Molly's Deep Dark Secret - parts 11-15

Molly’s Deep Dark Secret
Part 11
By Teekabell

Monday morning brought about a few changes, and a few phone calls. Stacy got Molly up and changed her out of her night time diaper and put her into a disposable training pant – Pull-Ups. In an effort to avoid Molly unconsciously viewing them as diapers and just go in them without thinking, she put a clothe diaper inside. Stacy was hoping the feeling of cloth, would at least make Molly think she was in clothe training panties. Molly was then dressed in an outfit that actually made her look like a 6 year old. After breakfast Stacy called the school, telling them Molly would be out all week due to medical reasons. She called the doctor and set up an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. She then called her friend to arrange the days events. Molly was too busy being a little kid to realize what was going on.

“Okay sweety, time to go,” Stacy said picking up the very packed diaper bag.

“Where are we going Gran-ma,” Molly asked?

“Well sweety, Gran-ma needs to get a few things at her house, so we are going on a trip.” This was a gamble. It was a 2 hour car ride to her house, yet Molly was still struggling getting to the potty in time. The trip back wasn’t going to be an issue, she would do that tonight once Molly was asleep. She would have liked at least one more day before forcing Molly on a trip like this, but the doctor appointment forced this step today. “Now go in and try to go potty before we get in the car.”

Molly went off to the potty with Stacy following behind. Just like a toddler learning to use the potty, Molly has had Stacy with her every time she has gone potty over the last week. Once Molly did her pee-pee in the potty, Stacy praised her for being such a big girl for getting her pee-pee in the potty. Molly always smiled and took pride at this praise, even though she knew it was not normal for 6 year olds to be praised for going pee-pee in the potty. Then, before Molly put her training pants back on, Stacy would check them to make sure they were still dry.

Stacy had planned the trip very carefully. She picked spots to stop every 30 minutes, so Molly could go potty. It made the trip last 3 hours, but Molly did manage to get there without wetting her Pull-Ups. About 2 hours into the trip, she did poop her Pull-ups, and like usual she appeared to have no awareness that she was pooping or that she had pooped. Stacy changed her in the car, at a highway rest stop. Molly was actually use to being changed in the car, since she often wore diapers on long car trips. Her mom says she always falls asleep in the car, so as along as she wears diapers to sleep, she has to wear diapers in the car.

They reached town at lunch time, so they stopped at one of the burger joints in town. On their way to their seats, they passed the highchairs. Molly looked at them as they passed.

“Do you want to get a highchair to sit in?”

Molly hesitated before answering, “N - - No. No! I am a big girl. Big girls don’t sit in highchairs.”

Stacy smiled at this. Molly was struggling with being a big girl and still wanting to be babied. It reminded Stacy that she needed to come up with something to replace the diaper/baby time that Molly has been use to each afternoon. After lunch, Stacy had another surprise for Molly. A surprise Molly was definitely not prepared for.

“Molly,” Stacy said. “I have to do some running around town to get a few things, so my friend Jill is going to watch you till I am done. She runs a daycare center, so there will be other kids there for you to play with.”

Molly was silent. She was scared. She didn’t want Grandma to leave her with anyone. Who were these other kids. Would they be mean to her once they found she was in Pull-Ups. 6 year olds where not suppose to wear Pull-Ups.

They went straight to Jill’s Daycare center. Molly was use to Daycare centers; she spent a lot of time in them because her mom worked and was raising Molly on her own. Molly liked Mrs. Francis, the teacher who ran the Daycare center she usually went to. Mrs. Francis was always so gentle and kind when getting Molly out of a poopy diaper. She wouldn’t let the other kids tease Molly for pooping in diapers instead of the potty. Even though Molly liked her Daycare center, she didn’t want to stay at Jill’s Daycare. She wanted to be with Grandma.

Jill greeted the two of them. She gave Molly a tour of the Daycare. When they reached the bathroom, Molly saw that there was a changing table in there that was big enough to fit her. She saw lots of Diapers and Pull-Ups on the shelves under the changing table. There was a small baby potty chair and on the toilet there was an extra ring on it to make it fit little kids like her. While Molly was looking at all the stuff in the bathroom, Jill pulled down her pants and placed her on the toilet. This surprised and embarrassed Molly.

