Migration- a new Goose in town

Hello. I’m Goose, or at least that’s my online handle.

Let’s see, starting with the basics:
I’m a dude. I’m straight. I’m 20. I’m from Missouri.

Alright, a little more details now. I love to write. I write fanfiction, original stories, roleplays, blogs, code- basically anything that I can spend hours in front of a computer typing away on, I enjoy. I’m in college, studying to be a computer programmer- why I love writing code. I’m a bit of a grammar Nazi when I want to be- I’d rather write something up that looks good and is easy to read than otherwise.

I love to do things outside. I used to run daily, but I’ve gotten busy and just don’t have the drive to do that as much anymore. I love soccer, frisbee, and rugby. I’m skinny- like 150lbs and 6’2".

I’m a Disney fanatic. Lion King is the best movie ever. And Beauty and the Beast is rockin’ too.

Anyway, feel free to ask questions, or PM me, or whatever. And I love roleplaying =]


Re: Migration- a new Goose in town

I got a leg that weighs 150 lol when I was his age I was six foot and weighed 165 now I am 5 11 and weigh 220 whats up with that

anyway welcome to the forum just what we need around here another grammar nazi

Re: Migration- a new Goose in town

Thanks Kita & Ken. I didn’t realize posting my weight would be such a discussion! I’ll have to keep that in mind as a topic starter for later! Thanks for the warm welcome- I’ll try and be nice about my grammar Ken!

Re: Migration- a new Goose in town

Depends on your muscle, though, right?

So I’m noe 5’11’’ and probably about 170lbs, but I have a 28" waist…