MK - Chapters 1-6 (Updated 12/27)

This is my first story of this nature. Hopefully I get good feedback and some interest to continue on.

Bus Ride
MK Watson took her seat on the bus loaded with her fellow cheerleaders headed to tonight’s basketball game. She, like her entire squad, had already changed into their uniforms so they upon reaching their destination they would be ready to cheer on their high school. Taking a seat beside her was her best friend and cousin, Claire. They generally rode together on these trips unless her star point guard boyfriend was on-board. It happened very seldom and mostly when the trip was extremely short within the city limits of their home city of Lexington.

Today Claire was trying to comfort MK who had been asked about her unlikely stardom on YouTube. It had been unintentional by her father who was simply trying to find interesting and unique videos for his channel. There were 3 videos in question that MK had wished were never posted let alone filmed in the first place. One of them included her sister Megan which was the most damning of all. It was not a great secret that MK was incontinent and the videos on YouTube were a large part of how word got spread about it. She took it like a champ and really was not all that concerned about anyone knowing. MK was quite secure in herself and played the hand that life had given her to the maximum.

With all that said, she was having more and more issues with her friends at school seeing the videos for the first time. Hearing rumors about a popular girl wearing diapers is one thing but to actually see it first hand is quite another. In the original video 13 years ago MK was just 3 and had really had a hard time with potty training. This was before her official diagnosis by a doctor that her bladder was incapable of holding urine for a normal period of time. In the video she was traveling in the 2nd row of a van with her entire family. She had made it known that she really needed to pee. For some reason her father filmed this. Her pleas that she could not hold it were heard but the next location for her to use a facility was still minutes away.

MK had about 1 minute of lead time before her bladder would begin dribbling and another 15-20 seconds before a stream lead to the inevitable accident. Almost like clockwork at the 1 minute mark of the video she felt the dribble in her panties and the horror that swept across her found face was caught on camera. Her mom was able to remove her from the vehicle and rush her to a bathroom The video cuts there but in the comments section the obvious question was asked about her making it. Her father replied that she made it mostly dry to the locked bathroom door but she did unfortunately have an accident.

A few years later her father recorded a 2nd video showing MK, Megan and their younger brother, Matthew in a bedtime routine. MK was in a diaper, Megan was in pullups, and Matthew was mostly out of frame to tell but given his younger status was probably in diapers as well. The video was several minutes long and consisted of the kids acting silly and rejecting the request to go to bed. In a few seconds of a close-up of MK the diaper was clearly slightly wet already and led to comments about her status which again her father confirmed as an issue with incontinence. This wetness was made more obvious when MK pretended to twerk for two or three shakes before realizing the diaper was wet and immediately stopped as she was self-conscious of the camera at the time. She even tried to be discreet about by turning slightly, but not nearly enough, from the camera and giving the front of the diaper a gentle squeeze.

The final video might have been the most awkward as it depicted MK and Megan returning to the house from playing in the snow and being visibly unhappy about something. Her dad asks them on camera what’s wrong and initially neither says anything other than they are not happy. When prompted further Megan reports that she was scared to get down from a tree and wet herself. The snow pants are not visibly stained in any way but she pats MK on the rear and winks. MK continues to appear unhappy and waddles behind her sister up the stairs. The pair is reminded to take off their snow shoes as they reach the top of the stairs. They do so and the video cuts.

MK was aware of a 4th video that she was pretty sure is on the net but never gets comments and it was from last Christmas when she was 15. MK and her siblings were opening her presents and she had a visibly padded rear in the video which was more pronounced due to the overnight diaper being soaked. It certainly didn’t help that she had been sitting on the floor and upon standing two quarter sized leaks were extremely visible on her backside.

None of this really phased her other than she did not want to comment on what they were seeing. Claire took a moment to try and change the topic but could see MK was fidgeting and uncomfortable. “What’s wrong?”

“The countdown” MK said with a sigh.

“We aren’t moving yet. You can still get off.” Claire offered her cousin an out.

“What’s the point. It’s what this is for.” MK flipped the front of her cheerleader skirt up revealing the mostly dry diaper. It had been moistened when she had laughed at a joke just prior to getting on the bus.

“I know. But I also know that you still want to be as normal as possible.”

MK thought about that for a moment but it was still all for not as the dribbling began. She didn’t mind the wetting itself. What she did mind was the twinge in her bladder as a reminder that it was going to happen. Claire watched and waited for the trickling to expand the diaper. Luckily for MK this was just a light release. No need for a change or concern at this point. A quick squeeze of the front of the diaper confirmed that all was well. There was never a doubt about the Molicare that she was wearing. It was her preferred adult diaper of choice when she didn’t need to run thinner. For competitions should would utilize a pull-up type undergarment with an extra stuffer for an added protection without bulk.

The skirt was lowered as the bus began the trip to game. Despite the extra padding that gave her butt just enough roundness to be perfect in jeans, which she would a lot. There was no lack of confidence in her strut that sometimes came with an obvious but adorable waddle. Brown hair that flowed in waterfall curls just an inch below the shoulders complemented her few dimples exemplifying her face. Being a gymnast gave her an athletically toned body that she was extremely proud of and not the least bit fearful wearing bikinis on the beach. In fact, she enjoyed those moments the most because she didn’t wear her diapers when she wore a bathing suit. She may not always swim but when she did was was strategic and the twinge gave her ample time to evacuate the pool. The only true caution was not exerting herself to much swimming for fear of a stress induced leak.

“Hey MK, get anything good for Christmas?” an anonymous voice asked toward the rear of the bus.

She made no comment back to that voice. This was not a moment she enjoyed but at least she had confirmation that the video was indeed on YouTube. Claire had actually know the answer to that particular question as she had been the one to reveal the information to MK in the first place. MK had simply given up looking at the channel because she was simply not that interested in reliving moments that could define her in the eyes of her peers.

“Sorry. He posted it sometime last January.” Claire spoke with a comforting tone.

“I assumed he had. I’m no stranger to the infamy.” MK smiled to hide her discontent.

“What’s it like tumbling in them?” Claire wanted to change the subject but it was a question that had fascinated her for quite some time and if MK was going to be a in a mood it might as well be useful.

“Probably the same as it is for you not wearing them. You have to remember that I have been in diapers basically my entire life. I have simply adapted my tumbling style to the padding creating a small an unavoidable gap between my upper thighs.” MK had long had an answer prepared for a lot of questions that she got. She had considered making a blog just to provide a FAQ.

“Oh. I guess that makes sense.” Claire had never really pondered hard enough to create her own answer. It was a logical response. If you go through life knowing only a single way to accomplish a task you would not nothing different and it would seem completely normal.

MK pulled a water bottle from her bag and took a sip. The bottle was replaced next to a handful of diapers. In a normal game scenario she would go through 2 diapers from bus ride to bus ride including the one she was wearing. It really depended on the water intake and the amount of effort needed to go through the routine itself. Her biggest fear was a bowel movement in the middle of cheering which had actually happened to her twice. All indications was that tonight was going to be a normal evening.

