Messy Lesbians

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I first noticed Nicole three weeks, four days, five hours and seventeen minutes ago. I was in a record shop, a nice little establishment that sold some very rare and unusual LP’s. I know vinyl’s are so archaic but nothing can compare to the sweet melodies of Sgt Pepper flowing out of a 78. I frequent this record shop on a regular basis, its one of my favourite haunts, as such I know nearly all the staff and patrons by name, the ones I don’t know by name, I know to see. So to say that on this particular day when I saw Nicole flutter in like a breeze, that I was intrigued, would be an understatement. Not just because some strange newcomer had ventured into my musical sanctuary, which on any other day would have piped my interest, but no that was not the reason I was captivated with her.

From the moment she walked in the door I was awe struck. The young lady was beautiful. She looked slightly older than me, which I found out later to be true, she is twenty seven, while I’m twenty two. She had an air of confidence to her that was very attractive to me, the way she walked and held herself just screamed confidence. She had a feminine physique that was both motherly and seductive. Her hour glass figure supported her nurturing charisma, while her sublime height and facial features made her so alluring to me.

She was wearing a grey business suit with a simple white blouse underneath it, which gave the impression of success. In a rare lecherous moment I imagined myself nestled under her skirt, in between her legs, pleasuring her with my nimble tongue. Such thoughts caused butterflies to flutter around in my stomach, as my panties grew wet.

She was looking through some albums in the classic punk rock section. I wandered closer to her, not so close that she would notice me, but close enough so I could see what she was looking at. I started to, non chalantly, flick through records, occasionally glimpsing at her, peeking at what record she was inspecting. She had a Stiff Little Fingers sleeve in her hand and was paying it close attention. She seemed torn whether to buy it or not. It was if holding that record was her re visiting her past. I could vision her as a punk rocker while she was growing up. Living the alternative lifestyle, expressing her distain for the pop culture which dominated the globe, frustrating her parents with her morels and being full of debauchery. A younger me would have considered her a sell out for betraying her roots. But as the weight of the world slowly crushed me, such thoughts seemed silly. To me now she was someone who grew up. As I looked at my cracked black nail varnish on my slender fingers the thought of someone changing so radically both fascinated and terrified me. Although I could understand it. And craved to be strong enough to take the plunge towards maturity myself. Part of me still never wanted to grow up.

I started to flip through the albums, so as not to bring attention to myself. I wanted to stare at her some more but cowered in case I got caught. Although I kept glancing over to her as she studied the old vinyl sleeve. Slowly I moved closer to her, just to be in her presence, this was like being on some magical aphrodisiac mixed with a potent hallucinogenic. My arousal was reaching critical levels. With each second in her vicinity my panties moistened. What was it about her that I found so appealing. I had known from an early age that I preferred the company of women, preferring their caring warmth over the socially accepted ruggedness of men. But no woman had ever cast such a spell over me, sure I had instant attraction to females before but never such a feeling of infatuation.

As I got closer to her, I got ensnared in her fragrance. It was Chanel, which isn’t unusual, I know many professional woman like the chanel range. But what was unusual was that I tended to find it deplorable. The smell was always too over powering for me. But that day was different. On Nicole it reminded me somehow of being a child again. My mother had used chanel, but always in a minimalist fashion. She wouldn’t coat herself in the perfume like most women. This is most likely why I found this ladies aroma so enchanting. She had gotten the balance just right, I breathed her in deep. Slowly and deep, so as not to arouse suspicion. The aroma brought back child hood memories, playing happily in the meadows near my old house, staying up late on school nights, going on picnics with my family. Oddly it also brought up a memory which I hadn’t thought of for some time. It reminded me of the day I came out to my mother, when I told her that men didn’t interest me. I quickly suppressed such thoughts as to not ruin my lovely feeling of attraction towards a fine specimen of perfection.

I was standing right next to her. So close we were almost touching. I felt like I was in heaven, that I was standing beside my own personal Angel. I had to fight with myself not to reach out and suck face. I controlled myself and went to pick up and album to take my mind of my lust filled thoughts. My hands were trembling, I nervously steadied them and reached for an album.

As I went to pick up some random cover, she reached out for the same one. Our hands touched for the briefest of seconds. She looked at me with a coy smile as I did her. As her maternal gaze met my lustful stare I immediately blushed. She giggled as if I was a child who had just made some faux pas , but as I was a child it came across as cute. I was increasingly aware of how wet my pants were getting. I smiled at her and went back to looking at albums. My cheeks and ears burning from embarrassment.

She seemed slightly hurt at my sudden disinterest. I began to ponder if she too preferred the company of women. The idea of this older lady finding me appealing was thrilling to me. I struggled to keep my hand from wandering down the front of my pants, to alleviate some of the tension between my legs. I slyly peaked up at her and she definitely seemed put out.

