Well, I noticed that we haven’t had any new stories or updates in almost a month! Which is kinda sad for a story forum. Then i felt guilty for not posting any stories in a very long time! So I thought I’d assuage my guilt and give this thread a bump…

Here’s a random short story that I threw together off the top of my head and cobbled together in 2 hours. Read and (hopefully) enjoy!

Simon was familiar with the type.

He watched as the bespectacled teen strolled in, trying to look nonchalant but with a certain jerkiness in his motions. His nerves continued to betray him as his head turned and gaze darted around the room, focusing intensely for a second on each of the few other customers in the store before darting away to the next person.

Most telling of all, when he noticed Simon looking at him, he flinched away and quickly pretended to be looking elsewhere.

Having been a store clerk for several years, Simon had seen this many times before.

[i]If walks out without buying anything, I check his bag and call the Police. But most likely, he's going to come over later with a covered magazine, a can of beer, or ask for a pack of smokes. I'll ask to check his ID; he'll hem, haw and say that he didn't bring it with him or some other lame excuse, and I'll have to smile, apologise, and refuse the sale. Seen one, seen 'em all.[/i]

Feeling slightly smug, he turned and greeted the sprightly old lady – a regular customer – strolling up to his counter with "Good afternoon, Mrs Raid! Good to see you again! Has your daughter given birth yet?"

As he scanned and bagged tins and made small talk, he kept an eye on the awkward teenager, who was slowly walking up an aisle, pretending to be very interested in the goods on display there.

[i]Skinny, bespectacled, kinda nerdy… most likely looking for porn then. Still in the 'working up courage' stage. Soon, he's going to go to the magazine aisle, take up his phone and begin to fiddle with it. Then, he'll pretend to be looking for something else. When he finally gets the courage – ah , there he goes.[/i]

The teenager had abruptly turned, and was moving to a different aisle. Simon just then finished bagging Mrs Raid's groceries, made change, accepted her customary $1 tip with thanks, and moved to help her open the door of the shop.

When he got behind his counter again, he spotted the teenager fiddling with his phone, not at the magazine aisle, but at the…diaper aisle?

Instantly, Simon's interest levels shot up. He knew that look, and in fact had once had that look on his own face as he stared at the same products. 

[i]It can't be…[/i]

The teenager abruptly shoved the phone into his pocket, looked around, grabbed a package, and quickly walked to his counter. Simon saw that it was a package of Pampers Cruisers, Size 7. Definitely big enough to fit his slim waist.

[i]My goodness, this can't be happening. Ok, I could be misinterpreting this totally. Better check to be sure.[/i]

As he picked up the package, he decided to try and probe for more information.

"Hi! My name's Simon, thanks for shopping here! I've never seen you around before; moved here lately?"

The teen jumped and awkwardly swallowed before replying. "Er…yes. Er, I mean, no. No. We've been around here awhile. I mean, not here as in this road, but we stay at Elmsleigh. Which isn't so far, I think, so it's around the area, right?"

"Well… that's a matter of opinion, I guess. I stay a few streets down from here, on Astonbury. You still studying, right? Brooks Middle School?"

"Um, yeah… how did you know? Oh, wait, never mind." He flushed, as he remembered he was wearing a hoodie with the words BROOKS MIDDLE SCHOOL proudly emblazoned across the back.

"No sweat, man," I chuckled. "I used to study there myself! Before your time, of course." I pretended to have some trouble with the scanner and system in order to gain myself more time to talk. "So, you have a sibling at home?"

"Huh? Oh, um, yep! I have a sister. A younger sister. She's only…er… ten. But she… er… still wets the bed. So I have to… that is, my mum asked me to pick up some diapers for her. So she doesn't wet the bed – or rather, she still wets the bed, but doesn't have to wash her sheets every day. Yep." The teen was really squirming uncomfortably in front of my counter by this time.

I decided to relent, and 'fixed' the scanner. "Ah, right! So…alright, if that's all, that will be $13.45 please. Would you like a bag?"