MK - Chapter 2

The Game
The ride to the game was fairly short and extremely uneventful after the call out about the Christmas video. MK summoned the strength to shrug off the backhanded comment knowing that it was mostly in jest from one of her cheerleader cohorts. Pretty much everyone supported her at the high school turning her into a very popular person. Once she became a senior she would probably become the leader of the squad if she really wanted to be. It was one of those thoughts that rarely crossed her mind. She was ultimately fine just being one of the pretty faces within the crowd but could lead when needed. Her incontinence made her stronger as a person once she fully embraced it as a permanent part of her life toward the end of middle school.

Claire and MK made their way off the bus and into their makeshift locker room area just outside the gymnasium. Pre-game warmups got underway quickly as the game was set to start in 30 minutes. The bouncing of basketballs continually echoed throughout the hallways surrounding the gym. While she was stretching MK performed a subtle diaper check squeeze on herself to ensure everything was still good to go. The cheer captain gave her usual speech about how important they were to getting the visiting team’s fans to cheer on the road. A halftime show was not in their plans as only home teams made any such demonstrations. Her squad would however perform small routines during timeouts and the occasional back tuck for made free throw shots which seemed to be a tradition for teams in the state of Kentucky. It had never really made sense to MK but she was not one to buck the system too much.

After warm-ups were over Claire, MK and the rest of the visiting cheerleaders made their way to the position they would maintain for the duration of the game. Her boyfriend crossed her path on the way to his pre-game team pep-talk. The pair gingerly grazed hands and smiled dreamily at one another. She truly enjoyed his company and the subtle ways that he expressed his affection for her. He was not super handsy like most high school boys. He waited until she was ready to show affection including kissing. Neither was ready to make any type of step to a new level of intimacy but they both knew there virginity would be lost to one another. There was absolutely no rush. Afterall, they had been in a relationship since high school started and had flirted with one another years prior to that. In her heart, she felt that her was the one true love for her and the feeling was genuinely mutual. Maybe one day soon they could share an “I love you”. More importantly, she wanted him to mean it if he said it to her.

The envious look on Claire’s face spoke volumes. “Really?” MK was not going to apologize for being in love. This wasn’t even the public largest display of affection between the two lovebirds.

“Nothing. You’re allowed to enjoy a moment with your boyfriend.” Claire was simply jealous of what her cousin had. She was an attractive young lady in her own right but had fallen within the shadow of MK her entire life. In fact, there was a thought in Claire’s head that the only reason she had made the squad was the influence of her cousin.

While it could be said that MK was larger than life with her outgoing personality and natural beauty Claire had potential in her own right. “Does anyone on the team interest you? I can have JD check around for you.” A mild attempt at best to console her cousin’s envy.

“No. I’m fine.” Claire found it impossible to hide her true feelings from MK. She was basically an open book. “So how is…it?”

“Is what?” MK was not going to even attempt to guess what Claire was asking about hoping that the topic at hand was not about intimate moments.

“You know. Sex?” Claire whispered that last word.

“I have no idea. Still a virgin, remember?” MK was not sure whether to be insulted or embarrassed by the question. “Just because we’re dating doesn’t mean we’re just going at it like two animals.”

Claire smirked while MK sighed. It was the truth. While MK didn’t feel prepared for sex she was ready to try other forms of stimulation with this guy she loved. There were unanswered questions about how the diaper would come into play. JD knew about the padding but he had never seen more than the top sticking out over the waistband of her pants. MK may know she had the curves a lot of girls would kill for but she dressed modestly. Jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes. Nothing fancy or revealing. Absolutely no need for any extra attention in her life. She got enough of that as it is.

The gym was half packed for the game this evening. This was not uncommon until the postseason or for the smaller schools that seemed to contain more school spirit than the larger schools or cities with multiple high schools such as Lexington or Louisville. MK’s squad took their place along the baseline opposite the home team’s squad. A few of the cheerleaders sat on the hardwood just waiting for the game to begin. Many of the members of the squad were not interested in the sporting events and were solely interested in the actual cheerleading events. Claire and MK took their own seats on the floor and the padding made a nice cushion that in this single instance caused jealousy amongst her peers. However, none of them would trade this single comfort for the perceived malady.

The basketball game itself was pretty typical. Each team’s cheerleaders took turns during game giving cheers and during a timeout the visiting team gave a few small tumbling passes. MK, being the most fit and longest gymnast, was always one of the highlights. She took a runup performed her round off followed by two back handsprings and finishing with a backflip with a double twist. Landing was solid and even the home team fans gave a cheer. MK wasn’t done yet as she composed herself and gave another run up with few steps into a text book punch front flip into a round off a single back handspring and single pike backflip with a full twist. Most of the onlookers had never seen that particular move before. Another perfect landing and a brilliant smile from the very proud MK.

Unbeknownst to everyone else in the else MK felt a great deal of warmth inside her skirt. It took everything she had to not check for a leak while also trying not to waddle as the padding was swelling but luckily collecting her slowly releasing urine. She had not felt the normal twinge giving her any type of indication the leaking was going to begin. The Molicare was going to easily hold whatever she had in her at this time but a change would be needed at halftime to ensure there was no leaking. MK rejoined her cohorts on the baseline of the court. Many congratulations on the two passes she made on the court. Her coach certainly took notice and was clearly trying to mentally add some new tumbling to their competition routine. JD had taken a moment from the time out with his team to watch his girlfriend wow the crowd and gave her a mini applause once they met eyes. His smile melted her heart. She knew she was good but to have the support she was given simply a feeling that could not be replaced.

Both sets of cheerleaders took seats again as the players took the floor to continue the game. MK took her time and gingerly placed the padding upon the floor. The area of her body contacting the weight compressed diaper was warm. A few of the local boys had taken notice of her and she caught them staring. She pretended to readjust her positioning on the floor and poked the diaper with her thumb, ultra squishy. Meanwhile, a quick shooting foul on JD took place. The visiting cheerleaders stood up. If he made a free throw the front line who stood would complete a back tuck and quickly take a seat again. MK was in the front line. The shot was made effortlessly and the squad performed their back tuck. MK bent her knees almost as if to sit and pushed off the floor straight up and pulled her knees into her body to provide a smooth backward rotation for herself.

The back of her skirt flapped backward from the rotation and the curious boys who were giving her almost undivided attention noticed her large padded bottom. As quick as she went up she returned to the floor having completed a full rotation. Her rear padding giving away her wet secret as it gave an appearance of a small twerk as the soggy diaper sagged and returned to hugging her body as the tapes stayed fully secure. MK remained standing as her squad sat. JD made the second free throw and clapped a handful of times before becoming seated once again. She was proud of him. He was one of the stars of the team with a probable career in the sport. There was easily going to be a great college future for him as he had already signed a letter of intent for his favorite team, University of Kentucky Wildcats.