I made a bold move and as she reached out for another album I reached out and touched her hand. Only this time it wasn’t for the briefest of seconds, I let my hand linger. She looked up at me happily as I smiled sweetly at her. She gently took my hand in hers as we gazed into each other eyes. I could feel all my troubles just melt away as I got lost in her.

She smiled at me and then she spoke. “Hi soft paws, I’m Nicole”. Such euphoric brilliance emanated from her subtle lips. Her voice played magic over me with her siren song, known as speech. I mumbled something incoherent in response, I suspect to be claiming I was her sole property. She stared at me and a nervous giggle slipped out.
I took a deep breath and slowly introduced myself. “I’m Nadia, sorry about mumbling, your beauty has taken me slightly, so I’m struggling to control myself” I articulated with a smile. She seemed to be happy with my introduction, may I say flattered even.

She brushed a stray bang out of my face and stared lovingly at me. Her motherly gaze made me feel secure and I could feel all my problems wash away. The security in her eyes was intoxicating, I immediately wanted to please her in anyway I could.

We were so close I could taste her minty fresh breath. Being in such close proximity with my enchantress made me tremble with anticipation. I could feel my heart beating faster, adrenaline started to leak through my veins and time all but stopped. The realization that I was about to experience my first kiss with this beautiful temptress hit me like the realization that a rabbit gets when it knows that a majestic bird of prey has its sights on it. The bunny trembles with fear as the falcon makes its dive bomber like approach, but the fear is soon replaced by anticipation. Anticipation that soon the poor rabbit will soon be apart of something more beautiful and define than it could ever hope to be. As the falcon makes its final swoop the rabbit has embraced its fate and humbly stays still. The falcon has its meal, and while the rabbit may have perished, its happy to be part of such ferocious beauty.

I closed my eyes and smiled as my metaphorical bird of prey swooped in for the kill. Nicole leaned forward and kissed me with such ferocity and passion that I thought for the briefest of moments that she could see into my minds eye and had heard my inner thoughts compare her to the mighty falcon.

I felt the excitement of the first kiss, the hesitation not to be over stepping the mark, the precision of our tongues to impress our partner into maybe a second kiss and the arousal of having a foreign object in my mouth. The first kiss was always a passionate milestone to me, and Nicole and I had just passed it.

Her tongue lovingly investigated my mouth, tasting every molecule she could encounter. I supported her tongue on its adventure by massaging it with my own tongue, ensuring it didn’t tire on its quest. My heart beat to almost hummingbird proportions. Time slowed to a complete stop. We were stuck in a moment that, I for my part, was happy to stay. I had never received such an astounding first kiss. Her tongue slowed down and probed less, instead her tongue more embraced mine and held it gently. All the while she was still holding my hand securely, reassuringly as if she was afraid that I would scare at her bold act of lust.

And then it ended, she pulled back and for a sliver of a moment my heart shattered as I felt the rejection of an ended kiss. That horrible sensation of not knowing if the kiss has ended due to some deficiency on my part, or a total lack of arousal on hers. My eyes opened and Nicole was still gazing at me lovingly. I stepped up on my tip toes and kissed her sweetly on the lips. Just a peck, to show that I was happy with her part in our erotic mouth dance. As I stepped down I smiled as did she. I was humbly waiting for her response to show whether or not the kiss was enjoyable for her. Her face didn’t change, she still wore that motherly smile, and her eyes were deep and passionate. My heart flat lined for what seemed like an eternity. But then she squeezed my hand reassuringly, letting me know that she had felt the same arousal that I had. The squeeze of my hand had a defibulating effect on my heart and I could breath properly again.

Hand in hand, without a word of what had just transpired, and without a hint of what would happen next we made for the exit, my knew lover and I. little did we know that we were about to take a journey of sexual exploration that would forever alter our choice in partners.

Since that faithful day Nicole and I have been inseparable, and according to a few close friends, with a twinkle of devilment, insufferable. We are not like a normal couple, we are not equals, there is a hierarchy to our partnership. Its not a huge difference in power, we operate like a political leader and their trusted second in command. While the right hand has a lot of say, ultimately the power lies in the hands of the vigilant dictator.

I have the more submissive personality and Nicole definitely has the more domineering whilst also having a care free laid back attitude. Publicly, to the casual onlooker we would appear to be equals, you would have to really scrutinize our relationship to discover the subtle eccentricities that betray our allocated roles. Simple things like Nicole indicating where to sit when we go out to what ever establishment we have so chosen, be it winery or eatery, she will choose our seats regardless of company. An not in a controlling fashion, she tends to be at our table before the rest of the party and will merely offer suggestions were to sit. Or me asking her, with no more than a whisper, if I could be excused to use the rest room.