“Now be a good girl and go pee-pee in the potty. We want to keep those Pull-Ups nice and dry while you are here. Once you are done, we will go out to the playground where the other kids are.”

It didn’t take long for Molly to go pee-pee in the toilet. Jill congratulated her on being such a big girl for using the potty. Then Jill did something else that was not expected. She lifted Molly up and laid her down on the changing table. She wiped Molly with a wipe, checked the pull-ups to make sure they were still dry and then re dressed Molly. Part of Molly wanted to object that she wasn’t a baby, but part of Molly enjoyed the attention and care Jill was giving her.

Jill took Molly’s hand and led her outside to the playground. There were five kids out there and two adults. Looking at the kids, Molly thought that most were preschoolers.

“Why don’t you go play with the other kids Molly,” Stacy said. “I will be back in a few hours to pick you up, then we will go out to dinner.”

Molly reluctantly went off to play with the other kids. Stacy talked with Jill for a little bit more before leaving. The idea was simple, put Molly around other children to see if she would pee or poop her pants when they were around. Jill’s daycare was a safe place, since it had kids from 3 to 6 and some of them were still not completely toilet trained. If Molly pooped her Pull-Ups, Jill would call Stacy to come back.

As the afternoon progressed, Molly learned that the oldest kid there, Emily, was her age – 6. Emily was protective of the little ones, but let the adults take care of them. They played on the playground for a while and then they went in and did some painting. Some of the kids used finger paints and others used brushes. In the middle of story time, Molly went running off to the bathroom. Jill followed her.

Jill praised Molly for getting to the potty in time and using it like a big girl. Even though Molly felt Jill was treating her like a baby, she still took pride in the accomplishment and enjoyed the praise. Again, she was lifted off the toilet and laid down on the changing table for Jill to wipe her clean before checking the Pull-Up and redressing her. Jill then brought Molly back to circle time to hear the rest of the story.

Some of the kids had fallen asleep. Jill picked them up and carried them into the next room where there were some cribs and youth beds. Three of the kids were down for naps. The other three kids got to play with the toys, but where told to be quiet.

Emily and Molly were playing in the house and dress-up area, when Emily turned to Molly and said, “Come on baby girl, mommy will take care of you.”

Molly looked at Emily and played along, “Okay mommy.” Emily took Molly’s hand and led her up to Jill.

“Jill,” Emily said. “The baby needs her diapers changed.”

Molly didn’t realize that she had pooped in her Pull-Ups. She just thought that Emily was playing house. Still believing that they were playing, Molly said “goo – goo – gaa – gaa” and stuck her thumb in her mouth.

Molly’s Deep Dark Secret
Part 12
By Teekabell

“Oh what a cute little baby you have here Emily,” Jill said as she picked Molly up. “Thank you for being such a big girl and helping with the little ones.” Jill then proceeded toward the bathroom.

As Emily went back to playing, Molly started to get confused. Molly started to wiggle in order to get down. “I wanna go play with Emily,” whined Molly.

“Just as soon as we get you cleaned up and out of those poopy pants.”

Molly stopped wiggling and looked at Jill. She then looked over at Emily who was back in the play house. She now knew this was no longer playing. Emily had just established herself as the big-kid and Molly the baby.

Jill quickly went about changing Molly and when she was done, she held out a pull-up and a diaper, wanting Molly to choose which she was going to wear.

“I’m not a baby.”

“Oh really, I haven’t seen a lot of big girls who suck their thumbs and say, goo-goo – gaa – gaa”

“I was just preten-ing”

Jill smiled. “Okay, big girl. Diapers or Pull-Ups?”

“Me big girl. No, Diapers.”

“I know you are a big girl Molly, but even big girls wear diapers when they can’t get their pee-pee and poopy in the potty. If you are still trying to use the potty, you should wear the Pull-Ups. If you don’t want to try, I will just put you in a diaper and you will not have to worry about getting to the potty anymore, for the rest of the day.”


“Oh don’t worry about your Grandma little one, it is okay with her if you are in diapers.”