Halftime came quickly and a number of fans exited the gym for concessions. The home team’s dance team performed to the remaining fans while the cheerleaders vacated for a small break. The pair of cousins returned to their staging area to grab a protein bar and some water from MK’s bag. Once the bar was consumed MK excused herself taking a fresh diaper to the nearest restroom. All the stalls were taken and there was line of three girls ahead of MK who was holding her arms crossed attempting to conceal the diaper as much as possible. No one really paid much attention to her. Normally by this point after wetting the diaper would be mostly cool or cold but MK noted that she still felt warm. It was almost as if she was still dribbling which was not completely uncommon when she put strain on her body working out or tumbling. Two stall doors opened and the occupants changed with two girls ahead of MK.

Having no one to talk to the girl just ahead in line turned to see who was behind her. She saw the diaper in MK’s crossed arms but made no mention of it but MK knew a question was percolating. There was an awkward silence but not for the incontinent girl. MK was ready for the question as she had a prepared answer since she had heard it many times before. She was not truly that open and flagrant about displaying her diapers but she certainly was not going to cower and hide them.


MK was expecting an inquiry but this particular question caught her off guard, “It is.”

“Revol Repaid?”

“No, incontinent.”

“Cool. I know a guy who is a Revol and he loves those.”

MK nodded and smiled. What were the odds that someone would know the brand just by seeing it clutched against her chest? If this person before her attended the same school she might further engage in a discussion. Someone who did not give her special treatment could be considered a friend.

“What do you know about that Pine kid?”

“He’s my boyfriend,” MK didn’t like where this was going.

“Nice. He’s really good. Lucky girl.” a wink was giving as a stall door opened. The girl before MK turned and took the stall for herself.

It was not the girl’s fault. There was absolutely no way that she could have known and JD was a pretty amazing catch. MK found herself smiling just thinking about it. The handicap stall door opened and MK made a bee line. She lifted the skirt and lowered her cheerleader bloomers. The Molicare was drenched but not leaking. The top tapes on both sides were slowly removed to make as little sound as possible. MK peeked inside and saw that she was currently not wetting. Bottom tapes removed and she took a moment to sit on the toilet to pre-emptively void as much as she could before the fresh diaper was placed. Nothing came out and she decided she was safe enough to diaper up again.

Used diaper squeezed in between the handle and the wall to keep it off the floor. An open spot on the wall was used to hold the diaper against her back. Proper alignment and adjustments before the front of the diaper was brought up and secured by the tapes on both sides. Bloomers pulled up and used diaper wadded up keeping the inside part elevated to avoid leaks. MK opened the stall door and quickly threw the wet diaper in the nearest trash can. She washed her hands and gave a quick once over the mirror to ensure the diaper was not peeking out. Everyone in the restroom with her just thought she was primping which made this a good cover for the reality of the situation.

It was time to return the gym for the second half of the game.

Re: MK - Chapters 1-2

It’s alright. Well written enough but it doesn’t have much content. Very little happens. If you’re going somewhere with this story you might want to speed up a bit. The first chapter was a decent intro but chapter 2 feels pointless, only a few new things given to us compared to the length. Maybe the new girl will lead to a bigger story but if that’s what this chapter is here to establish there’s a lot of padding.

I think more character interactions can help, give it a break from the long descriptions.

Re: MK - Chapters 1-2

I took less issue with there not being much content and more issue with the fact that a significant portion of the potential content was just glossed over. Both chapters felt heavily introspective to me, which isn’t inherently bad, but as you pointed out, such a trait needs to be balanced out by things like interpersonal dialogue.

Still, this one’s caught my attention, at least. You don’t see a lot of new stories these days where the MC has been incontinent all their life… or at the very least, I haven’t seen a lot of them recently. Kind of refreshing yet also kind of nostalgic.

Re: MK - Chapters 1-2

I greatly appreciate the feedback. I tried to go outside what I normally see where MC starts wearing because of something that happened (although I do have a story for that). Currently writing a 2nd novel but have really wanted to write a story like this for a really long time. Was always afraid that writing a character like this might be looked down upon or even illegal.

Re: MK - Chapters 1-2

You won’t be looked down upon here (for writing this, at least). Although, laws can be tricky. Some places don’t legally discriminate between real and fictional children. MK seems to be 16, that’s legal in most places. You should be fine.

Re: MK - Chapters 1-3

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Latter Half
The 2nd half of the game was mostly uneventful from the aspect of the game itself and the cheerleaders. MK let someone else take a turn tumbling as she had noticed an increased interest from the stands. A few of the boys she noticed giving her ample amounts of attention after he tumbling session had gather a few more of their friends and were discussing something. Several of them pointed but both MK and Claire were unable to make out what was being said as the boys were clever enough to cover their mouths. It was then that MK’s heart sank. The girl from the bathroom was two rows back from the boys and she was saying a few words to them and a look of shock swept over their faces. The entire group made eye contact with MK who was internally mortified but returned her focus back to the cheering at hand.

Claire had caught the look from the stands in their general direction and had to know what MK knew about the situation, “Any idea what that was about?”

“Probably,” MK sighed.

“Details?” Claire was doubtful to let this drop anytime soon.

“The guys have been watching me all evening. I think they think they saw something interesting under the skirt. Or they just think I’m cute.” MK tried to turn the direction of the inquisitive conversation.

“OK, but what about the girl? That look on the boys faces was pretty memorable.”

“I met her briefly in the bathroom. She asked me if I was a Revol.” MK could have lied and Claire would have probably accepted it and moved on but there was no reason to lie to her cousin.

“Did you not hide the diaper?” Claire would have been mortified for someone to have seen a secret that large just openly paraded around. She would have hid the diaper well enough that spies would never find it.

“Why bother? It’s not my problem if someone else has a weird stigma placed around it.” MK was matter of fact. She had no stigma around incontinence and certainly didn’t care for anyone that placed any awkwardness around something that simply could not be helped.

“Not everyone is as open about the subject as you are. Obviously, she knows a bit about the culture for that codeword to have been uttered.”

“You have a point. She also wanted to know the details on JD.”

“Oh, and she knows he’s yours?” Claire found this conversation taking a weird turn for the worst.

“I did. No harm. No foul.” MK was oddly proud of herself for turning a basketball reference so easily.

Just after the quip the buzzer sounded and the game was over. MK made a final look into the stands where she herself had a new fandom. Nothing additional was thought about it as the girls collected their belongings from the gym and their staging area and rushed to the bus. Most of the other girls followed and and a quick headcount the bus was headed back to the visiting high school. Stephanie, a fellow squad member who rarely interacted with MK outside the normal pleasantries sat in the seat in front of MK.

“Heard you made quite an impression today,” Stephanie spoke to the surprise of MK and Claire.

“Meaning?” MK had no idea where this was going.

“I have a few friends at the school we played tonight. His older brother is a trainer for the US Gymnastic team. Apparently my friend live streamed the entire game and his brother caught your tumbling passes. Thought you were pretty amazing.”

MK took more interest in the conversation that she had planned. “And?”

“I was asked to get your digits to him to discuss a tryout.”

“Really?” MK tried to keep in mind the source of information and contain her excitement.

“Yep, wanted to check and see if you would be OK with that.”

“Of course!” MK tried to remain calm though her statement failed her in that regard.

