Molly the New Pampers Baby

[table][tr][td][/td][/tr][/table]It was the 2nd of September in Wichita Falls, and as the autumn leaves were blowing, young Molly sat up in her bed staring sadly as the summer weeks faded away. It was going to be a long day out she thought to herself, and she was almost already bored about her mother’s business convention in Dallas. Molly was eight, and really couldn’t care less about the trip and as she thought about the day, she began to fall back asleep into a deep sleep which was only awakened by her mother’s kiss.

Her mother, who went by the name of Melissa was quick to get Molly going and within ten minutes they had finished breakfast. Quickly after breakfast her mother wanted to dress Molly in her favorite flowery blouse for the big day. She quickly prepared Molly and they were off in the car heading south on the freeway towards Dallas. They stopped once along the highway to pick up some food but soon continued to the Marriot Hotel where the convention was taking place. It was a long, haul out to Dallas and Molly was bored already, not even considering the three hour convention she would have to wait for. Molly was sitting in the waiting room, playing with toys that were designed for two year olds and she contemplated on the day ahead. She played for hours with the simple toys as she heard the voices of the adults in the convention room. In the last twenty minutes of the convention, she was really beginning to become very impatient over her mother taking so long. Her mother had promised her a trip to McDonalds if she behaved herself, but it was just too long for her interest. She began to squirm and wait for what seemed like an hour. Soon, her mother came bursting out and looking straight to the play area seeing her bored eight year old daughter. She quickly said ‘let’s go sweetie, it’s over now’ and then took Molly by the hand as she introduced her daughter to her colleagues. She stood there for about ten minutes speaking about business incentives and profits which then was ended by a swift exit to the hotel. She took Molly by the hand as they proceeded to the car and they soon were pulling into the McDonalds parking lot.

Melissa took Molly into McDonalds, which really she had been waiting for all day. As she entered McDonalds she immediately went to the play area as her mother ordered a happy meal. Her mother was quick to find a table in front of the play area, and soon called for Molly who climbed clumsily through the tubes and down a slide to greet her mother.
‘Here sweetie, I got you a Happy Meal’ said her mother which Molly quickly replied saying ‘cool mommy, I really like them, thankyou’.

Molly ate up the happy meal quickly like any child would do, and quickly went to play in the play area again. She was loving the excitement after the boring meeting and really loved playing in the tubes and slides.

After about an hour, Molly was at the top of the slide when she felt like she needed to pee. She decided that it was more fun to stay playing and quickly forgot about it. About ten minutes later, she really felt it pushing on her, and she knew her mother would punish her for wetting herself, especially her best blouse. She was having so much fun that she decided to just let it go, and just keep having fun with the other kids. She eventually wet herself and she could feel the warmth spreading around her legs, wetting the ends of her blouse and her jeans. After half an hour, her mother began calling her again to come down and get a Mcflurry. Molly had forgotten about her wet panties and decided to go, which was quickly greeted by a frown from her mother.

Melissa immediately said 'Sweetie, looks like you wet yourself in the play area, are you ok? Molly had completely forgotten about having wet her pants, and she slowly looked down to see a large dark stain on her jeans.

‘But mommy, I didn’t even know it happened!’ stated Molly, as she was almost petrified to see the consequences.

Melissa was upset but knew she couldn’t get angry with Molly and simply said 'Honey, it’s ok, it happens, but let’s get you cleaned up and at home so we can clean out your favorite blouse.

Molly quickly stood up and said 'but mommy, what about the mcflurry?

Her mother was already needing to get home to wash her daughter’s clothes to assure herself of no permanent staining apart from the fact that she was upset with her daughter.

She brusquely said 'Sorry dear, we need to get you home and out of the dirty blouse and jeans

‘but mommy, we only just got here’

‘there will be no buts’ replied Melissa.

Melissa walked with Molly to the car and she buckled Molly in the back ready for the trip north to Wichita Falls. They were quickly back onto the freeway north bound and they hadn’t spoken for about thirty minutes. Melissa looked into the front view mirror and looked back at little Molly who was sitting on the back seat playing with dolls as her long beautiful brunette hair waded over her face. She didn’t look eight years old at all, nor did she act like one. She called her ‘mommy’ and always walked along side her hand in hand with an innocent stare and want to play. She never cared about trying to look older than she was like other children, and really was like a two or three year old. Melissa continued to drive and kept on coming back to the idea that her daughter really wasn’t as old as she looked, maybe she just needed a bit more time to grow up.

As they went on for many more miles, Molly fell asleep and Melissa was only reminded of the long afternoons when she would lay Molly down for an afternoon nap. Melissa finally drove into the neighborhood of Wichita Falls where they lived and parked the car in the garage. She opened the back door and took sleepy young Molly in her arms and walked into the house. It was now only about 4:15 in the after noon, and she lay Molly on the couch as she watched TV for about an hour. At some stage, a Pampers commercial came on the screen and she instantly remembered about her thoughts in the car. The commercial showed a baby waddling around the house in just a diaper, with no worries in the world, rather like Molly. The diapers were child-like with plenty of Sesame Street characters and fluffy, comfy, babyish designs. Molly, who was still asleep, looked like the baby in the Pampers Golden Sleep commercial. Melissa could not help but think about Molly as a baby and how nice it would be for the both of them again.

Melissa turned the TV off and really thought about what the day had been like. Molly had shown her childish side, like always and she really just needed a little more time to grow up. Melissa thought that maybe the only way to give Molly that extra time to mature was through treating and caring for her like a young child of maybe two and a half. She remembered that some six years ago, she was changing four or five diapers a day and this made her think about how it would be now. She could have another baby again, to nurture and care for.

Molly slept and slept until the clock showed 5:20, and Melissa was going to share her thoughts with Molly as soon as she woke up. At 5:45 Molly woke up and her mother came in a simply said ’ Hey sweetie, did you sleep well?’ ‘do you want to watch some TV?’ Molly simply nodded yes to watching TV, and so she did for about twenty minutes. At about six o’clock, Melissa was getting anxious about breaking her thoughts to her daughter. She decided she would approach her daughter carefully by sitting next to her and coming slowly into the conversation. Molly was sucking on her thumb as she watched TV and Melissa thought again, and felt better about speaking to Molly about her idea.

Melissa began the conversation by saying ‘Sweetie, I have an idea for you and me, do you want to hear it?’

Molly excitedly turned on her seat and said ‘yea mommy, is it fun?’

Melissa simply replied ‘I think we should talk about it, but it could be fun, yeah’.

Molly said ‘Go on Mommy’ and so Melissa began explaining the day.

Molly, today was a really fun day, and I’m sure you had a lot of fun in the play area. I need to speak to you about when you had a little accident. Now Molly, I want you to be honest, did you really forget about having to do a pee?

Molly replied ‘Yes mommy, I was playing and suddenly my pants were all wet’

Melissa said 'I understand Molly, it’s ok, and that’s why I want to help you. It can be really hard to always remember to go potty, and maybe you just forgot. I love you Molly, and I want to help you to go potty on your own without accidents.

Also Molly, how is school, is it hard? said Melissa. You have had some problems there, haven’t you?

Molly hastily replied, stuttering ‘Yeah Mommy but its really harsh cause it hurts me lots and they call me a cry baby all the time’. Molly then began to cry almost in mid sentence and was in tears.

Melissa was sure that she could help her by simply having her wear diapers in the day and night to help her slowly rebuild her confidence.

Melissa put her arm around Molly’s shoulder and lovingly said ‘it’s ok honey, your going to be just fine. I think I can help you and still make it fun’.

Molly re-assuringly said back ‘What’s that idea mommy, maybe it’ll help me’.

Melissa said, 'well, I think that you need a little more time to grow, through your potty problem and at school. I think the best way to help you is for you to be my baby again. Your going to wear diapers every day and night and I’ll make sure you always get to the potty in a matter of weeks.

‘Mommy! I’m not a baby!’ replied Molly

Melissa, looked at her and said, 'I know your now sweetie, but you don’t want to have accidents at school and everywhere you go, do you?

‘No Mommy, but still what will they say at school, I still don’t wanna be wet at school though’

‘You’re a very smart girl, you know that sweetie?’ 'Now let’s go and get you into a dress and tights and let’s go to Walmart.

It was about five minutes past six when they went to the car, but Melissa was sure she was doing the right thing. They drove for about five minutes and arrived at a Super Wal-Mart where they were bound to have a good selection of diapers for Molly. They walked patiently in Wal-Mart and went to the second aisle where they found an immense selection of diapers, plastic pants, and baby accessories. Melissa walked with Molly along the aisle looking at all the diapers and heading straight for a maxi-size box of Pampers Baby Dry and a packet of Pampers baby wipes.

Molly said ‘I don’t want baby diapers, I’m not a baby!’

‘These are the only ones you fit into and they are nice and fluffy with plenty of nice pictures on the front’.

They quickly took the items to the check-outs, paid and were back home in no time. Once home, Melissa told Molly to wait in her room for her to come. Melissa came promptly about a minute later with a diaper in one hand and a baby bottle she had found from years ago, full with warm milk. With the diaper, she brought a bottle of baby powder. As Melissa entered the room she said 'Honey, I’m gonna leave the milk here and you decide if you want to drink it or not, but I’m gonna put this diaper on you. Do you wanna look at it? It’s real cute! Look here, there’s big bird! ‘and look he’s holding a crayon too!’. These will look so cute on you!