Even while ordering at a restaurant, I will state which dish I would be inclined to order. Seems innocent enough, just informing people what I deem to be tasty. But there in lies the subtlety. I never order without consent from Nicole, which can come in the form of a simple nod or a enthusiastic agreement that I have a keen sense of what is delicious at the particular establishment. But that is only if my choice has passed her educated palette. If I am ordering something inadequate she will suggest something more suitable. I never pass on her recommendations.

And privately the same un written rules apply. She will seat me and offer suggestions on what we will have to eat, or what we will watch on TV. To some this may sound horrible having no free will, to be constantly corrected. But to me, to me its incredibly invigorating and liberating, to have such simple aspects of my life controlled. Nicole naturally fell into this role with me, and for me to listen and obey was both mentally and spiritually fulfilling, while erotically satisfying. I hoped that Nicole felt the same way, but we both naturally took up our respective positions. It was an unsaid bond between us, that while felt completely natural, to talk about such things just felt absurd.

It all stemmed from that first day that we met. After we left the record shop, leaving the clerks with some nice juicy gossip, Nicole brought me to a small Italian bistro just around the corner. We walked hand in hand staring into each others eyes, me with my lustful leer and Nicole with her motherly gaze. I paid attention to nothing but her, I lost complete sense of where I was. I was so lost in her that if she had not known where she was going I would have surely ended up under a bus. But know where she was going she did. When we reached our rustic little Italian bistro we were greeted by a balding, portly gentleman, clad in a black suit, who welcomed Nicole by name and kissed her three times on the cheek, left, right, left. I blushed at seeing this, feeling somewhat impressed yet scrutinised. Nicole had taken me to an eatery that clearly had a personal attachment to her. She spoke with the maitre’d quickly, and happily in Italian. This was absolutely wonderful, I had no idea that Nicole was so cultured. I had never met anyone who had spoken Italian before. I knew it was Italian as I spoke French myself and this was most definitely not French. I could also recognise German and Spanish though I could not speak them.

Nicole said something in Italian and motioned towards me, the maitre’d smiled a broad, genuinely happy smile, and kissed me three times on the cheek, left, right, left. I blushed crimson, not used to the European tradition of greeting with a kiss. Nicole watched my moment of slight embarrassment lovingly and gently tightened her grip on my hand. I looked back at her and smiled happily at her, thankful for the moral support.

He seated the two of us at a little table for two at the front of the restaurant by the window. I felt slightly put out, it was as if we were on display. Nicole picked up on my aversion and reassured me that she always sat here as she liked to people watch. I nodded hesitantly wondering how many other people she had brought her. Thinking about her bringing hordes of people here made me uneasy and nervous. Nicole giggled at my reaction and gently informed me that she rarely came here with company which put me at ease. I smiled happily to myself and looked around at the bistro. It had a very simple design. Red brick walls, a few pictures of Italian landscapes hanging from them. At the back was the cash register with their wine rack on display, along with the window into the kitchen. The tables were all neat and tidy, unset with cutlery yet. A candle protruding from a wine bottle sat at the centre of each table, atop white linen table cloths.

The maitre’d, who I hadn’t noticed leaving, returned with two menus. They were simple in design, a black leather holder with a freshly printed menu inserted. I thanked him and started to read the menu to my shock it was written in Italian. I gave Nicole a puzzled look. She hadn’t stopped smiling at me, and with a reassuringly beautiful whisper she told me not to worry. I closed my menu and leaned in to kiss her. Just a gentle kiss on the lips to show my gratitude.

A new gentleman appeared clad in black slacks, white shirt, black tie and waist coat, with an apron secured around our midsection. Clearly our waiter, this young man was tall and slender with a elegant grace to him. He had mid length black hair oiled perfectly backwards. I could practically taste his cologne, a strong musk that smelled like a stately library. He smirked at Nicole and mumbled something in his native tongue, Nicole reciprocated and an eerie tension settled on the table. I felt so ill at ease, but they both erupted into laughter. I felt so out of place, not speaking Italian was going to be my downfall. The waiter looked over at me with a twinkle in his eye and a big happy grin on his face, he was looking at me eager to say something. As I had no idea what was going on or being said; I simply smiled and sat quietly. The waiter sniggered and went back to talking to Nicole.

