Molly's Deep Dark Secret - part 21

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***************** Part 20 Continued ********************

While Janice drove Flora home, Molly was changed for bed and then played CandyLand with her new Dad and Grandma. Dad was the first to get close to the end, but then he got the Candy Cane. Grandma was next to get close to winning, but then she pulled the Gingerbread boy. This caused Molly to go dancing around the table singing, “I’m ganna win, I’m ganna win,” before taking her next card. After all of that, both grown-ups were very glad when Molly managed to win in the next few turns.

When Mom returned, the four of them sat down to talk. Molly’s life was at a turning point, so some decisions had to be made.

“Molly,” Mom started. “Daddy and I have talked with Grandma and the doctor. We have decided that you need to be wearing diapers all the time. You don’t go poopy at the same time of day like you use to, so we can’t just do diapers after school.”


“No,” Marcus replied. “Poopies do not stay in Pull-ups very well, so no Pull-ups till you can start telling when you poop.”

The room was silent as the adults let Molly think about this.

“O-tay,” Molly finally said hesitantly as she put her thumb in her mouth.

“Molly,” Mommy continued. “You are going to have to decide each day if you are going to be a Big Girl or a Little Girl.”

Molly thought about Emily and their time together. She told Molly that she liked being a little girl but also enjoyed being a big girl. Emily said there were good things about being a little girl at times and it could be a lot of fun. Molly thought more about her time with Emily as the grown-ups kept talking.

Molly was eventually put to bed in her crib, with Josey securely in her arms.

Molly’s Deep Dark Secret
Part 21
By Teekabell

Monday morning Molly was woken up by Mommy putting down the side to her crib and lifting her over to the changing table. When the new diaper was being taped on, the question came, “Big Girl or Little Girl?”

Molly didn’t know. As she thought about it, Mommy got her blanket sleeper off of her and started to comb her hair.

“Big girl?” Molly said more as a question than an answer.

“I think that is a good choice for a school day.”

“Do I have to wear a diaper to school Mommy?”

“From what Grandma said, you have already gone to First Grade wearing a diaper, and you were liked by everyone.”

Molly smiled.

“Let’s find a good Big Girl outfit for you to wear to school today.”

In going through her clothes, Janice found the collection of new outfits and she smiled at how cute they looked. Pausing for a moment at the one with Big Bird on the front, she giggled, but then kept hunting for just the right one.

“You have some really cute Little Girl outfits in here that Grandma bought you.”

Molly smiled, while Mom finished finding the perfect outfit. In no time, she was dressed and off to breakfast.

Molly didn’t know how it happened so fast, but she soon found herself walking into school holding onto Mommy’s hand. After a brief stop at the office, they were on their way down to Molly’s classroom. They found Molly’s teacher sitting at her desk.

Molly was attached to Mommy’s side as the teacher got a full explanation as to why Molly would be wearing diapers from now on. Molly learned that Grandma had prepared the school for this possibility last week, so the teacher was ready for this.

“Now Molly,” her teacher said getting down to Molly’s height. “When you need your diaper changed or want to try to use the potty, you will need to go down to Mrs. Weston’s classroom. You just ask to go potty like all the kids in the room, but you will go down to Mrs. Weston’s class instead of to the bathroom.”

Molly’s teacher explained that the school does not have a regular nurse, but one of the teachers, Mrs. Weston, had kids in her room still in diapers or being potty trained. The Principal had decided it would be best if Mrs. Weston helped Molly with her toileting issues. Molly’s teacher also told Molly about a secret code the two of them could use. If one of them pulled on their ear, it meant Molly needed to go down to Mrs. Weston’s room to get changed.

The three of them headed down to meet Mrs. Weston before the other kids arrived. Molly had heard of Mrs. Weston and knew where her room was, but had never been in her room before. Steven went to her room each day during reading and math time, to learn his ABC’s and Numbers since he didn’t know those yet. On the walk down to Mrs. Weston’s room, Molly could not get one thought out of her head. Her teacher said Mrs. Weston had kids in her room that were still in diapers. Steven didn’t wear diapers, did he? Were there really other kids in the school who wore diapers?

Mrs. Weston was nice, and showed Molly the bathroom in her room that had a changing table and a toilet in it. She took the diaper supplies Molly’s Mom brought and put them on a shelf under the changing table. She then wrote Molly’s name on a tag under the shelf. Molly noticed diapers above another name and girl pull-ups above a third name. Mrs. Weston reassured Molly that she could come down at any time to get her diaper changed or for help to use the potty. She also restated something Mommy and Grandma had said, ‘only grown-ups are allowed to take diapers off.’ So if Molly wanted to use the potty, she had to come down to Mrs. Weston’s room for help in getting her diaper off. Mrs. Weston or one of the other grown-ups in the room would help Molly go potty.