Melissa was now on her knees and said ‘now honey come over here and lie down infront of me so I can diaper you’. 'Now Molly, it’s ok to use this diaper for anything, you can do a pee-pee in it or a poo-poo. I will change your diaper as soon as you ask me to, but remember, try to remember if you have to go potty. Molly nodded with her favorite teddy bear in her arms, as she was not putting up any defense against her mother’s plans. Melissa laid Molly down on the floor and began by taking off her shoes and her tights. She then signaled to Molly to stand up as she undid her dress. Soon, Molly was just standing there in her panties, as Melissa continued to undress her. ‘Mommy’ said Molly, ‘will I wear these diapers all the time, like under my dresses?’. ‘Yes sweetheart, but they will be the most comfortable things you’ll ever wear’ Molly sat down as, Melissa took off her panties, and she was now ready to be diapered. Melissa told Molly ‘now hold up your legs honey, that’s a good girl’. As Molly held up her legs, Melissa slid the fresh diaper underneath her soft bottom. She told Molly to lower her legs as she pulled the diaper over her front and sealed it with the tapes. Molly then said ‘Silly Mommy, you forgot the powder!’, which her mother then responded by saying ‘Oh yes, silly me, let me just powder you up’. She undid the tapes and spread powder all around her genital area, legs and bottom. She probably put a little too much as the diaper had a little powder on the front, looking a little like snow.

Molly was now like she was six years ago, standing there in a Pampers Baby Dry, the most babyish diaper she had ever seen, with big bird on the front and little turquoise colorings around the edge of the diaper. Molly looked adorable and really just a true baby once again.
Molly stood up and Melissa patted her on the bottom as if to send her off to play. Molly looked down at the diaper, and saw the baby drawings and how innocent she was without a care in the world. As a plus, it was the beginning of the summer holidays and she had all summer to be in diapers.

Both Melissa and Molly then went to watch some TV, and generally talked about the new idea which seemed ok with Molly. Melissa thought the diaper looked so cute on Molly as it hugged her legs tightly, making her waddle. Eventually, she could even make her breastfeed and crawl around like a baby.

At around 8:45, she went with Molly to her room and put her in her princess pj’s which really showed the diaper bulge. As she pulled the pajama pants on her, she felt the bulge push under the pants making her really plump. Melissa tucked Molly into bed and made sure she was comfortable. Molly quickly fell asleep after the long day and didn’t wake up the next morning until about 10:00. Her mother came in and casually said ‘does my baby need a diaper change?’ without realizing her inclusion of the word ‘baby’ which Molly (to her amazement) ignored! Molly did not know whether she had wet or pooped the diaper at all and just asked for her ‘mommy’ to check. Melissa did the ‘finger check’ as she had done years ago, and didn’t smell anything meaning her ‘baby’ had awoken dry. She quickly said back ‘no hunny, your dry, let’s get you some breakfast’. She thought it would be ideal to have baby food, but that was just going a bit too far in her mind. The night before, Molly had slept very well, unlike every night where she would twist and turn restlessly. She had slept in comfort, knowing she was really loved and didn’t care even if her mother did play around with her a bit. Melissa just gave her a bowl of cereal, but Molly was actually looking forward to being a baby, and so demanded to have baby food. Melissa, awestruck by what Molly had said, simply said ‘whatever my little baby girl wants’ as she cut and mushed up some bananas as baby food. Molly ate like a baby, and made a mess, but she was acting like a baby to get even more attention. Her mother eventually decided to spoon-feed her. Molly, began speaking in almost gibberish saying ‘goo goo gaa gaa’ and ‘yeth mommy’ with a real baby voice.

For a week, Melissa thought it would be ok, but then they should really be moving on to Easy Ups and eventually panties again as the summer began to end. After breakfast, Molly went back to her room and played in just a diaper not caring and even crawled around the house with her diaper in full view. By about eleven o’clock she had begun to feel her bowels moving as she hadn’t gone to poo for more than a day. She continued crawling around the house and for a moment sat with her legs in a ‘v’ shape as she just glared at the design of the diaper. She looked at elmo, and the the Pampers logo all around the diaper and felt the fluffy texture to it with the sides folding into her legs, making her feel secure in the diaper. The diaper on the front folded into her crotch area and it was really plump and very babyish hence she thought ‘Baby dry diapers’. Her bottom sat nicely in the seat of the diaper with the pretty sesame street characters on the back and little crayon drawings. She knew she was a bit of a baby and enjoyed it to the fullest. She continued to crawl and played with the tapes of the diaper and with the her dolls imagining they were also in diapers. As she was crawling, she felt the movement of her bowels hit her again and it was getting harder and harder to stop her need to poo. She then remembered that her mommy didn’t care if she pooped in the diaper, and she would clean her up. She pretended to be completely unaware of her pooping and let out a small fart which made her feel funny, resulting in a big mushy poo to come out and smudge against her bottom. She didn’t find it weird or disturbing, but instead rolled around in her poopy diaper, squishing it even more. In her room, she was on the complete opposite side of the house to her mother, who was in the kitchen. Her room quickly smelled like poopy diapers and she felt so innocent and babyish, but she was loving it. As she moved around in the diaper she saw the brown mess turn her diaper from linen white, to brown. She continued to crawl around the house aimlessly and ended up crawling right beneath her mother. She crawled past her and the smell quickly reached Melissa’s nose. She stopped washing the dishes and thought to herself that Molly had actually pooped her diaper, like as if she was two years old. She was crawling around the house without having known it had happened and had been becoming more baby like by the minute.

Melissa turned around facing Molly who was now crawling out of the kitchen with a big brown stain in the middle of the back of her diaper. It was terribly obvious that she had done a big poo poo in her diaper. Melissa went over to Molly and began to say ‘Did Baby Molly do a big poo poo in her diaper?’

‘Yeth mommy’ replied Molly which truly shocked Melissa.

Without another word, Melissa picked Molly up and took her to her bedroom and laid her on the floor. She quickly glanced down at the diaper to see the brown mess even reaching the front of the diaper. She winced at the smell but thought it was really cute, and deep down the smell brought back wonderful memories.

Molly, at this point was lost in thought and simply asked ‘are you gonna change my big, stinky poopy diaper mommy?’ which brought Melissa to yet another level, which she kindly responded ‘Yes. Baby Molly is gonna get that big, stinky diaper changed.’

Melissa almost jokingly took off Molly’s diaper to see one of the worst diaper messes she had seen in years. Molly had smudged the poo everywhere in the diaper, and this was going to need a lot of wipes. She hadn’t changed a baby diaper in six years but was looking forward to do it again. She took the turquoise box of Baby wipes and began cleaning up the mess while she said ‘wow, my baby girl really made a mess’ and continued until Molly was clean. Melissa then took another Pampers Baby Dry diaper and slid it under Molly’s botton and over her genitals to show another elmo with toy trucks on the front. She began to think she wouldn’t need the Cruisers just because the Baby Dry were such a good fit. Like the night before, she patted Molly’s bottom and felt the fluffiness of the diaper as she set her baby off again.

Before Melissa let Molly go play again, she took her and spoke to her about the really poopy diaper she had just changed. She spoke to her about how it was ok, but how if she was to go back to school in normal panties by the end of the summer, she would need to stop normally pooping her diapers after about 1-2 weeks. Molly nodded understandingly and just went off to play again with her dolls.

As Melissa was ironing her clothes that morning, she thought about taking a little day out with her new baby girl. Molly, who was really into the baby diapers would look adorable in a tight, short dress which would emphasize her wearing a diaper. She thought that they would go to the local park. At about 11:05 A.M they left for the park with plenty of diapers for a few thorough diaper changes. Melissa thought that Molly might be a little reluctant to peeing and pooping in her diapers in public, but it would definitely build her confidence for the rough school semester ahead. When they arrived at the park, Melissa told Molly to go play by the swings as she got the diaper bag and her own bag. Five minutes later she came to the swings to see her little Molly happily playing on the swings with a massive diaper bulge. She was looking up into the sky and slowly began to day dream and she was just loving wearing diapers, as she could feel the warm, soft diaper touching her with every swing. She was in such pleasure that she began to pee in the diaper without noticing as she then went to play on the play set. About half and hour later, she came back to have a picnic with her mother, where her mother didn’t even worry about checking her diaper as she was sure she wouldn’t wet herself in public again.

While they were eating, Molly asked her mother if she could take off her skirt and just sit in her short shirt and diaper as she felt it was hot. Her mother was fine with that and so Molly began to take off her dress, revealing her yellow, soggy diaper. As she sat there, her mother quickly glanced down to see a diaper with a large yellow patch in the middle. Melissa quickly said ‘Sweetie, do you know your wet?’ and of course Molly not having a clue about the wet diaper, looked down in horror ’ oh no mommy, me had an accident, it just happened like that’. Well, replied Melissa, your not going to be wearing underwear for a long time if you don’t even know when you go wee wee. Now, let’s get you out of that dirty diaper and into a nice new fresh one like a good baby. She took Molly by the hand and laid her down in the grass right infront of her, in public and to her own astonishment, Molly did not have any problems with it so she proceeded to changing her daughter’s diaper. She undid the tapes and began wiping and quickly brought her daughter up in a clean diaper for the rest of the day. As, usual, she patted her daughter’s bottom after every diaper change.

The afternoon continued and Melissa was beginning to wonder why Molly was just using her diapers without any thought about going to the bathroom. She told Molly, ‘dear, really try to make an effort when you feel you gotta go potty, ok?’. Molly just said ‘yeth’ in a baby manner and continued to play.

