Military Veterans

I was A Marine in Lebanon 1983-1990 and An Army Soldier 1998-2010. I went to college to earn a degree in English Linguistics and become a Master ASE Mechanic between and this is a piece of my story.
I was at Air Base Bagram in Afghanistan on a routine Inspection Mission. I had just finished and walking and reviewing my notes (Looking at a clipboard) and I was hit by a truck. My helmet and hard head did it’s job. I only had a “mild” concussion. Unfortunately, the other body armor I was wearing though it helped did not stop me from getting a few cracked vertebra and spinal trauma. When I woke I was in a hospital somewhere in Saudi Arabia. I had not noticed I was I was wearing a diaper. The first thing I tried to was get up. I had a tube in my arm. That wasn’t right. So I took it out. I have been trained as an Army combat medic 68B and an ordinance tracked vehicle tech in the Marines 2146, and I thought I Had to RUN!I GET BACK TO THE TRACK!
I had to wear Diapers. This was embarrassing.
I screamed OMG like the young people say I HURT!. After months of rehabilitation I recovered and was reassigned to a place in Bahrain, Then I was sent home. I became Loony. After a my ex wife reported me for bed wetting. I had a few incidents of excisions to the looney bin The army decided I was not fit for duty and granted me a medical discharge for the reason of mental defect.
Today I have control over my bladder for the most part I do not care.

Re: Military Veterans

If this is a true story it should be placed in the “Hello, I am…” board (welcome aboard, btw). If this is a true story to serve as your intro ignore everything else in this post.

Now, if it is a work of fiction:

It’s way too short. There’s nothing to go on. We don’t know anything about the main character other than a brief overview of their military history. You’ve set up a backstory but not an actual story or plot or setting or home life or anything.

It’s not a promising start - perhaps you can write something incredible building off this but for a prologue it doesn’t inspire confidence going forward.