just unpleasant. Starfire warned me that you were building up for a power explosion. So I decided on a desperate act. You powers are mine until I decide that you’ve earned them back, and in order to comply relax you, I sent you back to babyhood.”
“What the-” Raven started up and Arella popped the paci back in Raven’s mouth.
“Yes yes, we get that. look. i don’t expect you to like this at first, but i do expect you to listen to my rules.” Arella said.
“First, No more swearing or I’ll wash you’re mouth out with soap. Second, you’re expected to listen to me and Starfire like a good baby. third, you’re going to be treated like a baby, so you might as well act like one. Third, any fits will end with me spanking you, No matter where we are at the time.”
“….Are you insane mother?” Raven asked, pulling the paci out again.

Raven watched her mother, and while she lacked almost all of her powers, her baseline empathy, her power to sense emotions, was mostly intact.
she could tell that her Mother , while enjoying herself, was telling the truth in her mind that this was to help raven, while Starfire…there was something a little dark in Starfire’s intentions.
She was now wearing a white diaper shirt, and had on a pair of white socks.
she was sat on a yellow fuzzy blanket on her floor, and a Teddy bear and dolly were laid out, and a rattle put in her un-willing hand while Starfire went off to brace the team for this, even though they had been warned the night before a reminder was put in place on how they should react and treat raven in order to help her.
“You know, you look just as adorable today in pampers as you did back on Azarath…though I’ll admit the disposable diapers here are a blessing. while contract with you was limited, I still had to wash your cloth diapers.” Arella said with a smile.
Raven smiled a bit at that.
“Really?” she asked, then caught herself. “I mean…go to hell!”
Arella started to smile wider and then frowned.
damn it, she needed to reach raven better then this!
“Hey, what did i tell you about swearing?” Arella asked.
she hated having to punish raven so soon, but she couldn’t be soft now when it was important for Raven to know the punishments would stick.
“That…you would…but…Come on mom! that’s crap!” Raven said, panicking.
somehow, she hadn’t really thought Arella would wash her mouth out, and she started to scoot back on her rear away from her.
“I’m sorry Raven, But I did warn you.” Arella said and then picked raven up, under the armpits and held her up at eye level.
“But…I…I.” Raven stammered.
“Maybe you’ll keep this in mind for next time.” Arella said.
Raven shook her head in disbelief, as she was charted off towards her private bathroom, and sat down on a shut toilet.
Arella looked though the soaps in Raven’s bathroom, and then pulled out a nub of a soap bar, worn down to about the size of a pinky finger and looked at raven.
“Open up.”
Raven looked at the soap and then back up at Arella and shook her head no, and kept her lips shut tight.
“Raven…i have all of your powers…if I wanted to, i could make you open up, but Damn it, I want you to accept your punishment like a good girl!” Arella said.
Raven blinked in surprised and raised a eyebrow.
“I don’t want to hurt you and humiliate you, but if by doing this, I’m helping you in the long run, then damn it raven, it’s going to happen. now please, open you’re mouth.” Arella said.
Raven was stunned by her mothers speech, and then slowly, started to open her mouth, but put a hand in front of it.
“Wait.” she said in a small voice. “Mom…I know you care about me…going though all the trouble to pull this off proves it’s just not a sick kick…but…Watch Starfire…” Raven said, then opened her mouth, sniffling.
Arella smiled at her daughter, not know what she was going on about, wanting her to watch Starfire,. but was proud of her for taking her punishment.
The bar of soap slid over Raven’s togue lightly twice, Arella had rinsed it off before hand, and then she made raven wait 30 seconds before letting her rinse out her mouth.
“Ready to go face your friends?” Arella asked, wiping Raven’s face with a towel.
"No…does that mean i can hide in here all day?’ She asked hopefully.
“Not even close.”
“…It was worth a try…”

Starfire had told them what to expect, and how to act.
still as Raven was carried though the door, in her thick diaper and hiding her face in arella’s shoulder, it was hard to not ‘awww’.
Instead, as Starfire told them they should act, The titans broke out laughing at Raven who turned reder and whined softly.
Arella ignored the laughter, not knowing it was ordered, and dismissed it as they were teenagers.
Raven was sat in a high chair, a bib tied around her neck, while Beast boy, being the closet one, looked her over and then patted her leg.
“You know…somehow, you much it work.” He said.
“I make what work?” Raven asked, wanting a wormhole to show up and swallow her.
"The whole teen baby look. lord knows Cyborg couldn’t pull it off.
the sheer silliness of the comment, along with the mental image of cyborg diapered had raven laughing briefly.
“there we go, You should be the happy giggly baby more often.” Beast boy said.

Starfire watched as Arella set the cut up food before Raven, and handed her a sippy cup and patted her head before sitting down to enjoy some of Cyborg’s Bacon and egg’s herself.
For the most part, everything was going as planed. Beast boy being nice and relaxing Raven was abit of a setback, but she could make up for that, and have Raven even tenser before she knew it.
Starfire never once believed that this was the proper way to treat raven for her illness.
All Starfire had wanted, was for raven to be powerless, and for her powers to end up in the hands of a fool.
because at the end of the day… Starfire was in a prison cell, in a light coma in Jump city jail, and her imposter was having the time of her life.