By about five in the afternoon, it was starting to get dark, with the autumn slowly closing in and Molly was playing in the sand pit all alone, as everyone else had left. As Melissa approached Molly, she signaled for her to come with her, as they were going home. Molly insisted on playing some more on the play area, but Melissa knew that it had been at least three hours since she had wet her diaper and she really needed to get her on the toilet at home to start potty training her again. She let her play for five more minutes but made the fatal mistake, Molly wet her diaper again making it very soggy and drooping. At this point, she was in a dress after getting dressed again after the last diaper change and her mother hadn’t noticed. Molly didn’t know either.

Later that evening, when they got home, Melissa took Molly to the bathroom to try to get her to have control over her bowels and bladder again only to find a very, very soggy Pampers diaper. The diaper had leaked in the car and gone all over her dress, staining it. Melissa still wondered why her daughter hadn’t been able to realize she was peeing in her diaper. At this point, it was getting worrying.

The night went on and she put Molly into a clean diaper for the night with plastic pants in case she wet the bed at night.

As the morning sun rose, Melissa hoped her baby girl would be dry only to find that she had wet her diaper again. She quickly changed her into a clean diaper for another day at the park. At about nine in the morning, they left again for the same park in Wichita Falls.

As they arrived, there were lots of people and especially a lot of mothers with their children, even babies. Melissa thought it would be a great occasion to meet other mothers possibly with the same problem, but she only found two year old babies, not eight year old ones. As they arrived, Molly jumped out of the back of the car in a tight skirt showing her diaper clearly which the other mothers could clearly see. Molly really didn’t care less, and only wanted to play baby again, maybe with other babies. As she ran to the play area, there were other babies wearing very babyish diapers like her, often Pampers. They were just like her, in the same diapers but younger, and smaller.

Meanwhile, as Melissa sat with the other mothers she shook their hands saying 'Hi, ‘I’m Melissa, Molly’s mom, Molly come here!!!’ she yelled. Molly was too busy playing on the swings to notice and so the conversation began. Maria, another mother asked ‘Does she still wear diapers? I could see the bulge in her skirt’. ‘Yes, she does’ replied Melissa. Is it just a bed wetting problem? Maria questioned again. 'Well not really, she really began two days ago to wear the Baby Dry diapers and I’ve had to change a very poopy diaper, horrible. And a wet one yesterday, soggy and droopy. ‘Oh’ replied Maria in shock. Melissa began to explain why she was wearing baby diapers by talking about the incident at McDonalds and the issues she had at home. She also said that she would poo in her diaper like an infant and not even notice. Molly, at the time was playing on the swings with other little children and she felt her bowels were moving again even after two days. She began to restrain, hoping not to let out another lump of mushy poo into her diaper but found it really very hard to do so. She was able to prevent herself from messing her diaper at the moment which made her happy and feel as if she was still in control of herself; but as she climbed on the long tubes at the play area, she started to move slower, knowing she had to poo, she unfortunately had her legs open wide over the tube she was crawling on which caused her to let loose a small fart, which her mother heard.

As she was speaking with the other mothers, she knew that Molly was going to poo in her diaper and smudge it all over her bottom. Molly was trying to hold onto the poo but it came out, without struggle into her diaper, making it warm but also very smelly. She thought she would continue to play in her stinky diaper and then walk over to her mother and ask to eat as if not to know she had messed in her diaper.

Some other children began to point fingers and say ‘that baby pooed in her diape, where’s her mommy?!’. Melissa knew immediately that they were picking on Molly and quickly said to the other mothers ‘I think I’ve got another poopy one on the way’ as they all laughed together. Melissa went over to the play area and quickly scooped up Molly and felt the mushy poo press against her arm as she picked her up. Molly decided to say ‘Mommy, I think I did a little poo poo in my diaper’. ‘Yes I think you did’ replied Melissa who was happy to know that atleast she knew she had pooped in her diaper and wasn’t completely unaware. As Melissa approached the other mothers, one said ‘Hey baby, done a little poopy there?’. Don’t worry Melissa, said another ‘I’ll change her’. Melissa, not looking forward to another poopy diaper quickly gave the task to another mother.

The other mother who’s name was Jane, quickly told Molly to lie down. She quickly slipped off her dress and saw that Molly was wearing a Pampers Baby Dry diaper. She asked Melissa, she wears Pampers Baby Dry? ‘Isn’t she a little too big for them?’ Melissa just replied saying they were a perfect fit, but she was looking for some ones to get her through potty training with. ‘Funny’ said Jane. She began to undo the tapes and she pulled down the front part of the diaper to reveal the poopy mess. She quickly said ‘Wow, baby really did do a big poopy huh’. Molly just pretended not to hear what she had said and swaddled in the grass as she was getting her diaper changed.

As she cleaned her she asked Melissa if she ever needed someone to come look after Molly all day while she was at work, and Melissa accepted the offer with much appreciation. The day at the park was fun, but the next day Melissa would have work again. Knowing she had work, she called up Jane and asked if she could look after Molly for about eight hours.

Jane had a six month old baby and would bring her baby along to play with Molly. At about nine in the morning, Jane arrived with plenty of diapers. She came in with a portable changing table, bottles of milk, and her own two breasts which were full of milk. She quickly put down her stuff and sat Bailey (her baby) on the sofa next to Molly. Molly was just in her Pj’s but Jane asked if she could just sit in her diaper for the rest of the day as it would be easier to change her. As Molly took of her pj’s she had wet the night before and there was a large yellow patch on her diaper which obviously resulted in a swift diaper change from Jane.

The morning was very slow paced but very quickly, Jane was obviously set on making a complete baby out of Molly. As Molly came for lunch, there was a high chair and stuffed teddy bears everywhere as Bailey was being fed baby food. Jane quickly scooped up Molly and set her in the high chair saying ‘it’s time for baby’s lunch, and later I think a little nap with some breastfeeding.’ Molly was fine with being the baby, but was not sure about the breastfeeding and the highchair. She would have no say in it whatsoever as Jane put Molly into the high chair and began to feed her Gerber baby food. She also gave her a sippy cup full with milk formula. Jane, however was intent on making Molly poop her diaper severely and to have many diaper changes during the day as to play around with her for a bit. She gave her milk with a fair dose of milk of magnesia in it which definitely would make her poop in her diaper. She began to forcefully make Molly eat the food and within ten minutes Molly had pooped in her diaper without knowing it, in large amounts, causing the diaper to leak and poo to go everywhere. Jane immediately replied by saying that she was a ‘very bad poopy baby’ and decided to make Molly’s life as a baby the worst it could be. As soon as her diaper leaked she took her and spanked her bottom making the poo come out some more.

After lunch Jane decided to put Molly in Pampers Cruisers so they could hold more of the poo. At one o’clock she took Molly and Bailey to Wal-Mart to buy some more diapers. She looked through the aisle and gave Molly a nasty stare and she vindictively took the Pampers Cruisers which were a lot thicker. As they returned home, Molly was taken into the living room where Jane told her to lie on the changing table making baby sounds while doing it as she took out a Pampers diaper of the packet. Sooner than Molly thought, she was wearing a diaper which seemed twice as thick and a lot more sturdy. Jane then took four pairs of platic pants and placed them over the diapers making it really hard to move for Molly. As she then put her in a tight dress from her wardrobe, she took her out to the park where the diapers were extremely obvious. She took three bottles which all contained milk of magnesia and a lot of baby wipes. As she arrived at the park she took Molly out first and told her that she would be crawling and waddling all day at the park, and that if she got up to walk she would be spanked. She instructed her to go and play on the swings as she changed her daughter in a new pair of Pampers Swaddlers.

As Molly crawled it seemed so much harder than the Pampers Baby Dry, and she couldn’t think of a worse diaper to be wearing. Inside, on the other hand it was the most fluffy diaper she’d ever been in, and in some ways she was looking forward to poo into it, as she knew that Jane had put a lot milk of magnesia in her bottles. At two, after a good hour of playing, Jane took Molly and told her to sit in a ‘v’ shape and listen to everything she said. She slowly took off her shirt, and to Molly’s horror she was going to breast feed her. She lowered one nipple out of her bra and showed Molly how to suckle from it . Molly suckled on her breasts and eventually peed in her diaper. After she had been breastfed, Jane hadn’t realized that she had peed in the diaper and sent her off to play. As the diaper sagged from the pee, it was harder for Molly to play normally. She loved the fluffiness and plump of the diaper and the cute design it had with a special blues’s clues design. After an hour of playing she went back to Jane but forgot to crawl. Jane took her by the hand and pulled down her skirt and began to spank Molly on the bottom when she realized the diaper was sagging from her having peed in it. She was enraged, and took her to the van and pulled her four plastic pants down to eventually reach her diaper. She did the finger check and quickly realized that Molly had wet the diaper immensely. She lifted the diaper noting how ‘cute’ the baby designs were and she let Molly play with one of the diapers as she changed her diaper. Molly was soon in another Pampers Cruiser and into her four plastic pants but now, without a skirt. As Molly asked her for her skirt back, Jane quicly grunted ‘nu-uh, your gonna drink this down real good’ and stuck the nipple of a bottle in her mouth. Molly began to instinctively suck on the bottle as she crawled back over to the center of the play area. Within twenty minutes as she played on the see saw with the other children, she began to feel an urge to poo but she had expected that to come at some point. She was sitting and looking at the diaper as she moved up and down. The diaper hugged her and her croutch seemed protected and she felt safe, like a baby in a crib. The diaper was so babyish with little blues’ clues and elmos everwhere. The diapers smelt really nice, like babies, really pure. The diapers had little green lines all around the sides and a big Pampers logo was in the middle. She was lost, looking at the diaper with fascination when she realized she had pooped in her diaper. She must have pooped clumps and clumps of mushy, watery poo because the croutch grew and turned brown, it had made the diaper atleast a fourth bigger than it originally was. The cute patters had gone brown with the mushy poo which she felt pushing against her legs. In her mind, it felt great being a baby who pooped in her diaper without knowing. She felt the poop mushing all around her legs and all around her bottom. Meanwhile, Jane was reading the paper and was sat in the grass atleast 30 feet from her. The other little girls left because they had smelt her mess and thought it was disgusting. Jane hadn’t realized a thing but Molly kept playing in her massive slightly bloated diaper. She played on the swings as the poo went all over the inside of her diaper and got into the first layer of plastic pants. She had pooped so much not even the big, thick diaper could hold everything. She kept playing and every now and then would crawl around, staying away from Jane, letting out a small fart every now and then. She would play with the diaper and clench the front part of the diaper. She had even had to pee and peed in the diaper making it massive, with all the pee and poo. It smelt horrible and the other children would stay well away from her.