"Um, alright, hold on… er… could you use a paper bag? Please? Um… I want to try and save the environment." He counted out a few five dollar bills, dollar bills, and a handful of coins as I bagged the diapers.

"Alright, here you go, have a nice day!" the last was said to the air as he bolted out of the store, hugging the bag. I saw him stop a little distance down the road and stuff the diapers into his satchel.

[i]Oh my gosh. That confirms it. He's a DL too! What a coincidence… hm, I wonder if I can contact him somehow…[/i]

He had to break off his musings as another customer, a girl about his age, approached the till. "Afternoon, Janice! What did you DO with your hair?!" She chuckled, and they made small talk as Simon scanned and bagged her purchases.

[i]But someday… if he ever comes back… I'll somehow ask him directly. Somehow.[/i] Only then did it occurr to him: [i]Crap, I never got his name![/i]

Luke rode the bus home, trying to hide in a corner at the back of the bus, trying to avoid touching the drool of the drunk hobo next to him and, more importantly, avoid being noticed by any of the boisterous, rowdy crowd of seniors and jocks filling up the front of the bus.

pleasepleaseplease ohgod please don’t let them see me… make me invisible… He tried, rather futilely, to pull the shadows over himself like he had seen ninjas do in some anime or another – failing, obviously. All he could do was slink down in his seat, pull his hood low over his face, and try to look inconspicuous.

So far, it seemed to be working.

If I can just keep this up for three more stops… three more… just ignore me for three more stops…
Sooner or later, however, he knew that their noisy conversation (currently about the hottest gossip in school, Ellen Majere’s spectacular and public dumping of Allan Davidson in the cafeteria the day before) would flag, one of them would look around at the back of the bus, notice him, and the ragging would begin.


“HEY! Quiet back there!” The bus driver abruptly banged on the wheel as he turned and shouted at the jocks. He looked back just in time to slam on the brakes as a red Porsche abruptly cut in front of him. Women screamed and men shouted as standing people tumbled and various personal effects rolled over the floor.

“MOTHERF*CKING DUMBASS!” the driver yelled out of the window, eliciting a raised finger in return as the Porsche sped down a right turn. “See what you guys almost made me do!” he turned back and screamed at the Jocks. “GOD, I HATE this job!”

A stunned silence permeated the bus, before one of the Jocks whispered something to a few others, and the whole group once again erupted in derisive laughter - this time, directed at the bus driver.

Luke had managed to keep his seat, keeping hold of his bag and shielding his head from banging on the seat in front of him with a quickly raised arm. He quickly regained his seat, trying to blend into the shadows again.

The good thing is, they’re not going to notice me for the rest of the ride til this conversation wears out. The bad thing is…that hobo’s drool got on my shirt…

Finally, his stop came up. Someone else had pressed the button, so he quickly stood up and ran to the exit.

“Hey, it’s Little Luke Peewitwalker!” He heard one of the Jocks exclaim behind him. But by that time, he was off the bus, back in his dreary neighbourhood, and the bus was roaring away.

Thank you God… Luke wasn’t sure if God existed or not, but it never hurt to be polite, he felt.

He used his key to let him into his block of flats, only to discover that the lift was still out of order. Sighing, he began the lengthy climb to the 9th floor.

Stupid jocks… bullies, the whole lot of them… that stupid nickname isn’t even that creative anyway. If only Mom hadn’t insisted on naming us after a bloody movie… Still, thank God they didn’t see me. If they had opened my bag… even now, safe within his block, he still felt nervous about the contents of his satchel. I hope this is worth it…

Finally, panting slightly, he reached his floor and let himself into the tiny apartment called home.

“LUKE! You’re home!” a small ball of energy in a purple t-shirt ran out of one of the rooms and engulfed him with a huge hug around his midriff.

“Oof! Hey, Leia, geroffme!” He laughingly struggled out of Leia’s grasp and ruffled her hair.

“Did you get it?” She immediately asked him with a half-worried, half-nervous expression.