Stephanie wasted no time texting MK’s phone number to her friend. “Should get a call tomorrow to discuss. Best of luck.”

“Thanks. Could be interesting.” MK smiled from ear to ear as she and her cousin exchanged grinny glances with each other.

“Might want to find a thinner diaper though,” Stephanie cut into MK’s joy as she held up her phone to show the video of MK’s tumbling. The soaked diaper was painfully obvious as MK forcefully flipped around the middle of the gymnasium including the small waddle to return to her spot in the lineup.

“Good advice,” MK slunk down in her seat wondering if this “friend’s brother” was real at all of if this was some kind of mind game.

Claire said nothing but gave Stephanie glaring death stare for her efforts.

Stephanie was going to continue the conversation until Claire gave her that particular look. Instead the phone was lowered and the girl sitting in front of Claire and MK turned her eyes forward and ended their discussion. The bus ride home for the pair was quiet. Neither had any words for the small incident and any thoughts were drowned out by the loud voices of the other occupants on the bud with them.

The high school parking lot was in view after what seemed like a much shorter ride that earlier this afternoon. Once the bus stopped the cheerleaders completed a mass exodus in almost record time. Claire’s mom was waiting to pick the girls up. They waved at her car as they entered the school to change into their street clothes before making the ride home. A quick change of both girls and they headed to the car. MK was wearing a blue t shirt with grey sweats, her normal comfort clothes after a game, while Claire was wearing the same black shirt from earlier in the day with grey yoga pants. Both were wearing their normal sneakers.

JD was quite stealthy as he came up behind MK and squeezed her padded behind causing her to turn around and be swept into his arms for a kiss. "How’s my girl? He inquired after the kiss had ended

“Better now.” She smiled. It felt good to be in his arms right now.

“Got a ride?” JD hoped that she would come with him but right after asking her saw MK’s niece parked about 10 feet away.

“Yeah. Talk to you tomorrow?”

“Of course,” JD wasted no time replying or giving her another kiss. He watched his girlfriend walk away. He truly loved her waddle and guessed she might have been a little wet from the feeling of the diaper when he squeezed.

“Good game tonight?” Claire’s mom asked of the girls as they took their respective seats in the back of the SUV.

“We won,” Claire spoke knowing that MK was most likely going to sit in silence for the ride home.

“I heard some of the other parents talking before your bus arrived. Apparently someone tumbled out of their mind tonight?”

“It was pretty amazing, mom. There might have even been a scout from the US Gymnastics team in the audience.” Claire couldn’t help but think Stephanie was being honest despite how it came across. MK shot her a nasty look that Claire’s mom noticed right away in the rear view mirror.

“What was that?”

Neither girl said anything in response.

“No. No. What was that look MK?” Claire’s mom was not going to let that kind of look at just go away without inquiry.

“I think it was made up.” MK spoke and it was obvious that she was quite unhappy.

“How so?” Claire’s mom continued to make periodic glances in the rear view mirror on the way home.

“I was shown a video of the tumbling and I think it was a goof on me.” MK never looked up as she talked and stared as the bulge between her legs.

Claire’s mom was unable to see what her niece was staring at but her guess was probably correct. “Maybe it had nothing to do with anything other than you skill level. Did you get an explanation?”

“No,” MK, unseen by Clare’s mom but in full view of Clare, poked the padding with discontent.

Before any more words could be spoken MK’s cell phone buzzed in her pocket. She initially ignored it until prompted by her aunt to check and see if her parents were trying to talk to her. The phone was pulled out and the number associated with the text message was unknown. The message itself seemed genuine. “Evening MK, my apologies if your friend made an impression that this was not a legit opportunity. My name is Darren and I would like to have you try out for Women’s Gymnastics. Feel free to call me or text me back if you are interested.”

MK was going to keep her hopes down until this was far more concrete. Claire and her mom were far more excitable about the message and were obviously hoping for the best. MK chose not to text back and wanted to sleep on what would be the best reply back. More than likely this was going to be a yes mainly to test the waters. She was working through her mind what the best way to confirm this being legit was going to be. In the back of her mind this was just a prank by the boys ogling her in the gym during the game.

Chapter 4

Another Day
MK awoke the next morning cold and soaked in her own urine. Her diaper had basically given up at some point in the evening and each wetting that occurred past that point discovered a way to her pajamas and bed sheets. Luckily, since she was incontinent she was prepared with bed protectors under her sheets. It still meant laundry but it also meant no real damage was done other than her time to launder clothes and sheets. This was her way of punishing herself for something that wasn’t even her fault.

When she arrived home last night she consumed more liquid than normal and did not change her diaper before bed like normal ensuring the morning would be just as it was this moment. There was even a moment last night she considered going diaperless to bed. What was she so mad at herself about? She had tumbled almost out of her mind on a hardwood floor and possibly got recognized for it. Then again, she could not shake the fact that it could have been a hoax. As she lay there this fine Friday morning she felt the twinge but was not feeling up to anything other than laying in her already drenched by. As she started to felt the slight leak take place she tensed her muscles up to see if she could stop the flow.

Oddly enough the leaking did stop for a second or two but her attempts were no match for her incontinence and the trickle restarted again until it was basically a full flow. This was her first urination of the morning after all. The swollen diaper was simply not absorbing anything new and it was pooling the urine in the diaper funneling down her back and finally meeting the sheets. After what felt like minutes she felt herself no longer peeing and sat up. The pool of urine was warm and felt interesting against her body. This did occasionally happen when she was not paying attention to the saturation of the diaper but it was still an awkward feeling.

MK stood as best she could and waddled her way to her bathroom and proceeded to slowly and carefully remove the diaper. She tilted it sideways above the toilet to drain the excess then wadded it up and stuck in her diaper pail. The wet pajamas went into the clothes hopper. She walked back to her room naked to collect the sheets and place them in washing machine before venturing back to the bathroom to take a much needed shower. No fear of anyone catching her as she heard her family already downstairs preparing for the day. Warm, but most importantly clean, water felt nice and MK took extra care to wash the areas that made obvious contact with urine to prevent any diaper rash from forming.

A quick dry with the towel and the decision of what to wear was upon her. Pullups or diapers? How lucky did she feel today. She thought about the classes she had and if any of the teachers were prone to not letting her leave upon need to use the restroom. Seemed like a safe day for pullups and tight jeans. It had been a week or so since she wore something other than a diaper and it felt nice but also the fear of leaking was somewhat of a turn-on for her. Several additional pairs and an emergency diaper were placed in her bag as she searched for her favorite pair of jeans. They slid up and fastened nicely around her figure. She admired her butt in the mirror. These jeans made her extremely happy as they made her feel mostly normal. They would not fit correctly over her Molicares so she wore them so little these days.

MK joined her family downstairs for breakfast. Her mother taking notice in the clothing choice. “Is that a good choice?”

“I need this today,” MK replied while scarfing her food down. JD would be by to pick her up for school any minute now and she wanted every available second with him.

“Is this about last night?” MK’s mother prodded a bit further. It was not that there was a lack of trust in judgement for her daughter. She just wanted to ensure there was no embarrassment upcoming today.