Jane, about an hour later got up to find Molly and saw were sitting along in the sand pit. She had pooped so much in the diaper that there was some poo in the sand that had leaked from the diaper. She then said 'Oh! looks like Baby Molly had a little accident, come on honey let’s get that icky, yucky dirty diaper off. She took Molly by the hand and took her to the grassy plain. She took off her plastic pants and saw the poo and said ‘looks like baby did a big, messy poopy!’ can you say ‘poopy’ for mommy?. She smiled down at little Molly and asked with her long, blond hair coming down over her face. Molly felt like a real baby with a real poopy diaper with a real mommy giving her some patronization which kind of made her feel good. She said ‘pwoopy diaper mwommy’. ‘That’s right, Molly. Very Good’. Now crawl in your poopy diaper and let me take a picture of that big poopy Pampers diaper. She took the picture and thought it was so cute that Molly had pooped her diaper so bad. She began to undo the tapes ‘Wow, baby did a big one for mommy!’, ‘one day, maybe you can wear Baby Dry again when you only pee pees’. ‘Can you say pee pee’ for Mommy? Molly thought this was fun and said ‘pwee pwee’ in the most babyish tone she could say it in. The diaper drooped so much that the gap between her leg and the diaper was alteast an inch. There was clearly a large lump at the bottom of the diaper which looked like a bomb of baby poo. It was possibly the most poopy diaper that Jane had ever changed. As she wiped Molly with the baby wipes, she asked her if she liked the pretty little drawings on the front of the diapers. Molly, loved the diaper and said ‘yeth mommy, they pretty’. Jane, herself had always loved Pampers just for the design. They were perfect and Huggies diapers would never hold this much poo poo from Baby Molly.

After she changed her diaper, she took both Bailey and Molly home for their naps, which lasted until Molly’s mother got back home. At home, Molly was put into Pampers Baby Dry, as Jane wasn’t planning another poopy diaper. However, half way through her nap, Molly began to feel the need to poo. Obviously, the effects of the milk of magnesia hadn’t worn off yet. She tried to hold it in but completely lost it after about five minutes, and she felt her bum being squished with poo and the warmth it gave her. She sat there and glanced at the clock seeing that she still had half and hour until her mommy got home. She would just pretend to be sleeping and hope Jane would notice the smell. As time went on, Jane walked past her room and smelt a horrible odour which she thought was Bailey. She picked up Bailey and said ‘aw… did baby do a little poopy for mommy?’. She then did the finger check only to see that her baby was nice and powdered in a dry diaper. It was Molly, not again she thought.

Jane came into the room and picked up Molly and really smelt the poo coming from the diaper. She picked Molly up and took her to the changing table where she took off her skirt noting that she should wear an onesie to make diaper changing so much easier. She slid off her skirt and looked at the diaper, which looked so cute on Molly. She undid the tapes while Molly had her legs wide open to reveal the poopy mess. ‘Wow, baby did a real smelly poopy this time, didn’t she?’ asked Jane, knowing the answer already. ‘Yeth Mommy, it’s the milk, mommy’. ‘I know it is honey, that’s what makes it magic milk’. She undid the green tapes and began to clean up her mess. As she was just wiping her bottom, Melissa arrived home, looking straight across the halls to the poopy diaper change. Jane was standing over the changing table smiling down at Molly when Melissa came in. Jane said ‘Hi Melissa, how was work!’, ‘Oh it’s always a bore, must take a few days off this week’. ‘Oh sure thing, Melissa…. look, Molly is just getting her third poopy diaper changed for the day. ‘Let me finish the change, one should never get a baby unattended!’ Melissa sighed as she walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of orange juice as she settled down to the evening. She could hear Jane in the other room saying ’ Molly!? can you say duckie for me? Quack quack! she laughed as she spoke. She began to go through the ABC’s saying ‘A,B, and C!’ wow you’re a smart baby’. She took the baby powder bottle and scattered it all over her diaper area and applied some diaper lotion to make sure her skin wasn’t irritated by the dirty diapers that day. She pulled up the tapes on the Pampers Baby Dry diaper and patted Molly on the bottom saying ‘jump down kiddo’. Jane walked with Molly into the kitchen to where Melissa was sitting. Melissa started by hugging Molly and saying 'I’ve heard you’ve been a very poopy little girl today, is that true? ‘Yeth Mommy’ replied Molly. The two women spoke about the day and Molly sat on the couch. Jane soon said bye to the both of them and loaded her changing table into the trunk of her SUV and woke Bailey as she strapped her into the back seat.

That evening, Molly took her favorite teddy and settled down to sleep on the couch while watching TV. Jane had left an entire box of Pampers Cruisers which Melissa thought was so nice of her, especially in this unsure time. That night, she did research on the Pampers website and found that Easy Ups were only great for children beginning Kindergarten or the First grade who still had little issues with the potty in terms of peeing. She went back to the living room to find the TV still on and another Pampers commercial came on the screen, this time advertising the new Easy Ups, which could absorb a bit of a child’s pee while they were at school to avoid accidents. Melissa thought that she could always send Molly to school with those on and arrange special times to change the diapers at school by a school nurse.

The evening went only slowly and Melissa found Molly in a dry diaper, already asleep. She scooped up Molly and put her in her bed in just her diaper. She gave Molly a kiss right above her diaper and then went to sleep.

That night, she decided to take Molly to her mother’s house for a couple of days, as she lived in the country side and they could both relax for about three or four days.

As morning came, Melissa was excited to tell Molly the trip to Grandma’s for the day and found her already awake. She was there in her diaper looking at Melissa. ‘Good morning Mommy’ said Melissa which was returned by a hug and her being scooped up into her mother’s arms. The puffiness of the diaper pressed against Melissa’s arm and she smiled knowing her baby girl was dry once again.

As she made breakfast, she told Molly about the plan to go to Grandma’s house for the week which was out on the lake. Molly was all the happier to go and quickly got ready in panties and her dresses. She was ready within an hour, at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her mom. As her mom came down she didn’t notice a diaper bulge at the back of her skirt and so she asked ’ are you wearing your diapers’ which Molly responded by saying ‘Mommy, do I really have to wear diapers to grandma’s house?’. 'Well yes sweetie, you seem to uncontrollably poop and pee in your diapers, do you think your gonna stay dry like that? ‘I don’t think so honey’. She took Molly by the hand and took her to her room, and laid her down on the bed. She took off her tights, skirt and panties and then asked if Molly wanted to wear the Pampers Cruisers or the Pampers Baby Dry. Melissa really wanted to see Molly waddle hopelessly in baby diapers again. Molly responded by saying ‘Baby Dry mommy’, which Melissa answered 'It’s a long trip sweetie and we won’t be stopping to do poopies, so I think you better wear Cruisers for the trip and then you can change into Baby Dry at Grandma’s house! ‘Ok mommy’ replied Molly. Melissa just walked across the room and opened the box of Cruisers to find a wonderful smell of baby diapers reaching her nose, they were in neat rows, all with the most adorable Sesame Street characters on them. Melissa picked out one, which had the Cookie Monster on it and looked at it confidently. Molly was still sat there with her legs wide apart waiting to be put into a new diaper. Melissa took the diaper and said ‘right baby, lift your bottom’ as Molly did so, Melissa felt the soft skin of Molly’s bottom and but the nice, snug, but large diaper on Molly pulling it over the front looking at the drawings saying ‘aren’t they just too cute?’ She then took the baby powder and powdered her baby girl really well and put on some baby lotion. She then pulled up Molly and patted her on the bottom and told her to wait for her at the car. Melissa, in the meantime prepared the diaper bag for trip. She took six Pampers Cruisers diapers and about twenty five Pampers Baby Dry diapers. This was going to be a fun weekend.

As Melissa got to the car she opened the garage door and buckled up Molly and got into the front seat. Molly had her legs spread across the back seat with pony tails in her hair, and her diaper easily visible right in her crouch. She looked like a two year old.

As they moved North up to Oklahoma City, Molly needed to pee badly and asked her mommy if they could stop but there simply was not a place to stop for the next ten miles. Molly tried to hold onto her pee but let it go into her diaper making it warm, but nice, like a baby. As she sat in the back seat her legs were getting pushed apart from the thick diaper swelling up with the pee. They arrived at her Grandma’s house just South of Oklahoma City after four and half hours.

