Hello everyone! This is my very first story I’ve ever written. Just a head’s up it will contain some sexual content and adult language. Now it won’t contain any hardcore sexual content, but there will be some sexual content so if that makes you uncomfortable I would encourage you not to read this story. I plan on it going for a very long time and I will update as often as I possibly can.

Like I said this is my first story so please be gentle! And without further ado,


17 year old Michelle Fowers had just come home from an afternoon out with some friends when she decided she would get online to see if another friend was online. After grabbing an apple and a can of soda, she went up to her room and powered on her computer, logged into her yahoo messenger, and messaged her friend, 24/7DiaperGirl, or as she knew her, Stacy.

“Hey you!” Michelle sent.
“Hey!” Her friend replied.
“What’s up?”
“Just waiting for your lazy ass to grace me with your presence.”
“Very funny Stacy.”
“So you told me there was something you wanted to ask me?”
“Oh yeah! I wanted to know if you’d thought anymore about what I said last time”
“About me telling my parents?”
“Hell. No.”
“Why not?”
“Because they would freak!”
“Oh please!”
“They so would!”
“What’s the worst that could happen?”
“I take that as a ‘nothing Stacy, you’re always right about everything always’”
“They could disown me.”
“For wearing diapers? Fat chance.”
“They could tell me to stop.”
“They might, but you’ve gone this long without them finding out so you could still keep it up even if they told you to stop. Don’t you want to stop worrying every day that they’ll find your stash of diapers and confront you when you’re not prepared?”
“Well . . . that’s a fair point. But still.”
“Come on honey. Just take the plunge. You know you want to!”
“I do it’s just,”
“You heard me. You’re a chicken!”
“Knock it off!”
“Chicken! Can’t even tell her mommy and daddy she wants to wear different underwear!”
“Ok what?”
“I’ll do it.”
"Good girl!
“You make me so mad sometimes.”
“Yeah and you love me for it :P”
“Maybe ;)”
“Well why are you still hanging around for? Go tell your parents right now!”
“Lol ok. I’ll talk to you tomorrow?”
“Same time same place girlfriend!”
“Lol ok. Bye!”

Michelle exited her messenger and went to her closet. She pulled out a thick Attends Overnight diaper and rubbed her fingers over it. After some thought she decided it might help her cause if she was diapered when she told her parents, so she went and laid down on her bed, pulled down her jeans and panties, then she pulled the diaper up between her legs and taped it up snugly. Once she checked to make sure it was good, she pulled her jeans back on, examining the slightly obvious bulge in her crotch, and then went downstairs.

“Mom, dad, can I talk to you guys?” Michelle said.
“What’s up sweetie?” Her dad asked.
“I have something I need to tell you guys.”
“Of course Michelle.” Her mom said as she and Michelle’s father sat on the couch.
“I um . . . I have something really personal I need to tell you guys so I’m just gonna do it and then when I’m done, we can discuss it.” She started.
“Absolutely.” Her dad said.
"Ok. So for the last few months I have been . . . experimenting with something. Not drugs or alcohol or anything bad like that. I’ve given what I’m about to tell you a lot of thought and I’ve been conflicted about it for awhile now. Basically what I want to tell you, is that I like wearing diapers. I’ve been buying them with my babysitting money and wearing them up in my room in private. They’re the only thing that really makes me feel happy and less stressed about life and school and stuff.
“I get that this is probably a huge shock to you guys and I’m sorry I’m dumping this on you all of a sudden. I just can’t hide it anymore. It’s been eating away at me not telling you about how I feel.” Michelle finished, anxious to hear what her parents reaction would be.
“You like wearing . . . diapers?” Her mom asked slowly.
“Very much mom. They just feel so right for me.” She explained.

The three of them spent the better part of an hour discussing this new information, which lead Michelle and her mom to start shedding tears about the trust issues, Mrs. Fowers feeling like she did something wrong, and a lot more questions. Once all the questions had been asked, and answered honestly, there was a silence that was broken by her father.