I sat there awkwardly as Nicole and her close friend, as it seemed, the waiter spoke quickly in foreign tongues. I stared at my lap and contemplated the series of events which had brought be to be in such and uncomfortable position. Generally speaking I tended to be rather aloof when it came to courtship. At that point I couldn’t recall a single incident where I had been so bold. To reach out and touch someone so intimately with out so much as a hello, what had I been thinking. I felt like I had made a mistake. I shouldn’t be there, I wasn’t the type of person this lady thought. I wasn’t the type of girl who would have kissed someone as passionately as I did, publicly, for a first kiss. The first kiss to me was always a private affair, one that you had after the first date, when you were being led to your apartment. She would guide my to my front door, we would stand awkwardly for a brief second. Her hoping I would invite her upstairs, eagerly wanting to experience the ecstasy of intimacy. Unwaveringly I would stand between them and the door, smiling my innocent smile. They would always get the hint, not tonight. Then in the door way they would settle for our first kiss. Hidden from view of prying neighbours by the concrete door frame we would taste each other, passionately, sensually, dare I say lustfully. It was never the desired end to a night that she would have been hopping for, the first time being intimate together, but it was something just as nice, and to me just as big a mile stone in the relationship. The first kiss.

I started to feel nervous about being exposed, that Nicole would find out I wasn’t as bold as I may have first seemed. My hand trembled slightly as I begin to contemplate what will happen. Will Nicole be uninterested in some one as nervous as myself, will she stomp my heart to the curb. I felt like I needed to hyperventilate. My anxiety levels reached unrecorded highs. I tried to control myself by examining my lap, by focusing only on my faded blue jeans, the intricate weaving of fabric that encased my legs. It felt futile, I didn’t think there was any hope left. I felt like I should just up and leave. I noticed that the waiter had left, and Nicole was sitting silently opposite me. I looked up at her and everything melted away.

She looked content to just watch me as I struggled with my inner thoughts, my inner insanity. Her motherly smile had not left her mouth, I felt for the whole time since I had known her. It felt like love, but I knew it couldn’t be, I knew nothing of this woman as she knew nothing of me. But still there was something there, her maternally seductive eyes fixated on me. I was completely under her spell.

“Welcome back to us Nadia” she teased “Sorry that I was so focused on Martin, we go way back and I forget myself around him sometimes” Nicole was still smiling at me.

“Ohh no its absolutely fine” I started, not sure where to go. The moments when I wasn’t her soul attention felt like agony, but I couldn’t let her know that. “I have you all to myself now” I finished seductively, hoping that I conveyed enough confidence to make my statement so. She giggled angelically.

“Well you do” as she said this she reached across the table and took my hand in hers. She squeezed it sympathetically, as if she knew the horrors I had just come trough. We simply looked at each other, committing each tiny detail of each others faces to memory.

The waiter came and gracefully deposited a plate of mysterious fleshy rings surrounded by salad on my table setting. I looked at the dish with absolute curiosity. I looked to Nicole and she had what looked like rocks . What were they feeding us I thought. Nicole could tell I was having a moment of concern.

“I ordered you the calamari, I hope you don’t mind.” she started to explain “You looked fairly perplexed being here, so I thought I would order your food, one less thing to worry about” she finished with motherly affection.

“Ohh that’s cool, I’m glad you did. I tend to only ever order steak, so it will be nice to have something new” I giggled coyly. “Although I am very intrigued by what you are having, what are they”

“Ohh these are muscles, they are delicious, have you never tried them?” she asked with a hint of concern.

“No I have never even seen them before” I admitted eagerly, but felt slightly stupid at being so positive in my ignorance.

She scooped out the fleshy meat on her fork and held it up to me. I smiled opening my mouth, taking her delicious gift in my mouth. I almost wept, I had never tasted anything so nice. My diet was fairly straight forward, chicken or steak and veg. I wasn’t a great cook but boiling veg and frying meat was easy enough that even I couldn’t mess it up. So it was always great to try new things and the muscles were orgasmic! I desperately wanted to ask to swap plates with her, these were delicious. But I was also quite curious about my dish.

“These are delicious” I exclaimed eagerly, her smile deepened.

“I thought you would like them” Nicole teased me “Now try your dish” She asked, but it felt more like an order, not a stern one, but the message was clear. She was eager to find out if she had read me well enough to order something for me. I was eager to find out too

I cut off a small piece from the nearest calamari and hesitantly brought it to my mouth. It felt slightly rubbery as I chewed on it, but it tasted delightful. I brought the second bite up much faster and chomped down on it. I was about to shovel the third bite into my mouth, I hadn’t even swallowed the first bite, when I looked up Nicole was smiling sweetly at me.

“So I take it you like the calamari?” She half asked, half stated, she had a look on her face, it was the maternal expression I had already grown accustomed to seeing but something else. It was like pride, pride in me. It felt great.

“Ohh my god its so good, like really awesome” I confirmed with much gusto, a little to much gusto for a first date. But looking into her caring eyes I knew it was fine. I felt that just perhaps she was finding me charming. At least that’s what I hoped. After seeing that look of pride in her eyes I felt a lot more at ease with her. I stopped thinking that I was messing the date up and started to enjoy myself.

