Molly's Deep Dark Secret - parts 1-5

Okay, this is not a new story, but it was never finished. I have recently started to work on it again and really only have the ending to come up with at this point. But that could be anywhere from one to ten parts. This new site does not have the old posts of this story, so here we go. I already have two new parts of the story and working on another. Enjoy.


Molly’s Deep Dark Secret
Part 1
By Teekabell

“Molly, spell – went –”

“W - E - N - T”

“Good, now spell – take –” Molly’s mom asked as she continued working.

“T - A - K - E”

“Your going to ace your spelling test this week dear.” Molly’s mom said with pride as she continued cleaning Molly up. “Now spell - who -”

“H - O - O”

“Well, maybe we better do some more practicing. – WHO – is spelled; W – H – O. Now do you want Ariel or Minnie Mouse.”

“Minnie Mouse, W – H – O?”

“Yup, WHO – W – H – O” Her mom said as she slipped the Minnie Mouse panties on Molly. “Okay, that is enough practice for now. I have to go get dinner ready.” Molly was picked up, given a hug, and put down on the floor. Mom straightened out Molly’s dress before the 6 year old went running off to play.

Molly had a deep dark secret. Most 6 (almost 7) year olds didn’t have deep dark secrets, but Molly did. She would never want any of the other kids in her 1st grade classroom to find out. She knew other kids her age still wore diapers at night, but even though she didn’t want the kids at school to know she still wet her diaper every night, this wasn’t the secret. Her big secret was that each day she would be put in a diaper to do her poopies.

Yes, she knew 6 (almost 7) year olds were supposed to go poopy in the potty. She had never gone poopy in the potty and had no intention of doing it in the near future. Her mom had tried at the beginning of Kindergarten to get her to stop using diapers for her poopies. Molly resisted. At first Molly just held her poop till the night time diaper was put on. Her mom didn’t like this, so she decided to put up with wet sheets for a while and stopped the night time diaper. Molly was stubborn, and they ended up at the doctors office due to severe constipation. The diapers returned with instruction from mom telling Molly never to hold it again and to ask for a diaper whenever she wanted it. In the efforts to get things flowing again normally, Molly temporarily lost control of her bowels for awhile, causing her to have a few accidents at school and her mom eventually making her wear Pull-Ups to school for about a month of Kindergarten. Molly was embarrassed, but the only one who found out was her best friend Flora. Flora didn’t care, because she still wore diapers to bed every night and sometimes on car trips.

Now, Molly gets home from school each day and is put into a diaper. She usually ends up pooping the diaper between 3 and 5pm ever day. She is then cleaned up by her mom and put back into panties. During the diaper change, Mom will drill Molly on her spelling words. At bed time, she is put in her night time diaper. It is not a typical 6 (almost 7) year olds after school routine, but that is life at Molly’s house.

Life at Molly’s house was about to change however, her mom was getting married on Saturday. Marcus was a nice man and Molly had grown up with him dating her mommy. They would be moving to a new house after the honeymoon. Molly didn’t really understand why Mommy and Marcus got to go on a trip without her, but she was still happy to have her mommy marry Marcus. While Marcus and Mommy went on their Honeymoon, Molly’s new Grandma would be coming to stay with her. They have not met, but Marcus says she is real nice and she used to be a special teacher. Molly didn’t know what a special teacher was, but she liked her teacher and hoped Marcus’ mommy was just as nice.

After school the next day, Molly was put into a diaper immediately upon getting home. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with her dolls and other toys. As usual, Molly would use her diaper while it was on, without even being aware of her actions. The diaper was put on so she could poop, but she would pee in them too. Sometimes she would go through more than one diaper in an afternoon before she would poop. Molly didn’t know why, but with a diaper on she often wouldn’t even know when she had peed or pooped them.

About an hour after getting her diaper on, Molly would have her diaper checked and changed if needed. Her mom didn’t like her being in a diaper and liked it even less that she wouldn’t use the potty at all while in one. Her mom had hoped Molly would get tired of being put in a baby diaper and being treated like a baby. Unfortunately, Molly kind of liked the baby treatment and really didn’t mind being Mommy’s Baby Girl.

Marcus had an idea that was at least worth a try. Molly’s mom really did not want a seven year old in diapers, so she was open to almost anything. He recommended that his mother try to train Molly, she had been a special education teacher for 20 years and had toilet trained many children over the years. They needed someone to watch Molly the two weeks they were on their Honeymoon, why not try to solve two problems at once. Neither of them knew how she would do it, but they were too busy trying to pull together the wedding to worry about it.