“The way I see it,” he began, “we have 2 options. I don’t understand this but if it is something that makes you happy and it isn’t hurting anyone, I should be grateful. That said, I want you to make a choice. You only get to pick one of these 2 choices. Understand?”
“I understand daddy.” She replied simply.
“Good. Now option 1, you stop wearing diapers, you stop with anything diaper related, and we never ever mention this again. And option 2, you will wear only diapers. We will throw out your underwear and you won’t ever use the toilet again. If you want to wear diapers that bad then you’re going to wear them all the time. It’s all or nothing. And it’s up to you which one you pick.”
“Why can’t I just wear them sometimes? Like when I’m stressed or something?”
“Because you can’t live your life on the fence of important decisions. This is a decision that could impact the rest of your life and I want you to experience the responsibility associated with something important. I will love you the exact same regardless of what you pick, but you have to pick one or the other. No more being on the fence.” He responded.
“So I’d wear diapers 24/7? To school, to family functions, on dates?” She asked.
“Exactly. The only time you wouldn’t be diapered is when you’re diaper is being changed, or you’re in the shower.”
“And I have to use them? All the time?”
"Yes. No toilet use again. And to clarify, that means you will pee, and you will poop in your diapers.
“Can I take some time to think about it?”
“I don’t think so. I can tell you already know which choice you want.”
“I want to wear diapers.” Michelle responded after several moments of contemplation.
“That’s what I thought, and by the looks of it, you’re already one step ahead.” He said, causing Michelle to blush.
“So what now?” Michelle asked.
“You go and get every single pair of panties you own, and you put them in this bag.” Her mother said.

Chapter 1
5 years later

Michelle got out of her hot shower and wiped away the fog that had made residence on her mirror. She pulled out her hairdryer and set to work styling her hair for her night out. Once her hair was dry she went to her room, though because it was a studio apartment the only thing that had it’s own separate space was the bathroom, everything else was out and in the open.

She walked to the corner where her large pile of diapers was kept and grabbed a Dry 24/7. She was going to be out drinking and would probably not be in good shape to change herself. She also grabbed a bottle of baby powder, some rash cream, and her changing pad and went over to her bed.

She laid down the changing pad, opened up the diaper, and placed it on the bed. Next she laid down and put a generous amount of rash cream on her diaper area, followed by a large helping of baby powder. Once it was all rubbed in she pulled the thick diaper up and taped the bottom tapes, then the top tapes.

Satisfied with her diapering, Michelle went to her dresser and picked out a very sexy black bra. She then went to a clothing rack she kept as her “closet” and chose a fairly short, light blue skirt and a white tank top with a lower neckline. This outfit would probably not help conceal her diapers, but Michelle didn’t really care anymore, 5 years in diapers had given her plenty of time to stop worrying, though she didn’t like advertising her absorbent underwear. Finally she went off to do her makeup, some lipstick that went perfect with her dark red hair, a bit of blush, some eyeliner and she was all set to go enjoy her first Friday off in almost 2 months, the joys of being a journalist.

Michelle grabbed her purse, which contained her apartment keys, her identification, some lipstick, and two spare Attends diapers that she kept in there should she need a change while out, though she didn’t think that would be a problem with the diaper she had on. She normally just wore them at night to keep from leaking all over her bed. Her bedwetting habits that she had broken at the age of 13 had come back with the ever-weakening state of her bladder, not that Michelle was too concerned.

At about 9:30 Michelle’s taxi pulled up in front of the club. While it really was within walking distance, much like everything else in Manhattan, she had elected to take a cab as she didn’t really feel like walking in heels any further than she had to. She paid her fare and walked up to the bouncer who let her in for free.

Michelle went up to the bar and took a seat in the middle of 2 empty seats and ordered a martini. While she waited she watched the dozens of 20 somethings dance to songs with a thunderous bass sound and a fast beat. The bartender came back and set her drink down on a white napkin. Michelle gave him a ten dollar bill to cover the drink and a tip.

An hour and 4 martinis later, Michelle was becoming bored with this environment. She thought people would be a little less interested in the dancing, and a little more focused on the bar, specifically the very attractive red head who was occupying a seat there. She was just about to leave when someone sat down next to her. She turned around expecting a very muscular blonde man, but instead it was a fairly tall brunette woman who appeared to be about 30, wearing a very expensive dress and a beautiful smile.