The calamari was delicious, and I trusted her ever since. Not just because she suggested something so mouth wateringly delicious, but because of the look I got. The look of pride and approval. I loved seeing that look on her face, even just thinking I was making her proud, despite what the reality may have been, felt so fulfilling. I craved it, I wanted it the whole time. Everything I did for her was just for that look she gave me. I got off on it, literally I had never felt so turned on, but that look, it did it for me.

After our delicious meal we went back to Nicole’s apartment. We made no real plans on it, we just ended up their. We walked hand in hand, comfortable silence blocking out the bustling sounds of the city. We arrived back at her abode, without a hint to her intentions she unlocked the door and brought me inside. Normally I would have been a bit dubious to go back to a new lovers apartment on a first date, but this felt absolutely natural.

It was a quaint little building, just on the out skirts of the city. It had three floors and a basement, one apartment to each floor. She lived in the top apartment. There was no elevator as the building was so small, so after the slight incline of the stairs we were at her mahogany door. She brought me into the living room. It was snug and comfy. The walls were painted red on all sides but one. It lead onto a balcony and this wall was red bricked with glass double doors, that looked out onto what would have been the back yard. It used to be a town house, a rather large one as it had four comfortable sized apartments, but had been converted a few years prior.

There were a few paintings on the walls and decorations about the room, it wasn’t cluttered, but I was only interested in Nicole so I didn’t take in my surroundings. She led me to the couch, it was cream coloured and immaculately clean. I sat down and felt like I was going to be swallowed, it was so comfortable. She sat me down and then disappeared for a moment. She came back with a bottle of white wine and two glasses, setting them down on the oak coffee table. She quickly un corked the bottle and had two glasses poured, handing me one.

I took a sip, she had chosen a sweet Chablis. It was magnificent. I am no wine connoisseur but even I could tell that this bottle was special, the flavours milling about in my mouth, the heavenly smell. It was really and excellent choice. After my first sip I smiled up to Nicole, who hadn’t sipped her glass yet, and was watching me enthusiastically, hoping I enjoyed what she had chosen.

“Wow this is delicious, I’m not a wine drinker but I could drink this” I chuckled, she smiled brightly at me and took her first sip.

“Yes this is a nice bottle, I save it for special occasions.” she said with a wink which sent shivers of ecstasy down my spine. I took another sip, then placed my glass on the table, not wanting to drink it too fast, I savoured it.

“So if your not a wine drinker, what do you drink?” Nicole asked as she sipped from her glass.

“Well I normally drink beer, as its cheap” I chuckled shyly “But when I’m a bit flush I will splurge on a cocktail”

“Ohh a cocktail drinker” She smiled broadly as she affirmed that I was a cocktail drinker “How sophisticated, do you have a poison of choice?”

“Well not really, I will normally try something new, depending on the bar. But if nothing catches my fancy I would probably order a appeltini” I explained, rambling slightly.

“Oh so you’re the adventurous type?” She half asked half stated.

I reached out and took my glass “I wouldn’t say that, I just like to get my booze on” I giggled before I took a sip from my glass. She giggled to but went silent, I guess I may have said that rather immaturely. “So what do you do?” I gently steered the conversation to something a bit more grown up.

“Oh I’m kind of a sales rep, I meet with clients and get them to buy things they don’t need.” She chuckled to herself.

“That sounds cool, what do you sell” I asked enthusiastically

“At the moment I’m selling bank debt to international tycoons, but I am sort of an independent contractor and I can be contracted to sell anything really.”

“Wow that’s pretty cool” I happily replied

“Yeah it is a good job, pays well. But it means I have to entertain clients, which can be hazardous to say the least.” said Nicole, non chalantly as she sipped her wine.

“Really how so?” I asked eagerly

“Well maybe not hazardous in the strictest sense, but you have to be really careful not to insult people, and that can be easily done. Like last week I had a meeting with a Chinese business man in Beijing. I was giving him a good deal, so he felt obliged to invite me back to his house to meet his family, and to enjoy a home cooked meal. His wife, a lovely lady, made hundred year old eggs” She took a sip from her wine and shuddered “If you have ever had them you will know they are an acquired taste, but also a delicacy. It was quite and honour to be served this dish. Unfortunately I don’t like the taste. I had to eat them, if I didn’t I risked loosing my client. The tricky part though was I had to appear to be enjoying them. That was tough”

“Wow how did you manage it?” I asked, enthralled by her story

“With a lot of wine” She smiled, then started to laugh loudly, I joined in, her tale had captivated me and she delivered it so well that I was genuinely amused by her anecdote. “Anyway enough about my job, what do you do?” She asked as the laughter died down.

“Oh well I waitress irregularly at a diner, but I’m still in college, studying Music theory and technology” I explained, blushing slightly

“That sounds delightful, I take it you like music then?” She asked expectantly

“Yeah I really do, I have been involved in music all my life, I think I got my first piano lesson when I was four.” I said eagerly at first, wanting to open up, but the memories of those lesson’s with my gran brought back sore memories so I quickly shut up.