Molly’s Deep Dark Secret
Part 2
By Teekabell

On Saturday, Molly was dressed in the cutest dress she had ever seen. She loved being the little princess. Dropping flowers all over the floor while everyone was commenting on how cute she was, just made her day. She knew it was Mommy and Marcus’ day, but it seemed like it was a big party for her, just so everyone could say how cute she was.

It was about 3pm when they took a limo ride from the church to the reception. To Molly’s objections, she was put in a diaper on the trip. Molly tried to convince Mommy that she could wait till they got home, but the diaper still went on. Although Molly didn’t notice, she wet the diaper almost immediately. Her Mom saw Molly peeing them when she pulled up the tights. She figured they would hold up to a little more so she didn’t change her then. To Molly the tights over the diapers made them feel a little different. Molly became real shy once they reached the reception. Some of the guests wondered why the bright and bubbly little girl was now shy and clingy. It was hard for people to not notice the difference, since the bride now had a little girl attached to her.

Slowly as the party went on, Molly got more and more comfortable being around all these people in a diaper. Molly and Marcus made sure there were toys and a play area at the reception for the little ones. It took a while, but eventually Molly was off playing in the play area with the other kids. Like most little girls, Molly didn’t do a good job keeping her underclothing covered while she played. Although most kids Molly’s age and younger were not phased by such things, some of the older kids treated Molly more like a toddler as soon as they saw the diaper. Molly wasn’t aware that other people knew she was in a diaper, until one of the big kids (a nine year old girl) came up to her and took her hand.

The older girl said, “Come on little one, lets go find your mommy and get your diaper changed.”

Molly was about to deny that she was wearing a diaper, but decided not to when she realized she had a poopy diaper on. Molly just went with the big girl as she proceeded through the large group of people in the room. Very quickly Molly found herself in front of her Mommy and a group of people sitting at a table.

“Here you go little one,” the big girl said to Molly. “Now your mommy can get you into a nice clean diaper.”

“Oh, does my little girl need her diaper changed,” Molly’s mom said as she get up from the table. “Thank you Sally for being such a good helper.”

Molly was taken to the bathroom and had her diaper changed. She was put in another diaper, with her mom saying it was just in case. Molly was not happy, but she quickly learned she had no say in the matter. Her mom had enough experience with situations like this and knew the chances of Molly having an accident were very high. She was grateful, but surprised that Molly made it through the wedding ceremony without having an accident. Molly rarely had daytime pee accidents (while not in a diaper), but during really exciting and fun times like today, Molly often had both pee and poop accidents.

When they got back from the bathroom Molly had some stuff to eat and was shy again for about 20 minutes before she was back to playing in the play area. It was about 7 pm when they climbed into the Limo to head home. Within 5 minutes of leaving the reception, Molly was asleep.

Molly’s Deep Dark Secret
Part 3
By Teekabell

Molly woke up the next morning in her bed, dressed in her favorite pink Blanket-Sleeper. With Josey, her favorite teddy bear, held tight in her arms, she meandered her way down the hall to the living room. Before curling up on the couch, she turned on the TV and grabbed the remote. It didn’t take long for Molly’s mom to hear the TV and come in to the living room. This morning she sat down on the couch next to Molly and pulled Molly over on to her lap.

“Good morning little one.”

“Hi Mommy”

“Well, little one. Did you have fun at the wedding?”

Molly snuggled up to her mom with a big smile.

“Now, Marcus’ mommy is coming this afternoon to spend two weeks with - - - You. She is really looking forward to getting to know her new Granddaughter.”

Molly cuddled up closer to her mommy while continuing to watch TV.

“You remember Marcus’ mommy from yesterday, don’t you Molly?”


They sat on the couch watching TV for about 20 minutes before Marcus came into the room. “So, what are my two most favorite girls in the world up to this morning?”

“Well, Molly and I are on Vacation, so we are just waiting for you to make us breakfast.”

“Well, what if I want to be on vacation too?”

“No, No,” Molly then paused. She looked at her Mommy and then at Marcus, “No Daddy. You do not start your vacation till your Mommy gets here.”

“Well, as the DADDY, I guess I will make breakfast.”

The two girls giggled and continued to watch TV. Once they could smell nice fragrances coming from the kitchen, Molly and her bear Josey were picked up and carried to her room to get changed out of her diaper and into some panties. Her mom usually did this as soon as Molly got up in the morning to make sure she used the toilet while awake instead of the diaper. With the Honeymoon trip taking her away from Molly for two weeks, she wanted some time with her baby girl.

“Well all cleaned up. Is Josey coming to breakfast with us?”

“She is hungry too.”

“Well then I guess she better come down to breakfast. I just hope DADDY has cooked enough for all of us.”

Molly giggled as she was carried down to the kitchen.