MK sighed. Who had told her mom? “No. I just want to feel normal today.”

MK’s mother and father both made no additional comments as a knock came at the front door. MK finished her food, grabbed her bag, and ran to the front door. JD was awaiting her on the other side. He waved at his girlfriend’s parents as she rushed them out to his car. JD was a true gentleman and opened the door for the girl he adored. He too made notice of the less padded bottom of his girlfriend up to the point of sneaking a quick grab. He shut her door and made his way to his door. The drive to school began.

“Is this?” JD couldn’t even finish his sentence as MK reached over and gave him an affectionate kiss.

“Not you too OK?” MK gave her best puppy dog eyes to sell the point.

“If you’re happy. I’m happy.” JD smiled.

“Are your parents home tonight?”

“Probably not,” JD smiled.

“Maybe we could swing by your place after school and hang out,” MK was feeling strangely different today. Happier than normal. She knew it was the pants and JD, her teenage boyfriend, was not going to reject anything she wanted to do alone.

“It’s a date,” JD continued smiling. “Am I allowed to ogle you today?” He laughed but MK gave a sexy nod of the head in approval. They had a connection on an emotional level and she wanted him looking at nobody but her. He more than obliged.

MK noticed his arousal and internally smiled. She herself felt a dampness that definitely wasn’t urine. Maybe this was her arousal? Being a virgin did make moments like this awkward as she had no real clue what any of this type of thing felt like. She had watched Magic Mike during the summer at a friend’s pool party. At the time she was wearing just a bikini and chalked up the wetness sensation to an minor accident. Thinking back she was probably wrong. It was also hard to tell the difference in her heartbeat and breathing pattern as she felt butterflies around JD despite having really been in love with him quite some time.

JD parked the car in his spot within the high school lot. They were early but they spent the time holding hands and watching the other students pass by. Normally they would sit longer but MK motioned that she would need to go in earlier than normal. She pulled the waistband on her jeans exposing the pull-ups.

“Adult or kid?” JD really had no clue about any of this but knew that once MK was comfortable he would be brought into her world.

“Adult.” MK tried to remind herself that he honestly didn’t know and was trying to learn for her.

They exited the vehicle and made their way to the front door. MK headed straight for the restroom and JD enjoy the view of her perfect butt in those jeans. “So far so good,” MK smiled as she emerged from the bathroom. JD wrapped his fingers around hers and they headed to their first class of the day holding hands.

First period came and went. The pair had managed to make their class schedules identical blowing off the normal easy classes for athletes of their caliber. Both MK and JD were required to meet a minimum grade level and even though they both took advanced classes they were consistently receiving high scoring marks. Classes were 55 minutes allowing 5 minutes between for students to access lockers and use the restroom. Leaving the classroom during class time was highly frowned upon but a few teachers took pity on their students and we’re not sticklers for those rules as long as there was no abuse.

The second class of the day was when the first twinge would occur. It was also the easiest teacher to convince to leave for the restroom as needed on non-diaper days. A substitute teacher walked into and pointed out an assignment written on the board. This particular sub was notorious for keeping people in their seats for the full duration in the class. He was a nice person but he took the rules of the school system extremely seriously. Earlier this year a girl had asked to use the restroom and his exact response had been “I hope you wore a pampers.” MK had been in that classroom on that occasion and everyone who knew about her condition had given her a look after the comment. The girl had even asked MK for protection jokingly.

As MK was reading the assigned material the twinge hit her as she had reluctantly anticipated. Her hand went up to make the request. “May I use the restroom? This is an emergency.”

“There was time before class,” simple response from the sub.

“This cannot be helped,” MK walked up to the teacher’s desk in the front of the room and whispered the next sentence, “I’m incontinent.”

“Rules are rules. Hope you are wearing pampers.”

MK almost pulled the waistband out to show her protection but stayed away from that tactic. Her sad eyes were not enough to get him to make a change of opinion. She sulked back to her desk. Tears welling up in her eyes as she plopped down in her chair. JD reached across the aisle seeing the distress in her eyes. She squeezed his hand tightly. Now was not a time to give her an “I told you so” but he was honestly unsure why she would have risked this exact moment no matter how she was feeling about herself.

The dribbles started. If she could somehow maintain this slow drip pace the pull-up would easily hold. She squeezed JD’s hand tighter as the dribbles grew to a small stream. She clenched her muscles as much as she could and for good measure shoved her hand between her crossed legs. Nothing really helped. This was going to happen. JD looked her in the eyes throughout the whole ordeal trying to make her feel better. During the entire ordeal of MK wetting herself JD saw something in her eyes he had never seen before. It was not fear as best he could tell. It was something else. She had absolutely no control over this aspect of her life and while he knew she peed herself basically at will this was the first time he had been witness to her trying to not wet herself. Luckily, no one could hear her urine streaming into the pullup which was definitely a plus.

As everything subsided she released his hand and without subtlety checking the front and back of her pants for dampness. Her expression made it obvious to JD that she found it. It felt like eternity but the sensation finally passed and she tried to return to her assignment as best as she could. It was completed just moment before the bell rang to signal the class change.

MK waited for the classmates behind her to leave and slowly stood up. JD saw the telltale sign of diaper leakage on her jeans. Her normal diaper would still absorb everything even under the compression of her weight seated. Two quarter size dark spots on both sides of where he assumed the undergarment ended, two very strange spots for a girl to show a wetting stain. Due to the garment swelling MK performed her trademark waddle to change hoping to forgo any additional leakage issues. JD walked behind her all the way to the bathroom to conceal the damage and for her to change. He was saddened by her embarrassment but he did get a good view from behind her the entire time between classes. That waddle made him happy.

“Better?” JD made an honest inquiry of his girlfriend.

“I think I need a new brand,” MK hugged JD. “Thanks for being a good boyfriend.”

“I wish I could have done more.”

MK released him and gave him a view of her butt, “You could keep walking behind me to hide these.”

“Deal.” JD smiled and motioned for her to lead the way to next class.

Lunch came and the stains were no longer as noticeable but there was a small outline that one could make out if they were truly looking for it. MK was taking no chances on a repeat and utilized the time between classes, the start and end of lunch to void. Claire caught up with the pair sitting at their usual popular kids table. She asked the question burning in her mind, “Hear anything else about the tryout?”

“No. It was probably a sick prank.” MK was not in a mood to rehash the events of yesterday.

“I heard the video is on YouTube. No focus on anything but your skill level.” MK worked to spin the narrative in a positive light.

“Can we not talk about the video?” MK was not going to ask again.

“Sure. Anything exciting happen today?” Claire asked the question randomly so it had no bearing on knowledge about the wetting from earlier today.

“I wet myself in class.” MK was forthright with the horrible details.

“And?” Claire did not understand the significance given the conditions that MK lived under.

MK stood and modeled the lack of a largely padded bottom.

“Oh. What made you,” Claire trailed off after seeing a signal from JD to stop talking.

“I wanted to feel normal today.” MK hated to defend herself but after she leaked into her jeans she felt as though there would be no vindication for herself.