As Melissa got the bags out of the trunk, Molly went up to the door and knocked loudly. Her grandmother came to the door saying ‘Oh sweetie, what a surprise!’ ‘where’s your mother?’. ‘Oh’ said Molly, she’s over there! Hi Melissa, come on in, and settle down after that long drive. Melissa walked in and set the bags down with the bag of Pampers Baby Dry in plain view. Her mother, who was called Abigail asked ‘Is Molly wearing diapers now? I felt a large bulge in her behind when I hugged her’. 'Yeah, she wears Pampers Baby Dry, youd’e never believe how cute they look on her! ‘It all started almost a week ago at McDonalds when she wet herself and didn’t know why or when’ After that, she started pooping in the diapers too, without noticing. ‘She can sleep all night and keep dry but she can go through about three to five poopy diapers a day!’ ‘Wow, that’s a real regression we got on our hands, Melissa’ ‘Aren’t you going to help her?’. She needs the diapers for now or the next week but she’ll be in Pampers Easy Ups in two weeks which she can wear to school like normal underwear.

Do you want to go put the bags down with me mom, in my room? I also think that Melissa needs a diaper change after that long trip! Yeah sure honey, I’m coming. ‘Wow Melissa, you brought a lot of diapers, oh the smell is so cute, and the pictures oh! How cute!’ 'I knew you’d like them mom, theyr’e just so cute and she likes the Sesame Street characters. 'I’m gonna change her into a pair of Baby Dry now as their more comfortable for her. They walked into the room where Molly was sat, in her skirt and diaper. Molly, 'we need to get that diaper changed don’t we sweetie? ‘Yeth mommy, I is all wet mwommy’ replied Molly.

As Molly sat on the bed, Melissa undid her skirt and pulled it down to reveal the bloated, slightly yellow diaper. ‘Oooh looks like Molly did a wee-wee’ said her grandma ‘Oh baby did a pee-pee didn’t she’ said Melissa. Her legs were wide open and Melissa started to undo the tapes as Grandma watched. She pulled down the front of the diaper and said ‘Aww… wer’e all wet!’ ‘you want Pampers Baby Dry now Molly?’ ‘Yeth pwease Mommy’ replied Molly. Melissa wiped Molly clean and slid another diaper under her bottom and put some baby powder before she sealed it shut. Grandma approached her and said ‘She looks just adorable in just her diaper, it’s hot out, why doesn’t she just wear a diaper?’ ‘Good idea’ replied Melissa. Molly then sat up and Melissa just picked her up saying ‘Come on, baby’ taking her into the veranda. Melissa then started speaking to her mother and began to say ‘You can tell she is still a bit of a baby on the inside, can’t you? I think she needs some time to mature’. Her mother replied by saying 'I think she’s a bit of a baby on the outside, as she looked at the diaper.

The three of them sat outside, Melissa in a deck chair with her hair untied and her sunglasses on, while her mother rocked Molly to sleep in her arms. They sat out there for about three hours, and Abigail, Melissa’s mother really began to love that Molly was a baby again. She began to talk to Melissa about making her even more babyish for the week. She asked ‘Molly is so cute as a baby, and I was thinking what if we gave her a bottle to drink, and some pacifiers with some baby toys?’ ‘She would be the most adorable baby you could imagine’.

As the day went on, they slowly went inside where the laid Molly down on the couch. She slept with her diaper in clear view and they both looked at her with admiration for being such a big girl. As she slept she wet her diaper making it soggy and wet. Melissa and her mother had a coffee that afternoon and didn’t realize her wet diaper for another forty minutes. When they realized, Abigail volunteered to change her diaper. She scooped Molly up, who woke up as they walked into the bedroom, along the side of the wall there was a large pile of her diapers, and the Pampers Cruisers box right next to it. Melissa had brought the whole box of 256 diapers! Abigail couldn’t wait to change Molly’s diapers for the three or four days that they would be there. She laid Molly down on the bed and slowly undid the tapes saying in a motherly tone ‘did baby have an accident, I think she did’ ,with a babyish giggle coming back from Molly she proceeded to wiping her bottom and diaper area. She soon was powdering her and rubbing it into Molly’s skin as she pulled the diaper back over Molly’s front. She patted her on the bottom and said ‘that’s a good baby’ and sent her off to play.

The next day both women decided to have some fun with Molly in diapers, they decided to buy a changing table, more toys, including rattles and even the pacifiers. As they left the store that day, Melissa went back to get some formula milk which she thought she might add some Milk of Magnesia to let Molly really use her diapers. She cam back to the checkout to pay, and they both left. Molly was still at home, and as she sat with her legs wide apart, she played with toys and the front of her diaper. She was now wearing a diaper with a puppy on the front, which made her feel really babyish. When Grandma and her mother got home, they built the changing table and let Molly suck on the pacifier, which was captured in many pictures. Melissa made Molly a bottle of milk and added some of the M of M which she thought would be cute.

As she went outside, she scooped up Molly and gave her the bottle to drink as she made her way to the deck chairs. She sat down and put Molly in her arms as she gently cooed to her and watched as she suckled on the nipple of the bottle. The scene seemed right out of a Pampers commercial, as the beautiful mother fed her baby, who was wearing puffy, bright diapers. As Molly was still awake, Melissa looked down at her and they both made eye contact from mother to baby. After half and hour, Molly began to feel her stomach turn and the general need to poo. She whispered to her mommy that she needed the potty which her Mommy just responded to by cooing even louder and saying ‘now, now’ which set her back to rest. She tried to hold it in but it simply was too much. After two minutes of squirming, she let out a small fart which told Melissa that she was about to go poo poo in the diaper. Melissa smiled to herself as she felt the mush come spewing out into the diaper spreading everywhere around her arm, as it filled the diaper. She looked at Molly who now looked up in despair, which was met by Melissa’s motherly cooing. They stayed there for fifteen minutes with Molly in a poopy diaper, as it filled the air. Melissa, after a while began to get up and she held Molly over her to examine her mess. She looked right under the diaper where the odour was coming from and there was a large lump at the very bottom of her diaper like a ball. She spoke to her like a baby and said ‘looks like mommy’s milk made baby do a poopy!’. Molly just giggled as she brought Melissa over to play as she changed her diaper on the changing table. She laid her down and began to undo the tapes when Melissa pooped again with the diaper open. Molly said ‘uh oh, Mommy, I did another poopy!’ ‘Looks and smells like you did, sweetie’. She gave Molly her ABC book as she changed the diaper with what seemed like fifty wipes. That week went by quickly and the diapers did too, with plenty of poopy diapers from Molly.

As they returned to Wichita Falls and the weeks went by, the summer began to come to a close and Melissa began to wonder how she would Molly ready for school again. About a week before school began, she took Molly to Wal-Mart to choose the Pampers Easy Ups she would wear. She picked up the ones with the princesses on the crouch which still looked adorable on Molly. As Molly always wet in her sleep now, and pooped in her Easy ups about once every two to three days, time was short and Molly looked like she might need diapers for school if she wasn’t going to get poop and pee all over her desk at school. On the last day before school began, Molly pooped in the Easy Ups causing them to leak tremendously sending poo all over the floor. Melissa cleaned up the mess and realized that it was not realistic for Molly to return to school wearing Easy Ups.

Melissa, the day before, had gone to speak to the principal about Molly’s issue which was accepted by the teachers and staff. Melissa said look Mrs. Forstall ‘Molly is still wearing diapers, and I don’t mean Easy Ups or Pull Ups, I mean Pampers Baby Dry disposable diapers with the full-on baby diaper look. Molly seems to not be able to stay dry at home and sometimes messes her diaper. We have tried to potty train her countless times but although our relentless efforts, she still pees and poos in her diaper sometimes without noticing.’ She asked the principal if there was anyway that Molly could get her diapers changed at school. The principal replied by saying ‘Of course, that’s not a problem we have school nurses who can change her diaper anytime of the day, if you want we can go speak to them now’. As she finished her sentence, the principal got out of her seat to reach the door, Melissa followed. They both walked in the school corridors until the reached a building called the ‘Health Centre and Nursery’. As they entered the nurses were preparing the rooms for the next day, when school began. The principal introduced Melissa to Janet and Debra who were the nurses at the school. They began speaking about Molly and Melissa described Molly’s problem to the nurses and whether they could take her for diaper changes approximately every two hours.

As they spoke, the nurses asked about what kind of diaper she wore and were quite surprised to hear that she wore Pampers Baby Dry for night and Pampers Cruisers for the day. Melissa simply stated that Molly would sometimes poop in her diaper and therefore needed the security that the Pampers Cruisers provided. The nurses were very understanding and were ready to meet Molly the next day.

That night, Melissa spoke to Molly about how school would be. As she was changing her poopy diaper that night, she began speaking to her by saying ‘Molly, you know school is tomorrow, are your excited?’. Molly simply said back ‘Yeth Mommy, but what are the other kids gonna say bout my diapers?’ Melissa replied by saying ‘Don’t worry what other kids say, just walk into school with confidence’. Molly was a bit confused about what the word confidence meant but did not care to ask. Melissa told Molly that she should go to the Nursery every two hours to get her diapers changed. She was to speak to Debra as soon as she got in who would be changing her diapers. Molly was pleased to know that her diapers wouldn’t be stinky and lumpy all day.