Molly’s spring break started with her being flower girl in her Mommy’s wedding and now she got to spend all day with her Mommy and new Daddy. They played games, painted pictures, and watched THE LITTLE MERMAID. At 3 o’clock she was put in a diaper just as usual for her poopies. Molly didn’t want to be put in a diaper saying she didn’t have to go poopy yet, but her mom knew she would poop in the diaper but would not ask for a diaper if the diaper wasn’t put on. Since she didn’t want another round of constipation, she put the diaper on.

At about 4 o’clock Marcus’ mom, Stacy, showed up. She was shown where various things were in the house and goodbyes were said. After Molly’s parents left for there honeymoon, Stacy was ready to put her plan into action. Molly went back to school in one week and her parents come back in two weeks. She had two weeks to get Molly behaving like an average 6 year old. Stacy knew it wasn’t going to be a straight line.

Molly’s Deep Dark Secret
Part 4
By Teekabell

Molly was sent off to play with her toys as Stacy went hunting through the house for the things she would need. There were still many baby items throughout the house. Molly’s bedroom still had a changing table where she got her diaper changed. She was still sleeping in a toddler bed, actually it was her baby bed with one side replaced with a bed rail going half way down the length of the bed. The garage was the next stop. She found a High Chair, the crib railing that had been removed when they turned the crib into a toddler bed, and she even found the baby car seat. The highchair and crib railing were brought into the house. Stacy managed to get the highchair cleaned and set up in the kitchen without Molly noticing. She got the crib railing put in the guest bedroom, she would need a little more time to get it put back on, but she also didn’t want to put it on before the first steps were taken. In the kitchen she found bibs and sippy cups. Stacy knew that Molly still used sippy cups from time to time like most typical 6 year olds, but normally she used regular cups. That however, was about to change.

Stacy took a deep breath and went to get Molly, figuring she would have a poopy diaper by now. Molly was in the Family room playing with her Fisher Price Little People doll house. As soon as Stacy entered the room she could smell Molly’s poopy diaper. Molly appeared unfazed by having a poopy diaper on, she was just happily playing with her toys sitting in a poopy diaper. She was definitely not your typical 6 year old.

Molly was brought to her room to get changed. Stacy had changed many diapers over the years, even with kids older than Molly, but this was her new granddaughter. A six year old who had no problem walking around in a wet and poopy diaper. The approach of withholding the diaper was tried, now it was time to try the opposite approach. Stacy got Molly cleaned up and quickly put a new diaper on her.

“Grandma,” Molly started to complain. “I wear panties, not diapers. I am a big girl.”

“Oh sweety, it is so much fun playing the big girl, but you are not a big girl yet.”

“I am too. I want my panties.”

“No panties Molly. I will never change a kid out of a poopy or wet diaper into regular panties. Only big girls who use the potty get to wear panties.”

“I do use the potty.”

“Pretending to use the potty like a big girl doesn’t count sweety. I just changed a very wet and messy diaper. Big girls who use the potty do not go around with wet and messy diapers. So, I cleaned you up and put a nice clean diaper on you.”

“I am a big girl! I am!” Molly said as tears started coming down her face.

“It is okay sweety, if you want to try to be a big girl and use the potty, just ask and I will take you to the potty and help you.” At this Stacy picked Molly up and carried her back to her toys. Stacy knew that Molly was mad and frustrated, so on the way out of the bedroom she grabbed Molly’s teddy bear Josey.

Stacy had a lot of work to do before Molly’s bed time and she also had to feed Molly. Once she was sure that Molly wasn’t going to follow her, she got the crib railing out of the guest room and put it back on Molly’s bed. She then took all of Molly’s panties and hid them in the guest room where she was staying. She looked in to make sure Molly was okay before heading to the kitchen to make some dinner. Molly was still angry, she was just sitting there with Josey in her arms just looking at her toys. Every now and then Molly would very quietly say, “But I AM a big girl.”

Now Stacy had to figure out how far she was going to take Molly tonight. What would she serve for dinner?

Molly’s Deep Dark Secret
Part 5
By Teekabell

“Molly, time for dinner,” Stacy said as she entered the room.

Molly was playing with her FisherPrice dollhouse. Stacy went over and just picked her up and put her on her hip. Molly didn’t say anything, at least until they reached the kitchen.

“Who’s coming to visit?” Molly asked seeing the highchair.

“No one Molly it is just us.”

“Who high chair for?”

“You silly.”

“But I’m a big girl, not a baby,” Molly complained as Grandma started putting her down into the highchair. Molly put up as much resistance as she could, but grandma worked quickly to get the straps fastened. In the process of trying to avoid being strapped into the highchair, Stacy smelled the odor a diaper gives off when it is being peed in.