“Diapers forever,” Molly inquired?

“No, just till you want to try again.”

Molly sat and thought . . . . Jill said nothing and just let her think.

“Me twy. Me big girl. Those pwease,” Molly said pointing at the Pull-Ups.

Jill now knew what Stacy was talking about. Molly wanted to be a big girl, but wasn’t sure if she wanted to give up the baby treatment. Molly spent way to much time thinking about Diapers versus Pull-Ups. Any kid who was ready to be a big girl, would not have even thought about the diapers. Jill was glad that Emily had chosen to wear panties this morning. If she had chosen diapers when her mom asked her, Jill was fairly certain that Molly would have chosen diapers now. As Jill carried Molly back to the play area, she wondered if Emily would tell Molly her deep dark secret.

Emily did not share her secret. Molly didn’t really give her a chance to. Molly kept choosing to play with things away from Emily. At 5 o’clock Stacy showed up and the two of them went out to dinner. With a little help from Stacy telling her to go potty, Molly managed to keep her Pull-Ups dry. After dinner, they went back to Jill’s place. By then all the kids were gone.

While Molly went off to play, the ladies talked about their observations of Molly and what they felt her issues really were. Jill and Stacy had worked together and helped many children over the years. They would brainstorm off each other when they met a challenge. Molly was definitely an interesting challenge. Both of them felt she really did have NO ability to control her bowels. Both of them felt that part of Molly did not want to grow up.

At seven thirty Molly was changed into a nighttime diaper and put to bed in one of the cribs. Jill and Stacy talked till almost 10pm. They got Molly strapped into her booster seat without her even waking up.

Molly woke Tuesday morning in her own crib hugging Josey. Molly hugged Josey tight and then started to tell her all about her trip and stuff that had happened over the last week. Stacy was listening through the baby monitor. Molly was telling her teddy bear all about the daycare and the nice lady named Jill. Molly told Josey that Jill offered her the choice between diapers and training pants, and Jill would have let her switch back and forth if she wanted to. Stacy smiled when she heard Molly tell Josey that the nice teacher Jill said big girls can wear diapers when they want a break from working on getting all the pee-pee and poopy in the potty.

Stacy let Molly talk some more with Josey before she went in to get her out of the crib. She knew that little kids used play and make-believe to help them process and understand their world and experiences. It also gave Stacy an insight into Molly’s thinking. The one thing she was wanting to hear finally was said.

“I do try Josey. I try really hard to get my poopy in the potty. It just goes in my pants. No Josey, gwown ups don’t beweave me when I tell them I twy. I don’t know how Emily knew I did a poopy. I don’t know when I go poopy in my pants, but everyone else does. Maybe Josey, maybe, I am still am baby. No other six year olds go poopy in their pants, they can get it in the potty. I can’t do that Josey, if I have to wear diapers or pull-ups to school, they will make me go back to preschool. First graders have to wear big girl panties. No Josey, Kindergarteners don’t wear training pants or diapers either. Yeah I know I wore them for awhile when I was in Kindergarten, but that is only because the doctor made them. No silly bear, not even a doctor can make them have a first grader in diapers.”

Once the conversation shifted away from pee-pee and poopy, Stacy decided it was time to get Molly up and changed out of her wet diaper. She was dressed up all pretty in a nice dress for the doctor. Again, she was put in Pull-Ups. The morning went just like the others, she played and managed to get her pee in the potty. She pooped the Pull-Up once before they left for the doctor’s office.

Molly’s doctor was a little surprised her mom wasn’t with her, but she was even more surprised that Molly was in Pull-Ups. Stacy explained the situation to her, and outlined some observations she had made over the last week. She talked about the process that was followed over the last week and why she felt it didn’t work. The doctor did some tests in the office, ordered some blood tests, and arranged for some more extensive testing the next day at the hospital.

Molly was glad that Grandma had brought Josey along. As more testing was done, Josey was hugged tighter and tighter. Grandma worked to console her as much as she could. The doctor actually did get to see the issue first hand. Just as the doctor was finishing up explaining things to Stacy and giving her the information about the testing tomorrow, she saw Molly poop her diapers and continue playing. She did agree with Stacy, it did appear that Molly was completely unaware of the whole process.