The next day, Molly went to school in a pair of Pampers Cruisers with two pairs of plastic pants over the top. When she was at school, she wore a uniform and the skirt was short and wide. Although she was wearing a very fluffy, plump, and bulging diaper, she did not care and she walked straight to the Health Centre just as her mother had told her. She was greeted by two beautiful young nurses, Debra and Janet who both had long, brunette hair. Debra began speaking to Molly about the diaper changing and said 'Look honey, don’t you worry about your poopies and wee wees, cause you’ll be coming her every two hours to get your diaper changed unless the teacher sends you here. She told her to just concentrate on her school and that diapers were another issue that her loving hands would take care of. As Molly left, she looked at the walls that were coloured in pink and blues with the letters of the alphabet all around the ceiling and the numbers ‘1,2,3’ written all over the wall. There were pink clouds on the ceiling and the centre was full of kindergarteners. The nursery was fit with rocking chairs, but only had training pants, Easy ups and Pull ups. She was confused why there were no real baby diapers, like baby dry or atleast she didn’t see the big green boxes with the babies on the front!

After visiting the nursery, she went to her first class, which was mathematics that Monday morning. She was greeted by her classmates from last year and Mrs. Stately at the desk at the front of the class. As she sat down and put her pink back pack by her chair she had realized that her diaper crinkled really loudly and was really very obvious. As she moved to sit down she was fortunate that no-one heard the sound. It was only three lessons into the day that a boy had turned around and seen the white baby diaper in the middle of her crouch. Other than the fact that the diaper crinkled, she had no idea that someone had seen her diaper. Two hours after the first class began, the teacher asked her to go to the Nursery to see Nurse Debra which was heard by the whole class causing seas of laughter from her class mates which made the situation worse for her.

As she got to the Nursery, Nurse Debra was waiting at the changing table for her, when she greeted her saying ‘Well hey there baby, now you just come right over here’. As Molly walked over to Debra, the nurse pulled down her skirt to reveal her diaper and plastic pants. She noted the fact that the diapers were so cute with the Sesame Street characters on them. She quickly pulled down the plastic pants and said, ‘Well, you smell beautiful, your clean honey!’. After that, she pulled up her plastic pants and skirt when she then patted her on the bottom saying ‘you’re a good girl!’ . Molly then replied ‘Thwankyou Mwommy’ without thinking that she had spoken in a baby tone. Debra said ‘I’m not your mommy, silly billy, you can call me Nurse Debra’. Can you say ‘Nurse Debra’ for me? ‘Nwurse Dwebra’ replied Molly hopelessly as she sucked on her thumb, closing the door behind her. ‘Bye baby’ said Debra which was answered in a muffled tone ‘Bye Nwurse Dwebra’.

As the day went on, she was sitting in her P.E class as she was learning about aerobics. She was doing her daily warmup around the track when she felt the need to pee. She knew she was at school, but she couldn’t do it here, surely not! She ran for another fifteen minutes and then sat down with the other kids to listen to the teacher. As she ran the whole class heard the crinkle of her diaper and her P.E skirt flew up and down showing her Cruisers diaper which was ridiculed by everyone. As she sat down, her bladder let go and she filled the diaper, making it yellow all over the crouch. Her diaper inflated slightly but no one noticed she had peed in the diaper. As each lesson lasted forty minutes, towards the end of the lesson, she felt the need to poop. She really couldn’t poop in class, and she wasn’t allowed out of the gym, so she held onto the mass as well as she could. She was able to hold until the end of the lesson and ran desperately to the bath room to use the toilet. As she was ran into the bathroom, it became harder and harder to hold her poo. She pulled down one layer of plastic pants ready to take off her diaper over the toilet, but failed resulting in the poop filling her diaper from back to front, making it a slight tinge of brown at the back of the diaper. She felt the lump at the back of the diaper but she loved the feeling because she was looking forward to being treated a like a baby when she went for her diaper change at the nursery.

She sighed and pulled up the plastic pants and pulled up her skirt again, she could only imagine how here class mates would react if they smelt her poopy diaper. As she got herself back together, she began her journey to the nursery. She waddled as she walked and got the poo all over her bum. Along the way, she also pretended to slip and fall on her bum, making her poo go all over her diaper. She felt like she was really wearing the ‘loaded diaper’ after all.

Two minutes later, she got to the nursery and walked in to meet Debra. Debra was at the changing table changing a five year old in pull ups. She said ‘Wait there sweetie, I’ll be round to change that icky diaper in a sec’. As Molly waited a minute, the smell filled where she stood and she knew that as soon as Debra would come over to take her by the hand she would smell the mess.She finished changing the five year old and patted him on the bottom saying ‘good boy, Dave’. She then started walking towards Molly to change her diaper. As she got within two feet of Molly she said ‘looks like Baby did a big poopy for Nurse Debra, you’re a messy baby aren’t you little one’. Molly said ‘Yeth Nurssy Dwebra me likes to move around in my squishy poopy diaper’ ‘Oh, dirty baby!’ she said as she took her hand and they walked over towards the Changing table which had Teddy bears in the corners and was painted pink with ABC blocks on the side. On the side, there was a large collection of diapers, this time a lot of them were baby dry diapers. She smelt the smell of fresh diapers coming from the shelves. The scent of baby powder filled the place as there were wall shelves with a collection of nearly ten bottles of baby powder and lotion alone. This was going to be a fun school, for sure.

Debra told Molly to jump onto the changing table while she got the supplies. As she did sit on the changing table, the poop in her diaper squished even more against her bottom and the front looked as though it would blow up from who full it was. Debra, was a mid sized stocky woman with a wide, motherly hips and long brunette hair. She was beautiful and wore wide fitting jeans and looked as if she should have two infants on each hip. She had a beautiful, caring, maternal look to her eyes. She was a bit like Melissa, she like to joke with poopy babies, but never hurt them.

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When Debra returned she had a diaper in her right hand and a bottle of lotion and baby powder in her left hand. She laid them next to Molly and began by taking off her skirt. She winced at the smell and said ‘Wow, you’re a real stinker’ while Molly looked dreamily up at the pink clouds on the ceiling. Debra stopped at the diaper in amazement. This diaper was full to the brim with poop and although the diaper looked cute, it was stained brown with Molly’s poop, the front which hugged Molly’s crouch like a newborn was bloated and tainted a brownish yellow. She had never seen an eight year old girl in a Pampers Cruiser diaper to start with, apart from the fact that she pooped in it like a one year old. The front of the diaper had an almost wave like texture as the poo had collected in the crinkles of the diaper. The tapes of the diaper were tight around Molly and she was ready for a major diaper change. After twenty seconds of looking at Molly in her full diaper, Debra said ‘Wow, what a big poopy baby, with a big poopy diaper… does my stinky little baby need a change?’. Molly looked up between her legs which were now wide apart with her diaper still taped on when she ‘Yeth Nurswy Dwebra’. Debra replied ’ Aww…. Nurse Debra’s gonna clean you all up, my little pumpkin’. She began to undo the tapes and pulled down the front of the diaper to find that the front of Molly’s diaper area was smudged with poo everywhere. She began to clean up her front diaper area when she began to ask ‘Hey Baby Molly, how would you like to come my Baby Shower this weekend, there will be plenty of other little tots just like you!’. ‘I don’t knwro Nwurse Dwebra, me needs to ask Mommy’. Debra instructed for Molly to pull up her bottom so that debra could clean her up. Here again, Debra was shocked to find the amount of poop that was in the diaper. Her bottom had about an inch of poo all over it, which really convinced her that Molly wasn’t needing training pants for a very long time. She wiped her bottom and rolled up the diaper into a ball and then began to powder Molly. She rubbed baby powder all over her and put a lot over her bottom to make it a ‘little more comfortable for the baby’ as she said. Molly sat up naked on the changing table and asked Debra if she could wear some of the Easy Ups because they crinkled less. Debra quickly, jokingly replied ‘I don’t think so Baby Molly, that’s only for babies who can’t get quite all their pee pee in the potty, not ones who make their diapers into poo poo cakes, silly billy’. Molly understood, but she liked the little patterns on the diaper and really liked that she had to wear them, atleast for a long time. Debra pulled the diaper over the front and just looked at Molly’s quizzical, baby like expression through her wide open legs spread apart from the diaper’s bulge. She gave her a kiss on the forehead and said ‘you’re a good baby, but a real poopy one!’. As she did up the tapes on the new diaper she loved the drawings on the front of the diaper, and thought that they were so much cuter than the training pants. Pampers were just the best baby diaper brand there was, the cutest anyway, by a mile.

Debra took Molly into her arms and put her onto the floor, as she was only half her height, being small for her age. She patted her on the bottom and put her skirt back on. She said ‘Don’t forget to ask your Mommy to call me about the Diaper Shower, ok?’, ‘Yeth Nwurse Dwebra’ said Molly as she waddled out of the Nursery. Debra stood there looking at her waddle and thought it was the cutest thing she had ever seen, a big baby girl in big baby diapers doing a big baby waddle.