“Hello beautiful.” The woman said.
“Are you talking to me?” Michelle asked.
“I’m trying to.” She replied with a smirk.
“Michelle.” She said extending her hand.
“Brianna.” The woman replied, returning the gesture.
“I was just getting ready to leave.” Michelle said, trying not to sound rude.
“Oh come on, indulge me for a moment. I just sat down.”
“Well, I suppose I can stay a few more minutes.” Michelle smiled.
“Good. Buy you a drink?”
“Um sure. Whatever you’re having.”
“I don’t think you could handle what I drink,” She said with a smile," Bartender, will you get my friend here a rum and coke?"
“I’m that easy to read huh?”
“I just figured you’d be tired of martinis by now.”
Michelle giggled and blushed a bit when she felt her diaper getting a little wamer.
“So Michelle, what do you do for work?”
“I actually just started as a journalist for the New York Times.”
“Oh wow. Very prestigious.”
“Not really. I say journalist, but I’m really more like an intern who is paid.”
“Well you’ve got to start somewhere right?”
“Right you are. May I ask what you do?”
“I’m a freelance attorney.”
“Oh wow. That sounds interesting.”
“I guess so. I basically only represent large corporations.”
“Lot of money in that?”
“I’m pretty comfortable.”
“That’s a yes.” Michelle giggled. Her bladder sent her brain a signal that she needed to pee and then decided to just let it out on it’s own right into her diaper.
“Well there’s got to be some money in your field.”
“Yeah, enough for a studio apartment and some food. I used all my cash on hand to pay for my drinks so that’s my fun money for the month.”
“Yeah we’ve all been there. So do you have enough money to get home, or are you going to need someone to walk you home?” Brianna asked.
“I spent my cab money on my drinks since I though a cute guy might want to pay for them for me.” Michelle laughed.
“Well that was irresponsible of you.”
“Whatever mom” She joked.
“Well in exchange for that drink, you’re going to let me walk you home. Fair?”
“You have yourself a deal.”
“Good. Finish that off and let’s go.”
“It’s not even 11 yet.” Michelle said.
“And at the rate you’ve been drinking you won’t make it to 11 without vomiting.”
“Alright alright.”

Michelle quickly finished the drink Brianna had bought her and started to get off the stool when Brianna held out her hand to help her get off safely. The pair made their way outside the club, though stumbled would be the more accurate word for Michelle. During the 30 minute walk back to Michelle’s apartment, the girls discussed various things in their lives. Michelle told Brianna of her goals with her journalism career, how bad she hated some of her coworkers, while Brianna kept her from falling over and making comedic comments about aspects of Michelle’s story.

“Well this is my building.” Michelle said
“You going to make it up there ok?”
“I should. Unless you wanted to tuck me in.” Michelle laughed.
“Is that an invitation to come up?”
“Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.”
“I’d love to come up.” Brianna said with a smile.
“Well. Alright. I should probably clean up first though.”
“It’s a studio. I’m sure it looks fine.”
“Oh. Um. Ok then.” Michelle said, nervous about her diapers being out on display.

Michelle kept trying to come up with an explanation for Brianna about why there was a large pile of adult diapers in the corner of her apartment that were clearly in her size, but she couldn’t come up with anything but the truth. She needed them. She just wasn’t happy to have to explain that one. The only people who knew she wore diapers were her family and 2 of her friends, none of whom were anywhere near New York. They entered Michelle’s apartment and Brianna noticed the diapers almost immediately, much to Michelle’s dismay.