Molly’s Deep Dark Secret
Part 13
By Teekabell

Over the next three days Molly made progress in her ability to get all her pee-pee in the potty. Even when in a diaper, Molly managed to ask to use the potty for peeing. She had just woken up from a nap, and asked to use the potty. She made it and kept the diaper dry. The testing showed that there had been nerve damage that was impacting Molly’s ability to recognize the need or action of having a bowel movement. This really changed the focus of the toilet training. Stacy was now working on getting Molly to recognize the need to pee, even if in a diaper. She knew that kids with no bowel control were much easier to manage if they wore diaper, not pull-ups or training pants. Stacy also knew that Molly needed to grow up and feel like a 6 year old, while accepting some baby things like diapers.

After talking with Jill, Stacy made some plans that they felt would teach Molly many lessons. Jill also hoped it would help Emily grow up too. Stacy wasn’t sure if Molly would be ready for school on Monday or how grown up she would be by the time her mom came back on Sunday, but she was happy that at least some progress was made while they were away on the honeymoon. Stacy adored her new granddaughter.

The next day when Molly got up, Grandma asked her a strange question. “Diapers or Pull-Ups?” Molly had worn Pull-ups the last few days and couldn’t understand why Grandma was asking the question. She was a big girl – wasn’t she? Big girls don’t wear diapers – do they? Grandma was asking this question just like she asked, Piggies or Ponies? when doing her hair. Like it was no big deal and normal for a 6 year old to be choosing between diapers and Pull-ups. She wanted Pull-Ups, didn’t she? But why was grandma asking? What if she chose a diaper? Would Grandma be mad? Could she go back to Pull-Ups? Molly looked at Grandma with a quizzical look.

Stacy smiled as she saw Molly struggle with the simple question. Molly would be asked this question every morning when she got changed out of her night-time diaper, but for now Stacy knew this was a new question for Molly. She also thought it was cute and a good advancement that Molly was not asking for regular underwear. Since Stacy knew that Molly didn’t really have enough information to answer the question intelligently, she added to the information.

"Molly, if you want to be a big girl, you can wear Pull-ups. If you want to be a little girl, you can wear diapers. It is up to you. In Pull-Ups, you will be expected to use the potty for all your pee-pee and tell Grandma when they are wet or messy. In Pull-Ups you will be expected to act like a 6 year old. If you wear diapers, you will not be allowed to take them off by yourself. You can still use the potty, but Grandma will have to help you. Little kids in diapers use the diapers for pee-pee and poopy, so if you do not use the potty, it will be okay. I will check to see if you need to be changed, you don’t have to worry about telling me. The rules are the same, little kids in diapers are treated like little kids in diapers. Highchair, bibs, sippy-cups or bottles, and lots of other little kid things. It is your choice, big girl or little girl today? Pull-Ups or Diapers? Grandma doesn’t care. I love my new granddaughter whether she is being a little girl or big girl.

Molly was in shock. It seemed strange to be asked such a question. She had worked so hard over the last few days to be a big girl and get to the potty for all her pee-pee. It was a lot of work, and although she was proud of her ability to use the potty, it was a lot of work.

Stacy saw Molly thinking this all over and decided to add some more information. “Molly, I will ask you that question every morning and every time your Pull-Ups need to be changed because of being wet or messy. If you choose diapers, you will not be asked the question until the next day. If you want Pull-Ups after successfully using the potty, just ask, but no one will expect that, if you are wearing diapers. Little kids in diapers, usually stay in them all day. I know most 6 year olds usually do not wear diapers during the day, but some do. And today, you are going to go play with a friend of yours, another 6 year old, who is being asked this same question right now, just like you.”

This caught Molly’s attention. “Who Grandma? Who?” Molly had been told many times that there were other 6 year olds who had trouble getting all their pee-pee and poopy in the potty, but had not met any. She didn’t really believe other 6 year olds still wore diapers and Pull-ups during the day, but she did hope. Today she was going to meet one. Wait a minute, did grandma just say this was a friend? Someone she knew? Who? Who could it be? “Who Grandma? Who?”