That afternoon, when Molly went home, and after her snack said ‘Mommy, Nwurse Dwebra invited us to a Dwiaper Shower on Swatuarday, she said you should cwall her’. ‘Ooh, sounds good Molly, I’ll call her now’. Melissa went to the phone and picked up the phone and dialed the number hoping to go to the diaper shower hoping to meet some other moms with poopy babies. ‘Hey there, this is Debra Johnson, may I ask who’s speaking’ said Debra. 'Oh Hi Debra, it’s Melissa here, Molly’s mom. I heard you were having a diaper shower this weekend, is that true? ‘Did you just have a newborn?’ ‘Congratulations’. ‘Yeah I did, her name is Perla and she’s only two weeks old’ said Debra. ‘Fabulous, I’m so happy for you, when is the diaper shower?’. ‘This Sataurday at four P.M at my house, 156 Azalea Drive 57432. ‘I can’t wait to come, are there any other moms?’ asked Melissa’ ‘Yeah, all my girl friends are coming over with their babies and toddlers, Molly will fit in great’. ‘Well I’ll see you there then, bye!’

As the week went on, Molly had several more poopy diapers that Debra had to change and some very wet ones too. On Friday afternoon, she was sitting in her English classroom when she wet her diaper so bad that her teacher saw it in her diaper turning yellow in her crouch area. She immediately told her to go to the Nursery for a diaper change which came with jeers of laughter from the class. Molly was confident by now and didn’t care what the other children laughed about in her class.

The next day, as Melissa was getting ready for the diaper shower she went to buy some Pampers Swaddlers for a gift at the shower and made a diaper cake out of it with plenty of pink ribbon for the little girl. She neatly packed Molly’s diaper bag which was a cutesy pie, feminine Cath Kidston flowery bag. She put in nine Baby Dry diapers, two bottles of milk and one with orange juice, and baby wipes.

When they arrived at Debra’s house, she saw that there were babies and toddlers crawling and waddling around the yard in just their diapers. Some were wearing cloth diapers, others Huggies, and others Pampers. She thought the event was so perfect for Molly to be in her diaper with other babies rather like her.

As she came she took in Molly and her diaper bag, and asked Debby where she could lay Molly. She simply said ‘On the grass is fine’ ‘with the other babies’. Molly was plopped onto the grass and as she sucked on her pacifier, she looked around at the other babies playing in the grass. She was looking forward to the ultimate baby party. She watched as other loving mothers scooped up their babies and went to change their diapers right infront of her, and thought that in a minute the same would be happening to her. The other mothers were talking about how she was such a cute, but big baby. Debra also added ‘look at those cute diapers too! I change her poopy diapers every day at school’. As other mothers drank the fruit punch, they breastfed and spoke about the babies. Two minutes later, Melissa arrived with the big diaper cake which Debra was delighted to see ‘Beautiful for my baby girl, Melissa, thankyou’ she said. The other mothers had brought several packs of diapers, baby wipes and other baby accessories.

As Molly looked around and began to crawl in just her diaper, without a shirt, she began to need to pee. This time, she did not restrain and let it wet her diaper which soon turned yellow around the crouch area. The other mothers saw it and as Melissa was in the kitchen, they decided to change her diaper for her. One of them said ‘Wow, what a big baby we’ve got here, looks like your wet sweetie!’ She then laid her down and began to change her diaper. ‘Well, what’s your name then?’ ‘Bwaby Molly’ replied Molly. She said ‘Where’s your Mommy, Baby Molly?’; all Molly did was shrug her shoulders and look at her through her legs. Well my name is Pamela, I’m Ryan’s mom, he’s over there. Ryan was a two year old who was wearing a thick terry diaper which seemed much bigger than her Pampers Cruisers diaper. He was playing in a sand pit and drooling all over place’. ‘Are we gonna change this diaper Baby Molly, I think we will!’ as she undid the tapes. ‘Your diaper is real cute, sweetheart, do you like those pictures’. Molly nodded back and began to drink her bottle of milk. Pamela began to sing as she changed Molly’s diaper, she began to sing the Barney theme song. Molly loved it and Pamela sang it louder and finished the song well after she had put the tapes back on her diaper. She said ‘You’re a good toddler in a diaper change, I bet you can stay real still for Mommy!’. She then picked up Molly and put her in the sand pit, where she met the clumsy Ryan who had pooped his diaper while playing. Pamela picked him up and said, ‘Well look what Ryan did for his Mommy!’

Melissa came back and sat for the other women for the whole afternoon and got a chance to see Debra’s new baby who was adorable as she swaddled in her sheets. She felt as though the diapers she had bought for her would fit her perfect. After seeing the baby, the babies and women sat for the rest of the evening when Melissa began to smell the odour of her own Baby’s Molly’s diaper. Molly was crawling with a large lump at the back of her diaper which made the gazebo smell like her poopy diaper. Melissa scooped her up saying ‘Oh did baby do another poopy for Mommy?’. She picked her up and laid her in the grass as the other toddlers waddled around. She said ‘The lady Pamela was so nice to change your diape, don’t you think? You know honey, I think your gonna be my baby for a long time, in those special baby diapers’. As she was taping up her diaper, she felt the front and said, just too cute! She patted her bottom and off she went waddling with the other toddlers.

For four hours straight she played with children half her age, and even a quarter of her age in the sand, with dolls, and other toys. They played and played and she even pooped in her diaper again and thought about rolling around in it as she played and as if not knowing that she done it. She played in her poopy diapers and ended up with a very bloated diaper which was changed by another mother, Marina. She loved the feel of being a baby and almost not knowing she pooped her diaper. She looked at other baby diapers but concluded that hers were definitely the most fit for a baby princess

As the party ended, they said their good byes and Molly climbed back into the truck after six hours of playing, which was far past her bed time. She had gone through two poopy diapers and two wet ones and had a total blast.

The next day was Sunday and she went to mass in her Pampers Cruisers diaper which she accidentally peed in, half way through the mass. She was dressed in her best dress but you could see her diaper from the back easily. The adults all commented on how cute the diapers looked on her. As she ran around after mass her dress would fly up and you could see the cute diaper underneath, you could also hear the soft crinkle in every step.

As the autumn began to end, winter was becoming to show itself and that meant Christmas. Molly was looking forward to the family reunion at her Grandmother’s lakehouse on the 22nd of December this year and it was going to be the best time to be a baby. She would get baby presents, and baby time, and she also had a two year old cousin Angela who wore the same diapers as she did. They would make good friends, especially with Christmas. As Autumn left Wichita Falls it brought a new light to the city and its people.

On the last day of November, when there was a massive snow blizzard while Molly was at school, she had to stay there for the night because there simply was not vehicle access. The boys and girls had to sleep in the classrooms but Molly thought it was hard being away from Mommy for so long. Molly had slept next to her friend Ruth who was always really nice to Molly even though everyone ridiculed her. As Molly slept with her diaper in plain view, the whole class found it hard not to giggle. They laughed at how babyish the diaper was to start with, as it wasn’t even discreet. The diaper was large and really hugged around her bottom making it look plump and large to the whole class. She was ridiculed that night so much that she ended up wetting the diaper in her sleep which everyone saw when the yellow tinge showed up on the crouch. Perhaps what was the funniest to the class, was the diaper change routine she had to follow with Debra every couple of hours. They knew she went to get her diapers changed, and they even knew she pooped in her diapers like a true infant.

Christmas, was a new horizon for her and her mother. They were going to be with the family through an exciting part of the year with lots of snow to play in and carols to sing. When the Christmas break began on the the 19th of December, Molly went straight home to get the diapers she would need, the changing table, and bottles, milk, juice, and clothes. Her mother realized that the box of Pampers Cruisers only had two diapers left and that she had to get to the store fast if they were going to leave in a couple of hours considering the distance they would have to travel, all the way to South Dakota. At five o’clock that afternoon, Molly was put into a clean Baby Dry diaper and taken out to Wal-Mart where they bought a 150 pack of Pampers Cruisers, three milk bottles, orange juice, and more clothes for the winter. At the cashier the amount came to be $125.00 and she paid willingly and took off putting the massive box of diapers in the trunk with the changing table on top and the two bottles of milk formula in the car. Molly began sucking on her bottle as she watched the Texan winter sun go down that evening. She eventually peed in her diaper leaving her wet until her mother pulled into a Comfort Inn along the road about three hours after they left. Her mother took the changing table, filled the diaper bag with enough diapers for a few changes and went in desperate to find a room for the both of them.

As they entered the hotel, the lady at the counter said ‘Wow is that changing table for her?’ ‘Yuppo, she’s a diaper baby alright’ replied Melissa. ‘Aww… that’s cute we usually get babies but not that big!’. Yeah, she gets that a lot, look do you guys have a room for the both of us? Yeah, room 216, right on your right for a special of $49. ‘Great, we’ll take it.’ ‘Good night young lady’ said Melissa as she took the key and went to the room. She opened the door and set down her bags and said, wer’e almost there Baby Molly, you just hold on!’. ‘Aww… does someone need a diaper change’ said Melissa in a motherly tone. ‘Uhuh’ muffled Molly as she still sucked on her pacifier. She took out her baby’s pacifier and took off her shoes, then her skirt and eventually her diaper. ‘Well, baby’s all wet isn’t she’ said Melissa in a quiet, soothing voice as she looked at Molly who was now sucking on her pacifier again.

After the diaper change, they settled down to bed, and Melissa took out one Pampers Cruiser and put it on Molly and felt it as she lay her baby in bed. She loved having another baby.

