Mike and Aunt Kate

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Chapter 1.
Schools Out!

Mike woke up on Friday morning knowing it was the last day of school but he decided he would just roll over and go back to sleep. A few minutes later Aunt Kate walked into Mike’s room and pulled the sheets off the bed, she shook Mike and told him to get up and get ready or he would be late for school.
Mike arose and jumped out of bed! Aunt Kate looked at him with an angry face, he knew what that meant and immediately. he got dressed and headed down stairs and to the bus. It was the last day of school for the summer and he was so excited knowing that he would be spending the entire summer holidays with his favourite Aunt. Aunt Kate. It was only 10:30am. School had sort of only just began, although It had been almost two hours already and school had only just started.

Mike was sad knowing that he still had another five and a half hours to go until it was home time and no more school for 3 months. The hours ticked by and the classes felt like a life time. But before he knew it he was walking out the door and headed for the school pickup point.
By this time Mike was so happy that he nearly wet himself from all the excitement.
Aunt Kate was nice a lady, my mom’s sister and her best friend in the entire world. Aunt Kate and my mum did everything together, they shopped with each other, cleaned with each other, ironed with each other and they even did the cooking with eachother. I’ve always loved how my mum and Aunt Kate get along so well. I wished sometimes that Aunt Kate would just move in and live with us sometimes and I knew it would make things easier for mum.

Mum had been so sick lately especially since she had been diagnosed with cancer. Since the diagnosis Aunt Kate had been around more and more offering and trying to help mum with whatever she could to ease some of the pressure and allow her to rest more.
After having waiting at the pick up point for about an hour and Aunt Kate was no where to be seen, not even her white BMW could be seen. Another half an hour passed and I was starting to worry that she still had not shown up and I was the only kid left who had not been picked up yet. Luckily for me Ms Elly was walking back toward the school gates from pick up supervision and came over to me.

Mike she said. Is your mum or someone coming to pick you up this afternoon?
Why yes I replied in an uncertain tone.
Well then in that case i think I should wait with you until I know you are safe and on your way home with a parent or a guardian she said. So with Ms Elly we waited and waited, but after another half an hour Ms Elly looked down at her watch and said “Goodness” it’s five O’clock she said. I think it’s about time we head down to the office and call your mother Mike. She said. I followed Ms Elly back down through the school and into the school office. Mr Peterson was the school’s principal and he was still their.
He stopped us as we came through the office doors and asked why I was at the office and not at home enjoying the summer holidays? Well before I even had a chance to reply Ms Elly replied that she had waited with me for half an hour and still no one had come to pick me up from school. Well Mr Peterson looked at me with a concerned look on his face and asked if I knew who was coming to pick up. I told him that my Aunt Kate was supposed to pick me up from school. Well never mind young man.

Mr Peterson told Kate “Ms Elly” to head on home as it was late and her own family was probably starting to worry about her. Before Ms Elly left she came over and gave me a big hug wished me a happy holiday. Don’t worry Mike I am sure your aunt will be here soon and Mr Peterson is here with you. She gave a warm smile and with that she left the office.
After Ms Elly had left Mr Peterson told me to wait as he started to look for Aunt Kate’s number in the school student records and information computer, just as he found the number Aunt Kate walked into the office. Well well well where have you been Mister she said in a concerned tone. I was shocked and gave a quick response and said that I had been waiting up at the pickup point with Ms Elly and then we walked down to the office.

Here? She said. Yeah just here at school waiting for you to come and pick me up. I was starting to get a bit shaky and nervous at this point. Aunt Kate almost never got mad but when she got mad she was really mad.
Well thats not good enough. She said. I told you that you would need to take the bus today as your mum and I had to go to see the specialist. Do you remember Mike? I stood there thinking for a minute until Aunt Kate grabbed my wrist. well she said never mind we need to get you home it’s late. She thanked Mr Peterson for waiting with me and we both said goodbye.