Once the tray was on, Molly finally stopped struggling. “Gran-ma,” Molly said in a defeated voice. “Why am I in the highchair. I am six, almost 7 years old, not a baby.”

“Silly little girl. Where else would you eat?” She stated as she went to get a bib. “All little girls in diapers eat in highchairs.”

“But I am a big girl.”

“Big girls do not go around in wet and poopy diapers. They use the potty.”

“I use the potty. I’m a big girl.”

“Really Molly. You are in a wet diaper right now and that was a very wet and poopy diaper I changed earlier. Big girls get all their pee-pee and poopy in the potty.”

Molly looked at Grandma with a strange look. Did she wet her diaper? When? How did Grandma know? Molly stuck her hand down and felt the front of the diaper, yes it was wet. While Molly was distracted, Stacy brought the bib over and started to put it on.

“What? I don’t need that.”

“It was here in the kitchen, obviously you still use them all the time. Anyways, all kids in high chairs wear bibs while eating.”

“I only wear a bib when wearing my fancy dresses, just in case. I don’t need a bib. I am a big girl.”

“Well, if you need one while in fancy dresses, then you need one all the time. I don’t like doing a lot of laundry, so we need to keep your clothes clean when you eat. Anyways, like I said earlier, all little girls eating in highchairs wear bibs.”

“But I am a big girl!”

“Maybe Molly I have made a mistake. If you are a big girl who can eat without making a mess, then I will let you eat at the table like a big girl and no bib. If you make a mess, then you will stay in the highchair with a bib whenever you have a diaper on.”

“Okay,” Molly quickly agreed not wanting to be in the highchair or wearing the bib. “Can I get out of the highchair now?” Molly asked as she reached behind her to take the bib off.

“No, No little one. Don’t take your bib off.” Stacy said as she turned around and saw what Molly was doing. “You first need to show me you can eat without making a mess. I can’t just put a little girl who pees and poops their diaper at the table without first seeing she can stay clean. So, if you can get through this meal staying clean, tomorrow I will let you eat at the table. No food in your hair . . .”

Molly started giggling “food in my hair – your silly gran-ma, I am not a baby.”

“. . . No food on your face, no food on your bib, no food on your hands, and no food on the tray to the highchair.”

Molly thought this was going to be easy. “Okay.” But as grandma brought over a bowl with Spaghetti-O’s with Meatballs, Molly was not as confident as she was before.

“I want my princess cup.” Molly stated as grandma handed her a sippy-cup with milk in it.

“Oh, which one is that,” Grandma asked?

“The pink one with Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella on it.”

Stacy looked in the cabinet and found the cup. “I am sorry Molly, that is a big girl cup. Little girls in diapers and high chairs don’t drink from big girl cups.”

Molly didn’t say anything, but slammed the sippy-cup down on the tray to the highchair. This unfortunately caused some of the spaghetti sauce to splash out of the bowl onto the tray. Molly was too frustrated to notice.

Grandma sat at the table and started eating her dinner. Molly just sat there looking at Grandma. After a few minutes Stacy decided to push one more button, “Oh, does my little granddaughter need grandma to feed her, her din-din?”

Molly gave grandma a very angry look, but it did cause her to pick up her spoon and start eating. Molly, like most 6 year olds, was unable to eat any kind of spaghetti without making a mess. The hands got messy when she would pick up a meatball with her fingers and eat it. The face got messy, well she is a 6 year old eating spaghetti. The bib got messy when occasionally some would fall off the spoon as she ate. The Sippy-cup got messy because the hands and face were messy, actually causing them to get messier each time she used the sippy-cup. The hair was fine, till she pushed a little aside when it fell in her face. The tray, well it had a lot of mess on it. Some from dropping off the spoon while eating, some from the spoon being put down on it while Molly went to get a drink, and some from her messy hands.

“Well, it looks like it is a good thing you were in the highchair with a bib. My little granddaughter certainly is a messy eater,” Grandma said while attacking Molly with a damp washcloth. Molly was then taken out of the highchair and had her diaper changed. Stacy then changed her into a pink blanket sleeper.

While getting her PJ’s on, Molly noticed that her bed had been turned into a crib. “Where’s my bed?”

“It is right there, what’s wrong?” Stacy said innocently.

“It’s a baby crib. Where is my bed?”

“Little girls who wear diapers all day, sleep in cribs. Big girl beds are for girls who wear panties all day and only wear diapers at night. So if you use the potty like a big girl you can have a big girl bed, but till then you need to be safe in a crib.”

Molly just started to cry holding tightly onto Josey. Occasionally, if you were listening real carefully, you could hear her say, “But I am a big girl.”