“Now, now, that is Grandma’s little secret, but first we need to go on a drive to Jill’s Daycare. Okay, we have a long drive ahead of us. Which is it going to be, Diapers or Pull-Ups.”

Molly remembered the last drive up to Jill’s Daycare. It was hard work staying dry for the long car ride. Grandma did say it was okay to wear a diaper, didn’t she. Molly kind of liked the idea of taking a break. It really was a lot of hard working getting to the potty all the time. The little kids at Jill’s Daycare didn’t care if she wore diapers or Pull-Ups. Emily already knew she pooped in her pants. “Diapers? Gwan-ma?”

Stacy smiled. She was kind of hoping that Molly would choose diapers. It would make the trip a lot easier. It would also give her one last chance to baby her granddaughter before the parents came back. Stacy took full advantage of the opportunity and dressed Molly in the most babish thing she could find. Put her hair in pig-tails, with ribbons and bows. Molly looked adorable, and they could go anywhere without anyone guessing she was 6 years old. She looked three, and from past experience, Stacy knew she would act like a 3 year old too.

Over the next two hours, Molly was having a lot of fun being a baby. She liked the security of the highchair and even asked for a baby bottle instead of a sippy-cup. The first time she had to pee, she knew ahead of time and was aware when she decided to just let it go in the diaper. The second time, however, she didn’t know till it was actually coming out. Molly felt no stress and was not upset about going in her diaper. She didn’t even bother to tell Grandma. Little kids just kept playing and didn’t worry about such things. Today, Molly wasn’t going to either. She was having fun, and wasn’t going to worry about such big girl things. She was playing with some little kid toys when Grandma told her it was time to get ready to go.

After a quick diaper change, they were off on the drive to Jill’s Daycare Center. The trip went much faster this time, since they didn’t have to stop every 30 minutes to take Molly to the bathroom. They drove straight through with no stops. They did not however, go straight to the daycare center. First stop was Grandma’s house. Molly got to see the house for the first time. She really liked the playset in the back-yard, but Grandma said there wasn’t time today to play on it. Molly’s wet and messy diaper was changed before they went to their next stop. Molly didn’t know where they were going and didn’t really care. Well not until she saw where they were pulling into. It was an Elementary School.

Molly’s Deep Dark Secret
Part 14
By Teekabell

“Gwan-ma?” Molly asked. She didn’t really need to say anything else, her tone said everything Stacy needed to know what the question was.

“This is where I use to teach Molly. I need to pick something up from one of the teachers and we are also picking up a Kindergartener going to Jill’s Daycare.”

Molly still wasn’t sure about this and was sucking real hard on her pacifier when Grandma came around to get her out of the car. She grabbed onto Grandma real tight. Stacy just smiled at this. If Molly was ever going to be able to wear diapers to school, this first visit to a school would need to be a positive experience. Stacy knew everyone would think Molly was 3 years old, so she didn’t see how this could go any way except positive.

“Do you want to keep the pacifier or leave it in the car?”

Molly wasn’t sure. She was really scared and the pacifier for some strange reason was comforting, but she was a 6 year old entering an Elementary School. They didn’t suck on pacifiers in school. Molly didn’t know what to say.

Stacy suspected she knew the struggles Molly was dealing with, so she took the lead like any adult with a 3 year old would when they couldn’t make a choice. “I will take the pacifier, and if you want it, it will be in my pocket,” Stacy said as she took the pacifier out of Molly’s mouth.

Molly was on Grandma’s hip as they went into the school. After a quick stop at the office, where everyone googled over how cute Molly was, they headed down to Mrs. Jaylin’s classroom (a first grade classroom). Stacy didn’t really need to get anything from Mrs. Jaylin, but they arranged this the night before to give Molly some exposure to a 1st grade classroom while in a diaper. Stacy however was in for a surprise.