“OK. Hopefully it’s the only time.” Claire smiled awkwardly.

JD and MK met eyes and exchanged a strange facial expression before looking down at their respective meals and ate.

There were no further accidents for the remainder of the school day.

Re: MK - Chapters 1-4

Not gonna go super in depth, too tired for that. It may be almost eleven in the morning, but I’ve been awake since around seven last night.

The ending felt rushed. As in, massively rushed. The sheer dialogue to description disparity in the last scene was unreal.

That’s all from me. Maybe I’ll say something more tonight, after I wake up.

Re: MK - Chapters 1-5

I appreciate the feedback. I apologize for the rushed pace of the last chapter. I was hoping it could go a little longer but it didn’t and I decided to cut losses before it rambled on. Chapter 5 was written directly with Chapter 4 so if it feels similar in pace that would be why. I am working on Chapter 6 now and will take into account needing more descriptions and getting back to what got me the first 1000 views :slight_smile:

Afternoon Delight
The final bell of the day rang and both JD and MK were free to do as they please. It was rare that both of them had days off from a practice or game. They made their way to JD’s car and just like every single time they came to a door her opened it for her. MK took her seat and JD rushed to his side of the car to start the drive to his home. He had no idea what MK was going to allow but she had never asked about the whereabouts of his parents. There were ideas forming about the possibilities.

“Home?” JD wanted explicit confirmation.

“Yours,” MK beamed.

“Next stop, casa de Pine.”

Traffic was always miserable at this time of night but JD knew a lot of backroads to his home to maximize their time alone. 15 minutes later the car pulled into the driveway. JD jumped out and before he could open MK’s door she was up and out of the car. Just another rarity of the day as she could fend for herself but she knew that these small gestures of adoration toward her meant the world to him. The door to the house was entered by the pair who made their way without hesitation to JD’s room in the basement. He could have had a room anywhere in the house but the master but he chose the room farthest from his parents and they left him alone for the most part.

The backpacks were thrown to the floor and JD assumed the role of host, “Anything to drink? Eat?” MK declined both and used a single finger to provide a come hither motion to her boyfriend. They began making out. MK took a seat on the bed and lip locked JD joined her. After a decent amount of time passed she pulled away to a confused look on JD’s face. She gave him the shh motion and stood up to look for a song on his desktop PC that was connected to some high ends speakers. The song of choice? Greenlight by Pitbull. During the speaking opening on the YouTube video MK bent over allowing for the outline of the slightly damp pullup to be visible. She wiggled her butt a little bit as the opening beat picked up.

MK bobbed her head around to the rhythm of the song before beginning to wriggle around in a sexy circle motion with her body. Three revolutions turned her back to JD. She wiggled her upper body and turned her back on him again. Bending over and bunny hopping backward until she was able to sit in his lap. Even through the pullup she could feel his arousal. She wiggled her bottom a bit on it just to tease him a bit. JD slid her off onto the bed and decided to put on his own sexy dance for his friend as a method of foreplay. Song of choice? Pony by Ginuwine. He had watched Magic Mike with her once and knew that reenacting part of the club scene would be a huge turnon for her.

The song hit immediately and she let out a squeal. He stepped back and forth moving ever so slightly forward. The neck of the shirt was gentle pulled up revealing the lower part of his six pack abs. He lowered it again before lifting his shirt off in a quick and singular movement. A few more moves he picked up from the movie before he walked over to MK and pushed her backward on the bed. He mounted her and simulated humping her. She felt his stomach and felt the same moistness she experienced from the movie. She had never been this turned on before in her life. JD made his most presumptuous move ever on a girl by squeezing the crotch area of MK’s jeans. She fought the urge to push him off. This is what she wanted and while surprised she was incredibly happy he was taking an initiative.

JD noticed the lack of stopping him and took his exploration to a new level as did MK. He slid his hands down the front of her pants outside the pullup and applied some pressure until her heard MK moan with pleasure. Once he found the spot he made little circles over and over again. MK felt every crevasse of his abs making her way down and inside his pants under his underwear. She found his fully erect member and a little bit of some sticky substance.

“Someone is excited,” MK giggled.

“Very,” JD leaned in for a passionate kiss.

His hands decided to go a step father and ventured inside her pullup. She hesitated for a moment. “You know I could wet myself right?”

“Isn’t that what the padding is for?” JD answered with a logical answer before tiptoeing his fingers to the outer edges of her vagina.

She was moist. She was moist to the point she was convinced she peed a little but she remembered the sex-ed video. That wasn’t urine. He slid a single finger inside. MK moaned. This was a new feeling for both of them. She gently slid her hand up and down on his dry shaft. He winced. MK looked around for a lubricant. Nothing. Taking matters into her own hands she spit on her hand and returned. Wasn’t perfect but it did help. A few pumps later he was ready to blow. He stopped fingering her for a moment as he tried to hold back but it was past the point of no return for JD’s first ever orgasm.

MK felt his hips thrust forward and a look of pleasure sweep across her boyfriend’s face. This was followed by an extremely warm liquid like substance shooting onto her hand petting him under his pants. 10 pumps later he was done shooting a load and he motioned that she could stop. He was in euphoria right now. His head was swimming but he did not want to leave his love without pleasure and began sliding his finger in and out of her. She felt the twinge and became concerned.

“Pull your hand I need to pee,” MK was moaning with pleasure as she spoke and tried to help him pull his hand out.

“Not stopping till you cum. Accident or no.” JD stayed focus on giving MK and orgasm.

JD felt the dribbling begin. This was going to be the first time he got to experience the incontinence with her. As he continued the dribble peaked into a stream. MK tried to not focus on the urination and once she did she came hard bucking her hips wildly. The spurts increased and decreased in rhythm to her orgasmic contractions. He could even feel her vagina softly squeeze his finger as he continued until she was spent. His hand slid out covered in urine. The gap created between her body and the pullup allowed for some urine leakage into her jeans. Neither cared right there. They kissed and got up to clean themselves.

JD changed underwear and into his workout shorts while MK changed her pullup and assessed the damage done to her jeans. Another dark spot directly between her legs. She sighed. It was worth it though. Most amazing feeling of her life. She couldn’t wait to have sex with JD someday. It was remarkable. They changed in front of each other and neither had noticed to watch the other. They were so comfortable that it wasn’t weird or awkward. While MK was finishing up zipping her jeans JD picked her up and fell to the bed with her to spoon. JD had always been fond of cuddling with MK but after the mutual masturbation session he felt closer than ever and wanted to feel her in his arms.

MK rolled back to face JD. The pair locked eyes and JD was the first to close his and just enjoy the moment. MK saw the appreciation in this moment and her heart fluttered. JD massaged her back giving her goosebumps. His had wandered to her butt that he squeezed. The sense that nothing was off-limits in private was obvious.

“Do you like the diapers?” MK posed a thoughtful question.

“It is part of who you are and I would not change a single thing about you,” JD gave what seemed to be a safe answer to a poignant question.

“And what if they were not part of me?”

