Molly's Deep Dark Secret - part 20

Molly’s Deep Dark Secret
Part 20
By Teekabell

Molly and Flora talked for a bit before they were back to running all over the backyard laughing and giggling like all little girls do. Stacy and Janice went back to the Living Room with Marcus. This time, Janice sat down where she would be able to see out into the back yard to watch her daughter. They all sat for a while in silence.

Marcus was the first to speak, “So if I understand this correctly, Molly may never gain control over her bowels and we need to shift our approach to managing her disability. Yes we will work with doctors and therapists to try to help her regain control, but we need to prepare ourselves and Molly for the possibility that she may be uncontrollably pooping her pants the rest of her life.”

“Yeah, that is it in a nutshell son.” Stacy said nodding her head toward Marcus.

Marcus took a deep breath while giving Janice a big hug, he continued, “Pull-ups are not that great for people without bowel control. They may be a possibility if Molly knew when she had pooped and would take steps to get changed, but she doesn’t. Therefore, she really needs something that offers more protection, which only leaves Diapers. Honey you know this, don’t you. Isn’t that why you would put her in a diaper each afternoon instead of pull-ups?”

“Uhhhh, Yeah.”

“Before we left for the Honeymoon, Molly never used the toilet when she was wearing a diaper and never appeared to know if she was wet or messy,” Marcus continued. “Although she was a big kid at times, she very much enjoyed being the little kid, especially when wearing a diaper. Is that accurate Janice?”

Stacy and Marcus looked at Janice quietly waiting for a reply. She knew that everything Marcus had just said was true. Although she wanted to blame her new Mother-in-law for Molly’s regression, Marcus was right, her baby girl enjoyed being a baby. Janice looked out at Molly and Flora playing in the backyard. Molly was running, jumping, tumbling, swinging and sliding. In many of these activities her diapers were on display, but Molly didn’t seem to care or notice.

As Janice was contemplating Molly’s past, present and future, the little girls came bouncing in wanting to play with the toys in the living room. They settled down on the floor playing with Molly’s Little People House and Farm. The girls entered their world of make-believe, while the grown-ups sat and watched them.

“How are we going to keep Molly’s Deep Dark Secret, if she acts like that,” Janice asked looking down at the girls playing. Molly was sitting down on the floor with her legs in a V-shape, playing with toys in the middle. The skirt of her dress was up around her waist, fully exposing her wet diaper.

“6 year olds should not have secrets, and especially should not have Deep Dark Secrets,” Stacy said with emphasis. “If you are ashamed of her diapers and feel like they are something to hide, Molly will feel the same way and will never accept them. If you accept them and Molly, she will.”

With that Stacy got up and headed for the kitchen to start making dinner for the family. Janice just looked at Stacy as she walked away, and then down at her happy, cheerful little girl.

Later, when Stacy announced that dinner was ready, Janice took her daughter back to get her diaper changed before eating. When they returned, Molly found Flora standing next to the highchair, just staring at it. Although they had talked about the highchair when they were in the back yard, Molly was certain Flora would no longer want to be her friend now that she saw it.

“So little ones, I have some yummy Spaghetti-O’s for the two of you,” Grandma interrupted everyone’s thoughts.

Molly looked at Grandma, who winked at her. This took her out of her worries and made her think real quick. Then Grandma smiled and nodded her head toward Flora and the highchair.

“So is one of the little princesses going to be sitting in the highchair, or both at the table,” Grandma asked? “It looks like Flora wants the highchair tonight Molly. Do you think you could be a big girl while Flora borrows your highchair?”

“Can I eat in the highchair,” Flora asked without thinking.

Janice and Marcus were confused by this, but Molly quickly caught on and added in her best Grandma impersonation, “Silly little girl. Where else would you eat? All little girls in diapers eat in highchairs.”

“But I don’t have my night-time diaper on yet,” Flora expressed concern as her chances were fading away.

“Well Princess Molly,” Grandma added. “Do you think we could make an exception, just this once?”

“I don’t know Gwandma. If we let her sit in the highchair, she will have to follow all of the rules.”

“That she will,” Grandma agreed.

“I’ll get her bib,” Molly said as she ran to the kitchen drawer with the bibs.

Stacy helped Flora into the highchair. After getting her all strapped in, she put the tray on and pushed her up to the table. By that time, Molly was back with a bib.

“Do I have to wear a bib too?”

Molly put on her best Grandma impersonation again, and said, “All little girls eating in highchairs wear bibs, but if you are a big girl who can eat without making a mess, then next time I will let you eat at the table. That means no food in your hair, no food on your face, no food on your bib, no food on your hands, and no food on the tray to the highchair. Sound like a deal little princess Flora?”

Flora giggled. “O-Tay Mommy Mowwy. But me big pwincess. Me no get food in hair.”

“Okay little princess,” Molly giggled as she took one of the bowls of spaghetti and put it on the highchair tray. “You enjoy pretending to be a big giwl, but we will see at the end of the meal.”

Molly then went and got a bib for herself. At the end of the meal, both princesses were covered with spaghetti sauce and needed to be cleaned up.

When Janice left with Flora to take her home, Molly was certain Flora was still her best friend and would be forever.

Re: Molly’s Deep Dark Secret - part 20

A nice & cute chapter again, Teek!! I loved the interaction between Molly & Flora, so cute too!! Keep it up & I’ll be looking forward to more!!

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lovely little chapter teeka i’m definatley waiting for more

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Thank You - - It is nice to know that I have at least 3 people who are enjoying this story.

It feels nice to be finishing one of my old Unfinished stories. Molly was sidetracked by R.O.O.M., so it is only fitting that the ending of the Molly story take advantage of the writing skills I advanced writing R.O.O.M.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to really critique my writing. In the past this board had some active posters that could critique a work. I miss that.


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I’m definately following too! The later chapters have been a lot better than the begininning one’s IMO, and the beginning one’s were still good. This story just keeps getting better and better. Keep it up!

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This is cute, I like.

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Teek, is this story finished or are you still working on getting it that way?

This is why I ask, you say finishing & ending!! Which kind of sends mixed signals, has it ended or is it heading that way?

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This story is not done yet. I will definately let you know when the story is over.

Currently, I have 7 pages of this story written but not posted yet. I am VERY, VERY close to the end of this story, but I have to wrap up the loose ends. I wrote about three pages last night and needed to make tweeks to the section before that (that I haven’t posted yet). As I get closer and closer to the end of the story, the more tweeks I need to do in order to make it all work. So, until I am sure I will not need to tweek part 21 anymore (almost there) I will not post it. Sorry.

Thank you for your interest in the story. It is always nice to know someone likes the story and is reading it. And with ones this long, if someone is still reading it at this point, I have to assume they like it.