The next morning, Molly woke up dry and they both got in the car at 7 A.M, and headed for the freeway. They were soon hitting the South Dakota border and Molly was getting more and more excited as she sucked on her bottle. She couldn’t wait to show Grandma and Grandpa, uncle Joey, aunt Linda, and her cousins how much of a baby she was. On the way, Melissa picked up a foldable crib at the local WalMart which she folded into the car for use at the house in South Dakota. When they got there, they were the first along with grandma and grandpa by a couple of days. They still had two days until the rest of the family were scheduled to arrive. They all greeted eachother after a couple months of not having seen eachother, and Grandma loved that Molly was still wearing the same old, baby diapers. The Pampers Cruisers, maybe with the cutest prints she had ever seen. When they were there, after a day Molly pooped in her diaper while playing in the snow outside and sat around in it feeling the warmth of the poo against her bottom contrast with the cold of the snow. She crawled around in the snow in her long fluffy jacket and thick winter pants. She had an obvious diaper bulge and was on her hands and feet sucking on her pacifier as she played with her poopy diaper. As Grandma looked outside she saw the lump in the back of the diaper and went outside to take little Molly in for a diaper change she scooped her up and said ‘Looks like baby did a poopy!’ as she felt the lump of warm poo in the seat of her cute diaper. Molly said ‘Whill you chwange me Gwandma?’ ‘Oh course Grandma will, I love you Baby Molly’. She took her in and laid her on the changing table and quickly took off her thick pants and looked at the big poopy diaper with amazement seeing how much she had filled it. She lowered the front of the diaper and sighed ‘Pheww… what a stinky little diaper we have hear ehi!?’ . She began to wipe Molly like she would have done six years ago and this sprung up fantastic memories for her of when Molly was just a real small baby. She thought it was great to see her daughter’s baby come alive again. Afterall, Molly was childish for her age, very childish.

As the days went on, soon came her relatives who all thought she was adorable, seeing the diapers, the changing table, the pacifiers, the way she spoke, milk bottles, and the diaper bulge she wore all the time. Molly was not ashamed, on the contrary she was proud of being a big girl for sometimes getting all her poopy and pee pee in the potty.

Linda, her aunt always changed her when Melissa was out, and she loved cooing to her and breastfeeding her as well her own daughter. She would find the time when she changed her diaper so special to almost get to know her or share some special time together. When she saw how well the Pampers Cruisers diapers worked, she used them for her daughter who was almost three and big for her age. She loved the way the diapers made her so cute, and she wanted the same for her baby.

Her cousins who were three, fourteen, and sixteen all love spending time with Molly. Molly played with her three year old cousin almost every day and the two girls of 14 and 16 would play as mothers, cooing them and changing their diapers in a fun way with plenty of baby talk like ‘can you say D i a a p e r for me sweetheart?’ which was often answered by goo gaa or other baby sounds.

When the special days came, the 24th and 25th, the celebrations were great. They had turkey and the two girls (in diapers) sat in high chairs and Melissa loved how her daughter was really being treated like a baby. Molly would mess her diapers sometimes for fun or because she forgot, or even because her mother would put milk of magnesia in her milk. The women, Melissa, Linda, Grandma, and the girls would all have fun by treating Molly like a total baby with baby songs, cute diapers, baby food and all sorts of fun.

The 24th of December was special for the whole family as Molly sat sucking her pacifier as she sat with a big diaper bulge, either wet, messy or dry. They shared special family memories that they would never forget, and Molly would sleep in her crib at night with a bottle and always wake up with a incredibly full diaper which was changed with plenty of enjoyment from either of the five women. Sometimes they would crowd around the changing table and play with her as she got her diaper changed.

After Christmas Supper, Molly continued to play in just her diaper as she looked at her dolls under the Christmas tree. She crawled around and she had, at this point become the baby of the family. She played in just her diaper, and pacifier as the family looked at her admirably. After about two hours, her stomach began to rumble and her bladder began to ache as she had drunk about three bottles of milk while at the table. She waddled around the house knowing she would both pee and poop in her newly changed, fresh Pampers Baby dry diaper. As she crawled into the hall, she wet her diaper which she felt spread around her legs, making her diaper bloated, but even more comfortable. The pee felt warm in her diaper area, and as she crawled under the women sitting at the table, she pooped in her diaper. Her sixteen year old cousin was looking down at the floor as she crawled when she see the big load drop into the back of the diaper. She saw the large lump which would soon reach all of their noses. For about thirty seconds, she looked at Molly in her diaper and thought of how cute she looked. It wasn’t long until the other women had smelt the diaper and done the finger check that they were sure that Baby Molly had done a big poo poo. Her aunt quickly began to waft at the air saying ‘Oh! Smells like baby did a poo poo!’. She quickly scooped her up and went to change her diaper. The whole family heard the two as her aunt cooed to her and spoke to her in baby talk.

On the 25th of December, Molly got up early to go see what Santa had brought. As she was sleeping in a crib, she had to cry as if she had an accident in her diaper to get out. She cried for about twenty minutes until Melissa finally came in and said ‘Oh did little baby do a poopy in the night?’ as she proceeded to pick her up. Turns out, that Molly had peed her diaper until it was completely yellow. Melissa set down Molly on the changing table as Molly squirmed around like a three year old. Melissa bent over to get another diaper from the bag which she greeted Molly with by saying ‘Now you hold real still for Mommy while she changes that diaper’. Melissa changed her diaper and cooed at her as she wiped her diaper area. Molly was soon up in a fresh new diaper, ready to see her presents. Molly wanted to run to the tree, but Melissa quickly scooped her up and said ‘Nuh-uh, let’s not try to run before we can walk!’ She took Molly in her arms to the tree to see the presents. By now, Grandma was awake and fixing pancakes as Christmas music played in the background. The TV was on and slowly, the whole family was going to the kitchen for some pancakes. As they ate, the TV was on and on came a Pampers Baby Dry commercial which resounded through the whole house. The woman on the TV said in a soft voice ‘New Pampers Baby Dry, giving your baby a delicate, yet flexible diaper, even in the prime of play. It showed a woman running after her baby who was a little girl in a diaper. Molly noticed it and said ‘Am I lwike that Mwommy!?’. ‘Yes sweetheart’ replied Melissa, forever Mommy’s little poopy baby!’. At the end, it showed a scene of a diaper change between a mother and daughter which was rather like the past few days. The women laughed and spoke in baby talk to Molly for the rest of the day.

After Molly finished breakfast, Melissa carried her over to the tree to open the presents with everyone else. When they sat down, Molly was just in her Pj top and her diaper showing. She didn’t care what the family thought, as she could only care about the presents. Her fourteen year old cousin began by opening her present and it was a new make up kit which she had wanted for months. She, of course didn’t believe in Santa Claus but still thanked Santa and tried it on a few hours later. Molly saw a package which had little ABC blocks which she imagined was for her. The box was very wide and long she had no idea what it was. As the other presents began to disappear from under the tree, as everyone was enjoying their gifts, she decided to began stripping the packaging herself. When she tore the first layer, she saw a box, filled with fifteen onesie’s. The present was from her cousin’s mother, Angela. She said ‘Thankyou so much Angela, will make diaper changing at home and school way eaiser!’ ‘Thankyou so much’. Molly examined one as the two women spoke and Melissa saw Molly’s confused expression and decided to explain the use for such a garment. She said ‘look honey, this is where Nurse Debra will pull down to change your dirty diaper. She just pulls on these two straps while your on the changing table and will take off your skirt and clean you up.’ Melissa said 'Come on honey, let’s try one on, even in the house. Molly wanted to try one on so she simply picked out the first one which was turquoise with pink little babies on it. Her mother set her down on the floor under the table, slid her feet into the bottom of the onesie and pulled it up and strapped her under her diaper. At this point, the onesie really emphasized her diaper which came out in a three inch bulge. Angela said ‘Oh, absolutely adorable, they’ll be great at school under a skirt’. Melissa agreed as they began to look at the other contents of the box. Molly took out another box which had different baby patters with which to decorate her room with. They included numbers, abc’s, and little puppy dogs that would look great over the changing table. Molly was also given a 72 back of Pampers Baby Dry diapers which was very much admired by her mother considering the cost of the diapers. She looked at the box and saw the baby sat in the diaper on the front which strongly reminded her of her diapered daughter.

As the day went on, as Molly as playing in the snow in just her onesie, she felt the need to pee. As she played in the snow with her cousins, she peed in her diaper which inflated the crouch area of her diaper considerably. When her cousins saw that her diaper bulge had increased by atleast a third, they scooped her up and said ‘Did baby have an accident?’ as Molly began to cry. She felt helpless but didn’t really care because she knew that by crying she was even more babyish. Molly was changed and the day went on with plenty more poopy diapers.

Christmas was a great experience for the whole family and the women got their fair share of babying for the holidays.

The weeks of winter went on and Molly entered spring still as a baby, maybe she would be one for years. When she went to school, she would wear an onesie under her skirt which was quickly noted by the kids at school which brought even more ridicule. She didn’t care though because being a baby was great for her. As her skirt bulged by a good 4.5-5 inches her big diapered bottom was fairly obvious. She knew it was better for Mommy and Nurse Debra when she needed a diaper change. She wore Pampers Baby Dry and Cruisers every night and day and was always well powdered at home by Mommy or by Debra at school. Wherever she was diapered and treated like a baby, it was great for her and she did really mature over the months.

As her mother was thrilled with her decision months ago, she decided that the Molly would always be her baby girl and she loved putting the cute Baby dry diapers on her with Sesame street characters on them for the both of them to enjoy. Melissa loved them because they really brought the baby out of Molly and Molly thought the same.

Years past and Molly was still a baby until Middle School she still fit into a size 7 Cruisers diaper.

The End

Hope you folks enjoy, I love Pampers and their diapers myself including the very cute design