Mrs. Weston also told Molly she needed to come down to her room after Lunch Recess to get her diaper checked and then again before getting on the bus. Molly’s teacher told her that she would remind Molly to go down at these times. The conversation was ended when the bell rang. Molly and her teacher headed down to class, but Mrs. Weston and Molly’s mom talked some more.

Molly was in her seat looking at a book when the other kids started to come in. The day started like any other with attendance, lunch count, the pledge, and then on to reading. When Molly’s teacher told everyone to get out their reading books, Steven got up and left the room. Molly knew he was going down to Mrs. Weston’s room. Now she would be doing that too. No one paid any attention to Steven when he went, but what would they say when she went? He was going to reading, what everyone else was doing, but she would be going down to get her diaper changed. No one else needed to go get their diapers changed.

In the middle of reading time, Molly needed to pee. She was scared to ask her teacher to go down to Mrs. Weston’s room. The other kids would find out she was in a diaper. While Sue was reading the next paragraph, Molly wet her diaper. She was looking all around, and none of the other kids noticed. She got away with it.

The rest of reading time, Molly was distracted, but did manage to finish her work. By the time they got into math time, Molly had forgotten about the wet diaper and just got into the fun lesson.

Molly was her typical self as the morning went on, paying no attention to the diaper. During Recess Flora and Molly got a chance to play together. They frolicked around the playground without a worry. While in line to go back in however, Fred who was right behind Molly commented on how someone had farted.

Molly didn’t make the connection, but Flora did. She immediately pulled Molly out of the line and they went to the back of the line with Flora having them stand a little back from everyone else.

“Molly,” Flora asked. “How do you get your diapers changed here at school?”

“I have to go down to Mrs. Weston’s class and she will change my diapers.”

“Well you need to go down to Mrs. Weston’s class.”


“Your diaper is poopy!”

Molly’s eyes got real wide and she was on the verge of tears. As the line started to go in, Flora lagged behind the group. Their teacher was at the door when they came in. Once everyone else was in the class, Flora quietly told their teacher that Molly needed her diaper changed. Their teacher looked at Molly and tugged on her ear. Molly put her head down and slowly headed off to Mrs. Weston’s classroom. As she walked away, she heard Flora being thanked for being such a big girl for helping Molly.

Molly slowly made her way down the hall thinking about what their teacher said. Flora was a big girl for helping little baby Molly who didn’t even know when she had a poopy diaper. Flora and Molly were no longer equals, Flora was the big girl who would have to help the baby when she needed her diapers changed. Molly stopped in the doorway to Mrs. Weston’s room. She didn’t look into the room, just down at her pink Disney Princess sneakers. She didn’t say a thing; she just stood there, unsure of what she should do.

Steven was the first to notice her, “Hi Molly.”

Molly still didn’t look up, she didn’t move.

Mrs. Weston went over to Molly and guided her into the room. With the odor, it was easy to tell why she was there. They went straight to the bathroom and got Molly cleaned up and into a new diaper. Molly was silent the whole time, and half way through the diaper change her thumb found its way into her mouth. After being changed, Mrs. Weston guided Molly back into the classroom and sat her down at a small group table near the teacher’s desk. Molly was still sucking on her thumb.

“Is Molly okay Mrs. Weston?” Steven asked as he came up and sat down at the table.

“Molly is fine Steven, she is just having a hard day. I think she needs some time by herself. Why don’t you go back to work on your Math, maybe Molly will help you before she returns to class.”

Steven went back to his desk. Mrs. Weston turned to Molly and rubbed her back.

After several minutes, Molly finally took her thumb out of her mouth and looked at Mrs. Weston. “I’m not a big girl anymore, am I?”

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Re: Molly’s Deep Dark Secret - part 21

Great chapter, Teekabell. Molly is such a cute character.

Re: Molly’s Deep Dark Secret - part 21

I agree with you Robe!!

I feel for Molly though, since she tries to be a big girl, but is still very much a little girl!! Flora is a good friend too, helping Molly out like she did!! Steven too, wanting to check up on Molly, after seeing her having a “hard day”!!

Great job, Teek!! Keep it up & I’ll be looking forward to more!!