“I would still love you, MK,” JD threw it out there, “I love you, MK. Diapers or not.”

MK was speechless. She always wondered who would be the first to say those three words aloud first. The timing was awkward but at the same time perfect. “I love you too, JD.” The embraced tightened as they both hugged more intensely for a moment. “Are you still erect?” MK could feel it as hugged him.

“It left and came back as we started hugging,” JD was not that surprised. His girlfriend was really attractive, he was holding her and he was a teenage boy after all.

“Round two?” MK made the offer.


“Can you handle it?” MK did not want to force him.

“Of course,” JD gave a big smile.

MK leaned backward pulled condoms from JD’s night stand. His father had actually set them aside one night and explained about waiting and being sure but that the most important thing was being smart and using protection. JD was shocked. He did not expect her to pull those out. She gave him a deep kiss before ripping the box open, sliding down his pants and slipping a condom on carefully examining that it was on correctly. JD wasted no time unzipping her jeans. MK slid her pullup aside allowing him to see her vagina for the first time ever. A few seconds allowed to view and then she pulled him in close and let his penis slide inside her. It was a strange feeling for both of them. They were officially no longer virgins.

JD thrust his hips back and forth. It felt amazing. He had always heard about the condom deadening the sensation. If that was true he was really curious to learn what unprotected sex felt like. JD was unsure if he could go again so quickly but he was not going to turn down the loss of virginity to MK, who up to this point in life was the absolute love of his life. The thrusting continued and eventually pushed MK over the edge. She spasmed a bit and JD felt her vagina clenching ever so softly as she came. Her face was adorable as she climaxed. He hoped to remember that face for the rest of his life.

MK’s moaning sent JD over the edge himself but he had concerns and started to pull out. MK sensed his hesitancy and asked him why. “What if the condom has a tear?”

“Trust me.” MK had no reason to believe that would work and clung to him so he could not pull out.

JD reluctantly kept thrusting as he felt the point of no return closing in for him. The moment came. JD felt himself shooting a load seemingly into MK hoping the condom was catching every last bit of it. It was fantastic. MK watched him and sat up enough to kiss him. The last few pumps were almost as intense as the first with her kiss. Once he felt no more pleasure he immediately pulled himself out carefully keeping the condom attached to him preventing any semen from getting into MK. Both of them stared at the condom. It had collected every drop as was intended. The pair cuddled together still feeling the afterglow. MK jumped up from the bed. JD heard a stream hitting water in the toilet a few seconds later.

“Almost made it!” MK yelled from the bathroom.

JD took the condom off and ventured to the bathroom to wash his hands and check on MK. MK was finishing up as he entered. He could see the padding inside the pullup was slightly yellow. He agreed that she almost made it. He knew that she could make it if she gave up just about anything else she was doing but it was not worth it if she had to solely focus on that special twinge that she got. She had recently confided in him that recently that the twinge was becoming less noticeable and occasionally there is no feeling at all. Still didn’t change how he felt about her.

MK pulled up the undergarment and fastened her jeans. This caused JD to ask a question, “Not going to change the pullup?”

“No. Not that wet.” MK was starting to get used to him asking questions to understand.

“But won’t it leak if you have a full accident?”

“A full accident will most likely leak even on a fully dry pullup.” MK kissed JD and washed her hands. He did the same and they returned to his room.

“Useful information. Back to cuddling?” JD took MK’s hand and they return to the bed to spoon once again. “Why don’t you put on a diaper? Isn’t the running back and forth annoying?”

“It can be. Today I just want to feel sexy.” MK spoke in earnest.

“You certainly are,” JD squeezed the rear of her jeans. “Either way.” He gave her a tight back hug.

“Does giving it up make you think different of me?” MK was not ashamed but she wanted confirmation that he would still respect her.

“Absolutely not. We could have gone to our wedding night virgins and I would still adore you as much as I did this morning.” JD meant what he said.

“Wedding night?” MK just wanted to hear him say it again.

“Yep. Hopefully this opens a new level of intimacy for us. Often.” JD winked but realized that when spooning she couldn’t see his facial expression.

“Oh? What if we don’t?”

“That’s OK too,” JD gave her another tight hug to reassure her.

MK rolled over to see his face. She yawned. He yawned. This could not get much more perfect. JD and MK were thinking the same thing but JD was the first to mention it.

“Please don’t wet my bed if we nap.” JD was half joking half serious.

“Do you want to change me?” MK made her best impression of a young girl for a split second.

JD gave no verbal answer. He just smiled as he yawned. The pair drifted to sleep in each other’s arms. 30 minutes later a knock on his bedroom door. His dad woke them for dinner. JD waved acknowledging the request. Once his dad could be heard returning up the stairs JD did a wetness check on MK by placing his hand on the front of her jeans. He could feel a minor stream but not wetness.

“MK, wake up.” JD spoke gently and MK opened her eyes.

MK immediately recognized the feeling and gently sat up while picking herself off the bed. Compression with weight could cause a leak. She made her way to the bathroom to finish up but the pullup was barely under the point of leaking. After calling for a new undergarment she wiped, fastened her pants and washed her hands. This was her final pullup. The next accident of the day put her back in diapers again.

It was time for dinner.

Chapter 6

When the pair of teens got to the dinner table meatloaf with green beans and mashed potatoes awaited them. JD’s mother was an excellent cook and stayed within his dietary needs for athletes. It was not uncommon for MK to eat dinner with JD’s family and vice versa. Both sets of parents had gotten used to it over the years as well as not having them home for dinner given their respective after school sporting events.

“Any big plans for the evening?” JD’s mother started the dinner conversation with her normal opening question.

“Probably not. Days off are so few and far between. Plan to just watch a movie at home tonight.” Quick and simple answer from JD.

“What movie?”

“Whatever is new on Netflix. Maybe something we missed in theaters.”

“Sounds like a solid evening,” JD’s father chimed in partly in jest. He knew how hard his son and his girlfriend worked to stay in top shape. There was no reason to begrudge them a relaxing evening at home to start the weekend off right.

The remainder of dinner was normal family small talk. JD and MK ate somewhat quickly, thanked his mother and headed back downstairs to enjoy the rest of their evening together. There was quick agreement that they were going to watch Zootopia. It was a film they had wanted to see in theaters but their schedules never synced up during its run in the cineplex. Now seemed like the perfect time to cuddle on the couch and just veg.

Judy and Nick had an uninterrupted adventure as the pair of teens snuggled on the couch never saying a word. They may have enjoyed each other physically earlier but it was never going to define their relationship and that made MK feel truly safe in her boyfriend’s arms. As the final credits rolled MK stretched a bit releasing JD’s arm for a moment. The clock on the wall signaled it was time to head home for MK. She stood and her pullup was visibly sagging in her jeans. JD gave her butt a quick pat to confirm. The couch had no signs of a stain so MK had either not leaked or leaked early enough in the movie that everything had dried.

“I could have paused the movie,” JD was not mad. He was solely thinking about her well being. There was no way that sitting in urine for any length of time could be comfortable.