We left the office and headed to the car. On the way Aunt Kate didn’t say a word to me. We were nearly at the car when I said I needed to go to the toilet. Aunt Kate turned and said that all the toilets were locked for the holidays and that I would just have to wait until we got home. We reached the car and I climbed in. Aunt Kate shut my door, climbed in the car and started the engine. Right she said. Home we go. Just a few minutes into the journey and I told Aunt Kate I really had to pee and wouldn’t be able to make it home. Ok. She said. We will try to find a restroom. We searched up and down a few of the streets, but to no avail aunt Kate said well It appears that everything has been closed for the day.
I started to cry as my bladder was nearly at bursting point. Aunt Kate looked at me. Then she said I have it! She pulled the car off to the side of the road and got out. She headed to the back of the car and opened the boot. She pulled out my brothers diaper bag and came round to the passenger side door where I was sitting. Then she pulled a diaper out of the bag and I nearly passed out. A Diaper I said. A horrified look on my face. “Yes” she said. NO WAY! I am not wearing one of those I am fifteen now. I told her.

Aunt Kate looked at me, she leaned in and gave me a hug. Well then she told me there was no other option unless I wanted to pee my pants, and then get a spanking when we get home for wetting her car seat. I sighed. Thats what I thought she said. With that she picked me up and put me on her hip and carried me to the back on the car and lay me down on my back and began to pull my trousers off. I started to pull my trousers back up and she spanked my hand. It’s this or an Over the knee when we get home she reminded me. I let my trousers go. Thats what I thought. She said. She proceeded to pull my trousers off, next she went for my underwear and I started to cry and argue again, she reached back into the diaper bag and produced a pacifier, shoved it into my mouth. There there baby she cooed. There’s no need to cry aunt kate has everything under control and you’re safe with me.

I felt my underwear coming down and off my legs and began to break into even more tears aunt kate again reached into the diaper bag and produced a diaper, wipes and powder. She began wiping me and my private parts. She then lifted my butt and legs as she lay the diaper under my butt, before slowly lowering me onto the diaper. Next came the powder and by this point I was so embarrassed that I was fighting aunt kate with all my might and all my strength. It was no use and before I knew it I had a dry diaper on and was sitting up with my seatbelt back on and sucking on the pacifier in my mouth.

The rest of the trip home was silent as I fell asleep and dreamt wonderful things.

Chapter 2.
A new beginning.

It must have been hours before I began to wake, Aunt was sitting next to me and I could see mum next to her, they looked happy to see me. I began to open my eyes and sit up. I felt like I was going to fall but luckily aunt kate caught me before I fell back down on to the bed. Well I see our sleepy man is awake she said. Yes I responded, still a bit sleepy. What happened? You had a huge accident on the way home from school sweetheart. Aunt Kate looked down at me and I looked down as well. Ahhh! I screamed! “ahhhh” what is this? It’s protection Mike they said. I don’t need protecting I yelled. I am potty trained and I definitely don’t need diapers!.
Well Mike you kind of messed and peed your diaper on the way home. When we got home I cleaned you up and put a fresh diaper on you. Mum and I decided that it was best if you continued to wear diapers just incase it happened again. It’s not going to happen again I said. But just as I was saying that I felt a groan in my stomach and then a sudden urge to poop. I knew what was going to happen next but it was out of my control.

It couldn’t be, not now, especially not after I just told them I didn’t need protection. But it was to late and I had no control as I pooped and released everything into the diaper. My but buring and stining. I looked up and began to cry. There there baby Aunt Kate cooed. I had a feeling that might happen again, thats why you’re wearing that diaper. Boys that can’t control their pooping need to wear a diaper and be treated like a baby. Aunt Kate picked me up and walked me over to what seemed to a change table. I closed my eyes as she slay me down.
She proceeded to untape the sides of the diaper. My my what a mess you have made little one. I am not little! I said. She reached into her pocket and produced a pacifier, shoved it into my mouth and said all you need is some love baby. I began to cry and suck on the paci. All I could think of was the trip home and what had happened since I had been picked up from school. I know I am no baby, and I had no issues controlling myself and my pooping this morning. As I was thinking to myself I felt aunt Kate slip on a pair of latex gloves that were under the table which I had now figured out to definitely be a changing table.