Stacy had assumed that Molly would stay in her 3 year old personality during this visit. Molly had assumed that too, but when they entered Mrs. Jaylin’s 1st grade classroom, Stacy put her down in a chair at one of the empty desks while she waited in the back of the room, till Mrs. Jaylin had a moment between lessons. Molly quickly forgot that she was in a diaper and dressed like a 3 year old. She got sucked into the lesson. She had learned most of it already in her class and was feeling real proud of herself for already knowing the answer. The other children, when they saw Molly being carried in, assumed she was 3 years old. Some of them even saw that she was in diapers, she had to be a little baby. Mrs. Jaylin and Stacy assumed Molly would just sit there and say nothing. To everyone’s surprise, Molly was the only one who raised her hand when Mrs. Jaylin asked a hard question.

“Well, it looks like our visitor knows the answer. Does anybody else,” Mrs. Jaylin asked looking around the room at her students? “Okay, young lady, what is the answer to my question?”

Mrs. Jaylin knew Molly was a 1st grader, and knew some of the struggles she was currently facing. She also knew the reason for her being in the room was to ease the transition back to her own 1st grade classroom. She didn’t really want to call on Molly, for she wasn’t sure if Molly really knew the answer or not. She feared a wrong answer would make her transition back to her own classroom harder. But, since she was the only one raising her hand, and she seemed very confident in her handraising, she took the risk. Stacy and Mrs. Jaylin crossed their fingers and hoping whole-heartedly that she really did know the answer.

Molly blew the whole class away as she not only answered the hard question that none of the other kids knew, but she elaborated on the answer explaining how she got it. The kids were in shock. Stacy was beaming with pride over her new Grand-daughter. Mrs. Jaylin was shocked that she not only answered the question but lead the class onto the next lesson. The teacher in her took the lead, and kept teaching. The kids were in shock, especially those that saw her diapers when she was carried in. All the kids were now re-assessing their initial interpretation that she was about 3 years old. Mrs. Jaylin taught for about 5 more minutes before she started dividing the kids up into groups to work on the skills taught. When she skipped over Molly on her way around the room, two different kids immediately asked if the new kid could be in their group. Then two other kids said they wanted the new girl in their group. Molly was beaming. She was in a 1st grade classroom and kids wanted her in their group, even though she was in a diaper (probably a wet diaper).

Mrs. Jaylin looked at Stacy asking with a glance, what should we do? “Well,” Stacy said responding to the kids, “that is up to Molly. She can stay for a little bit while I get the Kindergartener I am here to pick up, but that is up to her.”

Molly looked up to Stacy and then to Mrs. Jaylin, “Can I stay, this is fun. We did it in my class before vacation.”

Mrs. Jaylin answered Molly after getting a nod from Stacy, “Yes Molly. Why don’t you join Mary and George over at this table.”

Molly got up and walked right over to the table with Mary and George. She was oblivious to the fact that she was diapered and everyone would be able to tell considering what she was wearing. She didn’t care. She was on her way to have fun with other kids her age, other kids who wanted her to be in their group because she knew how to do it.

“Hi, I’m Mary and this is George,” Mary said reaching her hand out.

“I’m Molly.” She said shaking Mary and George’s hands.

“So how did you know the answer,” George asked?

“My class learned this just before vacation.”

“What grade are you in Molly,” Mary asked?

“I’m in 1st grade.”

“How old are you?” Mary asked? She was very puzzled, she couldn’t believe that Molly was in 1st grade.

“I am 6, almost 7 years old.”

“Okay you three,” Mrs. Jaylin said as she made her way around the room. “let’s keep working.” Mrs. Jaylin smiled as she walked on. This didn’t quite go the way Stacy and her had planned, but it was going even better. She had carefully placed Molly with two kids who would appreciate her knowledge and who would most likely accept the fact that she was in diapers. George still had accidents at school, and was always looking out for the lower skilled kids in the class. Mary, who Mrs. Jaylin learned during parent teacher conferences, still wore diapers each night. She also tended to be a motherly type, always helping every kid who needed a little extra mothering. If the kids kept to their personalities (which was never a guarantee when it came to 6 year olds), they should accept Molly’s diapers without question.

The kids got to work on the assignment. Molly showed the other two how to do the activity. She was having fun. Some of the kids from the groups around them kept looking over when Molly was explaining things to Mary and George. More than once, Mrs. Jaylin had to tell kids to get back to their own groups.

Mary finally got up enough nerve to ask the question on everyone’s mind, “Molly, why are you wearing diapers?”

George didn’t dare ask the question. His mom had threatened to send him to school in diapers many times when he had come home with wet pants. He still wore diapers during the day on weekends when he had accidents.

Molly looked straight at Mary. Part of her was afraid to say, fearing that they wouldn’t like her anymore. She had actually forgotten that she was in a diaper, she was having too much fun as a 1st grader. If she told them, would she have to leave? She thought for a moment, “My body doesn’t tell me when I have to go poopy, so I have to wear diapers because pooping and peeing in panties makes a big mess.”

To Mary and Molly’s surprise, George responded by saying, “yeah it sure does.”

Mary looked around to make sure there weren’t other kids listening, “I wear diapers too. Every night Mommy puts a diaper on me so I don’t wet the bed. I don’t like waking up in a wet bed, but it is okay when I wear a diaper. Mommy and Daddy get mad when I wet the bed, but it is okay if I wet the diaper.”

George didn’t really want to talk about this. He was scared his mom would find out a 6 year old came to school in diapers, and decide to send him to school in diapers. He got the group back to work on the lesson.

After a few minutes, Stacy walked back into the room with the Kindergartener she was picking up, Emily. When Emily saw Molly, she went running up to Molly and gave her a big hug. Molly said goodbye to the class and the three of them headed off to Jill’s Daycare Center.

Molly’s Deep Dark Secret
Part 15
By Teekabell

All the way to the Daycare Center, Emily and Molly were talking like normal busy 6 year old girls who had been friends for years. Molly was surprised to find out that Emily was in Kindergarten. Last time they met, she acted like a 1st grader not a baby Kindergartener.

The girls were so busy talking with each other that they didn’t even realize that the car had stopped, until Stacy opened her door to get out of the car. As Emily undid her seatbelt, and Stacy got Molly out of her car-seat, Emily made a comment that made Molly feel like a baby. “Well it is a good thing we are here, you need to get that diaper changed Molly, you stink.”

Molly frowned at this comment. For the first time in the last 2 weeks she was feeling like a 6 year old, instead of a 2 year old. Poopy diapers didn’t help, especially when a little Kindergartener had to tell her she needed to be changed. Molly still hated the fact that she didn’t know when she had pooped her diaper.

As they walked in to the Daycare Center, Jill came up and gave both of the girls a big hug. She then brought them both to the bathroom. Molly didn’t like the fact that Emily was going to be in the bathroom when she was changed. This wasn’t fair.

Jill turned to Emily and said, “You first.” She picked Emily up and laid her down on the changing table. Molly was in shock. Why was Emily up on the changing table? She quickly found out as Emily’s Pull-ups were quickly in view.

“You didn’t think you were the only 6 year old who had trouble getting all their pee-pee and poopy in the potty, did you Molly,” said Emily as Jill changed her slightly wet Pull-Up.

“But . . .” Molly tried to get out.

“Okay Emily,” Jill said. “Diapers or Pull-Ups?”

Molly froze. Grandma had asked her that question this morning. Grandma said she was going to play with someone today who was also asked that question this morning. Emily? It was Emily? But she is a 6 year old, not a baby. It can’t be Emily. Only babies wear diapers. Emily isn’t a baby, she is a big girl, a Kindergartener, but even so, a big girl, not a baby who wears diapers. Molly was in even more shock, when Emily responded to Jill’s question by looking over at Molly and saying with a smile on her face, “Diapers please.”

Emily was quickly put into a diaper and re-dressed. Then Jill turned to Molly and said it was time to get her all cleaned up. She didn’t know what Molly was wearing, so she was being cautious about what she said. She had intentionally changed Emily first, and was glad to see Emily choose Diapers. She knew Emily would be in either a Pull-Up or Diaper today, for regular panties were off limits the day after a daytime accident in panties, which Emily had yesterday. Emily almost never chose to wear diapers to Kindergarten (but she has from time to time – even though it was not always her choice). Molly was still in shock from discovering Emily wore diapers, and did not respond to Jill’s efforts to get her to interact. When she discovered Molly was wearing diapers, she changed her approach and talked to her like she did the little babies. She talked in a way where she didn’t really expect her to respond verbally.