“Yeah, I did! C’mon, let’s go to our room first, alright?” He followed Leia into the room they shared, sat down on the lower bunk bed, and took the brown paper bag out of his satchel.

“Alright, here it is. But… Leia, are you sure you want to do this? You don’t have to, you know. I’m not going to force you, and I can help you continue to keep it a secret till you outgrow this.”

“I’m sure, Luke.” Leia sat down and rested her head comfortably on him as Luke’s left arm automatically reached out and encircled her shoulders. “I’m tired of waking up every night in a wet bed, having to wake you up just because of some stupid nightmare…” She shivered and began to cry. “I’m tired of having to ask you to wash my things four times a day because of stupid accidents every time I hear a stupid siren. I don’t want to worry about mom finding out any more. I…I…” She broke down into sobs.

Luke gently reached out and hugged her to his chest, stroking her hair as he had seen his dad do in the past, his eyes tearing up as well. “I know, Leia, I know. I wish he were here too…”

Leia’s crying intensified, as tears also fell from Luke’s eyes.

Some time later, Luke was holding Leia as she sat on his lap, soothing away the last of her sobs. He felt something uncomfortable, however, and knew what had happened as soon as he looked down.

“Er…Leia…you…err…peed on my lap…”

“I did?! Oh no, I’m so sorry, Luke!” she quickly stood up and stared at the large wet spot on his jeans, and burst into tears again.

“Hey, sis, it’s ok! It’s alright, it isn’t your fault… you can’t help it…” he frantically tried to calm her down again. “Look on the bright side, this is the last time this is happening, right? Right?”

“I… I guess…” She sniffed, somehow or other calming down - or maybe she was just out of tears.

“Thank goodness it didn’t get on the bed,” he commented as he stood up and inspected the damage. “Alright, why don’t you take off those wet things and go take a shower? I’ll get these washed and after you’re done, we can begin ‘Operation Good Morning’, alright?” He noticed her hesitate. “Let me guess… this isn’t your first accident today?”


“Its alright, I’ll wash the rest too. Go and get clean before you stink up the house!”

“Alright.” Before she went to get her things, she came over and hugged him again. Looking up endearingly into his eyes, she said “Thanks, big brother. You’re really the best. I love you.”

“Aww, I love you too, pipsqueak.” he smiled at her and kissed her forehead. “Now go get clean!”

20 minutes later, Leia came into the room again, wrapped in just a towel. By that time, Luke had taken the package out of the brown bag and was rummaging in a cupboard.

“Leia, where did you put the powder?”

“It’s here,” She picked it up from the shelf it had been left on.

“Ah, there it is…” Luke stood up, closed the cupboard, and turned around to see Leia turning the green and purple package over in her hands.

“Pampers Crusiers, size 7. 41 pounds and above,” she read. She turned the package on its side. “Outstanding dryness for non-stop play. Ultra dry, thin core and super stretchy sides.” She turned the bag around several times.

“Are you ready?” Luke asked her.

“I guess…” She took a deep breath and tore open the package, releasing a strong burst of scent.

“Ack! That…smells nice, I guess…”

“Will the smell be noticeable?” She worried.

“Not if you smell like you usually do,” Luke teased her, and she laughed. “I think the smell prevents others from smelling your pee, though, so it’s probably a good thing.”

“Oh…I guess…” She took out a diaper from the bag and examined it at Luke did the same. “Wow, that’s pretty big… I think it’d even fit you, Luke!” she giggled.

“Maybe…” Luke opened up his diaper and pulled at the sides. “They certainly can stretch!!!” he commented in amazement.

“Yep!” Leia put the diaper down and took a deep breath, which Luke noticed.

“Last time, Leia. Are you sure you want to do this? You don’t have to, you know.”

Leia turned the diaper over in her hands several times with an agonized expression. Finally, she looked up, and gave a firm nod.

“Alright, lie down on the bed, then.” She complied, and Luke approached her.

“You’ll have to learn how to do this yourself, cause I might not be able to help you change all the time. Also, if you need to poop, you may to take it off and put it on yourself. I’ll help you when I can, though. Now, first thing, put some powder to prevent a rash…”

Luke quickly sprinkled powder on her diaper area and rubbed it in. He then instructed her to raise her legs, slipped the diaper under her, brought it to the front and secured it with the tapes before helping her up. When she stood, she took a tentative walk around the room.


“They… feel different than panties. They’re thicker, and softer…” She performed a split then. “Well, they don’t interfere with my movement, anyway…”

“Put on some pants, and let’s see if they’re noticeable,” Leia complied, parading around the room in a pair of shorts.

"Well… You might want to wear some panties over them, cause I can sometimes see them poking out of the top of your shorts. And you might not want to wear tights or skirts. But you don’t really notice…when they’re dry. They may be noticeable when they’re wet, though. " He smiled. “I remember that when you were a toddler, you’d sometimes wet your diapers so much that they’d poke out of the legholes in your shorts and sag down! I think THAT would be noticeable, but you would look so adorable!”

“Luke!!!” she protested, though she giggled.

“Why don’t you keep the rest of the diapers?” He frowned as he calculated. “Try not to use them too much, though, they cost a lot, and I don’t know how much money you have left saved…”

“Enough, for awhile, at least,” she replied as she stowed the package at the back of her ‘personal’ cupboard, behind a bunch of knick-knacks. “When I run out…hopefully I will have stopped by then.”

“We can hope… but if not?”

“Well them…” She faced Luke and took a deep breath. “I’ll tell mom and see what she says. Maybe she can give us more money.”

“I hope we don’t have to though. She’s stressed and busy enough as it is, I don’t want to have to make her worry any more. The past several years haven’t been kind to her, especially since… since Dad died…”

Leia’s eyes teared up again, but she nodded without crying.

After an awkward silence…

“Well, then, that’s that!” Luke stood up and swatted Leia’s butt as she walked past him, causing her to jump, squeal, and hit him back with a pillow. “Hey, stop that! Oh, and one more thing - when you’re at home, I want you to just keep to wearing a t-shirt. Though you won’t wet your pants any more, I think it’s better if I’m able to keep an eye on you to remind you if necessary – and so it’ll be easier for you to make it to the toilet on time.”

“Sure,” she shrugged, stripping off the shorts and throwing on a new t-shirt. “Most of my shirts are so long on me, they look like dresses anyway!” she laughed. “Hey, did you have any trouble buying these? Did you… see anyone we know?”

“Nah, I bought them from this little corner store a few stops past the mall. I was still nervous as hell though – what if someone we knew had come in? No one was there, luckily, except an old lady and two young women. The clerk kept looking at me in a funny way, and asked me a lot of questions, however. He must have thought I was there to shoplift or something…”

That's it, hope you guys enjoyed it! Was a good break, now back to studies for me…*toodles*

Re: Misconceptions

Not bad for being thrown together,you even left room to expand if you wanted to. I especially enjoyed the fact that it just flowed from one part to the other. It was seamlessly excellent.

Re: Misconceptions


I’d almost given up on this forum but I was so excited to see a new story from you Casper! Very unexpected.

And it doesn’t disappoint. Great work.

Re: Misconceptions

Thanks! No plans to expand it though :).

Soxfan: Thanks! Yep i know, i didn’t expect it myself! :slight_smile:

Re: Misconceptions

I liked how it flowed from 1 story immediately into another story during a well written intermission.

Its rare to read a story where there could be two different sequels based off of 1 story like this

Re: Misconceptions

Thank you! :slight_smile:

To be honest, I don’t see any sequels coming off this, much less 2 of them. I anticipate any sequels quickly degenerating into the standard cliche for this genre sooner or later, which I try to avoid. Hence, no sequel.

This story is based on the simple idea of how our desires colour our perceptions, how sometimes we want to see something so much that we unknowingly superimpose biased interpretations on our observations. It must have been floating around my head for some time, and I guess I just pulled it out and penned it. I might eventually re-use the characters for another idea , but no deliberate sequels fo sho.