Raven looked about, kicking her legs softly as she munched on some bacon, a large bib tied around her neck.
“Soooo…” Raven said getting attention from Arella and Starfire.
“What exactly do we have planed for the day?”
“Well, I was thinking of taking you out shopping for a few new outfits…” Arella said eyeing Raven over, and noting the open mouth look of horror.
“However, I decided to hold off showing you off, and thought we would work on some relaxation skills instead. Maybe even go play on the beach. Starfire had me enlargen a form of water proof diaper…a little swimmer i belive it’s called…”
“Gee Starfire, thanks.” Raven muttered.
Starfire gave her a smirk.
“Anytime friend Raven…”
“As for us, well it’s pretty clear you wont be battling for a little while, so we’re going to look over our reserve lists.” Robin said.
“All sorts of wonderful.” Raven grumbled more and then took a drink out of her sippy cup, looking adorable.

The morning meal done, Everyone took off for his or her own thing.
Cyborg went on patrol with Beast boy, as Intergang had been making a move to try and come into Jump city.
Robin went into checking the reserves, grumbling about how many titans were out of contract at the moment.
Starfire went off to her room, saying that she had a slight headache but would be back out to help Arella with her daughter soon enough.
Raven however, ended up in a Teen sized play pen, with a dolly, a Teddy bear and a rattle.
“…You’ve got to be kidding me.” Raven said and turned to look at her mother.
“I kid you not.” she said, flipping though the channels before stopping on Dora the exploder.
“Here you go, watch this while Mommy does the dishes.” She coo’ed and kissed Raven’s forehead.
“It’s official. I’m in Bizzro world.” Raven said and then shifted about, annoyed still by the thickness and the crinkling noise her padded behind made.
The show held her interest for all of five seconds, and then she looked around, becoming bored.

Arella kept a close mental eye on Raven, even as she started to wash the huge pile of dishes that had built up.
“Why should i be surprised that a bunch of teenagers have trouble getting the dishes done.” She said to herself.
it wasn’t too long before she started to hear Raven talking in funny voices, and she turned around to see her playing with her dolly and Teddy bear.
True, she seemed to have them fighting, but getting her to play with toys was a step in the right direction.

“The crime bible does not lie!” Yelled a man who looked like the werewolf.
He was a leader of one of the many parts of Intergang, and his small group was trying to protect a shipment of weapons from Cyborg and Beast boy.
“Gene-slicing…I thought that wasn’t suppose to happen for awhile yet?” Beast boy grumbled.
“You’re just worked up cause their muscling in on your thing.” Cyborg said with a smirk.
The leader was a 6’7 orange haired werewolf, and with him was a were bull, were cat and a were frog.
“Did he show up late when y’all were picking out animals?” Cyborg asked.
“Ignore them! they are the light-bringers who shall perish, as the way of crime claims this city in blood!” The leader said.
Beast boy moved his finger around his ear, to show he thought the leader was loopy, but then the half man, half beast stuck fast.
The green teen was no slouch, and had zipped into gorilla form and caught the leader by the neck and slammed him into the ground.
Cyborg had whipped out his cannon, and was about to blast away the were bull when the frog spat a green gnuck that cover his cannon.
“Well that makes this a little harder.” He said, then jumped out of the way of the rampaging bull.
As the were bull slowed and turned to charge again, Cyborg dashed forward and stoug his cannon arm hard into the man’s face, and smirked as a full human slumped to the ground out cold.
Beast boy’s wolf howled and clawed at his arm, but the green teen merly snarled back and brought down a ham sized fist, and let go of the fully human leader.
“Give me cover frogger, Mannheim must be warned that the light bringers know!” The were cat snarled, her slim form using it’s cat-like speed to run away.
“For Intergang!” Frogger yelled, and kicked open the nearest crate, revealing explosives.
“Run.” Cyborg said, and scoped up the former were bull while Beast boy snatched up the former were wolf and they took off running as the warehouse, on the docks of jump city, blew up.
“Damn it, I am not looking forward to telling Robin about this.” Cyborg said, watching the fires burn.
“Explain what?” Jinx asked, walking over and dragging a red haired lady.
“And who the catwoman wanna be?” she asked, then aimed a hex at the water and caused a wave of water to hit the burning building.

“Wind scar!” Raven said, having the Teddy bear holding the rattle and bring it down like a sword, only for the dolly to move out of the way.
“You’ll never get me like that Inuyahsa!”
Raven stopped, and dropped the toys and looked over to her mother, face red as she bit her lip.
Raven, as one of her own rules, kept herself as regular as she could, down to where she almost could set a clock to her bowel movements.
“Er…Mom?” She called, sifting from one foot to anther, now standing in her play pen which due to it’s larger size, came upto her breasts.
“Yes sweety?” Arella called.
“when you said I’d have to use this diaper…” She started, red faced.
“I meant it…why?” Arella asked, with a knowing smile.
“Are you sure you can’t just bend the rules a little? please?” Raven asked.
“well…I don’t know…whats wrong?” she asked, walking over.
“I-If you have my powers…you know.” She said, looking down.
“If you want my help…” Arella said.
“Mom…I have to go number two…” Raven said, in a bare whisper.
“I’m sorry, what was that?” Arella asked.
“I…I said…I have to poop…” Raven whimpered, doing a frantic potty dance.
“Well, I suppose…if you think you can hold on, we’ll let you make poopies in the potty.” Arella said and started to pick Raven up, when the explosive was heard at titans tower, making Arella jump, and raven start to do something far worse.
“I…I…Pooped…myself…” Raven said in shock, and then started to wail, as Arella sighed and patted her back.
“Shhh, it’s okay sweety. Mommy’s here…”