“I enjoyed being in your arms. I’d have cleaned up if I had to not to lose that moment until I had to.”

“I enjoyed having you in my arms.”

“Need to diaper up and then we take me home,” MK took his hand and led him to his room shutting the door most of the way. The diaper was pulled from her bag and handed to a puzzled JD. “Time to learn.” MK gave him a wink as she laid on the bed.

The young boyfriend slowly undid her jeans button and zipper and slid them down just above her knees exposing the swollen pullup. He wasn’t sure if this was a third round of intimacy or if she was really just wanting a diaper change. Either way, he wasn’t complaining. MK had her hands behind her head to prop it up just enough to watch his facial expressions. Having not wore a pullup since he was a child JD was not really sure how these things functioned. He found the sides look to be tearaway and pulled them apart one at a time. The front of the garment was pulled forward revealing MK’s genitals. This was somewhat erotic.

Upon a closer review there was a small dribble happening. It stopped after a few seconds and JD dabbed her vagina gingerly to make sure she was completely dry. She cooed a little. This was huge for both of them and she was trying to enjoy the moment as best she could. It was more than obvious that he was.

“Wanna go before I tape up?”

“That’s what the dip is for,” MK gave him a sly glance.

“Dip?” JD assumed it meant diaper.

“That which you hold in your hand.” MK lifted her hips to allow him to slide the pullup out and the diaper under her.

JD realized what she was doing and quickly made the switch. He took a final look at her fully vulnerable to him. The diaper was gently taped up on both sides. It actually took more than one attempt as MK explained to him that it needed to be somewhat tight to do the job correctly. She loved teaching him more about his world and he wanted more than anything to be as knowledgeable as she was. He found the more her knew the more he could help her in the journey and more importantly the more they could use it in their relationship going forward. Her availability for the physical world meant he could use the diapers in their play as often as she would let him. Google had been his friend for the most part but he rarely showed the length of his knowledge for fear she might think he was being pervy. Those days were probably behind him.

The jeans were secured around her waist and JD helped her to her feet. MK gave him props, “Good job, boyfriend.” She followed it up with a kiss and a slow spin around for him to admire his work. The diaper really did push the limits of the jeans and was beyond noticeable.

“Shall we meet your curfew, girlfriend?” JD certainly wouldn’t have minded missing it. He was of the utmost respect for her parents rules in that regard and had never broken it without a fair warning to the parents for special occasions.

MK grabbed her stuff and went out to the garage but before she could get to JD’s car her called her over to his dad’s Tesla. “Really?” MK inquired.

“Yep. It’s ours for the trip tonight.” JD beamed. He loved this car and his father let him drive it small distances such as the routine drive to return MK home.

MK did not live that far away but to make the walk would require more time and the pair preferred spending the time cuddling in his basement than walking at night through the Andover neighborhood. The neighborhood itself was extremely safe housing the more prominent members of the Lexington’s elite families. It was the time that the two lovebirds cared about most.

“You’ve been performing gymnastics for a while now right?”

“You know I have,” MK spoke with a duh type of accent.

“I’m curious. What was your most embarrassing moment?”

MK had no idea why this was being asked of her unless he had heard something and wanted elaboration. She had a storied queued up for this as it was what most likely cemented her desire for diapers over pads or pullups.

"I had an instructor who absolutely despised anything but uniformity. This included my special clothing needs. Pads really didn’t work for full-on wetting so I just went bare like everyone else on the squad. The moment I think you’re looking for was at a competition.

MK ran to the bathroom knowing she had to perform within minutes. Nothing came out. She tried hard not to panic as she was being called by her coach that they needed her immediately. A hesitant 10 year old girl emerged from the restroom and joined her coach on the path to the floor exercise.

“Focus. Nail the final pass and we have this in the bag!” A fiercely worded pep-talk of sorts from the coach.

MK’s name came across the speakers. She took her place in the near corner ready to begin. Her opening pass was one of the hardest passes among the entire field. Roundoff, 2 back handsprings, double whip back, single back handspring and finishing with a double back tuck with 2 twists. Nailed it with a solid landing as the twinge hit her. There was too much of a routine left for her to finish before the inevitable outcome of being without an absorbent garment.

A few of the more minor maneuvers before her next tumbling pass. The small dribbles started. Her white leotard was going to give the audience a full view of incontinence today. She stayed focus knowing that only her routine would matter to the judges. She could not cost her team by being angry with the coach or feeling an ounce of embarrassment and stumbling a move. Her next pass started. Running punch front flip step out into a roundoff back handspring, double back tuck, 2 back handspring, arabian into 3 back handsprings the other direction and finishing up with triple back flip. Perfectly executed all around. This pass was absolutely unheard of for a 10 year old girl who was now leaking urine and the front of the leotard withheld nothing. Two small streams began forming down her legs.

A few deep breaths as she mentally prepared for the final pass. All eyes on her and many of those seated in the stands were here to watch her finale. It was not a traditional tumbling pass as she turned herself in the corner to face the crowd rather than the tumbling floor. 4 back handsprings put her in the middle of the floor. Without hesitation she performed a front handspring into a front flip with 1.5 twist into another front handspring step out followed by a roundoff. 3 back handsprings followed by a double back layout with 4 twists. This would be the embarrassing moment that JD had heard mentioned.

MK’s bladder became compressed as she utilized every single muscle in her body to make the final move work properly. As she started the first rotation the stream shot through her leotard. Each spin sprayed the surrounding area with a stream of urine. It was visible to most everyone. MK landed the final pass just as the previous. Flawlessly. The crowd was shocked by what they saw as the urine was trickling down MK’s leg and pooling on the mat. She saw the damage she had done to the tumbling area but never dropped her smile. The crowd still went nuts with a standing ovation. It was the best tumbling that they had ever seen.

“We won the meet and my teammates were incredible and supportive. That coach was a bastard. He was proud of himself for winning with our talent which I owe him for pushing me but in the end I dropped out after that meet. I begged for an exception to his uniformity rule. He declined and he never won another meet when I left.” MK had a misty eye for a moment.

JD felt a little bad for asking but he had been curious and they were extremely honest with each other on just about every topic. “I’m sorry I asked, MK.”

“No. It’s ok. I got a neat nickname from it,” MK giggled a bit. She owned the respect of the entire facility that day and she never forgot it. “Sprinkler.”

JD burst out laughing as the pulled into the driveway of MK’s home. “Sorry but that is awesome. I love you my little sprinkler.” JD leaned in for a kiss. MK was not feeling the nickname at first but she knew that he meant it in an affectionate way and obliged a kiss back.

“I almost gave up on gymnastics and ultimately cheerleading,” MK still did not enjoy that moment in her life.

“But that tumbling pass is stuff of legend. A 10 year old girl doing those things is just unbelievable. I’m glad you stayed with it. You are really good at it. Can’t wait to see how you do on the national team tryout.” JD was more sincere than he had ever been. He believed in this try out being legit and even if it was not he was going to try and figure out a way to make it happen for her.

Re: MK - Chapters 1-6 (Updated 12/27)

I would like to read more :slight_smile: