Missing you so bad..

So the one thing that really drew me to this site was the awesome stories.
I mean seriously:
-love to read
-I like diapers

Combine the two and BAM! I am a happy person.

But there is one author whose lack of new stories is making me… well …desperate for another!:
Mr. Longrifle.

starts to sing Where’d you goooo… i miss you soooo… feels like it’s been forever… (yada yada yada)

Seriously though, when is your next masterpeice gonna show up? I am content with your others, but i need something new! It’s just that little void stays filled for so long… and then it just goes poof (say it with me now:…POOF… good ^__^)

An update may be nice :slight_smile:

Missing you so bad…

i have to agree longrifile is by far my favorite author so i guess im justgoing to have to at too

Missing you so bad…


{:] <— look… silly hat!

Missing you so bad…

You’ve read everything he archived?

Missing you so bad…

I HAVE! I love every one… some much more than others… but nonetheless… i have not read a bad story by him :slight_smile: