Mind Changer

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“So where do you guys want to go to eat?” Miranda said to Ashely and Renee, as the three of them all stood around Miranda’s locker. The bell signaling the end of fourth period, and the start of lunch had just rung moments before. The foot traffic around the three of them picking up as more and more people left their classrooms. The three seniors were about three weeks away from graduating, and were about mid-tier in terms of popularity. They had great looks, with Ashely having her beautiful brunette hair, Renee’s was a unique light brown mixed with some red, and Mirandas was naturally blonde. The three of them were busty to say the least, they’d always competed for who had the bigger bra size throughout their lives. Miranda had them beat with the D cup, as Renee and Ashely both sported C’s.

“I was thinking maybe we could do that new place? It’s only like what? A minute or two away?” Ashely said, as she leaned up against the locker.

“Yeah isn’t it called ‘Modern Touch’ or some bull shit like that?” Renee followed up with, the three of them letting out short laughter to the ‘bull shit like that?’ line. Her line of sight suddenly shifted to the crowed around them.

“Ha, yeah we could do that, hopefully it’s not too much.” Miranda said, as she noticed Renee looking into the distance. She turned around, and saw the crush Renee has had since middle school, Logan Loon. She turned back and punched Renee in the arm. “Taking a gander at the pretty boy huh?” She said, as she started to giggle at her. Renee looked back and shot her a look.

“Hey, you know he’s fucking man candy, cut me some slack!” She punched back, as her looked turned into a smile.

“Come on idiots, man candy can wait. I’m fucking starving.” Ashely said, as she started making her way toward the doors. The other two followed.

“Jeez it looks kinda pricy” Miranda said, as the pulled into the driveway of the building.

“Eh, if it’s too much I’ll cover you guys.” Ashely said, as she put the car in park.

“Oh what, daddy cash in on some more stocks the other day?” Miranda said playfully.

“Shut the fuck up, you know I work for my money!” Ashely said, as the three of them started getting out of the car.

“Yeah yeah, I know, you remind us a million times a day Ash.” Miranda said back, as they started making their way to the crisp looking building. It was all silver, with glass walls in the front. “MODERN TOUCH” was written across the top.

When the three walked into the door, they were surprised to say the least. There were no tables, no chairs, no window looking into the kitchen in the back. The only thing was a single silver desk, with a slick pencil looking woman behind it. The three stood in the doorway for a moment, shock across each of their places as they took it in. Ashely spoke up.

“Oh sorry, I guess, we thought this was a restaurant or something.” She said, as she started to turn out of the door.

“Oh my dear! It is!” The woman said behind the desk, she had straight black hair, red lipstick, and piercing brown eyes. “Come on in! Come on in! I’ll take your
order right here.” The three all looked at one another, they looked back toward the woman. They slowly started walking down toward the counter.

“So what we just tell you what we want and you’ll just make it?” Renee said as they stopped at the silver counter.

“Yes, now Ma’am what will it be?” The woman said, a wicked smile across her face.

“I don’t… I uh… I don’t really-“ Renee was suddenly cut off.

“Come on Renee, today please!” Miranda said jokingly, Renee shot her another look.

“Alright! Alright! Uh I really don’t know? What’s the best thing you got? Something memorable I guess?” Renee said, with a shrug to the woman.

“Something memorable?” Ashely said with a snort at the end, “Who describes their meal as ‘something memorable’? Come on Renee you gotta gi-“

“Done!” The woman said, as she handed a strange metal device over to Renee. The device was slightly long, and had a grayish tint to it. It wasn’t complex, all it had was a red button on it, with what looked like holes for a microphone.

“What? What am I supposed to do with this?” Renee said, as she started to turn the device over in her hands.

“You said you wanted something memorable. Right? So, just tell the device what you want, and then think about walking in here and having a delicious meal.” The three just stared at the woman in shock, Miranda’s mouth was completely open. The silence hung for a few moments, as the girls looked at each other. Renee shrugged and pushed the button.

“We came in here, and we had a fantastic meal.” She released the button, again, silence. After a few seconds of the three just standing there waiting for something to happen, Ashely spoke up.

“Hey listen lady, I don’t think you can just fool us or something. This isn’t funny, either give us something to eat or we’re fucking out of here.” Ashely shot at the woman, crossing her arms as she did so.

“Well you’re not done yet.” The woman said plainly.

“What?” Renee said back.

“Think about when you came in here, and instead of meeting me, you had a delicious and fantastic meal.” The woman said again, her devious smile still on display. Renee just shook her head again, but followed with what the insane woman said anyways. She started to close her eyes, but was cut off by the woman. “Oh, and one more thing, this device won’t go away.” She said pointing at the gray object in her hands. “You’ll always know what this device does, so don’t go try wasting your time forgetting what this does. It’ll be like breathing, you can’t go back and change your memories to when you learned how to breathe. So get used to it.” The woman said smiling, keeping her professional composure, as Renee slowly nodded and closed her eyes. She thought about coming in here. She just thought of the first thing that came to mind, they sat down, and ate fantastic Mexican burritos from Chipotle.

The girls just stared at Renee, smiles began to grow across their faces. They tried holding in laughter as it looked like Renee was really falling for this woman’s shit.

“Ah… Ahah… ahahah, oh Renee, come on she’s just messing with us. This isn’t actually-“ Miranda was cut off as her mind began to swirl. She could see insider her mind, as the memory of them coming in her started to play out. Gone was the blank space, instead was a crowded Chipotle. The three of them went in and ordered their usual, but this time the food seemed much more delicious.

“Damn this burrito is fucking bomb!” Ashely said, as the two of them chowed down on their meals.

“What they put in this thing? Extra guac maybe?” Renee said, as she wiped her face.

“I don’t even know dude, but it’s brilliant today.” Miranda said around a mouth full of burrito.

The three of them laughed and ate as the memory of them coming into Modern Tastes slowly faded. Replaced by their fantastic Chipotle trip. The movie in her mind faded, as Miranda blinked back into the world, the three of the walking out of the Chipotle.

“Damn what a great time” Ashely said as they started piling into the car.

“Yeah, better enjoy this memory girls, probably won’t be this good for a long time again! Haha” Miranda said, as she closed her car door.

“Might wanna punch it on the gas Ash, class starts in like 10 minutes.” Renee said, as she put the silver device into her bag.

“I got it! When have I ever let you guys down!” She said, as the three of their heads hit the back of their seats from the car’s sudden acceleration.

The silver device clinked and clattered in Renee’s bag.

“Shit, Shit, just throw your shit in your locker, we never take notes in his class anyways.” Ashely said, as the three rushed into the school.

“Fuck you Ash, why did you have to take so long!” Miranda said, as she put the combination into her locker.

“I’m sorry! I can’t control the fucking traffic lights!” Ashely said, as she swung her locker open. The three of them shoved their backpacks in, slamming their lockers shot and raced toward class. Renee didn’t try to position her backpack in way that made it fit, instead it was squished awkwardly against the wall and the locker door. The device’s red button was being pushed by the books in her backpack, waiting for a command.

Candy started walking by with her gang. The blonde hair bimbo was one of the most popular kids in the school, simply just because of her good looks though. Her crew stopped by Renee’s locker as the device listened in.

“Uh, can you like, believe those dumb dweeps.” One of Candy’s friends said.

“I know, those idiots think they’re sooo much cooler than us.” Another one of them said.

“What was that shit George showed us in homeroom today about those weird fetishes?” Candy said, her crew perking up at the chance to impress her.
“Oh! It was that list of fetishes in the U.S. You said you thought the diaper one was funniest!!” One of the ditsy girls said to Candy, beaming within herself that she got to impress Candy.

“Ahaha yeah! I bet Renee has one of those fucking diaper fetishes! Ahaha” Candy laughed, the rest of her crew followed suit with her.

“She’s probably lesbian with one of those girls too! Ahaha” another one of her posy members said. Candy smirked and started thinking of Renee, diaper clad and sucking from a bottle in her room, all the while getting turned on by it. She giggled to herself as she thought of Renee rubbing the front of her diaper while moaning, “Ashely… Ashely… oh Ashely… Where’s your diaper Ashely…?” She shook her head and busted out laughing. The group started making it’s way to their own class rooms. The device heard every word, as it started to hum.

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Re: Mind Changer

“And so when you take the square root of that, you end up with…” Mr Larson droned on as he continued with his derivation on the board. Renee could honestly careless, she was beyond checked out already with graduation only three weeks away. She added some shading to the random doodle on her notebook, not even paying attention to a word the teacher in front was saying. She looked up from her notebook for a moment to look around the room. She could tell Miranda and Ashely were doing the same thing as her, just drawing random things in their respective notebooks as Larson dramatically finished the derivation. “And there it is! The quadratic formula, isn’t that just amazing?!” Mr Larson said, spinning around to see a room full of unentertained high schoolers staring back at him. He smiled to himself and said, “Well we can keep going, if we add….” The three girls let out small groans, as they shot their heads back to their drawings. Renee could feel her mind starting to wander suddenly, as she thought about last night before she went to bed.

She saw the memory, her hands rhythmically moving around her clit. Soft moans escaped her lips as she stared at the computer screen. It was a typical nightly ritual for Renee, masturbate for a few minutes then it’s off to bed. She wasn’t really into anything specific, any simple hard core porn did the trick for her. She could feel close, as she watched the climax of the video. She bit her bottom lip, when suddenly, the memory started to change.
Her underwear started to balloon outward, as her pants seemed to magically fade away. Her position in the room slowly faded as well as the memory changed from her sitting in her computer chair, to her kneeling down on the floor. Her underwear continued to expand as it materialized into a thick white diaper around her waist. Saying the diaper was white in the front wouldn’t be accurate though, it was obvious that the garment was thoroughly soaked. It seemed as if she had been wetting it all day long, like she was just a fountain into her pants. The source of her leaky bladder became obvious as a baby bottled half filled with milk formed around her mouth. “Wait I don’t remember… huh?” Renee thought to herself, as she watched her memories changed. The more she kept thinking though, the harder it seemed to think that last night was any different.

“Ashely… Oh Ashely…” She started moaning out load, as she rubbed the front of her diaper. “Where is your diaper Ashely? Huh? Aren’t you supposed to be a big dumb baby like me? Hehe” Renee was close, her mouth widened as she reached the climax, “Oh fuck me Ashely, rub your full diaper on top of mine. Be a mindless stupid baby with me. Make big big messes in our diapies… Oh yes… Oh…Ohh……” She let out a small squeak as her face melted into pure bliss. She came hard into her full diaper, as she collapsed onto her back on the floor. A wide dumb smile was across her face, as the bottled in her mouth continued to slowly drain. She was in such euphoria, she didn’t even try to hold back the slight pang in her bladder, as the diaper around her waist started to warm. She let out a small giggle, feeling her crotch spread with warmth. She laid there for a few minutes, enjoying her post-cum mind as it swam with images of Ashely in an oversized crib, crawling around in a large puffy diaper. She moved her head to the right, as she looked at the half used package of adult diapers in her closet. “I’m going to have to get some more soon, can’t stop the nightly ritual! Haha” she mumbled to herself, as she got up onto her feet. She popped the drain bottle out of her mouth, and placed it on her nightside table. She grabbed the pacifier that was also on the table, and placed it into her eagerly awaiting mouth. The memory started to fade as Renee started to shake her head back to reality.

“Ugh what the? Did I really do that…?” she thought to herself, her mind spun as she started to replay the memory in her mind. Her face looked strained as she kept thinking back to last night. It played over and over, and then suddenly, she stopped. All at once, a feeling of relief started to wash over her as a small grin grew across her face. “Why am I think so hard about diapie time?” She giggled to herself, “Of course I’m going to have it again tonight, I’ve been doing it every night for like what? The past three years?” Her grin grew wider as she settled her mind. She shifted her seat slightly, enjoying the feeling of her pull-up as she did so. Her cheeks blushed slightly as she thought about why she was even wearing one. It started about two months ago. Renee was always trying to seek that next thrill with her diaper fetish, and getting caught in diapers was one of her biggest turn-ons. She started wearing pull-ups to school in hopes that someone would find out. She fantasized about someone pulling her pants line to the side, and humiliating her in front of everyone for wearing such a childish garment. She smiled to herself as she shook her head from day dreaming, and started scribbling down some notes.

“Ughh god this class is so fucking boorring” Miranda said behind Renee.

“I fucking know dude, I’d rather die then have to sit through another 10 minutes of this.” Ashely said.

“Here take this pen, slit my throat here.” Renee said, as the three giggled quietly to that remark. Renee’s gaze was fixed on Ashely’s smile as she turned back to her notebook. Renee bit her lower lip, as she could feel herself getting turned on by the girl for what felt like the billionth time. Renee could feel herself start to day dream again, as she started fantasizing about Ashely.

She stared at her crotch from the corner of her eye, wishing with all her might there was a diaper bulge around there. A thick diaper around her waist that obviously meant she was no where close to being potty trained, even though she was in high school. Her fantasy started to get even deeper. She imagined her doing a little potty dance in her seat, as she pressed her hands against her crotch. She desperately tries to hold it in, when suddenly her face slowly relaxes. Ashely stares into space, as she slowly soaks her thirsty diaper. A look of disappointment grows across her face, before she shrugs and gets right back into taking notes. Not making it on time was just so natural to Ashely, it didn’t even phase her. Renee’s mind kept wandering to her friend being diapered, until the bell suddenly brought her back to earth.

“Well class, next time we’ll talk about…” Mr Larson’s voice faded as the girls immediately got out of there seats, and sped out the door.

“We should have skipped that one.” Miranda said, as they started to make their way down the hall.

“I don’t think you can legally die from boredom, but I was fucking close.” Ashely said. The three of them got to their lockers as they spun their combinations. “Oh hey Renee” Ashely said, as she swung her locker open. “I’m I still good to come over later on today to study for chemistry?” Ashely said, rummaging through her bag. Renee was slightly cut off guard by the question, as she had only just minutes before been fantasizing about the two of them doing the kinkiest things to one another.

“Oh uh yeah! My mom said it was a totally fine, she got some snacks and stuff for us so we’ll have a great studying session.” Renee said, as she unzipped her backpack.

“Awesome, gonna need help with the orbitals stuff, I’m still hazy on it.” Ashely said.

“Yeah sure, we can definitely go over that.” Renee said, as she threw her math notebook into the locker. She started grabbing other notebooks from her bag when suddenly, she was caught off guard by the cold metallic feeling from inside her backpack. She dug her head deep into her locker, as her hands griped the metal device, and hoisted it out of her bag. She stared at it for a second, as a devious smile grew across her face. “Or maybe we can have play date tonight…” She thought, as she dug the device back into her backpack. She felt so turned on by thought of turning her friend into her diapered playmate, that she felt compelled to let loose into her pull-up. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling as the padding around her slowly expanded. She loved having accidents in her pull-ups like this at school. Opening her eyes, she grabbed the last of her things. She closed her locker, and followed the girls, her pull-up still warming all the way down the hall.

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Re: Mind Changer

Nice! Looking forward to the next installment.

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Mind Changer
Chapter 3
“So when you have a 2P orbital? What does that, even like mean?” Ashely said, as she erased her answer to Number 5 for the millionth time. She gritted her teeth in frustration, “She did such a shitty job at teaching this to us, how on earth did she expect us to even have this ready for tomorrow?”
“I fucking know. It’s simply ridiculous.” Renee replied quickly, shifting around on the floor as she did so. The two of them had all of their work sprawled out on Renee’s floor. Ashely was laying down on her stomach as she tapped away at one of the problems. Renee was sitting criss cross applesauce. The back of her slightly swollen pull up was clearly on display as it creeped up her bum. No one could see it from where she was angled, but the mischievousness of it made her crotch just a little more wet…
She was just staring at Ashely. “God she’s so fucking beautiful, so yummy looking, so… god I want her to just change my fucking diapers or something.” Renee thought to herself, biting her pencil as she did so. Ashely looked up at her friend, trying to take stock of what the oddly sexual face she was sending her even meant.
“You uh… okay there?” Ashely said curiously, tilting her head to the side as she did so. Renee didn’t even respond, she just twisted her pencil a little more at the very edge of her teeth. Ashely furrowed her brow, “What are you…. Doing… are you…?” Ashely just trailed off. Was Renee really trying to send her some kind of sexual message?
Renee couldn’t take it anymore. She popped the pencil out of her mouth, and threw it on the ground. She slowly untangled her legs from one another. “You know, I’ve always sort of had a thing for you.” Renee said, as she placed her hands on the floor and pushed down so she could help herself up. She kept eye contact with Ashely the entire time her body slowly lifted off the floor.
“Wh- what are you talking about Renee?.. I know you’ve never dated a guy before but, come on this just fricken weird!” Ashely said, subconsciously shifting her weight away from Renee.
“Oh, it won’t be in a few seconds, trust me.” Renee said, as she straighten herself out. Her hands began to slide down to her pants. She pinched her fingers together, popping the button out from it’s hole. Ashely’s perplexation deepened as she got a glimpse at the pink pull-up around her friend’s waist.
“Renee are you… wearing a….diaper…?” Ashely said, completely taken a back. Renee didn’t respond, she just smiled at her. Her other hand grabbed hold of her zipper, and ever so slowly pulled downward. Her pants opened up, giving way to a clear view of slightly damp pull-ups clinging to her waist. Ashely’s waist was practically to the floor at this point.
“They’re pull-ups, silly. You know, the kind little kids wear when they can’t make it to the potty on time?” Renee said, with a slight babyish tone at the end. Ashely was in complete shock.
“Renee I… Wha…. Wha….” Ashely was in complete shock, she couldn’t even form any kind words from her mouth. Her jaw was on the floor, as her friend slowly wiggled out of her pants. Renee shook her hips from side to side as she pulled down her white pants.

“Oh, what’s wrong Ashely? The sight of my pull-ups don’t turn you on?” Renee said with a sly smile. She turned around, and bent her front body forward, sticking out her crinkly ass as she did so. Her beautiful ass was on full display for Ashely, swaying it side to side as she did so. Her pull-up sagged slightly, as the damp padding clearly indicated she hadn’t quite tried to make it to the potty today. Ashely was almost petrified from what was happening, she’d never been so shocked in her entire life.
“You’re… YOU’RE FUCKED UP RENEE!!” Ashely screamed, as she found the energy to push herself off the floor. She started to grab her things from the floor, “I don’t know what the fuck has gotten into you, but I’m getting the hell out of here until you stop… this…WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING!” Renee just smiled as she started stuffing her things into her backpack. She straightened herself up and let out a little giggle. She dug her hands into the blankets on her bed, her fingers immediately wrapped around the cold metal device. She picked it up, pressed the button, and placed the receiver to her lips.
“You’ve always been sexually obsessed with me, and the only thing you’ve ever been able to cum to is thought of me in a diaper.” Renee said, letting go of the button as she did so.
Ashely’s face went blank. Suddenly she was brought back to the memory of today at school.
She was walking down the hallway, slightly behind Renee. Just by pure chance they happened to be going to the bathroom at the same time. She was about to beacon for her, so they could chat, but suddenly the memory began to change. The walls began to disintegrate, as the world seemed to reset. She closed her eyes, shook her head, and opened them.
She was still walking behind Renee, but this time, it was different. Instead of staring at the back of her head, her gaze was fixed firmly on her ass. She couldn’t for the life of her advert her gaze, not that she even wanted to honestly. It was like her eyes were glued, she bit her bottom lip as they neared closer to the bathroom. “Damn do I want that ass on my face…” Ashely thought to herself. Renee turned the corner, still unaware that her friend was behind her. As she did though, a small piece of her skin-tight shirt rode up from her waist line. A thin line of her pink-pull was on display to anyone who was looking close enough.
The second Ashely saw it, her face went white. “No….” She whispered to herself, feeling her crotch start to get a little wet. “…She can’t… Oh my god…” She could feel the adrenaline pumping through her. Was her lifelong fantasy actually true? “Is she really in fucking pull-ups right now?” She thought to herself.
Renee entered the bathroom, as did Ashely a few seconds behind her. The stall door closed before Ashely could even get her attention. So, she took the stall next to hers. Closing the door, she just sat down on the toilet with her clothes on. She heard Renee fumbling around with her clothes, as her belt clattered from the motion of her undoing her button. That’s when she heard it…
Sigh Oh no… didn’t make it on time…” Renee said to herself in a sarcastic tone. “I really gotta do better with this potty training… haha” She giggled, pressing the warm padding to her crotch. An ever so slight moan escaped her lips.
Ashely was on fire, she didn’t even have time to think, she just acted on how blindingly horny she felt. She got out of the stall, and immediately turned to Renee’s.
Knock Knock “Did someone have an accident in their pants, little girl?” Ashely said, her veins felt like ice. She’d waited her whole life for this kind of moment with Renee. The silence hung for what felt like forever, until suddenly, she heard the door unlock. The door slowly opened, as Renee came into view for Ashely. She was standing there, pants around her ankles, and a heavily swollen pull-up around her waist. The two grew smiles wider than the moon.
“I think I had an accident, you know anyone who could change me?” Renee said, licking her lips. Ashely didn’t even respond, she charged toward Renee. She immediately pulled her in and pressed her lips against hers as they began to passionately make out. The room echoed with the sound of their lip smacking, and the door was still wide open. They didn’t care, they were in heaven.
The bathroom began to melt away, as Ashely came back to Earth. While the room changed, her intense make out with Renee hadn’t. The two of them were now practically eating each other’s face’s in Renee’s room. Ashely didn’t even think about it, her hand shot to Renee’s now warming pull-up, and gave it a hard squeeze.
“Mmmm…. You’re such a good wet baby girl…” Ashely said, in between breaths. Renee let out a moan to those words.
“Oooh… yes…. I want to wet these pull-ups for you all day fucking long.” Renee said, moving her hands up Ashely’s leg and toward her crotch. She cupped her vagina, letting out an inhale through her nose as she did so. She suddenly broke off the kiss.
“Where’s YOUR diaper, missy?” Renee said, a wicked smile across her face. Ashely was slightly taken back at first, but then smiled. “I don’t knowww…” She said, in a very childlish tone. Renee lifted her arm, and extended the metal device toward Ashely. She immediately snatched it up, a wicked grin growing on her face. She pressed the button.
“I’ve only ever worn diapers.” Ashely said, still holding onto the button. She looked up Renee, her face melted into pure sexual bless the second Ashely uttered those words. It turned Ashely on to no end, it pushed her even more.
”…And I’ve never even tried to become potty trained-“ She was cut off the second she finished the sentence, dropping the device to the floor, as Renee attacked her face with her lips.

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Mind Changer Part 4

Ashely immediately slipped back into a memory of her two days ago. She was playing her absolute favorite game to unwind with on a Friday afternoon, Overwatch. “Yeah fucking take that, Bitch!” She yelled while melting a Wilson. She smiled as the enemy dropped to floor, the classic “ENEMY ELIMATED 86” flashed at the bottom of the screen. Her hands blazed across the controller, reacting to everything she saw on the screen almost flawlessly. It wasn’t a big deal or anything, but she noted after a few more minutes of playing that she had some pressure in her bladder. Nothing that urgent, but she could definitely hit the bathroom soon. She slightly frowned at the idea of having to get up, “Damn bladder” she thought.
The memory started to blur around her though. Her outfit began to change slowly, morphing away from her normal tank top and shorts. Instead grew a light pink t-shirt and a puffy diaper around her waist. The diaper was much thicker than any kind of store bought one. It was incredibly thick, and obviously had a few boosters in them. They without a doubt were made for someone who had no business making it to the potty on time. “Yeah fucking take that, Bitch!” She yelled at the screen. A few moments passed, and from Ashely’s perspective, the only thing that was really going on was her playing this wonderful game. In reality though, she was thoroughly soaking the diaper around her waist. She had absolutely no clue that she was having a heavy wetting accident, not even registering that her diaper was warming fast around her crotch. The feeling was almost as familiar as breathing or feeling air on your skin. She’d been wetting diapers her entire life, why should she notice this one? Wet or dry, she really couldn’t tell the difference anymore even if she tried. Her diapers were just an ever changing state that she simply didn’t care about even in the slightest. Even if she did want to care, she was way too far away from potty training to even being trying. Her parents had reasoned with her that she could get into daytime pull-ups AT BEST, but even then she’d probably still have wet crescent stains around her crotch at least once or twice a day. So, it was nothing but thick, thirsty diapers for the rest of her life. And honestly, Ashely couldn’t be happier about it.
Ashely’s memory faded, as she came back to earth to a naked, well except for a pull-up around her waist, Renee beneath her. She was on top of Renee, with a massive diaper now around her waist. The two locked eyes for a moment, then instantly locked lips into a sloppy make out.
“Mmm… Oh god fuck yes.” Renee moaned, throwing her hands around Ashely’s thick diaper. She squeezed her hands with all her might to really get a feel of that diapered ass. She was in pure ecstasy, she didn’t even notice herself grinding onto Ashely’s thick diaper. She was so fucking horny from everything, she was almost not able to think. All that was running through her mind was how much she loved Ashely’s soft lips, and her thick, wet diaper.
“I want this. I want this for the rest of my fucking life.” Ashely said in between breaths. All the excitement had gone right into her diaper, as it started to warm even more around her crotch. She was letting lose into her every increasing soaked diaper. This was just the way she wanted though, she couldn’t even get off without a wet diaper, it’s been like that her whole life.
“Be my diapered brain dead slut forever, Ashely.” Renee said, feeling herself getting close to edging.
“You want that, Baby? You want me to just wet and mess my diapers all day for you? You want me crawling around all dumb, and absolutely soaked for you?” Ashely said, she’d never felt this horny in her entire life. She wanted to cum in her diaper on top of her friend more than anything she’d ever wanted in life before.
“Mmmm Fuck yes, be my brain dead diaper wearing slut. All I want you to do is completely mess yourself, and just cum in you diaper over, and over, and over again. All I want you to fucking think about is diapers in that dumb little head of yours.” Renee said with such ferocity, and sexually lust in her voice. Her ultimate fantasies were just spilling out of her, as well as her pull-up’d crotch, as it warmed with her dribbling pee.
Ashely suddenly stopped humping her bestest diaper friend and looked her right in the eyes. “You really mean that?” She said with genuine curiosity. A small voice inside of her told her that it wasn’t good that she loved the idea of that so much. But the much larger, sexually charged part of her didn’t even give somewhat of a fuck. She wanted more, she wanted to sink even further, she wanted to be diaper brained.
Renee bit her bottom lip at her friend’s response. “Why don’t we sink you even farther into diapers? Wouldn’t you say?” Renee said with devilish smile. Ashely smiled back, and feverously shook her head yes.
“Make me fucking dumb as shit.” Ashely said, kissing her way down Renee’s neck. She made it all the way to her nipples. Ashely sucked perfectly on them, as she pushed two fingers onto Renee’s diapered clit. She ever so slowly rubbed in circles to make Renee go crazy.
Renee just couldn’t handle it any longer after that. Any kind of doubt of what she was about to say into the device went right out of the window. She grabbed the remote, clicked on the button and said, “All Ashely can think about in her mind is diapers.” Ashely sucked as hard as she could on Renee’s nipples in response. She closed her eyes and waited for the device to take her away.
It started with the memory of her in math class this week. The teacher droned on about how the order of integration matters when you take a double integral. “God this is so fucking boring, it’s obvious the answer is…” Her vision started to blur. The entire memory seemed like it was spinning for a second. She couldn’t focus on anything, until it all suddenly came screeching back. She looked around the room for a second, and quickly realized it was all different. She was sitting criss cross apple sauce on top of a rug. A special education teacher was holding up a simple children’s book in front of her.
“Okay Ashely, now what is this word?” The teacher said, pointing the simple word ‘Apple’. Ashely stared at the word…. And stared some more…. Slowly her vision just became a dumb blank stare. Her mind couldn’t even slightly comprehend what was in front of her. All that she could even muster was wonderful her thick diaper felt around her waist, and how nice and warm it was getting all of a sudden. The teacher just rolled her eyes, “Ashely!” She yelled. Ashely shook her head from it’s daze.
“Huh, whu teasher?” She said lazily, not really sure what the problem was. Her mind felt so much simpler now. Social ques, worries, basic knowledge, it was all out the window now. Just bubbly thoughts of diapers.
“Sigh, what is this word?” She said, pointing again. Ashely looked really hard, as it suddenly came to her. Her brain lit up in joy at actually getting the right answer.
“Diapie!!” She said, her mind flooding with thoughts of baby diapers, thick adult diapers, how much she loved being in her diapers, and how squishy they suddenly felt when you pushed really hard. She wanted to prove even more how smart she was, “Yeah das deffinetwy diapie, my wove diapies. I wanna be in diapies fo’ eva teasher. Day jus, ugh Diapies! Me jus… diapies diapies diapies! You wove diapies too?” She said, completely convinced she said something as scholarly as a college professor. Her mind couldn’t even hold onto a single coherent string of words before being blasted with another wave a happy diaper thoughts. A dumb drolly smiled looked up at the teacher, as the world started to slowly come back to her.
“Oooo wes! Wes wes!” Ashely squealed with a drool covered mouth. Renee was rubbing the front of her diaper hard and fast to really get her off.
“Mm that’s right my dumb diaper slut, can’t think of shit can you?” Renee said, rubbing her own diapered clit with her free hand. Ashely just nodded in response.
“My diapie it…. Jus…. Aaahhah diapie feews…. So diapie…. Wove my diapie….” She just spilled out of her mouth. The combination of sexual stimulant on her already broken mind was just too much. She started just gurgling gibberish. “Diapo… dia…. Daa…. Dapa…… da da da…… daaaa……”
Renee’s wicked smile grew wider with each bout of nonsense that came out of her new diaper slave’s mouth. Her hands began moving at a blazing speed as she started moving toward her climax. “MMM fuck yes diapie slave. That’s right, you’re fucking mine forever. We’re gonna be filling our diapers for the rest of our fucking lives. Mm yes you’re so fucking dumb, so fucking retarded now. Oh… Oh…. OH… OHH!” She screamed, reaching an earth-shattering orgasm at the same time as Ashely. The two of them fell back into the bed as wave after wave of sexual explosions erupted inside of them.
Ashely’s mind wasn’t even accessible to her. She was blank, it was as if every single light had gone off in her. All she felt was another wave of sexual ecstasy crashing into her. She was gone, and it’d be a while until what few lights she had left turned back on.
Renee panted her exhaustion out. She stared up at the ceiling with only one thought passing through her mind. “More.” She said, sitting up in the bed. “If I could get one diapered slut, maybe I could get another?” She thought to herself. Her mind wandered to Miranda. Another wicked smile grew across her face. She looked down at her friend, drool pooled next to her mouth. Her expression was completely blank, and absolutely no words were coming out of her mouth. “Should I get another baby in here…” She mused, looking at the completely full diaper around Ashely’s waist. “Or… should I get a mommy for the two of us?” She said, looking into the mirror across them. The reflection showed two naked girls, one laying down in a diaper, the other sitting up in a pull-up. She flicked her eyebrows up and down, “Oh, I know what I want…” She said, grabbing the device. Her fingers eagerly pressed down on the button, and opened her mouth to speak…

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