“You play the piano, how marvellous” She exclaimed

“Well yeah, but I haven’t played in a while, I have been focussing on guitar as of late, I can find I can do more with a guitar than I can with a piano”

“Still you must play me something” She insisted as she stood up

“Ohh do you have a piano?” I asked

“Yes yes, its just over there” She said with a hint of perturbance as she pointed to the corner where stood a baby grand piano. I was mortified that I hadn’t noticed that before.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t really paying attention to anything other than you” I replied coyly. She smiled at me, I think I must have flattered her because she gently took my hand and led me to the seat of the black piano.

I sat down at the marvellous piano and stared at the white keys. I started to play a few complex scales to warm up. Nicole seemed slightly disappointed, I figured she thought I was only going to play a scale for her. I smiled sweetly at her and started to play a part of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. It was a very special composition to me.

I started to play for Nicole, at first I would look up and smile at her but as time progressed and I got caught up in the melody and gave my full attention to the piano. I had long since lost the need for the sheet music of this piece. I would play it when I was sad, when I was happy, when I wanted to express something but didn’t know what. I must have played this piece a million times, yet I never listened to it. It was my song, I didn’t want to listen to others play it, it was mine and mine alone.

I finished the piece and looked up at Nicole. She was dawning her loving maternal smile again which made me blush. That sneaking suspicion that she was proud of me came to me again.

“That was beautiful” She said slightly awestruck that I could play so well.

“Thank you, it’s a very personal song for me.”

“Ohh why?” She asked.

“Well it was the last piece of music my grandmother thought to me. While her teaching style was rather harsh and I didn’t enjoy my lessons with her, she was a completely different person to me outside of lessons.” I started to explain, holding back a lone tear.

“I guess it was the way she learned to play.” I continued “Even at the young age of four she would smack my hands, with a long bamboo stick, if I played the wrong note. It was traumatic, but I still loved my gran, and we were very close. It was just before she got sick when she began to teach me the moonlight sonata.” I paused, not sure whether or not to go on, but one look over to Nicole told me to open up to her. She had a look of concern and interest, I had to tell her.

“It was one of my happiest memories, I was about ten and fairly accomplished at the piano by then. My lessons with gran had stopped, and her bamboo stick long forgotten about.” I giggled, when she stopped with the stick was such an accomplishment to me. “She sat me down with the sheet music and we started to play. After we went through it a few times she leaned in and hugged me and told me how much she loved me. About a week later she was in hospital. She never came out. She had been sick for some time, but hid it well.” The lone tear escaped “I miss her so much, she was the only source of compassion in my life for a time. I love her.” Tears were rolling down my cheek “I played it at her funeral” I started to cry freely now, not able to hold anything back.

Nicole sat next to me on the piano and held me tightly. I held her too and cried into her shoulder. She started to rock my gently cooing into my ear. I was so upset that I cant remember what she was saying, but it was incredibly comforting. This lasted for a while. I hadn’t thought of my grandmother in a few years. I missed her so much, despite such time passing. I never felt the same love from my mother that I got from my grandmother.

As I started to calm down Nicole kissed me tenderly on the lips “I think we should get you to bed, its been a long day for you.” She maternally instructed me . I just looked up at her, wide eyed and nodded agreement. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to sleep with Nicole, but I didn’t want to be alone.

She took my hand and led me down the hall. She opened a white door and led me to the single bed that occupied it. I looked up to her questionably, she could see the look of confusion in my eyes.

“This is the spare bedroom” She said simply, not needing to say more, she wasn’t ready to let me into her bed either, but she felt I shouldn’t go home in my present state. She went to the chest of drawers by the window in the centre of the wall, and took out a long white t shirt “I don’t have any spare nighties, I hope this will work as pyjamas.” I smiled and took the shirt from her. She made to leave the room.

“Don’t leave me” I said softly, with a hint of pleading creeping into my voice. She stopped in her tracks, but kept her back to me. I took this as a sign that she was giving me some privacy to change. I practically tore off my cloths and pulled the t-shirt over my head and down to my waist. It almost came to my knee but not quiet. “I’m decent” I informed her.

She turned back and smiled at me, she took my hand and led me to the bed, pulling back the white covers. It wasn’t till then that I noticed the decor. It was very simple, wooden chest of drawers, single wardrobe, a rocking chair, white curtains on the window. But the peculiar thing was the colour of the walls. They were pastel pink, it felt like a child’s room, except for it was furnished for an adult. It worked very well and made me feel slightly secure.

I hopped under the covers quickly as I had begun to get a chill. She pulled the quilt over me and tucked in. she turned off the light then pulled the rocking chair beside the bed and sat down protectively. As my eyes got used to the darkness I could see her watching over me, the same way a mother would watch over her child. I smiled to myself, I had never felt so loved before. I drifted off to sleep.