Once she was changed into a clean diaper and re-dressed, Emily grabbed her hand and dragged Molly off to a corner of the playroom. The two girls talked and played for hours. Molly found out that Emily had never managed to go more than a few days in panties before being put back into Pull-Ups or Diapers due to accidents. Molly told Emily about her issues. They talked about diapers, Pull-ups, accidents, and school. They both talked about wanting to be a baby at times, and wanting to be a big kid at other times. Emily had never met a kid her age that also wore diapers, and she had never believed Jill or her parents when they said other 6 year olds wear diapers too.

Emily explained to Molly that by Thanksgiving, she had decided to wear Pull-Ups to school almost every day. It was much better than wetting her pants at school. By now, most of the kids knew she wore Pull-Ups at school. Every now and then one of the kids say something, but most don’t care. Occasionally she would wear panties to school, but she often had accidents when she did, like yesterday. Emily was quickly deciding that even if she was wearing panties at home, she wanted to wear Pull-Ups to school. Getting Pull-Ups or diapers changed at school was better than having to change clothes. Emily explained that most kids didn’t even know when she went to get diapers or Pull-ups changed, but kids did know when she had to change clothes when wearing just panties.

Stacy and Jill just let the kids have their privacy. They kept the other kids busy in other areas of the Daycare. The girls needed each other, to help both of them deal with their issues. They needed a friend they could talk to about this. They needed a friend who would accept them with all their strengths AND weaknesses. Emily may gain full control at any time or could have these issues for years. Molly, however, would have to deal with this for years. She would have to learn how to deal with diapers as a regular part of her life. She would have to learn to live with pooping her pants long after most children had gained full bladder and bowel control with no more accidents. They both needed someone who could help them through these times.

When Emily’s mom came to pick her up, things were arranged for the girls to spend all day tomorrow together. It will be Saturday, so Emily didn’t have school. Emily’s mom would drop her off at Stacy’s house, for a day of fun. They planned a trip to the Children’s Museum and a big local playground.

Stacy had planned today to give Molly a few little things to help her accept her situation. It worked out much better than she had expected. She actually believed that Molly would now be ready (scared – but ready) to go to school on Monday wearing Pull-Ups. She was very proud of the advancements her grand-daughter had made today.

That night they stayed at Stacy’s house. In preparation for this, Stacy had arranged for a crib to be set up in the house. But, after today, Stacy decided it was time to take Molly to the next level. She dressed Molly in a clean diaper and put her in a pink Blanket Sleeper with footsies. When Molly was sitting in Grandma’s lap listening to a bedtime story, Stacy asked a question.

“Molly,” Stacy asked as she paused from the reading. “You learned today that you can be a big girl and wear diapers. I am proud of you. From now on wearing diapers does not have to mean you are treated like a baby. It will be up to you. It is easier to change poopy diapers than poopy pull-ups. If you want to be a big girl and wear diapers, that is okay. If you want to wear diapers and be a little girl, that is okay. You just have to let me or your mommy know which you want to be a big girl or a little girl. You will have to decide, Pull-Ups or Diapers. Today you decided to be a little girl, but you were a very big girl while at school today.”

Molly didn’t say anything, just smiled at what Grandma was saying. Grandma kept reading the story and let Molly think about the day and what she just said.

At another break point in the story, Stacy asked another question, “You have to wear diapers to bed, but you do NOT have to sleep in a crib if you do not want to. You chose to be a little girl today, which would mean you sleep in a crib, but you were a big girl today, and big girls sleep in big girl beds. It is your choice Molly, Crib or Big Girl Bed?”

Re: Molly’s Deep Dark Secret - parts 11-15

The situation tends to explain the ‘childhood thinking tendencies’ of a kid before entering the school setting. There are possible tendencies of a 6-year old to act younger her age as the story tells on Molly’s situation. This is possible actually, but seems to be impractical to wear diapers at the age of 6- the child needs motivation from her parents (in case of Molly, her grandma) to act on her age.