“So . . .” Brianna started.
“I can explain.”
“Well go ahead then.”
“It’s like a really long story, and I’m too drunk to explain the whole thing, but basically I can’t control when I pee so I need to wear diapers.”
“Well that’s not very adult like.”
“I know.” Michelle said blushing.
“So you’re in a diaper right now?”
Michelle nodded.
“And what?”
“Do you need a change or should I check?”
“I’m fine. I wore a thick diaper so I wouldn’t leak.”
“Yes I could tell.”
“You knew I was diapered?”
“Well a girl your size never has a butt that big, plus you didn’t dance, and when I came to talk to you I could smell the baby powder.”
“And here I thought it was totally invisible.” Michelle frowned.
“It’s not a big deal. But I want to make sure you’re as fine as you say you are.”
“You don’t need to do that.” Michelle tried to argue, but her bladder decided now was a good time to prove that wrong. The flood gates opened and taxed the leak guards, letting several droplets run down Michelle’s leg.
“And you really didn’t help your argument there.” Brianna said.
“No buts. Take your skirt off.”
“No. Get out of my apartment.”
“You can either take it off yourself, or I can.”
“I said get out.”
“Ok little girl, have it your way.”
Michelle did not like the sound of that. All she could do was freeze in fear as the much stronger woman closed in on her small frame. At only 5’2 and just over 100 pounds, she didn’t have much chance over the 5’10 woman who probably went to the gym everyday. Brianna grabbed Michelle by the wrist and dragged her to the bed. She quickly yanked the skirt off of Michelle so fast that there was no chance for a reaction.

“My word you are soaked!” Brianna exclaimed.
Michelle just stood there silently blushing.
"So here’s my question to you, do you want to try and prove to me you’re an adult who can take care of her incontinence needs, or do you want me to?
“I . . . I dunno.”
“You don’t know?” Brianna said sternly.
“I don’t think I’d do a good job.” Michelle said, much to her own surprise, though in her drunken state, she was correct.
“Ok then. Where are your other supplies for a diaper change?”
Michelle pointed to her night stand.
“Ok sweetie. Go lay down on the bed.”
“Yes ma’am.” Michelle said obediently.

Brianna grabbed the supplies and took them over to Michelle, who was lying very still on the bed with her arms tightly hugging her own stomach. Brianna undid the tapes on the wet diaper and pulled it back. After wiping Michelle’s diaper area clean, she wrapped up the diaper and threw it in the diaper garbage can. Then she unfolded the new diaper, lifted Michelle’s legs like a child, and placed the new diaper underneath. She then grabbed the powder and sprinkled a generous amount of powder all over Michelle’s diaper area and pulled the diaper up, then taped it snug.

“How’s that?” Brianna asked.
“That’s good. Thank you.” Michelle said blushing.
“Good. Now let’s get you to bed.”

Michelle slipped her tank top over her head, took off her bra, and threw them both on the ground. She then reached down and grabbed the shirt she slept in off the floor and slipped that on. Brianna then pushed her onto her back, pulled the covers over her, and gave her a kiss on the forehead. She would have told Michelle goodbye, had the younger girl not passed out already. Brianna took care of a few final things, turned off the lights, and went home.

Currently working on Chapter 2 and will post ASAP so keep checking in!
Thanks for reading!

Re: Michelle

I like the story so far, just one small comment. Maybe you should put something at the beginning of the chapter 1 that explains the jump in time. Like: 6 years later…… Please keep writing, I do really like it

Re: Michelle

It’s a fun story and well written. I’m looking forward to chapter 2

Re: Michelle

Thanks for the input tbjoel, I didn’t even think of that. I have now updated that to avoid confusion for future readers :slight_smile:

Re: Michelle

I like it, I thought poorly when the father made such an ultimatum and went through such a large time skip right after (that’s a lot of serious character development stuff to skip, I thought) but I’m glad I stuck with it. I like where its going enough to get past how it got there.

Re: Michelle

I like the story so far. I think it has some good possibilities. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Re: Michelle

Really like what I’ve read so far! The character of Michelle was setup quite nicely. The prologue totally worked for me when it comes to imagining the character’s situation 5 years later. The only thing that disappointed me a little was the way Brianna patronized Michelle. I was given the impression Michelle was independent and responsible, and Brianna’s actions weren’t necessarily in-line with that idea. Her reaction started out pretty well, though. She realized the potential danger and tried to act upon it (even though she eventually gave in).

Looking forward to the next chapter. I wonder how their next meeting will be. I imagine Brianna will feel a bit awkward against a now sober Michelle, who will possibly feel violated after all that happened.