Nicole woke me up early the next morning, it was about seven A.M. she was already in her business suit. She roused me gently and led me to the kitchen for breakfast. It was simple, a few assorted pastries and some fruit. She poured me a cup of coffee and sat opposite me.

“How did you sleep?” she asked in such a caring and loving manor.

“I don’t think I have ever slept so well before” I informed her happily, truth beaming from my statement. “Thanks for sitting with me last night”

“It’s fine, I liked it, it was nice to watch over you” She said with a twinkle in her eye. I simply smiled and started to eat my breakfast. We sat in silence, not that it was awkward, but we just didn’t feel the need to spoil such an intimate moment by talking. We were, simply, enjoying each others company. I looked at the clock on the far wall and realized that I would need to be leaving for college. I think she notice me look at the clock. “Do you have to get to school?” She asked. I just nodded sadly, not wanting our time together end.

“Well sweetie you better get dressed then.” She chuckled. I got up and went back to the spare bedroom to retrieve my cloths. I quickly got dressed, not caring about make up or anything as I was too sullen. I went back to the kitchen to see her one last time, hopefully I would see her again.

“I have a morning meeting soon” She was straight to business “But how about you come here after school?” She asked, taking me by slight surprise.

“Ohh yeah sure, I have a short day today, but I have to get some assignments done so how about I come around this evening?” I said excitedly, not believing my luck.

“Sure thing, do you think you will remember how to get here?” She asked

“Ehh I’m not sure” I replied sheepishly. She didn’t bat an eye lid, she simply handed me a piece of paper with the address on it. I could easily follow the directions which accompanied the address. Suddenly Nicole’s mobile beeped. She picked it off the kitchen table and frowned as she read her new message.

“Ohh that’s my driver, he’s here so I have to get going. How about I give you a ride to school?” She asked me enthusiastically

“Sure that would be great, I go to the arts college.” I smiled

“Oh that’s perfect, its on my way anyway so I wont be late for my meeting”

“Your not to be late to your meeting, I will walk if it means I wont get you in trouble.” I said sternly.

“Ohh don’t worry, I wont get in trouble, and if I did it would be worth it to spend more time with you” She smiled coyly. I started to blush at being made such a fuss of, I reached up and kissed her sweetly on the lips before we made our way to the car.

I am hopeless with cars, she told me what type it was but the name meant nothing to me. It was a black town car, with tinted windows and a comfortable leather interior. Her driver opened the doors for us and we were on our way. I still felt a bit sleepy so I snuggled into her, resting my head on her shoulder. She put her arm around me and I began to feel drowsy.

We were soon pulling up to my college and my heart sank. I didn’t want to leave her, and she mirrored my feelings. The car pulled to a stop and I sat heart broken beside Nicole. The driver opened Nicole’s door first and she stepped out. He then opened mine for me. I got out and went immediately to Nicole’s waiting arms. She held me tightly and kissed me on top of my head. I looked up and she was smiling sweetly at me. I smiled back. We kissed passionately. I made to leave as I didn’t want Nicole to be late.

“Don’t worry Nadia we will see each other tonight.” She said sweetly as I made too leave. I turned back to her and nodded, then went to walk to class. She patted me on the bottom. It wasn’t a sexual act, it was reassuring, loving. I smiled to myself. “Have fun in school today sweetie” She called to me as I walked towards the music building. I didn’t turn back to her, I knew I wouldn’t be strong enough to look at her again, and not cling to her and beg her to take me with her.

I could hardly concentrate in class. I only had one lecture today, I had a pretty easy week time wise. Since I was in my final year I only had a ten hour week. But I had a lot of assignments due as well as a dissertation for music theory and a production for music tech. My dissertation was almost finished I just had to complete the bibliography, my production was a different story. I had to record an album in its entirety. I was performing it myself which was difficult in its self. I had been working tiresly for the last few weeks and I only had three tracks done.

Despite my lack of concentration, or perhaps in spite of, the day flew by, and soon I was happy to leave for Nicole’s house.

When I got there we had a lovely meal, I played on the piano for her again and we just talked. Not about anything in particular, we just idle chatter. It soon got late and I was again invited to stay. Again I was offered the spare room, and again she watched over me as I slept. The next day I went home, Nicole had to meet a client in Europe and would be gone for a few days. This was a mix of feelings for me. On one hand at least I would have some more time to spend on my production, on the other I didn’t want to be away from her. But she left, and I went to work, both on my album and my irregular job. This continued for a few weeks. I would spend the night in the spare room, she would watch over me. Then she would be called away for a few days to meet with a client and I would go home. She hadn’t invited me to share a bed with her since we met and we had been going out for three weeks, four days, five hours and seventeen minutes. That’s when our relationship moved to the next plateau.