She started wiping my bum and my private area, then without warning I felt as she slipped a finger into my ass. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but man I should have. After I was all cleaned and in a fresh diaper aunt Kate picked me up and put me on her hip as she carried me downstairs and placed me in front of the TV. She turned on some cartoons. I was really sleepy after the whole ordeal and everything that had happened this afternoon and I drifted off to sleep.
When I woke I started to cry I had no idea why but I just felt like crying. Aunt Kate who was in the kitchen must have heard me as she flung into the room and picked me and swung me on to her hip. What’s wrong sweetie? She said. Holding me in her warm arms, I had no response for her, she poked a finger under the elastic of the diaper and said no. Not mess, no pee can’t be the diaper. Then she said I know!

You must be hungry my darling and with that she carried me up the stairs and into her room. She sat in her chair with me on her lap and pulled her top off down revealing her bra. She then proceeded to remove a part of the bra and then I could see her breast and she produce a nipple. Next she moved me into a lying position across her lap, she moved my head and mouth toward her breast as if I was about to have my face smothered. But I figured it out soon enough as she pulled me closer and placed a finger in my mouth and pried it open. suck it she said, come on bah bah, suck on mommys booby, she was still trying to get me to latch on but I refused. Just the idea of me sucking my aunts breast was bad enough and I never imagined that I would even come this close to her let alone be drinking her milk.

Before I knew it. She had my mouth open and pushed me on until her niple was inside my mouth. I could feel it, she pushed my face against it. She kept pushing and pushing until I decided I had no other choice than to suckle. As I was suckling away I could feel this warm liquid filling my belly but at the same time my belly was starting to feel a little uneasy. I kept sucking and sucking until she pulled me away and produced her other breast and I began to suckle away again. By now I had well and truly stopped crying. I was calm and happy and even smiling up at her.

I must have been in a trance as I didn’t even realise that I messed again. Aunt Kate must have smelt it and felt it as she pulled me away from her and said o oh. I think someone has had another accident. Before we change you I need to burp you and make sure you don’t chock. She picked me up and moved me so my head was over her shoulder and began to smack my back. I felt the need to burp all of a sudden and a few seconds later “urgup” I burped. Good boy, what a good baby Aunt Kate said as she was picking me up and walking me back to my room.

She lay me back down on the change table and began to do her thing. She placed her gloves on and when she got to the point of putting her finger into my ass I could feel it this time and I knew something was strange. STOP! I said. She kept pushing her finger up my ass and then withdrew her finger, what’s wrong my sweet? Why are you putting your finger into my bum? Oh hunny, baby there is nothing to worry about I am just helping to make sure you go poopy. I don’t need help, I can tell when I need to go. I am a big boy and I don’t need any help to do a poop. This will just make sure you go and I don’t have to worry about you getting constipated. She said.
Aunt Kate finished cleaning me up and taped a new diaper on me, lifted me up and carried me over to my bed which was now a crib. She lay me down and pulled the blankets and covers up. Get some sleep little man, we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. Shopping for some new clothes, toys more diapers and some new drinking cups. With that she gave me a big kiss and turned the lights out, left the room closing the door behind her.

Chapter 3.
Shopping Spree

I woke up the next morning not feeling to good. I started to cry. Aunt Kate came flying through the door and picked me up. Good morning baby she said. She walked me over to the change table and untaped the diaper, whoo, what a mess my little man has made. She said.

Ok so this is a start and I will continue to update this post as I add more to the story.
So what has Aunt Kate got in store for her nephew Mke? Keep watching and following the thread to keep up to date as and when I add more.

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Grade A fap fiction… 10/10 regret reading

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If you really want to get better as a writer, say so now, and I’ll go over, blow by blow, everything you did wrong here. I’ll even be nice and not snarky about it.

If you don’t care, feel free to get all defensive or just flounce away in a huff. Either or.

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You can PM me.

Wow great start to your story. I hope you will continue this story. Looking forward to reading more.

Since this story has not been touched in 5 years, I wouldn’t expect an update any time soon.

The author hasn’t even logged in for almost 5 years so an update is really unlikely.

I think there’s better odds of winning the lottery.

Seeing as I got some lottery tickets for Christmas; and I actually won some money on one of them, maybe we should reconsider the odds? (It wasn’t a lot of money, but enough for me to buy a couple of books I’ve been planning on getting.)

Congrats on the lottery! How about we reconfigure it to mean a big-time lottery win, like one of their big lucky millionaire jackpots?