Metal fish stop car go boom!

Sometimes I look at our technology and go “Wow, I didn’t know we could do that,” and then other times, like the above, I have to point out the sheer arrogance of getting ahead of yourself.

Hell…we already have a “Fish” that’s similar, except it actually does something useful and vacuums our house! :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, thought this was worth mentioning…and funny as shit. Enjoy.

Re: Metal fish stop car go boom!

Although the vacuum isn’t going at 100mph…

Re: Metal fish stop car go boom!

I don’t see anything wrong with this, how do you get an army of tiny robots without a co-ordinated movement plan? Or far in the future when we’re all travelling around in Zeppelins, we don’t want them crashing do we? I just hope we’re improving on the animal algorithm (not just replicating it as accurately as possible), the consequences of failure are… well birds and fish are a lot more robust in a collision than fast cars, but then they probably know that.

(damn now you’ve got me thinking of my army of tiny robots…)