It had been three days since we had last spent time together, I was getting flustered because I was way behind on my production and my bibliography wasn’t finished. My dissertation was due in a week. And my album in a month. She could tell I was frustrated. She invited me back to room. It was the most amazing invitation I had ever received. Something I had been eagerly anticipating since we first met.

She told me to get undressed, I did as she asked. It wasn’t a cold request, more of a suggestion, like I would be more comfortable being naked, which I most certainly was. As my clothes hit the ground she embraced me and we kissed passionately. Our tongues exploring the depths of each others mouths.

She pulled away and sat down on her bed and pulled her knickers off. They were black lycra. She then sat on her bed staring at me seductively, enticing me to join her. I crawled to her, I didn’t walk. I wanted to please her, not me, I wanted to satisfy her. That’s all that mattered to me, her happiness. She had granted me something which I had been dreaming of for such a long time. I crawled to her. My head went under her skirt in search of her womanhood.

I found it, waiting for me with anticipation. She had grown wet and I could smell her delicious fragrance. I tasted her, it was ambrosia. It was like she was made just for me. I couldn’t help myself I furiously started lapping at her quivering organ, swallowing all her juices as they came. I could feel her moaning, her breath had gotten deeper and her heart was beating faster. I felt her clit grow erect on my nose. I stopped licking her and focused solely on her protruding nub.

At first I ran my tongue over it. This caused her to quiver. I ran my tongue over it again, she quivered again. I started to suckle it, like it was nipple. A wave of ecstasy ran over Nicole as she began to come. I was surprised at how easy it was to start her off. But I kept at it, I kept suckling. She was shaking and started to thrust her hips into my face as I sucked her. She started to scream with pleasure, and was writhing on the bed. I stopped to suckle, and she calmed down.

I thrust my face into her bush, and started to fuck her with my tongue. I delved deep into her pelvic pleasure zone. She started to fuck my face, humping it like I was her own personal cock. She couldn’t get enough of my nimble tongue. I kept lapping at her, giving her as much as I could. I flexed my tongue making it as wide as it would go. She was writhing and screaming with joy. Then she orgasmed, properly orgasmed. She couldn’t catch her breath and her delicious juices squirted all over my face. I stopped when I thought she couldn’t take anymore and she collapsed on the bed in a heap. I emerged from under her skirt, my face shiny with her essence. She looked up and smiled proudly at me. This sent a wave of sheer joy down me. My already wet pussy started to drip. She got up and went to her en-suit.

She returned with a wet wash cloth and what appeared to be a massive erection under her skirt. She sat down on the bed and picked me up onto her knee. She looked at me with her motherly gaze and started to wipe my face with the wash cloth. I smiled happily at her. It felt nice to have my face cleaned by such a loving person. Once my face was clean she kissed me passionately. She stood up and pushed me to the bed, with my ass in the air and my face landing on the mattress.

“Now its your turn.” She said seductively.

She pulled up her skirt to reveal a massive strap on dildo, I looked back at her and eyed her fake cock hungrily. She took me from behind. She gently entered my quivering vagina and started to hump me. Slowly at first, lovingly even. This caused me to moan which made her pump faster. The louder I moaned the faster she pumped. I could feel her big dildo filling me up, then being pulled out of me, then filling me up again. It was hitting me right on my g spot. Soon she was fucking me so hard, her hips were practically spanking my ass. I couldn’t take it any more and I orgasmed. It was the most intense feeling I had ever felt. It was made special because this was my reward for making Nicole proud. My knees quivered and faltered. I fell face down on the bed.

This did not stop Nicole, she mounted me, ramming her cock home. I started to come more ferociously. Her body weight pinning me down, her cock pleasuring me. I felt complete. When I couldn’t take it anymore, when I reached my limit, she stopped. I was beat. She then pulled me up into the doggy position and started to fuck me again, she wasn’t convinced I had enough. Her big cock ramming me, it was beautiful. I didn’t last long and I came again. This time she stopped. As she pulled her cock out of me my pussy goo ran down my thighs to my knee. Nicole simply got the wash cloth and wiped me. When she got to my vagina, it was as if she was wiping me like a toddler after they use the potty. It felt odd but reassuring. After she wiped me I fell to the bed. She tucked me into bed. I was already half asleep. She slipped into her pyjamas and hopped into bed beside me. She cuddled in beside me and I sat on her lap. We were spooning but to me it was like I was sitting on her lap. After I registered I was being hugged I was fast asleep in her arms.

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not bad i like this so far keep it up

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This was a wonderful story and enjoyed it very much. Will there be more to come, I hope so.

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i doubt if story would continue being over 3 yrs old now.

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The author also hasn’t logged in since July of that same year, so yeah, not likely to be continued.